How do I beat (vamp)?

  1. User Info: sisco420

    sisco420 - 9 years ago

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  1. Equip your syringe, reduce his health to zero and as he gets up and his health is refilling go over and grab him and press triangle to inject the syringe into him.

    User Info: Yazoo300

    Yazoo300 - 9 years ago 10 1


  1. if you have a decent amount of Drebin points my fave way to kill him is with the M60 light machine gun, make sure you have the laser sight and foregrip for aiming, also make sure to dodge his atttacks also.....SUNLIIGGGGGT

    User Info: Dasvanu

    Dasvanu - 9 years ago 0 9
  2. Ok to beat vamp i will give a step by step way to win.First get a machine gun or the p90 and equip any healing items like noddels then bring his life down to zero. (note use health items when life is low)As soon as his life is 0 use cqc while the syringe is equiped hold him from behind and press tringle to use it and doing this will end the boss battel.

    User Info: jfd1994

    jfd1994 - 9 years ago 5 0
  3. If you can use a laser sight, or anything else that improves chances of headshots, that works really well? Remember when Snake shot him square in the forehead in that earlier cutscene in the end of Act 1? It instantly took him down, and that works almost as well here.

    User Info: STRatoSTRafe

    STRatoSTRafe - 9 years ago 0 6
  4. just use an assault rifle w/lasersight for easy heads also the anti material rifle (i dont remenber its name)works really well , even if you use lethal weapons it wont cout as a kill.

    Vanps atacks are easy to avoid just side roll or jump back,if he does hit you dont try to get up aim and shoot imediatly get up only when he runs away.

    After he falls hell be groggy for a short time he grab him and use the syringe

    User Info: Ren_eko

    Ren_eko - 9 years ago 5 0
  5. Equip the Syringe and use whatever gun your good with and kill him, then run up behind him and as soon as he gets up grab him then press Triangle.

    Using the Solar Gun instantly kills him and makes the battle very quick and simple.

    User Info: solidsnake73

    solidsnake73 - 9 years ago 2 0
  6. Not really much more to say..........

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    follucks - 9 years ago 0 3
  7. Use your CQC , and pull out syringe. Now grab Vamp , and syringe him.

    User Info: jonpspmetal

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  8. with your syringne knock him out and just as he gets back up use CQC hold on him and siringe him
    solar gun works too

    User Info: shadow_571

    shadow_571 - 8 years ago 1 1
  9. For people going for BBE you can use any weapon since vamp doesn't die when his health is reduced he just heals, so use any weapon you like.

    Solar gun works best if you have it, if not the m4 when he is far away and a shotgun for when he gets close works well.

    Also when grabbing him you need to be behind him or he throws you off.

    User Info: BankaiSephiroth

    BankaiSephiroth - 8 years ago 2 0
  10. Use the syringe BOOM!

    User Info: Hclan

    Hclan - 8 years ago 1 1
  11. Solar gun, cqc, syringe, 5 minute battle at most.

    User Info: pikkonpotential

    pikkonpotential - 8 years ago 0 1
  12. To defeat Vamp, I would recommend (if you have it) using the Automatic Shotgun. This can easily deplete his health. You can use any weapon though, even a Handgun, but the stronger it is, the faster it will go.

    HINT: You can even use a Handgun and shoot him directly in the head, but that might not work 8/10 times.

    Afterwards, Vamp will fall to his knees on the floor, equip the Syringe (if needed Press L2 and you'll see how to use it on enemies) and then when Vamp stands up again (you'll noticing his health bar coming back up) use a CQC Grab and then press Triangle, and the Syringe will go into his neck, ending the fight.

    Congrats, you have beaten Vamp.

    User Info: SSTrunks1138

    SSTrunks1138 - 8 years ago 1 0
  13. Get the solar gun(non-lethal but that doesnt matter anyway since it doesnt count as kill), charge it and then FIRE AWAY.
    Its an instant k.o. on him.

    User Info: dinokiller14

    dinokiller14 - 8 years ago 0 1

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