How do I get past the battle with the frog's in advent palaceon the boss extreme without killing anyone?

  1. Just as the question say's how do i...

    thank you for helping.

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    Palace on*

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    Thank you both for the help and i will use the advice you gave me today and thanks again.

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    beelzebrant - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well you can either get the solar boy django gun by playing through the game on easy and defeating the bosses without killing them or you can use the tranquilizer and aim for the head. The second route is much harder but shouldnt be impossible. Just remember to use the mark II while lying down or kneeling to paralyze opponents while recovering health (make sure you have it wear stealth camo the moment you select it in items and Im talking about the robot. I know theres a gun with a similar name) otherwise someone might see it and youll get alert which is bad of course since Im assuming your trying to get the big boss emblem. I would recommend scrapping your current BBE run and getting the solar boy django gun. Its endlessly useful. If you must though go with the tranquilizer and mark II route I just described.

    User Info: Kiron216

    Kiron216 - 9 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. ^ What he said. The Solar Gun is incredibly useful. It has infinite ammo, so long as there's sunlight near, you can charge it, it knocks items out of enemies, AND it's non-lethal. Using it would make your entire run much, much easier.

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  2. Also there are a few areas where you can hide Snake and just send the Mk II out with its camo on and zap them. Leave Snake lying down somewhere secluded and take a few out with the Mk II. This way you'll also recover health. But yes the solar gun is also a big help.

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  3. well my tactic is as a soon as lvl starts u hear Johnny scream grenade, as soon as that happens run really fast towards the stairs then hide behind the door and when new wave of frogs will come out they will be too distracted with the Maryls guys so u can easily cqc them on the ground, then hide back and wait for the next wave.... on the next floor where there be an explosion and colon will collapse u must run to the spot next to the crate before that happens (its next to elevator and there should be a couple of frogs entering before u to the kitchen cqc the last and move very fast to the next ,if there r forgs to far away use ya trang ammo. its just the matter of sneakin up to them when Maryls team distracts them should be quit easy.
    sorry for typos btw

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  4. you can look on some YouTube speed runs for tactics.

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  5. To beat the FROGS combine the non-lethal weapons and keep switching between them, but for better results just get the Solar Gun on a previous play.

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    Plasmids08 - 9 years ago 0 0

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