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     Sleeping Dogs Guide - Version 1.10 - 19 Jan 2016 - by Barticle at hotmail.com
          _____    _        ______   ______   _______    _   __     _    _____  
        .' ___ '. | |      |  ____| |  ____| |  ____ '. | | |  \   | | .' ___ '.
        | |   |_| | |      | |      | |      | |    | | | | | . \  | | | |   |_|
        | |____   | |      | |___   | |___   | |____| | | | | |\ \ | | | |  ___ 
        '.____ '. | |      |  ___|  |  ___|  |  _____.' | | | | \ \| | | | |_  |
         _    | | | |      | |      | |      | |        | | | |  \ ' | | |   | |
        | |___| | | |____  | |____  | |____  | |        | | | |   \  | | |___| |
        '._____.' |______| |______| |______| |_|        |_| |_|    \_| '._____.'
         ____________        ___________       ____________       ____________  
        |            '.    .'           '.   .'            '.   .'            '.
        |    ______    |   |    _____    |   |    ______    |   |    ______    |
        |   |      |   |   |   |     |   |   |   |      |   |   |   |      |___|
        |   |      |   |   |   |     |   |   |   |      |   |   |   |_________  
        |   |      |   |   |   |     |   |   |   |      |   |   |             '.
        |   |      |   |   |   |     |   |   |   |      |___|   '._________    |
        |   |      |   |   |   |     |   |   |   |     _____     ___       |   |
        |   |      |   |   |   |     |   |   |   |    |     |   |   |      |   |
        |   |      |   |   |   |     |   |   |   |    |_    |   |   |      |   |
        |   |      |   |   |   |     |   |   |   |      |   |   |   |      |   |
        |   |______|   |   |   |_____|   |   |   |______|   |   |   |______|   |
        |              |   |             |   |              |   |              |
        |____________.'    '.___________.'   '.____________.'   '.____________.'
      01 INTRODUCTION            .-----------------.     09 CLOTHING
      02 OVERVIEW                | C O N T E N T S |        09a Store Inventories
      03 GAMEPLAY                '-----------------'        09b Buffs
         03a Controls                                       09c Outfits
         03b Pause Menu       06 STORY WALKTHROUGH       10 STAT AWARDS
         03c Face Meter       07 DISTRACTIONS            11 TROPHIES
         03d Health              07a Cases                  11a Standard Trophies
         03e Heat                07b Favours                11b DLC Trophies
         03f Display             07c Dating              12 COLLECTIBLES
         03g Money               07d Jobs                   12a Health Shrines
         03h Hacking             07e Martial Arts Clubs     12b Jade Statues
      04 CITY MAP                07f Events                 12c Lockboxes
      05 LEVELS AND UPGRADES     07g Drug Busts             12d Security Cameras
         05a Cop Level           07h Street-Racing       13 SAFEHOUSE UPGRADES
         05b Triad Level         07i Cockfight Betting   14 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT
         05c Face Level          07j Poker Mahjong       15 DLC WALKTHROUGHS
         05d Melee Training      07k Karaoke             16 CONTACT
         05e Health Upgrades  08 VEHICLES                17 THANKS
    | To jump to any section of this document use your web browser's Find function |
    | (with Ctrl+F on a PC or Cmd+F on a Mac probably) and search for the letter S |
    | followed by the exact section number - for example s03a to find Section 03a. |
    | Section 01 | INTRODUCTION                                                s01 |
    This is a full guide to the video-games Sleeping Dogs (2012) and Sleeping Dogs:
    Definitive Edition (2014). I originally played the standard game at launch on
    the PS3 and wrote this guide in 2012 but now finally in early 2016 I've played
    the PS4 version and updated the content to create the "definitive edition" of
    the guide! Although I played on PS3 and PS4 the contents of this guide should
    apply equally to all platforms except that my Playstation bias will be evident
    when I mention trophies or joypad controls (sorry).
    I've previously written around thirty guides for this site, mostly for mahjong
    titles on the PS3/DS and for various games from Sega's excellent Yakuza series
    (plenty more oriental/urban/gangland/freeroam/brawler action to be found there!)
    but this is the first time I've made a full guide for a large open-world game. I
    take my lead here from the legendary ThePatrick whose magnificent guides for
    several titles in the Yakuza series are available here on GameFAQs/Gamespot.
    Sections 02 to 05 form a guide to playing Sleeping Dogs - the game mechanics,
    controls, game world and experience/upgrades systems.
    Section 06 is a walkthrough for the main story missions and therefore contains
    storyline >SPOILERS< throughout. Similarly Section 07 includes coverage of the
    various side-missions (and other diversions) that become available to you. Some
    of the other sections will mention characters and mission titles occasionally.
    Sections 08 to 15 at the end are effectively appendices, covering the vehicles,
    clothing, stat awards, trophies, collectibles, safehouse upgrades and DLC.
    If you found this guide useful you can show your support by using the recommend
    function. If you have any feedback (especially suggestions for additions or
    improvements) then please feel free to contact me via email or GameFAQs message.
    This guide is designed to be viewed using a monospaced (non-proportional or
    fixed-width) font, preferably Courier New. Some sections of the document will
    display incorrectly if you are using a proportional font like Times New Roman.
    | Section 02 | OVERVIEW                                                    s02 |
    I love open-world games with large, detailed, immersive, urban environments and
    was a big fan of both True Crime: Streets of LA (2003) and True Crime: New York
    City (2005) so I'd been following the (somewhat chequered) development of this
    game with great interest for the past couple of years.
    The developers United Front Games of Vancouver decided to draw on their team's
    experience of open-world games and love of Hong Kong cinema to create a new game
    originally under the working title "HK". After about a year of development the
    publishers Activision spotted an opportunity to re-boot their earlier True Crime
    franchise and the game was rebranded as True Crime: Hong Kong. At the same time
    the Treyarch studio was working on a loosely similar title called Black Lotus
    but Activision cancelled that so that Treyarch could focus on the Call Of Duty
    series (after the runaway success of COD 4) and some elements of their Black
    Lotus project were incorporated into True Crime: Hong Kong.
    However in August 2010 the publishers announced that the game would be delayed
    to an unspecified date the following year and then in February 2011 a financial
    report from the company declared that they had completely cancelled the project
    (simultaneously discontinuing the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero brands and suspending
    the Tony Hawk skating franchise too).
    Luckily for us the rights to the game (but not the name) were acquired by Square
    Enix in August 2011. They retained United Front as developers and assigned their
    own London studio to supervise. The new title - Sleeping Dogs - was revealed in
    February 2012 and the game was finally released worldwide for PS3, Xbox 360 and
    Windows PC in August 2012.
    With its large freeroam urban environment, driving/combat gameplay, big-name
    voice-acting cast and numerous side-missions, Sleeping Dogs could fairly be
    described as a Grand Theft Auto clone but it distinguishes itself by drawing on
    the rich heritage of Hong Kong cinema* - the game is set in the bustling streets
    and alleys of Hong Kong Island and you play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop who
    infiltrates one of the triads (in simple terms "the Chinese mafia") but seems to
    have no qualms about leaving a trail of bodies in his wake!
    Sleeping Dogs has no co-op or multiplayer modes but it provides a rich single-
    player experience with an engaging cinematic story supplemented by a wealth of
    side-missions, minigames and various other distractions (see Section 07). The
    cornerstones of the gameplay are martial arts combat with hilarious but brutal
    environmental interactions, driving with vehicular stunts and slo-mo shooting
    and occasional cover-based shooting (again with a bullet-time feature). There
    are also tons of upgrades and collectibles to provide many hours of gameplay.
    You can continue playing after completing the story so you can leave most of the
    side-content until then if you want. See Section 11a for notes and advice on
    playing for trophy achievement.
    In August 2014 - one week ahead of the Gamescom trade fair - Square Enix
    officially announced Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for PS4, Xbone and Steam
    featuring 1080p HD resolution, enhanced graphics, audio and gameplay and twenty-
    four DLC packs included in the bundle. The game was released in October 2014.
    | Please refer to the updated listings in Section 14 below for full details of |
    | how all the DLC content is integrated into Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition |
    In March 2015 United Front Games launched Triad Wars - a follow-up to Sleeping
    Dogs and a free-to-play title operating initially as an extended closed beta on
    PC only. You played as a triad enforcer building your empire in Hong Kong (on
    the North Point map from Sleeping Dogs). It featured "asynchronous multiplayer"
    where you could raid another player's turf but you would fight against AI bots.
    There were plans to expand the map and to add further multiplayer modes but
    sadly in December 2015 UFG announced that the game would be discontinued in
    January 2016, explaining that "we know it wasn't right for many of you".
    In October 2016 it was reported that the studio had been closed. The following
    month Waypoint published an article containing details of the 2013 plans for a
    Sleeping Dogs sequel featuring Wei Shen again but this time set in the sprawling
    Pearl River megacity; it mentioned optional co-op gameplay, a standalone mobile
    game that would influence events in the main game and use of cloud data so your
    choices could even affect other players' games.
    With the demise of United Front Games the chances of a sequel seem pretty slim
    but the licence is still owned by Squeenix so the potential for the franchise to
    be resurrected does exist, perhaps with their Crystal Dynamics team at the helm.
    *On several occasions the developers have cited as a major influence on their
    work the 2002 Hong Kong movie 'Infernal Affairs' which similarly featured a cop
    in deep cover inside a triad organisation. Conversely the other main character
    in the movie is a triad mole who has infiltrated the police department; in a
    flashback prologue this role is played by Edison Chen who now provides the voice
    of Wei Shen's childhood amigo Jackie Ma in Sleeping Dogs.
    (Another key influence was 'The Protector' (the 2005 Thai film, not the Jackie
    Chan one from 1985), particularly Tony Jaa's epic staircase fight scene.)
    | Section 03 | GAMEPLAY                                                    s03 |
    This section gives a summary of the basic mechanics of playing the game and
    should be read in conjunction with the next two sections which cover the map and
    useful locations on it (Section 04) and levelling-up and upgrades (Section 05).
    | Section 03a | Controls                                                  s03a |
    Press X to Jason. (sorry, wrong game!)
    Sleeping Dogs gives you plenty of tutorials and on-screen prompts but for the
    sake of completeness here's an annotated summary of all the controls.
    There are no alternate controller configurations available but you can use the
    Options \ Game And Controls menu to invert look and adjust stick sensitivity.
    These are the basic controls you'll be using throughout the game.
     Left Stick = Move
                  When on foot you can hold L2 if you want to walk rather than run.
    Right Stick = Look
       Triangle = Interact with an object or person / Enter or exit a vehicle
                  You'll also use Triangle for a "fast talk" QTE (quick-time event)
                  when your character has to persuade someone. You'll need to press
                  Triangle quickly when the on-screen prompt appears.
          Cross = Hold X to sprint / Tap X (when prompted) to vault or climb
                  Both these functions are crucial during scripted chase events in
                  missions - you'll need to tap X to vault or climb over obstacles.
                  You can also tap the left stick left/right to dodge sideways.
                  If you time a vault correctly you'll get a smoother animation and
                  negotiate the barrier more quickly. Bad timing can result in a
                  small "Clumsy" penalty to your Cop XP (see Section 05a).
                  You can hold X to "sprint" while swimming too.
                  Forum poster isarai notes that when falling from a height you can
                  tap X just before you reach the ground to land more smoothly.
          Start = Pause / Access the pause menu (see Section 03b)
                  On the PS4 you press Options instead of Start.
         Select = Access the main map
                  On the PS4 you press the touchpad instead of Select.
             L3 = Tap repeatedly to cycle through the currently available objectives
                  Selecting a mission automatically sets your active waypoint and
                  programs a satnav route on your minimap. You can also select your
                  waypoint from the map screen.
                  For certain other objectives you'll need to phone your contacts.
          D-Pad = Tap up to access the following functions on your smartphone:
                  o Contacts
                    Your smartphone is so smart that it only lists contacts with
                    activities currently available! Mostly these will be phone calls
                    to meet a mission objective or to initiate a date or job.
                    With the corresponding Face advantage (see Section 05c) you can
                    also call your Car Valet to have a vehicle delivered to you.
                  o Messages
                    When you receive info in a text message during a mission you can
                    re-read it here (but only during that mission).
                  o Reports
                    Read intel reports you've unlocked by completing missions.
                  o Social Hub
                    This is a shortcut into Social Hub without having to pause the
                    game. You can view stats and replay missions/races from here.
                  Press Circle to put away your phone after using it.
    You'll also use your phone during missions for things like hacking (see Section
    03h), calibrating a bugging device or tracing a cellphone signal. Sometimes you
    even use it to talk to people!
    As you would hope and expect for an action game set in Hong Kong, martial arts
    combat is a major aspect of Sleeping Dogs.
    Tip: Drinking a can of energy drink gives a temporary buff to your melee damage.
         You can buy this from the plentiful green vending machines or grab one for
         free out of the refrigerator in your safehouse.
                                   ___            ___
                                  |   |          |   |
                     Lock-On = L2 |___|          |___| R2 = Throw (weapon or person)
                                   ___            ___
                               L1 |___|          |___| R1 = Pick Up Weapon
    While you're holding L2 to lock-on you can use the right stick to select a new
    target or aim with the left stick and press Square to make attacks in different
    directions. Also when you're holding L2 a circle will appear beneath the feet of
    each opponent showing their remaining health and fighting class if appropriate.
      Square = Tap for a light attack / Hold for a heavy attack
               These are your basic unarmed/armed melee attacks. Heavy attacks have
               a chance of stunning or flooring an opponent.
               You can do a simple combo by stringing together several consecutive
               light attacks, with or without a heavy attack on the end. The longest
               chain you can do is four light attacks followed by a heavy finisher.
               As you progress through the Melee Training (see Section 05d) you'll
               unlock several new attack combos.
      Circle = Grapple (grab) / Environment Attack / Pick Up Enemy / Disarm
               You can use a grapple to break an enemy's block. After successfully
               grappling you have the following options:
               o tap Square to hit them (unarmed or with weapon)
               o tap R2 to throw them
               o hold X to run with them and slam them into a wall or tabletop
               o tap Triangle to release them.
               For maximum entertainment value however you'll want to perform an
               environmental takedown on them (this is where Sleeping Dogs really
               earns that PEGI 18 / ESRB Mature rating!). Drag your victim over to
               any environment feature that's glowing red and then press Circle
               again to deliver an ultraviolent attack that effectively gives a one-
               hit kill against most opponents. (To do this quicker you can hold X
               to run with them and automatically do the environmental kill.)
         [Doing five unique environmental kills earns the Environmentalist trophy.]
               You can also hold the Circle button to pick up an enemy who's laying
               on the ground (and enter a grapple).
               Tap Circle while running to tackle someone to the ground.
               Finally the Circle button can also be used to disarm opponents.
    Triangle = Counter an opponent's attack (when they glow red)
               This is an important and effective aspect of the combat in Sleeping
               Dogs so keep watching for enemies glowing red and always be ready to
               quickly tap the Triangle button for a reversal when they strike.
               If you've already started another move, using a counter will cancel
               the previous incomplete animation.
    Tip: Wearing a matching set of three items of either Minor Thug Bonus or Thug
         Bonus clothing gives an increase of +5% or +10% respectively to your melee
         damage. (see Section 09b for details of clothing buffs)
    Press R1 to pick up and equip a (blue flashing) melee weapon in the ground. You
    can only carry one weapon at any given time and each weapon can only be used a
    limited number of times before it's destroyed. You can tap R2 to throw a melee
    weapon or hold d-pad down to drop it.
    Tip: You can collect a tyre iron (melee weapon) from the trunk of some cars.
        [Killing with ten different weapons earns you the Whatever's Handy trophy.]
    There are four special classes of opponents that you'll face in melee combat:
    o Grappler (cannot be grappled so try to use counters and heavy attacks)
    o Striker (versatile and more likely to block your attacks)
    o Armed Thugs (dangerous and best handled by countering their attacks)
    o Brawler (strong attack and defence but easy to grapple)
    You can practise fighting against these four classes at Sifu Kwok's training
    dojo in southern North Point which unlocks during the Amanda mission.
    Guns are illegal and therefore uncommon in Hong Kong so the developers decided
    to incorporate them into the game in the same way that they appear in many HK
    movies, effectively as a temporary power-up. So your character doesn't routinely
    carry a gun but you can disarm enemies to take their weapon or just kill them
    and collect the gun from the ground. Several of the missions feature sequences
    of standard cover-based shooting.
    Tip: After unlocking the cop upgrade Police Trunk Key (see Section 05a) you can
         also collect shotguns from the trunks of police cars.
                                   ___            ___
                                  |   |          |   |
                    Free Aim = L2 |___|          |___| R2 = Shoot
                                   ___            ___
                       Cover = L1 |___|          |___| R1 = Reload
    After pressing L1 to enter cover you have the following options available:
    o Hold L2 to "popout" and aim, then tap/hold R2 to shoot
    o Tap/hold R2 to "blindfire" with greatly reduced accuracy
    o Press X to vault over the cover. Hold the aim button (L2) during the vault for
      a slow-motion "bullet-time" effect; you can extend the duration of this effect
      by scoring headshots on your enemies.
      If there's an enemy with a gun standing directly behind a piece of cover you
      can also use the vaulting move to disarm them and take their weapon.
    o Press L1 again to exit cover
    Press R1 to pick up and equip a (blue flashing) firearm in the ground. Hold R1
    to pick up a new gun replacing the one you were already carrying.
                [Killing with ten different firearms earns you the Gun Nut trophy.]
    Hold d-pad down to drop a gun. If you have a handgun you can holster/conceal it
    by tapping d-pad down and then draw it by pressing d-pad down again (or R2). It
    is possible to pick up and use a melee weapon while you have a pistol stashed
    but drawing the gun will force Wei to drop the other weapon.
    On certain weapons you'll be prompted to tap R3 to toggle accessories on/off.
    Between the missions, side-missions and races you'll be doing a lot of driving.
    Hong Kong is a former British colony so traffic drives on the left side of the
    street and consequently the vehicles are right-hand drive models. (Of course you
    can drive on the right if you want but the collisions will be worse.)
                                   ___            ___
                                  |   |          |   |
             Reverse / Brake = L2 |___|          |___| R2 = Accelerate
                                   ___            ___
                    Free Aim = L1 |___|          |___| R1 = Shoot
    Just like in the True Crime games, you can shoot whilst driving a vehicle and
    the game automatically applies a slow-motion effect that enables you to deliver
    more accurate fire on your targets. Shooting a tyre can disable a vehicle.
    (Note that the driving controls use the trigger buttons L2/R2 to accelerate and
    brake so the aiming and shooting controls move to the shoulder buttons L1/R1.)
     Left Stick = Steer (left/right) / Lean on motorbikes (forwards/backwards)
                  On a bike you can lean back and accelerate [R2] to pop a wheelie
                  or lean forwards and apply the handbrake [Circle] to do a stoppie.
    Right Stick = Free Look (rotate stick) / Rear View (hold back)
       Triangle = Enter or exit a vehicle
                  You can use any vehicles you own (collect from a garage), steal a
                  parked car off the street or hijack a civilian.
                  Tip: With the cop upgrade Slim Jim (see Section 05a) you can steal
                       a parked car more quickly and without causing damage to it or
                       triggering the anti-theft alarm.
         Circle = Handbrake (emergency brake)
                  You can hold Circle while turning to perform a drift turn.
                  Also when your vehicle is stationary you can hold the handbrake
                  and apply the accelerator and steering together to do a burn-out
                  move that's handy for turning around (or just doing doughnuts).
                  Mmmm, doughnuts.
         Square = Directional Ram
                  As long as you're not driving too slow you can perform a ramming
                  move by tapping Square. By default this gives a forward ram but if
                  you tap or hold the left stick to the left/right as you press the
                  button you can do a sideways ram.
                  You can use rams to take out vehicles that are chasing you - slow
                  down a little to let them come alongside you then sideswipe them.
                  Use the rear view to check their position or (at night) watch for
                  the beams of their headlights.
                  Tip: With the cop upgrade Increased Ram Damage (see Section 05a)
                       you can deliver extra damage when you ram another vehicle.
                  You can also use sideways rams to "dodge" left/right to avoid an
                  obstacle, swerve between traffic or re-align on the centre of the
                  lane after taking a corner at high speed.
          Cross = Hold to initiate an action hijack, then tap to perform the hijack
                  Wei Shen can perform a dramatic "action hijack" move - leaping
                  heroically onto another moving vehicle and taking control of it.
                  You begin this by holding X while driving a road vehicle - if it's
                  a car he will open the door* and lean out (and if it's a bike he
                  will perch on the saddle ready to jump). When you approach another
                  vehicle from behind, a large arrow symbol will appear and when
                  this turns green you can tap X to jump across and hijack it.
                       [Completing an action hijack earns you the Stuntman trophy.]
                  Tip: With the upgrade Action Hijack Reduced Heat (see Section 05a)
                       you can use action hijacks to lose Heat (wanted rating).
                  When you do an action hijack on a larger vehicle (like a truck or
                  van) Wei will hang onto the back and you'll need to work your way
                  up to the cabin, with an occasional QTE to hang on.
                  *This has potential for mischief: http://youtu.be/y2tXO1-sUaM
             R3 = Horn / Sirens in emergency vehicle
                  Using the horn makes pedestrians move out of the way.
          D-Pad = Hold left/right to adjust the radio volume
                  Tap left/right to cycle through the radio stations:
                  o Real FM - modern hiphop
                  o Kerrang! Radio - rock (with Kerrang! magazine)
                  o Sagittarius FM - classic rock
                  o Daptone Radio - modern funk/soul (with Daptone Records label)
                  o Softly - atmospheric / traditional Chinese
                  o Boosey & Hawkes - classical (with Boosey & Hawkes publishers)
                  o H-KLUB - Hong Kong hiphop
                  o Warp Radio - electronica/experimental (with Warp Records* label)
                  o Ninja Tune Radio - downtempo (with Ninja Tune label)
                  o Roadrunner Records - rock/metal (with Roadrunner Records label)
                  (In a police vehicle you can also tune into the "HKPD" channel to
                  listen to random cop chatter.)
                  Check the official game website for radio station playlists:
    *For a retrospective of the golden years of the label check out my Warp Records
    megamix from 2002: http://www.mixcrate.com/barticle/fear-of-a-blech-planet-76360
    | Section 03b | Pause Menu                                                s03b |
    This is a quick run-down of the features of the pause menu. (Mainly I just want
    to draw your attention to the save/load and mission/race replay functions.)
    o Resume - unpause the game
    o Map - access the main map (see Section 04)
    o Upgrades - this shows your Cop, Triad and Face levels/unlocks, the unlockable
                 fighting moves and your health upgrades (see Section 05)
    o Social Hub:
      Social Log - this is like a Facebook wall which posts your latest stat award
                   achievements, mission high scores and other records
      Stat Awards - these are various challenges which can be completed at Bronze,
                    Silver and Gold levels (see Section 10)
      Stat Games - this lists your personal bests for various jumps and streaks
      Missions / Races - you can use these options to replay any missions and races
    o Restart from Checkpoint - if things go wrong during a mission
    o Cancel Mission - if things go *really* wrong during a mission
    o Save / Load - you can use up to four save slots
      (although the game has an auto-save function I would strongly recommend that
      you use at least one manual save as a back-up in case your auto-save is lost
      or corrupted; ideally you should use several slots on rotation)
    o Game Log - use this to review on-screen text like hints and rewards
    o Statistics - you can track your completion with a range of stats here
    o Options - adjust the display/sound settings and tweak your control set-up
    o Quit to Main Menu - exit the game
    | Section 03c | Face Meter                                                s03c |
    The Face meter is the yellow gauge on the right side of the minimap. This fills
    as you defeat enemies during combat (melee and/or shooting) and when it's full
    it becomes "activated" giving you various perks until it empties.
    This is separate from your Face Level (see Section 05c) which is a measure of
    your rep in the city and unlocks a series of "advantages" as you level-up. Many
    of these advantages are the combat perks that are only applied when your Face
    meter is activated. One of the most significant is the first to unlock - while
    your Face meter is activated during combat you regenerate health.
    This can make a massive difference during a fight. If your health is getting low
    but your Face meter is nearly full you can use counters to intercept attacks.
    This effectively blocks incoming attacks, prevents further damage and hopefully
    fills your Face meter so you can start regenerating your health.
    Tip: Taking advantage of the personal services available at a massage parlour
         gives you a temporary increase to the rate at which your Face meter fills.
    | Section 03d | Health                                                    s03d |
    Your health bar is shown in red immediately to the left of your minimap.
    Tip: Finding health shrines (see Section 12a) adds permanent extensions to your
         health up to a total of 200%. This bonus health is displayed as a secondary
         blue health bar on top of the standard red one.
    In freeroam your health regenerates but by default it will only replenish up to
    half its maximum value. Consuming food will give a temporary buff that allows
    you to regenerate your full health bar and you can unlock Face advantages (see
    Section 05c) that double or triple the duration of this effect. You can buy
    various types of food from stalls in the Night Market and from street vendors.
                [Consuming ten different foods/drinks earns you the Foodie trophy.]
    During combat you get a temporary health regeneration effect when your Face
    meter becomes "activated" by filling it (see above).
    When your health reaches zero you die. If you're in freeroam you'll respawn at a
    medical clinic and you'll be charged for treatment (that resurrection is a very
    expensive business!) - the size of the fee increases proportionately according
    to how much money you currently have, up to a maximum of HK$15,000.
    If you die during a mission you have the option to restart from the most recent
    checkpoint and try again. If you choose not to continue then the game proceeds
    as if you had been killed in freeroam - in other words it'll cost you money!
    | Section 03e | Heat                                                      s03e |
    Your character is a cop but his uniformed colleagues on patrol don't know this
    so law-breaking will attract their attention. (Luckily they're not interested in
    the laws about speeding, violating traffic signals or driving on the wrong side
    of the road but they will react to theft, assault and criminal damage.)
    A blue man icon on the map is an HKPD patrolman and similarly a blue star is a
    police vehicle. Each police icon on your minimap will be surrounded by a blue
    circle which indicates the crime-detection radius for that unit.
    If they see you commit an offence you will gain Heat (which works almost exactly
    like the "wanted rating" in the GTA series). Your minimap will pulse red and the
    number to the top-left will show your Heat level. Police icons will now flash
    red/blue as they pursue you and be surrounded by red circles instead of blue.
    The various levels represent the scale of response you'll experience so at Heat
    level 1 officers will pursue you on foot, in cars and on motorcycles; at level 2
    they'll start shooting; at level 3 they'll supplement the cars with vans; at
    level 4 they'll add SUV's and start using automatic weapons and then at level 5
    they'll send SWAT teams in armoured trucks and set up roadblocks with SUV's.
    You can escape from the police by evading their red circles or by ramming their
    vehicles to disable them. You can also stop police vehicles by shooting out
    their tyres or by doing an action hijack, although that can raise your wanting
    rating! When you successfully escape them all, your minimap will flash green a
    few times but you will still need to avoid police contact for a few seconds.
    Tip: Doing a big jump off a vehicle ramp can help you lose the police too or you
         can just seek sanctuary in one of your safehouses.
    When cops are chasing you on foot they'll tackle Wei to the ground and try to
    cuff him. Get ready to do a [Cross] QTE for a reversal - handcuffing the cop! :)
    (You can just hammer the X button and you'll always escape.)
    If Wei gets cuffed he'll be arrested - you'll subsequently be released from the
    nearest police station but you'll have to pay bribe/bail money. Just like the
    medical fees, the more money you have, the more you have to pay! The ceiling
    value appears to be HK$25,000 ...so I guess it's cheaper to let them kill you!
    | Section 03f | Display                                                   s03f |
    The in-game minimap in the bottom-left corner of the screen will display any
    nearby points of interest (see list in Section 04). The gauge to the left of the
    map is your health bar and the one on the right is your Face meter. When you're
    being pursued by the police your "wanted rating" will appear at the top-left.
    Red triangles above the minimap indicate Triad XP gains while blue shield icons
    there show Cop XP losses (see Sections 05a and 05b).
    When you have a weapon equipped it will be shown in the top-right corner of the 
    screen. If it's a gun there will be two adjacent figures indicating the number
    of rounds in the weapon and the amount of spare ammo you're carrying.
    Any buffs that are currently active will be indicated by one or more circular
    icons on the right side of the screen during play. Segments around the icon will
    gradually disappear to show how long the effect will last.
    If the game wants you to do something with your smartphone you'll see a prompt
    in the bottom-right corner of the screen urging you to press up on the d-pad.
    If you miss any instructions or hints you can review them in the Game Log which
    is accessed via the pause menu.
    | Section 03g | Money                                                     s03g |
    The currency in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Dollar (hereafter "HK$"). You can
    view your current money total in the top-right corner of the pause screen.
    To give a rough idea of equivalent value, at the time of writing (August 2012)
    the exchange rates are HK$500 = 41 UKP = 52 Euros = US$64 = 5,068 Yen.
    You can use your money to...
    - buy various goods and services (see Section 04)
    - buy vehicles (see Section 08) 
    - buy clothing and accessories (see Section 09)
    - upgrade your safehouses (see Section 13)
    - gamble (see Sections 07i and 07j)
    - quick-travel by taxi
    - pay costs for medical treatment / police release (see Sections 03d and 03e)
    You can make money by...
    - completing story missions (see Section 06)
    - winning races (see Section 07h)
    - replaying missions and races via the Social Hub
    - completing favours, cases, jobs, drug busts, etc (see Section 07)
    - finding and opening lockboxes (see Section 12c)
    - hijacking and selling armoured cars (see trophy #22 in Section 11a)
    - completing the Martial Arts Club tournaments (see Section 07e)
    - knocking over parking meters
    - gambling (see Sections 07i and 07j)
    - completing "cop jobs" in the SWAT Pack DLC (see Section 07d)
    The best way to make a lot of money is to (carefully!) complete Tran's car theft
    missions (see Section 07d). These unlock pretty early in the game and can give
    you a total of around four million dollars.
    With a little time and effort you can also make decent sums of money by abusing
    the cockfight betting (see Gambler stat award notes in Section 10).
    | Section 03h | Hacking                                                   s03h |
    Throughout the game you'll be required to use your smartphone to hack computers
    and surveillance cameras (see Section 12d). This involves a simple logic puzzle
    minigame where you have several attempts to guess a numerical password.
    Each password always has four digits and these will be unique - each password
    will be composed of four different numbers. After each guess your smartphone's
    hacking software will give you feedback on each digit:
        red square = this number appears nowhere in this password
     yellow circle = this number appears in the password but not in this position
      green number = this is the correct number in the correct position
    By applying logical reasoning you can work towards the correct solution. Here's
    a basic worked example taken from the Serial Killer case gameplay preview video.
    Attempt 1: It's easiest to keep track if we work through the numbers 0 to 9 in
               sequence so we start by entering 0123 which gives these results:
               0123 -> 0 (red) / 1 (red) / 2 (red) / 3 (red)
               All digits are wrong. None of these numbers appear anywhere in this
               password so we should discount them all entirely.
               A disappointing start but it still provides some useful information
               because we've eliminated four of the possible ten numbers.
    Attempt 2: Let's try the next four highest numbers and enter 4567.
               4567 -> 4 (yellow) / 5 (red) / 6 (green) / 7 (green)
               We got lucky here! The third and fourth digits are both correct so
               they can be left unchanged on subsequent attempts. Also we now know
               that 6 and 7 cannot appear elsewhere in this password.
               The 5 is entirely wrong and can be rejected.
               The 4 appears somewhere in the password but not in the first position
               and since we've found third and fourth already it must go in second.
    Attempt 3: We enter the three known digits (*467) and start guessing the one
               remaining number. We know that 0, 1, 2, 3 and 5 do not appear in the
               password and that 4, 6 and 7 are already in their correct positions
               (and will not be repeated) so it must be either 8 or 9. Let's try 8.
               8467 -> 8 (red) / 4 (green) / 6 (green) / 7 (green)
               The phone indicates that the 8 is wrong, so it must be 9.
    Attempt 4: Through logical deduction we know that the password must be 9467.
               9467 -> 9 (green) / 4 (green) / 6 (green) / 7 (green)
               The phone confirms that all four digits are right. Yay!
    In general terms you should work through the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... in
    sequence, like in the example above.
    If you get a green number, it's correct (and cannot be changed).
    If you get a yellow number, try it in different positions until it turns green.
    If you get a red number, stop using it.
    You only get a limited number of attempts so don't waste them. Retain only the
    digits that are marked green and change all the others each time. Don't re-use
    any red numbers in the history and always move the yellow ones.
    (The passwords are generated randomly each time you start a hacking event. Even
    if you try to hack the same camera twice the passwords will be different.)
    | Section 04 | CITY MAP                                                    s04 |
    You can access a full map of the city by pressing Select (or touchpad) and use
    the buttons indicated to set a waypoint marker, to view available missions, to
    zoom in/out and to toggle on/off the legend that explains the map symbols. 
    (You can also use the map's Collectibles View which marks with white symbols all
    the collectibles (see Section 12) that you've found so far. By completing the
    dating side-missions (see Section 07c) you'll unlock the abilities to have the
    locations of all collectibles marked on your map. Any ones you have not yet
    found will appear as grey icons both on the main map's Collectibles View and on
    the minimap that's displayed during play.)
    As you can see from the map, Sleeping Dogs is set on Hong Kong Island with four
    urban centres (with relatively dense networks of streets and alleys) connected
    together by a few roads and highways. Central and North Point are the largest
    districts, both individually bigger than Kennedy Town and Aberdeen combined. The
    in-game map also highlights the smaller areas of Soho and Victoria Peak.
    These locations are described below and, since they're all based on actual parts
    of real-life Hong Kong, you can read more about them on the Wikipedia links. As
    soon as you're allowed to exit the market area after the Night Market Chase
    mission you'll be free to explore the whole island.
                [Visiting all four districts earns you the Man Around Town trophy.]
    o NORTH POINT is located towards the south-east corner of the island.
      You start the game in this district which is home to several key locations
      such as the Night Market, Golden Koi restaurant, Club Bam Bam and the secret
      undercover police headquarters. It also has the most shops and facilities.
    o CENTRAL is the large district at the top of the map.
      There are major business and retail sectors here (with several shops again)
      plus a hospital in the south-west corner.
    o ABERDEEN is situated in the south-west of the island.
      The prominent features of Aberdeen are its harbour area and Aberdeen Island
      which is accessed via a large bridge to the south.
    o KENNEDY TOWN is on the western side of the island.
      Like Aberdeen, Kennedy has few shops and the main feature is the docks.
    o SOHO is on the southern perimeter of Central, near the centre of the island.
      Soho is a small region with several narrow lanes and home to the K-Bar venue.
      There's also a large police station to the north-west.
    o VICTORIA PEAK lies between Kennedy Town and Soho.
      As you might imagine from the name, Victoria Peak is a mountain - situated in
      the centre of the island and accessed by long winding roads on either side.
    A wide range of facilities are available across Hong Kong Island and these will
    all be marked on your map; you can buy vehicles and clothing, play minigames and
    purchase temporary buffs. The map also shows important locations for missions
    and the position (and status) of any nearby police units.
    The symbols used for all these are listed below; the same map icons are also
    shown on your minimap in the corner of the screen. Occasionally you'll see an
    arrow above or below a map icon which indicates that the objective is higher or
    lower than your current altitude. Sometimes an icon will get obscured by text on
    the map - if this happens try zooming in/out to get a better view.
    Tip: You can quick-travel across the map by hiring a taxi. If it has the "speech
         bubble" icon above it you can hold the Triangle button to enter the taxi as
         a passenger. You can select your destination on the map but you're limited
         to travelling only to certain map icons. All journeys cost HK$310.
    o Story Missions [green waypoint icon]
      The starting points for new story missions are marked in green; hovering the
      cursor over an icon shows the title of the mission. A list of currently avail-
      able missions is shown in the bottom-left corner of the main map screen.
      Green markers also indicate objective locations during a mission.
    o Safehouses [white (or pale blue) house icon]
      After completing the Night Market Chase tutorial mission you'll gain access to
      your first safehouse located to the north-west of the market in North Point.
      You will unlock additional safehouses as you progress through the story.
      o North Point Apartment  - unlocked by completing Night Market Chase mission
      o Central Apartment      - unlocked by completing Uncle Po mission
      o Aberdeen Houseboat     - unlocked by completing Initiation mission
      o Kennedy Town Apartment - unlocked by completing Fast Girls mission
      The following functions are available at your safehouses:
      - use wardrobe (to change your clothes/accessories and save outfits)
      - use television (to access the surveillance network - see Section 07g)
      - use refrigerator (to get a drink for a health regen buff)
      - use sink (to wash blood stains off your face and clothes)
      - use toilet (to heal fully)
      - use bed (to advance time 6 hours, auto-save, heal fully and clean clothes)
      See Section 13 for details of the various safehouse upgrades available.  
    o Police Cases [dark blue waypoint icon]
      Cases are multi-part police investigations which become available as you work
      through the main story - see Section 07a for details.
    o Jobs [orange waypoint icon]
      You can accept simple jobs like stealing cars to order (see Section 07d).
    o Favours [yellow circle icon]
      Favours are short side-missions where you help someone - see Section 07b.
    o Drug Busts [pale blue shield icon]
      Each of the drug busts (see Section 07g) involves you defeating a bunch of
      "nearby thugs" at a hangout, hacking the security camera there and then using
      the monitor in your safehouse to help the police catch a drug supplier.
      If you've hacked a camera but not yet caught the supplier there then the icon
      for your safehouse/s will be shown in pale blue to match the drug busts.
    o Enemies [red man icon]
      This icon is used generally to represent hostiles. In freeroam it indicates a
      group of thugs who are guarding a lockbox collectible (see Section 12c).
    o Police Patrolman [blue or blue/red man icon]
      A blue icon indicates a passive policeman on patrol. If you have Heat (wanted
      rating) the police will pursue you and the icon will flash blue/red instead.
    o Police Vehicle [blue or blue/red star icon]
      This marker works exactly like the previous one.
    o Parking Garages [white "P" icon]
      Through the magic of video-game logic you have convenient access to your whole
      collection of owned cars and bikes from any one of twenty different garages.
      Not only that but you can pick one of three or more colour-schemes each time!
      See Section 08 for a list of vehicles you can own. You'll acquire the majority
      of these by buying them from vehicle vendors.
      Tip: Once you've unlocked the Face advantage Car Valet (see Section 05c) you
           can have a vehicle delivered to your current location whenever you want.
           (You can specify which one you'll get on the parking garage interface.)
      Unlike in some games, stolen vehicles cannot be stored at the garages.
    o Vehicle Stores [white car icon]
      There are four vehicle vendors in the game: two in North Point, one in Central
      and one in Kennedy Town. See Section 08 for lists of shops and vehicles.
    o Clothing Stores [white tee-shirt icon]
      There are thirteen clothing vendors in the game: six in North Point, six in
      Central and one in Kennedy Town. See Section 09 for full details of the shops
      and the clothes and accessories you can buy there.
    o Legendary Outfits [yellow tee-shirt icon]
      In Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition there's an additional clothing stall in
      the Night Market where you can buy various DLC outfits and hats/masks.
    o Convenience Stores [white soda can icon]
      These stores sell the Dragon Kick energy drink which buffs your melee damage.
      You can also buy this from the green vending machines and from the Dragon Kick
      promo girls (or use the permanent free supply in your safehouse fridges).
      Tip: This effect can be boosted with Face advantage unlocks (see Section 05c).
    o Apothecaries [white steaming bowl icon]
      An apothecary is someone who prepares and dispenses medicines - it's basically
      an old-fashioned name for a pharmacist. In the game you can visit one to buy a
      cup of herbal tea which gives you a temporary protective buff (a reduction to
      the amount of damage you take in combat).
      Tip: This effect can be boosted with Face advantage unlocks (see Section 05c).
      As with food, you can also buy herbal tea from market stalls such as the one
      outside your North Point safehouse.
    o Massage Parlours [white hands icon]
      Getting a massage - or a (*cough*) "massage" from a less reputable outlet -
      temporarily increases the rate at which your Face meter fills.
      Tip: This effect can be boosted with Face advantage unlocks (see Section 05c).
    o Karaoke [white musical note icon]
      You can play the karaoke minigame (see Section 07k) at these locations.
    o Martial Arts Clubs [orange exploding-fists (?) icon]
      There are four "fight club" tournaments available (see Section 07e).
    o Melee Training [white (or green) fist icon]
      At this dojo in southern North Point you can practise fighting against the
      four special classes of melee opponent (see Section 03a).
      The icon will be green if you have one or more jade statues (see Section 12b)
      to return to Sifu Kwok. For each statue you return to him you can learn one
      new melee combo (see Section 05d).
    o Dating [pink woman icon]
      The game uses this pink marker when you have a date (see Section 07c).
    o Street-Races [orange waypoint icon with chequered flag]
      The icon indicates the starting point for a race; hovering the cursor over the
      icon shows the title, route and finishing point of that race.
      See Section 07h for a full list of races available.
    o Cockfighting Rings [orange rooster icon]
      These are locations where you can bet on cockfights (see Section 07i).
    o Gambling Dens [orange coin icon]
      There are two offshore locations where you can play the poker mahjong minigame
      (see Section 07j). Unless you're prepared to spend a very long time swimming,
      you'll need to access these by boat so check out any coastal areas where there
      are buildings or piers and you'll usually find a boat you can use.
      (these locations are locked until you complete favours or a police case there)
    o Collectibles [various grey or white icons]
      As you progress through the dating side-missions (see Section 07c) you'll earn
      the massively useful ability of having the location of collectibles marked on
      your minimap. Grey icons are ones you still need, white icons are ones that
      you've already collected.
    o Megajump [grey arrow icon]
      A small upwards-pointing arrow indicates a large vehicle jump you've found.
      Jumping these will help you evade the police when they're chasing you.
    The following colour-coding is applied consistently across map icons, waypoints,
    satnav routes and mission titles:
        story mission |  dating  |   case    | drug bust | job / race | favour
             green    |   pink   | dark blue | pale blue |   orange   | yellow
    | Section 05 | LEVELS AND UPGRADES                                         s05 |
    The game tracks your Cop Level, Triad Level and Face Level. You can level-up
    these three separately as you play, unlocking a total of thirty upgrades. You
    can also learn new melee combos and extend your health bar.
    These can all be viewed under the Upgrades section of the main menu. Use L1/R1
    to cycle between them and view details for each. You can also use this sub-menu
    to select which cop and triad upgrades to take when you've earned them.
    | Section 05a | Cop Level                                                 s05a |
    You earn Cop experience points (XP) for doing story missions (see Section 06),
    investigating cases (see Section 07a) and doing drug busts (see Section 07g). As
    you earn Cop XP you'll advance from Cop Level 0 up to Cop Level 10. Each time
    you level-up you earn the right to unlock a new ability from the Upgrades menu.
    All the cop upgrades relate to driving and shooting.
    Certain actions during a mission or case will reduce the amount of Cop XP you
    receive on completion. You'll get penalties for damaging property (both civilian
    cars and street furniture like railings and lampposts), injuring and killing
    innocents, being clumsy (mistiming a freerunning move) and theft. Avoid doing
    these to maximise the experience points you receive.
    Cop XP is indicated by three blue shield symbols above your minimap. They start
    out full - representing the maximum amount of Cop experience available - and
    will gradually empty if you incur any of the above penalties.
    Tip: You can boost the amount of Cop XP you gain by wearing a matching set of
         three garments marked Police Constable Bonus (+5%), Police Sergeant Bonus
         (+10%) or Police Inspector Bonus (+15%). (see clothing lists in Section 09)
    (The clothing sets will accelerate your levelling but 8BitArtist reports getting
    to Cop Level 10 simply by completing everything in the game without ever using
    any of the Cop XP clothing buffs.)
    The cop unlock "tree" consists of two branches - these are displayed across the
    screen in the game but I've depicted them vertically here to fit the document
    format. The phone unlocks automatically and thereafter you get to buy one new
    upgrade every time you're promoted to the next level. These unlock in sequence
    along each branch so, for example, you can't take Action Dismount unless you've
    already taken Slim Jim, etc, but you're free to choose either branch each time.
