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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Axel7174

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                               GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS
    | Metal Gear Solid 4 Guide   |
    | Created by: Axel7174       |
    | FAQ and Walkthrough        |
    | Copyright 2008 Ryne Gardner|
    Version History
    Version 1.00 - 6/17/08 - 6/27/08
    --Guide started. Well, I sort of tried to rush but I had so many other things
    to do so working on this took some time. I wanted to get this up soon so some
    sections aren't done yet, but the main walkthrough is. I'm also going to try
    and diligently get the others up soon. 
    Version 1.25 - 7/1/08
    --I made a few changes in information. Some things were just mindless errors
    I totally didn't notice (perhaps due to my rushing the guide down the stretch).
    Others included things I meant to put in, but for some reason forgot. I have
    started the No Kills/Alerts walkthrough, and started adding some of the other
    things for listing purposes. I threw in a few more frequently asked
    questions. I also noted in my walkthrough about finding the Stinger in Act 3,
    but feeling like I had found it once before that. I remembered where: Act 2,
    and I have fixed that, as well as a few other things. 
    Version 1.35 - 7/2/08
    --A few more additions, many of them small fixes and things like that. I also
    added more to the No Kills/Alerts walkthrough, up to just after the boss in Act
    2. Somehow I missed a pretty cool spot in Act 2 and now I've decided to change
    my walkthrough for a certain part around a little bit. More on the way soon.
    Version 1.40 - 7/3/08
    --Small update due to my being so busy with other things, including preparation
    for the holiday. I continued the No Kills/Alerts walkthrough, up to Act 2's
    end. I also added more of the unlockables. I still got more to add there 
    though, so they're on their way. 
    Happy 4th of July folks!
    Version 1.60 - 7/5/08
    --Well, I hope everyone had a nice holiday (for those of you who celebrate it).
    Anyways, back to business. I added a lot more to the Unlockables, and started
    the Extras sections with Easter Eggs. More is on the way though. I'm looking
    to update the No Kills/No Alerts walkthrough tonight. One other thing I added
    was some info relating to the psyche gauge and flashbacks. 
    Version 1.65 - 7/7/08
    --Ok, I'm getting near the end now. I have almost all of the stuff that I
    wanted to add. I put more unlockables, a few more Easter Eggs, and I also put
    up to the start of Act 4 in the No Kills/Alerts walkthrough. I'm going to be
    ready to add submissions soon so please, hold out until then. 
    Version 1.75 - 7/13/08
    --This took longer than I wanted, and basically I haven't had time to even touch
    my PS3 since Wednesday. However, I am happy to say that I now have an HD TV! Oh
    yay, I'm finally stepping out of the stone age! I can finally read shit on my
    PS3 games! Wow! No, but seriously, it is really cool. There is good news for
    you, the readers as well however. I have indeed decided to do something for the
    long sought after Big Boss Emblem. It will not be in this guide however, and I
    will probably try to make a separate guide for it, some time after this one is
    completed or near completed. As for this update, I finished Act 4 in the No
    Kills/Alerts walkthrough, as well as added a lot of little new pieces of info
    that I recently discovered or forgot about (meh). Oh, and if you have submitted
    me tips, don't worry, I haven't forgot. I just wanted to get more of this guide
    done first, so I'll be adding them really soon. Also, you can consider this
    guide open to tips now officially, so if you got 'em, please read the submission
    section at the end of the guide, and you can e-mail me. They better be good! 
    Version 1.80 - 7/15/08
    --I finished the No Kills/Alerts walkthrough. I will be starting a separate
    guide for the BBE soon and it will be located under In-depth FAQs on the MGS4
    FAQs page. As for other things, there's a few changes in information, extra tips
    in strategies, etc. There's a bunch of new routes/areas I added in Act 1. Also,
    a few more Easter Eggs. I've also finally added the first submissions to this
    guide. Here's a brief overview:
    -Added an easier strategy for Act 3 No Kills/Alerts
    -Finished No Kills/Alerts guide
    -Added another Easter Egg (more coming so hold on)
    -More audio flashbacks mentioned in the standard walkthrough
    -Created Advanced Tips section
    -Added more info to some Boss strategies
    -Added several submitted tips
    Version 1.85 - 7/17/08
    --Well, with the No Kills/Alerts guide done, I have to say, this FAQ might be
    close to completion. I'm gonna try to skim through it and find any other things
    that need tweaking. For example, I have revised the Crying Wolf boss strategy
    (standard), and also added other various tips here and there. I'm still in the
    process of confirming a bunch more locations for iPod songs. For the future, you
    can hopefully expect a BBE guide. That's all for now, here's what's new:
    -More Easter Eggs added
    -Revised Crying Wolf strategy (standard)
    -Added a few more Advanced Tips
    -Added Cheats section under Extras
    -Added information on extra passwords to enter at Otacon's computer under Fun
    Things To Do
    Version 1.90 - 7/23/08
    --A few small updates. Worked on confirming some new information, improved a
    few things here and there. Not much else to say. I'm going to be starting the
    separate guide soon, I hope. 
    -Revised strategy for Act 1 - Red Zone (No Kills/Alerts)
    -New finds added for Act 1 - Urban Ruins
    -Updated the walkthrough to incorporate finding more iPod songs
    -Added more Easter Eggs
    -Fixed a whole mess of errors
    Version 1.95 - 8/1/08
    --Went a while without an update. I actually figured I did have a few more
    things to add, mostly in the realm of general information about the game. There
    is still more to add, such as the Ghosts that I have been sort of purposely
    neglecting for a while now. I will of course still be adding tips, easter eggs,
    and the like but I imagine a Final version is on the horizon. As for the other
    guide, it's in the works, but let me say don't expect to see it really soon. 
    Version 2.00 - 8/8/08
    --I hope to finish this guide soon. I'm trying to find more time to sit down
    and finish some things up. I hate to say it, but my next semester of college is
    right around the corner (bleh), so I have to take that into account as well. 
    Anyways, I made a few small updates, changes, etc, including a few new
    Version 2.10 - 8/26/08
    --Well, I'm almost done I hope. I wanted to finish this completely before school
    but alas, that's not possible. I have classes starting tomorrow; gotta wake up
    bright and early at 5 AM. Ugh. Junior year of College, hoorah -_-. In any case,
    I made some small fixes, updates, etc. Added a few tips and another FAQ
    question. Also, if you're interested, I finished my BBE guide. It doesn't look
    like it will be accepted however, due to the fact one already exists. Kinda
    sucks, but I will just add the information to this guide if I have to. 
    Version 2.50 - 8/27/08
    --Well, you can call this a big update. And for the simple reason of getting
    attention to this point...
    Yes, since I unfortunately couldn't get it in as a separate file, I made my
    current guide even more bloated. With the addition of the BBE walkthrough, I'm
    cutting the No Kills/Alerts walkthrough out of it. More information on that
    decision in the "About This Guide" section. To reflect this change, a lot of
    things have been also moved around or changed. For example, the tips for the
    No Kills/Alerts walkthrough have been added to the Advanced Tips and the boss
    strategies from that walkthrough have been moved to their own new section. Refer
    to the Table of Contents for where to go to get your BBE fix. 
    Version 2.55 - 9/15/08
    --Friends, let me tell you something. Life is full of peaks and valleys. Just
    when things seem like they're going swell, everything takes a sudden turn. You
    buy a new game system, then get mugged on the street by some hobo. You invent a
    new device to help handicapped people get around in even more places, then you
    get hit by a bus. Or maybe you're like me, and your computer just up and 
    decides to deliver you a big "Fu*k you" and die. Yeah... my harddrive got fried
    and that meant no computer or internet access for a week. Not as bad as it
    sounds, but I had school work to do, and just now I've gotten a new HDD. The
    good news? Well, I got my car hooked up with a nice stereo system and new
    speakers. Major schwingage. Oh... good news for you? Haha, right, right. Well,
    I added a few tips, if that counts for anything. Final update soon I hope. But
    first I have to lament the loss of all my music, video, and text files in a
    flood of my own tears. 
    Version 2.65 - 10/18/08
    --I've added the Ghosts section which can be found in the Fun Things To Do 
    section of the guide. I also added a few tips but I will no longer be accepting
    many of them from here on out. 
    Version 2.70 - 2/23/09
    --A very small update in which I made a few fixes, added a tip or two, and also
    added a new FAQ question. At this point, I'm not accepting any more submitted
    tips whatsoever. Please read the revised section at the end of the guide for
    more info. 
    FINAL Version - 7/1/09
    --If you've read the Version History of this guide carefully, you'll notice
    this is not the real first Final version. In fact, I stamped Final twice before
    this, and I realize now that it was premature. I found some new things to add
    and so I included two brand new sections. I also made a lot of fixes, mostly 
    formatting (reducing bulky paragraphs to smaller, seperate ones). I know feel 
    like this guide is definitely done. Small fixes may still be done but I doubt 
    any new info or sections will be added. Thank you, everyone for helping me out. 
    Table of Contents                                 
    1. Introduction........................................... (hrwr)
     * About the Author
     * About This Guide (what to expect)
     * About Metal Gear Solid
    2. Snake's Intel....................................... (intl)
     * What Are We Looking At Here?
