How to complete worst nightmare 14?

  1. I can't complete this challenge for the life of me. It's the one were you have to knock out 3 guys with one propane tank. Please help?

    User Info: Spidermario

    Spidermario - 3 years ago

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  1. I did this at the beginning of NG+ inside the police station.

    You'll come into a room with an armored guy and a few regular cops beating up hobos. RIght next to a few of them is a propane tank. You're initial instinct will be to blow it up, but just the propane tank by itself wont complete the challenge, as itll only knock out one guy completely.

    Throw a smoke into the room and take out the armoured opponent and extra cop. You'll see that 3 normal cops are left. Corral them together near the propane tank and use your cape stun 3 times to dizzy them (one at a time) on the floor next to the tank. The 3 cape stun will make their ground dizziness longer than usual, so once you have all three near-ish to one another, use your remoteclaw and click the propane tank so it hits the first to stand.

    Since only one cop is standing and the other two are already dizzy on the ground, the propane explosion will take out all 3 at once, completing the challenge. If it end up only knocking the others down again, reload the checkpoint and try again until it works.

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  1. The easiest way is to have the multi batarang upgrade (you need to be able to throw 3). Simply wait until 4 enemies are together, knock three down with the batarangs and then use the remote claw to launch the propane tank at the one standing. You might be able to do it with 2 down as the propane tank sometimes takes out the person it hits in one shot but for me it has been inconsistent. I recommend doing it at the end of the game, just after Alfred has been defibrillated and you fast travel to the prison. There's about 6 enemies outside the prison and if you sit on the fence they won't notice you until you through the batarangs and even then won't hit you.

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  2. I completed mine pretty easily. On NG+ during the GCPD predator room (after seeing Gordon talking with his daughter), you'll have 8 guards, 4 of them armored. Take out the armored guards first. There is a vantage point on the opposite side of the entrance above the exit door with a propane tank nearby. Use the rope dart on the tank and the vantage point and let it hang there. Attract a cop with the sonic batarang underneath the vantage point and perform the cape stun while he's on the ground. Grapple out of sight before the other 3 cops see you. While they're underneath, hit them with the multi batarang (upgrade to 3) and then throw a single batarang at the rope holding the tank above. Tank falls and knocks out everyone. Sounds hard, but is actually easy. Just need to be quick.

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