           (            Phone             ) - you automatically gain the smartphone
            '--.----------------------.--'    at the start of the game
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (           Slim Jim           ) | - use a tool to steal cars quickly, without
      '--------.-------------------'  |   triggering the alarm or causing damage
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (         Fast Disarm          ) - disarm an opponent carrying a
               |  '-------------------.--------'    gun without any struggle
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (        Action Dismount       ) | - when carrying a gun and driving fast you
      '--------.-------------------'  |   use bullet-time when you exit the vehicle
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (    Slow-Motion Follow-Up     ) - hold L2 to enter bullet-time
               |  '-------------------.--------'    after a disarm or melee attack
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (  Action Hijack Reduced Heat  ) | - completing an action hijack reduces your
      '--------.-------------------'  |   current Heat (police wanted rating)
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (      Recoil Compensator      ) - the amount of recoil experienced
               |  '-------------------.--------'    with all firearms is reduced
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (     Increased Ram Damage     ) | - your ramming attacks against other
      '--------.-------------------'  |   vehicles now cause more damage
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (        Increased Focus       ) - the bullet-time effect from
               |  '-------------------.--------'    vaulting/disarming lasts longer
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (       Police Trunk Key       ) | - you can now collect firearms from the
      '----------------------------'  |   boots (trunks) of police cars
                 (       Overpressure Ammo      ) - a switch to overpressure rounds
                  '----------------------------'    increases your bullet damage
                   [Unlocking all ten cop upgrades earns you the Super Cop trophy.]
    | Section 05b | Triad Level                                               s05b |
    As with the cop system, you can advance from Triad Level 0 to Triad Level 10 by
    earning Triad XP during missions. Basically you'll gain XP by doing anything
    that impresses the triads, mainly being effective and skilful in combat. Again
    there are ten unlocks available but this time they're all combat-based.
    You can gain small amounts of Triad XP by damaging opponents during combat, with
    significant bonuses for completing counters, heavy attacks, environment attacks,
    weapon attacks, knockdowns, throws, follow-up strikes after a stun, disarms and
    also for defeating an enemy. In gunfights you also get bonus points for getting
    headshots and explosive kills, for disarming an enemy and for shooting an enemy
    during a bullet-time vaulting move.
    During a vehicle chase you can pick up XP for damaging and destroying enemy
    vehicles (by either shooting or ramming them), scoring disabling shots on their
    tyres and doing action hijacks. You can also get Triad XP on various objectives
    in story missions, like winning a race or passing a "fast talk" persuasion test.
    Triad XP is indicated by three red triangle symbols above your minimap. They
    start out empty and gradually fill as you earn points. Once you've filled all
    three triangles they will remain full and you'll earn the maximum Triad XP.
    Tip: You can boost the amount of Triad XP you gain by wearing a matching set of
         three garments marked Blue Lantern Triad (+5%), Red Pole Bonus (+10%) or
         Mountain Master Triad (+15%). (see clothing lists in Section 09)
    If you find yourself short of Triad XP after beating the story then use the
    Missions option in the Social Hub to replay missions. Check the red icons and
    repeat missions where you failed to get three full triangles - the ones where
    you got the lowest Triad scores give the greatest potential for replay gains.
    You can play smart to maximise your Triad XP. In a fighting mission you'll get
    good points for an environment kill but don't miss the chance to score extra XP
    from attacks and counters before you kill them (hold L2 to check an opponent's
    health). I like to use the Stun Strike Follow-Up string and Leg Break (melee
    training unlocks - see Section 05d). You also get more points for using Dim Mak
    (final melee training unlock) instead of the standard counter but you'll notice
    that you get fewer points each time you repeat a move so use variety too.
    Similarly you can play smart in on-rails sections where you're shooting from a
    car. You can take out a pursuing vehicle efficiently with a single tyre shot but
    you'd be missing out on lots of points. Shoot the bodywork of a car for damage
    bonuses, score headshots on passengers and when you finally go for the tyres
    remember that there are four of them!
    The unlock tree for triad upgrades works exactly like the police one above. You
    start with the first one automatically and earn the right to unlock one upgrade
    each time you advance one level. Upgrades unlock in sequence along each branch.
           (           Counters           ) - press Triangle to counter an enemy's
            '--.----------------------.--'    attack (just after they glow red)
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (      Strike Resistance       ) | - you'll take less damage when an enemy
      '--------.-------------------'  |   lands an unarmed attack on you
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (     Strike Damage Bonus      ) - your striking melee attacks do
               |  '-------------------.--------'    increased damage
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (         Rising Kick          ) | - press Square to rise with a kick attack 
      '--------.-------------------'  |   after you've been knocked down
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (      Surprise Exchange       ) - you can lock-on and press X to
               |  '-------------------.--------'    get behind your target
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (   Melee Weapon Resistance    ) | - you'll take less damage when an enemy
      '--------.-------------------'  |   lands a weapon attack on you
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (  Melee Weapon Sprint Attacks ) - you can use powerful attacks
               |  '-------------------.--------'    with weapons while sprinting
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (       Counter Recovery       ) | - you will recover more quickly whenever you
      '--------.-------------------'  |   attempt a counter and fail it
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (    Charge Kick Follow-Up     ) - rapid follow-up after the heavy
               |  '-------------------.--------'    kick [hold Square, tap Square]
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (     Climbing Elbow-Strike    ) | - climb up an enemy and deliver a powerful
      '----------------------------'  |   elbow-strike [hold L2 + hold Circle]
                 (      Melee Weapon Boost      ) - you do more damage with melee
                  '----------------------------'    weapons and they last longer
          [Unlocking all ten triad upgrades earns you the Ultimate Fighter trophy.]
    | Section 05c | Face Level                                                s05c |
    Your "Face" Level is a measure of your respect and reputation in Hong Kong. Like
    the Triad and Cop Levels, it can advance from Face Level 0 up to Face Level 10. 
               [Three trophies are available for achieving Face Level 2, 5 and 10.]
    The main way to earn Face XP is by completing favours (see Section 07b) - which
    are marked with yellow icons across the map - and by completing street-races
    (see Section 07h). You can also earn Face XP from dating (see Section 07c).
    There are limited opportunities to gain Face XP so often you'll have to play
    through the story to unlock more favours or buy vehicles from different race
    classes (in order to gain access to new races).
    Tip: You can boost your Face XP gains by wearing accessories marked Respectable
         Face (+5%), Honored Face (+10%) or Venerable Face (+15%). (see Section 09b
         for lists of all the accessories that give Face XP buffs)
    Many vehicles, clothes and accessories have a minimum Face Level requirement for
    you to buy or wear them (see Sections 08 and 09) so you'll need to get to quite
    a high Face Level before you can buy everything in the game.
    As you level-up your Face you unlock a series of Face advantages. There's no
    branching this time so the advantages are applied automatically as you progress.
       (You also seem to get an unlisted 20% store discount at some point...?)
    Your Face Level is separate from your (yellow) Face meter which is shown on the
    right side of your minimap. Effective performance in combat fills the meter and
    when it's full it becomes activated for a limited time. Several of the abilities
    listed below only take effect when the Face meter is activated - I've indicated
    these Face advantages with an asterisk (*) in the description. 
     1 (     Face Meter Unlocked      ) - intimidate enemies in combat*
        '--.-------------------------'  - regenerate health*
        .--'-------------------------.  - x2 duration on health regen effect of food
     2 (      Fine Food & Drink       ) - x2 effect on herbal tea
        '--.-------------------------'  - +50% effect on energy drinks
     3 (            Disarm            ) - disarm an enemy's melee weapon with a
        '--.-------------------------'    counter or grapple move*
     4 (          Car Valet           ) - you can phone your valet to have a vehicle
        '--.-------------------------'    delivered to your current location**
     5 (          Toughness           ) - take less damage in combat*
     6 (    Extra-Special Massages    ) - +50% effect on massages (Face gain)
     7 (       Uninterruptible        ) - your attacks cannot be interrupted*
        .--'-------------------------.  - x3 duration on health regen effect of food
     8 (  Everything Just Got Better  ) - x2 effect on energy drinks and herbal tea
        '--.-------------------------'  - x2 effect on massages
        .--'-------------------------.  - increased melee attack damage*
     9 (         Unstoppable          ) - enemy class bonuses are negated*
        '--.-------------------------'  - you can pummel a floored enemy*
    10 (           Dai Lo***          ) - 40% discount on car and clothing purchases
    *Your Face meter must be activated for this Face advantage to take effect.
    **You can specify your preferred vehicle on the parking garage menu.
    ***Triads refer to their boss/chairman as Dai Lo (literally "big brother").
    | Section 05d | Melee Training                                            s05d |
    During the early mission called Amanda you'll meet Sifu Kwok (and unsurprisingly
    Amanda too). He's a kung fu instructor at the Martial Arts School in south-west
    North Point and he previously taught Wei Shen before he (Wei) went to America.
    After a little chat you'll get a tutorial on directional attacks and then you'll
    need to practise the Sweep Kick move [tap X, hold X] until you've learnt it;
    this is the first technique available in the melee training unlock tree.
    You'll need to defeat a group of students and then your conversation with Sifu
    can continue. He shows you a rather sad display cabinet that was previously home
    to a complete set of twelve jade zodiac statues (one for each of the Chinese
    astrological birthsigns - Rabbit, Tiger, etc) but which is currently only home
    to Rat since most of the collection was stolen.
    As you might've guessed, you need to find the eleven missing statues and return
    them to the instructor and in return he'll teach you a new melee tech for each
    one you deliver to him. As with the cop and triad upgrades, the unlock tree
    consists of two branches but this time there's also one final upgrade at the end
    which you cannot unlock until you've found all the statues.
    (The map icon for the dojo will be green when you have one or more statues to
    return. If it's white you enter the dojo to practise fighting against different
    classes of opponents: grapplers, strikers, armed thugs and brawlers.)
    Locations for the eleven missing jade statues are given in Section 12b below.
    Completing Tiffany's dating side-mission (see Section 07c) will cause all statue
    locations to be marked on your minimap.
    All the melee training unlocks are new attack combos. In the diagram below I've
    given the button sequence for each one in square brackets.
           (          Sweep Kick          ) - this sweep knocks down several enemies
            '--.----------------------.--'    at once [tap Square, hold Square]
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (        Tackle Strike         ) | - perform a follow-up strike after a tackle
      '--------.-------------------'  |   [hold X + Circle, Square]
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (       Charge Knee Stun       ) - charged knee attack with stun 
               |  '-------------------.--------'    [Square, Square, hold Square]
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (          Leg Break*          ) | - a violent grappling combo that unsettles
      '--------.-------------------'  |   your enemies [Circle, Square, hold Square]
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (     Stun Strike Follow-Up    ) - stuns and strikes enemy [Square,
               |  '-------------------.--------'    Square, hold Square, Square]
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (        Disarm Tackle         ) | - disarm an enemy after you tackle them
      '--------.-------------------'  |   from a sprint [hold X + Circle]
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (      Spinning Heel Kick      ) - powerful spinning kick [Square,
               |  '-------------------.--------'    Square, Square, hold Square]
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (    Stun Grapple Follow-Up    ) | - perform a follow-up strike on a stunned
      '--------.-------------------'  |   opponent after a grapple [hold Circle]
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (   Jumping Power Roundhouse   ) - upgraded Jumping Roundhouse Kick
               |  '-------------------.--------'    [Square x 4, hold Square]
      .--------'-------------------.  |
     (          Arm Break*          ) | - stun your opponent after grappling them
      '--------.-------------------'  |   [Circle, Square, Square, hold Square]
               |  .-------------------'--------.
               | (       Double Jump-Kick       ) - adds a follow-up to a jump-kick
               |  '-------------------.--------'    [Cross + Square, Square]
           (            Dim Mak           ) - dodge and strong counterattack string
            '----------------------------'    [Circle + Triangle when countering]
    *These moves can be used to add to the total of your Bonebreaker stat award.
    | Section 05e | Health Upgrades                                           s05e |
    There are fifty red and gold health shrines to find in the game. Each time you
    find one you can activate it and Wei Shen will say a quick prayer. Activating
    five health shrines like this gets you a permanent +10% bonus to the size of
    your health bar, after finding another five you get a further +10%, etc, up to a
    maximum increase of +100% once you've found all fifty shrines.
    See Section 12a for a list of health shrine locations. Alternatively you can
    complete Amanda's dating side-mission (see Section 07c) to unlock a cheat that
    automatically marks all shrine locations on your map.
    | Section 06 | STORY WALKTHROUGH                                           s06 |
    This section covers all the missions in the main story campaign. My intention is
    to keep this fairly concise, elaborating only on parts which either prove tricky
    to complete or introduce new gameplay features that require some explanation.
    Although I won't discuss the storyline in detail, I will mention key characters,
    locations and events so there will be >SPOILERS< throughout this section.
    Tip: During a mission the pause menu gives you the options to restart from the
         last checkpoint and to quit out of the mission entirely.
    After completing a mission you'll get a summary screen which shows the Cop XP
    and Triad XP earned (see Section 05), any reward/s for finishing the mission and
    a numerical score based on your performance. You'll also unlock the option to
    replay that mission (from the Missions tab in the Social Hub), giving you the
    opportunity to improve your high score and thus earn any XP you missed before.
    Since Cop XP is easier to acquire I would recommend that you use the clothing
    sets that give Triad XP buffs during the story missions (and then use the Cop XP
    buff clothes during the police cases and drug busts). See Section 09b for lists
    of the clothing sets that give buffs.
    Most missions give one or more rewards on completion. You'll usually get money
    but sometimes you'll also get an outfit, vehicle or safehouse. You often get an
    item of intel too which you can read in the Reports section of your smartphone.
    Tip: Take a taxi (hold Triangle) to quick-travel to distant mission waypoints.
         This is a massive time-saver and it only costs HK$310 per journey.
    The developers wanted to focus on telling a strong single storyline so there are
    no branches or alternate endings and the story is essentially linear. One time
    you'll be given the freedom to choose which of two story missions you do first
    but you still get to do the other one afterwards (the missions are listed below
    in the order I played them). At certain points you'll need to sleep (use the bed
    at one of your safehouses) or complete the next "lead" in a police case in order
    to advance the story and unlock the next mission.
    Tip: Press Start to pause/unpause a cut-scene or double-tap X to skip it.
    View the map screen (press Select or open it from the pause menu) to see a list
    of missions/objectives that are currently available to you; alternatively you
    can press L3 (left stick) during play to cycle through them.
    In the walkthroughs below I've highlighted the locations of *some* collectibles
    at points where it's convenient to get them. For added impact the type of item
    (lockbox, camera, etc) is given in CAPS - I borrowed this simple but effective
    formatting idea from my buddy CassyChan's excellent Binary Domain guide. Lists
    of all collectible locations are available in Section 12 below but you might
    prefer to wait until you unlock the map markers during the dating side-missions.
    The story consists of thirty missions and begins with a couple of tutorials that
    are counted towards that total.
    o Mission #1 (untitled movement tutorial)
      - follow Naz, holding X to run and tapping left/right to evade obstacles
      - tap X to vault or climb an obstacle (then hold X to keep running)
      (press X just before reaching the obstacle to traverse it more smoothly)
    o Mission #2 (untitled melee tutorial)
      - follow Jackie through the alleys and soak up the local atmosphere
      - your first fight! complete the combos shown then finish-off the bad guys
      - round 2! learn the grapple-based moves then defeat the second group
      - dispatch the final enemy by grabbing him [Circle] and using the shutter over
        the counter [Circle again] to perform your first environmental kill
      - survive the initiation, pressing Triangle to counter when someone glows red
      (countering lets you block and attack at the same time so it's *very* useful)
      Infiltrate the Sun On Yee* triad and help enforce the Night Market.
      (*this name was obviously inspired by the real-life Sun Yee On triad)
      - follow Jackie into the Night Market to help with the protection racket
      (you can buy a damage buff from the vending machine or from the promo girls)
      - collect a tribute from the first vendor
      (there's a LOCKBOX in the south-west corner of the large open area which will
      give you a nice early cash injection of HK$5,000)
      - collect a tribute from the second vendor, using the phone box to do another
        environmental kill on the thug
      (there's a SHRINE behind his stall and another LOCKBOX up the stairs there)
      - collect a tribute from the third vendor, then defeat the group of enemies
      (you can get an environmental kill using the fearsome wooden crate!)
      - defend the fourth vendor (butcher) from the thugs, then collect a tribute
      (the nearby vending machine and lobster tank can be used for new environmental
      kills too giving you the five required for the Environmentalist trophy)
      - follow Jackie to the clothes stall (and buy clothes if you want)
      (vests seem to be popular in the gang so choose to follow or buck that trend!)
      - follow Jackie back through the market
      Reward: HK$800                                                  Intel: (none)
    You'll be confined to the Night Market area at this point and you're forced to
    do your first "favour" (see Section 07b) before you can proceed with the story.
    o SUSAN'S LUNCH (favour)
      Wei has the exciting task of taking money to the restaurant.
      - speak to the vendor in the south-east corner of the market (yellow marker)
      - head back to the Golden Koi restaurant and defeat the enemies there
      - deliver payment to the restaurant staff
      Reward: HK$200                              Intel: Field Report - Winston Chu
    With the favour complete, head upstairs in the restaurant to see Winston.
      Winston wants you to take care of someone named Ming. (mercilessness TBC!)
      - head to the electronics vendor in the market and ask where Ming is
      (tap up on the d-pad if you want to access your phone and view the report you
      unlocked by completing the favour)
      - continue through the market to Ming's location and trigger a foot chase
      (remember to hold X to run, tap X just before you reach obstacles to vault or
      climb over them cleanly and try to avoid people as they slow you down)
      - defeat the group of enemies, using an environmental attack on the large
        dumpster in the corner to finish the final one
      - continue the chase to roof level and defeat the enemies there
      (there are several opportunities for environmental one-hit kills here so take
      advantage of those but use counters [Triangle] on Ming when he glows red)
      Reward: 270 DX (motorcycle)             Intel: CI Report on Sam "Dogeyes" Lin
              North Point safehouse
      [Completing Night Market Chase earns you the hidden trophy In With The Gang.]
    You'll awake the following morning in your safehouse so take a little time to
    wander around and discover all its features (don't miss the free drink in the
    fridge which gives a melee damage buff). The map display will now be available
    (by pressing Select) and you're finally free to explore the world... If you have
    any DLC packs installed they will unlock at this point too.
    (look to your right as you exit the safehouse building for another SHRINE)
    If you head over to the parking garage opposite you can collect the motorcycle
    you just received. You can't store stolen vehicles at the car parks but you're
    able to collect any of the vehicles you currently own.
    Tip: Press Square to cycle through available colours when you pick a vehicle.
    You'll now have access to clothing stores (see Section 09) and vehicle vendors
    (see Section 08) and you can start hunting for collectibles (see Section 12),
    although you might prefer to wait until you unlock the collectible map markers
    during the dating side-missions (see Section 07c). You can also do more favours
    (see Section 07b) and begin your first police case (see Section 07a).
    When you want to return to the story you can do the next mission...
      Intercept Dogeyes' shipment to win favour with Winston.
      - meet Jackie near the vehicle vendor in south-east North Point
      - drive the van to the warehouse at the docks
      (avoid hitting cars and street furniture to maintain your Cop XP total)
      - defeat two groups of enemies
      (use counters to avoid damage especially from the weapon-users, combine these
      with a variety of other attacks to help you earn more Triad XP before finally
      finishing enemies with environmental kills, after defeating the thugs holding
      weapons try to score kills with the crowbar and kitchen knife - you need to
      get kills with ten different melee weapons for the Whatever's Handy trophy)
      - pursue the van and take out the enemy vehicles [press Square to ram]
      (score multiple hits against each escort vehicle to max out your Triad XP)
      - drive to Top Glamour Imports and lose the cops (ramming is easiest)
      Reward: HK$20,000                               Intel: CI Report on Jackie Ma
              Fake Cambria Watch
              Airbrushed Dragon Armored Van*
    *This is a bonus mission reward in the Definitive Edition. In the standard game
    it's part of the Retro Triad Pack DLC.
    If you haven't started doing freeroam favours yet you'll see the yellow "speech
    bubble" for one on the right after leaving the Top Glamour Imports island. Head
    over to the restaurant when you want to continue the story.
      Take over one of Dogeyes' mini-bus routes.
      - meet Winston at the Golden Koi
      - drive the mini-bus to the first bus-stop
      - drive the mini-bus to the second bus-stop and defeat the enemies 
      (you can grab enemies [Circle] and use the serving counters and phone booths
      at the back for environmental kills)
      - drive the mini-bus to the third bus-stop
      - keep close to the rival mini-bus and harass it by honking your horn [R3]
      - deliver the passengers to the Night Market, ramming the hostile vehicles off
        the road and avoiding collisions to maintain passenger satisfaction
      Reward: HK$15,000                       Intel: Whitefish CI Report; Conroy Wu
    *According to the game developers the triads really are involved with the Hong
    Kong mini-bus operators in real life.
    You can now start doing car theft jobs for Tran (see Section 07d). Take out your
    phone (press d-pad up) and pick his name from the Contacts section to begin.
    At this point you have to start the first police case to continue the story.
    o POPSTAR (case)
      Wei investigates and shuts down a ketamine dealer named Popstar.
      Popstar Lead 1
      Make contact with the dealer and learn the identity of his supplier.
      - head down to the undercover police HQ in south-east North Point to see Teng
      (there's a SHRINE on the south side of the lot, a LOCKBOX behind the building
      to the north and a vendor selling delicious Curry Fish Balls near the exit)
      - use your phone to send a text message to your old pal Ming
      (take the red door to the west to exit the police HQ!)
      - meet Ming at the noodle shop just north of the Night Market
      - head to Popstar's hangout at the basketball court a couple of blocks north
      - talk to Popstar
      - find the junkies, defeat one, extort the other, return to Popstar
      - escape the cops (I took a car and rammed the police car that pursued)
      (if you ever get grappled by a cop they will try to handcuff you so hammer the
      Cross button to pass the QTE and get a reversal)
      - phone Teng
      - deliver the goods to Ming
      Reward: HK$1,200                        Intel: Report - Winston Chi & Sam Lin
      Popstar Lead 2
      Perform surveillance on the supplier at Lok Fu Park and have him arrested.
      This is your introduction both to the drug busts (see Section 07g) which make
      up the majority of the "events" in the game and to hacking security cameras
      (see Section 03h).
      - go to Lok Fu Park on north-east North Point
      - defeat the thugs hanging out there
      (use the vending machine if you need a melee damage buff - you can get some
      environmental kills off it too!)
      - hack the security CAMERA to the right of the dumpster
      (see Section 03h for a breakdown of how to do the hacking minigame)
      - head home and use the big monitor screen near the windows
      - pick the district and camera showing "Triad Activity"
      - zoom/aim until an icon appears over the supplier's head then press X on him
      - phone Teng
      Reward: HK$1,200                     Intel: SFPD - Psych Evaluation, Wei Shen
    Further drug bust locations will now be available on the map (pale blue shield
    icons) and you can start hunting for hidden security cameras too if you want.
    Although the Popstar case is not yet complete you cannot continue it now but you
    will have gained access to the next story mission. You'll need to keep switching
    between story missions and cases (the latter are covered fully in Section 07a).
    o AMANDA
      This mission introduces dating (see Section 07c) and the jade statues which
      are used to unlock melee training (see Section 12b).
      - meet Amanda outside your safehouse in north-west North Point
      - collect your bike from the parking facility opposite
      - follow the waypoints to Club Bam Bam, then to the temple
      - head down to the martial arts school for a reunion with Sifu Kwok
      - practise directional strikes [L2 lock, aim left stick + Square to strike]
      - practise the Sweep Kick move [tap Square, hold Square]
      - defeat the class
      Reward: Sweep Kick (move)                 Intel: Biographical Notes, Wei Shen
              Amanda's phone number
              Work-Out Clothes (outfit)
    You can now collect jade statues (see Section 12b) and return them to Sifu Kwok
    to learn new melee combos. You can also call Amanda for her dating side-mission,
    continue with the Popstar case (see Section 07a), enter the underground "fight
    club" tournaments at the four martial arts clubs (see Section 07e) or continue
    with the next story mission...
      Convince club manager Benny not to side against Winston.
      - go to the Golden Koi restaurant and speak to Winston
      - go to Club Bam Bam in north-west North Point
      - talk to the bouncer and be ready for a "fast talk" QTE [Triangle]
      - speak to the VIP bouncer then speak to the hostess
      (this is Tiffany, the second girl available for a dating side-mission)
      - go to the karaoke machine and pick the one song that's available
      (see Section 07k for more on the karaoke minigame but basically you need to
      hold the left stick up for the high notes, down for the low notes and release
      it to hit the ones on the centre line)
      - head upstairs (take a left when you leave the karaoke room)
      (you can grab the Dragon STATUE off the left end of the bar up there)
      - defeat the thugs in the upstairs bar
      (this is your first opportunity to get the "A Slap in the Face" trophy - do an
      environmental kill on one of the giant fish tank walls then pick up a fish and
      beat someone to death with it)
       - while restrained, hold Square to attack and hammer Triangle to escape
       - defeat the thugs in the downstairs bar
       - defeat the thugs in the toilets (don't use grapples on the grapplers)
       Reward: HK$5,000                      Intel: Field Report, Water Street Gang
               Tiffany's phone number
               new karaoke songs unlocked
    You'll be given an objective to meet Winston at the Golden Koi again. After a
    cut-scene there you'll start back at your safehouse and you'll be able to start
    the next mission or the second case (if you finished the first one I guess).
    (you'll spot the Dog statue during the cut-scene - you can come back and collect
    this any time but you might as well wait until the next mission when you'll be
    passing right by it)
      Plant a bug in the Golden Koi restaurant.
      - head over to Ping PC to collect the bugging equipment
      (at the shop you meet the girl known only as Not-Ping - she's the third girl
      you can date and she'll call you after the mission)
      - chase the mugger through the park and into a dead end
      - defeat the mugger
      - phone Raymond
      - head to the construction site near the restaurant
      - climb the scaffold, following the waypoints, jumping and climbing
      (after vaulting a railing you'll find a CAMERA control box on your left, then
      seconds later you'll pass a LOCKBOX containing the Hai Tien Vintage Jumpsuit)
      - drop down through the biggest skylight in the word [hammer Triangle]
      (pick up the Dog STATUE you saw earlier from the storeroom)
      - open the vent [twirl left stick counter-clockwise to unscrew]
      - calibrate the bug [hold the cursor on the green "sweet spot" on the left
        screen, then on the right screen, then again on both at the same time]
      - close the vent [twirl left stick clockwise to screw]
      - pick the lock to exit [move the right stick up/down to find the green "sweet
        spot", hold it there and tap left to move to the next tumbler, etc]
      - exit the restaurant
      Reward: (none)                     Intel: SFPD - Psych Eval, Wei Shen Revised
    In the Definitive Edition the 'Death by a Thousand Cuts' DLC mission (yellow
    marker in south-east North Point) will become available to you at this point.
      Help Pendrew with a crime-scene reconstruction (a.k.a. the firearms tutorial).
      - return to Club Bam Bam where Tiffany has a problem
      - call Raymond
      - meet him under the North Point Underpass
      (there's an obvious LOCKBOX on the left as you enter the area)
      - shoot the flashing red objects [hold L2 to aim, tap R2 to fire]
      (you can invert the vertical (Y) axis under the control settings if you want)
      - enter cover [L1] and shoot three more targets
      - fire three "blindfire" shots [R2 to fire without using L2 to aim]
      - kill the ghosts, change cover, kill some more ghosts
      - kill one using slo-mo [X to vault from cover + hold L2] 
      - kill two more using slo-mo
      - shoot out the two tyres on the near side of the car
      Reward: (none)                        Intel: Candidate Suitability - Wei Shen
    You get stuck with some police Heat (thanks Pendrew!) so lose them before you
    continue with the next mission or the next lead on the Hotshot case.
      Help Winston get his bloody revenge.
      - go to Club Bam Bam again
      - jump in the SUV outside and follow the other one.
      (there's a SHRINE on the right just before you reach the factory)
      - enter the factory and defeat three groups of enemies
      - in the area with the benches use a vault [X] to disarm an enemy
      - work through your first cover-based shooting section
      (use L1 to enter cover and R1 to reload, injuring/killing enemies will fill
      your Face meter and when activated this will give you temporary health regen,
      go for headshots for quicker kills and more Triad XP, don't pop-out from cover
      for too long or you will get shot, shoot gas cylinders for explosive kills)
      - chase your target Siu Wah through the building
      - grapple him at the furnace (or before) and use him as a human shield 
      - resume your chase on a police motorbike (use the minimap to track him)
      (you can hold L1 while driving to enter slo-mo aiming and press R1 to fire -
      although it's by no means compulsory you can disable a police vehicle that's
      chasing you by shooting its tyres and earn yourself the Sharpshooter trophy)
      - use an action hijack [hold X, tap X when green] to capture his car
      - escape the police (slow down and sideswipe any pursuing vehicles)
      - deliver Siu Wah to Winston at the bus station
      (there's a LOCKBOX just around the corner to the left of the waypoint)
      Reward: HK$25,000                         Intel: Field Report - Big Smile Lee
                 [Completing Payback earns you the hidden trophy That'll Show 'Em.]
    (you can stow a handgun and carry it around in freeroam until you run out of
    ammo - press d-pad down to draw/holster your pistol)
    You'll need to complete the next lead in the police case and then sleep at your
    safehouse before the story can proceed...
    If you leave your safehouse area in a vehicle you'll get a call (from Tran?)
    asking you to look out for Knox security trucks, hijack them and deliver them to
    a lock-up (see trophy #22 in Section 11a). Conveniently one just happens to be
    passing so you can take it if you want to.
     [Hijacking and delivering five Knox trucks earns you the Kleptomaniac trophy.]
    o UNCLE PO
      Meet the chairman, then meet Roland and do a job for him.
      - head over to Club Bam Bam
      - drive over to meet chairman Uncle Po* at his apartment in east Central
      - get in the Executive car
      - drive over to meet Roland at the Impound Lot to the south
      (there's a LOCKBOX next to the building on the left inside the compound)
      - drive over to Patsy Wing to collect her mahjong debts
      - drive after her crew and shoot the cars [hold L1 for slo-mo aiming]
      (maintain a high speed so Patsy doesn't escape but drive carefully to avoid
      hitting anything that would reduce your Cop XP; tyre shots give a quick take-
      down but doing body shots first for damage bonuses will boost your Triad XP)
      - do an action hijack on Patsy's car and drive back to the lot
      (drive slowly while Patsy is saying sorry - I lost control (and Cop XP) here)
      Reward: HK$2,500                       Intel: Brief - David Wa-Lin "Uncle" Po
              Central safehouse
              Roland's debt collection jobs
              High Roller** (outfit)
    *Uncle Po is voiced by James Hong who played eye-maker Chew in 'Blade Runner'.
    He also provided the voice for Po's father in the 'Kung Fu Panda' movies! :)
    **This is a bonus mission reward in the Definitive Edition. In the standard game
    it's part of the High Roller Pack DLC.
    After a friendly chat with your handler Raymond you get to check out your swanky
    new pad in Central. This has the same basic functions as your original safehouse
    but a different layout (use the big-screen TV on the partition wall near the
    kitchen to access the surveillance camera network for drug busts).
    In addition to the next story mission there will be more favours available and
    the next lead in the current case too. You can also phone Roland so start doing
    his debt collection jobs (see Section 07d).
    In the Definitive Edition the 'Zodiac Tournament' DLC (fist marker in north-east
    Central) will also become available to you at this point.
      Winston and Peggy are getting married - guess who gets stuck with the errands?
      - get over to the Golden Koi, speak to Mrs Chu and meet Peggy outside
      - drive Peggy over to the bridal shop in north Central
      (avoid crashes to maintain Peggy's mood and definitely stay in the car! after
      the cut-scene you're free to pick up the Tiger STATUE off the counter in the
      bridal shop, pray at the SHRINE to the north of the car and get the LOCKBOX
      at the back of the store)
      - start driving towards the cake shop in south-east Central
      - find the cake-jacker's van before the timer runs out
      - chase down the (surprisingly speedy) van and do an action hijack on it
      (you can ram the van for Triad XP but it's probably best not to)
      - deliver the minivan to the bus depot, driving carefully to avoid damage
      - now you need to sort the flowers so drive to the temple
      - climb the green section of the scaffold and enter the outhouse
      - progress up the temple steps, tap Triangle for "fast talk" dialogues
      (after the second monk you'll find two SHRINES, one to the far left, the other
      to the far right, then take a quick detour up to the shrine building ahead of
      you to collect the Sheep STATUE off the altar there, and finally go outside
      and look behind the building for a LOCKBOX)
      - continue past the third monk with another bit of fast talking
      - follow the path to the very top and grab the precious orchids - yoink!
      - defeat the martial monks and escape the temple
      - get in the car (right side) and drive Peggy to her mahjong game
      Reward: HK$2,500                   Intel: SFPD Internal Affairs Memo, 08/2010
              Monk (outfit)
              The Winston Chu Ensemble (outfit) - a.k.a. Winston's laundry!
      Despite all that preparation, things don't quite go to plan...
      - head into the Aspirazone store to collect your tux
      - drive to the hall (or run - it's not far)
      - run to the main door
      - follow the waypoint to climb into an upstairs window
      - defeat the enemies then proceed downstairs and defeat a few more
      - grapple and disarm [QTE] an enemy then use cover-based shooting
      - speak to Winston, kill two more and grab the SMG
      - clear the main banqueting hall then exit north to find Uncle Po
      - escort him quickly out of the area, shooting hostiles as they appear
      (once again headshots will save you time and earn extra Triad XP, hold X where
      possible to go faster between waves)
      - get Po to the hospital waypoint before his health is depleted
      Reward: Wedding Suit (outfit)       Intel: Social Worker Casefile - Mimi Shen
    At this point I only had the final lead of the Hotshot case available so I guess
    you need to do that (see Section 07a) before you can continue. Afterwards you'll
    have the following two missions available - choose which one to do first.
      Winston's mother demands vengeance.
      - go to the Golden Koi restaurant
      - call Ricky
      - trace Johnny's location through his cellphone
      (this works the same as in the Hotshot case - start by driving until your car
      (the cursor arrow) is in the centre of the triangle, press X, pick the region
      with the strongest (green) signal, hold X, press Square to cycle through the
      antennas and identify the icon that's common to all of them, hold X on it)
      - track him to the waterside location and defeat the first group of thugs
      - head into the boathouse and defeat the enemies inside
      (there's a SHRINE outside and to the north of the building)
      - continue out of the building, do a vault-disarm and start shooting
      - progress through the shooting stage, grabbing an SMG when you can
      (when you reach an enemy behind a car you can shoot it until it explodes)
      - pursue Johnny's car by bike, taking out his escort cars and bikes
      (don't bother conserving ammo - it seems to magically regenerate)
      - catch up with your target and action hijack his car
      (don't hijack a passing chicken truck by mistake like I did!)
      - deliver Johnny to the back entrance of the restaurant
      Reward: HK$5,000                   Intel: SFPD IA Report, Shooting of 06/2010
    In the Definitive Edition the Triad Highway DLC mission (yellow marker in north-
    east North Point) will become available to you at this point.
      The crew get a visit from Big Smile Lee's envoy... and his friends.
      - start at Club Bam Bam
      (grab the LOCKBOX in Winston's office before you leave)
      - shoot your Wei (ha!) out of the club, making good use of cover and headshots
      (get in the habit of walking over guns dropped by enemies and checking the
      names - you need to get kills with ten unique guns for the Gun Nut trophy)
      - continue the shootout in the street outside
      (don't bother trying to get explosive kills off cars in this scene)
      - with Jackie at the wheel, take out the pursuing cars and bikes
      (even though you're not driving, the usual vehicle controls apply so use L1 to
      aim and R1 to shoot, try to farm your Triad XP by getting car damaging shots,
      multiple tyre shots on the same vehicle and completely destroying the cars)
      - chase Ponytail on foot
      (you'll pass a SHRINE on the overpass but don't really have time to pray!)
      - defeat Ponytail in a mano-a-mano confrontation
      - flee from the police and get in Broken Nose Jiang's limo [Triangle]
      Reward: HK$5,000                     Intel: News Story - Drugs, Hookers, Porn
      Jackie got ripped-off so Wei sets things straight.
      - meet Jackie in south-east North Point
      - ride the motorcycle along the waterfront to Top Glamour Imports
      - follow the route to the waypoint at the back of the compound
      - chase the van, shooting the infantry and motorcycles
      - when the gate closes, jump the ramp to the right
      - shoot the big tank until it explodes
      - with Naz as a hostage, kill all the attackers quickly
      (leave one car undamaged for your escape)
      - bundle Naz into the trunk and drive away
      - escape the 18K* gang radius or defeat the pursing vehicles
      - call Teng
      - deliver the car to the underground police HQ
      Reward: HK$60,000                                    Intel: Scoundrel CI File
    *The 18K name is based on that of the real-life 14K triad.
    Completing that mission unlocks the next one and the third police case.
      Spoiler warning: despite the title, there will be plenty more kills. :)
      - is it the restaurant or the club this time...? it's the restaurant - yay!
      - seek out Dogeyes in his hangout in south-east North Point
      (there's a LOCKBOX in the southern corner of the little parking lot)
      - follow the path east to the boathouse
      - pursue Dogeyes by boat then on foot
      - defeat his thugs across three rooms in the fish factory
      (this is another opportunity to use a fish as a melee weapon and there are a
      few interesting environmental kills that can be done here too)
      - continue with phase 4 of the thugs after the cut-scene
      (Dogeyes is the one with the cleaver - leave him until last and use counters
      followed by combos while his guard is broken)
      - grab Dogeyes, drag him to the car [hold X to run] and stick him in the trunk
      - Duke's driving so it's no surprise you'll have some shooting to do again
      (remember to farm Triad XP from the on-rails section - you can get a tyre shot
      and a headshot on a biker and numerous bonuses off each car)
      - retrieve Dogeyes from the boot
      Reward: HK$5,000                      Intel: Field Report - Broken Nose Jiang
    After a little nap you'll have access to the next mission and next case lead.
      Wei does a hit to earn initiation into the Sun On Yee triad as a Red Pole.*
      - visit Uncle Po at the hospital
      - phone Jackie then go to the massage parlour to collect him
      - (optional) get a massage from Jackie          (...paid for by him, I mean!)
      - drive to the Galleria mall in south-east Central and head inside
      - defeat the thugs, leaving your target Yung Lee On until last
      (allow the civilians to leave first to avoid Cop XP loss)
      - drive to your initiation ceremony
      Reward: HK$100,000 (ker-ching!)      Intel: Casefile - Howard "Two Chin" Tsao
              Aberdeen safehouse**
    *The "Red Pole" title is loosely equivalent to the rank of Capo in the Mafia.
    **Houseboat + safehouse = safehouseboat? :)
    In the Definitive Edition the 'Wheels of Fury' DLC (car marker in south Kennedy
    Town) and Harbor Run boat race (flag marker near Aberdeen fishmarket) will both
    become available to you at this point.
    Phone Jackie to progress the story.
      Intercept a jewellery shipment at the KT shipyards.
      - drive to central Aberdeen and pick up Jackie
      (there's a SHRINE right in front of you and to the left)
      - drive to Kennedy Town docks and follow Jackie
      - vault over the box into the compound
      - use "fast talk" [Triangle QTE] on all three guards (to earn Triad XP) then
        one more on the guy at the green waypoint marker
      - lockpick the door (just like before but with five tumblers now)
      - pick up the portable grinding tool
      - rendezvous with Jackie way over to the north-east
      - dispatch the group of gangsters (very quick with the grinder [Square])
      - cut the lock off one truck
      - defeat another bunch of thugs
      (note that you cannot counter with the grinder equipped, but you can use a
      weapon attack after a grapple [Circle, then Square])
      - keep opening trucks until you find the gear
      - chase after the truck on the convenient motorbike
      - pursue it down the freeway and do an action hijack when close enough
      - abandon the truck and 'jack a car (small Cop XP loss)
      - drive to the fence in Aberdeen
                                 (no reward and no intel)
            [Completing Dockyard Heist earns you the hidden trophy A Big Betrayal.]
      Things certainly get pretty intense down at Central Hospital.
      - go to meet Ricky at the K-Bar venue in Soho, south Central
      - get to the hospital quickly to protect Uncle Po
      - tackle the first guard, take his gun and shoot the rest
      (this whole section has lots of opportunities to get blindfire kills, disarms
      and vault-disarms which you need for the stat awards - see Section 10)
      - work through the corridor to the elevator
      - climb out and shoot your way along the new corridor to Po's room
      - take out enemies and get around the corner to the security room
      - hack the computer (see Section 03h for guidance) and return to Ricky
      - defend Po's room against waves of enemies from both sides
      (check the minimap to see where they are)
      - escape the cops
      (you're driving a Panzer sportscar so you should be able to outpace them on a
      long stretch of road, otherwise use rams to take them down)
      - deliver Ricky to the safe drop-off point
      Reward: HK$5,000                        Intel: Scoundrel Report on Ricky Wong
    Go to bed after this mission to unlock the next one.
      Give the music producer a taste of HK's nightlife.
      - meet Ricky at Sonny Wo's place near the bridal shop in north Central
      - drive the King to the K-Bar in Soho, south Central
      - follow the hostess down to the karaoke room
      (you can grab the Rooster STATUE off the bar if you haven't found it already)
      - pick up some girls from the dancefloor then join them in the VIP room
      (be ready for a "fast talk" [Triangle] on the third pick-up, this is Ilyana
      who is the fourth date-able girl in the game - see Section 07c)
      - sing a karaoke song then take a photo of King with the girls
      - return to the car, defeat the thugs and drive King home
      Reward: HK$25,000              Intel: Triad Connections in the Music Industry
              Ilyana's phone number
              new karaoke songs unlocked
      Wei is sent to pick up Vivienne and her friend and gets roped into a race.
      - head up to Sonny's place in north Central again
      - take Ricky's car and collect Vivienne* and Sandra
      - drive to the meet for a street-race
      - win the race
      (for added challenge avoid damaging streetlights and signs to maintain your
      Cop XP; a police car will appear about halfway through the race on the freeway
      section but if it catches up with you it's easily taken out with rams)
      - get back in the car (right side!) and lose the cops
      (if you get up to the freeway you'll have plenty of room to do rams)
      - drop off the girls at Sandra's place in nearby south-east Kennedy Town
      Rewards: HK$100,000                                Intel: Sonny Wo, Editorial
               Kennedy Town safehouse
               Sandra's phone number
    *Vivienne is voiced by Lucy Liu who played O-Ren in 'Kill Bill: Volume 1'.
    After you wake in your new pad, Ilyana phones you and initiates the final case
    (see Section 07a) but the next story mission will also be available.
    o BAD LUCK
      Screw with the Feng Shui at Two Chin's mansion. (and enjoy some funny chat)
      - get to the layby a couple of blocks south-west of your Kennedy Town home
      (there's a LOCKBOX across the road junction to the south-east)
      - drive Old Salty Crab over to Two Chin's mansion in south-east Kennedy Town
      (you can't miss the SHRINE outside the gates)
      - follow the waypoint and use the intercom ("fast talk" [Triangle] QTE)
      - progress through the building and out the other side
      (to maximise Triad XP use "fast talk" on the guard at the street-level gate,
      you'll earn the rest from your activities inside the house)
      - continue up the winding drive and stairs then "fast talk" the second guard
      (there's a LOCKBOX behind the second guy's guardhouse)
      - follow Salty to the waypoint (don't return to the winding road)
      - climb over the wall next to the gate and open it
      (you'll come back to the CAMERA on the way out)
      - pick the lock on the front door
      (you can't get the STATUE yet, but you'll come back to it very soon)
      - smash four of the eight vases
      (eight is a lucky number, four is an unlucky number)
      - crack the combination lock to steal the Ox STATUE
      - climb the kitchen cupboards and set the clock (to 4:44)
      - rotate the piano to an inauspicious orientation
      - enter cover [L1] on the couch until the guard leaves
      - exit the mansion, climb the wall to the west and hack the CAMERA
      (if you've already hacked it in freeroam you don't need to hack it again)
      - after Two Chin arrives home to your mischief, steal the car and escape
      - drop off Salty at his car
      Reward: HK$500                                                  Intel: (none)
    If you've been doing all the favours you'll get another four unlock now.
      Breaking into Vivienne's apartment.
      - head over to Sonny in north Central again
      - drive to the apartment in south Central opposite the station
      - speak to the jobsworth guard on the door
      - follow the waypoint to find an alternate entrance route
      (find the scaffold with green tarps and climb up it)
      - run, climb and jump through the building site following the green tarps
      (there are two LOCKBOXES in the construction site and a SHRINE which you'll
      pass on the way to the apartment)
      - enter the apartment through the indicated door
      (the Horse STATUE is on the table near the windows)
      - hack the computer, bug the kitchen then go upstairs to hide
      - plant the spycam in the bedroom cabinet
      - sneak downstairs back to the computer
      - sneak out to the balcony then jump off to escape
      - take the bike provided and go meet Pendrew near Wah Fi Storage
      (there's a LOCKBOX and CAMERA in the car park if you missed them before)
      - get to your apartment
      (the entrance is always tricky to spot but look out for the big "41" sign)
      Reward: HK$500                                                  Intel: (none)
      The 18K triad gatecrash the funeral.
