1. how Do i Beat SCREAMING MANTIS ?!

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  1. Inject yourself with the syringe and you can knock Meryl out easily, either with CQC or a non lethal weapon, though I find injecting her with the syringe too stops Mantis from controlling her as much, but be careful not to slit her throat is you do that.

    Now, you can also shoot at Mantis, aim for her dolls. After being hit a few times she should drop one, depending on which one you aim at.

    If you shoot off the Sorrow doll (blue) she wont be able to control any dead FROGS.
    If you shoot off the Psycho Mantis doll (read) she wont be able to control any living FROGS.

    You should get both, but to beat her you'll ned the Psycho Mantis doll. Once you have it, equip it, aim it at her and fire. If it connects, the music will change and you'll see a shaking contoller icon at the bottom of the screen. Keep hold of L1 and shake your controller until she's beat.

    Remember that every now and then she'll take contol of Meryl again and you'll need to knock her out again. If at any point you find yourself unable to hit her at all like at the beginning of the fight, you should use the syringe on yourself again.

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  1. Select it from the menu and, while still holding L2, press X.

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  2. That strategy works, but here are two additions:

    1. Use the Syringe on the FROGs as well, then Screaming Mantis can not order them to shoot you or anything like that, it prevents the headaches that would come otherwise...

    2. When she says "Take this!!" and starts throwing the blades or whatever all you have to do is shoot one of the dolls, then her attack stops immediately, that is nearly a necessity on The Boss Extreme.

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  3. What i did was i kept shooting at her but in the 1st cupple mins of the battle it is hard to shoot at her cus ur gun moves all over the place when u aim at then i just kept shooting my m4 custom and switching back and 4th with the rail gun if u have goten it... the when u can aim at her with no probs with ur gun aim at the dolls and her then after nocking maryl out a few times ond then after shooting both dolls 1 falls then u shoot a blast from the doll then u follow the directions then u fight her out of the suit

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  4. When you start playing use the syringe on your self then use the syringe on meryl, when meryl drops unconcious kill or tranqullize the FROGS then when they are out of the way quickly shoot the Mantis doll with a powerfull weapon (that's your best bet so she can't control her victims) when the doll is dropped quickly grab it and equip it then use the Mantis doll against her and she will be deafeted.
    NOTE: she will try to control meryl again so every time that happens inject meryl with the syringe.

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