Review by Nick_Chaos007

Reviewed: 07/08/13

Free to play does not mean play for free

Its here finally a Tekken to bring back the masses to the franchise! To top it off it's also FREE! That's right! The game is free download and free to play fully equiped with a ranking mode, an arcade mode and player vs. player mode! That unfortunately is where the good news stops.

This is supposedly a full game but really plays like a demo, or worst yet an arcade quarter sucking game. Afterall thats exactly what it is.

Gameplay 2/10
It's a fighting game so lets get straight to the fighting! You are given only a core amount of characters and 6 unlockables after you've gained enough points, all which are random unlocks so forget about getting your favorite fighter. Its all luck. The fighting is not much different than tekken tag tournament and the entire purpose of the game was to bring in new players who have never played a tekken game. The one difference is invincible moves. Just like their name they are moves that renders you invincible for the time you use it and theres no limit on them once so ever. So you can just spam them freely, which is not a problem since they are easily punishable. I have no problem with anyone spamming but if your easily annoyed by it, you're going to deal with it often by people at all levels. The juggling is a bit ridiculous though. All characters can juggle you until your dead from the start of the match leaving little room for error, especially with the stat build up.

Speaking of which. In Tekken Revolution you can level up your characters to a max lvl of 50. Each level all characters get 4 points to put into POWER, ENDURANCE and VIGOR. Increasing damage, health and critical hit % respectably. This pretty much kills the game instantly! Power and Critical damage allows for fights to be over in 2-4 combos. Some even in a single Juggle will end the fight because you can level up how much damage you do with higher critical success. This completely defeats the purpose of any fighting game really. In the end a better fighter will have a chance but a decent fighter with the right stats will always win.

Game Modes 4/10
The gameplay is sorted through 3 types of game mode. A ranking mode that allows you to rank up your characters prestige. 1-15. This really is nothing more than to give yourself a title. It's also probably the best way to get a fight. Titles are an indication of skill, or at least they're suppose to be. all it typically does it get you kicked out of a lobby if your shinny title is present. The one plus side for this mode is as it tries to match you up with someone you fight the AI with no time limit and enhanced AI strength. This allows you to practice while you wait. Probably the only redeeming quality of any of the modes.

Arcade mode is the practice mode of the game. You go through 7 rounds of computer AI. They AI is absolutely pathetic. The only reason for this game mode is to learn your skill. You can press start and see all the combos. You get little exp and gold (for buying your skill ups). Unfortunately you can only play it once an hour...yes, you are limited to 1 play in arcade mode per hour. More on that in a second.

Player match is the most commonly played mode. You enter in a lobby to see all the matches taking place. From 2-6 people lobbys. You can create your own and set the requirements. The requirements mean absolutely nothing. If you set it so that +5 connection anyone can join still, making it pointless. In the lobbys the host can leave at any time ending the lobby. Meaning if you're #6 waiting to fight and the host gets butt hurt and losses they can leave...even if you're in the middle of a fight effectively ending the match. You can also be kicked from the match. This happens all the time for no reason. It happens quite often too with the incredible dumb community. If your spamming, your kicked, if your blocking to much, your kicked, if your winning to much your kicked. Leaving you to create your own lobby, but if you don't have a good connection players won't join because they can see your connection. Even though you can't see it yourself, another flaw of the game. You are limited to fighting in this mode just like ranked once per half hour.

The lack of a vs mode your friends is also terrible. You are forced to play against someone you don't know with a lousy connection potential. There was mention of adding a training mode but if it cost tokens then it's just as pointless as arcade mode.

This is where the game play REALLY falls short. You are limited to 2 MAX tokens for arcade play. 1 per hour. 5 Battle tokens for rank and player match and limited to 1 every 30 minutes. Meaning once you run out. You can't play anymore! This is where the isn't free to play mantra comes in. You can buy Premium coins that allow you to play in any mode...for a price. This does make it a nice game to play when you don't have the time since it forces you into that play style anyways. You also receive premium tickets that work the same as the coins through special events in the game and reaching mile stones like 10 wins, 100 wins ect. Everytime you win in player match with these premium coins/tickets you win another ticket. This isn't true for battle coins though. If you run out of battle coins in the player match even if you won the last fight you won't be able to continue. Forcing you to stop playing or buy tickets.

Music 0/10
I only mention this because this game has the most forgettable music ever. A loop of alternative dubstep techno crap that you wish wasn't even there.

The fighting is actually quite fun, but the way they built this game literally takes away all of the fun from playing. As someone who has never experienced a Tekken game before with this being my first attempt at the franchise. I can honestly say its such a huge failure....its a success. Over 1 million downloads and all I feel is that I want to go buy Tekken Tag Tournament because this game is so bad just to be able to fully experience the game. So maybe they did succeed here.

Overall 2/10. This game just is a half assed attempt to get people interested in Tekken. Like the old saying go, there is no such thing as bad publicity and this game is BAD! I have not bought any other Tekkens but it has gotten me interested in future titles, if they're anything like this though I'll be keeping my receipt..

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: Tekken Revolution (US, 06/11/13)

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