      - meet Jackie at the Soho police station
      (get the SHRINE in the north-west corner)
      - pick up suits from the Aspirazone outlet
      - drive through Kennedy Town to the cemetery to the south-east
      (do the SHRINE in north-east corner when the firefight starts)
      - shoot your way out of the cemetery
      (watch out for your cover getting destroyed)
      - get to the waypoint then follow the river path
      - take out the 18K triad with the grenade launcher (and take his weapon)
      (press R3 to toggle between the assault rifle and underslung grenade launcher,
      the launcher gives explosive kills that count towards a stat award)
      - head south through the building
      (the Rabbit STATUE is inside, to the right of the doors)
      - progress out into the parking lot
      (use the grenade launcher again on the 18K's cars to get Triad XP bonuses from
      explosive kills and destroyed vehicles; you can also farm car "wrecks" here)
      Reward: HK$5,000                              Intel: Big Smile Lee, Editorial
              Funeral Suit (outfit)
      (return to the cemetery parking lot after the mission if you want to get the
      LOCKBOX immediately to the south-east of the building and the SHRINE to the
      south-west in the undergrowth)
      The 18K assault escalates, a lot.
      - go to the garage in southern North Point and defeat the groups of thugs
      - get to the restaurant quickly and survive the street shootout there
      (one of the enemies here was using the Anti-Riot Shotgun with Taclight which
      was the tenth firearm I needed for the Gun Nut trophy)
      - run into the Golden Koi quickly when prompted and use the shopfront as cover
      (watch your minimap to see where enemies are coming from)
      - defend against waves of attackers in the back alley
      - climb up to join Conroy on the roof
      - use the grenade launcher to take out the hostiles below (right and back)
      (look for the red markers, shoot the cars for greater explosive effect, aim
      high to allow for the slow grenade rounds dropping in flight)
      - outrun or ram the cop cars to escape them
      - get to Vivienne's apartment in Central to get Ricky on your side
      Reward: HK$25,000                      Intel: News Clipping - SF Metropolitan
      Jackie gets into a spot of bother.
      - get to the waypoint in Aberdeen harbour
      - go to the kidnapper meeting point
      - follow the alley to the left
      - defeat the group of enemies
      - beat Horseface, grab him and take him to the tablesaw
      (there's a SHRINE immediately to the south-east)
      - head back out of the alley and trace Zi Wai's phone
      (same minigame as before but this time you're already at the correct place so
      you can skip the first stage; Zi Wai is in west Aberdeen)
      - find him in the street just a couple of blocks away
      - using the car provided, chase the bikes along the freeway to Kennedy Town
      - pursue Zi Wai on foot
      - defeat the gangsters at the plaza, then Zi Wai
      - take his phone, then call Old Salty Crab on yours
      (activate the SHRINE before you leave the area)
      - get to the jetty in north Aberdeen
      - take the boat out to Magazine Island* in the south-west corner of the map
      - shoot the enemy boats that ambush you
      (just as with cars, you can hold right stick down to look behind and then hold
      L1 to start aiming behind, you can get Triad XP for damaging/destroying boats
      and for getting headshots)
      - escape the pursuit radius of the police boats and continue to the island
      - take Jackie back to Aberdeen harbour
                                 (no reward and no intel)
    *Magazine Island took its name from the large store of dynamite kept there.
    After that mission you'll need to sleep again to advance the story. If you crash
    at your Central apartment it'll be convenient for the next mission.
      Wei and Jackie's plans don't quite work out.
      - find Jackie in an alley in Central
      (skip all the cut-scenes if you're squeamish!)
      - follow the on-screen prompts to escape and slowly follow the route out
      - make a surprisingly quick recovery (!) and defeat the group of enemies
      (there are various fun environmental kills to be had here)
      - escape out through the exterior scaffolding and take out the rooftop dudes
      - do two quick vaults to disarm the fellow with the shotgun
      - re-enter the building and shoot your way through the rooms
      (look out for several opportunities to get explosive kills off gas cylinders;
      use headshots for more Triad XP and to extend your vault bullet-time)
      - defeat the two enforcers in the sauna*
      (hammer Triangle to escape their grapples and do the Circle QTE if they throw
      you and try to stomp; if you can stun one you can grapple him and run him into
      the central stove for an environmental attack and one-hit kill if you complete
      the action by hammering Circle)
      - finally you face Mr Tong
      (he caught me by surprise on my first attempt as he does these attacks where
      you have to do two rapid QTE's [O then X] but I found I was able to take him
      down quite quickly by maintaining constant pressure of attack strings (I think
      I was mostly using the Charge Knee Stun unlock [Square, Square, Hold Square]
      with a final counter to finish him off)
                                 (no reward and no intel)
    *Clearly the 2006 Hong Kong movie 'Triad Election' was an influence on the game.
    Another influence was the 2007 Cronenberg movie 'Eastern Promises' which has a
    fight scene in a sauna.
      It's the final countdown! ...or showdown really.
      - take Tong's car from north-west Central to start the mission
      - drive to Lee's compound near the Aberdeen Pier building in west Aberdeen
      - enter on foot through the gate and take out the enemies by the truck
      (if you still have Tong's machete that will serve you well also there's an
      opportunity to take a cleaver off an enemy here)
      - climb from the dumpster onto the flat roof 
      (there's a LOCKBOX at the other end of the roof)
      - keep climbing to the top
      - disarm the careless guard and shoot his buddies
      - enter the control room and take out the enemies below
      - jump out of the big window after or during the shootout
      - proceed west past the trucks and on to the restaurant* (avoid the patrons)
      - take out Ponytail and the thugs inside
      (the flashing packages on the counters are explosive)
      - proceed into the back room for Lee and chase him on foot, leaping the gaps
      - jump onto Lee's boat as he tries to escape [QTE on X]
      - defeat Lee...
      (Wei's in bad shape so you can only really manage counters)
      - ...then grab him and enjoy one final environmental kill
      Reward: HK$350,000               Intel: HKPD IA Report - Supt. Thomas Pendrew
              Plain-Clothes Cop (outfit)
       [Completing Big Smile Lee earns you the hidden trophy Big Smiles All Round.]
    *It's Hong Kong's famous and aptly-named "Jumbo" floating restaurant.
    | Section 07 | DISTRACTIONS                                                s07 |
    Any good sandbox game will have plenty of extra activities to keep you occupied
    when you want to take a break from the story missions and Sleeping Dogs doesn't
    disappoint when it comes to supplementary content.
    This section of the guide covers the cases, favours, open-world events, street-
    races, jobs, underground fight clubs and dating followed by the poker mahjong,
    cockfight betting and karaoke minigames.
       [Four trophies are available for 10%, 25%, 50% and 100% overall completion.]
    There are also four types of collectibles in the game and you'll find details
    and lists of these in Section 12.
    | Section 07a | Cases                                                     s07a |
    There are four police cases to complete, each comprised of several "leads" which
    in turn are made up of several objectives. Waypoints for cases are marked with
    dark blue icons on the map. Completing cases gives you Cop XP (see Section 05a).
    Tip: You can boost the amount of Cop XP you gain by wearing a matching set of
         three garments marked Police Constable Bonus (+5%), Police Sergeant Bonus
         (+10%) or Police Inspector Bonus (+15%). (see clothing lists in Section 09)
    The first case becomes available after completing the second story mission and,
    although you can do two more missions first, it's mandatory to commence the case
    before you can continue with the fifth story mission and beyond. 
    A similar pattern continues as you play through the story - you'll need to keep
    up with the police cases in order to proceed with the main story missions.
    o POPSTAR (case #1)
      Wei investigates and shuts down a ketamine dealer named Popstar.
                                     Popstar Lead 1
      Make contact with the dealer and learn the identity of his supplier.
      - head down to the undercover police HQ in south-east North Point to see Teng
      - use your phone to send a text message to Ming
      - meet your old pal Ming at the noodle shop just north of the Night Market
      - head to Popstar's hangout at the basketball court a couple of blocks north
      - talk to Popstar
      - find the junkies, defeat one, extort the other, return to Popstar
      - escape the cops (I took a car and rammed the police car that pursued)
      - phone Teng
      - deliver the goods to Ming
      Reward: HK$1,200                        Intel: Report - Winston Chi & Sam Lin
                                     Popstar Lead 2
      Perform surveillance on the supplier at Lok Fu Park and have him arrested.
      - go to Lok Fu Park on north-west North Point
      - defeat the thugs hanging out there
      - hack the security CAMERA to the right of the dumpster
      - head home and use the monitor screen near the windows
      - pick the district and camera showing "Triad Activity"
      - zoom/aim until an icon appears over the supplier's head then press X on him
      - phone Teng
      Reward: HK$1,200                     Intel: SFPD - Psych Evaluation, Wei Shen
      You can continue with the case after completing the Amanda mission.
                                     Popstar Lead 3
      Collect evidence on Popstar.
      - return to the basketball court in northern North Point
      - get in the top-secret undercover chicken van
      - trail the car (usual trailing rules apply - act normal, don't get too close)
      - climb onto the building [X] and enter cover behind the sign [L1]
      - take a photo of the deal [d-pad up, hold L2 + tap R2] then another one
      - wait for the criminals to walk down to the pier then follow them
      - use "fast talk" to bypass the guard [tap Triangle quickly when prompted]
      - climb onto the boat's roof and enter cover again
      (collect the Snake STATUE from the boat as you climb)
      - after the dialogue, take a photo of Popstar (in the boat with the lanterns)
      - phone Teng
      - head back to the top-secret undercover chicken van
      - drive away and escape the cops
      (there's a SHRINE on the right just before you get back onto the streets but
      you might prefer to skip it for now if there are too many cops around)
      - head back to the garage at the undercover police HQ
      Reward: HK$2,400                           Intel: Death of Officer Charles Ho
              Grubby Clothes (outfit)
         [Completing the first case earns you the Take A Bite Out Of Crime trophy.]
    The second police case became available for me after completing the Club Bam Bam
    mission and speaking to Winston at the Golden Koi.
    o HOTSHOT (case #2)
      Wei investigates the HK street-racing scene.
                                     Hotshot Lead 1
      Infiltrate the racing scene.
      - get your briefing from Teng at the underground police HQ
      - text Jackie for info
      - phone Ace and challenge him to a race
      - hop in the impounded race car outside and drive to the race
      - complete the race (I assume you're required to win)
      Reward: HK$1,200                                  Intel: CI Report on Hotshot
              600 Coupe S (race car)
      Street-races (see Section 07h) will now be available for any categories of
      vehicles that you own. Even if you haven't bought any other cars or bikes, you
      will have access to Group B bike races and Group C car races.
      If you do this lead as soon as possible you may have to progress the main
      story before the second one is available. For me it unlocked after the Chain
      Of Evidence mission.
                                     Hotshot Lead 2
      Learn more about Hotshot's intentions.
      - head to the waypoint just south-east of the Night Market
      - drive the big blue van to Hotshot's last known location
      - plant a bug on his car (with the same calibration minigame as last time)
      - return to your van then trail Hotshot while eavesdropping
      - phone Teng and deliver the van to the garage at the underground police HQ
      Reward: HK$1,200                  Intel: CI Report - Triad Affiliate Wei Shen
      This next lead became available to me after the Uncle Po mission in Central.
                                     Hotshot Lead 3
      Enter the Water Street race.
      - get to the start line in east North Point
      - win the street race
      Reward: HK$20,000
      In the Definitive Edition the Shaolin Showdown DLC mission (yellow marker at
      the temple in west North Point) will become available to you at this point.
                                     Hotshot Lead 4
      Concluding the investigation.
      - go to the meeting point, just east of Soho in south Central
      (a reasonably fast car would be an advantage here)
      - trace the phone signal as quickly as possible
      (I think this is the first time you do this - start by driving until your car
      (the cursor arrow) is in the centre of the triangle, press X, pick the region
      with the strongest (green) signal, hold X, press Square to cycle through the
      antennas and identify the icon that's common to all of them, hold X on it)
      - get to Ace's girlf as quickly as possible and speak to her
      - exit via the stairs and get a photo of the car on the way up
      - phone Teng
      - text Hotshot, challenging him to another race
      - steal the indicated Etalon supercar and head up to Victoria Peak
      - pursue Hotshot down the winding mountain road
      - disable his car after you reach the police road-block
      - escape the cops (shouldn't be too hard with that car)
      Reward: HK$1,200                   Intel: Scoundrel CI File
              High Roller Tuono* (car)          CI Report: Triad Affiliate Wei Shen
    *This is a bonus mission reward in the Definitive Edition. In the standard game
    it's part of the High Roller Pack DLC.
    The next case began for me after completing the story mission Loose Ends.
    o SERIAL KILLER (case #3)
      Wei investigates a series of gangland killings.
                                  Serial Killer Lead 1
      Examine a crime scene in an Aberdeen warehouse. (CSI:Aberdeen!)
      - report to Teng at the underground police HQ
      - head over to north-west Aberdeen and take a police uniform from the van
      - convince the guard to leave ("fast-talk" quick-time event with [Triangle])
      (there's a SHRINE to the south behind a giant stack of crates, you can also
      climb the crates and jump across to the southern building to find the control
      box for a CAMERA and there's a LOCKBOX way to the south behind a fence)
      - follow the waypoint and enter the warehouse from the south-west
      - photograph the first body, then search them all as indicated
      - return your disguise to the van
      - call Teng
      Reward: HK$1,200                                                Intel: (none)
                                  Serial Killer Lead 2
      Find out more about suspicious activity at the hospital.
      - get over to Central Hospital
      (there's a LOCKBOX in the south-west corner of the car park)
      - grab a suitable disguise from the ambulance outside and enter the hospital
      (pick up the Pig STATUE off the main reception desk)
      - proceed through the double doors to the departmental reception
      - be ready for another "fast-talk" event [Triangle] with the nurse there
      - hack the desktop computer (see Section 03h if you need a refresher)
      - hurry to Dr Tsang's office at the far end [hold X to jog]
      - plant and calibrate a bug in the vent (same minigame as before)
      (Wei, you could at least shut the office door first!)
      - crack the safe
      (if you haven't found any lockboxes with combination locks yet, this will be
      your first - turn the left stick clockwise then hold it on the green number,
      then counter-clockwise for the second digit and clockwise for the third)
           [you'll get the Gadgetman trophy at this point (if you haven't already)]
      - exit the doc's office before the timer counts down
      - exfil and return the outfit to the ambulance outside
      Reward: HK$1,200                                                Intel: (none)
    After the Final Kill mission you can continue with the third instalment.
                                  Serial Killer Lead 3
      Stop the killer before he claims his next victim.
      - call Teng
      - race across town to rescue Calvin
      - catch the car and do an action hijack
      - drop off the car at the underground car park
      (there's an obvious LOCKBOX on the south side of the floor)
      - call Teng again
      Reward: HK$1,200                                                Intel: (none)
              Doctor's Coat (outfit)
    The final case begins with a scripted phone call from Ilyana at your new pad in
    Kennedy Town after completing the Fast Girls mission.
    o KIDNAPPER (case #4)
      Wei busts a people-smuggling operation.
                                    Kidnapper Lead 1
      Begin the investigation and find a suspect.
      - get down to the underground police HQ in south-east North Point
      - go to the K-Bar in Soho, south Central, and talk to Ilyana
      - speak to Mr Chan who's sitting in the corner of the club ("fast talk" QTE)
      - exit through the other side of the karaoke room next to the bar
      - climb the pyramid of crates and move along the rooftops, picking the lock
      - check the apartment and investigate the clues 
      - phone Teng
      Reward: HK$1,200                                                Intel: (none)
      (while you're in the area, you'll find a LOCKBOX in the corner of an empty
      square roof near the south-west corner of the rooftop route)
                                    Kidnapper Lead 2
      Entrap the suspect with the prospect of getting a new girl.
      - start at the waypoint outside the Bruno James clothing store in Central
      - pick up a suit from the store (received automatically - no purchase)
      - drive down to the docks and take a boat
      (there's a LOCKBOX in the north-east corner of the quay)
      - sail out to the gambling den which is about 1km to the north-west
      (you'll pass a SHRINE on a pier which you might like to grab later)
      - get onto the gambling den barge
      (if you have trouble with the "hold O to dock" thing just exit the vehicle,
      swim over and climb onto the walkway!)
      - speak to the doorman, head inside and then speak to the hostess
      (pick up the Monkey STATUE off one of the red tables inside)
      - speak to Yar Kwai Lai then join him at the poker mahjong table
      - play four hands of poker (the minimum bet of HK$500 is fine)
      (see Section 07j for more on this minigame but basically you want to keep any
      pairs or triples and discard the rest; to end your turn select the draw pile
      of tiles on the right side of the table)
      - intentionally lose the final hand (break any pairs you get) 
      (update: Gyre Gimble reports that you can still pass this section if you win
      the last hand but I think it's slightly more fun to lose it on purpose!)
      - exit the gambling den
      (there's a LOCKBOX near the north-east corner of the island, behind a low wall
      near some gas tanks - get it now to save you having to come back later)
      - phone Ilyana
      Reward: HK$1,200                                                Intel: (none)
                                    Kidnapper Lead 3
      Find the smugglers' base of operations.
      - meet Ilyana at the north-east corner of Hong Kong Island
      (you can take a boat from the gambling den and sail the whole way if you want)
      - deliver the girl to Mr Yar on the jetty and speak to him
      - take a photo of his boat quickly before they get too far away
      - take Ilyana's bike and race between the waterfront checkpoints
      - take the boat
      (there's a LOCKBOX behind the sea wall roughly due north of the boat)
      - bail when prompted and swim into the big tunnel outlet
      (go left around the corner and climb the high railing on the left to access a
      room with another LOCKBOX and a pistol)
      - approach the cage and survive a shootout against a group of thugs
      (watch out as they spawn from both sides of the area)
      - return to the cage and pick the lock
      (after the final scene look for the red man icon on the shore to the north -
      there's a trio of thugs guarding yet another LOCKBOX)
      Reward: HK$1,200                                                Intel: (none)
                      [Completing all four cases earns you the Case Closed trophy.]
    | Section 07b | Favours                                                   s07b |
    The favours are short side-missions that unlock as you progress through the main
    story. They're marked on the map with yellow icons and the titles are given in
    yellow too. The five dating side-missions (see Section 07c) are also counted as
    favours and including those there are thirty-six in total. Along with the races,
    the favours are one of the best sources of Face XP in the game.
    If you find yourself stuck with 35/36 favours remember to check the offshore
    gambling dens - one to the north-west and one to the south.
      This is the mandatory favour which you're required to undertake at the Night
      Market after you've completed the initial Vendor Extortion tutorial mission.
      Wei has the exciting task of taking money to the restaurant.
      - speak to the vendor in the south-east corner of the market
      - head back to the Golden Koi restaurant and defeat the enemies there
      - deliver payment to the restaurant staff
      Reward: HK$200                              Intel: Field Report - Winston Chu
      Wei teaches a cheating street-racer a lesson he'll never forget.
      - speak to the guy just south of the car vendor in north-east North Point
      - get to the race-car within two minutes (easy if you drive there)
      - take the tyre iron from the trunk and damage the car until the driver comes
      - defeat the driver
      Reward: HK$2,500                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei scores an impromptu gig as a getaway driver.
      - meet Calvin south of the parking garage nearest to Waterfront in North Point
      - get in Calvin's car and drive off after he assaults a cop
      - escape the red zone/s to lose the police
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei provides some inspiration for exciting new T-shirt designs.
      - meet Ting outside the Hang+Sui clothing store in southern North Point
      - drive to the temple and take a photo of the altar at the top of the stairs
      - drive out to the seawall waypoint and take a photo of the sunset
      Reward: HK$500                                                  Intel: (none)
      Wei helps a market trader with an insurance claim.
      - speak to Michelle in north-east Night Market
      - collect her car from the street and drive it carefully to the waypoint
      - drive the car into the sea [hit Triangle to bail]
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei gets distracted by a female and gets robbed.
      - speak to the jiggling girl up on the footbridge
      - chase the mugger across the rooftops
      - defeat the group of thugs
      Reward: HK$500 (your money returned!)                           Intel: (none)
      Wei gets distracted (again) and gets robbed (again).
      - speak to the girl experiencing car trouble in south-east North Point
      - try to fix the car
      - chase the mugger to the end of the jetty
      - defeat the group of thugs (throw them in the water to save time)
      Reward: HK$1,500 (your money returned!)                         Intel: (none)
      Wei learns that Tiffany has been seeing Longfinger Chau!
      (I think you need to have met/dated both Tiffany and Not-Ping to unlock this)
      - speak to Calvin outside your North Point safehouse
      - go to the payphone in Lok Fu Park a couple of blocks north of Club Bam Bam
      - plant a bug (using the usual minigame from the story missions)
      Reward: $500                                                    Intel: (none)
      Wei learns more about Tiffany's activities.
      - speak to Calvin outside your safehouse again
      - get over to Tiffany's apartment
      - trail her car discretely
      - confront Tiffany
      Reward: (none)                       Intel: Police Surveillance Report, T.Kim
      Wei dispenses his own brand of street justice on another racing cheat.
      - head to the Impound Lot (vehicle vendor) in south-east Central and speak to
        the guy at the little garage to the north
      - drive over to Big Nose Chang's car before the timer expires
      - take the tyre iron from the trunk and smash the car like last time
      - defeat the two drivers
      Reward: HK$500                                                  Intel: (none)
      Wei returns a truck to its rightful owner.
      - speak to the guy in west Aberdeen near the big Aberdeen Pier building
      - hop on the bike and follow the route markers to his truck
      (try not to fall off the big bridge and into the water like I did!)
      - catch up with the truck and perform an action hijack
      (remember that truck hijacks have [Triangle] QTE's to hang on)
      - deliver the truck to the warehouse (by the Kennedy Town vehicle vendor)
      (the truck driver pulled a gun so I ran him over, then had to lose the cops)
      Reward: HK$2,500                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei drives getaway for Calvin again.
      - speak to Calvin just north of your new safehouse in Central
      - get in his car after he dispatches the cheating shoplifter
      - escape the cops (ram or outrun them - there will be several of them!)
      - stop to let Calvin out
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei assists another insurance scam.
      - meet the guy just north-west of your apartment building
      - drive the chicken truck into the ocean at the waypoint
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei helps out at the offshore gambling den.
      - travel to the floating gambling den located at sea, south of North Point
      (you'll find various boats at several jetties around the map - I found a big
      wooden one at the quay close to the cockfighting place south of North Point)
      - speak to the doorman, then grab the two drunks and throw them overboard
      (while you're there you might as well grab the LOCKBOX which you'll find on
      top of the green container to the west)
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
              Aberdeen gambling den unlocked
      Wei takes part in a video-game staple.*
      - speak to Duke in north-east North Point who was attacked by bikers
      - grab a car and drive/shoot your way out of 18K gang territory
      (you only have a handgun but it has unlimited ammo)
      - stop to let Duke out
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei creates a diversion.
      - enter the back alley with the martial arts club in south-east Central
      (exit the vehicle vendor compound in Central, turn right, and look out for two
      green vending machines on the left - the doors are next to the farthest one)
      - speak to the man in the alley
      - throw cans at the cops [R1 to pick up, R2 to throw]
      - when prompted, run east, through the fight club arena, to the Galleria mall
      (the route's not that clear but try to follow the funny yellow arrows)
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei invites some police officers to follow him.
      - meet the guy by the Hang+Sui store in the Commercial District of Central
      - get a wanted rating and lure the cops to the repo yard
      - drive away and escape the police
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei does a... oh, you know the drill by now!
      - meet the guy at a lock-up in south Kennedy Town (near the big ramp)
      - race over to the cheater in south-east Aberdeen against a timer
      (go past the waypoint and access it via the ramp to the east)
      - defeat the group of enemies
      - get the tyre iron from the trunk and smash up the car as usual
      Reward: HK$500                                                  Intel: (none)
      Wei helps out at the *other* offshore gambling den
      (you might like to leave this one until Lead 2 in the Kidnapper case when you
      are required to go here and shown where to find a boat)
      - travel to the floating gambling den located at sea, north-west of Central
      (the 50-foot sailing boats off the north shore of Central are driveable)
      - speak to the doorman, then defeat the group of gamblers
      (while you're there you might as well grab the LOCKBOX which you'll find near
      the north-east corner behind a low wall with some gas cylinders, then get the
      Monkey STATUE on one of the red tables inside the building)
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
              Central gambling den unlocked
      Wei hits the rival gang where it hurts.
      - meet Big Eddie in a parking lot in north-west Central
      - take the bike to the freeway before the timer expires
      - destroy the 18K triad's trucks (and bikes)
      (take out any truck gunman and bikers that are causing you trouble, hold L1 to
      stay in bullet-time for as long as you want, use sustained fire on the truck
      tyres to taken them down and don't let any of the trucks get too far away)
      Reward: HK$3,500                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei helps a fellow triad escape a rival gang.
      - find Red in north-west North Point
      - take out the hostile cars and bikes with rams and shooting
      (hold right stick down to look behind, then L1 to aim behind)
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei rides shotgun for a precious delivery.
      - meet Big Eddie in east Aberdeen
      - shoot out the pursuing 18K bikers while Eddie drives
      (aim low to get tyre shots for quick kills, tap Square to reload when you can)
      Reward: HK$5,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei gives some more gangsters some unwanted attention.
      - met Conroy in north-west Aberdeen
      - get a minor police wanted rated
      - lure them to the area where Dogeyes' crew are doing a drug deal
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei helps a guy prove a point.
      - speak to Jack at the bar in the K-Bar in Soho, south Central
      - do karaoke and intentionally get a low score by missing all the notes
      Reward: HK$500                                                  Intel: (none)
              new karaoke songs unlocked
    o TANG'S TOY
      Wei helps a boffin test a tracking device.
      - speak to Dr Tang just west of Two Chin's mansion in Kennedy Town
      - drive his van and follow the yellow checkpoints
      - phone Tang
      Reward: HK$800                                                  Intel: (none)
              Tourist (outfit)
      Wei becomes the star of a parkour video.
      - speak to the guy with a camera in central Kennedy Town
      - complete the freerunning course against the timer
      (remember to hold X to run between obstacles and save time)
      Reward: HK$1,500                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei finds Calvin about to do something stupid again.
      - speak to Calvin in the police compound in north-west Soho, south Central
      (obviously don't draw your pistol while you're there - ooops)
      - drive getaway after the "incident"
      - let Calvin out
      Reward: HK$10,000                                               Intel: (none)
      Wei gets distracted and robbed one more time.
      - meet the biker near the bridge in Aberdeen
      (there's a LOCKBOX just to the north-east of him)
      - take a look at the bike
      - chase the mugger on foot
      - pick him up then "put him down" ;)
      Reward: HK$2,500 (your money returned!)                         Intel: (none)
      Wei does another crazy off-road checkpoint chase in the name of science.
      - meet Tang on the plaza behind the Achète store in Central
      - drive the Bisai through the checkpoints
      - phone Tang
      Reward: HK$1,500                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei becomes the star of another parkour video.
      - speak to the tripping photographer at Aberdeen waterfront.
      - complete the freerunning route around the harbour against the timer
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
      Wei enjoys a little off-road scooter-based action.
      - meet the doc just north of Central Hospital
      - follow the checkpoint route
      - call Tang
      Reward: HK$2,000                                                Intel: (none)
    Remember that the dating side-missions (see below) count towards your overall
    total of thirty-six favours available.
                  [Completing all favours earns you the Mr Nice Guy silver trophy.]
    | Section 07c | Dating                                                    s07c |
    There are five girls available for Wei to date in Sleeping Dogs, each with her
    own (brief) dating side-mission. Each time you complete a girl's mission you
    unlock a special reward - for the first four it's the ability to have one type
    of collectible displayed on your minimap :) and with the final girl you unlock
    two street-races that are otherwise unavailable.
    The basic process for dating is to meet a girl during a story mission (and get
    her phone number as one of the mission rewards) and then phone her to start the
    dating side-mission (pink person icon). You cannot contact them after that.
    In addition to rewards, dating side-missions also give a little Face XP and they
    count towards the total of thirty-six favours in the game (see Section 07b).
    Some of the girls will appear again in other favours and cases.
                                   Amanda Cartwright
    You first meet Amanda* during the mission called Amanda (see Section 06). She's
    visiting Hong Kong and needs help finding the martial arts school so you give it
    to her. Help, I mean. :) Phone her afterwards to trigger her side-mission.
      Amanda invites you to join her on a trip to Magistrate Park.
      - meet her at the top of Victoria Peak
      - approach the gate, take a photo of Amanda when prompted
      - bribe the guard for access (HK$1,000) and continue taking photos of her
      Reward: health shrines are now       Intel: Surveillance Report, A.Cartwright
              marked on your minimap                               
    *Amanda is voiced by Emma Stone who played Wichita in the movie 'Zombieland'.
                                      Tiffany Kim
    You'll meet Tiffany* during the mission Club Bam Bam - she works as a hostess at
    the club. After you've completed the mission you can phone her for a date.
      Tiffany's working at the club and invites you to spend time with her there.
      - head over to the club and find Tiffany in the karaoke room
      - play the karaoke minigame (see Section 07k) and score 90% or higher
      Reward: HK$2,500                                                Intel: (none)
              jade statues are now marked on your minimap
              new karaoke songs unlocked
    *Tiffany is voiced by Yunjin Kim who played Sun in the TV series 'Lost'.
    You'll encounter Not-Ping during the mission Listening In. She'll call you after
    the mission and her dating side-mission will become available.
    Update: Thanks to Gyre Gimble who contacted me to say that completing Tiffany's
    date is a prerequisite for this one, so if Not-Ping doesn't phone you after the
    Listening In mission you probably need to date Tiffany first.
      Since Not-Ping is a techno-babe we'll wow her by hacking a security camera.
      - meet Not-Ping back at her shop in south North Point
      - approach the cop, press Triangle to distract him then return to the girl
      - climb onto the roof and hack the camera (see Section 03h) in under 60 secs
      - return to Not-Ping
      Reward: surveillance cameras are now marked on your minimap*    Intel: (none)
    *(In addition to the ones at drug busts that are already displayed.)
    You'll meet Ilyana at the K-Bar in Soho during the mission Important Visitor and
    you can call her afterwards to arrange a hook-up.
    Update: Gyre Gimble also reports a possible conflict between the Kidnapper case
    and Ilyana's dating mission. If you have problems with accessing the K-bar via
    the main entrance look for the alternate rooftop route (clearly marked on the
    map) that takes you to the rear entrance. You begin by climbing the timber pile
    covered with striped tarps that you'll find a dozen properties west of K-Bar.
      She likes to go for a run after work and challenges you to race against her.
      - meet Ilyana back inside the K-Bar
      - beat her in a rooftop freerunning race (follow the yellow arrows)
      Reward: lockboxes are now marked on your minimap                Intel: (none)
    You'll meet Sandra during the story mission Fast Girls. Phone her for the date.
    This mission unlocks the final two street-races that are available in the game.
      Sandra craves some more high-speed excitement.
      - meet her at the Yen Yen Foo Long Underpass in Aberdeen
      - drive fast for 60 seconds
      (you can slow down for a couple of seconds to take corners but if you go slow
      for too long the countdown will reset to 60 secs - if you have trouble with
      this just go out to the freeway, you might as well head towards Kennedy)
      - drive to her apartment in south-east Kennedy Town
      Reward: HK$15,000                                               Intel: (none)
              'The Queen' and 'Summit' races unlocked
    | Section 07d | Jobs                                                      s07d |
    After meeting them during the story you can do twenty car theft jobs for Tran
    and five debt collection jobs for Roland - call them on your smartphone to start
    each new job. An active job has an orange waypoint and will be included in the
    objectives shortcut menu (press L3 to cycle through your current tasks).
    The four martial arts clubs (see Section 07e) also count towards your job total.
    The completion total for jobs in the standard edition is 30 which is composed of
    20 car thefts, 5 debt collections, 4 martial arts clubs and 1 bonus "job" which
    is automatically added to your total after completing all of Tran's car thefts.
    (many thanks to Boutchie23 for identifying the missing piece in that puzzle!)
    In Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition the 20 cop jobs are also required for
    completion so your stats track your progress on 50 jobs in total.
    Despite the "job complete" message you get after successful delivery, stealing
    the Knox armoured trucks off the streets does not count towards job completion.
                                       Car Thefts (for Tran)
    After completing the main story mission Mini-Bus Racket you'll gain Tran as a
    contact in your phone - press d-pad up to use the phone and give him a call.
    Each job requires you to steal a specific car (these will be driving around the
    streets but they're easy to find as they always have a waypoint marker) and
    then drive it to a designated garage.
    For each car you deliver you'll receive a substantial cash reward but any damage
    to the vehicle will greatly reduce its value so take care. The easiest way to
    stop the driver without damage is just to pull up in front of them. Watch out
    for police while 'jacking these cars because outrunning and/or ramming them is
    gonna cause a lot of expensive damage.
    After delivering one theft you can call Tran immediately for the next job. There
    are twenty in total and they're always given in the following order:
    o Sparc near Club Bam Bam (north-west North Point) worth HK$42,450
    o Bisai in north-west Aberdeen* worth HK23,200
    o Drifter GT in south Central worth HK$86,725
    o 600 Coupe near the temple (west North Point) worth HK$19,350
    o Kleinod** near the shanties (east North Point) worth HK$73,250
    o Gopher around Aberdeen* harbour worth HK$32,825
    o Taikai in north Central worth HK$31,350
    o Green Taxi in east Central worth HK$32,825
    o Enterprise near the Mega Mall (central Kennedy Town) worth HK$115,600
    o Bismarck near the karaoke bar (Soho, south Central) worth HK$347,563
    o Ridge Sport on Aberdeen* Island worth HK$113,675
    o Hassha near the hospital (west Central) worth HK$86,725
    o Wangan GSX around the Night Market (central North Point) worth HK$211,850
    o Limo around the shipyards (west Kennedy Town) worth HK$471,725
    o Terre GT in south Central worth HK$596,850
    o Panzer in east Central worth HK$240,725
    o Blast near the Mega Mall (central Kennedy Town) worth HK$288,850
    o Tuono in east Kennedy Town worth HK$308,100
    o Etalon in northern North Point worth HK$336,975
    o Velocita (no location given but marked on map anyways!) worth HK$385,100
    These jobs are a great way to make a lot of money very quickly. If you want to
    save time you can use taxis to travel between districts but you can't travel to
    a car theft job marker, you'll have to just pick the nearest map icon. Travel to
    a car park and collect one of your vehicles, or just 'jack the taxi you came in!
    Including the HK$20,000 bonus you get for completing all twenty jobs, you can
    earn a total of around four million dollars from these. :)
    Forum poster MegamanXfan21xx recommends wearing the SWAT outfit for these jobs
    since Wei can flash his badge and commandeer vehicles (just like in the original
    True Crime games) instead of carjacking. This also works with the SDU Gear, Beat
    Cop, Tactical Outfit and Detective Shen clothing presets.
    Forum poster tpb50 reported a problem with a car theft waypoint not appearing;
    this was fixed by simply quitting and reloading.
    *You access Tran's Aberdeen lock-up from the ramp to the east.
    **The Kleinod (it means "jewel" in German, in case you were wondering) is the
    civilian version of the standard police car.
                                    Debt Collections (for Roland)
    You'll meet Roland during a main story mission called Uncle Po. After completing
    it you'll be able to start phoning him for debt collection jobs.
    These are short simple missions but they have more variety than you might think.
    You receive HK$20,000 for each one you complete.
    o Samson Gao on a footbridge/overpass in north-west North Point
      (confront him, then rooftop footchase)
    o Norbert Yang at the massage parlour in Kennedy Town
      (confront him, then bribe vagrants to cause trouble in his parlour)
    o Terrence in north-east North Point standing next to his new car
      (confront Terrence, put him in trunk and drive fast continuously for 30 sec)
    o Tommy Wu whose wife Hua Hua works at the hospital in west Central
      (grab her, put her in the trunk of a car, drive to Roland's assistant, take a
      hostage photo, go meet Tommy)
    o Samson Gao (again) near the hospital in west Central
      (collect Roland from the Impound Lot, drive him to Samson, chase Samson)
    As with Tran's car theft job, using taxis will save you a heap of time.
              [Completing all of Roland's jobs earns you the Bounty Hunter trophy.]
                                   Martial Arts Clubs (for glory!)
    There are four "fight club" tournament/survival challenges in the game, one in
    each of the four main districts (see Section 07e). These are counted as jobs so
    you need to win all four tournaments at least once for job completion.
                                        Cop Jobs
    In the standard edition of the game these mini-missions are added by the SWAT
    Pack DLC (and are not required for completion). When you visit the "Cop Jobs"
    waypoint at the police station in east North Point you'll get the SWAT outfit
    and the police version of the Aggressor (the Knox security truck) and all twenty
    job start points will be marked on your map with dark orange waypoint icons. You
    can abandon the SWAT truck to exit the cop jobs (and warp back to the police
    station where your original outfit will be restored).
    In the Definitive Edition these jobs begin appearing at the start of the game
    and you need to finish them all to achieve the total of fifty jobs complete. The
    jobs will be marked on your map with blue star icons - I think they're added to
    each district as you unlock the safehouses in the main story.
    Each cop job earns you Cop XP (so avoid property damage and civilian casualties
    as usual to maximise gains) plus HK$20,000. Completing all of them takes about
    an hour and pays HK$400,000 in total.
    In the Definitive Edition you receive additional rewards from many of the cop
    jobs: the SDU Armored Truck, HKPD Cruiser, HKPD Motorcycle, HKPD Van, HKPD SUV,
    SWAT Tactical Uniform and CSI Outfit from the Law Enforcer Pack DLC, the police
    scanner (safehouse decoration) and Undercover Police Ghost Car from the Deep
    Undercover Pack DLC and the Tactical Outfit from the Tactical Soldier Pack DLC.
    There are twenty "Cop Jobs" in total and four types of scenario - nine Armed
    Robberies, seven Drug Runners, three Hostage Situations and one Wharf Smuggler.
    For the Armed Robberies you'll need to drive to the store (where you'll receive
    a pistol and two spare mags) and neutralise all the bad guys that are shooting
    at you. Then, when prompted, pursue and arrest the last criminal as he flees -
    press Circle to grapple and cuff him (killing him will fail the mission).
    With Drug Runners you'll need to chase their car and ram it until it stops, then
    defeat two criminals before chasing down the last one (and arresting him).
    To deal with a Hostage Situation you'll need to drive to the location (where a
    generous two-minute timer starts) and report to the spotter who'll have a yellow
    speech bubble. Then head to the sniping position marked in orange and use the
    assault rifle (no sniper scope for you!) to eliminate the hostile. A headshot
    gives a quick kill but the perp will be using the hostage as a human shield so
    check you're popping the correct melon before you take the shot!
    The one Wharf Smuggler scenario is a slightly longer sequence of cover-based
    shooting at the usual quayside area in north-west Aberdeen.
    | Section 07e | Martial Arts Clubs                                        s07e |
    There are four underground (not literally subterranean) fight clubs - one in
    each of the districts. These become available after the Amanda mission and are
    marked with orange exploding-fists (?) icons on the map.
    Each club hosts a tournament comprised of six rounds where you have to defeat
    progressively larger groups of opponents. The challenge (and rewards) get bigger
    as you progress around the map.
    In addition to a cash prize, winning each tournament unlocks a special outfit
    inspired by a movie (with a cheeky name acknowledging the source).
    The game offers several features that will give you advantages at the clubs:
    o drink Dragon Kick (free from your fridge) to increase your melee damage
    o drink herbal tea (from apothecaries) to reduce the damage you receive
    o get a massage (from massage parlours) to fill your Face meter quicker
    o use thug clothing sets (see Section 09b) to increase your melee damage
    o take triad upgrades (see Section 05b) for combat perks
    o earn Face advantages (see Section 05c) for more perks and buff boosts
    o unlock melee training (see Section 05d) for new moves
    o visit health shrines (see Section 12a) to increase your total health
    Although it costs more than the drinks, I think the massage buff is particularly
    useful since your Face meter will activate more often so you'll enjoy frequent
    health regeneration phases (along with any other Face advantages you've got).
    I left the tournaments until after completing the main story and by that stage I
    had pretty much all the perks (and plenty of fighting experience). I loaded up
    on Dragon Kick, tea and a quick massage and completed all four clubs on my first
    attempt (without having to top-up those original buffs).
    I think the most important thing is to always use a counter when an enemy glows
    red, even if it means stopping halfway through your attack combo. This stops
    their attack and prevents you taking damage. It's also advantageous to learn to
    recognise the specialist classes of fighters, the special moves they use and the
    QTE button responses for each (it's always the same button for each move). You
    can practise against the various classes at Sifu's dojo in southern North Point.
    The North Point and Central arenas both have low walls. It is possible to grab
    someone, run them to the wall and throw them over it (for a ring-out) but this
    seems to only happen if their health is so low (one bar) that the normal wall-
    slam would've killed them anyway so you can't get cheap one-hit kills this way.
                             Martial Arts Club: North Point
    This one's located in southern North Point, immediately to the east of Sifu's
    dojo, behind the little construction yard. 
    Number of opponents: one (round 1) to seven (round 6)
    Reward: HK$15,000
            Shen Zen outfit
                               Martial Arts Club: Central
    This one's a little hard to find as you have to open an unmarked doorway. Walk
    out of the vehicle vendor compound, cross the street and turn right - you'll see
    a pair of green vending machines (selling Dragon Kick) and the double-doors into
    the alley are next to the far one. Follow the alley to find the arena. There's a
    favour along there too so head for the orange minimap icon not the yellow one.
    Number of opponents: one (round 1) to nine (round 6)
    Reward: HK$30,000
            Manhattan Melee outfit
                             Martial Arts Club: Kennedy Town
    This is in the main docks area, just inside the main entrance on the right.
    Number of opponents: two (round 1) to eleven (round 6)
    Reward: HK$60,000
            Hog Pen Row outfit
                              Martial Arts Club: Aberdeen
    You'll find this fight club in the north-west corner of Aberdeen, beneath the
    overpasses and by the waterfront.
    Number of opponents: three (round 1) to thirteen (round 6)
    Reward: HK$150,000
            The Bon Gak outfit
     [Winning all four martial arts clubs earns you the hidden trophy Martial Law.]
    | Section 07f | Events                                                    s07f |
    There are four types of open-world "events" in the game - the drug busts (which
    are introduced during the main story and are marked on your map) and three other
    types (which only appear on your minimap (yellow icons) when you are nearby) so
    always keep an eye on your minimap as you drive around.
    Tip: You'll also get audio cues for several of these so setting your Subtitles
         option to On will help draw your attention to a nearby event too.
    In total there are twenty-eight events to complete - the eleven listed here and
    the seventeen drug busts which are covered in the next subsection below. Each of
    the events gives Face XP (see Section 05c) and a small cash reward.
    I seemed to only get some of the Loitering events around mid-afternoon game-time
    (you can check the time on your phone) so, if you have trouble getting these to
    spawn, try again at a different time of day or go to your safehouse and sleep to
    advance the clock by six hours (or again for twelve or eighteen).
    Ferry on videogamesblogger.com confirms that Loitering events only happen during
    daylight hours (with 10am to 2pm being optimal) and when it's not raining. If
    you have trouble finding the locations of the eleven open-world events you can
    use PowerPyx's video guide here: http://youtu.be/XL0ZgWbJs_M
                                      Hit and Run
      Calvin is prone to getting mugged so Wei has to help out.
      You'll encounter Calvin in the north-east corner of North Point near the car
      vendor. Approach on foot and a thief will flee. Pursue him on foot for a while
      then, when he jumps in a car, take the car behind and continue the pursuit.
      Take out his vehicle using rams to end the chase.
      Reward: HK$2,000
      This time you'll find him in the elevated pedestrian area under the Wang Fu
      Parking map label. If you see the yellow waypoint marker on your minimap as
      you drive past, get out and head up the stairs or escalator. Chase the mugger
      on foot along the walkways and down to street level, then grab the car for the
      vehicle chase. Use forward rams while confined to the narrow Soho streets.
      Reward: HK$2,000
      The final Hit and Run event starts near the impound lot in south-east Central,
      east of the convenience store you'll find there. There's only a short chase on
      foot this time then the car chase as usual.
