Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Costumes - Is there any rhyme or reason to unlocking them?

  1. So Dead or Alive 5 according to my friend wikipedia (who has lied to me before) boasts "231 costumes for the player to unlock." So out of curiosity I went to the Dead or Alive wiki and looked up how to unlock each costume. (The website is here: )
    However, when I got to the website a lot of the descriptions on how to unlock the costumes just consisted of the sentence "Unlocked by beating Solo/Tag Arcade Mode or Time Attack".
    Well alright, I thought, let me just beat arcade mode a hundred times and I'll get every costume; nope. That didn't work. I only got one costume per character. So then I thought, well it must be I have to beat each mode once per character (solo arcade, solo time attack, tag arcade, and tag time attack) and I'll get a costume for each one; nope. Still wrong, because I beat tag arcade mode twice using Helena as my backup, and for the same difficulty both times she got a new costume!
    Can someone tell me if there is any rhyme or reason to unlocking these costumes? Or do I have to keep guessing and dragging my feet through arcade mode while I could be doing less boring game modes?

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    NarkolepsyNinja - 4 years ago

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  1. Fastest way to unlock costumes:

    Start with Arcade - Tag Mode, Rookie difficulty, and put the Fight Settings on 1-round battles. Choose 2 characters you need a costume for. Within 5-10 minutes, you will have beaten Stage 05 and get a new costume for each of those characters.

    If you want the next costume for those characters, play again on Arcade - Tag Mode, Easy difficulty, then keep going higher etc.

    If you want 2 costumes for 2 other characters, just repeat the process on Rookie difficulty again. Note: If it says 'Cleared' by your character portrait on the selection screen, it means you've already obtained the costume for that character on that particular mode/difficulty.

    So I'd suggest at least going through Tag Team, the first 3 difficulties, which are all pretty easy. Then you can switch to solo round in single Arcade, Rookie, then working your way up.

    One costume, per character, per difficulty, per mode (but not all modes).

    I hope this helps!

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    KrizmKazm - 4 years ago 2 0


  1. You must beat a different course each time. Like...for example. You can only play Arcade-Solo-Beginner once with Tina. You can unlock things on easy medium hard whatever, but, 1 course per character.

    Same with tag battles, if you used...Leon and Hayate. And then went back to tag-beginner with Leon and Pai. Only Pai would unlock something, as leon already has.

    User Info: Brimstone-x

    Brimstone-x - 4 years ago 1 1

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