     * OctoCamo
     * Button Layout
     * The Moves
     * Triangle - Special Actions
     * CQC
     * Other Things
     * Enemies
     * Advanced Tips
    3. Standard Walkthrough................................... (wlkt)
     * Foreword
     * Act I.................................................. (act1)
     * Act II................................................. (act2)
     * Act III................................................ (act3)
     * Act IV................................................. (act4)
     * Act V.................................................. (act5)
    4. Big Boss Emblem Walkthrough............................ (bbew)
     * Foreword
     * The Requirements
     * Before You Begin
     * BBE Tips
     * Beating the Clock
     * Act I.................................................. (bbe1)
     * Act II................................................. (bbe2)
     * Act III................................................ (bbe3)
     * Act IV................................................. (bbe4)
     * Act V.................................................. (bbe5)
    5. Extras................................................. (exra)
     * Non-lethal Boss Strategies............................. (nlbb)
     * Weapon Index........................................... (wpin)
     * Easter Eggs............................................ (ovresy)
     * Fun Things To Do....................................... (hvfn)
     * Cheats................................................. (chts)
    6. Unlockables............................................ (unlk)
     * Weapons/Items.......................................... (wpns)
     * FaceCamo............................................... (fccm)
     * Costumes............................................... (cstu)
     * Emblems................................................ (embd)
     * iPod Songs............................................. (hlycrp)
     * Other.................................................. (otra)
    7. Miscellaneous.......................................... (mscl)
     * Frequently Asked Questions............................. (afak)
     * Regarding Submissions
     * Credits/Special Thanks
     * Contact Info
     * Legal Gibberish
      /                                                                 \
    -]| Introduction - Here We Are (hrwr)                               |[-
    About the Author
    Well, this is going to sound awfully repetitive, but... what can I say? I'm
    making yet another guide. This is going to be third guide and you know the
    strange part about it? All of my guides so far have been for games issuing
    their fourth installments. Yes, all for game series who produced their 4th
    game. Devil May Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto IV. Now here we are, a guide for the
    much anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4. 
    All I can say about myself is I'm here to help. I enjoy writing and I write a
    lot of stories and so forth and English is more or less my strongest subject,
    so all of those go into the idea of making a guide. I'm a resident New Yorker
    and I just like to have a good time with friends and play baseball, and of 
    course, chill back and play a good video game.
    About This Guide (What To Expect)
    In this guide, I'm hoping to provide a quality walkthrough to help players get
    through the main story. On top of that, I have also provided a walkthrough for
    the long sought after Big Boss Emblem. It will be replacing my No Kills/Alerts
    walkthrough to accommodate this change. Reason is the No Kills/Alerts guide is
    like 75% of what the BBE guide offers, so there's no point in clogging this
    guide with three walkthroughs. However, the No Kills/Alerts walkthrough also
    covered getting the Solar Gun and some FaceCamos, and in that light, I will be
    saving the Non-lethal Boss strategies, but placing them in a different section.
    When it comes to spoilers, I will not ever discuss any of the game's lengthy
    revelations and other things that pertain to the intricate plot. I may often
    say, "Watch the scene. (insert character) will tell you to go _______ " and for
    the most part, I will be avoiding spoilers in doing this. You won't have to
    worry about me revealing anything such as the game's ending or anything like
    that during the course of this guide. However, some minor spoilers may be
    mentioned in the Extras and Unlockables sections so just be aware of that. 
    About Metal Gear Solid
    I have to admit, I'm now a huge Kojima fan. My first Metal Gear Solid game was
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The game itself always talked about things
    from the first game. It was such a rich and rewarding experience, but it made
    me hunger for more. I wanted to know, what is FOXHOUND? Who exactly is this guy
    Liquid? What exactly did Snake had to go through? So I played Metal Gear Solid,
    the original, and was also, quite rewarded. Thanks to MGS3: Subsistence, I also
    got a chance to play original MG games as well. I was impressed and entranced 
    by Kojima's way of entertainment. Kojima expressed once that he doesn't see 
    videogames as art. I find it somewhat ironic because in my opinion, the MGS 
    series is a rare find. It's got a wonderful gameplay system, surrounded by a 
    story that is well told with quality voice acting and cinematic beauty. It may
    not be the best game series ever, but it's still a very good one. 
      /                                                                 \
    -]| Snake's Intel (intl)                                            |[-
    What Are We Looking At Here?
    Just a brief layout of the HUD display on the screen when you're controlling
    Health and Psyche bar: This is the one at the top left it has Snake's name on
    it as Old Snake. The top solid bar is Snake's health. When it's depleted, Snake
    of course, dies. 
    THE PSYCHE GAUGE - New in MGS4, but quite similar to the Stamina Gauge from
    MGS3. If it goes down, Snake's performance is affected. He can't hold his gun
    straight and his vision is impaired slightly. Perhaps the worst effect of low
    psyche is that Snake loses the ability to heal his body naturally. Psyche is 
    measured by a smaller factor: Stress. When Stress increases, Psyche goes down so
    the obvious thing is how to avoid being stressed out? Read on
    Under the Psyche gauge during certain situations, you will see (unless you had a
    crappy TV like I used to have, you won't see it I suppose) the Stress indicator.
    Stress slowly increases by 0.1 intervals in pressing situations for Snake. As
    Stress increases, it has more of an effect on Snake's psyche. When the Stress
    level turns red, you'll see Snake's pyche decrease steadily. Stress becomes a
    thing to watch for when playing on Solid Normal and above. Certain situations
    and stimuli will increase and decrease Snake's stress.
    |Stress Increase Factors|Stress Decrease Factors|
    |Direct sunlight        |Shade                  |
    |Cold weather           |Laying prone           |  
    |Combat situations      |Remaining stealthy     |
    |Alert phase            |Compress               |
    |Back pain              |Playboy magazines      |
    Heavy combat will cause Snake's stress to really climb, and may result in a 
    Combat High. Other factors like staying out in the sun will slowly but steadily
    get Stress to accumulate over time. It can be reversed if Snake stays in the
    shade. Crouching for prolonged periods will cause Snake back pain, but using a
    Compress will prevent any significant stress increase. If all else fails, flip
    through a Playboy magazine and Snake will feel much more relaxed. 
    Wind/Radar: At the top right, it begins as a wind direction thing. When you
    have the Solid Eye on however, it displays a much more detailed radar. The
    small dots of light represent nearby sounds or movement. 
    Camo Index: Much like MGS3, you can see your Camo Index at the top right in the
    same display. On my crappy TV, I cannot see it for my life. I swear, if I
    didn't read the instruction manual, I never would have known it was there. It
    measures how well Snake is blended in. Wear FaceCamo to increase this.
    Item: When you have an item selected from the Item Menu, it shows up at the
    bottom left. 
    Weapon: When you have a weapon selected from the Weapon Menu, it shows up at
    the bottom right.
    Like in MGS3, camouflage will play a role in Snake's mission. The OctoCamo suit
    automatically responds to surrounding surfaces and stimuli, mimicing the color
    and even the texture. Thus, this allows Snake to blend in with almost anything
    at any location. The degree of success is measured by the Camo Index in the top
    right. The higher the percent, the better Snake's disguise is. It goes down when
    he is moving or making other hostile actions. Also, like in MGS3, no matter how
    well Snake is hidden, he can be discovered if an enemy gets too close. 
    OctoCamo has two settings. The default is Auto which allows you to easily blend
    in just by pressing up against a wall or laying flat on the ground. In a few
    seconds, the camo will kick in and copy the color of the nearby surface. The
    other setting is one MGS3 players are more familiar with, and that is Manual. On
    Manual, you will have to enter the Camo submenu from the Pause menu and select
    by hand which camo suit you which to use, and see how well it blends in to the
    current area. Auto works best because you never have to second guess yourself on
    how well you're hidden. 
    The OctoCamo only has a few preset suits however. You can obtain more by
    blending in with various areas and then permanently copying that color scheme to
    some sort of internal database for future use. You can do this by blending, then
    going to Camo from the Pause menu, and selecting Register Camo. This lets you
    copy the current camo scheme and adds it as a permanent selectable camo suit. 
    Snake's suit comes with a few preset options, and you can register up to 10 new
    schemes, as well as download more if you have that option. 