      Reward: HK$2,000
      People are causing trouble at local stores so Wei decides to deal with them.
      However you must not attack them - you can press X to run after grabbing them
      but take care not to run them into walls or phone booths, otherwise you'll
      fail the mission and you'll need to leave the area to respawn it.
      Tip: Don't wear any of the preset cop outfits while doing these missions
           (since you'd handcuff your target and be unable to move them around).
      These are available after completing the Payback mission (see Section 06).
      In the heart of the Business District in Central (just north of the inverted
      "U" shape) you'll suddenly get the objective "Investigate the Commotion" and a
      yellow waypoint. Follow this to a shop in a small arcade (it's best to access
      this from the main street, I ended up on the roof!) where a drunk is causing
      trouble. Simply grapple him [Circle] and drag him way from the shop.
      Reward: HK$2,000
      Go to the convenience store in central Kennedy Town (if you drive just south
      of the massage parlour it'll be marked on your map). This time the "commotion"
      is inside the Miss Quan (MQ Mart) convenience store and you'll need to grab
      the drunk and put him in the trunk of the car waiting outside.
      Reward: HK$2,500
      Head south-east along the main road from the previous event (almost to the end
      of the street) to the other MQ Mart convenience store in south Kennedy. Grab
      the troublemaker and dispose of him in the dumpster to the south.
      Reward: HK$1,500
      The last one of these is at a small food outlet in northern North Point which
      is a couple of blocks due east of the Kam Chuk Overpass map label and roughly
      south-west of the parking facility near the vehicle vendor (look out for the
      "Camera Shop" sign). Grab the hoodlum and escort him away from the stall.
                                   Junk in the Trunk
      There are four cars parked at fixed locations, each with someone in the trunk!
      These are available after completing the Loose Ends mission (see Section 06).
      This one's in Central (obviously) at the road junction north of the Victoria
      Park label, at the east end of the footbridge. Follow the marker to a parked
      car under the bridge, release the guy from the trunk and defeat him.
      Reward: HK$2,000
      Check the back-road in south-east North Point that's a couple of blocks to
      the north-east of the underground police HQ (and parking garage) and due south
      of the "W" on the Waterfront map label. If you can see a road with two square
      roadside yards marked then head to the eastern one. If you're in the right
      spot you should see a couple of parked trucks and a pair of wrecked cars - the
      car you need is right next to them. Let the girl out to complete the event.
      Reward: HK$2,000
      From the vehicle vendor in south-east Central head towards North Point along
      the road with the two big hairpin corners. Just after the second corner (just
      before the roadworks) you'll see a layby on the right side of the road. Find
      the car there, release the girl and ask no questions!
      Reward: HK$2,000
      This one's on Aberdeen Island (the big island off Aberdeen - hence the name!)
      in a layby halfway along the winding road on the west side of the island. Open
      the trunk to rescue the guy inside.
      Reward: HK$2,000
                                       Drug Busts
      The drug busts are also counted towards your "events" total although they're a
      little different because they're always marked on your map (and there's more
      of them). For more info and a list of locations see below.
             [Completing half of all the events earns you the Event Driven trophy.]
                    [Completing all the events earns you the Event Planner trophy.]
    | Section 07g | Drug Busts                                                s07g |
    You'll be introduced to drug busts when you're forced to begin the first police
    case after your first few story missions (see walkthrough in Section 06).
    Any active sites for police drug bust operations will be marked on your map with
    pale blue shield icons. There are six sites in North Point, six more in Central,
    three in Kennedy Town and three in and around Aberdeen.
    So there are eighteen drug busts in total, but the game appears to only count
    seventeen so I guess it skips the first one which you do during the main story
    as a tutorial for these. Those seventeen busts make up part of the twenty-eight
    "events" available in the game (see above).
    There are three stages to each drug bust:
    1. Defeat the specified number of thugs in the "hangout" area
       The on-screen counter shows how many dudes you're required to take down.
       Tip: Since busts are typically in relatively open areas you usually have room
            to take a car in there and simply roadkill them. :)
       Many of the thugs will be carrying weapons so drug busts are a good place to
       boost your total numbers of disarms and thrown melee weapon kills for the
       stat awards (see Section 10).
    2. Find the security camera's control box and hack it
       Trace the cable from the camera to the box and/or look out for the flashing
       green light on it. The hacking minigame is explained in Section 03h above.
       Tip: Don't feel obligated to return to your safehouse every time you hack a
            camera. You can "save up" several busts and do the last stage for all of
            them at the same time when you next head back to base.
    3. Return to a safehouse and use the monitor to spot the dealer for the police
       The display will highlight which regions/cameras have "triad activity" (these
       should be all the drug busts you've hacked but not yet completed). Pick one
       and scroll/zoom until an icon appears over the head of the supplier (usually
       the person who's most animated and/or standing alone) then keep the cursor on
       them and press X to mark them to the police for arrest.
    Each time you successfully clear the thugs from a hangout you'll get Face XP and
    HK$2,000. Then when you get the arrest you'll receive substantial Cop XP and a
    further cash bonus of HK$10,000.
    Tip: You can boost the amount of Cop XP you gain by wearing a matching set of
         three garments marked Police Constable Bonus (+5%), Police Sergeant Bonus
         (+10%) or Police Inspector Bonus (+15%). (see clothing buffs in Section 09)
    Unless you want to get Cop upgrades more quickly or de-clutter the pause map, I
    don't see any harm in leaving the drug busts until later in the game. You'll be
    able to buy the various clothes you require for the Cop XP buffs at Face Levels
    2, 4 and 6 (respectively) so wait until you've levelled to get the most benefit.
                                      North Point (drug busts)
    o Lok Fu Park (north-west North Point)
      This is the one you're required to complete during the Popstar case.
    o Lu Mei Alley (north-west North Point)
      Located just a couple of blocks east of the first one, this is an easy brawl
      (with a dumpster for environmental kills) and the box is very easy to spot.
    o Kan Chuk Overpass (northern North Point)
      The next bust is just down the road from the previous one at the pedestrian
      footbridge. There's a handy tyre iron by the bikes. The box is on the east
      side of the bridge structure at ground level.
    o Foo Long Overpass (west North Point)
      Another footbridge but this time the control box is a little harder to find.
      You'll need to trace the orange cable - go up all three flights of stairs and
      hop the wall to the west.
      (after hacking the box head south for a LOCKBOX collectible)
    o Yau Ling Courts (southern North Point)
      There are ten thugs to defeat here and I encountered crowbars, tyre irons and
      batons (useful if you're collecting unique weapon kills for the trophy). The
      cable goes underground but the box is easy to spot on the wall to the west.
    o Denlau Alley (south-east North Point)
      This is just one block east of the last one, with plenty more crowbar action!
      The camera is on the big column and the box can be found to the east to the
      left of the chainlink fencing.
      (go north-east to the freeway to find a LOCKBOX to your right)
                                        Central (drug busts)
    o Sui Shan Alley (south-east Central)
      Watch out for the knife users in this bunch - be ready to counter them. The
      control box is easy to spot on the wall near the camera.
    o Wah Fi Storage (east Central)
      The knives and cleavers here can be used to clear this underground parking lot
      quickly. The box is in the north-east corner opposite the camera.
      (there's an obvious LOCKBOX on the south-east side too)
    o Wang Fu Parking (in south Soho)
      This is the open lot at the T-junction opposite the K-Bar venue. Take the road
      to the north and you'll see the control box on the left.
    o Tsim Shan Shan Alley (in north Soho)
      This is pretty close to the previous one. Again there are knife users here.
      The box is on the east wall.
    o Dr Mong Memorial Overpass (south Central)
      A wide alley area with more knife users so be ready to counter/disarm. The box
      is a little way down the alley to the west.
      (check by the garage doors to the north for a LOCKBOX)
    o Central Sewerage Outpoint (in north-east Central)
      Four of the drug busts are set in sewer tunnels that you'll need to access via
      the sea, although in this case you only need to go to the nearby quayside and
      jump in! Since there are no cops around, the thugs are free to use firearms in
      the sewers so these four busts will all be shootouts. The pattern for these is
      generally the same each time: you pick up a gun as you enter, use cover to
      defeat the enemies ahead of you and watch your minimap to intercept enemies
      that try to flank you, switching to new cover if required.
      The control box for the camera here is on the east wall of the room on the
      north side of the tunnel.
                                      Kennedy Town (drug busts)
    o Wong's Parking (north-west Kennedy Town)
      Things start to get tougher in KT - you need to defeat twenty thugs here. The
      box is on the wall in the northern corner of the lot. When you get to your
      safehouse for the surveillance phase you'll find the supplier behind the car.
    o Sun Yat Housing Complex (north-east Kennedy Town)
      This is the only outdoor shootout. Approach from the steps to the north, run
      in and enter cover [L1] then grab the pistol there [R1] and start shootin'.
      Once you've got half of the targets the police will arrive and start a fire-
      fight in the street. They didn't get any kills for me so I just picked off the
      remaining thugs myself, collecting a dropped SMG when given the opportunity.
      If you end up with Heat then flee the area (and be ready to press Cross for
      reversals if cops try to cuff you), come back as soon as you're clear (with
      guns dropped or stashed) and hack the box which is on the east wall.
      (there's also a guy there who'll sell you a hot tub for your KT apartment!)
    o Kennedy Sewage Outlet (just north of Kennedy Town)
      This one's a little harder to find as you need to enter from the water - swim
      or sail out there and look for the big tunnel under the freeway that's pretty
      much due west of the drug bust icon. The box is in the far northern corner.
      (you'll also find a LOCKBOX there - and a speedboat! there are two more busts
      located in sewage tunnels around Aberdeen so use the boat to reach them too)
                                        Aberdeen (drug busts)
    o Chiang Mai Sewer Interchange (north-west of Aberdeen)
      You'll find this tunnel just east of the cockfighting place. Follow the main
      tunnel round to the left and you'll find a pistol on the ground so grab it
      quickly and enter cover on the crates ahead. After killing the first half of
      the thugs you'll want to move across the main room to replenish your ammo and
      take up new cover to face the second wave coming from the tunnel entrance. The
      camera control box is in the north-east corner of the main room.
      (there's another LOCKBOX in the main room too)
    o Aberdeen Sewage Outflow (south-east of Aberdeen)
      While you have ready access to boats (and submachineguns!) you might as well
      cruise around to the far side of Aberdeen Island and get this one, accessed
      through the tunnel to the south-west of the map icon. Just like the previous
      one you'll need to watch for the second wave of hostiles spawning behind you
      and the box is in the same corner as before (but it's south-east now).
      (and yes, of course there's another LOCKBOX there too)
    o Yen Yen Foo Long Underpass (south-east Aberdeen)
      Our sequence ends with a small melee encounter with several opportunities for
      environmental kills. Following the long cable leads you from the camera to the
      control box on the south-west face of the big concrete column.
    (After these eighteen sites there are a further eight security cameras to find
    at locations without drug busts - see Section 12d for details of these.)
    | Section 07h | Street-Racing                                             s07h |
    The races* are introduced during the Hotshot case (see Section 07a) and you'll
    be required to win the first two races ('Induction' and 'Water Street') during
    the course of that investigation. Most of the other races are then unlocked by
    owning a vehicle of the appropriate type and class (see Section 08), for example
    after buying your first Class A motorcycle the Class A bike races will appear.
    The two races 'The Queen' and 'Summit' (both on Victoria Peak) become available
    after completing Sandra's dating side-mission (see Section 07c).
    In the standard edition of the game there are seventeen races in total but the
    three races 'Kamikaze', 'Harbor Run' and 'Enduro' can be added by purchasing the
    Street-Racer Pack DLC. In the Definitive Edition these three unlock normally
    with the other races and there are always twenty races in total, although in
    both editions your stats will probably count one extra for some reason.
    Winning races is a good source of Face XP (see Section 05c) and you'll pick up
    some handy prize money too (see below).
    Available races are marked on the map with an orange waypoint icon. If you hover
    on this on the main map the race's route will be shown - there are no circuits
    with multiple laps required, each race has a point-to-point route. Upon entering
    the race starting point you'll be prompted to select from any eligible vehicles
    that you currently own (e.g. any Class A motorcycles).
    At the start of a race your opponents will often barge into each other as they
    vie for position and, although it's fun to join the fray, if you can avoid them
    you'll enjoy uninterrupted acceleration so try to slip past them. Later in the
    race don't be afraid to use directional rams to assert your dominance! You can
    use forward rams to unsettle a car ahead of you or sideswipes to fend off anyone
    trying to pass you. Hold the right stick down if you want to look behind you
    quickly. Check the route on the minimap to anticipate any tighter turns ahead.
    Try to avoid any contact that would cause a loss of speed.
    Each race disappears from the map after you've beaten it but, just as you can
    replay story missions to improve your high score, you can also replay races from
    the Social Hub to improve your personal best time or climb your friends leader-
    board, however you only win $1,000 on replays instead of the standard prize.
    I left the races until quite late in the game. I did all the favours first (see
    Section 07b) and kept buying new accessories for Face XP buffs (see Section 09b)
    as soon as they became available. I then started using races to make further
    Face XP and when I got to Face Level 8 I got the Master Negotiator clothing (for
    a 15% discount on vehicle prices) and then at Face Level 10 I received the "Dai
    Lo" Face advantage which gives a further 40% off prices. This makes it a *lot*
    cheaper to buy the Class A vehicles you need to unlock the top races.
    *Sleeping Dogs developers United Front Games previously made ModNation Racers
    and LittleBigPlanet Karting, also their team includes staff from Black Box (of
    Need For Speed fame), so they have a lot of experience of making racing games
    and they have drawn on this in making Sleeping Dogs. The street layouts in the
    game have been optimised for improved racing action.
                                   Class C Car Races
    o Induction (starts in south-east North Point)
      You'll win this race during the Hotshot case.
      This is quite a long route, covering the length of North Point and dipping
      into Central before curving back around into North Point again. Watch out for
      a few tight turns during the first quarter of the race and try not to get
      stuck on the construction barrels (traffic cones) in the middle.
    o Water Street (starts in east North Point)
      You'll win this race during the Hotshot case.
      This race around North Point follows fairly wide streets but you'll still need
      to look out for some sharp turns and for civilian traffic. Also watch out for
      opponents trying to sneak past you on the straights and be ready to give them
      a nudge (directional ram) to discourage them.
    o No Sweat (starts in northern North Point)
      With a little care and delicate steering you can reach and maintain your top
      speed along the whole waterfront section. Make sure you don't hit the wall at
      the front of the roadworks on the right at the 82% distance mark.
      Reward: HK$10,000
    o Mailman (starts in south-west Soho, south Central)
      You race against a field of Bisai ultra-compacts so this isn't too tough but
      you'll still need to take care on the narrow lane through Soho and to avoid
      the raised planters in the final quarter of the race.
      Reward: HK$10,000
              United Front Games Bisai* (car)
      *In the Definitive Edition the UFG Bisai is unlocked by winning this race. In
      the original edition of the game it's in the free Community Gift Pack DLC.
                                   Class B Car Races
    o Lost (starts in west Aberdeen)
      The route takes you onto and around Aberdeen Island so look out for the sharp
      left turn as you exit the bridge.
      Reward: HK$15,000
    o Detour (starts at Aberdeen waterfront)
      This tour of Aberdeen has a long high-speed section along the freeway so make
      sure you don't miss the exit on the left. Take care on the more technical
      section along the waterfront at the end.
      Reward: HK$20,000
    o Crippling Road (starts in south North Point)
      This trip around of the east side of North Point has a few tighter corners at
      the start so try to cut them and apply a little drift to maintain speed. Avoid
      contact to keep your speed up on the long straight sections.
      Reward: HK$20,000
                                   Class A Car Races
    o Midtown (starts in centre of Central)
      This route carves through east Central. Keep left for the highway on-ramp at
      around 20% progress and hold your top speed through the middle section.
      Reward: HK$25,000
    o Wall Street (starts in south-east Central)
      The first section has a number of tight corners that require care but the rest
      of the route around the Business District can be taken pretty fast.
      Reward: HK$25,000
    o Unconventional (starts in east Central)
      Watch out for the sharper corners and treat them with respect. Otherwise this
      wasn't particularly troublesome.
      Reward: HK$25,000 (and you'll probably hit a few parking meters along the way)
    o Summit (starts in south-west Central)
      Unlocked by completing Sandra's dating side-mission (see Section 07c).
      The first two thirds of the race follow one of the twisting roads up and down
      Victoria Peak so you don't have to worry too much about the route or hitting
      street furniture although there is still traffic to consider. You can drift on
      the bends and take advantage of the narrow walled roads for ramming opponents.
      The final section of the race is a long (bumpy) straight, ending in a dramatic
      jump up onto the freeway.
      Reward: HK$25,000
    o The Queen* (starts in east Aberdeen)
      Unlocked by completing Sandra's dating side-mission (see Section 07c).
      This is the other Victoria Peak race and it plays out quite similarly to the
      first one. The alternating hairpins are mostly quite predictable but you
      should watch the minimap for a couple of trickier corners.
      Reward: HK$25,000
      *Victoria Peak is named after Queen Victoria who reigned from 1837 to 1876.
    o Kamikaze (starts in north-east Kennedy Town)
      In the standard edition of the game this is unlocked by purchasing the Street-
      Racer Pack DLC. In the Definitive Edition it unlocks with the other races.
      This is a race along the twisting lanes of Victoria Peak from KT to Aberdeen.
      Reward: HK$20,000
              Racing Jacket (outfit)*
      *This is a bonus race reward in the Definitive Edition. In the standard game
      you receive it automatically from the Street-Racer Pack.
                                   Class B Bike Races
    o DockYard (starts in north Kennedy Town)
      Aside from a couple of tight turns, this is pretty straightforward. The rest
      of the route is pretty smooth and the slower class bikes are more manageable.
      Reward: HK$20,000
    o Indecision (starts in central Aberdeen)
      This tour of Aberdeen was pretty easy too. Cut the inside of corners to give a
      smoother turn and follow the minimap for the twisty section.
      Reward: HK$20,000
                                   Class A Bike Races
    o Alley Pass (starts in north-east North Point)
      This is a circuit around North Point with a balance of turns and straights.
      Take care on the tight alleys in the first half of the race.
      Reward: HK$25,000
    o Early Grave (starts in south-east Kennedy Town)
      With a route that snakes from the cemetery (hence the name) to Kennedy Docks,
      this is one of the harder races. Learning the route, cutting corners slightly,
      dabbing the brakes before turns and watching out for obstacles/cars are all
      important things to consider.
      Reward: HK$25,000
    o Starboard (starts in east Central again)
      This isn't technically a *street* race for the first third as you tear along
      pedestrian routes avoiding planters and columns and going up and down stairs. 
      The roads in the middle section have good width so you can usually get a good
      line around corners, starting wide, cutting the apex and drifting wide on the
      exit. The final section is on the freeway where you should take care to follow
      the checkpoint markers.
      Reward: HK$25,000
    o Enduro (starts in north-east North Point)
      In the standard edition of the game this is unlocked by purchasing the Street-
      Racer Pack DLC. In the Definitive Edition it unlocks with the other races.
      This is a challenging endurance race that starts in North Point and passes
      through Central, Victoria Peak, Kennedy Town and Aberdeen before finally
      finishing back in North Point some five and a half minutes later.
      Reward: HK$20,000
              Sting (motorbike)*
      *This is a bonus race reward in the Definitive Edition. In the standard game
      you receive it automatically from the Street-Racer Pack.
                                     Speedboat Race
    o Harbor Run (starts in south Aberdeen)
      In the standard edition of the game this is unlocked by purchasing the Street-
      Racer Pack DLC. In the Definitive Edition it unlocks at the same time as your
      Aberdeen safehouse (after completing the Initiation story mission).
      This is a boat race from Aberdeen via Magazine Island to south-west Kennedy.
      Reward: HK$20,000
              Dragon Helmet (replaces your normal motorbike helmet)*
      *This is a bonus race reward in the Definitive Edition. In the standard game
      you receive it automatically from the Street-Racer Pack.
            [Completing all (17 or 20) races earns you the Wei Of The Road trophy.]
    | Section 07i | Cockfight Betting                                         s07i |
    The cockfighting minigame is available at three locations, indicated with orange
    rooster map icons.
    You can't control a bird during a fight or even train them; you simply get to
    view basic data for the two competitors (tap left/right to switch between them)
    and place a bet on one of them. If your bird wins you'll get double your stake.
              [Winning your first bet on a cockfight earns you the Tourist trophy.]
    There are three stakes available at each of the three locations so pick a venue
    to fit your wallet! If you don't have enough money for the lowest stake you will
    not be allowed to enter the fight arena and bet.
    o south North Point quayside [HK$500 / HK$1,000 / HK$1,500]
    o boat moored on beach west of Aberdeen [HK$20,000 / HK$25,000 / HK$30,000]
    o north Kennedy Town docks [HK$50,000 / HK$75,000 / HK$100,000]
         [A profit of HK$50,000 on a single fight earns you the Infowlable trophy.]
    (I'd previously pondered if Sleeping Dogs was the first video-game to include a
    cockfighting minigame. Thanks to Joshua for pointing out that a similar feature
    was available in Scarface: The World Is Yours (2006). I had actually played that
    game myself - but it was a long time ago and only a quick rental!)
    | Section 07j | Poker Mahjong                                             s07j |
    In Hong Kong gambling is heavily regulated and only certain forms are allowed so
    illegal and offshore gambling is prevalent. It's common to find casinos on boats
    that operate in international waters where they're exempt from Hong Kong's laws.
    There are two such facilities in Sleeping Dogs, one to the south of the main
    Hong Kong Island and the other to the north-west. These are some distance from
    the island so you'll need to keep checking piers/jetties until you find a boat.
    The earliest you can use these locations is when the Drunk Disposal and Riffraff
    Disposal favours become available (see Section 07b) so keep checking the map and
    wait until you see the yellow favour icons there. If you're in no hurry you can
    leave it until Lead 2 in the Kidnapper case (see Section 07a) when you have to
    visit the north-west den (and the game directs you to some boats).
    The only game available in the offshore gambling dens is "poker mahjong" which
    is essentially western poker played using mahjong* tiles (specifically the Dots
    suit). You play one hand at a time, betting between HK$500 and HK$5,000, and you
    always play against the house, trying to make a better hand than the dealer.
    You hold five "cards" - you discard cards you don't want and draw replacements
    to try to improve your hand. The suit tiles in mahjong are numbered 1 to 9 so
    there are no 10's, jacks, queens or kings, also the 7's, 8's and 9's are unused
    so you'll only ever get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The 1's are not Aces so they are
    always low, never high. There are several instances of each number in the deck
    (enough to make a matching set of five identical cards if you're very lucky).
    Unusually for video-game poker the ubiquitous Texas Hold 'Em rules do not apply
    here so there are no shared "community cards" on the table - you can only ever
    use the five cards you currently hold to make your hand. 
    The following combinations are recognised in poker mahjong, with the highest at
    the top. Only one suit is used in the game so flush hands are not recognised.
    The house always pays at fixed odds for each type of hand. (if you win!)
          Five of a Kind (five identical cards) e.g. 4 4 4 4 4 (pays at 5:1)
          Four of a Kind (four identical cards) e.g. 3 5 5 5 5 (pays at 4:1)
          Full House (one pair and one triple) e.g. 2 2 4 4 4 (pays at 3:1)
          Straight (five consecutive numbers) e.g. 2 3 4 5 6 (pays at 2:1)
          Three of a Kind (three identical cards) e.g. 2 3 6 6 6 (pays at 2:1)
          Two Pairs (two pairs of identical cards) e.g. 1 2 2 5 5 (pays at 1:1)
          One Pair (one pair of identical cards) e.g. 1 2 4 6 6 (pays at 1:1)
          High Card (no pairs and no straight) e.g. 1 2 3 5 6 (pays 1:1)
    Move your cursor (Wei's hand) left/right to select cards and press X to discard.
    Regardless of whether you discarded anything, to end your turn you need to move
    over to the draw pile on the right and press X. After two rounds of discarding
    or passing, the player with the best hand wins.
    The format is pretty simple and generally you'll want to keep any triples or
    pairs and discard all other cards (unless you have four different cards between
    1-5 or 2-6 which gives you a chance of making a straight).
    *I play the modern Japanese version of true mahjong - the traditional Chinese
    four-player game that could most helpfully be compared to the card game rummy -
    so I was disappointed (but unsurprised) to see this very simple poker minigame
    included in Sleeping Dogs instead of the real thing. I appreciate that mahjong
    is fairly complicated (veterans of Sega's Yakuza series will know what I mean!)
    but it would've looked great in the HK setting and been much more authentic.
    For an example of what proper mahjong looks like check out this gameplay from
    Sega's awesome MJ5 arcade system: http://youtu.be/caSLZQB6z5Q
    | Section 07k | Karaoke                                                   s07k |
    There are karaoke rooms at Club Bam Bam in north-west North Point and at K-Bar*
    in Soho in south Central. They'll be marked on the map with a musical note icon
    when they become available to you. Both have the same song selection but you'll
    need to do a few objectives to unlock them all.
    There are eight karaoke songs in total:
    - "I Fought the Law" by The Clash (1979)
    - "All Out of Love" by Air Supply (1980)
    - "Reelin' in the Years" by Steely Dan (1973)
    - "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar (1980)
    - "Bad Case of Loving You" by Robert Palmer (1979)
    - "I Ran (So Far Away)" by Flock of Seagulls (1982)
    - "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper (1983)
    - "Take On Me" by A-ha (1984)
    The first one becomes available during the Club Bam Bam story mission and the
    others unlock from Tiffany's dating mission (see Section 07c), the Important
    Visitor story mission and the Real Men Don't Karaoke favour (see Section 07b).
    Instead of timed button-presses like many rhythm games, the karaoke minigame in
    Sleeping Dogs uses the left stick. The display has five horizontal lines running
    across the screen (representing a musical stave). A number of long blue boxes
    will appear on here and your task is to move and hold the cursor so that it hits
    as much of each box as possible.
     1 --------------------------------------------- (hold left stick fully up)
     2 --------------------------------------------- (hold left stick halfway up)
     3 ------------------------[###############]---- (release left stick)
     4 --[###############]-------------------------- (hold left stick halfway down)
     5 --------------------------------------------- (hold left stick fully down)
    When you hit a box it turns green but if you miss any of it the box will turn
    red and you'll hear Wei sing off-key and getting mic feedback! The top, middle
    and bottom lines are easy to get but it might take a little practice to be able
    to quickly acquire and hold the other two.
    KoroshiyaZero recommends holding the left stick on a diagonal to hit notes on
    the second and fourth lines. You need to hold it around 2 or 10 o'clock for the
    second line and 4 or 8 o'clock for the fourth one.
    At the end of each song you're assigned a percentage score based on how good you
    were at holding the cursor on the boxes.
       [Scoring 90% or higher on all songs earns you the Karaoke Superstar trophy.]
    *The K-Bar is a little tricky to find at first. Proceed to the karaoke icon in
    Soho, stop at the T-junction and look to the south side of the street. You
    should see the red K-Bar sign over a brown door - approach the door to open it.
    Inside the club you'll need to head downstairs and walk up to the door by the
    bar (and opposite the giant video screen) to access the karaoke lounge.
    | Section 08 | VEHICLES                                                    s08 |
    Reportedly the game features more than 65 different types of vehicle and you'll
    get to drive many of these in missions - or hijack/steal them off the streets -
    however this section of the guide only covers the ones you can actually own.
    With the exception of one bike and one car that you receive as mission rewards,
    all the vehicles need to be acquired by buying them from the vehicle vendors.
    Once you own a vehicle it can be collected from any of the car parks ([P] icon
    on the map) at any time; you can also pick up another one from the same vendor
    that sold it to you whenever you want.
                        [Buying all vehicles earns you the Auto Enthusiast trophy.]
    Tip: The final Face advantage that unlocks at Face level 10 gives you a massive
         40% discount on the purchase price of vehicles (and clothing) so you can
         save a lot of money if you leave your car-buying until later in the game.
    The cars and bikes are sorted into four classes which denote their eligibility
    for street-races (see Section 07h). For example when you enter a Class B car
    race you can choose from any of the Class B cars you currently own.
    Tip: Wearing a matching set of three items of Bargain Hunter, All Business or
         Master Negotiator clothing gives you a discount of 5%, 10% or 15% off the
         prices of vehicles. (see Section 09b for lists)
    Here's a summary of the four vehicle vendors, when they become available to you
    and which vehicles they sell.
              Top Glamour Imports
    Location: north-east corner of North Point, east of the parking facility
    Unlocked: after Night Market Chase mission
     Class A: CS 750 R, Drag 979
     Class B: 860 MHC, SES, Executive, Terre GT
     Class D: Bismarck
              Central Impound Yard
    Location: south-east Central, just south of Sui Shan Alley label
    Unlocked: after Night Market Chase mission
     Class B: Taikai, Hassha, Drifter GT
     Class C: Odaiko, Enterprise
     Class D: Ridge Sport
              Kennedy Town Docks
    Location: Kennedy Town docks ;)
    Unlocked: after Night Market Chase mission
     Class A: 1100 NA-R, Panzer, Wangan GSX, Tuono, Blast, Etalon, Velocita
              North Point Chop Shop
    Location: south North Point, next to the parking facility
    Unlocked: after Stick-Up And Delivery mission
     Class B: GX300, Neo V
     Class C: Bisai, Kyou Kan, Sparc, Prime
    All the cars and bikes you can own (in the standard game) are listed below in
    alphabetical order (by class and type). For DLC bonus vehicles see Section 14.
      Class D Cars
    o Bismarck* - a bulky two-door luxury saloon (like a Bentley)
      Source: buy from Top Glamour Imports for HK$390,000   (Face Level 3 required)
    o Ridge Sport - a boxy SUV (like a Range Rover)
      Source: buy from Central Impound Yard for HK$270,000  (Face Level 2 required)
    *The German battleship Bismarck (named after the German chancellor) was one of
    the largest and heaviest warships in World War II.
      Class C Cars
    o 600 Coupe S - a vintage 60's sports coupe
      Source: unlocked by completing Lead 1 in the Hotshot case (see Section 07a)
    o Bisai* - a ultra-compact "micro-car" (like a Smart)
      Source: buy from North Point Chop Shop for HK$29,000
    o Enterprise - a stylish four-door sports saloon
      Source: buy from Central Impound Yard for HK$330,000  (Face Level 2 required)
    o Kyou Kan* - a sporty two-door turbocharged coupe
      Source: buy from North Point Chop Shop for HK$85,000  (Face Level 2 required)
    o Odaiko* - a modern four-door saloon
      Source: buy from Central Impound Yard for HK$160,000  (Face Level 2 required)
    o Prime - a chunky German four-door saloon
      Source: buy from North Point Chop Shop for HK$73,200
    o Sparc - a two-door hatchback
      Source: buy from North Point Chop Shop for HK$55,000
    *These are Japanese words so I guess they're meant to be Japanese cars. Bisai
    means "micro", odaiko means "big drum" and kyou kan could mean several things
    depending on the kanji spelling.
      Class B Cars
    o 860 MHC - a stylish two-door European sports saloon
      Source: buy from Top Glamour Imports for HK$462,000   (Face Level 3 required)
    o Drifter GT - a two-door drifting machine (like a Nissan Skyline)
      Source: buy from Central Impound Yard for HK$210,000  (Face Level 3 required)
    o Executive - a sleek exec saloon (as you might've guessed from the name)
      Source: buy from Top Glamour Imports for HK$210,000   (Face Level 3 required)
    o Hassha - a fairly sporty hatchback
      Source: buy from Central Impound Yard for HK$153,000  (Face Level 3 required)
    o Neo V - a four-door sports saloon
      Source: buy from North Point Chop Shop for HK$63,200  (Face Level 2 required)
    o SES - another four-door sports saloon
      Source: buy from Top Glamour Imports for HK$405,000   (Face Level 3 required)
    o Taikai - large four-door hatchback
      Source: buy from Central Impound Yard for HK$125,000  (Face Level 2 required)
    o Terre GT - a luxury sports-car (like an Aston Martin)
      Source: buy from Top Glamour Imports for HK$280,100   (Face Level 4 required)
      Class A Cars
    o Blast - an Italian supercar (like a Lamborghini)
      Source: buy from Kennedy Town Docks for HK$420,000    (Face Level 4 required)
    o Etalon* - a stylish sports coupe
      Source: buy from Kennedy Town Docks for HK$520,300    (Face Level 6 required)
    o Panzer* - yet another fancy sports-car to blow your money on
      Source: buy from Kennedy Town Docks for HK$360,000    (Face Level 5 required)
    o Tuono* - another Italian supercar (like a Ferrari)
      Source: buy from Kennedy Town Docks for HK$605,000    (Face Level 7 required)
    o Velocita* - an exotic/hypercar (like a McLaren roadcar)
      Source: buy from Kennedy Town Docks for HK$649,900    (Face Level 4 required)
    o Wangan** GSX - a sleek two-seater supercar
      Source: buy from Kennedy Town Docks for HK$550,500    (Face Level 4 required)
    *I think these are all meant to be European - étalon means "stallion" in French,
    panzer means "tank" in German, tuono means "thunder" in Italian and velocità
    means "speed" (or "velocity") also in Italian.
    **Wangan means literally "gulf coast" or "bay coast" in Japanese (and Chinese).
    If you've ever played any of Rockstar's Midnight Club games and wondered what
    the two kanji characters in the game logo say, now you know! Wangan is the name
    applied to the Shuto Expressway near Tokyo which was a popular route for the
    real-life Middonaito Kurabu (Midnight Club) street-racing gang.
      Class B Motorbikes
    o 270 DX - a classic motorcycle
      Source: unlocked by completing Night Market Chase mission (see Section 06)
    o GX300 - a mid-sized "city cruiser" motorbike with windshield
      Source: buy from North Point Chop Shop for HK$38,000
      Class A Motorbikes
    o 1100 NA-R - a powerful sports motorbike
      Source: buy from Kennedy Town Docks for HK$150,000    (Face Level 4 required)
    o CS 750 R - a large modern motorcycle with fairing
      Source: buy from Top Glamour Imports for HK$69,300    (Face Level 3 required)
    o Drag 979 - a mid-sized modern "streetfighter" motorbike
      Source: buy from Top Glamour Imports for HK$92,700    (Face Level 4 required)
    | Section 09 | CLOTHING                                                    s09 |
    There are more than 160 unique items of clothing and accessories in the game.
    Many of these can give you certain benefits when you wear them.
    You can buy clothes and accessories from various shops and market stalls in the
    game world. You will also find garments in some lockboxes (see Section 12c) and
    you'll sometimes receive a preset outfit as a reward after a mission.
                   [Buying all clothing items earns you the Fashion Victim trophy.]
    You can change clothes by using your safehouse wardrobes. You can also swap old
    items for new when you buy garments from a vendor.
          [Changing all your clothing once earns you the Fashion Statement trophy.]
    You're free to mix 'n' match clothes and accessories to build an outfit that
    looks cool/smart/stupid but keep in mind that items with the following labels
    will only give you buffs when you equip three of them at the same time.
    o Blue Lantern Triad    - wear three matching items for a  +5% Triad XP buff
    o Red Pole Bonus        - wear three matching items for a +10% Triad XP buff
    o Mountain Master Triad - wear three matching items for a +15% Triad XP buff
    o Police Constable Bonus - wear three matching items for a  +5% Cop XP buff
    o Police Sergeant Bonus  - wear three matching items for a +10% Cop XP buff
    o Police Inspector Bonus - wear three matching items for a +15% Cop XP buff
    o Minor Thug Bonus - wear three matching items for a  +5% melee damage buff
    o Thug Bonus       - wear three matching items for a +10% melee damage buff
    o Bargain Hunter    - wear three matching items for a  5% discount on vehicles
    o All Business      - wear three matching items for a 10% discount on vehicles
    o Master Negotiator - wear three matching items for a 15% discount on vehicles
    o Lady Killer - wear three matching items for some extra dialogue during dates
    Although the damage buffs are nice, I would suggest you mainly use the triad and
    cop sets to level-up more quickly and unlock the upgrades (see Section 05). You
    can also choose your clothing to fit your next activity, e.g. a fight club, a
    triad mission, a police case, a car shopping trip or a date.
    Some accessories give the following bonuses to your Face XP. You only need to
    equip a single item to get the benefit but I assume if you wear more than one at
    the same time (e.g. wristwatch and sunglasses) it will stack the effects. You
    can also combine these accessories with one of the clothing set buffs above.
    o Respectable Face - wear for a  +5% Face XP buff (doesn't require matching set)
    o Honored Face     - wear for a +10% Face XP buff (doesn't require matching set)
    o Venerable Face   - wear for a +15% Face XP buff (doesn't require matching set)
    See Section 09b for a summary of the cheapest combos and items that give buffs.
    | Section 09a | Store Inventories                                         s09a |
    This subsection provides a list of every vendor in the game that sells clothing
    and accessories. Prices are in Hong Kong dollars and I've given the flat prices
    (without discounts applied). The "Face" column shows the minimum Face Level (see
    Section 05c) required to buy or wear the item.
    I've tried to describe store locations relative to map icons (specifically ones
    that are present throughout the game) and to the smaller text labels which will
    appear when you zoom in on the main map display.
    (The developers seem to have been a little lazy with the shopfront graphics as
    most of them look like branches of either Hang+Sui or Aspirazone but the true
    name of each store will be displayed in the shop's menu interface.)
    All of the shops become available to you after the Night Market Chase mission
    (see Section 06) but many of the items have a minimum Face Level requirement and
    you won't be able to purchase these until much later.
                                  Number One Clothing (market stall)
    Location: central North Point, in south-west Night Market
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Undershirt                          |      $55 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
     Knock-Off Hang+Sui V-Neck           |      $80 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
    -< Trousers >------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Counterfeit J.Jiggler Track Pants   |      $90 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
     Very Baggy Jeans                    |     $110 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Faux J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers      |     $105 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
    -< Hats >----------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Baseball Cap (black)                |      $60 |  --  | --
    -< Chains >--------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Beaded Dragon                       |     $750 |  L1  | Respectable Face
    -< Bracelets >-----------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Rocker Wristband                    |     $550 |  --  | --
                                Very Best Discount Store (market stall)
    Location: central North Point, in south Night Market
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     T-Shirt (white)                     |      $70 |  --  | --
     T-Shirt (black)                     |      $70 |  --  | --
     Fake Hang+Sui Fourhead V-Neck       |     $490 |  --  | --
     Counterfeit Couronne Verdant V-Neck |     $355 |  --  | --
    -< Trousers >------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Knock-Off J.Jiggler Track Pants (1) |     $500 |  --  | Blue Lantern Triad
     Knock-Off J.Jiggler Track Pants (2) |     $500 |  --  | Blue Lantern Triad
    -< Hats >----------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Trucker Hat (green)                 |     $210 |  --  | --
     Trucker Hat (blue)                  |     $210 |  --  | --
    -< Glasses >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Knock-Off Frisky Sunglasses         |     $110 |  --  | --
    -< Bracelets >-----------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Awareness Band (blue)               |      $45 |  --  | --
     Awareness Band (orange)             |      $45 |  --  | --
     Awareness Band (yellow)             |      $45 |  --  | --
     Awareness Band (white)              |      $45 |  --  | --
                                      Savings City (market stall)
    Location: central North Point, in north-east Night Market
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     T-Shirt (bright green)              |     $245 |  --  | --
     T-Shirt (dark green)                |     $245 |  --  | --
     Knock-Off J.Jiggler Jersey          |     $850 |  --  | Blue Lantern Triad
    -< Hats >----------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Trucker Hat (black & white)         |     $235 |  --  | --
    -< Glasses >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Knock-Off Frisky Sunglasses         |     $255 |  --  | --
     Face Mask                           |     $140 |  --  | --
    -< Bracelets >-----------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Awareness Band (pink)               |      $45 |  --  | --
     Awareness Band (purple)             |      $45 |  --  | --
                             Even Better Discount Clothing (market stall)
    Location: central North Point, in north-west Night Market
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Faux J.Jiggler Sports! T-Shirt      |     $370 |  --  | --
     T-Shirt (brown)                     |      $85 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
     Knock-Off Hang+Sui V-Neck           |     $125 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
     Fake J.Jiggler Hoody                |     $375 |  --  | --
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     iKoze Talent                        |     $850 |  --  | Blue Lantern Triad
     iKoze Perform                       |     $840 |  --  | Blue Lantern Triad
    -< Hats >----------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Baseball Cap (yellow)               |     $245 |  --  | --
     Baseball Cap (red)                  |     $245 |  --  | --
    -< Bracelets >-----------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Awareness Band (lime)               |      $45 |  --  | --
                                        Hang+Sui (store #1)
    Location: south-west North Point, due north from the Yau Ling Park label
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     J.Jiggler Track Top (red)           |   $1,299 |  L2  | Police Constable Bonus
     J.Jiggler Track Top (blue)          |   $1,299 |  L2  | Police Constable Bonus
     iKoze T-Shirt                       |     $575 |  --  | --
     iKoze Bold T-Shirt                  |     $469 |  --  | --
     Hang+Sui V-Neck                     |   $1,445 |  L2  | Police Constable Bonus
     J.Jiggler Hoody                     |     $532 |  --  | --
     Couronne Tank-Top                   |   $1,080 |  --  | Blue Lantern Triad
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     iKoze Naturals                      |   $5,050 |  L2  | Police Constable Bonus
     J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers           |   $1,580 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
    -< Hats >----------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Baseball Cap (orange)               |     $245 |  --  | --
     Baseball Cap (white)                |     $245 |  --  | --
    -< Glasses >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Frisky Cruiser Sunglasses           |   $2,440 |  --  | --
                                       J.Jiggler (store)
    Location: central North Point, north-east of the central Night Market area
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Hang+Sui Dino T-Shirt               |     $450 |  --  | --
     J.Jiggler Sports! T-Shirt           |     $529 |  --  | --
     Couronne Fubar Hoody                |   $4,100 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
    -< Trousers >------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     J.Jiggler Track Pants (red)         |     $749 |  --  | Blue Lantern Triad
     J.Jiggler Track Pants (white)       |     $749 |  --  | Blue Lantern Triad
     Hang+Sui Baggy Jeans (pale)         |   $1,680 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
     Hang+Sui Baggy Jeans (dark)         |   $1,680 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers (blue)    |   $1,565 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers (green)   |   $1,565 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
    -< Hats >----------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Baseball Cap (green)                |     $245 |  --  | --
     Panama Hat                          |   $1,200 |  --  | --
    -< Bracelets >-----------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Hang+Sui Leather Wrist Bands        |   $5,960 |  L2  | Respectable Face
                                         iKoze (store)
    Location: east Central, between the Wah Fi Storage and Sui Shan Alley labels
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Couronne T-Shirt                    |     $420 |  --  | --
     Hang+Sui T-Shirt                    |     $570 |  --  | --
     Generic V-Neck                      |     $340 |  --  | --
     Couronne Street V-Neck              |   $1,215 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
     Achète Button-Up Shirt              |   $8,670 |  L3  | Bargain Hunter
     Achète Leather Jacket (black)       |   $4,180 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     Achète Leather Jacket (brown)       |   $4,180 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     iKoze Kicks (black)                 |   $1,645 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     iKoze Kicks (grey)                  |   $1,645 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
    -< Glasses >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Hang+Sui Pilots (silver frames)     |   $1,370 |  --  | --
     Hang+Sui Pilots (black frames)      |   $1,370 |  --  | --
    -< Chains >--------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Frisky White Gold Chain             |   $5,320 |  --  | Respectable Face
     Hang+Sui Coin-on-String Necklace    |     $180 |  --  | --
    -< Watches >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     iKoze Sport Watch                   |     $835 |  --  | --
                                        Hang+Sui (store #2)
    Location: south Central, just south of the Commercial District label
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Hang+Sui T-shirt                    |     $270 |  --  | --
     iKoze Bold T-Shirt                  |     $230 |  --  | --
     Couronne Street V-Neck              |     $910 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
     Bruno James V-Neck (black)          |   $5,385 |  L3  | Bargain Hunter
     Bruno James V-Neck (navy)           |   $4,385 |  L3  | Bargain Hunter
     Couronne V-Neck                     |     $620 |  --  | --
     J.Jiggler Puffy Coat (red)          |   $6,080 |  L3  | Red Pole Bonus
     J.Jiggler Puffy Coat (green)        |   $6,080 |  L3  | Red Pole Bonus
     J.Jiggler Puffy Coat (blue)         |   $6,080 |  L3  | Red Pole Bonus
    -< Trousers >------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Hang+Sui Cargo Pants (green)        |   $2,620 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     Hang+Sui Cargo Pants (grey)         |   $2,620 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     Hang+Sui Camo Cargo Pants           |   $2,620 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     Hang+Sui Boot-Cut Jeans             |   $4,845 |  L3  | Red Pole Bonus
     Couronne Douche Jeans               |   $6,200 |  L2  | Police Constable Bonus
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     iKoze Kicks (turquoise)             |   $1,400 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     iKoze Kicks (red)                   |   $1,400 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     iKoze Assassins                     |   $6,700 |  L3  | Red Pole Bonus
     iKoze Clubstyle                     |   $6,700 |  L3  | Red Pole Bonus
     Faux J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers      |     $460 |  --  | Minor Thug Bonus
     J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers           |   $1,660 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
    -< Glasses >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Frisky Ice                          |  $12,020 |  L4  | Honored Face
     Frisky Gold                         |   $4,400 |  L4  | Respectable Face
                                        Couronne (store)
    Location: north-east Central, north-east of the Wah Fi Storage parking facility
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Couronne Classic                    |   $7,920 |  L4  | Police Sergeant Bonus
     Couronne Long Jacket                |  $26,000 |  L5  | All Business
     Hang+Sui T-Shirt                    |     $530 |  --  | --
    -< Trousers >------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Couronne Whiskered Jeans            |   $4,420 |  L3  | Red Pole Bonus
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Achète Boots                        |   $3,450 |  L4  | Lady Killer
    -< Glasses >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Frisky Blockers (grey frames)       |  $12,420 |  L4  | Honored Face
     Frisky Blockers (black frames)      |   $4,420 |  L2  | Respectable Face
    -< Chains >--------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Frisky Gold Chain                   |  $12,000 |  L5  | Honored Face
    -< Watches >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     iKoze Sport Watch                   |  $12,945 |  L3  | Honored Face
                                         Achète (store)
    Location: south Central, north-east of Mong Memorial Overpass label
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Couronne V-Neck                     |     $515 |  --  | --
     iKoze Pride V-Neck                  |     $500 |  --  | Blue Lantern Triad
     Achète Hipster Jacket (grey)        |   $9,240 |  L4  | Lady Killer
     Achète Hipster Jacket (burgundy)    |   $9,240 |  L4  | Lady Killer
     Achète Hipster Jacket (black)       |   $9,240 |  L4  | Lady Killer
     iKoze Quilted Jacket                |  $12,400 |  L3  | Bargain Hunter
    -< Trousers >------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     J.Jiggler Straight-Leg Jeans (1)    |  $21,620 |  L7  | Mountain Master Triad
     J.Jiggler Straight-Leg Jeans (2)    |  $21,620 |  L7  | Mountain Master Triad
     J.Jiggler Skinny Jeans              |   $5,000 |  L4  | Lady Killer
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers (1)       |   $1,368 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers (2)       |   $1,468 |  L2  | Thug Bonus
     iKoze Kicks (dark red)              |   $6,220 |  L4  | Police Sergeant Bonus
    -< Glasses >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Frisky Cruiser Sunglasses (black)   |   $9,500 |  L4  | Honored Face
     Frisky Cruiser Sunglasses (white)   |   $9,500 |  L4  | Honored Face
    -< Watches >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     iKoze Sports Watch                  |  $17,500 |  L3  | Honored Face
                                      Bruno James (store)
    Location: central Central (heh), south-east of the Government House label
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Couronne Puffy Vest                 |  $28,800 |  L7  | Mountain Master Triad
     Aspirazone Business Suit (black)    |  $20,030 |  L4  | Police Sergeant Bonus
     Aspirazone Business Suit (navy)     |  $20,030 |  L4  | Police Sergeant Bonus
    -< Trousers >------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Hang+Sui Slacks (dark grey)         |  $12,235 |  L4  | Police Sergeant Bonus
     Hang+Sui Slacks (black)             |  $12,235 |  L4  | Police Sergeant Bonus
     Dress Suit Pants by Achète (black)  |   $5,390 |  L3  | Bargain Hunter
     Dress Suit Pants by Achète (navy)   |   $5,390 |  L3  | Bargain Hunter
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Achète Tan Loafers                  |  $14,620 |  L5  | All Business
     Achète Black Loafers                |  $14,620 |  L5  | All Business
     Hang+Sui Oxford                     |   $5,850 |  L3  | Bargain Hunter
     Achète Standup Boots                |  $17,400 |  L7  | Mountain Master Triad
    -< Watches >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Cambria Scallop Watch               |  $24,500 |  L3  | Honored Face
    -< Bracelets >-----------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Black Pearl Bracelet by Cambria     |  $29,000 |  L5  | Venerable Face
                                       Aspirazone (store)
    Location: west Central, south of Business District label
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Aspirazone Designer Suit (charcoal) |  $61,600 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
     Aspirazone Designer Suit (blue)     |  $57,750 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
    -< Trousers >------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Aspirazone Suit Pants               |  $18,160 |  L6  | Police Inspector Bonus
     Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants (1)     |  $18,160 |  L6  | Police Inspector Bonus
     Dress Suit Pants                    |   $7,200 |  --  | --
     Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants (2)     |  $10,200 |  L5  | All Business
     Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants (3)     |  $10,200 |  L5  | All Business
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Stiddaroli* Brown                   |  $26,400 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
     Stiddaroli* White                   |  $26,400 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
     Black Loafers                       |  $14,235 |  L5  | All Business
     Earth-Tone Loafers                  |  $14,235 |  L5  | All Business
     Aspirazone Malavitosi** Black       |  $22,240 |  L6  | Police Inspector Bonus
    *Stiddaroli denotes a member of La Stidda, a Sicilian crime organisation.
