• Easy leveling of Valor, Limit and Master Forms

    During the Lock, Shock and Barrel battle in Christmas Town, wherein you use reaction commands to capture the trio in present boxes, the battle will go on indefinitely as long as you do not actually use the reaction commands. Simply change into one of these drive forms, and fight as long as you please. Equip Oathkeeper for maximum effect. Because the three do not "die," you can continue whacking an unconscious target to gain Valor Form EXP and refill your drive gauge. Lock drops drive orbs each time you knock him out, giving you Master Form EXP and Shock will drop MP balls, allowing you to use Sonic Blade quicker before the drive ends. Exploiting this battle can net you a lot of Drive EXP without waiting for screen changes and traveling back to the world map.

    Contributed By: zburley.


  • PS3 Themes

    By completing each respective game, you can unlock special themes for your PS3.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix ThemeComplete Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
    Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded ThemeObtain Re:coded Master Trophy and read all character bios
    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix ThemeComplete Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix

    Contributed By: XxUltimoxX.

Kingdom Hearts II Cheats


  • Instant Max Drive

    If you want you drive bar maxed, all you have to do, is, Go to the Underworld tournament. Talk to Panic, after talking to him, A screen of all Tournaments pop up.

    Go to any one, and once you enter the first battle, Your Drive Bar will be completely filled. Pause, and select quit. When you leave, your bar is still full.

    This will help you level up forms and summons quicker.

    Also, if you return to the world map while in a drive form you will have a full drive gauge.

    Contributed By: ZofBlades.

  • Quick Summon/Form Levelling

    In Space Paranoids, just use any form or summon, and let the form/summon meter count down until it's almost gone. Then, immediately board the Solar Sailer. Your form/summon will be cancelled, but your drive gauge will be returned to its original state. Ride the Solar Sailer, then use the form/summon again. After the ride is over, head back and all of the enemies will return. Repeat until forms and summons are maxed. Obviously, this will not work for Final Form, since there aren't any Nobodies in Space Paranoids, but the other forms and the summons can be levelled freely, without any pesky drive-gauge refilling. It's possible that this trick works in other areas, too, but I have not explored it (the Black Pearl is an idea though).

    Also, to level summons specifically, the experience counter seems to increment when the summon meter ticks down a notch. If your timing is good, try to kill enemies with drive orbs right when the meter is going to drop a level. If you can keep the meter almost full as you collect the orbs, you can make it oscillate between two numbers, netting extra experience for your summons. With this, you can get over 30 exp every time you use a summon.

    Contributed By: ambroselunar.


  • Cup Unlockables

    The Paradox Cups can be played by talking to Hades in Hade's Chamber.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cerberus CupClear Agrabah, Halloween, and Pride Land for the first time
    Goddess of Fate CupClear previous cups and beat the first fight with Xemnas
    Pain and Panic CupClear Disney Castle for the first time
    Paradox Cups: Cerberus CupExcept Final Form, Form levels must be at Lv. 5 and must unlock Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic
    Paradox Cups: Hades CupClear all the previous cups, clear Space Paranoids for the second time, and have ALL forms and summons at Lv. 7
    Paradox Cups: Pain and PanicClear all the previous cups
    Paradox Cups: Titan CupSummon level should be at Lv. 5 and have the Paradox: Cup Pain and Panic unlock
    Titan CupClear Olympus Coliseum for the second time

    Contributed By: HaloMasta050.

  • Item Synthesis Rewards

    By reaching certain milestones in item synthesis with Moogles, you will obtain a number of useful rewards as below.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AP BoostGet 25 types of materials
    AP BoostGet all Mythril materials
    Defense BoostGet 30 types of materials
    Defense BoostGet all Bright materials
    ElixirGet 1 type of material
    Free DevelopmentGet 5 types of materials
    Free Development 2Get 20 types of materials
    High Drive RecoveryGet 10 types of materials
    Magic BoostGet 40 types of materials
    Magic BoostGet all Serenity materials
    MegalixirGet 15 types of materials
    OrichalcumGet 45 types of materials
    OrichalcumGet 1,000 total materials
    Orichalcum+Get all types of materials
    Power BoostGet 35 types of materials
    Power BoostGet all Energy materials
    Sell Gems at ShopsGet 20 of a gem of a type to make it buyable
    Sell Shards at ShopsGet 30 of a shard of a type to make it buyable
    Sell Stones at ShopsGet 25 of a stone of a type to make it buyable
    Serenity CrystalGet 500 total materials
    Serenity CrystalGet all Twilight materials
    Serenity CrystalGet all Rank S materials
    Serenity GemGet 250 total materials
    Serenity GemGet all Dense materials
    Serenity GemGet all Rank A materials
    Serenity ShardGet 50 total materials
    Serenity ShardGet all Rank C materials
    Serenity StoneGet 100 total materials
    Serenity StoneGet all Rank B materials

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Special Models

    These are special models of gummi ships you can get by doing the certain gummi missions and getting S ranked on them.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CactuarS-Rank: Broken Highway Mission 2
    Cait SithS-Rank: Sunlight Storm Mission 2
    ChocoboS-Rank: Ancient Highway Mission 2
    FenrirS-Rank: Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 2
    Highwind ModelS-Rank: Asteroid Sweep Mission 2
    Kingdom ModelS-Rank: Asteroid Sweep Mission 2
    MandragoraS-Rank: Floating Island Mission 2
    MoogleS-Rank: Splash Island Mission 2
    Mushroom ModelS-Rank: Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 1
    PuPuS-Rank: Stardust Sweep Mission 2
    Secret ModelS-Rank: Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 3
    TonberryS-Rank: Phantom Storm Mission 2

    Contributed By: Yanray109.