    Button Layout
    Ok, I'm going to outline all of the controls briefly. If you want more help, 
    refer to that little booklet that comes with your game. You know... the
    instruction manual (da da daaaaah!). It's important to get used to the controls
    since some things have changed since the last installment. We'll start with the
    |Button|Not Moving    |Moving  |When Aiming   |Laying Flat    |Behind Cover   |
    |X     |Prone/Lay flat|Roll    |N/A           |Prone/Stand    |Stand/Prone    |
    |Square|N/A           |N/A     |Autoaim/Manual|N/A            |N/A            |
    |Circle|Reload        |Reload  |Reload        |Reload         |Reload         |
    |Triang|Cover/Special |Climb   |Scope/FPV     |Play dead/turn |Leave cover    |
    |LAS   |Walk/Run      |Run     |Move Snake    |Crawl          |Move along wall|
    |RAS   |Camera        |Camera  |Move Reticle  |Camera         |Camera         |
    |L1    |Aim           |Aim     |N/A           |Aim            |Jump out shot  |
    |L2    |Items/Equip   |Items/E.|Items/Equip   |Items/Equip    |Items/Equip    |
    |L3    |N/A           |N/A     |N/A           |N/A            |N/A            |
    |R1    |CQC           |CQC     |Fire Weapon   |N/A            |Fire/Tap wall  |
    |R2    |Weapons/Equip |Wep/Eq. |Weapons/Equip |Weapons/Equip  |Weapons/Equip  |
    |R3    |Center camera |C. Cam. |L/R Shoulder  |Center camera  |Center Camera  |
    The Moves
    Let's go a little bit more in-depth on Snake's actions. Most of the controls
    you can get a feel for by reading the above layout. It helps to look a little
    more deeply at all the available moves in Snake's arsenal though. You never
    know when one of these moves can come in handy. 
    Just another word for moving slowly. This technique is irrelevant except on
    Hard and Extreme. On all other difficulties, enemies won't hear you unless you
    are moving full speed. Tilting the stick very very slightly allows you to move
    without making noise, which is imperative for Hard and Extreme. 
    -Roll Forward-
    While running, hit X to roll forward. This is useful for crossing small gaps
    you may encounter. It may also be used as an attack on enemies, especially if
    you need to get out of a tight spot in a hurry. It's not capable of knocking
    enemies out in one blow though, so be aware of that. 
    -Combat Roll-
    A combat roll, not to be confused with the Side Roll (see below), is a roll you
    can do while crouching. In this position, hit left or right on the Left
    Analog Stick and then X to make a small roll in that direction. It's a roll
    meant to keep Snake in the combat position.
    -Laying Flat-
    Hold X to lay flat when prone. This is different from simply laying down. In 
    this position you play dead. It doesn't help a ton against nearby enemies but 
    it allows Snake to recover lost health slowly. 
    -Turn Over-
    When laying prone, hit Triangle to flip over to Snake's back. From here, he can
    inch forward on his back and have a different angle to lob grenades and so on.
    You can hold X (above) to play dead in this position too. 
    -Side Roll-
    While prone, either with a gun equipped or unequipped, you can roll along the
    ground. Hold L1 and then x. At that point, simply move left or right on the
    Left Analog Stick to roll in that direction. Good for covering ground but still
    remaining low. 
    To hang, slip over an edge or jump over a railing with Triangle. In this
    position, Snake hangs from the ledge with his hands. This is useful for
    slipping out of sight (such as hanging over a railing where enemies may be
    pointed at) or dropping to a lower platform faster. While hanging, pay
    attention to the Grip Gauge. It is the same size as your Psyche Gauge and as
    such, the lower your Psyche, the lower your Grip capability. When hanging, the
    Pysche Gauge is coated in blue; that's the Grip Gauge. As the blue area starts
    to deplete, you'll be closer to falling off. 
    Triangle - Special Actions
    In many situations, the function of the Triangle button will change. Most of
    the time, you will be using it to enter and leave cover behind walls and other
    objects. However, there are times when the function will change. You can use
    the button to climb up small ledges like onto crates and such, as well as climb
    ladders. There are even more times however, that you'll find during the course
    of the game where the Triangle button will appear and prompt you to do
    something special. It also figures prominently into the next section.
    Snake - Soldier Interactions
    When dealing with enemy soldiers, there are few things to cover about the
    controls in particular. R1 becomes your CQC button (covered next), and things
    like movement become important. Don't run, lest you give your position away to
    the enemy. Tilt the stick slightly to walk. This will allow you to get the jump
    on your enemy and perform some CQC moves. Again, that's all covered in the next
    part. We have a few techniques to go over first.
    -Hold Ups: To hold up an enemy soldier, sneak up on them and point your gun 
    with L1. Snake will tell them to freeze and the enemy will put their hands up
    and drop their gun. 
    -Shake for items: Right after you've held someone up, while still holding L1,
    maneuver Snake to the front of your enemy and then release L1. Press triangle
    to begin searching for items. Snake will search the enemy's body and the prompt
    for Triangle will appear. Press it at the right time and you'll get some ammo
    and other items from the soldier. Time it wrong and you'll miss. Eventually,
    Snake will then be able to stun the enemy, so time that prompt right to knock
    the soldier out.
    -Picking up bodies: Stand near a dead or incapacitated soldier and hold the
    Triangle button to pick up their body. Using the Left Analog Stick, you can
    drag their body around. The reason for doing this is to hide it from other
    enemies that may spot it and therefore will call in back up. However, leaving
    a body can be useful (see tips). 
    -Hiding bodies: Often times, if you know where the enemy searches, you can keep
    them from finding their fallen comrades if you place the body in the right
    place. However, if you want to be sure, drag the body to a nearby locker (if
    there is one). The locker needs to be open. Drag the body into it and Snake
    will put them inside and close the door. 
    CQC - Close Quarters Combat
    CQC returns from MGS3 and it's much improved this time around. It's a valuable
    weapon for Snake in his mission. There are a number of different CQC techniques
    and they change depending on Snake's situation. In a way, this is an offshoot
    of the previous section because obviously, CQC requires an enemy soldier as
    Grabbing: Grab an enemy with R1 and Snake will place them in a chokehold. This
    can only be done with one handed weapons (pistols) or with no weapon equipped
    at all. 
    Melee: If you have no weapon or just a pistol equipped, pressing R1 three times
    in succession will let Snake perform a short melee combo. If he has an assault
    rifle weapon equipped, he can perform a one hit strike attack with it. 
    Holding an Enemy vs Choking: Hold R1 lightly to simply hold an enemy. Use the
    left analog stick to drag them around. 
    -Throw Enemy to Ground: Press R1 and down on the Left Analog Stick at the same
    time to toss the enemy hard to the ground. This will stun them for a short
    -Knock Weapon Away: After grabbing with R1, release R1 as Snake is pulling the
    enemy toward him, then hit R1 again to make the enemy drop their weapon.
    -Choke Out: Hold R1 firmly to choke an enemy. Eventually they will be knocked
    -Snap Neck: Keep tapping R1 when the enemy is held in CQC and eventually their
    neck will break
    -Throw to Ground: After already grabbing an enemy, press down on the Left
    Analog Stick and R1 to throw them down. This is not as powerful as the normal
    throw, so it will not knock the enemy out, so be mindful of that.
    -Human Shield: While holding R1 to keep the enemy in your grasp, use L1 to aim
    your pistol and use the held soldier as a human shield. Other enemies will
    hesitate to fire at you. It makes getting out of hairy situations much easier.
    -Assault Rifle Throw Down: With an M4 or other assault rifle equipped, approach
    an enemy and press R1 and then immediately down on the Left Analog Stick. Snake
    will perform a quick combo which ends with a throw down, knocking the soldier 
    -Choke Out on Ground: While holding an enemy, press X to crouch, then release
    R1 quickly. Press R1 again immediately and down on the Left Analog Stick at the
    same time to place the enemy face down and get on top of them. Hold R1 and the
    enemy will eventually be choked into a stunned position. 
     Other Things
    There are a few more things to watch out for when you play the game. While they
    don't allow you full control, there is a bit of limited player interaction in
    these specific sequences. 
    -Flashbacks: When watching cutscenes, you may see an X prompt in the top right.
    Press X several times to see various flashbacks that are relevant to the
    previous MGS games and other things. There are a few hidden ones however when
    X doesn't show up but you can still hit it to see something.
    -Snake's View: You can get a glimpse of what Snake is looking at during some
    scenes by looking for the L1 prompt in the top left corner. Hold it to see what
    Snake sees. Like flashbacks, there are a few hidden ones where the prompt does
    not appear.
    Psyche Drops: During cutscenes, some things characters say to Snake, or at
    times, Snake's own actions result in him getting a drop in Psyche. You can tell
    this when the Health/Psyche gauge becomes visible during the scene and the
    Psyche drops a little. Prevent this by tapping X repeatedly when it drops to
    restore it back. There are a few exceptions to this however. 
    Snake doesn't face a wide array of enemies, but a few of them can be more
    deadly than most enemies he's fought in his video game career! Boning up on
    them might just help you avoid a swift death.
    PMC Soldier
    Where: Acts 1, 2, and 3
    Description: Your most typical MGS enemy
    Equipment: Mk. 17, Grenades, Stun G., WP G., G3A3, M60E4, etc.
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Tips: All strategies in dealing with enemies advocate stealth as a primary
    option, but sometimes, as you know, being stealthy isn't always easy. So when
    you have to, favor pistols or automatic weapons and submachine guns. These guys
    go down pretty easily. When you're remaining stealthy, use the Mk. 2 and Stun
    Grenades. Very susceptible to CQC moves. Use Human Shield when you get in a 
    FROG Soldier
    Where: Acts 1, 2, 3, and 5
    Description: Female soldiers with special armor and combat abilities. 