    **Malavitosi means "criminal" or "underworld" in Italian.
                                        Salzaus (store)
    Location: south Kennedy Town, north-east of the parking facility
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Torso >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Bruno James Formal Suit (grey)      |  $42,350 |  L6  | Police Inspector Bonus
     Bruno James Formal Suit (blue)      |  $42,350 |  L6  | Police Inspector Bonus
     Bruno James Formal Suit (tan)       |  $42,350 |  L6  | Police Inspector Bonus
     Bruno James Formal Suit (white)     |  $42,350 |  L6  | Police Inspector Bonus
     Futurismo                           |  $92,400 |  L8  | Lady Killer
     Aspirazone Designer Suit (blue)     |  $57,750 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
     Aspirazone Designer Suit (brown)    |  $53,900 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
     Aspirazone Business Suit            |  $46,200 |  L2  | --
     Aspirazone Grey Jacket              |  $46,200 |  L2  | --
    -< Trousers >------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants (1)     |  $17,315 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
     Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants (2)     |  $17,315 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
    -< Shoes >---------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Cream Meshsiders                    |  $27,700 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
     Black Meshsiders                    |  $27,700 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
     Brown Meshsiders                    |  $27,700 |  L8  | Master Negotiator
    -< Glasses >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Cambria Nerdique                    |  $49,250 |  L7  | Venerable Face
    -< Chains >--------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Jade Necklace                       | $150,000 |  L6  | Venerable Face
    -< Watches >-------------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Cambria Insider                     | $107,800 |  L8  | Venerable Face
     Gold Link Bracelet                  | $269,500 |  L8  | Venerable Face
                                   Legendary Outfits (market stall)
    This special stall is only available in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.
    This is where you can obtain many of the outfits, hats and masks that were added
    to the original game through DLC packs (see Section 14).
    The total price for all these goods is over 1.5 million dollars! Fortunately the
    40% "Dai Lo" discount on clothing (Face Level 10 perk) applies as usual and it
    can save you over HK$600,000.
    The market trader has unique funny lines for each item in his inventory. :)
    Location: central North Point, in south-east Night Market
                                         |    Price | Face | Buff
    -< Preset Outfits >------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Retro Triad Outfit                  |   $10000 |  --  | various "retro" bonuses
     Wing Chun Master                    |   $10000 |  --  | easier counters
     Yakuza Style (tattoos)              |   $10000 |  --  | 50% less Heat
     Russian Mob Style (tattoos)         |   $10000 |  --  | 50% more gun accuracy
     Mongrel Tribe Style (tattoos)       |   $10000 |  --  | 40% more melee damage
     Vigilante                           |   $10000 |  --  | easier counters
     Unknown Warrior                     |   $10000 |  --  | 5% more Face XP
     Drunken Fist                        |   $10000 |  --  | new combat style
     GSP Black Training Outfit           |   $10000 |  --  | new move / grapple buff
     GSP White Training Outfit           |   $10000 |  --  | new move / grapple buff
     GSP Headband Outfit                 |   $10000 |  --  | new move / grapple buff
     Sun Wukong (Monkey King)            |   $75000 |  --  | damage buff / motorbike
     Bronze Warrior                      |   $75000 |  --  | 60% less damage taken
     Agent 47's Suit (and haircut!)      |   $75000 |  --  | avoid cops / pistol
     Sarif Industries Armor              |   $75000 |  --  | 33% less damage / rifle
     Rico Rodriguez Custom Outfit        |  $350000 |  --  | longer hijacks / gun
     Lightning Warrior Outfit            |  $350000 |  --  | Lightning Warrior sword
     Tactical Outfit                     |  $350000 |  --  | 50% less damage / rifle
    -< Hats & Masks >--------------------+----------+------+------------------------
     Luchador Mask                       |    $1000 |  --  | --
     Cowboy Hat                          |    $1000 |  --  | --
     Ghost Pig Mask                      |   $10000 |  --  | --
     Classic Black Fedora                |   $10000 |  --  | --
     Straw Hat                           |   $25000 |  --  | --
    | Section 09b | Buffs                                                     s09b |
    This section gives summaries of the clothing sets and accessories that give the
    various types of buff available. (Store locations are in the previous section.)
    Remember that you need to equip three items (torso, trousers and shoes) with the
    exact same buff in order to receive the benefit.
                                         Cop XP
    These are the cheapest combos that give Cop experience buffs:
        Police Constable Bonus (+5% Cop XP)
         Face | Item                        | Store                  |   Price 
          L2  | J.Jiggler Track Top         | Hang+Sui (North Point) |  $1,299
          L2  | Couronne Douche Jeans       | Hang+Sui (Central)     |  $6,200
          L2  | iKoze Naturals              | Hang+Sui (North Point) |  $5,050
        Police Sergeant Bonus (+10% Cop XP)
         Face | Item                        | Store                  |   Price 
          L4  | Couronne Classic            | Couronne (Central)     |  $7,920
          L4  | Hang+Sui Slacks             | Bruno James (Central)  | $12,235
          L4  | iKoze Kicks                 | Achète (Central)       |  $6,220
        Police Inspector Bonus (+15% Cop XP)
         Face | Item                        | Store                  |   Price 
          L6  | Bruno James Formal Suit     | Salzaus (Kennedy Town) | $42,350
          L6  | Aspirazone Suit Pants       | Aspirazone (Central)   | $18,160
          L6  | Aspirazone Malavitosi Black | Aspirazone (Central)   | $22,240
                                        Triad XP
    These are the cheapest combos that give Triad experience buffs:
        Blue Lantern Triad (+5% Triad XP)            (no Face Level requirements)
         Item                            | Store                         | Price 
         iKoze Pride V-Neck              | Achète (Central)              |  $500
         Knock-Off J.Jiggler Track Pants | Very Best Discount Store      |  $500
         iKoze Perform                   | Even Better Discount Clothing |  $840
        Red Pole Bonus (+10% Triad XP)
         Face | Item                          | Store                  |   Price 
          L3  | J.Jiggler Puffy Coat          | Hang+Sui (Central)     |  $6,080
          L3  | Couronne Whiskered Jeans      | Couronne (Central)     |  $4,420
          L3  | iKoze Clubstyle / Assassins   | Hang+Sui (Central)     |  $6,700
        Mountain Master Triad (+15% Triad XP)
         Face | Item                          | Store                  |   Price 
          L7  | Couronne Puffy Vest           | Bruno James (Central)  | $28,800
          L7  | J.Jiggler Straight-Leg Jeans  | Achète (Central)       | $21,620
          L7  | Achète Standup Boots          | Bruno James (Central)  | $17,400
    You can maximise your Triad and Cop XP gains by always wearing the best clothing
    set that's available at your current Face Level. You can save your best Triad
    and Cop sets as custom outfits in your safehouse wardrobe menu so you can switch
    between them easily.
                                        Face XP
    This is a full list of all the accessories that give a Face XP buff. You can
    simultaneously equip one item from each of the four groups to give a maximum
    Face buff of +60% I think (in addition to any outfit buff you're using).
      Face | Item                         | Store                |    Price | Buff
       L1  | Beaded Dragon                | Number One Clothing  |     $750 |  +5%
       L1  | Frisky White Gold Chain      | iKoze (Central)      |   $5,320 |  +5%
       L5  | Frisky Gold Chain            | Couronne (Central)   |  $12,000 | +10%
       L6  | Jade Necklace                | Salzaus (Kennedy)    | $150,000 | +15%
      Face | Item                         | Store                |    Price | Buff
       L2  | Hang+Sui Leather Wrist Bands | J.Jiggler (N. Point) |   $5,960 |  +5%
       L5  | Black Pearl Bracelet [...]   | Bruno James (Central)|  $29,500 | +15%
      Face | Item                         | Store                |    Price | Buff
       L3  | iKoze Sport Watch (black)    | Couronne (Central)   |  $12,945 | +10%
       L3  | iKoze Sports Watch (black)   | Achète (Central)     |  $17,500 | +10%
       L3  | Cambria Scallop Watch        | Bruno James (Central)|  $24,500 | +10%
       L8  | Cambria Insider              | Salzaus (Kennedy)    | $107,800 | +15%
       L8  | Gold Link Bracelet           | Salzaus (Kennedy)    | $269,500 | +15%
      Face | Item                         | Store                |    Price | Buff
       L4  | Frisky Gold                  | Hang+Sui (Central)   |   $4,400 |  +5%
       L4  | Frisky Blockers (black)      | Couronne (Central)   |   $4,420 |  +5%
       L4  | Frisky Cruiser Sunglasses    | Achète (Central)     |   $9,500 | +10%
       L4  | Frisky Ice                   | Hang+Sui (Central)   |  $12,020 | +10%
       L4  | Frisky Blockers (grey)       | Couronne (Central)   |  $12,420 | +10%
       L7  | Cambria Nerdique             | Salzaus (Kennedy)    |  $49,250 | +15%
    Remember every time you level-up (Face Levels 1 to 8) there will always be at
    least one new Face XP buff accessory available to buy and start using.
                                      Melee Damage
    These are the cheapest combos that give melee damage buffs:
        Minor Thug Bonus (+5% damage)
         Face | Item                              | Store               | Price 
          --  | Undershirt                        | Number One Clothing |   $55
          --  | Counterfeit J.Jiggler Track Pants | Number One Clothing |   $90
          --  | Faux J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers    | Number One Clothing |  $105
        Thug Bonus (+10% damage)
         Face | Item                              | Store               |  Price 
          L2  | Achète Leather Jacket             | iKoze (Central)     | $4,180
          L2  | Hang+Sui Cargo Pants              | Hang+Sui (Central)  | $2,620
          L2  | J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers         | Achète (Central)    | $1,468
    (If you have the Retro Triad Pack DLC you can also equip the Fingerless Leather
    Gloves into your watch and bracelet slots for additional melee damage buffs.)
                                   Vehicle Discounts
    These are the cheapest combos that give the vehicle price discounts:
        Bargain Hunter (5% discount)
         Face | Item                          | Store                  |   Price 
          L3  | Bruno James V-Neck (navy)     | Hang+Sui (Central)     |  $4,385
          L3  | Dress Suit Pants by Achète    | Bruno James (Central)  |  $5,390
          L3  | Hang+Sui Oxford               | Bruno James (Central)  |  $5,850
        All Business (10% discount)
         Face | Item                          | Store                  |   Price 
          L5  | Couronne Long Jacket          | Couronne (Central)     | $26,000
          L5  | Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants*  | Aspirazone (Central)   | $10,200
          L5  | Black / Earth-Tone Loafers    | Aspirazone (Central)   | $14,235
        Master Negotiator (15% discount)
         Face | Item                          | Store                  |   Price 
          L8  | Aspirazone Designer Suit**    | Salzaus (Kennedy Town) | $53,900
          L8  | Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants   | Salzaus (Kennedy Town) | $17,315
          L8  | Stiddaroli Brown / White      | Aspirazone (Central)   | $26,400
    Don't wear the Tourist Outfit as this greatly *increases* store prices!
    *Different colours give different buffs so make sure you pick the right ones.
    **The brown one is slightly cheaper than the blue.
                                      Lady Killer
    Finally this is the cheapest set which gives the "Lady Killer" bonus.
    (Reportedly this only gives additional dialogue during dating side-missions.)
         Face | Item                        | Store                  |   Price 
          L4  | Achète Hipster Jacket       | Achète (Central)       |  $9,240
          L4  | J.Jiggler Skinny Jeans      | Achète (Central)       |  $5,000
          L4  | Achète Boots                | Couronne (Central)     |  $3,450
    | Section 09c | Outfits                                                   s09c |
    The following preset outfits are available in Sleeping Dogs, most of them unlock
    as you play through the game's story missions and martial arts clubs but a few
    are obtained from lockboxes.
    Further special outfits are available in expansion packs (see Section 14) in the
    standard game or from the Legendary Outfits stall in the Definitive Edition.
    You can also save/load custom outfits using the safehouse wardrobe interface -
    press Square on the menu view to save your current outfit. For convenience you
    can save your Cop XP and Triad XP buff outfits here, but remember to re-save the
    new outfit each time you upgrade any clothes or accessories.
    o The Bon Gak
      Source: unlocked by beating Martial Arts Club: Aberdeen
      Inspired by the Tony Jaa movie 'Ong Bak'.
    o Detective Shen (a.k.a. Plain-Clothes Cop)           [can commandeer vehicles]
      Source: reward for completing Big Smile Lee mission
    o Doctor Uniform
      Source: reward for completing Serial Killer case
    o Funeral Suit
      Source: reward for completing The Funeral mission
    o Grubby Clothes                        [Inconspicuous: easier to evade police]
      Source: reward for completing Popstar case
    o Hai Tien Vintage Jumpsuit
      Source: lockbox on the rooftops behind the Golden Koi restaurant
      Inspired by Bruce Lee's iconic yellow jumpsuit from 'Game of Death'.
    o Hog Pen Row
      Source: unlocked by beating Martial Arts Club: Kennedy Town (KT)
      Inspired by the movie 'Kung Fu Hustle' (which is set in Pig Sty Alley).
    o Manhattan Melee
      Source: unlocked by beating Martial Arts Club: Central
      Inspired by the Jackie Chan film 'Rumble in the Bronx'.
    o Mr. Black
      Source: lockbox at the Impound Lot under the freeway in northern North Point
      Inspired by the Tarantino movie 'Reservoir Dogs'.
      (when I played the original edition of the game at launch this outfit was
      bugged - it didn't appear in either my collection or my wardrobes)
    o Monk
      Source: reward for completing Bride To Be mission
    o Part-Time Assassin
      Source: lockbox at the bus-stop on the winding road north-east of Aberdeen
      Inspired by the Andy Lau movie 'Full-Time Killer'.
    o Rico Rodriguez Custom Outfit        [Improved Action Hijack: increased range]
      Source: unlocked by having a "game save" from Just Cause 2 on your PS3
      (Eedrah explains that you actually need to have JC2 *installed* to qualify)
    o Shen Zen
      Source: unlocked by beating Martial Arts Club: North Point
      Inspired by the Bruce Lee classic 'Fist of Fury'.
    o Tourist Outfit*                              [INCREASES shop prices by +60%!]
      Source: reward for completing Tang's Toy favour
    o Wedding Suit
      Source: reward for completing The Wedding mission
      This suit reminds me of Chow Yun-Fat's outfit at the end of 'The Killer'!
    o The Winston Chu Ensemble
      Source: reward for completing Bride To Be mission
    o Work-Out Clothes
      Source: reward for completing Amanda mission
    *By the time I tested this outfit I'd already got the final Face advantage which
    gives you a 40% discount at stores. This outfit seems to negate that bonus and
    apply a +60% surcharge on top of the flat price! For example there's a sweater
    at Achète which originally costs HK$500, with the "Dai Lo" advantage the price
    is reduced to HK$300 but with the tourist outfit they'll charge you HK$800!
    | Section 10 | STAT AWARDS                                                 s10 |
    The stat awards are a set of thirty stats challenges that can be viewed in the
    Social Hub (either directly from the main menu or from Wei's phone). Each one
    has three numerical targets corresponding to Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.
          [Three trophies are earned by achieving 5, 15 and 30 Silver stat awards.]
          [Four trophies are earned by achieving 1, 5, 15 and 30 Gold stat awards.]
    Some of these challenges are best completed in missions and for several you will
    probably need to use the mission replay option in the Social Hub. Others can be
    done in freeroam.
    The standard thirty stat awards are unavailable in the standalone DLC expansions
    'Nightmare in North Point' and 'Year of the Snake'. Each has its own set of five
    new stat awards - the ones for NINP are listed under trophy #55 in Section 11b
    and those for YOTS are given at the end of this section.
    The 'Zodiac Tournament' DLC adds two new stat awards (see below) to the main
    game and these ones can be counted towards trophy completion if you want.
    o Overall
      The game tracks your overall achievement on stat awards numerically by giving
      1 point for every Bronze, 2 for each Silver and 3 for any Golds and summing
      these to give your overall rating here.
      With 29 stat awards (not counting this one) the maximum possible score is 87.
      Requirements - Bronze: 30 pts / Silver: 45 pts / Gold: 75 pts
      (If you have the 'Zodiac Tournament' DLC then the maximum becomes 93 points.)
    o Fluid Striker
      This tracks the number of parkour attacks you've used including vault attacks,
      disarming moves and kills.
      Requirements - Bronze: 10 / Silver: 25 / Gold: 50
      I'd recommend farming these on the Intensive Care mission. After a short drive
      you get into the action quite quickly (double-tap X to skip cut-scenes) and
      you'll find plenty of low cover and enemies with guns ripe for disarming.
      When you see an enemy in cover (make sure they're *in* cover - ducking up and
      down - and not just standing behind it!) you can run at them, tap X to vault
      over the obstacle and gracefully disarm them - hopefully.
      SSJGrimReaper suggests doing vault-disarms in the downstairs bar at the start
      of the Meet The New Boss mission.
      The enemies don't need to be armed for it to count towards this stat though -
      you can vault over a barrier to attack any sort of opponent (thug or cop) but
      of course you're more likely to find enemies in cover during a shoot-out.
      The resourceful FatMachismo suggests driving a car with a low bonnet, parking
      it next to a group of thugs and attacking them by sliding over the hood. :)
      DarqueDragon notes that firearm kills using bullet-time while vaulting over
      barriers are not counted here. You need to use physical attacks.
    o Headhunter
      This is the total number of headshots scored during shootouts.
      Requirements - Bronze: 10 / Silver: 25 / Gold: 50
      Take an extra fraction of a second to aim for the head and not only will you
      contribute to this total but you'll also get a quick kill and extra Triad XP.
    o Lucky Shooter
      This counts kills achieved with blindfire (unaimed shots from cover).
      Requirements - Bronze: 1 / Silver: 5 / Gold: 10
      To use blindfire press L1 to enter cover and R2 to shoot (without using L2).
      You'll want your enemy to be quite central on the screen. Observe your fire
      and correct it as required. You might want to "soften up" your targets with a
      couple of aimed shots first, but of course you should avoid getting headshots.
      Blindfire is obviously quite inaccurate (you can see the spread on your shots)
      so it's best to attempt this at short range. There's a good opportunity to get
      a few blindfire kills in the hospital shootouts in the Intensive Care mission.
      While playing through the Definitive Edition I found that the best way to get
      blindfire kills during freeroam is to take cover on the front bumper of a car
      and shoot the driver! They just sit there and let you kill them and the short
      range means you only need a few shots. You can farm a few kills whenever a
      mission, drug bust or lockbox leaves you with a gun.
    o Firestarter
      This is your total number of explosive kills.
      Requirements - Bronze: 5 / Silver: 10 / Gold: 20
      You can cause explosions by shooting at vehicles (during shootouts and chases)
      and red gas cylinders. Don't bother boosting these as you'll get plenty later
      in the story!
    o Sniper
      This tracks the accuracy of your fifty most recent shots fired.
      Requirements - Bronze: 15% / Silver: 30% / Gold: 50%
      I think your accuracy is simply the percentage of bullets that successfully
      hit a valid target so with a little care you should find it pretty easy to
      achieve 50% (by landing a total of 25 out of 50 consecutive rounds fired).
    o Gunman
      This is your total number of kills made with firearms.
      Requirements - Bronze: 25 / Silver: 50 / Gold: 100
      There are several shootouts during the missions so this should be no problem.
    o Ninja
      This counts the number of sneak kills (stealth kills) you've completed.
      Requirements - Bronze: 1 / Silver: 5 / Gold: 10
      You can perform a stealth kill by sneaking up on someone and double-tapping
      the Circle button. It's possible to do this on civilians so you can get ten in
      no time - just make sure you approach from behind and that you're not running.
    o Bonebreaker
      This is the total number of limbs you've broken. (on other people!)
      Requirements - Bronze: 15 / Silver: 40 / Gold: 100
      There are two unlockable melee techniques (see Section 05d) that you can use
      for this: Leg Break and Arm Break. (the clue's in the names!)
      Those painful animations never get old so it's fun to farm these during story
      missions but you can also do these on pedestrians at any time. (mwahaha!)
      It is possible to score limb breakages without those moves - I suspect they
      come from certain counter animations - but it's easier to use Leg/Arm Break.
      The MMA Outfit in the 'Zodiac Tournament' DLC (see Sections 14 & 15) gives new
      elaborate versions of the Leg Break and Arm Break moves but they still count
      towards the Bonebreaker stat award.
    o Environmentalist
      The number of completed environmental kills is counted here.
      Requirements - Bronze: 10 / Silver: 25 / Gold: 50
      Press Circle to grab an enemy, drag them to an environmental feature that's
      glowing red and press Circle again to do something unpleasant to them. :)
      There's a wide range of wonderfully gruesome environmental kills in the game
      so you should've done fifty of them long before you get bored of doing them!
    o Handyman
      This is the number of kills made with melee weapons (not counting throws).
      Requirements - Bronze: 10 / Silver: 25 / Gold: 50
      Remember to look out for weapons (flashing blue) on the ground during fights.
      The bladed weapons (kitchen knives, cleavers, etc) are particularly effective.
      I think the quickest way to achieve this total would be to collect a tyre iron
      (from the trunk of a car you've driven or any car you find parked), use this
      to kill pedestrians until it wears out then grab another iron, etc.
    o Disarming
      This tracks how many times you've successfully disarmed an opponent.
      Requirements - Bronze: 10 / Silver: 25 / Gold: 50
      The cop upgrade Fast Disarm (see Section 05a) will make this easier as you can
      take someone's gun simply by pressing Circle. I'd suggest farming this on the
      Intensive Care mission where there are plenty of enemies with guns in fairly
      tight spaces. Just run around getting disarms (and getting shot!) and restart
      from the checkpoint each time you die.
      Alternatively you might prefer to combine this with Fluid Striker (above) and
      focus on doing freerunning vault-disarm moves.
    o Defence
      This counts how many counters you've completed during melee combat.
      Requirements - Bronze: 25 / Silver: 50 / Gold: 100
      Press Triangle to perform a counter-attack after an enemy glows red. Counters
      are very effective (and look cool!) so you should get this Gold very early.
    o Fast Talker
      This award is based on successes in "fast talk" events.
      Requirements - Bronze: 1 / Silver: 5 / Gold: 10
      You'll easily get more than ten as you play through the story.
    o Deadeye
      This is the number of kills you've got by throwing melee weapons.
      Requirements - Bronze: 1 / Silver: 5 / Gold: 10
      Press R1 to pick up a weapon then face an opponent (or hold L2 to lock onto
      them) and press R2 to throw it. If you get a kill with it the weapon will be
      instantly destroyed (even if it's a weapon with high durability).
      You only need to get ten kills so if you make a concerted effort whenever you
      find a tyre iron or kitchen knife you should achieve the target quite quickly.
      Look for parked cars and you'll find a tyre iron in the trunk of each one and
      you can use these against pedestrians.
      Forum poster Jack Frost recommends doing these at Sifu's dojo (which becomes
      available after the Amanda mission). If you practise against the "Armed Thugs"
      you can defeat one, pick up his kitchen knife and score thrown kills on the
      remaining two targets. You can't take damage in the training session either.
    o Martial Artist
      This is your total number of kills in melee combat.
      Requirements - Bronze: 25 / Silver: 50 / Gold: 100
      This is another one you'll get very early in the game...
    o Enforcer
      This is based on the total number of enemies you've dispatched.
      Requirements - Bronze: 50 / Silver: 100 / Gold: 200
      ...and this one.
    o Safe Driver
      This tracks the total time you've spent driving vehicles at medium/high speed
      without hitting anything (cars, barriers, cones, people, etc). 
      Requirements - Bronze: 5 mins / Silver: 15 mins / Gold: 30 mins
      If you see the on-screen "Clean Drive" timer you're doing it right.
      Unlike the related trophy, you don't need to do this in a single "streak" and
      you should easily pick up those thirty minutes as you play through the game,
      especially if you're conscientious about avoiding crashes to save Cop XP.
              [A two-minute clean driving streak earns you the Safe Driver trophy.]
    o Reckless Driver
      This award is based on your total cumulative time spent driving at maximum
      speed in any of the Class A cars (see list in Section 08).
      Requirements - Bronze: 5 mins / Silver: 15 mins / Gold: 30 mins
      I chewed through the street-races pretty quickly and just scraped the Silver
      so you may need to make a special effort - grab a Class A car (make sure it's
      Class A!) and keep cruising the highways until you get the gold. To hold your
      top speed you'll want to avoid pretty much any contact with cars or walls.
    o Hijacker
      This tracks the total number of action hijacks you've completed.
      Requirements - Bronze: 5 / Silver: 10 / Gold: 20
      You perform an action hijack by holding X to prepare, approaching any vehicle
      from behind and tapping X when the arrow turns green.
      You should get these through playing the story but you can farm them easily
      enough. I think it's easier to do them on the freeway since in the urban areas
      the vehicles keep stopping at traffic lights.
    o Wrecker
      This counts the number of cars you've wrecked.
      Requirements - Bronze: 10 / Silver: 25 / Gold: 50
      To get a "wreck" you need to damage another vehicle until it explodes; after
      successive rams the car will start smoking (it's disabled), then catch fire
      and then blow up. You can farm these during freeroam on civilian cars if you
      want - just ram them until they explode. It's easier to do this from the rear
      of a vehicle (rather than using side-swipes) - press Square (without the left
      stick) to do a forward ram and repeat as required.
      UB3RL33T recommends farming wrecks during The Funeral mission which involves a
      section with cars and a grenade-launcher. You can get several wrecks and then
      restart from the checkpoint to repeat. I think this is the faster (and more
      fun) option for getting wrecks.
      The cheap Tactical Soldier Pack DLC (see Section 14) allows you to pick up an
      assault rifle with grenade launcher attachment from your safehouse. [Press R3
      to toggle between using the gun and the launcher]
    o Racer
      This is based on the number of races you've won.
      Requirements - Bronze: 5 / Silver: 10 / Gold: 17
      See Section 07h for details of all the races in the game.
      Including the two races unlocked by dating Sandra (see Section 07c) there are
      seventeen races available in total in the original edition of the game so you
      need to win all of them to complete this award.
      The Definitive Edition includes three additional DLC races so it has a total
      of twenty races available.
      The races 'Induction' and 'Water Street' are unmissable as you'll need to win
      them while working through the Hotshot case (see Section 07a).
    o Mogul
      The awards here are based on your total monetary earnings.
      Requirements - Bronze: HK$50,000 / Silver: HK$500,000 / Gold: HK$2,000,000
      I got this quite early in the game by completing all of Tran's car theft jobs
      (see Section 07d) which pay you up to four million dollars in total.
    o Big Spender
      Easy come, easy go. After earning that money you have to spend it on stuff!
      Requirements - Bronze: HK$50,000 / Silver: HK$500,000 / Gold: HK$2,000,000
      It's easy to blow this much money (once you have it!) on clothing and cars but
      you will have to grind your Face Level up quite a bit before all the high-end
      goods are available to you. Complete favours and races to gain Face XP.
      Also before you start blowing all your hard-earned cash on the most expensive
      items, it's wise to wait until you have either the final Face advantage (see
      Section 05c) which gives you a 40% discount or the Master Negotiator / All
      Business / Bargain Hunter clothing sets which give you further discounts.
    o Gambler
      This is your total *profit* from the two gambling games - cockfight betting
      (see Section 07i) and poker mahjong (see Section 07j).
      Requirements - Bronze: HK$50,000 / Silver: HK$500,000 / Gold: HK$1,000,000
      The stakes are too low on the poker mahjong game to make that sort of money
      any time soon so you'll want to go with the cockfights, specifically the ones
      in the north-west corner of Kennedy Docks where you can bet up to HK$100,000
      on each fight. The outcome here is essentially a coin toss (50:50 odds) so in
      the long-term you can only expect to break-even and you'll need to cheat in
      order to make a big profit.
      Start by saving your game from the main menu (remember which save slot you're
      using). Then the basic process is to drive over to the "dockfights" (do you
      see what I did there?), pick a bird at random* and bet the maximum stake of
      HK$100,000. If your bird wins then save your game again, if it loses then
      reload from your save. Keep doing that until you have ten wins which will give
      you a total profit of one million dollars - it's tedious but it works. :\
      Tip: When you reload your save you seem to respawn at whichever safehouse you
           last slept at so it's best to leave this until you have the Kennedy Town
           apartment unlocked and sleep there before you start.
      You can't skip the fights so you might want to do this while you're checking
      your emails/forums/Youtube or something!
      If your gambling stat seems to be stuck at a low value it's probably because
      you previously incurred some losses. Say you won $10,000 then lost $100,000
      your "profit" would be -$90,000 but the game still shows +10k. If you bet 100k
      again and won you would expect (seeing the +10k stat) to see your total go up
      to +110k but in fact it would stay at +10k - you've just cancelled the earlier
      deficit. If you then win *another* $100,000 it'll actually go up to +110k.
      (Basically if the number is stuck you need to get more wins!)
      *Forum poster acidburnz6666 recommends using this strategy in combination with
      the "save if you win, reload if you lose" method. Check the number of wins for
      each bird. If both numbers are even or odd pick the one with fewer wins, if
      one is odd and one is even pick the one with more wins and if both have the
      same number quit out and try again. Hopefully this will work most of the time.
    o Completionist
      This is based on your overall percentage completion of the game.
      Requirements - Bronze: 30%  / Silver: 60% / Gold: 100%
      This works the same as the completion trophies - it counts your progress on
      the missions, cases, favours, events, jobs and races.
      Completion in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition includes missions, jobs and
      races from DLC content - see trophy #51 in Section 11a for a completion list.
      Collectibles, cars and clothes are not required for completion.
       [Four trophies are available for 10%, 25%, 50% and 100% overall completion.]
    o Explorer
      This tracks the number of collectibles you've found.
      Requirements - Bronze: 50 / Silver: 120 / Gold: 175
      There are fifty health shrines to find and activate, a hundred lockboxes to
      find and open, twenty-six security cameras to hack and eleven jade statues to
      locate and deliver to Sifu Kwok. See Section 12 for details of each.
      Completing the dating side-missions (see Section 07c) will unlock cheats that
      display the locations of all these on your map.
    o Survivor
      This is the total cumulative amount of time you've survived with Heat (police
      wanted rating) at level 2 or higher.
      Requirements - Bronze: 3 mins / Silver: 10 mins / Gold: 20 mins
      You'll probably get this through playing normally, especially if you spend any
      time harvesting the Knox security trucks (see trophy #22 in Section 11a).
    o Rogue Cop
      100% game completion and striving to play as a relatively good cop are not
      mutually compatible! This tracks the number of cops you've killed (while your
      Heat was at level 2 or higher).
      Requirements - Bronze: 10 / Silver: 25 / Gold: 50
      I think the easiest way to get these is to abuse police officers until you get
      level 2 Heat when they'll draw their pistols, disarm one [Circle] and drive
      away before you get killed. Find a strong defensive position and enter cover
      (the interior of a shop is idea for this as you can shelter behind the main
      counter and you cannot be flanked) and pop-out to shoot cops as they arrive.
      Go for headshots for quick kills and to conserve ammunition. Allow one or two
      cops to enter the shop before you kill them and you'll be able to more easily
      collect their weapon when your ammo starts to runs low.
    o Public Enemy
      This tracks the number of kills you achieve in a single play session.
      Requirements - Bronze: 50 / Silver: 100 / Gold: 200
      Just keep playing and killing until you hit 200. Again you might have to give
      up on being a good cop for a little while. Roadkilling loads of pedestrians
      is probably the quickest way to do this. Replaying any missions with lots of
      fighting or shooting would be good too.
                                 ( Zodiac Tournament )
    The following two additional stat awards are added with the 'Zodiac Tournament'
    DLC and both need to be done on Zodiac Island. Since that expansion is played
    within the main campaign these two stat awards will count towards trophies.
    o Smashing Success
      This is the number of enemies you've thrown into combat props.
      Requirements - Bronze: 10 / Silver: 25 / Gold: 50
      I thought that I'd be able to complete this one using the big gong and spikes
      in the group melee at the end of the Cliffhanger mission but I tried that on a
      replay and they didn't count.
      One thing that definitely counts as "combat props" are the giant gear-wheels
      from the arena fight in the Last Man Standing mission. You can keep replaying
      the second half of that mission, getting two or three environmental kills on
      the gears and restarting from the checkpoint.
    o Statuesque
      This is the number of fire opal statue collectibles you've found.
      Requirements - Bronze: 4 / Silver: 8 / Gold: 12
      The locations on Zodiac Island of all twelve statues are included in my DLC
      walkthroughs in Section 15 below.
      Finding all the statues unlocks new moves for the Muay Thai and MMA outfits
      which you receive for completing the 'Zodiac Tournament' mission sequence.
                                 ( Year of the Snake )
    These final five stat awards are available in the 'Year of the Snake' DLC. You
    will need to be playing that pack to make progress on these.
    The stat awards for arrests and electroshocks can both be farmed in freeroam -
    just watch out for the red enemy icons on your minimap which mark the locations
    of small groups of thugs (usually three).
    o Law Enforcer
      This is the number of criminals you've arrested.
      Requirements - Bronze: 50 / Silver: 100 / Gold: 200
      After grabbing a criminal by tapping Circle you can tap Circle again to cuff
      them - this counts as one arrest. If they resist then you need to grind their
      health down first. (Hold L2 to view their health bar.)
      Alternatively if there's a police car nearby you can press Circle to grab a
      criminal, drag him to the car and press Circle again to force him into one of
      the back seats - doing this also counts as one arrest. You can arrest two guys
      this way, but you need to load one on each side. (You can also stuff a third
      into the trunk of the car but this doesn't count as a proper arrest!)
      Watch out for enemies that you can't grab, like knife users and heavyweight
      Grapplers. Also don't try to grab and cuff someone quickly from behind or you
      will do a ninja stealth take-down on them instead. :)
    o Out of the Way
      This tracks the total number of civilian vehicles you've caused to stop or
      pull-over by driving past them in a police vehicle with the siren on.
      Requirements - Bronze: 100 / Silver: 300 / Gold: 600
      While driving a police vehicle tap R3 to turn on the siren. It can get pretty
      annoying so you might want to turn the volume down while you're doing this!
      You need to tap R3 quite quickly otherwise it'll just sound the horn - keep
      tapping to turn a variety of different sirens on and off.
      If you drive a police vehicle whenever possible and always keep the siren on
      you should get Gold on this one easily while playing through the missions. If
      you miss it for any reason it would be easy to farm by simply driving around
      the freeways or urban districts.
      If you're going for 100% trophy completion then a good time to do this would
      be when you're driving around picking up all the evidence bag collectibles.
    o Gassed
      This is the total number of enemies you've temporarily incapacitated using the
      tear-gas grenade-launcher.
      Requirements - Bronze: 20 / Silver: 50 / Gold: 100
      You get to use the tear-gas launcher during the SDU: Soho Riots mission.
      Press L2 to aim and R2 to fire. Avoid direct hits that would wound the target.
      Completing the 'Year of the Snake' story unlocks the SDU Gear outfit for the
      main campaign. This lets you use the launcher at any time during story mode
      but, even if you use it on enemies, it will not contribute to the totals for
      this stat award so you need to be playing the Soho Riots mission.
      Luckily you can farm this award in a single play or re-play (if you re-play
      quickly it'll take less than an hour to get to the required mission). Once you
      have the grenade-launcher watch out for the first fight upstairs in the plaza
      area - if you keep gassing the guys without gasmasks it will keep adding to
      your Gassed total. If you're close to defeating all the enemies just pause and
      use the Restart From Checkpoint option - your total will be preserved and you
      can continue this process until you achieve the Gold award you crave.
    o Electroshocked
      This is the number of times you've used the stun-gun on an enemy (cultists and
      street thugs). Doing it on poor unsuspecting pedestrians doesn't count!
      Requirements - Bronze: 30 / Silver: 60 / Gold: 100
      To electroshock an enemy simply press Circle to grab them and tap Square to
      zap 'em with the stun-gun. Hold Square for prolonged zapping. :)
      If you stun the same enemy more than once, each time will count towards this
      total so that makes it easier to farm. Remember that every stun causes some
      damage (as do counters) so there's a limit to how many times you can do this.
      A stunned enemy will lay on the ground for a while. To save time you can stand
      over them and hold Circle to pick them up.
    o Evidence Collector
      There are twenty evidence bag collectibles to find around Central, Kennedy and
      Aberdeen. This stat shows how many you've found so far.
      Requirements - Bronze: 5 / Silver: 10 / Gold: 20
      For the locations of all the bags see my notes for trophy #60 in Section 11b
      or just play through all the missions so that the locations will be marked on
      the main map in the collectibles view [press Square to toggle on/off].
      To make it even easier it appears that your bag total will carry-over between
      playthroughs so you can continue to add to your total in a new game and even
      score over 20 if you want!
             [Finding all twenty collectibles earns you the Goodie Monster trophy.]
    | Section 11 | TROPHIES                                                    s11 |
    This section covers all the trophies (or achievements) available in the game
    including those added for downloadable content (see Section 11b below).
    Playing both Sleeping Dogs (PS3) and Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4)
    gives two separate sets of trophies. These are essentially identical although on
    the PS4 you will need to complete some DLC content for 100% completion.
    | Section 11a | Standard Trophies                                         s11a |
    Sleeping Dogs has a standard set of 51 trophies: 41 Bronze, 7 Silver, 2 Gold
    and one Platinum. Five of these will be hidden until you've achieved them.
    There are no difficulty settings so obviously there are no difficulty-based
    trophies and only a single playthrough is required, although you might want to
    use mission replays (from the Social Hub) for some achievements. There is no
    multiplayer and no co-op mode so everything comes from single-player.
    If you're playing for trophies then it's a good idea to familiarize yourself
    with all the trophy requirements before you start and keep them in mind as you
    play through the game. Here are a few things to consider:
    o Maximise Triad XP gains and minimise Cop XP losses (see notes in Section 05)
    o Make effective use of the XP buff clothing and accessories (see Section 09b)
      - New Face XP buff accessories become available at every new Face Level from 1
        up to 8 so buy and use those to level-up Face faster
      - Equip Triad XP buff clothing sets for story missions and Cop XP buff sets
        for police cases (see Section 07a) and drug busts (see Section 07g)
    o Pick up and get kills with as many different weapons and guns as possible
    o Purchase every new food and drink you find for sale
    o Leave most vehicle and clothing purchases until you get the discounts later
    o Collect/use lockboxes, health shrines, jade statues and security cameras (see
      Section 12) when you find them to save time later but don't waste too much
      time hunting as you'll unlock map markers for them in the dating missions
    o Watch for the random yellow waypoint markers that appear on your minimap in
      certain areas - these indicate open-world "events" (see Section 07f) which are
      quick mini-missions that are troublesome to track down later
      (it's probably a good idea to make a note of which events you've done too)
    o Have a good awareness of the stat awards (see Section 10) as you'll need to
      get Gold in all thirty categories - see trophy #47 below for a list of the
      ones you'll probably need to make a special effort to complete
    o Don't go nuts on the high-stakes cockfight gambling - a series of heavy losses
      will put a big hole in your overall profit/loss and then it'd be a pain to dig
      your way out of it later to complete the Gambler stat award
    Here's an overview of the trophies in the game:
    01 Hong Kong Legend [Platinum]
       "Earn all the Sleeping Dogs trophies to unlock this platinum trophy"
       No surprises here - you get this once you've collected all fifty standard
       trophies. As usual, DLC trophies are not required for the platinum.
