Where are all of the king doors?

  1. Ok so there's one in castle drangleic and one in the forest of the giants but I forgot where the others are. Can anybody help?

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    The_Fir_Coat - 3 years ago

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  1. There are three that I know of. The first is found when you follow the path straight from the forked road in the Shadow Ruins. The second is found in the Forest of the Fallen Giants, down the ladder from the cardinal bonfire, through the door and then left. The third is in Drangleic Castle, leave the first bonfire room and turn right. I believe these are the only three, though there may be more.

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  1. I know there is one at the forked road. You just travel to the Forked Road bonfire and from there it is shortly down on of the paths. It's a really short path and there shouldn't be any enemies. At least not when I went there. I can't remember where the other one is.

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  2. I'm pretty sure that there are four but I can't be certain.

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  3. yes their one more door in the shrine of amane and its have the Lord soul and the King set need to be human to open with the ring on

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  4. The door in shrine of amana will only open if u kill vendrick and turn human.

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  5. There are three doors in the game that require use of the King's Ring. The first one is after the Undead Crypt and when you first get the Ring, you go to the Forked Road in the Shaded Woods and take the most linear path with no enemies. At the end is Aldia's Keep, which is the next area in the game. Without spoiling alot, you get an ashen mist heart all the way at the end of the journey and you go to the second door. This is in the forest of fallen giants and requires the Soldier's Key. Open the one right under the cardinal tower bonfire, down the ladder and across the bridge. Use the king's ring to open the gate and the Ashen Mist heart to defeat the boss of that memory. The final one is the King's Gate in Drangleic castle, which takes you to the final boss.


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