How do I get Deadpool????

  1. I would really like to play as Deadpool and I know he's in the game but how do I get him? Thanks in advance!

    User Info: mason0514

    mason0514 - 3 years ago

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  1. Collect and buy all the red bricks.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes Deadpool Bricks Locations

    Name of the Hub Mission

    Powers Given

    Strategy on how to acquire them

    Tabloid Tidy Up Daily Bugle

    x4 Multiplayer

    Use Telekinessis to rearrange trophies in the office

    A Shock Withdrawal Federal bank

    Ghost Studs

    Use Telekinesis to rearrange trophies in the ofifce

    House Party Protoco Stark Tower

    x10 Multiplayer

    Use Telekinesis to break open a pinata

    Nuff Said Marvel HQ

    Gold Brick Detector

    Use Telekinesis to assemble a picture of deadpool in the back corner

    Feeling Fisky Fisk Towers

    x6 multipler

    Use Telekinesis on a pictureof kingpin, destroying the golden door with heat bean.

    Put Up Your Dukes Fogwell Gym

    Fast build

    Use the control pad next to Captain America

    Stunt Show Surprise Circust tent

    Attract Studs

    Use Magnetic power to break open a metallic cage

    Reptillian Ruckus reptopia

    x8 multiplayer

    Change a transformer, use magtetic power to open a metalic container

    Stranger Danger sanctum Sactorum

    Minikit detector

    move through the sand pit, use telekinesis to access a crate and place all the pieces together while pulling grapple.

    The Thrill of the Chess The Raft

    Token Detector

    Use Venom to go through the symbioteon the left wall


    Main Character

    with a heat bean to melt the icy.

    User Info: JordanLNeal

    JordanLNeal - 3 years ago 2 0

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