Who is Big Boss and Zero?

  1. I start playing mgs3 snake eater but i dont play mgs1,2,3:substance.Please tell me.....

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  2. Clarification Request::
    Quickill_ have typo error...anyway Big Boss was Naked Snake real name Jack in MGS 3 Snake Eater, the snake in MGS 4 is son of Naked Snake(big boss), which happen to be in MGS 1,2 ,in MGS 3 SE ending u will see that FOX was Disband, and somehow Major Zero and Jack(big boss) Establish FOX HOUND , which happen Raiden was in it as we know, Raiden is Snake too but was change to Raiden....nvm for the details as we know that there is 3 Son of Big Boss which was Soild Snake , Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake, this will be Cover in MGS2 ,Soild Snake is the one u play as in MGS4 and Liquid snake is Revolver Ocelot, other details is cover in MGS2,3 other then that play through

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  1. Major Zero is well WAS Big Bosses commander during the events of MGS3, Big Boss is Naked Snake(current snakes father)If you beaten the game zero is the old guy in ending debriefing.Big Boss is guy with eyepatch and patriot SMG.

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    Big Boss is the title to be asigned to the main character, Naked snake, in Metal Gear Solid 3 after he completes his, "Operation Snake Eater mission."

    As for Major Tom Zero, he is Naked Snake's commander to listen to during the mission, whatever he is told by him, he is to do, and he plays a major part in the ending revealed story of Metal Gear Solid 4, but I'm not sure to say, for I don't know if you've completed it.

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  2. Major Zero was Big Bosses Major, who made FOX, but after it was disbanded, they made The Patriots.
    Big Boss then made Outer Haven and took over FOX HOUND

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  3. I don't mean to be rude, but you guys suck at explaining things, and are worse spellers. Anyways, Big Boss is the so-called father of Solid, Solidus, and Liquid Snake. He is also Naked Snake, the main character of MGS3. Major Tom Zero was Naked Snake's commander in operation Snake Eater (MGS3). After Snake Eater, Naked Snake earns the title of Big Boss for killing The Boss, who was Big Boss's mentor. Also, special operations unit FOX disbands, and The Patriots are created by Big Boss, Major Zero, Paramedic, Sigint, Ocelot, and later on, EVA (Big Mama). Some time later on, FOXHOUND is created, which Solid Snake joins. This unit is commanded by Big Boss for a while, but he later changes sides and creates Outer Heaven. Roy Campbell, Solid Snake's commanding officer, takes over FOXHOUND and Solid Snake defeats Big Boss not once, but twice in the original Metal Gears for the Nintendo. Big Boss is the man in the end of MGS4 who stops Solid Snake from killing himself at the cemetary, and gives the whole splooge about The Patriots. Major Zero also makes an appearance at the end of MGS4. He is the old fart in the wheelchair, clearly in a coma. Big Boss ends Zero's life, and Solid Snake kills Big Boss unintentionally with the mutated FOXDIE. Thus ends the whole thing that started this entire story to begin with. Pretty ironic, no?

    And to clear something up for you, xiao, Big Boss had much more than three sons. He had hundreds. All of the genome soldiers in MGS1 that Solid Snake has to go up against were all Big Bosses clones. Not to mention "The Terrible Twins" project that created Solid, Solidus, and Liquid originally had eight clones, but five died. It was first thought that Solidus died too, but we find out in MGS2 that he is very well alive and is looking to create an Outer Heaven like Big Boss and Liquid. In fact, he aged faster than any of Big Bosses clones to become president of the U.S. so that The Patriots had full control of the world. He was also a perfect clone of Big Boss, which explains why he and Big Boss look exactly alike. But I am rambling. I hope this helps, assuming you understand this, since I know this is a very complicated plot

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  4. BIG BOSS- Regular agent Also known as NAked Snake and John, he was the perfect soldier, so he was cloned and 3 snakes was made off him, Liquid,Solid,and Sloidus......, Big Boss was supposed to be dead in MGS1 but they rebuild him in MGS4 by his blood cells

    Zero-commander of Big Boss in MGS3 snake eater, he lead NAked Snake(big boss) on how to do his mission and helped him.

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