    02 In With The Gang [Bronze / 5G] [hidden] - "complete Night Market Chase"
    03 That'll Show 'Em [Bronze / 20G] [hidden] - "complete Payback"
    04 A Big Betrayal [Silver / 35G] [hidden] - "complete Dockyard Heist"
    05 Big Smiles All Round [Silver / 50G] [hidden] - "complete Big Smile Lee"
       These four unmissable hidden trophies all come from completing certain main
       story missions as you play through the game. See Section 06 for walkthroughs.
       Big Smile Lee is the final mission so that's your story completion trophy.
    06 Minor Face [Bronze / 5G] - "Achieve Face Level 2"
    07 Gaining Face [Bronze / 25G] - "Achieve Face Level 5"
    08 Great Face [Bronze / 50G] - "Achieve Face Level 10"
       Advancing your Face Level is really useful as it unlocks a series of handy
       "advantages" (see Section 05c) and all the best vehicles and clothing have a
       minimum Face Level requirement. Plus you get these super trophies!
       The best ways to earn Face XP are to complete favours (see Section 07b) and
       win street races (see Section 07h). As soon as you have sufficient Face Level
       (and money!) you can start buying the accessories that give a percentage buff
       to your Face XP gains. You can simultaneously equip sunglasses, a bracelet, a
       neck chain and a watch giving a potential total combined buff of +60%.
       See Section 09b for a summary of the Face XP buff items. Every time you level
       from Face Level 1 to 8 there will be a new accessory you can start using.
    09 Fashion Statement [Bronze / 10G]
       "Change all your clothes in your wardrobe or a clothing store"
       I got this after buying a shirt, trousers, shoes and a hat.
    10 Stuntman [Bronze / 5G]
       "Successfully perform an action hijack"
       An action hijack involves jumping from one moving vehicle to another. Hold X
       to get ready, approach another vehicle from behind then tap X when the arrow
       turns green. This is unmissable as you play the story missions.
       Since in Hong Kong the driver's seat is on the right side of your vehicle it
       helps to steer slightly to the left of your target.
    11 A Slap in the Face [Bronze / 10G]
       "Kill someone with a fish"
       You can get this during the mission Club Bam Bam. During the upstairs fight
       perform an environmental kill on an aquarium wall then pick up a fish and use
       it as a weapon. :)
       You don't always get a fish and they don't last long when you do, but there
       are three separate aquariums to use and if none of them work out then you can
       use the Restart From Checkpoint option off the pause menu and retry.
       If you missed it at the time you can use the mission replay option which is
       available in the Social Hub menu.
    12 Take a Bite out of Crime [Bronze / 10G]
       "Complete a case"
       Police cases are covered in Section 07a. Complete one for this trophy.
    13 Man Around Town [Bronze / 20G]
       "Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point"
       You get this trophy for simply visiting all four districts on the map. You'll
       achieve this one automatically as you play through the story but if you want
       to get it earlier you can do it as soon as the full map becomes available to
       you after completing the Night Market Chase mission.
    14 Foodie [Bronze / 10G]
       "Try 10 different foods or drinks"
       There are numerous food stalls scattered around the map. Each one will always
       sell the same type of food (and the same dish may be available from more than
       one outlet). A quick circuit of the Night Market in North Point will give you
       a good head-start on the achievement as there are several vendors there plus
       the promo girls selling Dragon Kick energy drink. After that just watch out
       for random roadside food stalls or check out some of the locations listed.
       Here's a menu of exotic culinary delights:
       o Dragon Kick - from green vending machines, safehouse fridge or promo girls
       o Noodle Bowl - from Night Market or street vendors
       o Fish Dumpling Skewer - from Night Market or street vendors
       o Ice Cream - from Night Market or street vendors
       o Pork Bun - from Night Market or street vendors
       o Chicken-on-a-Stick - from Night Market or street vendors
       o Roast Duck - from Night Market or street vendors
       o Herbal Tea - from Apothecary stores or tea stalls
       o Waffle Eggs* - from stall on street south of the clothing store and parking
                        garage in south Kennedy Town, opposite a convenience store
                      - from stall outside North Pier building, north of the parking
                        garage in north-east North Point
       o Spicy Squid - from market stall in middle of Aberdeen boardwalk
       o Curry Fish Balls - from market stall in middle of Aberdeen boardwalk
                          - vendor outside the undercover police HQ in North Point
       *Waffle Eggs were rated the #1 most popular Hong Kong street snack!
    15 Environmentalist [Bronze / 15G]
       "Perform 5 unique environmental kills"
       Press Circle to grapple an enemy then watch out for an environment feature
       that's glowing red to show that you can interact with it. You can either walk
       them over to the object and press Circle or hold down Cross to run over to it
       and automatically perform the environmental take-down.
       You'll have very many opportunities to do five different environmental kills
       to get this trophy but it's actually possible to get it during the very first
       proper mission (Vendor Extortion) using the following five:
       o shutter over counter (unmissable)
       o phonebooth (unmissable)
       o wooden crate (during fight near third vendor)
       o lobster tank (while protecting butcher)
       o vending machine (ditto)
    16 Gadgetman [Bronze / 20G]
       "Pick a lock, plant a bug, trace a phone, crack a safe and hack a spy camera"
       This is unmissable as you'll do all of these during the story and cases.
       o Picking a lock - during Listening In mission
       o Planting a bug - during Listening In mission
       o Tracing a phone - during Lead 4 of Hotshot case 
       o Cracking a safe - during Lead 2 of Serial Killer case*
       o Hacking a camera - during Lead 2 of Popstar case
       *You might get this earlier if you find a lockbox with a combination lock.
    17 Safe Driver [Bronze / 20G]
       "Cruise for 2 minutes straight without damaging your car"
       The game will give you a Clean Drive timer in the corner of the screen while
       you attempt this. In order for the record attempt to be recognised you need
       to drive at a reasonably fast speed (for the vehicle you're using) and avoid
       any contact with any object - you can't even lightly brush a traffic cone.
       You'll need to avoid ramps too - no airtime!
       I think it's best to use a heavy/slow vehicle as you'll need to cover less
       distance over the two minutes required. You need to go reasonably flat-out
       but it can be okay to feather the accelerator a little - just take care that
       your speed doesn't drop too much, especially on uphill gradients, and watch
       out for cars shunting you from behind.
       I used a security truck and stuck to the wide freeways that circle the island
       which give you more room to move between traffic. It's often better to use
       the oncoming lanes as there will be fewer vehicles there but keep a close eye
       on the road ahead to look out for vehicles and your nemesis - the cones!
       I found the stretch of freeway from Kennedy Town, skirting Aberdeen and on
       towards North Point to work quite well for me. The section from east North
       Point to Central and beyond is good too.
       The security truck is a little bulky so you could also consider using the 
       compact Movit van or the Guide and Cheer people-carriers (minivans) which all
       give a handy combination of slow speed and small size. You can't buy these
       vehicles but you'll find plenty on the streets.
       Grumpy Porter recommends using the big roundabout in Central - the prominent
       circular structure to the north-east of the Government House map label. It's
       very easy to get the trophy here. I'd recommend using a slow vehicle like the
       Movit van again - hold the left stick to the far left/right and hold down the
       accelerator, but release it briefly every couple of seconds or whenever the
       van starts to drift too wide; if it veers towards the centre just let go of
       the steering for a moment.
    18 Gun Nut [Bronze / 15G]
       "Use 10 different firearms to defeat enemies"
       Guns aren't freely available in the game and it's rare for the game to give
       you one so you'll mostly be dependent on picking up ones dropped by enemies.
       If you get in the habit of running around during shooting missions (ideally
       when you're not getting shot at!) you can check what's available and pick up
       any guns you haven't used yet. I got the trophy in the Civil Discord mission.
       To check which guns you've got kills with go to Statistics \ Stats \ Weapons
       off the pause menu. There are fifteen different guns listed there.
       Here's an incomplete list of some of the guns and some chances to use them.
       o 9mm Pistol - available in Payback and many subsequent missions
       o .45 Calibre SMG with Taclight - The Wedding, Intensive Care, etc
       o Gold .50 Calibre Pistol - Meet The New Boss
       o .45 Calibre Pistol - Meet The New Boss
       o Assault Rifle with Taclight - Meet The New Boss, Kidnapper case Lead 3
       o Machine Pistol - Loose Ends, Civil Discord, etc
       o .45 Calibre Pistol with Taclight - Intensive Care, The Election
       o Pump Shotgun - Kidnapper case Lead 3, use Police Trunk Key perk on cop car
       o Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher - The Funeral
       o Anti-Riot Shotgun with Tactical Light - Civil Discord, The Election, etc
       o Assault Rifle - Civil Discord (inside restaurant shopfront)
       o Gold .45 Calibre SMG - Triad Highway (in Triad Enforcer Pack DLC)
       Remember: you can do mission replays from the Social Hub menu.
    19 Whatever's Handy [Bronze / 15G]
       "Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies"
       This is the melee counterpart of the previous trophy. You can pick up melee
       weapons (they flash blue when laying on the ground) or disarm opponents.
       It's important to note that you need to get kills with the weapons, so with a
       weapon that lacks durability you might want to deplete an enemy's health with
       unarmed attacks (hold L2 to lock and check their health bar) and then use the
       weapon to finish them off. The triad upgrade Melee Weapon Boost (see Section
       05b) will make your weapons last longer and do more damage.
       Make sure you get kills - keep hitting them until they don't get up! You can
       score the kills on anyone, even pedestrians in freeroam.
       Here's a summary of all the weapons you can find:
       o Crowbar, Kitchen Knife, Tyre Iron, Cleaver* and Baton
         You'll sometimes encounter enemies using these so you can either disarm 
         or kill them to take the weapon. You'll see several of these weapons while
         you're doing the drug busts (see Section 07g).
         You face a crowbar and two kitchen knives during the second phase of the
         fight in the early mission Stick-Up And Delivery.
         You can grab a tyre iron from the trunk of a car you've driven or from any
         unoccupied car you find parked (at the roadside or in a parking lot).
         One of the downstairs caterers has a cleaver during The Wedding mission.
         I don't know if it's counted separately but you use a special gold cleaver
         in the Death By A Thousand Cuts survival mission in the Triad Enforcer Pack
         DLC. The same pack also gives you a Triad Enforcer car and you can collect
         a gold cleaver from its trunk.
         *Foam cleavers were given away as promotional items for Sleeping Dogs. :)
       o Purse, Bag, Briefcase, Grocery Bag and Umbrella
         Pedestrians will often drop these; they'll have umbrellas when it rains.
         These "weapons" have very poor durability but so do pedestrians! Even so
         it's probably best to weaken a target with a punch or two first before then
         using the weapon to finish the job.
         I've only ever seen the grocery bag in the Night Market. It's like a white
         plastic bag full of shopping.
       o Fish
         This one gets its own achievement. (see notes on trophy #11 above)
       o Hand-Grinder
         You'll be able to use this during the Dockyard Heist mission.
       o Machete
         This is available (and unmissable, I think) in The Election mission.
       o Cooking Wok
         SpinelesS reports that you can collect a wok from certain food vendors such
         as the assistant at the quayside Chicken-on-a-Stick stall near the parking
         facility on Aberdeen Island (during daylight hours). I've managed to do it
         there but it's a little temperamental - you can try grabbing the guy or
         shocking him by crashing a car nearby. (Sometimes you can acquire a cleaver
         from the nearby fishmonger too.)
         You can also get a wok from the big food stall (the one that sells Fish
         Dumpling Skewers) in the far south-west corner of the Night Market.
         The wok has good durability and an occasional comedic stun effect.
       o Lightning Warrior Sword
         The Lightning Warrior outfit in the 'Screen Legends' DLC set includes this
         sword which may also count towards this trophy.
       o Peachwood Sword
         The 'Nightmare in North Point' DLC includes peachwood* swords but since you
         have separate save files for that expansion and fewer other weapons are
         available there it's probably best to stick with the main game for this.
       o Beer Bottle and Picket Sign
         You'll encounter these in the 'Year of the Snake' DLC pack but since that
         expansion is also separate from the main game these might not count either.
       *The wood of the peach tree is one of several things traditionally used to
       deal with a Jiang Shi (Chinese vampire), not dissimilar to the idea of using
       a wooden stake through the heart to dispatch a western vampire.
    20 Tourist [Bronze / 10G]
       "Bet on a cockfight"
       There are three locations where you can bet on cockfights (see Section 07i).
       The one with the lowest minimum stake is the one near the bottom-right corner
       of the map - south of North Point - where you can bet as little as HK$500.
    21 Infowlable [Bronze / 15G]
       "Win HK$50,000 on a single cockfight"
       In order to make a profit of HK$50,000 you'll need to go to the cockfighting
       arena at the north of Kennedy Docks - this is the only one where the stakes
       are sufficiently high to win that much. (You can use any of the stakes.)
       If you save before you enter you can use as many attempts as you like until
       you finally get the win (and trophy) and then reload to restore your cash.
    22 Kleptomaniac [Bronze  / 15G]
       "Hijack 5 trucks and collect their cargo"
       This feature of the game becomes available after you get a phone call from
       someone (Tran, I assume). For me it happened after finishing the Payback
       mission, going to sleep and exiting the safehouse area in a car. (You can't
       start collecting cargos until you've got that call.)
       The Knox security company has foolishly decided to stop paying protection
       money to the gang so now their cargos are forfeit. Look out for armoured cars
       with the blue and grey Knox livery (and an orange icon overhead!) and hijack
       them - you can force them off the road and jack them if you want but it's
       easier to use the action hijack (see Section 03a).
       This will earn you Heat (police wanted rating) so you'll need to lose the
       cops. Obviously armoured trucks are pretty heavy and slow so it'd be tricky
       to outrun them and you'll usually be better off using the directional ram to
       put them out of action.
       With the cops gone you're free to deliver the truck to the triad pick-up
       (which will now be marked in orange on your minimap) and collect your reward!
       Do that five times in total to earn this trophy; I made a total of HK$110,000
       from delivering the five trucks required. You can continue to collect them
       and the payouts will increase but so will the level of police response...!
       After several successful hauls you'll need to deal with level 5 Heat every
       time but each truck will be worth the maximum HK$55,000.
       (Although you'll still see the trucks driving around, this diversion is not
       available if you're currently doing a mission or side-mission.)
    23 Sharpshooter [Bronze / 25G]
       "Shoot out a cop's tyres while fleeing in a police chase"
       You'll be able to do this any time you have police vehicles in pursuit and
       you're carrying a firearm which you can use while driving (like a handgun or
       machine-pistol). While driving press L1 to enter slo-mo aiming and then R1 to
       fire. If your target is to your rear you can hold the right stick down for a
       rear view and then hold L1 for a shortcut into reverse aiming.
       I got the trophy during the chase in the Payback mission but you can also get
       it in freeroam when you have a wanted rating (and a gun!) - several of the
       lockbox collectibles contain a pistol (see Section 12c) or you can disarm a
       cop when they start shooting you at Heat level 2.
       Following the version 1.02 update in October 2012 the Gold .50 Calibre Pistol
       (the Desert Eagle clone) becomes permanently available in all your safehouses
       after completing the story so that gives a convenient source of handguns.
    24 Case Closed [Silver / 30G]
       "Complete all cases"
       There are four police cases in the game (see Section 07a). Complete all four
       cases for this silver trophy. Cases are indicated by dark blue map markers.
    25 Mr. Nice Guy* [Silver / 30G]
       "Complete all Favours"
       There are thirty-six favours to complete in the game - see Section 07b for a
       full list. Complete all of them to earn this trophy plus a substantial amount
       of Face XP. Favours are indicated by yellow map markers.
       The five dating side-missions (see Section 07c) count towards this total.
       *Mr. Nice Guy is the title of a 1997 Jackie Chan movie.
    26 Event Driven [Bronze / 20G] - "Complete half of the open-world events"
    27 Event Planner [Bronze / 15G] - "Complete all of the open-world events"
       There are 28 events in the game - the seventeen drug busts (see Section 07g)
       and eleven scripted scenes that only appear on your minimap when you're in
       the immediate area (see Section 07f).
    28 Martial Law [Bronze / 15G] [hidden]
       "Defeat all 4 Martial Arts Clubs"
       There are four "fight club" tournaments in the game (see Section 07e). Beat
       all four of them to earn yourself this trophy along with a big wedge of cash
       and four special movie-inspired outfits.
    29 Wei of the Road [Bronze / 15G]
       "Complete all street races"
       In the standard edition of the game there are a total of seventeen races (see
       Section 07h) and you need to win all of them once each for this trophy.
       You'll do the first couple during the second police case (see Section 07a),
       then most will unlock as you buy vehicles of different classes and the last
       two can be unlocked by doing Sandra's dating side-mission (see Section 07c).
       Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition includes three additional DLC races so it
       has twenty races in total.
    30 Ultimate Fighter* [Bronze / 15G]
       "Unlock ten triad upgrades"
       You earn the right to unlock one new upgrade each time you advance one level
       so you'll need to get to Triad Level 10 (and select all ten perks from the
       triad upgrades tree) to get this trophy.
       Triad Levels, XP and unlocks are covered in Section 05b.
       You'll gain Triad XP from completing story missions. If you wear certain
       combinations of clothing during these you'll get more XP. See Section 09b for
       details of the cheapest sets available.
       I'd recommend using the best Triad XP buffs you have available on all story
       missions with the exception of Listening In and Chain Of Evidence which both
       give only Cop XP (no Triad XP).
       *Ultimate Fighter was the American title of a 1992 SNES game.
    31 Super Cop* [Bronze / 15G]
       "Unlock ten cop upgrades"
       Just like with the previous trophy, you'll need to get to Cop Level 10.
       Cop Levels, XP and unlocks are covered in Section 05a.
       You'll gain Cop XP from completing story missions, drug busts and cases. If
       you wear certain combinations of clothing during these you'll get more XP.
       See Section 09b for details of the cheapest sets available.
       I'd recommend using the best Cop XP buffs you have available while you're
       doing the police cases and leaving the drug busts until you have Face Level 6
       when you can buy the Police Inspector Bonus set for a +15% Cop XP buff.
       *Super Cop is the subtitle (and American title) of a 1992 Jackie Chan film.
    32 North Point Scavenger [Bronze / 20G]
       "Unlock every lockbox in North Point"
    33 Central Scavenger [Bronze / 20G]
       "Unlock every lockbox in Central"
    34 West End Scavenger* [Bronze / 20G]
       "Unlock every lockbox in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen"
       The "hidden package" lockbox collectibles are distributed across the map with
       forty in North Point, thirty in Central and fifteen each in Kennedy Town and
       Aberdeen, so one hundred in total. See Section 12c for more details.
       Completing the dating side-mission for Ilyana (see Section 07c) causes every
       lockbox to be marked on your maps making them *much* easier to find.
       *When I got the West End Scavenger trophy for the second time (on the PS4) it
       happened to pop while PSB's West End Girls was playing on my radio! :)
    35 Bounty Hunter [Bronze / 20G]
       "Complete all of Roland's jobs"
       Roland has a series of five debt collection jobs (see Section 07d) which you
       can start doing after completing the Uncle Po story mission. Just phone him
       each time you want to do a job.
    36 Karaoke Superstar [Bronze / 10G]
       "Achiev[e] 90% [or] above for all songs at the karaoke bars in HK"
       You can play the karaoke minigame at Club Bam Bam in north-west North Point
       and at the K-Bar in Soho, south Central.
       You'll need to complete a few side-missions before you have all eight songs
       available to you. See Section 07k for more details on how to get them and on
       playing the game in general.
    37 Hong Kong Super Hacker [Bronze / 15G]
       "Hack every security camera in the game."
       There are twenty-six surveillance cameras and you can start finding (and
       hacking) them after completing Lead 2 in the Popstar case (see Section 07a).
       See Sections 07g and 12d for more info on camera locations.
    38 Fashion Victim [Bronze / 15G]
       "Purchase all clothing"
       For this trophy you need to acquire every clothing and accessory item from
       all thirteen shops (see Section 09a).
       In the Definitive Edition you also need to buy all the special outfits and
       hats/masks from the Legendary Outfits stall on the market.
       The final Face advantage at Face Level 10 (see Section 05c) gives you a 40%
       discount off shop prices so you can save yourself a lot of money by leaving
       the majority of your purchases until late in the game. (However you should
       definitely invest in the items that give Triad XP and Face XP buffs.)
       If you think you've already bought everything and the trophy hasn't popped
       you can check your progress under Statistics \ Assets \ Clothing off the
       pause menu. If you are missing an item of clothing or an accessory then check
       through the shop lists in Section 09a above (or use the search function) to
       find the store that sells the item/s that you need.
       I've seen several reports of the checklist showing a missing item even though
       the player has cleared all the shops and collected all lockboxes; invariably
       this will be one of the various items that can be obtained from lockboxes.
       However this does not prevent you from achieving this trophy - while playing
       the Definitive Edition I had two items "missing" and still got the trophy.
    39 Spiritual Healing [Bronze / 15G]
       "Pray at all of the health shrines"
       There are fifty health shrines across the map - find and activate all of them
       to get yourself this trophy (plus a nice total health bonus of +100%).
       After meeting Amanda in the mission of the same name you can complete a short
       dating side-mission with her (see Section 07c) which unlocks the ability to
       have all shrine locations marked on your map.
       See Section 12a for a quick list of health shrine locations.
    40 Auto Enthusiast [Bronze / 10G]
       "Purchase all vehicles"
       There are four vehicle vendors in the game (white car icons on the map) and
       you need to buy everything that's available from them to get this trophy.*
       The vendors and vehicles are all detailed in Section 08. Some vehicles have a
       minimum Face Level requirement so you won't be able to buy all of them until
       you achieve Face Level 7.
       Also you'll need a lot of money of course. The best way to make a lot of cash
       is by completing Tran's car theft missions (see Section 07d).
       It's best to leave the majority of your vehicle purchases until you reach
       Face Level 10 because then you'll have unlocked the final Face advantage (see
       Section 05c) which gives you a 40% discount. You can combine this with the
       Master Negotiator clothing set (see Section 09b) which gives you a further
       15% discount on vehicle prices.
       The combination of those two effects is very significant and will save you a
       ton of money. For example the standard price for the Terre GT is HK$280,100
       but with the combined 55% discount you pay only HK$126,045 for it! :D
       *In the Definitive Edition of the game the vehicle completion list includes
       all the DLC vehicles but these are not required for the trophy.
    41 Slight Silver [Bronze / 5G] - "Achieve 5 silver stat awards"
    42 Substantial Silver [Bronze / 15G] - "Achieve 15 silver stat awards"
    43 Solid Silver [Silver / 35G] - "Achieve 30 silver stat awards"
    44 Strike Gold [Bronze / 5G] - "Achieve 1 gold stat award"
    45 Gold Rush [Bronze / 10G] - "Achieve 5 gold stat awards"
    46 Golden Touch [Silver / 30G] - "Achieve 15 gold stat awards"
    47 Pure Gold [Gold / 60G] - "Achieve 30 gold stat awards"
       These seven trophies are awarded for certain levels of achievement in the
       various stat awards (see Section 10).
       Without DLC, there are thirty stat awards in total so you'll need to complete
       all of them if you want to get all these trophies.
       You'll probably need to make an effort to boost the following stat awards:
       - Fluid Striker (freerunning attacks)
       - Lucky Shooter (blindfire kills)
       - Ninja (sneak kills)
       - Bonebreaker (arm/leg break moves)
       - Handyman (kills with melee weapons)
       - Disarming (enemy weapons disarmed)
       - Deadeye (kills with thrown melee weapons)
       - Reckless Driver (time spend driving Class A cars at top speed)
       - Wrecker (number of cars damaged until they explode)
       - Gambler (profit made from gambling)
       - Rogue Cop (cops killed at Heat level 2 or above)
       (See my notes in Section 10 for more details and discussion of all these.)
       Alternatively the 'Zodiac Tournament' DLC adds two new stat awards that also
       count towards your totals for trophy completion.
    48 Rookie [Bronze/ 10G]
       "Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favours, events, jobs and races"
    49 Officer [Bronze / 15G]
       "Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favours, events, jobs and races"
    50 Detective [Silver / 35G]
       "Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favours, events, jobs and races"
    51 Chief Inspector [Bronze / 75G]
       "Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favours, events, jobs and races"
       In the standard edition of the game you need to complete the following:
       Missions - 30 story missions (see Section 06)
          Cases -  4 cases (see Section 07a)
        Favours - 31 favours (see Section 07b) 
                   5 dating missions (see Section 07c)
         Events - 17 drug busts (see Section 07g)
                   3 "Hit and Run" events (see Section 07f)
                   4 "Loitering" events (see Section 07f)
                   4 "Junk in the Trunk" events (see Section 07f)
          Jobs* - 20 car thefts (see Section 07d)
                   5 debt collections (see Section 07d)
                   4 martial arts clubs (see Section 07e)
         Races* - 17 races (see Section 07h)
       If you get glitched with less than 100% after doing everything try beating a
       martial arts club again (and doing a DLC mission if you have one).
       In the Definitive Edition you're also required to complete all missions, jobs
       and races from the bundled DLC (apart from the standalone 'Nightmare in North
       Point' and 'Year of the Snake' expansions). Here's a completion list:
       Missions - 30 story missions (see Section 06)
                   4 'Zodiac Tournament' missions (see Section 15)
                   5 'Wheels of Fury' missions** (see Section 15)
                   2 'Triad Highway' missions (see Section 15)
                     High Speed mission (see Section 14)
                     Shaolin Showdown mission (see Section 14)
          Cases -  4 cases (see Section 07a)
        Favours - 31 favours (see Section 07b) 
                   5 dating missions (see Section 07c)
         Events - 17 drug busts (see Section 07g)
                   3 "Hit and Run" events (see Section 07f)
                   4 "Loitering" events (see Section 07f)
                   4 "Junk in the Trunk" events (see Section 07f)
          Jobs* - 20 car thefts (see Section 07d)
                   5 debt collections (see Section 07d)
                   4 martial arts clubs (see Section 07e)
                  20 cop jobs (see Section 07d)
         Races* - 17 races (see Section 07h)
                   3 DLC races (see Section 07h) - Kamikaze, Harbor Run and Enduro 
       Collectibles (see Section 12) are not required so you can get 100% completion
       here without having to get all the lockboxes, shrines, etc. Assets (vehicles
       and clothes) are not needed for this trophy either.
       *Remember the in-game job and race stats always count one extra!
       **The eight Cruise/Derby events are not required for 100% completion.
    | Section 11b | DLC Trophies                                              s11b |
    The 'Nightmare in North Point' and 'Year of the Snake' DLC expansions both add
    new PSN trophies to Sleeping Dogs.
    As noted above, DLC trophies are not required to achieve the platinum.
                              ( Nightmare in North Point )
    The following five trophies were added in late October 2012 and all relate to
    the 'Nightmare in North Point' expansion (see Section 14). It is not possible to
    achieve any of them without having that DLC installed on your console.
    52 Pet Cemetery [Bronze / 15G] [hidden]
       You get this for completing the penultimate mission, Ghosts Of The Past.
       (I've intentionally omitted the description for this trophy as it contains
       spoilers for the storyline of the main game.)
    53 I Can Haz Banishment* [Gold / 50G] [hidden]
       "Banish Smiley Cat"
       You get this for completing the final mission, Smiley Cat.
       *Even Chinese ghosts know basic conversational Lolcat. :)
    54 Ghosts and Stuff* [Silver / 20G]
       "Complete all secondary content"
       There are three types of event that will be added to your map as you progress
       through the missions. Complete all of these to earn this trophy.
       The rewards for completing these are outfits and vehicles (see lists below)
       but all of them are straight copies from the main game with the exception of
       the Shaolin Warrior outfit from the Martial Arts Pack pre-order bonus DLC.
       The Hell Shrines (see trophy #56 below) are not required for this trophy.
       o Yaoguai events
         A purple "vortex" map marker indicates the presence of a Yaoguai demon and
         some Jiang Shi vampires. Defeat all of them to complete the objective.
         - Yaoguai Alley unlocks Shaolin Warrior outfit
         - Yaoguai Pier unlocks Manhattan Melee outfit
         - Yaoguai Parking unlocks Monk outfit
       o Jiang Shi events
         A turquoise vortex marks a group of vampires around an "energy source". You
         need to close the portal by throwing Jiang Shi into it - this works exactly
         like an environment attack so press O to grapple one then either tap O or
         hold X (run) to throw them. Don't use the R2 throw, that doesn't work.
         After completing the objective a peachwood sword will appear.
         - Jiang Shi Street unlocks Blast car
         - Jiang Shi Court unlocks Bisai car
         - Street Jiang Shi unlocks Neo V car
         - Jiang Shi Overpass unlocks Drag 979 motorbike
       o Rescue events
         A turquoise version of the standard "favour" marker shows the location of a
         civilian who's been abducted and restrained by a group of Jiang Shi. Defeat
         them to liberate the citizen.
         After completing the objective a peachwood sword will appear.
         - Jiang Shi Basketball unlocks Shen Zen outfit
         - Jiang Shi Parks unlocks The Bon Gak outfit
         - Jiang Shi Garage unlocks Part Time Assassin outfit
       *Presumably a reference to the 2008 Deadmau5 track "Ghosts 'n' Stuff".
    55 Cursed Gold [Bronze / 15G]
       "Achieve 5 Gold Awards"
       This is the undead counterpart of Pure Gold (trophy #47) above. The Nightmare
       DLC has the following five exclusive new stat awards and you need to obtain
       the Gold rank in all of them to get this trophy.
       o Vampire Hunter
         This is the total number of Jiang Shi (hopping vampires) you've killed.
         Requirements - Bronze: 50 kills / Silver: 100 kills / Gold: 200 kills
         The easiest way to boost your kills is at an "energy source" where you'll
         find Jiang Shi respawning indefinitely (at least until you close the portal
         by throwing several vampires into it). You'll encounter several of these
         while playing through the DLC missions and at the four Jiang Shi freeroam
         events (see trophy #54).
         If you've completed all of those you'll need to hunt for vampires around
         North Point - just drive around and watch for the red enemy icon/s on your
         minimap. Often these will indicate a small party of Jiang Shi. You'll find
         groups of them lurking in several back-alleys.
       o Demon Hunter
         This is the total number of Yaoguai (glowing demons) you've killed.
         Requirements - Bronze: 5 kills / Silver: 10 kills / Gold: 20 kills
         You'll pick up a number of demon kills as you progress through the story
         missions (and Yaoguai events) but after completing them you'll probably
         find that you're a few short of the twenty target.
         Just like with the vampires, you should drive around the map looking for
         the red enemy markers - a single map marker usually marks the location of a
         peachwood sword. As soon as you pick up the sword a demon will appear, but
         he'll be unaccompanied and easy to dispatch with the sword.
         You can only damage a Yaoguai with a peachwood sword or with melee attacks
         when your Face meter is automatically activated after filling the gauge by
         attacking/killing other enemies.
       o Demonic Exorcism
         This is the total number of Yaoguai killed using a peachwood sword.
         Requirements - Bronze: 5 kills / Silver: 10 kills / Gold: 15 kills
         You'll find peachwood swords at various points during the story and also
         after completing the Jiang Shi and Hostage events (see trophy #54 again).
         These don't have infinite durability so save them for the demons.
         You can boost this total at the same time as the previous one.
       o Hard To Get
         This is number of times you've avoided a vampire bite attack.
         Requirements - Bronze: 30 times / Silver: 60 times / Gold: 100 times
         The Jiang Shi have a number of different attacks including a slash, a shove
         and a kick but sometimes instead they grab your shoulders, tilt their head
         back then try to bite you (if you're facing away from them they'll start by
         turning you around to face them).
         You can avoid these attacks simply by using the counter system so watch out
         for a vampire glowing red and press Triangle as usual. If you successfully
         counter a bite attack it'll count towards this total.* It's very easy to
         farm this total at any time during or after the story.
         (The new Unsatisfied Hunger stat records your record time for a continuous
         fight against vampires without getting bitten.)     
         *If you fail to counter a bite attack you need to shake the left-stick from
         side to side to escape. After several deaths - despite some frantic stick-
         waggling - I learned that you need to do this relatively slowly! Try to
         copy the speed of the on-screen prompt.
       o Underworld Offerings
         This is the number of Hell Money Shrines you've found.
         Requirements - Bronze: 2 shrines / Silver: 5 shrines / Gold: 10 shrines
         Finding all ten shrines is also the requirement for Hell Money (trophy #56)
         so see below for more details including shrine locations.
    56 Hell Money [Silver / 25G]
       "Find all the money shrines"
       There are ten Hell Money Shrines hidden around the map and you can activate
       them in the same way as the health shrines in the main game.
       These dark brown, three-legged, waist-height crucibles will become available
       after completing the Chinese Magic mission. (After activating your first one
       you gain a new ability - you have a chance of doing fire damage whenever you
       strike an enemy when your Face meter is active. The chance of a fire attack
       increases as you find more shrines.)
       Each undiscovered shrine burns with a bright green flame which makes it more
       easy to find them and some of them (indicated below) are guarded by a small
       group of vampires which will appear on your minimap when near (red icons).
       01. Immediately outside the safehouse entrance.
       02. At the front of the North Pier building due south of Yau Ling Courts.
       03. In a small chainlink fence compound north-west of the southern vehicle
           vendor (a couple of blocks north-east of Yao Ling Park). Access the area
           via the roadside gate on the west side.
       04. On the east side of the ice cream / toilets building just above the "Yau"
           in the Yau Ling Courts map label.
       05. Outside the last building on the right as you drive out to the warehouse
           on the peninsula south of Waterfront and east of the secret police HQ.
       06. In the little area with two buildings immediately south of the Waterfront
           (and east of the fire station) next to a boat and a truck.
       07. In the alley on the south-east side of Club Bam Bam.
       08. In the big alley south of the parking garage in north-west North Point,
           due west from Club Bam Bam.
       09. In the north-east corner of the bus station yard, opposite the other
           North Pier building in the north-east corner of North Point.
       10. In the alley adjacent to the triangular traffic-island in the north-east
           (look out for the triangle shape south-east of the Kam Chuk Overpass).
                                 ( Year of the Snake )
    These last four trophies were added in February 2013 for the 'Year of the Snake'
    DLC expansion that was released the following month (see Section 14).
    Unlike 'Nightmare in North Point' there is no requirement to complete the new
    stat awards in this expansion.
    These DLC trophies were completely broken in the American and Asian territories
    at launch but they were eventually fixed in the 1.04 patch a whole month later.
    57 Bomb Squad [Bronze / 15G] [hidden]
       "Complete the first mission"
       You receive this after completing the mission End Of The World.
       See Section 15 below for walkthroughs of all the missions, jobs and favours
       in the 'Year of the Snake' expansion.
    58 Cult Master [Gold / 50G] [hidden]
       "Defeat the cultists"
       You receive this after completing the final mission New Year's Eve.
    59 Hong Kong's Finest [Silver / 20G]
       "Complete all secondary content"
       You earn this one by completing all the jobs (pale blue icons) and favours
       (yellow icons) in the 'Year of the Snake' expansion.
       In total there are eight jobs and four favours and they unlock as you play
       through the missions. They are all detailed in the Section 15 walkthroughs.
       You are not required to complete the five new stat awards for this trophy -
       which is good news since farming 200 arrests would be quite tedious!
    60 Goodie Monster [Bronze / 15G]
       "Find all the evidence collectibles"
       There are twenty evidence bags to find across Aberdeen, Central and Kennedy
       Town (there are none in North Point).
       I've listed all twenty locations below although at some point (after beating
       the final mission in the DLC I assume) these locations will be marked on your
       minimap and the collectibles view of the main map - grey icons are ones you
       still need to collect.
                                        Central (Evidence Bags)
       01. This one's on a large flat roof near the east end of the rooftop chase
           route south of the K-Bar in Soho.
       02. Visit Central Station in south-east Central (between Soho and Sui Shan
           Alley), head behind the building and up all the stairs to find this one.
       03. The map icon for this one is hidden quite effectively under the map label
           for Tsim Shan Shan Alley in north-west Soho. Go to the far north-east
           corner of the police station compound and you'll find this evidence bag
           next to a small building (just upstairs from the noodle seller).
       04. Go to Wei's Central apartment and you'll find this one at the back of the
           ground-floor entrance lobby.
       05. Look for the back-alley that starts just north-east of the Commercial
           District map label and runs to the east. At the west end of the alley you
           will see a grand shop entrance with two columns and the bag is there.
       06. Go to the single square building midway between Government House and the
           Drainage Outflow Hub and you'll discover this one at the northern corner.
       07. Continue north to the big roundabout (the large circle on the map next to
           the sea) and the bag is behind the wedding shop on the east side.
       08. Immediately to the south-east of the Business District map label is a big
           inverted "U" shape. You'll find this bag inside the massive lobby there,
           in the south-west corner on a sofa behind the elevators.
       09. This one's also in a lobby, this time in the octagonal building located
           to the north-west of the Business District, next to a big sculpture.
       10. Head west to the big park, look for a waterfall in the north-west corner
           and you should see this bag just to the south.
       11. For the last one in Central drive down to the hospital in south-west
           Central and check the south-east corner of the reception foyer.
                                      Kennedy Town (Evidence Bags)
       01. Go to the north-east corner of Kennedy Docks and you'll find this on top
           of the middle one of the three big stacks of cargo containers.
       02. This one's in the south-west corner of a plaza just to the south of "ing"
           in the Sun Yat Housing Complex map label in north-east Kennedy; it's on
           higher ground enclosed by a tall white wall.
       03. From there follow the alley south, across the courtyard and down the
           alley that runs south-west. You should see an enclosed seating area with
           some red paper lanterns and the evidence bag is at the far end.
       04. In the open area south of the parking facility in south Kennedy you'll
           find this one under one of the baskets on a basketball court.
       05. This last one is in the cemetery between Kennedy Town and Aberdeen. Go
           through the building, up three flights of stairs and the bag is next to a
           water feature to your left.
                                        Aberdeen (Evidence Bags)
       01. Go to the Aberdeen Pier building in north-west Aberdeen and you'll find
           this bag upstairs at the rear.
       02. This is easily the trickiest of the twenty. Go to the main waterfront
           area to the west of the Yen Yen Foo Long Underpass map label. About half
           way along (west-east) there's a large houseboat where the upper floor has
           no walls, a shallow pitched roof and lots of little lanterns hanging -
           the evidence bag is in the centre of the floor there.
           To access it you'll need to jump between nearby structures. Start on the
           brown boat to the south-east with some fishing baskets on the deck. If
           you scramble up onto the roof of the cabin you should be able to see the
           evidence bag flashing. Jump west onto the next roof and again onto the
           next one, then you can jump north onto the big houseboat.
       03. Inside the big fishmarket building under the north end of the bridge over
           to Aberdeen Island, this evidence bag is in one of the far corners.
       04. Okay, so this one isn't actually in Aberdeen but I didn't want to start a
           new section. ;) It can be found on the offshore casino barge way to the
           south of the main Hong Kong Island. Go to the coast and find yourself a
           boat, sail out to the barge, climb onto it, go to the south-west corner,
           take the stairs down and you can't miss it.
           It's easiest to get this one when you visit the barge during the story.
    | Section 12 | COLLECTIBLES                                                s12 |
    This section covers the various things to collect (or find) in the game. There
    are fifty shrines (to increase your max health), eleven statues (to unlock new
    combos), one hundred lockboxes (various rewards) and twenty-six surveillance
    cameras (which you can hack into and then use to assist the police).
    You can start hunting shrines and lockboxes from the start of the game but the
    statues and cameras unlock a little later as you play through the story.
    The good news here is that you can unlock the ability to have all four types of
    collectibles DISPLAYED ON YOUR MINIMAP. :D They'll appear there as grey icons.
    (They'll also appear on the Collectibles View on the main map screen - white
    icons are ones you've found, grey icons again are ones you haven't got yet.)
    These abilities are unlocked individually by completing the dating side-missions
    so I would recommend that you do all those as soon as possible - and not waste
    too much time hunting for stuff beforehand.
    (Conversely if you crave "the thrill of the chase" you might prefer to leave the
    dating until later so you can explore the map and find everything yourself.)
                Girl | Mission where you meet her | Collectibles on minimap
              Amanda |           Amanda           | Health Shrines
             Tiffany |        Bam Bam Club        | Jade Statues
            Not-Ping |        Listening In        | Surveillance Cameras
              Ilyana |      Important Visitor     | Lockboxes
    After meeting each girl you'll need to complete her side-mission in order to get
    her collectibles radar cheat. In most cases you'll need to phone her to arrange
    the date. (see Section 07c for more details)
    Even though it's easy enough to unlock the collectible minimap radar cheats I've
    still provided full lists of locations in this section. I've tried to describe
    these relative to map icons (specifically ones that are present throughout the
    game) and to the smaller text labels which appear when you zoooooom on the map.
    The 'Nightmare in North Point' DLC adds ten Hell Money Shrines to find. For the
    locations of these check trophy #56 in Section 11b above.
    The 'Zodiac Tournament' DLC pack adds twelve Fire Opal Statues to collect. I've
    written the locations of these into my walkthrough in Section 15.
    The 'Year of the Snake' expansion adds twenty Evidence Bags. The locations of
    these are given in the notes on trophy #60 in Section 11b.
    | Section 12a | Health Shrines                                            s12a |
    Scattered across Hong Kong Island are fifty health shrines. (There are 15 in
    North Point, 15 in Central, 10 in Aberdeen and 10 in Kennedy Town)
    These are about one metre tall and coloured red with a little gold roof and a
    bright flashing light (like a miniature lighthouse) so they're pretty hard to
    miss. When you approach and activate a shrine Wei Shen will light an incense
    stick and say a quick prayer, bowing a few times. If you find a shrine that is
    not flashing that means it's one that you've done already.
    It's worth taking the time to get all these because for every five shrines you
    activate you get a permanent +10% increase to the size of your health bar. Once
    you've found all fifty health shrines you'll have the maximum +100% bonus.
    Tip: After finishing the dating side-mission Photograph Amanda (see Section 07c)
         the location of any nearby health shrines will be marked on your minimap!
    Although I would strongly recommend that you use Amanda's cheat, for the sake of
    completeness I've included a list of shrine locations here. I've listed these in
    a vaguely sensible order so you can collect them without too much backtracking;
    I've also tried to keep the directions fairly brief but hopefully still clear -
    if you think any description needs expanding or clarifying please let me know.
                                      North Point (Health Shrines)
    01. To the north-east of the south-west corner in the Night Market, opposite the
        big staircase with the two green vending machines.
    02. Immediately to your right as you exit your safehouse building.
    03. Go to the temple in west North Point, climb the wall into the compound and
        progress up the stairs and through the round gate. Stop just before you get
        to the stairs up to the temple building, go left (south) and look around the
        corner to the right.
    04. Starting from the same position on the temple steps, go right (north), vault
        up the ledge and the shrine's right in front of you.
    05. Drive one block north from the main temple gate and the shrine's at the
        first road junction on the right-hand side.
    06. Get to Club Bam Bam, head west to the big footbridge then look to the north-
        west - you should see a big flight of stairs up to a pedestrian area. Climb
        those and you'll find the next shrine at the top on the left.
    07. Find the massage parlour in the north of the district, near the Lok Fu Park
        map label. The shrine is immediately to the south of this.
    08. This is on one of the rooftop chase routes. Go to the west end of the big
        footbridge at Kam Chuk Gardens in northern North Point. Ascend three sets of
        stairs then, instead of going east over the bridge, go south. Follow the
        route and when you reach the roof of the bridge take the stairs up on the
        right. Follow the path over several rooftops and you'll see the shrine.
    09. Go to the big freeway interchange due east of Lu Mei Alley. The shrine is
        next to the on-ramp on the eastern side of the junction.
    10. Drive out to the Top Glamour Imports island (east of the vehicle vendor).
        After crossing the bridge into the island, take the first right, then first
        left and drive straight on - you should see the shrine flashing ahead.
    11. Go to the parking facility nearest the Waterfront map label and head north
        past the fire station. Take the first right and the shrine's in a little
        nook on the left, not far from the main road.
    12. Start at the same car park but this time go south and take the first left.
        Follow the wide track as it curves right then left. When you pass a couple
        of trucks on the left you'll see the shrine ahead to the east.