    Equipment: P90, Five-Seven
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Tips: Avoid using the Solid Eye when trying to sneak through an area with these
    gals. They can detect the sound. Also avoid CQCing them directly. Direct means
    when they can clearly see you coming. The FROGs have a counterattack and most
    of the time, it will backfire on you. If you can sneak up on them, it's easier,
    but avoid doing it directly. They like to move around, using the ceilings and
    walls to cling to. Don't let them flank you and use assault rifles and the
    like, as well as sniper rifles and sometimes grenades. 
    Where: All Acts
    Description: Unmanned mech unit, uses sounds of Cicada and Bull
    Weapons: Machine gun, grenades
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Tips: The most primary strategy is to just avoid detection at all costs. There
    are times when **** happens though, and also a time (Act 4) where killing them
    becomes a necessity. Without the Rail Gun, killing a Gekko is not all that
    hard. The important thing is to keep moving and never let it get too close to
    you. The Gekko's kick attacks are deadly and will obliterate Snake. Use the
    Solid Eye to find the Gekko's weak points. Fire at its legs to bring it to its
    knees. Aim for the neck to bring it all the way down, then fire at the head 
    until it blows up. When you get the Rail Gun, charge it up all the way and 
    deliver a shot to the head for an instant kill. 
    Raven's Minions
    Where: Act 3
    Description: Unmanned flying units that look like birds, drop bombs from above
    Weapons: Rockets, bombs
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Tips: These things are pretty easy. During the chase sequence, just aim at them
    with your submachine gun. You only have to be so accurate and they are very
    weak. During the boss fight, take them out if you prefer, it will make things a
    little easier. They offer a little problem if they start attacking so stay in
    the building. 
    Where: Acts 4 and 5
    Description: Small spherical units with 3 arms, they move in groups
    Equipment: DE
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Tips: These guys are really annoying and they prove that in Act 4. They comb
    the area and being spotted by a single one of them brings on a hellish 
    experience for Snake. They attack in giant swarms and respawn continually until
    you shake the Alert phase, which is by the way, not easy. Killing a Scarab may
    often call in even more too which makes things harder as well so avoid it most
    times. Learn their patrol routes and avoid their search beams. Their biggest
    weakness? Chaff Grenades. Hope you saved up! If you get attacked, don't let
    them swarm you. Use a Machine Gun or the MGL-140. They may grab Snake and use
    a laser on him, just execute a roll with X when they latch on.
     Advanced Tips
    Just some random tidbits of information, ranging from near common knowledge tips
    to lesser known ones. Various things to help you in achieving more when playing
    1. Crouch when you can, it is less conspicuous and draws less attention than
    when running 
    2. Avoid using guns with light attachments when trying to be stealthy, they'll
    give you away all to easily
    3. On the battlefield, especially in the earlier acts, it can be hard to get a
    grip on things with the constant gunfire, explosions and so forth. Use the Solid
    Eye to sort things out. Enemies are red and allies are blue
    4. Earning the trust of the rebels can help you out, especially on the hardest
    difficulties where (according to a friend), they too, can alert you!
    5. Beware of places where enemies respawn endlessly and don't get caught fending
    them off forever
    6. Although you really don't have to pay attention to it as much as in MGS3,
    refer to the Camo Index (top right on HUD) to see how well you blend in. In
    general, anything above 65% means you won't be spotted, unless of course, you
    7. The Threat Ring might also be of use if for some reason you can't see an
    enemy nearby. If a part of the ring elevates into a peak, that means something
    is close by. The higher the peak the bigger the object is. A small peak may be
    something like a mouse. I really never found it that helpful because of radar,
    but it's there
    8. Although you can indeed hide bodies, leaving them can prove to be more
    helpful in some cases. If you can lure another soldier to find the downed one,
    you can usually get a good jump on him as well
    9. To avoid any trouble from the rebels (especially if you don't feel like
    buying them out), just wear the appropriate disguise and they will like you
    10. Watch your psyche carefully, especially on later difficulties, and try to
    avoid the situations where it is depleted faster
    11. Get a feel for which healing items restore more, and manage them into
    categories as such, for casual, bigger wounds, and much needed health
    restoration, based on the severity of your injuries
    12. When in doubt, call Otacon. Frankly, in some cases, he couldn't always give
    me the hint I needed but don't sweat
    13. When dealing with the "Beauties", choose weapons that have automatic fire to
    really light them up, or if you're going for no kills, the M870 with V-Ring
    14. Playing dead in certain situations, especially with the Corpse Camo on, can
    15. Also, playing dead can help restore some of Snake's health, allowing you to
    better manage your healing items (thanks to M for this)
    16. When it comes to Scarabs, just use Chaff Grenades, for your own sanity,
    17. Never underestimate how useful the Mk. II/III can be in scouting. It can
    also help you take some enemies out and even procure items for you
    18. It goes without saying but, if it's dark, infrared can be a big help
    19. My friend put this pretty simply. Never underestimate how helpful the Drum
    Can and Cardboard Box can be
    20. CQC can be a life saver. The Human Shield technique can really save you in
    the middle of big fire fights, because it really immobilizes nearby enemies
    21. Conserve the battery life on the Solid Eye when possible, refer to it for
    just quick moments when you need it, then leave it off
    22. Taking the time to make more accurate shots (headshots especially), can be a
    big help in saving ammo, especially on later difficulties
    23. Don't underestimate how useful Magazines can be. And no, I don't mean the
    Playboys. I mean the ammo Magazines that accumulate in your inventory when you
    reload. You can easily control enemy movement with these. Toss one where you
    want a PMC to look. Once his back is turned, he's all yours. 
    Tips for avoiding Alerts/Kills
    1. Use the radar (with Solid Eye on) to show you where nearby enemies may be
    2. Make it a habit not to use lethal weapons except when fighting things like
    Gekkos and Raven's minions
    3. Stun Grenades can be a big help, but only use them in the right situations
    4. Learn to like crawling and use OctoCamo well
    5. Be very careful when dealing with PMCs, try to avoid confrontation
    6. Watch out when you do take out PMCs, some of them respawn very fast and you
    can get caught when you think it's safe to proceed
    7. Use. Infrared. A lot. Even when it's daytime out, the infrared setting on
    the Solid Eye clearly delineates enemies and this is helpful so that you can
    always see what's coming.
    8. Save often. Every time you pass a checkpoint, save the game. A checkpoint
    is when the screen fades and then it says "Press Start to continue." Save when
    you get to these parts and if you mess up you can reload from there.
    9. Be extremely careful when using the Mosin Nagant. It's sound can give your
    position away if your targets are too close. If they are close enough to hear
    your Mosin Nagant shot, you should have used the Mk. 2.
    10. Try using the Mk. II/III in more situations that you didn't before, but
    be warned. If you're not using its stealth function, and the MK. II/III is 
    spotted, it will trigger an alert also. 
    11. Stun Grenades can give you away if they are not close enough to the enemy.
    Try to be more precise and try throwing only from the laying position when in
    12. Check your stats when you're in the middle of an act if you're unsure if
    you still have 0 kills/alerts. You don't want to accidentally save if you have
    gotten one of either. Quit out to the main menu and load the Mission Briefing
    for the current Act. On the main split screen, on that orange bar, your current
    stats will scroll across.
    13. Never use a gun with a light attachment. Most of the guns you're using 
    should be non-lethal anyway, so some of them can't use lights (exception: M870)
    but still, avoid the lights whenever possible since they can give your position
    away easily when aiming at enemies from hiding spots. 
    14. Just remember to avoid confusion. Mk. 2 = tranquilizer gun. Mk. II = The
    robot pal you get from Otacon. 
    15. Don't be afraid to make separate saves for different areas in each Act,
    especially if you don't check your progress regularly by going to the mission
    briefings (see tip #12). You don't want to accidentally save over an alert or
    kill so if you do make a mistake, you can hopefully reload before you messed
      /                                                                 \
    -]| Walkthrough (wlkt)                                              |[-
    This walkthrough is, and I will emphasize this, made for a very basic run
    through. By that I mean, you want to just get through the game and you don't
    care if you kill your enemies and bosses or not. If you're looking to stamina
    kill bosses, then seek out the second walkthrough further down. I decided to
    loop No Kills/Alerts with the stamina boss killing strategies in one, since
    they go hand in hand with each other. This walkthrough is meant to be your
    first playthrough, whereas the second is geared toward those who have already
    beaten the game, and therefore want to get some unlockables by trying to get
    no alerts/kills and stamina killing the bosses. 
    ***This guide was made to suit the Solid Normal difficulty. You may notice 
    slight differences playing it on a different setting.***
       _____                   __________________________________________
      (, /  |            _    /
        /---|  _ _/_   / /   /   LIQUID SUN                            
     ) /    |_(__(__    /   /                     (act1)
    (_/                /   /  
    Watch the cutscenes. After a few moments, you'll gain control. You'll start out
    Middle East - Ground Zero
    From where you are now, get on your stomach and crawl under the nearby truck.
    You'll find a ration tucked away there. To continue, go to the other truck and
    crawl under it. If you take too long, this will be done automatically. 
    Watch the next scene. When it's over, you'll be standing behind a bunch of
    crates with a fallen Rebel soldier near you. Walk over the gun near him to pick
    it up. You get an AK-102. Now just proceed forward. Don't bother shooting these
    guys around you; they're not your enemies. Just move north for another scene.
