How do I change chars for Free Play mode?

  1. After completing story, I went to repeat a chapter but it gave me 5 random chars plus the one I selected. How do I change this 5 chars for the ones I want?

    User Info: 75aba75din

    75aba75din - 4 years ago
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    On the Shield Transportes or the Shield Heli, I can change my active chars. I am talking about the random ones on Free Play on a mission.

    User Info: 75aba75din

    75aba75din - 4 years ago
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    Talaeladar this does help indeed but the characters change back to the original 6 if I change them once. :)

    User Info: 75aba75din

    75aba75din - 4 years ago
  4. Clarification Request:
    If you have already completed the story, all you need to do is hold triangle and all the people will come up.

    User Info: Seemlater01

    Seemlater01 - 2 years ago

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  1. Just answering cuz it was on a list ...... On the HeliCarrier Bridge go to the center anf choose your free play level. As mentioned choose your character and the game will provide additional characters based on the chosen level. Once you begin the level on Free Play, hold Triangle to open the character selection screen and you can choose any unlocked character. The catch? Once you switch characters using L1/R1it will revert to the characters you began the level with. Thats how it works for me, hope it helps someone.

    User Info: PiMPNeT

    PiMPNeT - 2 years ago 1 0


  1. Go to one of the Shield Transporters where you can vehicles or go back to helicarrier, from their you can also chose characters

    User Info: gamercheatfreak

    gamercheatfreak - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. Hold triangle. It will brin up the character grid and you can choose whomever you want.

    User Info: Talaeladar

    Talaeladar - 4 years ago 0 0
  3. In that case, you can't. It gives you mostly characters that have the abilities you'll need. You can change the characters with triangle, but the ones given are the ones you have for that level.

    User Info: Talaeladar

    Talaeladar - 4 years ago 0 0
  4. Yeah, that is a problem with freeplay. You get the character that you picked a couple of random and I noticed usually the ones that were used in story mode too and if you change to another character then to another you would have to reselect the one you wanted unlike in other Lego games where they became part of the group that you have for the level.

    User Info: jermbug1983

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  5. On the PS4 it's the L1 and R1 shoulder buttons to cycle through the 5 randomly chosen chars at the beginning of each free play mission. Probably the same for the PS3.

    User Info: TalonGreywolf

    TalonGreywolf - 3 years ago 0 0
  6. I just was playing this game and was trying to figure out the answer as well. Finally I discovered that you have to go to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Ship where you start off at and where you jump from to get to earth.
    In order to use Freeplay in any Mission or side Mission, go to the Shield HelicarrierShip, and use the elevator to go down into the ship. Anyways. Go down into the Ship and you will see a bunch of chairs and what, I guess is supposed to be computers in the very first room you go to when you use the elevator to go down in the ship. You should see an X with a circle around it. Select B or whatever button it tells you to use and you can select Freeplay or story mode. Here after you select the Mission or Side Mission that you have already done and want to go into Freeplay, you will select a Character that you want to use for that particular area. It will ask you to confirm it. Once confirmed and it takes you into the Mission, you can hold the Y button (on Xbox One) to change various characters.
    I hope this helps and that you can understand what I am saying. Message me if you need help, I have completed this game multiple times (at least story mode and most of the side missions)

    User Info: Nadtya41

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