    13. This one's hard to miss in the south side of the compound outside the under-
        ground police HQ in the south-east, behind the parking facility.
    14. Go to the southern-most parking garage in North Point and drive south from
        there. You'll soon see the shrine on the right side of the street.
    15. Get to the large circular freeway loop that lies west of the cockfighting
        arena on the south-west outskirts of North Point. The shrine is tucked away
        there behind a waterfront boathouse (on its northern side). (It's directly
        beneath the freeway loop, at 12 o'clock if the loop was a clockface.)
                                        Central (Health Shrines)
    01. This one's on the quayside in north-east Central under the first "O" in the
        Drainage Outflow Hub label. (it's not inside the sewer tunnel)
    02. Go to parking facility to the north-east of the vehicle vendor. The large
        circular structure there is a cool raised walkway and the shrine is inside.
        Enter from the stairs to the east and you can't miss it.
    03. Go to the clothing store that's due north of the vehicle vendor. Head out of
        the shop and across the road junction - the shrine is on your right.
    04. This time go to the clothing store north-west of the vehicle vendor. Drive
        south-east away from the shop, take the first left and stop. You'll see a
        raised walkway to your right accessed by steps - the shrine's up there.
    05. Find the large Central station building that's a couple of blocks due west
        of the vehicle vendor. From the station entrance look east and you'll see a
        large building with billboards. Drive round to the far (north) side of that
        block and use the scaffold with the green tarps to climb into the building
        site. Follow a long route of jumps and climbs and you'll eventually reach
        the shrine. (you'll go this way in the Conflicted Loyalties mission)
    06. Go to Tsim Shan Shan Alley in north-west Soho. There's a police station
        there and you'll find the shrine in the north-west corner of the compound.
    07. Head over to Victoria Park and explore the large building (wedding venue)
        that's shaped like an inverted "Y" on the map. The shrine is at the back, by
        the north-west corner of the north wing, down some steps.
    08. There's an ornamental lake in the southern half of Victoria Park and the
        shrine is positioned on a bridge that crosses it.
    09. This one's just to the north of the main entrance into Central hospital,
        next to a green Dragon Kick vending machine.
    10. In the south-west corner of the northern half of Victoria Park there's an
        area with hedges, flower beds and boardwalks - the shrine is on a concrete
        platform towards the west side of the park.
    11. The last five are all in the Business District. Drive over to the large
        inverted "U" shape just south-east of the Business District map label and
        look to the north - you should see a small shopping arcade with the shrine
        outside between some benches.
    12. Go the building to the north-west of the Government House label - you will
        need to be up on the walkways, not at street-level. The shrine is on the
        north-east corner of the building, opposite the row of big red HKWB Plaza
        banners that you can see from the street below.
    13. This one's at the south-east corner of Government House, located roughly in
        the middle of the two words Government House on the map label. This is an
        older building with columns, archways and raised planters. You'll need to go
        up onto the little walkway around the building to find the shrine.
    14. Look to the north of the "G" in Government House and you'll see a small pier
        protruding into the ocean. The shrine is at the end of this next to a ramp.
    15. Look for the large circular structure north-east of the Government House.
        There's a wedding shop on the east side and the shrine is north from there.
                                      Kennedy Town (Health Shrines)
    01. Starting in the north-west of the district, you'll find the first shrine
        under the "K" in Wong's Parking. It's up on a small paved pedestrian plaza.
    02. This one's in a pedestrian area just south-east of the freeway on-ramp near
        the south-east corner of the docks compound. It's roughly south-east from
        the vehicle vendor icon and south of the "W" in Wong's Parking.
    03. You'll need to head deep into the docks for this one. Check the map and you
        will see two parallel jetties to the south-west of the "K" in Kennedy Docks.
        The shrine is at the end of the more southerly of the two.
    04. The next two are around the Kennedy Pier building in south-west Kennedy (by
        the waterfront and due west from the south KT parking facility). One way to
        find it is to drive from Aberdeen along the freeway, take the first exit for
        Kennedy Town on the left and drive off the freeway through the construction
        barriers - you'll drop down right next to it.
        The first shrine here is on the upper floor of the front (east) side of the
        building. You might expect to have to climb but there are stairs at the rear
        of the building and you can just follow the balcony around to the front.
    05. From there head south-west and you'll see a metal ramp into the sea. It's
        actually a roof so jump down and you'll find the shrine under it. (after you
        get the shrine swim south-west so you can climb onto the jetty)
    06. The next one is halfway along the pedestrian plaza that runs south from the
        "sing" in the Sun Yat Housing Complex map label. Look out for the Dragon
        Kick promo girls and the shrine is to their east.
    07. This is an easy one - on the street outside the gate leading to Two Chin's
        estate in south-east Kennedy. Just look for the Two Chin's House map label.
    08. Investigate the circular structure in the southern-most part of Kennedy Town
        and you'll find a large paved plaza. The shrine is in the north-east corner
        of this area, at ground level, next to a large staircase.
    09. The last two for Kennedy Town are in the cemetery to the south. This one's
        in the north-west corner of the parking lot, next to a tree.
    10. The other one is at the far north-east corner of the cemetery site, half
        hidden behind the little mausoleum there. (you can get this easily at the
        start of the firefight in the mission The Funeral)
                                        Aberdeen (Health Shrines)
    01. This first one is on the Aberdeen Pier building located west of the south-
        west corner of the Aberdeen road network. Just like the Kennedy Pier one,
        it's up on the balcony and there are stairs at the rear of the building.
    02. This is in the waterside Warehouse area in north-west Aberdeen, just to the
        east of the Warehouse label. It's behind a mountain of shipping crates.
    03. Drive down the winding road in north-east Aberdeen and where it meets the
        main road at a T-junction to the south you'll find the shrine next to a big
        red gateway.
    04. Go to the large city block that's directly west of the parking facility.
        There's a path cutting through the centre with large traditional Chinese
        gates at either end. The shrine is by the steps at the northern end.
    05. This is north-east of the waterfront massage parlour but up at street-level.
    06. The next shrine is on the large flat roof of a big houseboat moored in the
        harbour. It's due west from the massage parlour and due south of the final
        "E" in the Warehouse map label far to the north. You can access the roof by
        climbing onto the building to the north-east and leaping across.
    07. This is on a short jetty to the north-west of the Fish Market label.
    08. The final three are all on Aberdeen Island so head over the bridge. This one
        is in the far south-east corner of the waterfront area near the car park. If
        you have the Aberdeen houseboat safehouse unlocked it's south-east of that.
    09. Drive around to the far side of the island and stop roughly south of the "A"
        on the Aberdeen Island label. You'll see stairs and a large concrete plaza
        to the north of the road and the shrine is up there in the corner.
    10. The final one is located off the coast of the island, south of the "R" in
        the Aberdeen Island label. It would take ages to swim so you'll want to grab
        a boat - I found a little speedboat moored directly north-east of the car
        park. You'll find a building there and the shrine's on the nearby jetty.
             [Activating all fifty shrines earns you the Spiritual Healing trophy.]
    | Section 12b | Jade Statues                                              s12b |
    In order to earn all the new moves in the melee training unlock tree you'll need
    to find the eleven lost jade zodiac statues* and return them to Sifu Kwok at his
    martial arts school (see Section 05d). You'll be able to start doing this after
    meeting Sifu during the Amanda mission.
    Although you can collect *most* of them in freeroam beforehand, the locations of
    the statues will be made very clear to you as you play through the main story
    and police cases. I've noted below the name of the mission/case where it's very
    easy to pick up the statue while you're passing the appropriate area.
    Tip: After finishing the dating side-mission Tiffany's Song (see Section 07c)
         the location of any nearby jade statues will be marked on your minimap!
    Whenever you have a statue in your possession the map icon for the dojo will
    turn green (jade!) and the task of returning the statue to Sifu will be added to
    your current objectives. When you enter the building you'll automatically be
    prompted to select which new combo you want to unlock and then you'll have to
    demonstrate to the teacher that you've mastered its use. (If you're struggling
    to complete a combo try varying the timing of your button presses.)
    Instead of returning to the dojo each time you might prefer to wait until you've
    found several statues. If you choose to do that (since you can only redeem one
    statue per visit) you'll need to keep re-entering the dojo until you've handed
    over all the statues you were carrying.
    The statues are displayed in Sifu's cabinet in   Rat     Ox       Tiger  Rabbit
    the traditional zodiac sequence (running left    Dragon  Snake    Horse  Sheep
    to right, top to bottom) starting with Rat.      Monkey  Rooster  Dog    Pig
    Here's a list of statue locations:
    o Ox - inside a locked cupboard in Two Chin's mansion
           (unmissable objective during Bad Luck mission) - unavailable before
    o Tiger - on the counter of the bridal store in north Central, on the large
              circular map feature to the north-east of the Government House label
              (available during Bride To Be mission)
    o Rabbit - inside the building at the cemetery in north-west Aberdeen
               (available during The Funeral mission)
    o Dragon - on the bar in the upstairs VIP lounge at Club Bam Bam, North Point
               (available during Club Bam Bam mission)
    o Snake - at the Waterfront area in eastern North Point, on the back of the boat
              moored nearest to shore on the north side of the northern-most jetty
              (available during Lead 3 in Popstar case)
    o Horse - on a table near the window in Vivienne's apartment
              (available in the Conflicted Loyalties mission) - unavailable before
    o Sheep - on the altar in the main temple building in western North Point, to
              the north-west of the two apothecaries
              (available during Bride To Be mission)
    o Monkey - on one of the red tables inside the offshore gambling den, located to
               the north-west off the coast of Central
               (available during Lead 2 of the Kidnapper case)**
    o Rooster - at the end of the bar in the K-Bar venue in Soho, south Central
                (available during Important Visitor mission)
    o Dog - on a counter at the back of the upstairs storeroom at the Golden Koi
            (available during Listening In mission)
    o Pig - on the main reception counter at Central Hospital, south-west Central
            (available during Lead 2 in Serial Killer case)
    *Of course there are twelve Chinese birthsigns but Sifu already has the statue
    for Rat so you have eleven left to find. If you want to know your birthsign then
    check the table here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_zodiac#Years
    (In most cases you only need to look at the appropriate year but, since Chinese
    new year falls in January or February in the western calendar, if you were born
    near the start of the year you'll need to check the dates. For example 1990 was
    the year of the Horse but technically this didn't begin until 27 January 1990 so
    if you were born on 14 January 1990 your sign would be the previous one: Snake.)
    **You can gain early access to this location by completing the favour Riffraff
    Disposal. Wait until you see the yellow icon there and take a boat out to it.
    | Section 12c | Lockboxes                                                 s12c |
    Hidden around the four districts of Hong Kong Island are one hundred lockboxes.
    (40 in North Point, 30 in Central and 15 each in Aberdeen and Kennedy Town)
    These are similar to the good ol' "hidden package" collectibles from GTA III -
    each is about the size of a briefcase or shoebox, coloured blue and flashing to
    attract your attention. Each new lockbox gives you a handy cash bonus (often
    HK$5,000) - in total you should get about HK$720,000 from the lockboxes. You'll
    occasionally get a clothing item, outfit or weapon in addition to the money.
    Tip: After finishing the dating side-mission Make Ilyana Sweat (see Section 07c)
         the location of any nearby lockboxes will be marked on your minimap!
    Even with Ilyana's cheat active there are a few that might catch you out:
    o some are in coastal tunnels that are accessed from the sea
    o two are at the offshore gambling dens (scroll far north/south on the map)
    o one is cunningly hidden under the "E" in the Victoria Peak map label
    I've given a list of locations below; like the health shrines, these are in a
    fairly sensible order if you want to collect them all in one sweep. The contents
    of each lockbox is given along with the following tags:
    [combo] = this lockbox has a combination lock (turn the dial in the direction
              indicated, slow when it turns yellow and stop when it goes green)
    [thugs] = this lockbox is guarded by a group of thugs and you will need to kill
              them to gain access (watch for the red man icon on your minimap)
    [thugs nearby] = there are thugs but you can often bypass them and open the box
    [drug bust] = this lockbox is at a drug bust location (pale blue shield icon)
                                      North Point (Lockboxes)
    01. The first five are in the Night Market in the centre of the district. You
        can find this one by starting at the parking facility to the east, taking
        the stairs opposite into the market (go up the right side of the steps so
        you turn right into the market) and it's on the right behind a wall pillar.
    02. This is on the north side of the market, just north of the "K" in the Night
        Market map label. Find the Roast Duck stall and look behind the unattended
        clothing stall to the east.
    03. Continue west along the north side of the market and strop when you reach
        the "G" in Night Market on the map. Look for a gap on the south side with
        some concrete steps leading to a big flight of stairs up. Climb the steps,
        go through the gate and hang two rights immediately at the top. Follow the
        little passage and the box is on the left at the end.
    04. This one's a little easier to explain - it's in the far south-west corner of
        the Night Market, behind one of those little electronics stalls.
    05. In the south part of the market (south of the "N" in Night Market) there's
        an open area with a large staircase to the east with two vending machines.
        There's a health shrine opposite this to the north and a smaller staircase -
        take this up and you'll find the lockbox on the balcony.
        [HK$5,000 and Stiddaroli Black shoes]
    06. Leaving the market, the next lockbox is on a rooftop near the Golden Koi.
        Get to the back of the restaurant, take the stairs up, climb up three green
        tarps and it's right in front of you.
        [HK$1,000 and Hai Tien Vintage Jumpsuit]
    07. Go to the Foo Long Overpass (footbridge) and ascend three sets of stairs on
        the west end of the bridge. Instead of crossing the bridge to the left, hop
        the wall to the right then proceed (past a security camera control box) to
        the lockbox around the left corner.
    08. Go to the big old temple in west North Point (marked on the map), climb all
        the stairs and cross the courtyard to the main temple building. The lockbox
        is behind this building (west side).
        [HK$5,000 and Knock-Off J.Jiggler Jersey] [combo]
    09. Head up to the parking facility north of the temple and take the alley to
        the south of it, running east. The lockbox is on the north side, just before
        the large sets of stairs downwards.
        [HK$5,000 and Baseball Cap] [combo]
    10. This is in a corner next to the south-east end of the footbridge which is
        directly south-west of Club Bam Bam.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    11. This one's in Winston's upstairs office at Club Bam Bam. Take the stairs
        next to the karaoke room up to the upper floor, walk past the bar and enter
        the door on the left. (this might be unavailable before the Meet The New
        Boss mission and certainly it's very easy to pick it up in that mission)
        [HK$5,000 and iKoze Sport Watch] [combo]
    12. Find the footbridge between Lu Mei Alley and Lok Fu Park in the north and go
        up three flights of stairs on the south-east side of the bridge. Instead of
        going left across the bridge go straight ahead and follow the path up three
        sets of stairs. There are thugs on an open roof and the lockbox is further
        south-east, behind a corner on the right next to a table.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs nearby]
    13. From the previous one follow the rooftop freerunning route south-east until
        you see two identical shacks on the right - the lockbox is between them. You
        can also access this from the other end of the route which is the west end
        of the Kam Chuk Overpass footbridge (with another set of thugs).
        [HK$5,000] [thugs nearby]
    14. Go south from the Kam Chuk Overpass and you'll see a convenience store on
        the minimap (soda can icon). The lockbox is in the alley behind it. (you can
        buy a Dragon Kick energy drink from the store for a melee damage buff and
        full freeroam health regeneration)
        [HK$5,000 and Hang+Sui V-Neck] [thugs]
    15. Get to the Impound Lot under the north branch of the big freeway interchange
        that's due west of the north-east parking facility. The first lockbox is in
        the south-east of the area behind a big concrete pillar.
        [HK$5,000 and Mr Black outfit] [thugs] [combo]
    16. The next one is also in the North Point Impound Lot but in the north-east
        part, between a big metal building and some stacked crates. There's a group
        of three thugs in the centre of the lot and another six guarding the lockbox
        so you could be facing up to nine opponents. (grab some buffs first if you
        want to fight them fairly or take a car in to roadkill them quickly!)
        [HK$10,000] [thugs] [thugs nearby]
    17. Now go to the bus station which is the large lot directly west of the north-
        east parking facility. The first lockbox here is next to the main building,
        on its west side under a large canopy.
    18. There's a second one near the bus station - in the north-west corner of the
        lot with a small group of thugs behind a yellow barrier.
        [HK$10,000] [thugs]
    19. Just north of the north-east parking facility is the North Pier building.
        Take the stairs up at the back and follow the balcony around to the front
        where you'll find the box under the North Pier sign.
    20. Now head to the north-east vehicle vendor - the lockbox is due east of that.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    21. Head over the bridge to the Top Glamour Imports island to the east of the
        vehicle vendor - there are two lockboxes here. To find the first one take
        the first right then first left and drive on until you see the health shrine
        ahead. The lockbox is on top of the crates to the north-east of this.
        [HK$5,000 and Awareness Band bracelet]
    22. The second one is in the south half of the Top Glamour Imports island which
        is home to several large cranes. The lockbox is near the west side of the
        island, to your right behind the first crane you come to as you drive down
        from the north.
        [HK$14,000 and cleaver] [combo]
    23. Look for an irregularly-shaped city block immediately to the north-west of
        the Waterfront map label. It looks like it has a square "chunk" taken out of
        the top-right corner. The lockbox (and thugs) are in the little alley at the
        back of that chunk.
        [HK$10,000] [thugs]
    24. Get to the middle of the three parking facilities that lie to the east of
        the Night Market - you should see the big police station opposite to the
        east. The lockbox is in a corner at the south end of the compound outside
        the front of the police station. (you can get it without fighting the thugs)
        [HK$10,000] [thugs nearby]
    25. These next three are all quite near the underground police HQ in the south-
        east of the region. For this first one start at the parking facility in the
        south-east, drive north past the convenience store and take the first turn
        on the right. The lockbox is immediately to your right on a loading bay.
        [HK$10,000] [thugs]
    26. Get to the front of the police HQ (behind the car park) and take the alley
        to the east from the north-east corner of the compound. You should see the
        icon for the thugs in a large shack on the left.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    27. A nice easy one - directly opposite of underground police HQ entrance.
        [HK$5,000 and Frisky Blockers sunglasses]
    28. On the map look for the dark grey area that lies on the coast due east of
        Yau Ling Park in southern North Point. Go there (take the dirt-road off the
        freeway) and follow the little quay to its northern extremity where you'll
        find the lockbox.
        [HK$10,000] [thugs]
    29. Find the spot directly south-east of the southern vehicle vendor where an
        alley merges onto the freeway. The lockbox is at that junction.
    30. This is in the building just to the south of the southern vehicle vendor.
    31. The next one is under a curved pink bridge in the centre of Yau Ling Park,
        just south of the "R" in Park on the map label.
    32. Now head to the pier that's south-east of the Yau Ling Courts. On the way
        there you'll spot a lockbox in the south-east corner of the little roadside
        parking lot.
        [HK$5,000 and T-Shirt]
    33. From there vault over the blue barrier, follow the track east and along the
        jetty to the boathouse where the lockbox is located in the far corner.
        [HK$5,000 and J.Jiggler Track Pants]
    34. The next two are both very close to the cockfighting place in south-west
        North Point. This one is to the south-west under the big round freeway over-
        pass, on top of a shipping container next to stacks of crates.
        [HK$5,000 and J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers] [thugs]
    35. This one's between the two large metal buildings immediately to the west of
        the North Point cockfighting ring.
        [HK$5,000 and iKoze Type OS sneakers]
    36. The next two aren't actually in North Point, they're in the centre of the
        map but they're counted a North Point lockboxes. This one is on the long
        winding road that runs from north-east Aberdeen up to Victoria Peak. From
        Aberdeen take the bend right, then three hairpins so you're heading west.
        Stop when you see the big Gulag billboard over the road and pull over into
        the bus stop on the left. There's a long bus shelter here and the lockbox
        can be found at its north-western end.
        [HK$5,000 and Part-Time Assassin outfit]
    37. Continue along that windy road to the top of Victoria Peak then take the
        track that runs from the south-west corner of the parking lot, up a steep
        road to the radio tower. The lockbox is on the north-east side the building.
        [HK$2,100 and 9mm Pistol] [combo]
    38. The final three really need boats to reach them conveniently so check piers
        and jetties until you find one, there are several types available. This box
        is on a small isolated beach on the east coast, pretty much due east from
        the underground police HQ and the south-east parking facility. It's kinda
        hidden behind a boulder so you can't see it flashing from the water!
    39. Just south from there is a large sewer tunnel set into the coast. If you see
        a (very) loose collection of six small islands, the entrance is due west of
        the most northerly one. Enter the tunnel, follow it left on foot and the box
        is on the raised area on the left. (this is the location for a drug bust so
        it's pretty easy to find using the icon for that)
        [HK$2,800 and kitchen knife] [combo] [drug bust]
    40. The final one is on the gambling den island that's way offshore to the south
        of the map, roughly south-west from the cockfighting place. The lockbox is
        on top of a green shipping container. (if the island's inaccessible then you
        will need to wait until a favour becomes available there)
        [HK$5,000 and Faux Couronne Viridian V-Neck]
     [Opening every box in North Point earns you the North Point Scavenger trophy.]
                                        Central (Lockboxes)
    01. We start just outside Central to the east, at the Boardwalk area (under the
        "K" on the map label). There's a little jetty here (with a boat - handy!)
        and a trio of thugs guarding the lockbox. It'll only take a few seconds to
        grab each of the hoods [Circle] and chuck them in the ocean [R2].
        [HK$2,100] [thugs] [combo]
        (while you have a boat you might like to get Central lockbox #29...)
    02. Head into Central and find the parking facility that's farthest east (north-
        east from the vehicle vendor). There's a mad circular pedestrian overpass
        there and you'll need to take the stairs up and then leap into the car park
        building to the south-west. Look around to the left to find the lockbox.
        If you have the SWAT Pack DLC you'll need to make the same jump into the car
        park structure for Hostage Situation 02.
    03. Check the map for the alley that lies immediately north of the "Sui" in the
        Sui Shan Alley map label - it has entrances to the west and south-east. Get
        into that alley and you'll find the lockbox in the north-east corner next to
        a pair of white garage doors.
        [HK$20,000] [combo]
    04. This is in the vehicle vendor compound, on the left as you enter.
        [HK$5,000 and Baseball Cap] [thugs]
    05. Find the big Central Station building that's mid-way between the vehicle
        vendor and Soho. You'll see a large building with billboards to the north-
        east and you need to enter this block from the far side (north-east). Look
        for the climb-able green tarps and work your way into the construction site.
        The first lockbox in this area is in the southern-most part of the site, at
        ground level, walled off by some blue tarps.
    06. The next lockbox is in the same construction site. You'll need to climb up
        into the shell of a building, then out, then into another one and you'll
        find the box on an upper floor there. (back-track and exit to the north if
        you need to get back to your vehicle)
    07. The next few are in Soho so head west. This one is very slightly north of
        the second "G" in Wang Fu Parking. It's on an elevated pedestrian area which
        is most easily found by going to the T-junction in the south-east corner of
        Soho and taking the steps up to the north-west. The lockbox is in the north-
        east corner of a little plaza with a tree in the middle.
        [HK$5,000 and Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants] [combo]
    08. From the previous one head west over a travellator skybridge and you'll see
        it on the left as you exit the bridge. It's roughly under the "P" on the
        Wang Fu Parking label. 
        [HK$20,000] [combo]
    09. This one's in the alley south of the K-Bar venue in Soho. Enter the club, go
        down to the main floor, through the karaoke room next to the bar and follow
        the corridor up and out. Climb the pile of crates and continue along the
        rooftop freerunning route until you're about halfway along, due south of the
        first "N" in Wang Fu Parking. The lockbox is in a corner there.
        [HK$5,000 and Achète Leather Jacket]
    10. This one's in a side-alley that runs along the west side of the police
        compound at Tsim Shan Shan Alley in north-west Soho. You cannot scale the
        wall so you'll need to access it from the south next the stacks of bricks.
    11. This is on the north side of the alley behind your Central safehouse (if you
        have that unlocked). It's due north of the "ria" in Mong Memorial Overpass,
        next to a pair of white garage doors.
        [HK$5,000 and Counterfeit J.Jiggler Track Pants] [combo]
    12. This lockbox can be found in the alley to the west of the massage parlour in
        the Commercial District.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    13. Check the map display for the clothing store to the north-east of the Mong
        Memorial Overpass, then go to the building east of that one and the lockbox
        is on the north-east end of that. (look for the red man minimap icon)
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    14. This is in a small underground loading bay, just north of the "Fi" in the
        Wah Fi Storage label in east Central.
        [HK$20,000] [combo]
    15. From the previous one exit to the north-east and keep going that direction
        into a small shopping arcade. The lockbox is on the left next to a green
        Dragon Kick advertisement.
    16. Back on the map look for two square buildings next to the Drainage Outflow
        Hub label in north-east Central. This lockbox is in the northern corner of
        the larger one.
        [HK$5,000 and Couronne Street V-Neck] [combo]
    17. Go to the big round map feature north-east of Government House. There's a
        bridal shop (from the wedding mission) on the east side and the lockbox is
        just outside, at the rear, on the corner.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    18. Just west of the big round feature is a little square one (due north of the
        "H" in Government House). It's a seating area with moorings on either side
        so it's a handy place to find a boat. You can also find a lockbox - it's in
        the north-east corner between a set of four concrete supports.
    19. Continue west along the waterfront development and you'll see the red man
        icon on the walkway by the water, due north of the "N" in Government House.
        [HK$10,000] [thugs]
    20. This is on a slightly elevated plaza, just north-east of the "House" in the
        Government House map label.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    21. This is on another elevated plaza, south of the first "N" in Government. It
        is on a platform halfway up a long staircase onto a walkway/bridge.
        [HK$20,000] [thugs] [combo]
    22. Now head over to the hospital in south-west Central. In the far south-west
        corner of the compound, south of the entrance, you'll find this lockbox.
        [HK$5,000 and iKoze Kicks sneakers] [combo]
    23. The next one is just the other side of the hospital building entrance. You
        should see a health shrine and green vending machine. From there head north
        (through a bush) to this lockbox.
    24. The next three are in nearby Victoria Park. This one is a little way north-
        west of the "V" in Victoria - look for the red man icon again.
        [HK$20,000] [thugs] [combo]
    25. The second park one is east of there, north of the "P" in Victoria Park.
        [HK$5,000 and Baseball Cap] [thugs] [combo]
    26. The third park one is in the far north-west corner of the park, north of the
        "T" in Hospital and west of the Government House label. There's a snack bar
        building (with girls dancing outside) and the lockbox is behind it.
        [HK$20,000] [combo]
    27. Look for the large octagonal building to the north-west of the Business
        District label. This lockbox is at ground-level at the western end of the
        short southern side of this building.
    28. This is on the coast, next to a ramp into the sea. The best way to find it
        is to go to the freeway in north-west Central at a point directly north of
        the "T" in Victoria Park. There's a big red archway leading to a rocky trail
        which you can follow to the ocean. The lockbox is on the left at the water.
        [HK$2,100 and 9mm Pistol] [combo]
    29. This box is on the other offshore gambling den which is to the north-west of
        Central. Take a boat over there and you'll find the lockbox in the north-
        east of the platform, behind a low wall near some gas cylinders. (wait until
        you have the Riffraff Disposal favour available out there)
        [HK$5,000 and Dress Suit Pants by Achète] [combo]
    30. This last one is tricky even if you have the lockbox locations marked on
        your minimap because the icon is permanently hidden behind a text label on
        the map! It's at Victoria Peak (not Park), specifically right under the "E"
        in Peak. You can't set a waypoint there for satnav either so just place one
        as close as you can.
        When you get there you'll need to head down the big staircases, across the
        plaza, through the gate and take the steps on the right up to the walkway.
        On the other side of the bridge you'll find the lockbox in the north-east
        corner of the plaza overlooking the fountains, behind a purple litter bin.
        [HK$5,000 and iKoze Sport Watch] [combo]
        (save and reload to respawn back at a safehouse to save you the journey!)
             [Opening every box in Central earns you the Central Scavenger trophy.]
                                      Kennedy Town (Lockboxes)
    01. We'll start at Two Chin's estate in south-east Kennedy which you access in
        the Bad Luck mission. If you return subsequently you'll recall that we get
        in via the neighbours' building to the south of the main gate. The lockbox
        is behind the guardhouse, just above the "W" in the Two Chin's House label.
        [HK$5,000 and Couronne Puffy Vest]
    02. The next three are all in the same block - the one south of "Complex" on the
        Housing Complex label. The first one is near the south-east corner and you
        will probably have to climb one or two walls to reach the red man icon. Then
        follow around the west and north sides of the building to find the lockbox.
        [HK$2,100 and 9mm Pistol] [thugs] [combo]
    03. The next one is in the wide alley that runs to the south-east side of the
        same block. You'll need to hop the fence to reach the lockbox.
        [HK$10,000] [thugs]
    04. The last one here is in the alley on the south-west side of the block, and
        on the north side of the alley, directly south of the "G" in Housing. You'll
        need to hop into someone's yard to reach it.
        [HK$20,000] [combo]
    05. This is at a major road junction, just south of the "S" in Sun Yat Housing.
        [HK$5,000 and Aspirazone Buff Jacket] [thugs]
    06. The next three are at the docks which you enter via the main gate near the
        vehicle vendor. The first one is near the north-east corner of the compound,
        just north-west of the "W" in Wong's Parking, at the top of a massive stack
        of shipping containers.
        [HK$5,000 and Cambria Pure] [combo]
    07. This is on the next pier down from the one with the cockfighting ring.
        [HK$5,000 and Hang+Sui Pilots sunglasses] [thugs]
    08. The third and final docks lockbox is just north of the second "K" in Kennedy
        Docks on top of a stack of containers. You'll need to climb the containers
        to the west and then leap across.
        [HK$5,000 and Awareness Band]
    09. This one's behind a column under the freeway overpass, a couple of blocks
        west (and south a little) from the apothecary store.
        [HK$20,000] [thugs] [combo]
    10. This one's in a corner behind the lockup where you deliver stolen armoured
        cars, if you know that location. If not, look for the city block in south-
        west Kennedy Town with two parallel rectangles with a line between them. The
        rectangle in the north-east corner is the lockup and you can climb the wall
        to get straight to it.
        [HK$20,000] [combo]
    11. Look for the block in south Kennedy with a circular feature, just north-west
        of the cemetery. The lockbox is about three fifths of the way along the
        south-west edge of this block.
        [HK$5,000 and J.Jiggler Track Top] [nearby thugs]
    12. Go to the cemetery (south east of Kennedy Town) and you'll find the lockbox
        in the car park, to the right (east) side of the main building.
        [HK$2,100] [combo]
    13. The thugs here are hanging out at a small parking lot near the freeway on
        the outskirts of south-west Kennedy Town. You should see the turning on the
        left just before you reach the off-ramp as you drive from Aberdeen into
        Kennedy. Alternatively go to the Kennedy Pier building (by the waterfront,
        due west of the southern car park) and take the stairs up to the south.
        [HK$20,000] [thugs] [combo]
    14. The last two in KT are both in coastal sewer tunnels so you'll want to get a
        boat for easier access. I found some fast ones at the little jetty to the
        south-west of the Kennedy Pier building (see above).
        The first one is at the Water Pollution Control Centre to the north of KT.
        Approaching from the water you'll see that the freeway passes over three
        stone archways and the tunnel is in the right-hand one.
        [HK$20,000] [combo] [drug bust]
    15. The final one for this district is on the south side of Kennedy, at the
        Chiang Mai Sewer Interchange near the cockfighting place. Take your boat to
        the tunnel entrance which is under the first "N" in Interchange. The lockbox
        is in the north-west corner at the back.
        [HK$10,000] [drug bust]
        (keep your boat for the next bit...!)
                                        Aberdeen (Lockboxes)
    01. Let's start with three more boaty ones. Check out Aberdeen Island on the map
        and you'll see that it has a "flat bottom" to the south. Halfway along that
        southern coast is a small beach with this lockbox on it.
        [HK$2,100 and 9mm Pistol] [combo]
    02. This is the last of the sewer tunnels. Sail along the coast to the Aberdeen
        Sewage Outflow label east of Aberdeen Island. The entrance is tricky to spot
        but it's about under the "S" in Sewage. The lockbox is in the north-west.
        [HK$5,000 and Knock-Off J.Jiggler Jersey] [drug bust]
    03. This one's on another little beach, north of the previous Aberdeen Sewage
        Outflow tunnel, directly below the spot where the freeway bulges.
        [HK$2,100 and 9mm Pistol] [nearby thugs] [combo]
    04. Get back to dry land for the rest, starting on Aberdeen Island. There are
        two here with this first one in the little harbour north-east of the parking
        facility. It's on the roof of a big wooden boat directly north-east from the
        pork bun vendor on the quay. Follow the jetties and climb onto the boat.
        [HK$5,000 and Hang+Sui Pilots sunglasses] [combo]
    05. Now drive over to the north-west section of the island's road loop, to the
        south side of the U-bend there. You should see the red man minimap icon for
        the thugs which makes it easier to find. They're on a raised plaza so you
        will need to approach from the south.
        [HK$2,100 and 9mm Pistol] [thugs] [combo]
    06. Go to the far end of the little jetty south of the "M" in Fish Market for
        this one and throw the dudes in the water.
        [HK$2,100 and 9mm Pistol (again)] [thugs]
    07. Go to the alley due north of the "L" in Yen Yen Foo Long Underpass and this
        lockbox can be found to the left of a small staircase.
        [HK$5,000 and J.Jiggler Track Pants] [nearby thugs] [combo]
    08. This one's right by the waterside, due north of the initial "Y" in Yen Yen.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    09. This one's on a sampan (I think - a wooden boat anyway) in the harbour, west
        from the massage parlour and due south of the "W" in Warehouse. Cross the
        jetties and neighbouring boats to get there.
        [HK$5,000 and Fake iKoze Hoody] [thugs] [combo]
    10. Go to the south-west corner of the road network to find the Aberdeen Pier
        building - the lockbox is behind the big blue and white building directly to
        the south of Aberdeen Pier. You'll need to use a pedestrian gate for access
        and then hop onto the western roof via a dumpster. Head south towards a tyre
        then turn left to find the lockbox.
    11. This one's in the Warehouse area, due south of the "U" in Warehouse. It's a
        little tucked away, behind a fence under the freeway overpass, but if you
        find the boat in the dry-dock just keep heading south from there.
        [HK$5,000 and Couronne T-Shirt] [thugs]
    12. Go to the Aberdeen apothecary shop, head south and go up either staircase up
        into the housing project where you'll encounter the thugs.
        [HK$20,000] [thugs]
    13. Drive over to east Aberdeen and you'll find a convenience store south-east
        of the parking facility. Just to the south-east of the shop is the freeway
        on-ramp and the lockbox is right next to it.
    14. This is just south of the previous one - next to the freeway on-ramp that's
        east of the Underpass and Fish Market labels.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    15. The last lockbox is in a layby on the south side of the freeway between
        Aberdeen and North Point, just south of the "A" in the Sewage Outflow label.
        [HK$5,000] [thugs]
    [Opening every box in both Kennedy Town and Aberdeen earns you another trophy.]
    | Section 12d | Security Cameras                                          s12d |
    The surveillance cameras are introduced in Lead 2 of the Popstar police case
    which is unmissable during the main story (see Section 06); you can then start
    hunting for them. When you find a camera you have to trace the orange cable to
    the control box and hack it (see Section 03h for notes on hacking). There are a
    total of twenty-six cameras in the game.
    The majority of the cameras are at drug bust sites which will be conveniently
    marked on your map with pale blue shield icons. Including the camera in the drug
    bust tutorial in the Popstar case, there are eighteen cameras at the drug bust
    locations (see Section 07g for details of each).
    You'll be required to hack a camera at Two Chin's mansion in south-east Kennedy
    Town during the story mission Bad Luck (see Section 06) and another in southern
    North Point during Not-Ping's dating side-mission (see Section 07c).
    Tip: After finishing the dating side-mission Impress Not-Ping (see Section 07c)
         the location of any nearby security cameras will be marked on your minimap!
    The positions of the remaining six cameras are given below.
                                      North Point (Security Cameras)
    o This one's a couple of blocks north of the Night Market. If you zoom in on the
      map view until you can see the Kam Chuk Overpass you want to get yourself to
      the area just south of the "K" in Chuk (it's Popstar's basketball court).
      You'll need to look high for the camera - it's on the roofline of the building
      to the east. Go around to the north side of that building and you'll find some
      scaffolding (with green tarps) which you can climb. Scamper up to the rooftop
      level then walk all the way past the camera to its control box tucked away in
      the south-east corner of the roof.
    o This one will take a bit of climbing too. Get to the front of the Golden Koi
      restaurant, go south, then take the first road to the right and look out for
      the green tarps at the entrance to the alley on the left.
      Climb and leap your way through the bamboo scaffolding, continue past a few
      barrels, vault over a railing and stop - the box will be on your left.
                                        Central (Security Cameras)
    o Open your main map, scroll to north Central and zoom in until you can see the
      Government House label. The camera is on a pedestrian bridge located just to
      the north of the "R" in Government and the control box is under the bridge on
      the opposite side to the camera.
    o Go to the parking facility in south-west Central (near the hospital), head due
      north and hop the wall into the park (but don't drop down any farther). You'll
      find a little shack there and the box is on the park perimeter wall just to
      the north-west of the hut.
                                        Aberdeen (Security Camera)
    o The Aberdeen camera is in the warehouse sector in the north-west, specifically
      under the second "E" in Warehouse on the map label. (If you have the martial
      art club unlocked it's south-east of there.) The camera's mounted high on the
      side of the overpass with the cable snaking to the building to the east.
      Look to the north-east and you should spot a big pile of crates. Climb to the
      very top of these then jump across to the south rooftop to access the box.
                                      Kennedy Town (Security Camera)
    o Although this is counted as a Kennedy Town camera it's actually by Kennedy
      Town Beach to the south. There's a large concrete promenade structure running
      adjacent to the beach and the camera is prominently placed on a pole there
      about a third of the way down from the north end of the beach.
      Evidently the cable runs underground but the control box isn't too difficult
      to find - just stand on the platform next to the camera pole and head east,
      then south and you'll find the box on the corner of the low wall.
       [Hacking every security camera earns you the Hong Kong Super Hacker trophy.]
    | Section 13 | SAFEHOUSE UPGRADES                                          s13 |
    By the end of the story you'll have four safehouses, one in each district of the
    map. You can buy furniture, decorations and other cosmetic additions from these
    various people hidden around the game world (no map icons).
    In the standard game there are four upgrades available for each safehouse but
    further ones can be added through DLC (see next section). For example the Deep
    Undercover Pack adds a CB radio and the Martial Arts Pack gives you a Wing Chun
    training dummy (which you can use for a temporary combat buff).
    These are all "just for fun" and not required for completion or trophies.
    Here's a list of the standard sixteen upgrades and where to find the sellers. I
    think it's safe to assume that these won't appear in any given district until
    you own the safehouse there.
                                      North Point (Safehouse Upgrades)
    o Massive Sound System (HK$9,550)
      Find the noodle seller in the centre of the east side of the Night Market,
      face his trolley then go down the alley you'll see to the left (going west).
    o Pet Bird (HK$1,200)
      In north-west Night Market, south-west of the clothing stall. Look for the
      uncovered market stall with birdcages and green tablecloths.
    o Brand New Bed (HK$5,000)
      In north-east Night Market, directly opposite the clothing stall there.
    o Air Conditioning (HK$4,620)
      Halfway along the north side of the North Market area you'll find the seller
      behind the electronics stall to the south-east of the chicken vendor.
                                        Central (Safehouse Upgrades)
    o Coffee Table and Rug* (HK$7,200)
      The seller is at the back of the dancefloor inside the K-Bar in Soho. Get to
      the T-junction near the karaoke icon and the doors are on the south side.
    o Dragon Tapestry (HK$3,000)
      Go to the Couronne clothing store in north-east Central then head due south
      from the shop, across the street and into the mall. Turn left when you reach
      the circular floor motif and you'll see the guy in the corner.
      (then turn to the right and you'll find a LOCKBOX too)
    o Ancient Vase (HK$8,000)
      Go the Government House label in north Central and use one of the stairs or
      bridges to get to the walkways above street level. The seller is standing on
      the west side of the grey square on the map that's immediately to the north-
      west of the "G" on the Government label.
      (there's also a SHRINE at the north-east corner of the same building)
    o Sofa Set (HK$14,000)
      The seller for this one is on the boardwalk in the north-east corner of the
      main Hong Kong Island between Central and North Point. He's sheltering under a
      set of blue canopies. If you zoom on the map you'll see the Boardwalk label
      and he's just to the east of that.
      (there's also a group of ruffians guarding a LOCKBOX to the west)
    *"These will really tie your room together" - nice Big Lebowski reference! :)
                                        Aberdeen (Safehouse Upgrades)
    o Awesome Pet Bird (HK$3,000)
      You can buy this from the quayside market just north-west of the massage place
      in Aberdeen docks
    o Stolen Art (HK$5,200)
      Run to the first stall at the west end of the quayside market, take one of the
      red walkways south into the harbour and you'll find the seller behind the blue
      and yellow house there.
    o Giant Movie Poster (HK$250)
      The seller is standing by the freeway exit, immediately south of the Warehouse
      label on the map.
    o Strange Idol (HK$12,000)
      Go to the apothecary store in north-west Aberdeen, head due south from there
      and take the second staircase on the left.
                                      Kennedy Town (Safehouse Upgrades)
    o Idol of Guan Yu* (HK$4,000)
      The seller can be found on the south side of the Kennedy Pier building which
      is due west of the southern Kennedy Town parking facility and due south of the
      martial arts club.
    *Guan Yu served as a general at the end of the Han Dynasty of China. He is now
    revered in Taoism and Chinese Buddhism.
    o Hot Tub (HK$25,000)
      You can buy this in north Kennedy at the Sun Yat Housing Complex (just under
      the "-ing" on the Housing label). You'll need to go up the stairs to the area
      with two pairs of payphones (it's the location for one of the drug busts).
    o Plant Service in Your Place (HK$1,200)
      From the previous one simply run south-west, hop the low wall and you'll find
      her standing by a big metal gate to the west.
    o Fish (HK$850)
      Get to the vehicle vendor at Kennedy Docks, run north-west for about 6 seconds
      and you'll find this chap on a platform by some crates.
    | Section 14 | DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT                                        s14 |
    This appendix lists the DLC sets that've been released for Sleeepin' Daaawgz.
    Since they generally appeared there first, I've given the release dates (and
    prices) from the U.S. PSN Store for all the premium content.
    This listing begins with the five pre-order bonus sets which were subsequently
    released for sale in mid-November 2012, both individually (US$2.99 each) and
    bundled together in the Dragon Master Pack (US$7.99).
    In the original release of the game most DLC activates after completion of the
    Night Market Chase mission (when the open world becomes available). Any new DLC
    will also become active when you load an old save in which you had previously
    completed that mission.
    The only DLC packs that give you additional PSN trophies are 'Nightmare in North
    Point' and 'Year of the Snake' - these trophies are listed in Section 11b above.
    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4/Xbone/PC) comes bundled with all DLC
    content included on the disc apart from the 'Top Dog Silver' and 'Top Dog Gold'
    packs. Many of the DLC outfits and hats can be purchased from the new Legendary
    Outfits stall at the Night Market in North Point.
                                        GSP Pack
    Bonus pack produced in conjunction with MMA star Georges St Pierre.
    o Three GSP Outfits - allow Flying Punch move and increase grapple/throw damage
    Availability: pre-order bonus at Best Buy (US)
                  pre-order bonus (Benelux countries)
                  limited edition game disc (Euro)
                  limited edition game disc (Australia & New Zealand)
                  PSN Store from 14 November 2012 (US$2.99)
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the outfits at Legendary Outfits.
                                 Police Protection Pack
    A police-themed bonus pack. The items cannot be used outside the DLC mission!
    o SWAT Cruiser - modified Wangan GSX sports-car with police livery and equipment
    o SWAT Assault Rifle
    o SWAT Outfit
    o High Speed - simple car racing/ramming mission (no story)
    o Cop XP bonus
    Availability: pre-order bonus at GameStop (US)
                  pre-order bonus (Benelux countries)
                  limited edition game disc (Euro)
                  limited edition game disc (Australia & New Zealand)
                  PSN Store from 14 November 2012 (US$2.99)
    The mission can be triggered from the waypoint in south-east North Point.
    In the Definitive Edition the content unlocks after completing the main story
    mission 'Stick-Up and Delivery' and completing the mission unlocks the outfit.