    All hell breaks loose when the Gekkos show up. After the scene, enter the door
    right next to your position. Climb up the stairs to the second floor. On the
    wall to your left is a big hole. Run toward it and hit X to roll out of the
    wall and onto the street below. Go left to the next street, then right at the
    corner. If a Gekko spots you, just run. At the corner turn right and take cover
    near the next street. There's a large opening across and to the north into a 
    sanctuary of sorts. That's your destination, but DON'T run out there right 
    away. Stay behind all the junk at the corner. Another Gekko will fall out of 
    the sky and if you had run out there right away, it might have killed you 
    instantly with the impact. Just stay where you are and let it pass by. If you 
    use the junk and so forth for cover, you should be fine if it turns toward you.
    If it does see you however, run for it fast. Just get across the street and 
    into that large opening for a bunch of scenes. When they're over, you'll get a 
    Codec call from Otacon. 
    Otacon will tell you to meet up with the Mk. II and that becomes your next
    objective. After that you'll be rewarded with OctoCamo. This is the function
    built into Snake's new suit that lets him mimic the appearance of surrounding
    surfaces, as you saw in one of the previous cutscenes. It will be one of the
    most valuable assets for Snake in this mission. 
    Middle East - Red Zone NW Sector
    From where you are now, turn around and go down the alley. You'll find a dead
    soldier there. Pick up his AK for some ammo. Head back and turn right twice to
    get onto the main street. Some soldiers are patrolling here. Stay under the
    roof and look for the opening on the right wall. Enter here and move forward.
    In the next room, there's a ration sitting in front of all the junk right 
    across from the open doorway. You'll see a scene where an enemy APC will roll
    in and drop off more troops. Just keep moving forward in this room til you
    reach the door. Don't go out this way though. Lay down and crawl through the
    hole adjacent to the door. Inside here you'll find an Arsenal Compress, useful
    if you get any back aches. 
    When you get out of the crawlspace, move out back to the street. While still
    crawling, turn the corner and stay in between the wall and the destroyed car.
    The APC vehicle has a sensor so you don't want it to spot you. Enter the door
    on your right when you get the chance. Inside is a dead soldier and a gun. Pick
    it up for more ammo, then keep moving toward that big pile of debris. Crawl
    again and you can slip underneath. You'll see a rebel solider get executed by
    a PMC. Stay still and wait for the PMC to move away. You can kill him if you
    want by headshotting him from the ground with your AK, but you might want to go
    with a more subtle tactic. It's up to you but we're gonna knock him out with
    some CQC. Get on your feet and slowly creep up behind him. Then press R1 and
    down on the Left Analog Stick at the same time. Snake will throw the enemy to
    the ground and knock him out. He'll also drop his gun, an MK. 17, which has an
    ID lock unfortunately, so you can't use it.
    Proceed down this alley where the pile of boxes are at the end. When you get
    close to the street, you'll see a solider prone there. Crawl and activate your
    OctoCamo. Just wait for the soldier to proceed forward. Another PMC soldier
    will also move forward, coming from the right. Wait for them both to pass, then
    crawl out of there and turn right. When the coast is clear, get on your feet
    and proceed toward the door behind the large container.
    Middle East - Red Zone
    You might remember this area if you watched the 15 minute gameplay trailer. The
    sad part is, you can't do everything that was done in that trailer, such as use
    a sniper rifle. Oh well. You can still camouflage yourself among the statues in
    front of you by climbing onto the pedestal with triangle, then pressing it
    again. Snake will blend in with the other statues. Unfortunately, it's not
    really useful since the only nearby patrol will soon slip out of sight. If you
    get spotted though, run back here if you'd like and use it. Also, blend in 
    three times with the statues for something funny.
    Anyways, when you're ready, proceed up the stairs to the left of where you
    entered. As Otacon advises, use X to roll across the gap. There might be an
    enemy soldier beyond the doorway. If so, wait for him to move into the adjacent
    room. Take cover near the doorway here to blend in with the wall. Wait for him
    to come back into the room. Again, the choice is up to you whether you want to
    ignore him or not. I'm going to hold him up and shake him down for items. To
    do that, sneak up on him and when behind, point your gun at him with L1 to get
    him to throw his hands up and drop his gun. Move in front of him and let go of
    L1, then press Triangle to begin the search. Press Triangle when the prompts
    show up to find items, but time it wrong and you'll miss. Time it on the last
    prompt to knock the enemy out. Otherwise just CQC him. Holding up the enemies
    here may yield some new weapons though, like Stun and WP Grenades. With that 
    taken care of, open the second nearby locker for a Playboy magazine. Useful for
    distracting enemies. 
    Move out the doorway that the PMC soldier was hanging around at. Turn around
    and go down the stairs. In this room is another set of lockers, on which holds
    another Ration. Go back upstairs. Move toward the large opening in the wall 
    there. Jump over the gap with Triangle and then just proceed. Stay prone here 
    and just keep moving; if you're standing, you might attract the attention of 
    another PMC soldier. Keep moving up this ledge to the very end. Here, you'll 
    see a large green container below you. Drop down here. In the corner across 
    from the container is a Compress. Use the container as cover and see if you can
    spot the enemy soldier. If he's coming toward you, just stay where you are. 
    When he turns his back, go ahead and run out and turn right. 
    In this alley, you'll see some more PMC soldiers ahead. There's a dumpster on 
    your right if you need to hide. These two PMC soldiers will turn around and 
    come down the alley toward you. Don't stay at the corner of the wall because 
    they'll see you. Instead, move into the alley and just lay flat, using OctoCamo
    to hide yourself. The patrol will come down, peek in, and then move into the 
    adjacent street. Now you can proceed. Turn right to face that first alley 
    again, and enter the opening in the wall on your right for a scene.
    You get a bunch of new goodies now. For one, you've got the use of the Mk. II,
    which can help you do some recon. It has stealth so you can have it run around
    and stun enemies or pick up items for Snake. It has limited range though, like
    an RC car so send it out too far and you won't be able to use it. You also
    receive two new guns, an Operator pistol, and the Mk. 2 Pistol which is your
    standard tranquilizer gun. On top of that, you get the Solid Eye which has
    numerous functions, including personnel data, highlighting of items, better
    radar, and infrared/night vision functions. Schwing! 
    Move forward. A group of PMC soldiers will fire on rebels down the way. Just
    sit tight and wait for them to move. When they're gone, get onto the street and
    lay low. If you want, tranq or kill the soldiers, or just let them keep moving.
    They'll all enter the barricades on the left. Creep up toward the two you can
    see easily. Tranq or kill them both. The Solid Eye makes dropped weapons and
    items easier to see. Keep picking up their stuff. Enter the barricade they've
    set up under that little roof. Take down any more PMC soldiers, then, scurry
    across the street to the other side. 
    These guys are rebels, so they won't attack you. They don't exactly "like" you
    yet either though. We want the next part to go easily so let's change that.
    Take cover behind the sandbag barricade and look down the street. There's an
    enemy APC with a gun turret, which you can't do much about now. However, there
    are a few enemy soldiers taking cover near there. Take them down and the rebels
    will see that and appreciate the help, and therefore they will like Snake more.
    Let's seal the deal though. To the right of all the barricades is a doorway. It
    might be hard to see but it's there. There might be a rebel coming out of the
    door. Have a Ration or other healing item equipped, and walk up to him. Press
    Triangle when the prompt shows up and Snake will give the rebel the item. Do
    this and it will make any militias like you more, and may yield rewards as
    well. Give them more items if you wish, otherwise just proceed into the door.
    Middle East - Militia Safehouse
    You're inside the rebels' underground base. Rebels are all around. If you did
    not help them you might have to treat this part like a sneaking mission. Avoid
    the rebels at all costs by using your OctoCamo. If you did help them out and
    gave some items, they probably still won't like Snake yet (unless you're
    playing on a lower difficulty in which case they're easy to please). In this
    case, you will have two options:
    The rebels will see you if you don't hide and they'll confront Snake as if he's
    an enemy, but they will only attack if you run away. If you stay still, they'll
    let you by. So you can just use sneaking tactics for the most part and if you're
    seen, don't move, and you can get through this part, no problem. If you want it
    easier though, keep picking up items you find around here (use the Solid Eye). 
    For every soldier you come across, give him an item. Eventually, they will get 
    hearts above their heads, which means they like Snake now and they won't 
    confront him. 
    Either way, proceed through, picking up items until you reach the room with all
    the chickens. Pick up some more items here, then proceed down the next hall.
    There's two rebels. Like I said before, if you can, try to appease them and
    hopefully they'll start to like Snake. If not, just wait for them to confront
    you and they should let Snake pass if you don't make any sudden movements. Turn
    left at this fork here and enter the room with some dead PMC troops. There's
    some items and ammo here, as well as a new gun, the GSR pistol. Pick it all up,
    then leave and go down the other fork.
