Glitch in the Hotel - Clown Nose Datapack?

  1. I've completed the Gotham City Hotel and have returned to scoop up Datapacks. The one in the funhouse room (in the nose) seems stuck. When I enter the room, the nose-opening animation plays, but the nose is actually locked when I look at it. The console has been completed, so there's no redoing it.

    Ideas to avoid the glitch?

    User Info: SenorCoolguy

    SenorCoolguy - 3 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    I am getting the same glitch...the control console I need to hack is already blacked out and I cannot access. I know I have yet to get this one, as I distinctly remember by passing it so I could complete the game quicker. Now I am going back to collect data packs and cannot access it. Did you ever find a fix to the glitch?

    User Info: SumerNivek

    SumerNivek - 2 years ago

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