                                   Martial Arts Pack
    The third standard pre-order bonus has a martial arts theme.
    o Shaolin Warrior Outfit [melee damage buff]
    o Wing Chun training dummy - safehouse decoration [gives combat buff]
    o Shaolin Showdown - monk melee survival mission (no story)
    o Triad XP bonus
    Availability: pre-order bonus at Amazon.com (US)
                  pre-order bonus (Benelux countries)
                  standard edition pre-order bonus (France)
                  limited edition game disc (Australia & New Zealand)
                  PSN Store from 14 November 2012 (US$2.99)
    The mission can be triggered from the waypoint at the North Point temple.
    In the Definitive Edition the mission unlocks after completing the third lead in
    the Hotshot case and completing the mission unlocks the outfit and decoration.
                                 Deep Undercover Pack
    Another law enforcement oriented bonus set.
    o Plain-Clothes Detective Outfit [reduced Heat penalty]
    o Undercover Police Ghost Car - modified Wangan GSX with discrete police kit
    o Police scanner radio - safehouse decoration
    Availability: pre-order bonus at Walmart (Canada)
                  PSN Store from 14 November 2012 (US$2.99)
    In the Definitive Edition the police car and decoration are both rewards for
    completing cop jobs (see Section 07d).
                                  Triad Enforcer Pack
    A triad-themed bonus set.
    o Triad Enforcer outfit [Face gain and melee damage buffs]
    o Triad Enforcer car - modified Taikai with gold cleaver in the trunk
    o Death by a Thousand Cuts - triad melee survival mission (see Section 15)
    o Triad Highway - short driving/shooting mission (see Section 15)
    Availability: pre-order bonus on Steam
                  PSN Store from 14 November 2012 (US$2.99)
    In the Definitive Edition the first mission unlocks after completing the main
    story mission 'Listening In' and the reward is the outfit. The second mission
    unlocks after completing 'Mrs Chu's Revenge' (YMMV) and the reward is the car.
                                    Retro Triad Pack
    80's content for the retro HK gangsta. B)
    o Retro Triad Outfit [Retro Triad bonus = damage resist and Triad XP buff?]
    o Fingerless Leather Gloves [+5% striking damage buff per glove]
    o Retro Shaggy Hair [+5% Face XP buff]
    o Snow Goggles [+5% Face XP buff]
    o Airbrushed Dragon Armored Van - modified Movit van with custom art and armour
    Availability: PSN Store from 13 August 2012 (US$1.99)
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the outfit at Legendary Outfits and the
    van is an additional reward for completing the mission 'Stick-Up and Delivery'.
                                  Top Dog Silver Pack
    This is one of those unlock shortcut sets for impatient people.
    o 5,500 Triad XP bonus
    o 3,000 Cop XP bonus
    o 3,000 Face XP bonus
    Availability: PSN Store from 13 August 2012 (US$1.99)
    This content was not included in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.
                                  The High Roller Pack
    A money shortcut plus a car and outfit.
    o High Roller Tuono sportscar
    o High Roller outfit
    o HK$200,000
    Availability: PSN Store from 20 August 2012 (US$2.99)
    In the Definitive Edition the car is an additional reward for completing the
    Hotshot case and the outfit is an extra reward for completing 'Uncle Po'.
                                  The Red Envelope Pack
    Spend real money to get virtual money - yay! :6
    o Twenty lucky red envelopes added across the map, each containing HK$50,000
    Availability: PSN Store from 20 August 2012 (US$2.99)
    The envelopes flash brightly in the same way as the other collectibles.
    In the Definitive Edition the envelopes are available from the start I think.
                                   Top Dog Gold Pack
    An opportunity to buy even more XP for even more money.
    o 8,250 Triad XP
    o 4,500 Cop XP
    o 4,500 Face XP
    Availability: PSN Store from 20 August 2012 (US$2.99)
    This content was not included in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.
                                  Community Gift Pack
    A selection of freebies from the good people at United Front Games.
    o United Front Games Bisai - tuned Class C micro-car (available only in red)
    o Official UFG-Branded T-Shirt
    o Luchador wrestler mask*
    Availability: PSN Store from 17 October 2012 (free)
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the mask at Legendary Outfits and the car
    is an additional reward for winning the 'Mailman' race. The tee-shirt with the
    developer's logo is available after the 'Night Market Chase' mission.
    *United Front Games explained: "[The luchador mask] is an important symbol here
    at UFG. Our meeting rooms are named after Mexican wrestlers, it's on our company
    logo and we have a luchador mask collection at our front door!"
                                   Street-Racer Pack
    A racing-themed expansion.
    o Three new races (see Section 07h)
    o Sting superbike - new Class A bike* (available in charcoal or white)
    o Helmet with dragon artwork - replaces previous helmet worn when riding a bike
    o Racing Jacket outfit [15% resistance to bullet damage]
    Availability: PSN Store from 17 October 2012 (US$3.99) (earlier in Japan)
    These races become available immediately after installing the DLC (and finishing
    'Night Market Chase') even if the game hasn't introduced street-racing yet.
    In the Definitive Edition the DLC races unlock with the other races and winning
    each of the three races unlocks one of the three items. I think you need to have
    the Aberdeen safehouse available before the speedboat race appears.
    *If you don't already own a Class A bike this will unlock Class A bike races.
                                 Tactical Soldier Pack
    Military hardware that's ideal for discrete undercover policing! (ahem)
    o Assault rifle with grenade launcher - available at all owned safehouses
    o Tactical Outfit [50% resistance to bullet damage]
    Availability: PSN Store from 17 October 2012 (US$1.99)
    In the Definitive Edition the outfit is a reward for completing cop jobs (see
    Section 07d) and equipping the outfit gives you the gun.
                                  Screen Legends Pack
    Two more cinema-inspired costumes.
    o Lightning Warrior outfit with indestructible sword*
    o Wing Chun Master outfit [gives extra time to perform melee counters]
    Availability: PSN Store from 24 October 2012 (US$1.99)
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the outfits at Legendary Outfits.
    *If you drop/lose the sword simply visit any safehouse to receive a replacement.
                                       SWAT Pack
    Another police-oriented DLC set.
    o SWAT outfit [improved damage resistance]
    o Armoured SWAT truck - only available while playing this DLC
    o Twenty cop jobs (see Section 07d)
      - Armed Robberies (x9)
      - Drug Runners (x7)
      - Hostage Situations (x3)
      - Wharf Smuggler (x1)
    Availability: PSN Store from 24 October 2012 (US$3.99)
    In the Definitive Edition the cop jobs unlock after completing the early main
    story mission 'Stick-Up and Delivery'.
                                     Ghost Pig Pack
    Freebie pack with a selection of hats and a mask.
    o Ghost Pig mask
    o Dogeyes' black fedora
    o Large straw hat
    o Cowboy hat
    Availability: PSN Store from 30 October 2012 (free)
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the items at Legendary Outfits.
                             Nightmare in North Point Pack
    The first story-based DLC set for Sleeping Dogs, featuring Chinese vampires,
    ghosts and demons - conveniently released just in time for Halloween!
    o Seven story missions (see Section 15) plus minor side-content
    o Story completion unlocks a hat for the main game!
    o Five new stat awards and five new stat games
    o Five PSN trophies (see Section 11b)
    Availability: PSN Store from 30 October 2012 (US$6.99, originally US$4.99)
    After installing this pack the game adds a new title screen where you can choose
    between this or the standard game. This DLC pack is entirely self-contained - it
    has its own main menu and separate save slots. 
    >>> NB: The missions contain SPOILERS for the main story so play that first! <<<
    In the Definitive Edition this content is available from the start.
                                   Dragon Master Pack
    Package including all five pre-order bonus DLC sets (see above).
    o Police Protection Pack
    o Martial Arts Pack
    o Deep Undercover Pack
    o GSP Pack
    o Triad Enforcer Pack
    Availability: PSN Store from 14 November 2012 (US$7.99) 
                             The Square Enix Character Pack
    Collection of skins and guns based on famous Squenix video-game characters.
    o Agent 47's suit [reduced police attention] and silenced Silver Baller pistol
    o Rico Rodriguez outfit [increased range for action hijack] and revolver
    o Sarif Industries armour [33% resistance to bullet damage] and FR-27 rifle
    (you'll recognise these from the Hitman, Just Cause and Deus Ex games)
    Availability: PSN Store from 20 November (US$1.99) (released earlier in Europe)
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the outfits at Legendary Outfits.
                                   Drunken Fist Pack
    Adds new techniques from a different martial arts school.
    o Drunken Fist outfit [fill Face meter to enable Drunken Fist style]
    Availability: PSN Store from 20 November 2012 (US$1.99)
    With its fun new mo-capped moves, this is my favourite of the cheaper DLC sets.
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the outfit at Legendary Outfits.
                                  Gangland Style Pack
    Three outfits all featuring unique gangster tattoos.
    o Yakuza [50% Heat reduction]
    o Russian Mafia* [30% firearm accuracy buff]
    o Mongrel Mob** [40% melee damage buff]
    Availability: PSN Store from 27 November 2012 (US$1.99)
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the outfits at Legendary Outfits.
    *No doubt taking inspiration again from the movie 'Eastern Promises'.
    **The Mongrel Mob is a Maori gang from New Zealand founded in the 60's.
                                 Zodiac Tournament Pack
    Second story pack, based heavily on 1973 Bruce Lee classic 'Enter The Dragon'.
    o Martial arts tournament on a new island (north-east of Central)
    o Retro-styled cut-scenes and soundtrack
    o Four mini-missions (see Section 15)
    o Twelve new statue collectibles on the island (see Section 15)
    o Muay Thai and MMA outfits [40% melee damage buff and new grappling moves]*
    Availability: PSN Store from 19 December 2012 (US$4.99)
    Despite being story-based DLC, there are no new trophies in this pack.
    In the Definitive Edition the content unlocks after completing the main story
    mission 'Uncle Po'.
    *Complete the DLC missions to unlock the outfits then collect all twelve statues
    to unlock the special abilities.
                                   Movie Masters Pack
    Another costumes pack giving various buffs.
    o Vigilante outfit [easier counters]
    o Unknown Warrior outfit [Face XP buff*]
    o Bronze Warrior outfit [-60% reduction to melee damage received]
    Availability: PSN Store from 30 January 2013 (US$1.99)
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the outfits at Legendary Outfits.
    *This was advertised as +40% but in the Definitive Edition it's only +5%.
                                    Monkey King Pack*
    Outfit, weapon and vehicle set based on a legendary Chinese character.
    o Sun Wukong (Monkey King) outfit [50% melee/grapple damage buff]
    o Unbreakable magic staff that shrinks to the size of a needle when not in use
    o Somersault Cloud motorcycle with mystical cloud effect
    Availability: PSN Store from 5 February 2013 (US$1.99) (earlier in Europe)
    In the Definitive Edition you can buy the outfit at Legendary Outfits and this
    unlocks the motorbike in your garage. The staff appears briefly when you perform
    certain heavy attacks while wearing the Sun Wukong outfit.
    *In October 2012 they ran a Facebook poll to determine which of two proposed DLC
    sets would be made and released. The firefighter design was outvoted, with the
    public favouring this concept based on the character of Sun Wukong - the Monkey
    King - from the epic 16th century Chinese novel 'Journey to the West', probably
    best known (certainly here in the UK) for the cult classic 70's TV adaptation
    named Monkey (or popularly "Monkey Magic") or more recently for the 2010 video
    game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West which was loosely inspired by the same text.
                                   Law Enforcer Pack
    Police-themed set with two outfits, one weapon and five police vehicles.
    o SWAT Tactical Uniform outfit [50% damage reduction]
    o Crime Scene Investigator outfit [earn double Cop XP but zero Triad XP*]
    o Retractable Baton weapon (only available with CSI outfit)
    o SDU Armored Truck, HKPD Cruiser car, HKPD Motorcycle, HKPD Van and HKPD SUV
    Availability: PSN Store from 12 February 2013 (US$1.99)
    In the Definitive Edition the police vehicles and outfits are all rewards for
    completing cop jobs (see Section 07d).
    *It's already difficult to max-out your Triad XP so I wouldn't recommend wearing
    this outfit while playing through story missions.
                                  Wheels of Fury Pack
    Dr Tang provides Wei with the latest in gang warfare technology!
    o DZS-90 supercar with unlockable upgrades and concealed mounted guns
    o Five new mini-missions to unlock them (see Section 15)
    Availability: PSN Store from 26 February 2013 (US$3.99)
    This pack was incorrectly advertised as having twenty collectibles (to unlock
    additional paint jobs for the car) and five new stat awards but it has neither.
    In the Definitive Edition the content unlocks after completing the main story
    mission 'Initiation'.
                                   Year of the Snake
    A standalone story expansion where Wei investigates a dangerous cult.
    o New missions, jobs and favours set after the main story (see Section 15)
    o New outfits for the main story mode with new abilities and non-lethal weapons
    o Four PSN trophies (see Section 11b)
    o Twenty evidence bag collectibles (see Section 11b)
    o Five new stat awards (see Section 10)
    Availability: PSN Store from 12 March 2013 (US$6.99)
    In the Definitive Edition this content is available from the start.
    | Section 15 | DLC WALKTHROUGHS                                            s15 |
    I've added this section to give basic walkthroughs and tips for any playable
    content from the game's expansion packs.
                                   ( Triad Enforcer )
    This pack only has two short missions with no story content, but they're both
    required for 100% completion in the Definitive Edition of the game.
    o DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS (unlocks after starting Listening In mission)
      This mission can be triggered from the yellow marker at the big waterfront
      warehouse in eastern North Point. You are armed with a golden cleaver (which
      has infinite durability) and you must survive against thirty 18K gangsters who
      are all using poisoned kitchen knives and cleavers.
      This is pretty tough as a melee contest but it's a lot easier if you take
      advantage of the fact that a thrown melee weapon gives a one-hit kill against
      a standard enemy. Face towards a gangster, hold L2 to lock onto him and then
      press R2 to throw your cleaver at him - then rush over to his body and press
      R1 to quickly pick up his knife and repeat the process... It's important to
      stay mobile and keep your distance but be ready to use counters if an enemy
      gets too close to you.
      If you'd prefer a straight-up fight then remember to use food/drink/massage
      and clothing for buffs and find health shrines to increase your max health.
      Reward: HK$10,000
              Triad Enforcer outfit*
    o TRIAD HIGHWAY (unlocks after completing Mrs Chu's Revenge mission)
      The marker for this mission is on the west side of the big building at the bus
      station opposite the parking facility in northern North Point.
      Your objective is to take down four 18K drug trucks that are fleeing along the
      freeway. The best way to take out the trucks (and the few cars/bikes that are
      escorting them) is to go for tyre shots.
      Reward: HK$10,000
              Triad Enforcer car*
    *These are bonus mission rewards in the Definitive Edition. In the standard game
    you receive them automatically from the Triad Enforcer Pack DLC.
                              ( Nightmare in North Point )
    This is the first of two self-contained standalone expansions.
    You access it by selecting it from the main Sleeping Dogs title screen.
    NB: The missions contain *SPOILERS* for the main story so play that first!
      A quick mission to set the scene and reprise the basic tutorials.
      - chase after Not-Ping's abductor following the spectral footprints
      (movement tutorial)
      - defeat the hopping Jiang Shi vampires [after stunning one, tap O to kill it]
      (melee tutorial)
      - continue your pursuit through the crowded market and defeat another group
      (you can use the brazier for an environment attack to "kill it with fire!")
      - speak to the guy, follow the waypoint and defeat the last group
      Reward: (none)                                      Intel: Report - Jiang Shi
    *An appropriate reference to the 1986 movie 'Big Trouble in Little China'.
    The next mission starts automatically after completing the first one.
      Wei gets himself a handy power-up.
      - following Salty's instructions, head over to the Golden Koi restaurant
      - speak to Vincent in the dining room upstairs then exit through the kitchen
      - encounter your first Yaoguai* demon in the back alley
      (you can't harm it at this stage so just tap Triangle to dodge its attacks)
      - climb up to the rooftop when prompted and talk to Salty
      - after a handy explanation from Vincent, drive south-east to the tea-shop
      - defeat the Jiang Shi there
      - talk to How Fat Lau who needs three ingredients to make his magic tea**
      - for the Ghost Pepper get to the alley north of the Night Market
      - follow the rooftop waypoint and pick the pepper from the plants you find
      (defeat the lone vampire or just run away)
      - for the Egg of the Albino Hen get over to the north-west car park
      - speak to the shopkeeper and defeat the graffiti writers opposite
      - talk to the guy again for your reward
      - for the Antifreeze ingredient (yum!) drive down to the south vehicle store
      - defeat the 18K Triads there...
      (several have knives/cleavers/irons so be sure to always counter their attacks
      and then maybe use their weapons against them)
      - ...then deal with the large group of Jiang Shi that appears
      (again you'll want to make good use of counters to defend yourself, you can
      then stun and grab a vampire to dispatch it although there's also a range of
      environment attacks available here if you want to mix things up a little; if
      you have any Triads around I suggest you deal with them first)
      - collect the antifreeze from the garage and return to the herbalist
      - sample his magic tea and go back to the restaurant
      - proceed through the building to the Yaoguai and its Jiang Shi buddies
      (with the power of How Fat's special blend you can now charge your Face meter
      by damaging and killing the Jiang Shi; once it's full and activated your hands
      will glow and you can do damage to the demon mini-boss)
      - defeat the demon and vampires
      Reward: North Point Apartment                   Intel: Report - Hungry Ghosts
    *Yes, like the mutant bears in Fallout. Yaoguai means "monster" or "demon".
    Following the second mission you'll get some new map markers: a purple vortex
    marks the location of a Yaoguai demon and a turquoise "favour" marker indicates
    a person that needs to be rescued from vampires. These will continue to be added
    to the map as you progress through the missions.
    You can also start hunting for the ten hidden Hell Shrine collectibles now.
                        [Finding all Hell Shrines earns you the Hell Money trophy.]
      Wei investigates Smiley Cat's activities by the harbour.
      - head to the waypoint at the North Point waterfront
      - defeat the 18K triads (mostly unarmed this time)
      - regroup with Salty and drive after the departing triad car
      (maintain a decent speed and don't worry about getting spotted; if you lose
      sight of your target use the minimap to check the route)
      - defeat another group of triads then a small party of Jiang Shi
      (these vampires will respawn indefinitely unless you kill them by throwing
      them into the "energy source" - the big green wobbly thing in the centre of
      the arena - this works like a normal environment attack so press O to grab a
      Jiang Shi and then either tap O again near the energy source or hold X to run
      them into it; however you might want to take advantage of this scenario to
      farm vampire kills and vampire bite counters, both of which are required for
      the new stat awards (which in turn contribute to the Cursed Gold trophy))
      - defeat the Yaoguai demon and vampires
      (you should have a peachwood sword appear after the previous fight - you can
      use this to damage the demon even when your Face meter isn't full; you need to
      kill fifteen demons with peachwood swords for one of the trophies)
      You'll witness three familiar faces from the main story campaign who become
      your targets for the next three missions.
      Reward: (none)                                Intel: Report - Peachwood Sword
    At this stage you should now have a choice of the following two missions...
      Seek out a target at the southern quayside.
      - drive down to the marked compound entrance in south-west North Point
      - follow the waypoints and disarm the opponent to get his pistol
      - proceed through a cover-based shooting sequence
      - pursue your target into the boathouse and destroy the energy source
      (this is another opportunity to farm kills on infinitely respawning vamps)
      - finally finish off any remaining Jiang Shi and your first target
      Reward: (none)                                     Intel: Report - Possession
    o REVENGE x2
      Search for another target to the east.
      - get over to the big warehouse south of the Waterfront area
      - enter the arena and defeat the triads
      - follow your target into the warehouse
      - destroy another energy source thing and defeat the vampires
      - open the big metal shutters and follow your target
      - defeat the Yaoguai and his vampire chums
      (as before you'll need to damage and kill vampires to charge your Face meter
      then once/while it's activated you can attack the demon)
      - defeat your target (be ready to counter weapon attacks)
      - finish him with an environment kill in the furnace
      Reward: (none)                                     Intel: Report - Hell Money
      Track down your third and final target.
      - drive over to the ever-popular Club Bam Bam in the north-west and enter
      - defeat the dancefloor vampires to rescue the captured civilians
      (you should get a sword spawn which you can use when you go upstairs shortly)
      - continue into the toilets at the back and defeat the thugs there
      - head upstairs to the VIP lounge
      - defeat the mixed group of demon / vampires / thugs there
      - speak to your final target
      Reward: (none)                                Intel: Report - Possessed Thugs
           [Completing Ghosts Of The Past earns you the hidden Pet Cemetery trophy]
      It's time for the showdown with your recent nemesis.
      - go to the old temple for a suitably dramatic location for the showdown
      - climb up the big stairs (stopping to help the monks if you want)
      - shut down the energy source and defeat the remaining vampires
      (there are several opportunities for environment attacks/kills in this area)
      - defeat the martial monk possessed by Smiley
      - defeat the Yaoguai and his vampire associates
      - defeat Smiley Cat (using the usual anti-demon methods)
      Reward: Jiang Shi cap (available in main story)    Intel: Report - Smiley Cat
           [Completing Smiley Cat earns you the hidden I Can Haz Banishment trophy]
    After finishing the story missions you're free to continue playing and complete
    any remaining events, stat awards and collectibles (see Section 11b).
                                 ( Zodiac Tournament )
    When you commence play after installing the DLC you'll receive a text message
    from Inspector Teng informing you of "illegal fighting on [a] secret island"...
    How can you resist?! Follow her instructions and head over to the orange fist
    icon at the east end of Central to catch the ferry.
    Activate the waypoint there and enjoy the vintage 70's movie intro. :) You'll
    then arrive on a beach where some martial artists are practising.
    (before you proceed, collect your first Fire Opal STATUE from the right (west)
    end of the beach - there are twelve new zodiac statues to collect)
    Head up the stairs towards the temple.
    (take a quick detour at the first available stairs to the left and you'll find
    your second STATUE in a small outhouse on your left, then continue past the hut,
    under the arch and up the long curving stairs to the third STATUE, then return
    to the main temple stairs and continue your ascent)
    After being welcomed to the island by your enigmatic host you're invited to chat
    with your rival combatants.
    (follow the plaza south-east, over a square pond and through the east gate to
    collect the fourth STATUE, then find your host at the top of the stairs and get
    to the south-west corner of the temple where you'll see another STATUE)
    After a little banter with the other competitors you can speak to your host and
    you'll enter your first fight - the qualifying rounds.
    (you can grab an opponent and use the central grill for an environment attack
    which also temporarily activates the fire-pits around the arena - this can set
    some of the other fighters on fire which is quite a time-saver!)
    After winning three rounds of combat you have limited freedom to explore and you
    can go to the orange mission waypoint when you want to continue.
      Your first tournament challenge.
      - bust through the gate
      (take the first right turn next to the two dudes to find the sixth STATUE)
      - follow the trail to the waypoint on the broken bridge
      - continue along the path on the other side
      (watch out for pop-up spike traps on this trail - don't go too fast; also when
      you see a straight section of kerb on the left side of the path you can drop
      down and pick up the seventh STATUE)
      - keep heading along the obvious cliffside route to another gate/fight
      (this is a free-for-all fight with Karl Chu as a mini-boss; you can use the
      spikes and gongs for environment attacks; once you've depleted his health you
      will need to follow-up a counter with QTE's to defeat Karl)
    After beating him you'll be warped back to the main temple plaza.
      Your second tournament challenge.
      - wander over to the waypoint where the second gate is now unlocked
      - follow a very similar rocky pathway to a beach
      (grab STATUE number eight from the east end of the beach)
      - accept Little Fu's offer of some delicious tea
      - it's a trap! defeat the thugs that ambush you
      - continue along the route as you start tripping from the dodgy tea
      (when you're about 90 metres from the next waypoint you'll see one guy on the
      right side of the track - there's an area behind him with the next STATUE)
      - defeat George in a cage-fight on the next beach
      (he's pretty tough and you'll need to use various QTE's to evade his attacks;
      I found the most effective tech to use against him was my favourite Leg Break
      - an early unlock from the Melee Training; if you can maintain a barrage of
      attacks on him then he won't get a chance to hit you)
      One of the other fighters advises you to seek a herbal antidote to the toxin.
      (walk around the cage arena and check behind the big rocks at the east end of
      the beach for the tenth STATUE)
      - go to the jetty waypoint and hop on the boat
      - drive along the coast to the next waypoint
      (when you're about 70-80 metres from your objective you should notice the next
      STATUE flashing on the beach to your right - you're free to collect this now)
      - when you reach the waypoint get out and pick the flowers you need
    The poison will be neutralized and you'll teleport back to the very first beach
    where the ferry docked.
      Your third and final tournament challenge.
      - go to the very top of the stairs and enter the temple arena
      - defeat several enemies in the large group
      The spiked ceiling now starts to descend ominously...
      - defeat the remaining competitors before the spikes reach you
      (you can throw people into the big gear-wheels to slow the spikes but even
      then you'll still have very little time to defeat all your rivals; there are
      three sets of gears and you will probably need to use all of them - not only
      will this buy you extra time but it also gives you three insta-kills to save
      you further time; you cannot use all three gears in a row however, you need to
      wait around fifteen seconds after each one! it's also worth noting that the
      two larger opponents are "grapplers" so you cannot grab them)
      The (rather brief) conclusion of your retro adventure.
      - exit the arena and pursue the Tournament Master
      (hold X to run and tap X to negotiate obstacles, especially the bridge!)
      - defeat him and his cheeky Drunken style to complete the story
      Reward: Muay Thai outfit
              Mixed Martial Arts outfit
              fire opal statues are now marked on your minimap
    On completing the final mission you'll be delivered back to the dock in Central
    where you originally caught the ferry. There will be a waypoint there which you
    can use to return to the island where you can replay the DLC missions and pick
    up any statues you missed.
    Speaking of which, the final STATUE is on the first beach to the west of the
    jetty where the ferry docked. You can take a boat there or just swim over from
    the jetty (it takes just under a minute). The statue is at the back of the beach
    at the end of the long rocky "corridor" you'll see on your minimap.
    Collecting all twelve fire opal statues completes the new Statuesque stat award
    but more importantly it also unlocks the special abilities of the Muay Thai and
    MMA outfits - a 40% melee damage bonus and unique grappling moves.
                                   ( Wheels of Fury )
    You can start the first mission of this pack at the orange car waypoint icon in
    south Kennedy Town; you will then be prompted to head behind the garage building
    to meet Dr Tang who appears in some of the favours (see Section 07b).
    The whole 'Wheels of Fury' DLC pack "revolves" (heh) around finding Dr Tang's
    supercar prototype and the various parts you need to upgrade it. It's all pretty
    trivial really but (for the sake of completeness) here's a quick walkthrough...
    o MEET THE DZS-90
      Find the car and get your first unlock.
      - drive up to Victoria Peak as indicated and catch up with the convoy there
      - keep action hijacking each car until you find one that doesn't explode!
      - drive it back to Tang
      Reward: DZS-90 ramming upgrade
    You can now proceed to the next mission waypoint or abandon the car to return to
    the main campaign.
    (If you have Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and you play 'Wheels of Fury'
    when it first becomes available you may find that you need to progress the main
    story to unlock further missions.)
    o NEW GLOW
      Earn your next unlock.
      - drive the DZS-90 to the orange mission marker in Kennedy Docks
      - pursue the fleeing van and stop it
      (hold X to charge your new car's EMP (electromagnetic pulse) device - when you
      get a "throbbing" effect you can release X to fire it and immobilise cars)
      - defeat the enemies in combat and collect the stolen parts
      - escape the police (hint: you have a fast car with an EMP device!)
      - drive back to Tang's garage
      Reward: DZS-90 EMP upgrade
      Two more unlocks here.
      - head to the waypoint north of Kennedy Town
      - use the guns to take out the hostile cars and bikes
      (hold L1 to free-aim in any direction and R1 to shoot; when you empty all 200
      rounds of a magazine the guns will automatically retract and reload; in dark
      areas watch your minimap and aim at enemy headlights; between waves you can
      release L1 to force a reload)
      - kill the gangsters in the loading bay
      - drive to the garage in south-east Central
      Reward: DZS-90 turrets
              DZS-90 speed upgrade
      Earn the final vehicle upgrade.
      - drive to meet Tang at the ferry terminal in north-west Central
      - pursue the kidnappers and take out the escort vehicles (shoot or ram)
      - EMP the target car and rescue Tang
      Reward: DZS-90 steering upgrade
      Dr Tang arranges a comprehensive "field test" for the car.
      - drive across Aberdeen to the race start
      - beat the other drivers
      (it's quite a short race so push for the lead and use any means necessary to
      take out the other cars)
      Reward: DZS-90 unlocked
    The fully upgraded DZS-90 with gun turrets, boosted speed and ramming ability,
    four-wheel steering and EMP capability is now yours. You can also access Cruise
    and Derby events in each of the four main districts (orange map icons).
    In Cruise mode you have four minutes to cruise around the city under autopilot
    and kill as many enemies (red minimap icons) as possible. Your high score can be
    viewed under Rail Shooter Challenge in the Stat Games section of the Social Hub.
    In a Derby event you have full control of the vehicle and your objective is to
    destroy enemy vehicles on the streets. You can also view your Derby high score
    under the Stat Games menu.
                                 ( Year of the Snake )
    Like 'Nightmare in North Point', the 'Year of the Snake' expansion is a stand-
    alone pack accessed from the main Sleeping Dogs title screen. Despite having a
    police theme you do not earn Cop XP with this content.
    The events take place after the main story and against the backdrop of the New
    Year celebrations (hence the name). Wei has been put back on the street and in
    uniform - I wonder if the HKPD has a policy on tattoos?!
    You start with a budget of HK$25,000 which is more than enough for buying food
    and for occasional hospital bills. Food stores and massage parlours are open to
    your custom but clothing/vehicle vendors and your wardrobes are unavailable. If
    you really want to earn some pocket-money you can trash parking meters as usual.
    o END OF THE WORLD (mission)
      Wei learns of the cultists' plot.
      - chase after the suspect (follow the blue minimap markers) and arrest him
      (press Circle to grapple him and again to handcuff him; with an "aggressive
      target" you'll need to damage them with melee/stuns before you can cuff them)
      - pursue and arrest the second suspect
      (this time press Circle to grapple and again next to one of the rear doors to
      put him in the police cruiser)
      - pursue the third subject and arrest/subdue the group of baddies
      (the game introduces the stun-gun mechanic here - after grappling with Circle
      you can press Square to zap them)
      (there is an EVIDENCE BAG in the south-west corner of this little plaza - see
      trophy #60 in Section 11b for a full list of all twenty locations)
      - investigate their car and drive it to the waypoint against a timer
      - head over to the address of the registered owner in north Kennedy Docks
      (since Wei's in uniform now, instead of jacking cars off the street he will
      flash his badge and officially commandeer civilian vehicles)
      - drive to the north-east corner of the dock area
      (there's an EVIDENCE BAG on top of the middle stack of cargo containers here)
      - pick the combination lock on the garage doors and visit each of the clues
      - defeat the group of cultists
      (there seems to be no penalty for using the knife one of them drops!)
      Reward: HKPD Cruiser (car)                                 Intel: Lucky Money
              [Completing End Of The World earns you the hidden trophy Bomb Squad.]
    After the first mission you'll have access to the Social Hub where you can view
    the five new stat awards (see Section 10) and four new stat games.
    You will continue from the police station in north-west Soho. As a uniformed
    officer Wei can now freely take police vehicles for his own use, however you can
    still "go rogue" and gain a wanted rating for killing civilians or cops.
    (there's an EVIDENCE BAG in the far north-east corner of the police compound)
    You can play main story missions (indicated with dark blue map waypoints) and
    jobs (marked with pale blue icons). I've written all of these into this summary,
    doing all the jobs (and favours) as soon as they become available.
    Look out for red enemy markers on the minimap - these indicate small groups of
    thugs that you can zap and arrest to farm the stat award totals if you want.
    o PLAZA PATROL (job)
      - take any handy stairs up to the waypoint in the Soho plaza
      - chase and subdue the pickpocket
    o PUBLIC DISTURBANCE (job) - "Party Pooper"
      - get to the waypoint in north-east Central and arrest the firecracker thugs
    o INDECENT BEHAVIOUR (job) - "Urine Trouble"
      - go to the waypoint in north-west Victoria Park and arrest the perp
    o ILLUMINATION (mission)
      Wei apprehends a dealer connected to the cult.
      - go to the clothing store to get an undercover outfit
      - drive over to the K-Bar in Soho and listen to the conversations
      - when prompted speak to the dealer in the corridor
      - pursue him outside and over the rooftops
      - defeat the thugs (counter their knife attacks) then resume the rooftop chase
      - bundle the dealer into a cruiser and drive him to the police HQ in Kennedy
      - evade or otherwise overcome the hostile cars (hint: you'll have a gun)
      Reward: (none)                                       Intel: Apocalyptic Cults
    You will now have access to three Bomb Threat missions back in Central - which
    you can do in any order I think - and two favours nearby in Kennedy Town.
      - speak to the guy next to the stage in north Kennedy
      - arrest/subdue the offenders
      - speak to the guy again to complete the favour
    o DELIVERY BOY (favour)
      - speak to the man on the steps in west Kennedy
      - deliver the payment to the Pork Bun Guy around the corner
      Wei deals with a series of bomb threats over the next three missions.
      - head over to the waypoint near the hospital in south-east Central
      (there's an EVIDENCE BAG in the south-east corner of the hospital foyer)
      - check the cars in the parking lot [press Triangle to try the doors]
      - pursue the cultists' car on the convenient police motorcycle
      (maintain your speed and use the sat-nav route on the minimap if necessary)
      - perform an action hijack on the target vehicle [hold X, tap X]
      - dump the car in the ocean before it explodes
      (if you restart from the checkpoint you're given a generous timer)
                                 (no reward and no intel)
    o BOMB THREAT: POI* (mission)                      (POI = "Person of Interest")
      - go to the marker near Government House in Central
      - find the bomber at the payphones and give chase through the traffic
      - run away!
                                 (no reward and no intel)
      - drive to the mall in east Central
      - arrest/defeat the group of cultists
      (you can use the Dragon Kick machine to heal during the fight if you want)
      - run quickly through the underground parking lot opposite to the bomb squad
                                 (no reward and no intel)
    o SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE (job) "Bomb in the Bay"
      - investigate the car in east Central
      - jack the car and dump it in the ocean
      (you don't get a waypoint now so you need to find a coastal spot without a
      railing; you can bail from the vehicle before or after it lands in the water
      but if you bail after you'll need to swim away from the blast; don't worry if
      you fail one of these jobs as they respawn fairly quickly in the same place)
    o SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE (job) "Bombs Away"
      - find the truck under the footbridge in west Central
      - drive it into the ocean
      (for this one I recommend heading to north-west Central - the big red gateway
      north of the park has a path heading straight to the coast)
    o TRANSIT SECURITY (mission)
      More bombs - this time on the buses.
      - head to the business district crime-scene 
      - talk to the indicated officer
      - take the police car (the one with the blue marker)
      (use the siren as suggested to cut through the downtown traffic)
      - find the first bus and defuse the bomb at the rear
      (this uses the hacking interface - see Section 03h for a refresher)
      - find the second bus and defuse the bomb at the rear
      - drive down to the bus depot in north-east North Point
      - looks for "clues" (like an obvious bunch of cultists behind a bus!)
      - chase them and arrest/defeat them and their friends
      Reward: HKPD Motorcycle                                         Intel: (none)
    o CEASE OPERATIONS (mission)
      There's something fishy going on at the seafood warehouse. (sorry!)
      - drive to the fishmarket waypoint under the bridge to Aberdeen Island
      (the entrance is inside the porch on the right side)
      - look for "clues" again (more obvious cultists in brightly-coloured pyjamas)
      (there's an EVIDENCE BAG in one of the far corners on the south side)
      - arrest/defeat the cultists
      - continue through the warehouse, passing through three doors
      (you'll need to lockpick the third one)
      - arrest/defeat another group of cultists then lockpick another door
      - arrest/defeat another group 
      - grab the bomb-maker in the next room and take him outside
      - bundle him into the trunk of a (civilian) car and drive to Kennedy Town
      - evade or defeat the pursuing vehicles (you magically have a pistol again)
      (the quickest way to aim behind while driving is to hold the right-stick down
      to look behind and *then* press L1 to start aiming)
      Reward: (none)                                        Intel: Wu Ping Incident
    o HELP THE ROOKIE (favour)
      - find the officer on the stairs in east Kennedy Town
      - run after him and defeat the group of thugs
    o LUCKY MONEY (favour)
      - visit the spa in central Kennedy
      - take the alley north-east to the elevated seating area and defeat the thugs
      (there's an EVIDENCE BAG at the far southern end)
      - return the money to the shopkeeper
    o SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE (job) - "Bomb Be Gone"
      - check out the Enterprise saloon in the south Kennedy parking lot
      - drive it into the ocean
      (if you head to the prominent Kennedy Pier building in south-west Kennedy Town
      you'll find a handy ramp off the harbour behind it)
    o PARK PATROL (job)
      - get over to the small park in north Kennedy
      - chase down the mugger and - eventually - defeat him and his buddies
    o KNOWN CULTIST HIDEOUT (job) - "Cultish Ambush"
      - drive down to the cemetery south of Kennedy Town
      - arrest/defeat the cultists inside the main building
      (continue through the building, up all the stairs and you'll find an EVIDENCE
      BAG next to a small fountain on the left)
      Reward: Cultist Uniform outfit (available in main campaign)
    The outfit can be equipped from any of your wardrobes in the main Sleeping Dogs
    story mode. It gives a buff to melee counters and also gives you the ability to
    plant car-bombs - approach the rear of any car and press Triangle when prompted
    then retreat to a safe distance and press R1 to detonate.
         [Completing all jobs and favours earns you the trophy Hong Kong's Finest.]
    o SDU: SOHO RIOTS (mission)                       (SDU = "Special Duties Unit")
      Unsurprisingly this mission involves rioting in the Soho district.
      - get to the waypoint near Soho in south Central
      - lead the riot police into Soho and defeat/arrest the first group of rioters
      (while using the baton you cannot cuff suspects)
      - progress to the next waypoint 
      (gab a pork bun from the street vendor if you need one)
      - arrest/defeat the next group then defeat further enemies for one minute
      - collect the tear-gas grenade-launcher from the trunk of the police cruiser
      (you use the normal gun controls: L2 aim, R2 fire, R1 reload and L1 cover; you
      can also tap Square for melee attacks while carrying the launcher)
      - continue to the next waypoint along the road
      - use the tear-gas to suppress the crowd there
      - head upstairs, over the travelator to the plaza and repeat
      (if you're obsessive about completing the stat awards this is the time to get
      the Gassed one - keep gassing the guys without gasmasks, you can score several
      times off each one; once the crowd starts looking a bit sparse just use the
      pause menu option to restart from the checkpoint and repeat until you have the
      Gold award; also watch out for the big guys stealing your launcher off you!)
      - defeat further enemies for one minute
      Reward: (none)                                         Intel: Ritual Cleaning
    After your first SDU mission the next three will unlock simultaneously.
    o SDU: NERVE GAS (mission)
      - cruise over to the waypoint near the Impound Lot in south-east Central
      - defeat the vehicular enemies in an on-rails shooter sequence
      (use careful aim with the shotgun and avoid shooting their van in front)
      Reward: HKPD SUV                                          Intel: Firecrackers
      - report to the waypoint at the Aberdeen harbour
      - kill all the targets around the three dockside waypoints (you have an SMG)
      (collect ammo from your victims, fill your Face meter to heal, check the map
      for enemy locations and move closer if your shoots are ineffective)
      (there's an EVIDENCE BAG on the covered roof of a large houseboat near the
      centre of the harbour area but it's a pain to get to - you need to climb onto
      the roof of a boat to the south-east then jump across three rooftops to get
      over to the big houseboat with the collectible on it)
      Reward: (none)                                            Intel: Hair Washing
    o SDU: PARK ASSAULT (mission)
      - drive to the waypoint in west Central
      - take out the hostile targets (you start with an assault rifle this time)
      (use controlled bursts, go for headshots for quick kills and if you use your
      car for cover watch out for it catching fire!)
      - defend your position for two minutes (just stay alive basically)
      Reward: (none)                                        Intel: Let The Year Out
    o NEW YEAR'S EVE (mission)
      It's the end of the year - and the end of this Sleeping Dogs epilogue.
      - get to the waypoint near your apartment in Kennedy Town
      - drive over to Aberdeen harbour
      - defend the boat in an on-rails shooter segment
      - kill the first group of cultists on the south casino barge
      (go to the south-west corner and down the stairs for another EVIDENCE BAG - if
      you grab this one now it'll save you the hassle of coming back later)
      - replenish your ammo then take up position on the waypoint
      - defeat the second wave that appear behind you then head inside
      - arrest the master of the cult (who was barely even introduced previously)
      Reward: Beat Cop outfit (available in main story)           Intel: The Master
              SDU Gear outfit (available in main story)
              Tear-Gas Launcher (available in main story)
               [Completing New Year's Eve earns you the hidden trophy Cult Master.]
    The SDU outfit is essentially the same "SWAT Elite Armour" as the Super-SWAT
    Tactical Uniform but without the anonymity of the helmet and facemask. It gives
    you 50% damage protection and equips the tear-gas launcher.
    Both new police outfits also allow you to use the stun-gun and handcuffs.
    The locations of all the evidence bag collectibles will now be marked on your
    minimap to help you pick up any you missed (they're the ones marked with grey
    icons). In the original release they were also shown on the collectibles view of
    the pause map but it appears that the Definitive Edition lacks this feature.
    | Section 16 | CONTACT                                                     s16 |
    I welcome feedback, corrections and contributions for this guide. Contributions
    will usually be reworded but will always be fully credited to the submitter so
    be sure to tell me the name you want me to use.
    You can email me at barticle at hotmail.com - obviously changing the "at" to an
    @ and removing the spaces. It would be helpful if you include "Sleeping Dogs"
    somewhere in the subject line to get my attention.
    | Section 17 | THANKS                                                      s17 |
    I would like to thank the following:-
    o United Front Games for making (and Square Enix for rescuing!) the game
    o ThePatrick for his epic and inspirational Yakuza guides
    o Boutchie23 for solving the mystery of the missing job
    o Gyre Gimble for the Not-Ping and Ilyana dating info
    o Joshua Carlson for the Scarface:TWIY info
    o Xander45 for confirming three safehouse upgrade locations
    o Ferry and PowerPyx for the open-world events hints and video (respectively)
    o Edge Online for some of the development history
    o shanjo, Sor Eddie, Rapaleeman, Karnon, SkynetAppleMac, blacklibra, SirFiddler,
      casedawgz, Veeb, Takuru, moss81-brady12, FooFighters25, sunricer, AuspexAO,
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      Jack Frost, 8BitArtist, isarai, Grumpy Porter, turbobuddah, foxboro27 and
      Chisoka for helpful forum posts
    o MegamanXfan21xx for the SWAT outfit info
    o MegamanFan814 (another one!) and Chisoka for some Definitive Edition info
    o xbox360achievements.org for leaking the achievements list one month early
    o machinima, gamespot, c1berpunk, SHpower31, cvg, FunkMasterTobi, Giant Bomb and
      especially gramTV and TheyCallMeDrac for handy pre-release gameplay footage
    o Rooster Teeth for the hijack abuse clips :)
    o GameCentral, Zero Punctuation and Extra Credits for their excellent output
    o Marsen Jules, Loscil, Intrusion and Fingers In The Noise for super sounds
    I will be happy to give credit and thanks to anyone who makes a contribution.
            ___________                                          ___        
            \______   /                              ___        /  /        
                  /  /                       __      \_/       /  /         
                 /   \___ ________ _________/  \__ ___ ______ /  /  ________
    .-------o   /  __   / \___   //  ___/\_   ___//  //  ___//  /  /  __   /
    | ANOTHER  /  / /  /_____/  //  /     /  /   /  //  /   /  /  /   \/  / 
    '---------/  /-/  //  __   //  /-----/  /---/  //  /---/  /--/  _____/---------.
             /  / /  //  / /  //  /     /  /   /  //  /   /  /  /  /         GUIDE |
            /   \/  //   \/  //  /     /   \_ /  //   \_ /   \ /   \________ o-----'
            \______/ \______/ \_/      \____/ \_/ \____/ \___/ \___________/
    Sleeping Dogs Guide
    Copyright 2012-2016 James R. Barton
    Initial version 1.00 completed 27 August 2012
    Current version 1.10 completed 19 January 2016
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
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