    In this next room are the injured rebels. Again, if you haven't made them
    happy, you might want to use stealth here. There's only one uninjured soldier
    here that can actually see you though. There's some pentazamin on the crate to
    the left, some ammo near there at a soldier's side, and some ammo in the far
    right corner. Grab it all and proceed through the next corridor. Before going
    around the bend, look to your left. In an alcove here, you'll find an iPod
    song, the "Theme of Tara". Pick it up, and keep moving. In the next small room,
    there is some ammo to the right. In the next hallway is another rebel. Do what
    you have to and enter the next room. Here two rebels will be looking over the
    wing of one of those flying enemies. Go to the far door and into the next hall.
    Right here is another fork. Look in front of you though with Night Vision on.
    There's something under that table there right in front of you. Crawl under
    there to find, yes! The signature cardboard box! Turn left at the fork and
    enter the room. Pick up the items to find a whole mess of grenades, including
    regular, Stun, and Smoke. Leave and go down the other way. 
    Here you'll find yet another fork. Turn down the right passage and into another
    small room. This one yields some much nicer rewards though. You'll find some 
    ammo, among other things, but the most important find is the RPG-7 in the right
    corner, along with ammo. Wow, bet you didn't expect to get such a powerful 
    weapon this early, huh? There's more though, open the lockers to get a Playboy,
    some AK ammo, and the Middle Eastern Militia disguise. This is the same outfit 
    Snake wore in the opening scenes. You can now wear this now and in the future 
    (Act 1 only) and the rebels will always like you! Leave this room and go back 
    to the original path.
    Proceed into another room with two rebels. The corridor after that leads you to
    a left to right hallway. On the left is some RPG-7 ammo, so pick that up, then
    go down the opposite way. In this last room you'll find some ammo, a Ration,
    and the Petro Bomb behind the pillar near the stairs. When you have everything,
    go up the stairs into the next area.
    Watch the scene. You'll meet Drebin and afterwards get a call from Otacon. When
    it's all over, you'll get another call, and then you'll have your hands on the
    M4 Custom. Now that you've met Drebin, you can start earning points in his shop
    to buy new guns and ammo for your existing arsenal. This will be helpful in
    completing the game. Whenever you find guns you already have, Snake will keep
    the ammo, and the gun itself will be sold to Drebin for points. Also, your
    performance in the game will now have a chance to earn you points. Have less
    alerts, less kills, consume less healing items, etc., and you will earn even
    more Drebin Points. You can also use the points to remove those nasty ID locks
    on new guns you find, plus you can customize existing weapons. Let's move on,
    your new objective, as already explained, is to find your informant. 
    Middle East - Urban Ruins
    From where you are now, turn right down that little alley where the dead 
    soldier is. Take his gun off his hands and you'll hear a chime sound. That
    means it was sold to Drebin, but you keep the ammo. Now exit this alley and go
    up the stairs right there. Up here you can find some ammo and stuff. You can see
    a ledge far across from here. Try rolling toward it. You won't make it, but you
    should land on a ledge with an RPG-7. Sweet. Drop down now and begin to traverse
    this maze. I'll lay out instructions for getting through, just for the sake of
    making sure nobody gets lost, but the easiest way to get through here is to
    just turn on the Solid Eye's infrared. You can see footprints laid out that will
    guide you through. 
    Proceed past the fallen soldier and enter the opening on the right. Turn right 
    and go down this corridor. Pick up the gun and turn left. Climb the ledge here
    and get the ammo, then drop down. Enter the opening here and you'll see two 
    rebels ahead of you get picked off by PMC troops below. Grab their guns for more
    Drebin Points, then go into the opening on the left wall. Turn right to find a
    Compress near another dead soldier, then go back the other way. On the right 
    will be another climbable ledge with a ration on top. Turn right here, then 
    right again to another corridor. 
    Proceed forward a little and a brief scene will show the ceiling collapsing. 
    When it's over, move along and turn right, then enter the next space. Go up the
    makeshift ramp and then hug the wall with Triangle while standing. Use the Left 
    Analog Stick to slide across the wall to the other ledge. If not, you'll have 
    to shimmy across. Get on that ledge and into that opening there to slide down 
    into the last area. 
    Climb up the ledge at the end, and turn right. You'll see a small ramp leading 
    down then what looks like a rectangular hole to drop down into. Do not drop 
    down. Just carefully go down the ramp and turn immediately left. Crouch to get
    under this low ceiling and you'll find a dead soldier. When you're under here, 
    stand up again and you should be able to see a ledge here. Climb onto it and in
    this niche here, you will find some Instant Noodles, as well as the iPod song, 
    "Zanzibarland Breeze". With that in hand, go back to the drop point and go in 
    for a cutscene.
    Middle East - Downtown
    You'll get the Drum Can after the scene which is a somewhat more useful item
    than the Cardboard Box. You can press X to put it on its side, and roll into
    enemies, but if you want to stay stealthy you should avoid that. Anyways, turn
    the corner and then proceed down the street, hugging the right wall. When you
    approach the car, turn right and then turn right again into the alley. Around
    the corner, you'll see some rebel troops. If they still don't like you by now,
    just fade into the wall with OctoCamo and let them run by. Otherwise, just keep
    moving and turn left at the street there. Some more rebels will run by. Follow
    them. They'll get picked off by snipers. Pick up their gear and then proceed
    into the next area. Lay down and crawl forward. There are snipers ahead of you,
    as well as other enemies lying in wait. Sneaking is possible, but it's much
    easier to take the enemies out. Plus, it will make the rebels like you more.
    Enter Drebin's Shop from the pause menu. Keep in mind on Wednesdays and
    Sundays, Drebin's prices are slashed by 20%. You should have enough points
    though for the M14EBR sniper rifle. Buy it and equip it right away. Crawl
    forward a bit and get behind the barricades. You can go prone here. Now use
    the rifle and spot the sniper on the high ledge to the far right. Using your
    scope will make it easier to find him. He's to the left of a telephone pole 
    that's short circuiting. Pick him off first. Then turn your sights back to
    ground level. Across the plaza behind some sandbags are two other PMC soldiers.
    Snipe them both. To the left is the first floor window of the building directly
    across the way from your position. Another enemy will poke his head out every
    now and then. Pop him, then go up to the third floor with your scope and wait
    for another enemy. When they're all dead, the rebels will cheer which is good
    for you. Pick up any dropped weapons from the fallen rebels for much needed
    Drebin Points.
    Head across the plaza and into that first floor window (climb through with
    Triangle). Climb out the other side and then take cover on the right side of
    the adjacent alley by laying down. Make sure you stay to the right side. Two
    PMC sentries will come running down to the corner. You might as well pick them
    both off. Favor your Mk. 2 since it has a silencer. You don't want to give your
    position away. Take them both down and grab their stuff, then head down the way
    they came from, past the blue van. You need to stop here and lay down. Stop
    before that little spot of light on the wall there. Two more PMC troops will
    come out. Back up very slowly if you want to let them pass, but you'd be better
    off taking them both down quietly for their weapons for more DP. Proceed when
    ready, but be wary of another PMC soldier around the next corner. Take him out,
    then turn left. The alley runs back into the street, and there may be a few
    PMC soldiers there. One might get killed by rebel gunfire. Take the other or
    both out and grab their gear, then move to the right. Go prone and move between
    the ruined car and the wall.
    You'll reach another open area. The PMCs are on the right, and the rebels are
    on the left. The PMCs respawn very fast in this area though, so you're better
    off just ignoring them. In that case, your best course of action is to use the
    large ditch in front of you and just crawl past the enemy lines. However, if
    you want to take a risk, hug the right wall and sneak in past the PMC
    barricades. This will let you sneak up on them. Take them down fast. These two
    PMCs are replaced very, very fast so if you want, you can camp here and pick up
    some extra DP. It's not much though and honestly, probably not worth it because
    getting out of this little area is really tough without being seen by the
    replacement PMC soldiers. Still, you can try it if you wish. Just crawl through
    the ditch. A helicopter will start an airstrike above, but it shouldn't be a
    problem if you keep moving. You can also go behind the Rebels (again they're on
    the left) and find a niche in the building nearby that you can slip through
    (thanks to Luigisyoshibuddy for this). When the coast is clear (use the camera
    to make sure you're out of the PMC soldiers' sight lines), get up and enter the
    door on the left. 
    Middle East - Advent Palace
    No enemies here, so don't worry. Doesn't mean you can be lax though. There's
    a lot of traps here, some that are not as easy to spot as others. In the main
    room here, you'll find an AK on the table. Ahead of that is a Claymore, made
    easier to see if you turn on infrared on the Solid Eye. Claymores will go off
    if you get too close. Veteran MGS players will know how to disable these
    puppies. Crawl over them and Snake will procure the Claymore without it going
    off. This will also add it to your weapon inventory. Near the Claymore is a
    Playboy on the chair. Head to the stairs to the far left corner. Go up and
    there will be a fallen soldier. Pick up his AK for DP and the Ration nearby.
    Go up the stairs to the next floor. Head out onto the walkway to find a
    Compress. The rest is blocked off, as well as the next floor of the stairs, so
    get back on the stairwell and head down to the first floor again.
