How do I get an S rank to unlock SSJ3 Goku? What is the special bonus?

  1. I also would like to know how to unlock Super Buu Gohan Absorbed (anybody else annoyed that his base form is "Evil Buu" but gohan abosorbed is "Super Buu," why can't they both be super buu for consistency's sake)

    User Info: PirateHunter99

    PirateHunter99 - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The special bonus conditions for Mission 39 (to unlock SSJ3 Goku) are:

    Perform a 30-Hit Combo (or better)
    Defeat SSJ3 Goku in 2 minutes (or less)

    The special bonus conditions for Mission 54 (to unlock Super Buu) are:

    Defeat Dabura in less than 1 minute
    Defeat Majin Vegeta with SSJ2 Goku
    Win in 7 minutes (or less)

    User Info: Tekkaman_James

    Tekkaman_James - 3 years ago 0 0

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