  • Summons

    Where to get each summon:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chicken LittleIn the 100 Acre Wood, after the world's second cutscene.
    GenieDefeat Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord
    Peter PanIn the ship graveyard in the second visit to Port Royal.
    StitchIn the hallway to the computer room in Hollow Bastion, after you get Master Form.

    Contributed By: Pikawil100.

  • Torn Pages

    Torn Pages are required to play and complete all of 100 Acre Woods.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Torn Page 1In the Disney Castle's Library.
    Torn Page 2In the Pride Lands at the Oasis
    Torn Page 3In Hallow Bastion at the Crystal Fissure
    Torn Page 4At the Land of the Dragons in the Throne Room
    Torn Page 5At Agrabah at the Tower

    Contributed By: TootPootMaster.

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Cheats


  • Birth By Sleep Unlock Conditions

    To get the new secret ending Birth By Sleep you must satisfy these conditions for each mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CriticalAcquire all 3 proofs (i.e. Proof of Connection - Terra, Proof of Non-existence - Org. Data Rematches, Proof of Tranquility - Mushroom XIII)
    ProudComplete Jiminy's Journal
    StandardComplete Jiminy's Journal and get all treasures from Gummi Missions (including EX missions)

    Contributed By: TheWertle.

  • KHII Theater Mode

    Theater Mode is an additional feature that appears on the "New Game/Load Game" once you unlock it. In it, you can watch any cutscene from the game in either English or Japanese. Note that the Japanese option includes voices for the scenes that were silent in the game itself.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Theater Mode (ENG Voices)Beat the game on any difficulty.
    Theater Mode (JPN Voices)Beat the game on any difficulty AND have clear data from Re:Chain of Memories on your memory card.

    Contributed By: KeybladeMasterA.

  • Organization Xll Battles - Absent Silhouette

    Fight the Five Defeated Organization XIII members that were not seen in the original story.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    LarxenePort Royal - Isla de la Muerte
    LexaeusTwilight Town(2nd Time) - The Sandlot
    MarluxiaBeast's Castle(2nd Time) - Beast's Room
    VexenAgrabah(2nd Time) - Merchant's Shop
    ZexionUnderworld - Cave of the Dead

    Contributed By: DarkVGKing.

  • Re: Chain of Memories Theater Mode

    When you first beat Sora's Story, the main screen will have "Theater" as a new selection under "Load." You'll be able to view all the cutscenes in Sora's Story. If you beat Riku's Story, you'll be able to watch all the cutscenes in Riku's Story also.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Theater Mode - Riku's Story cutscenesBeat Riku's Story
    Theater Mode - Sora's Story cutscenesBeat Sora's Story

    Contributed By: Afrocious.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Cheats


  • Final Chapter

    Acquire every Xehanort report as each character, then complete all three story modes to unlock the Final Chapter.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Final ChapterAcquire all Xehanort Reports

    Contributed By: Seraphs_Savior.

  • Secret Bosses

    These Bosses are only available to fight with after you have cleared the Final Story. They are accessible during Terra, Ventus and Aqua's Story.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Lingering Spirit VanitasClear Final Story
    Mysterious FigureBeat Lingering spirit Vanitas at Keyblade Graveyard.

    Contributed By: Frannel.

  • Secret Movie: Blank Points

    To unlock a secret preview to the next major game in the series at the end of the game, you must do the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    On Critical ModeComplete the Final Episode
    On Proud ModeComplete the Final Episode & Complete the Sticker Album with 140 points for all characters
    On Standard ModeComplete the Final Episode, Complete the Sticker Album with 140 points for all characters & Obtain the Keyslinger Trinity Trophy

    Contributed By: benlyd.

  • Secret Reports

    These are all of the Xehanort's Reports needed to unlock the Final episodes.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Xehanort's LetterVentus' Story - Get out from Land of Departure for the first time
    Xehanort's Report 1Chest in Ventus' Story - Deep Space - Launch Deck
    Xehanort's Report 10Complete the game with Ventus
    Xehanort's Report 11Complete the game with Terra
    Xehanort's Report 12Chest in Ventus' Story - The Keyblade Graveyard - Seat of War
    Xehanort's Report 2Clear Terra's Story - Radient Garden
    Xehanort's Report 3Chest in Aqua's Story - Radiant Garden - Merlin's House
    Xehanort's Report 4Clear Aqua's Story - The Mysterious Tower
    Xehanort's Report 5Terra's Story - Clear Sinister Sentinel in the Mirage Arena
    Xehanort's Report 6Clear Aqua's Story - Enchanted Dominion
    Xehanort's Report 7Complete the game with Aqua
    Xehanort's Report 8Terra's Story - Defeat Master Eraqus
    Xehanort's Report 9Ventus' Story - Get out from Land of Departure for the second time (event based)

    Contributed By: ZeoKnight.

  • Trinity Archives

    To unlock the Trinity Archives on the main menu, you must do the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Trinity ArchivesComplete the Story with any Character

    Contributed By: XianCe.

  • Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified Trophy in Trinity Archives:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Arena SweeperProof you have finished every quest.
    ClockworkProof you have played for 80 hours or more.
    Dairy DevoteeProof you have activated Frozen Fortune 30 times.
    In the MunnyProof you have amassed 33,333 munny.
    KeyslingerProof you have taken out 9,999 Unversed.
    One DownProof you have finished one character's story.
    Power WalkerProof you have taken 99,999 steps.
    Trinity TrophyProof you have finished all the stories in Proud Mode or above.

    Contributed By: DancingSamurai.

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