    Now move across to the other stairs, the ones near the door you entered. Go
    up and immediately you'll see a strange device resting there. It's a pop up
    Sleep mine. If you get too close, it releases gas that will knock Snake out for
    a short time. The good news is that all it can do is slow you down, since there
    are no enemies that can take advantage of you in this situation. Like
    Claymores, you can crawl over them and collect them as weapons. If you prefer,
    you can shoot them, but they are useful weapons in the right situations, so you
    might want to collect them. Proceed up the stairs when you're ready. On the
    next floor you'll find down the nearby walkway is a box of Stun Grenades, but
    resting in front of it, is another Claymore. Crawl toward them and pick up the
    Claymore first, then get the Stun Grenades. Head down the other walkway. There
    will be another Claymore guarding the next few rooms. Get it first, then
    explore these areas for some other goodies. In the bathroom are some Smoke
    Grenades, and in a room to the right there is a Claymore guarding some Instant
    Noodles. When you've got all that, head all the back to the stairs and go up
    to the next floor.
    This is the last floor, but the stairs still lead up. Turn on Infrared to see
    the Claymore right near you at the base of the next staircase. Grab it, then
    go up to the top to find a dead end, but also a pack of Instant Noodles. Head
    back down to explore the previous floor. Turn right and enter the doorway into
    the kitchen area. There's only ammo here, but in the room to the right of it, 
    there's a Claymore guarding the iPod song, "Level 3 Warning". Pick it up, and 
    some other stuff laying around, including a Ration in the restaurant room, 
    then find the staircase at the end of the other side of the room. 
    Head up to an outdoor area. Proceed from here into the bar room. Watch out for 
    the Sleep Mine right there. There's a Regain on the car counter, and some ammo 
    and some Instant Noodles in the corner. When you got it all, enter the doorway.
    Approach the red door in the hallway for a few scenes. 
    At the end, Akiba's dimwittedness will cause the FROGs, the elite part of 
    Liquid's army, to appear. When you finally have control, the shooting has 
    already started and you're in  the middle of your first unofficial boss fight.
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - FROG UNIT================================================[]
    |	Right from the get go, you've got a few FROGs in the outdoor area you |	
    |originally entered from. You've got Meryl and Rat Patrol Team 01 on your side|
    |though, and they have no problem killing some of these enemies for you. Still|
    |you want to help out so take aim at any nearby enemies with your M4 or other |
    |weapon. When they're down, a whole lot more will come flying onto the scene  |
    |and land on the roof. Gun them down, as well as any others around the corner.|
    |Be sure you pick up the P90, which is the signature weapon of the FROGs. Not |
    |only is it one of my favorite guns, but it's actually a pretty decent weapon |
    |and I will be recommending it later on. When Meryl and her unit start moving,|
    |follow them downstairs into the next area. Here, on the opposite walkway, a  |
    |whole lot of Frogs will show up. Some will also jump around and cling to the |
    |walls. Gun them down easily when they do this. For the others, take good aim |
    |(use the M14EBR if you need to) and shoot them down. Eventually though, move |
    |along the walkway to the other side where the unit is just standing around.  |
    |Some more FROGs might be waiting on this adjacent walkway. Gun them down.    |
    |	You'll be warned of enemies behind you. Use the pillar as cover and   |
    |look down the walkway you came from. A small group of FROGs will be waiting, |
    |with some bounding across the ceiling toward you. Make quick work of them,   |
    |trying to use as few bullets as possible. Soon a FROG will swoop in from     |
    |behind on the other walkway so don't let her get the jump on you. Rat Patrol |
    |will probably start moving at this point, so ignore the other FROGs or gun   |
    |them down. Don't bother using Grenades on them because more often than not,  |
    |they'll use the walls and ceilings to get away. Follow Meryl and her unit    |
    |into the restaurant/kitchen area. Help them gun down more approaching FROGs. |
    |When the coast is clear, you'll reach the opposite walkway, where they       |
    |attacked from originally. Follow Meryl down the stairs to the next floor.    |
    |	Some more FROGs will attack on the opposite walkway, as well as on the|
    |one above you. If aiming with the M4 becomes too difficult, try using the    |
    |M14EBR. It's easy to get headshots with it and you'll spend less ammo. More  |
    |FROGs will replace the fallen ones. Eventually though, Meryl will have her   |
    |unit move on, so just follow them. They'll move into the bathroom and other  |
    |adjacent rooms. More FROGs will swoop in though, coming from the room across |
    |from where Meryl is standing. A flashbang will knock Akiba out. Kneel over   |
    |his body and hold Triangle to wake him. Take the FROGs down and any others   |
    |that show up. Go to Johnny (Akiba) and he might drop items for you. If Meryl |
    |and her unit do not move, that means there are still some FROGs around. Make |
    |sure you grab the ammo the FROGs drop, you might also find a Five-Seven      |
    |pistol on them.  	                                                      |
    |	When they're dead, follow them into a hallway where a short scene.    |
    |starts. When it's over, follow them down the hole. You can cut in front of   |
    |Jonathan if you'd like, but be careful he doesn't drop down on top of you.   |
    |You'll be on the other side of the first floor bar. There's some Instant     |
    |Noodles tucked away if you need them. A bulldozer will come crashing through,|
    |letting more FROGs inside. Gun them all down with your M4 or M14EBR or other |
    |weapons. When they're all dispatched, follow Rat Patrol out the other door   |
    |and into the next room for a scene.                                          |
    Jump down the elevator shaft, but grab the nearby ammo if you want first. At
    the bottom of the shaft, enter the next room and approach Meryl's unit again
    for another scene. You'll get Liquid's location, and getting to his camp is now
    your new objective. 
    Middle East - Advent Palace Garage
    Nothing to do here but grab the dropped P90's from the FROGs killed in that
    cutscene. After that, proceed up the slope in the corner and then climb a ledge
    and over some boxes to reach the next area.
    Middle East - Crescent Meridian
    Leave the corridor to reach the street where you'll see a whole bunch of rebel
    troops. A tank will then come bustling onto the scene with more rebels aboard.
    Move down the street, picking up any guns along the way, and enter the ruined
    building on your left, right near the barbed wire barricade. There's some
    Pentazamin there so pick that up, then jump out of the window and you'll be
    on the street with the tank. Use the tank as cover as it moves forward. You'll
    spot some PMC troops taking cover on the left. Kill or Tranq them, then grab
    their stuff. Move forward and pop a few more of them, then turn left down the
    alley there, but be very careful. Around the next corner is where the
    reinforcements come from and they'll spot you easily. So either wait and then
    pop them or take them head on. 
    Climb the ladder here and get to the roof. A sniper should be there, laying 
    down. Take him down, then on the far end of this rooftop you’re on, on the other
    side of the little penthouse, you'll find the Javelin. Call of Duty 4 players 
    might remember this nifty little gun. It doesn't exactly work the same way, but
    it's a nice weapon all the same. Next, move across the walkway to the other 
    rooftop and you'll find a Ration. Climb back down to ground level now.
    Move up along the street and you'll encounter more PMC troops. Take them down,
    and keep moving up. There will be more of them hiding behind a sandbag
    barricade. Take them down as well and that should quell the threat for now, and
    start up another rousing cheer from the rebels. Grab any guns and then proceed
    down the street. There's a barricade blocking your way, so instead move back
    a little, and on the left side of the street, under an awning, there should be
    a ladder. Climb up and go around the corner, then drop down to get on that
    street that was blocked off. Now, a rather surprising turn of events will take
    place in the form of a cutscene.
    Middle East - Millennium Park
    Now that literally everyone is dead, go ahead and pick up all their guns for
    some extra DP. After that, proceed forward. Around the next corner are a pair
    of PMC troops. Lay down and use the OctoCamo, then quietly pick them both off
    with your Mk. 2 or other gun. Remember that having less kills will earn you
    more Drebin Points at the end of this Act, but if you've already accumulated a
    large number of kills, it won't matter. 
    If you look to the right, you'll see the barricades, and an enemy APC with a
    PMC behind the turret, as well as another PMC standing before the gate. The
    logical solution may at first seem to include tranquilizing the PMC from afar,
    then getting the gunner so you can slip in. It's a nice strategy, but let's
    make it even easier. To the left of where all the barricades are, there should
    be an alley. It's around the same area where that previous PMC ends his walking
    routine. Find the alley (there's a dumpster inside), and against the right wall
    you can find an opening. Slip inside.
    To your immediate right, behind a stack of crates, you can find the iPod song,
    "Theme of Solid Snake". Now go upstairs. Be careful of a PMC patrolling; he
    might come up the hallway adjacent to the top of the stairs. Take him out, then
    continue exploring. If you go straight across from the top of the stairs, you
    can find some ammo on the ledge behind the crate. In the hall where the PMC
    came from is a door. Enter to find a Playboy to the left, then enter the next
    room ahead. You can find another door here and some holes in the floor. Enter
    the other door and you can find some Instant Noodles. Now drop through one of
    the holes. You'll land on the other side of the gateway.
    Two of the lockers here have ammo if you want to search, plus there's a Ration
    underneath the desk. Venture out into the plaza area. Just be cautious of a
    nearby PMC. Take him out from a far. 
    We want to go across to the right side. See that metal shed? Go there but make
    sure no other soldiers can see you. Hurry over and approach the wall and that
    shed. There is a space between the two. Hug the wall with Triangle to slip in.
    On the other end, near the dumpster, you'll find the PSS. Pick it up, then lay
    down and use OctoCamo. Proceed forward slowly, tranquilizing any PMC troops you
    come across. There should be a pile of wooden planks and other supplies. On
    top is a Ration.
    Continue forward through the next gate. Here are a lot of tents as well as a
    big truck. There's a lot of troops here so stay low and don't go out too far.
    Bring down each enemy as you come across them, then head toward the wall behind
    the tents and find the red door. Enter here for some scenes.
    When it's all over, you'll be done with Act 1!
      /                                                                 \
    -]| Act 2 Mission Briefing                                          |[-
    During this briefing, as well as all the others in the future, you can control
    the Mk. II. With the exception of the Act 5 briefing, you can pilot the Mk. II
    around and scour the plane, the Nomad, for items, or just get a different
    perspective on things. After you finish the next act, you can also use the
    Mk. II to get some special items during the briefings. 
    When the scene eventually switches to the split screen, hit square to switch
    the camera view on the right to the Mk. II. Then press Triangle to put it on
    the big screen. Now hit L2 to make it full screen.
    For starters, go down the plane toward where the helicopter is and you should
    find a Battery on the left, near the chicken's cages. Now turn around, going
    back toward where Snake and Otacon are. Find the stairs on the right and move
    the Mk. II into them. It will eventually scale up to the top on its own. Turn
    the corner and you'll find Sunny's kitchen. Find some Instant Noodles nearby,
    and then to the right of the TV, some ammo. If you turn around from there, you
    can see something in the bathroom stall. Pick up the iPod song, "Boktai 2
    Theme", then watch the end of the briefing. When it's over, you'll gain all the
    items the Mk. II picked up.
       _____             _     __________________________________________
      (, /  |           '  )  /
        /---|  _ _/_   ,--'  /   SOLID SUN
     ) /    |_(__(__  /___  /                      (act2)
    (_/                    /  
    Watch the following scenes. When you gain control you'll start out at...
    South America - Cove Valley Village
    From where you currently are, lay down and crawl up to the cliff edge. From
    here, you can get a good vantage point of the situation below. The PMCs have
    the rebels and are about to execute them. If you want to get in their good
    graces, you'd best save them. You can easily snipe the PMCs from here, but make
    sure you're blended in with OctoCamo first, or else you'll be spotted. Take out
    each PMC, using your sniper rifle and Night Vision on your Solid Eye. It will
    be morning soon, but you're gonna need it for now. 
    Stay there and wait for more enemies to show up. The rebels will start fighting
    back and most of them will get slaughtered. Keep an eye out for more enemies 
    coming out of the nearest house, and then farther down from there. When the 
    coast is clear, drop down and start your search. In the first house, Stun 
    Grenades, ammo, and a Playboy will be waiting for you. Keep Night Vision on to 
    find them. 
    Now for the next house. This is the house that was to Snake's right from the
    cliff. Coming out of the previous building, it's just to the right. It's also
    the only building on this "side" if you think of this area like a square. In
    here a few goodies, including V-Ring ammo, the South American Rebel Disguise and
    the Muna. The Muna is an item that will help your recover Psyche slowly. It's
    useful until you become a lot better at the game and as a result, better at
    keeping your Psyche up. 
    The house to the right of the first one you entered is broken down, so ignore 
    it. Go to the barn like building next to it. Climb the ladder and you can find
    Pentazamin and a Ration. If you turn around, you'll see the SVD sniper rifle 
    along with some ammo, but it's across a large gap. Sometimes you can traverse 
    this gap simply by running and rolling at the right time, but more often than 
    not, that won't be enough. Get a head start, run, and hit X to roll, then mash
    the Triangle button, and Snake will grab the ledge. Hit it again to pull 
    yourself up and collect the SVD. Now drop down and head over to the next house.
    That one is also ruined, so move to the next one. Under the porch are some 
    Smoke Grenades. Inside you'll find the iPod song, "The Fury", as well as some 
    ammo. You're done here, now move out to the right, into the open valley.
    If you saved some of the rebels, they might be waiting up ahead. They might
    have also been killed while you were scrounging up items so don't get too
    excited. Either way, keep NV on and start sniping the PMC troops you find, or,
    if you prefer, just get close and hit them with the Mk. 2. Continue up the
    trails, climbing ledges until you get onto the upper ledges. Search the bodies
    of the PMC soldiers and you might find the G3A3 assault rifle. 
    Continue up the ledges until you pass a small hut. In the canyon there, you'll 
    be led to the next part. You'll get a Codec call. When it's over, meet up with 
    some more rebels. Follow them up the way and they'll encounter more PMCs. If 
    any of your fellow rebels die in the ensuing bloodbath, check their corpses for
    weapons. Among other things, you might get the Twin Barrel, if you forgot to get
    it at that house, and the M10. 
    Keep going, backing up your rebel friends but also trying not to get spotted at
    the same time. At a cabin you'll find some ammo, along with more enemies. 
    Proceed through the valley to the right after that, and you'll enter the next 
    South America - Power Station
    You'll get another codec call. After that, proceed forward with more rebels. 
    Stay to the left, and look for the opening on the right. Stay low here and look
    for the snipers on the ledge ahead. Pop them both, then proceed forward,
    crossing over to the right side. Across the field will be the PMCs, and they'll
    be engaging your rebel friends for eternity, so there's not much point in
    sticking around. Just silence who you need to proceed, and hug the right wall.
    You can find a Ration tucked away in a small basin, and then a trail nearby
    that leads up to the top of the cliff. There's another Ration here, plus a
    mortar that you can fire on the PMCs. 
    When you're done, jump down, and go along the perimeter of the power station. Be
    careful the enemies on the left don't spot you. Move carefully and when you get
    to the opening in the gate on the left, be wary of two more PMCs that might spot
    you. Take them out from afar and then enter the area. Look for an MP7 drop. 
    Enter the building and you should find a Ration and some C4. Grab both and you 
    can wait for the rebels to blow up the generator for the Power Station, which 
    might come in handy in a little. Either way, leave and proceed again, along the
    perimeter and you'll start up a cutscene.
    After it's all over, proceed down the road into the next area. This is where
    you need to make a decision. There's two paths here. Each go to the Confinement
    Facility, but they take very different routes. The right path will put you
    right into the heart of the action and will lead you directly to the facility
    where a lot of good stuff awaits. If you go left however, you will enter the
    Confinement Facility area from a different spot, and there will be less PMCs
    around and it's very easy to slip in. There will also be a fork here that can
    let you go to the facility or take a shortcut and skip it completely. 
    I personally prefer the right path since it's not too easy and I like getting in
    on the action. However you should definitely go down the left path at least
    once and pick up some new stuff because it's definitely worth it. So what I'm
    gonna do is advise you to take the left route for now, but we'll swing back to
    the facility as well. Listen (read) closely. 
    Go ahead and take the left path here and if you watched the rebels take out
    the power station, they'll be with you. If not, there will be PMCs here so be
    careful. There's a lot of items around here so look carefully. The most
    important find is the XM8 carbine rifle under small wooden roof. This is a nice
    rifle and I like using it aside from the M4. It's the same one that Rat Pt. 01
    Anyways, continue through this path and watch out for more PMCs if you have to.
    Eventually, you'll enter the next area.
    South America - Confinement Facility
    You'll be in the rocky area. There will be a road directly before you that goes
    left and right. Left leads to the prison area and a shortcut, while the right
    leads to the facility. We eventually want to explore both but for now, go left.
    Just stay on top of the rocks and look for PMCs. Continue and get on the high
    ridge and follow this path along until you can see the prison area which is
    comprised of a few small buildings and a guard tower. From the ridge, you can
    easily snipe three or more of the PMCs here if you'd like. Sneak in and go to
    the first building you see. There are rebels being held prisoner in here. Go
    around and take out the guard in the doorway and they will be freed. They'll
    help you take out the rest of the PMCs. 
    There are a lot of items around here, in the various buildings and underneath,
    and outside, etc. Take down the PMCs and do some searching. Our prime reason
    for being here is one weapon in particular. In a room in the building with a
    big hole in the floor, you will find the VSS. It's a silenced sniper rifle.
    Schwing! This is what we came for, so you can leave. If you look down the road,
    it leads into what looks like a mine shaft entrance. This leads to the next
    area. This is the shortcut for the Confinement Facility, but we don't want
    that. Turn around now and go all the way back down the road in the opposite
    Eventually the road will bring you to the facility. Before we go there however,
    there is something we need to find in what I call the big countryside area,
    which is what you would have first seen if you took the right fork from the
    Power Station. Turn away from the facility and enter this very large and open
    area. The PMCs are fighting with the rebels across the way. Go across the small
    creek and up the hill toward the road. Take out the PMCs along the way and go
    to their sandbag barricades. The one nearest to the road has an item box near
    it. That's the FIM-92A, better known as the Stinger Missile Launcher. Scwhing!
    Good coincidence since you can probably see there's a helicopter nearby. You
    can use this to take it out (if you want). There will also be an enemy APC on
    the road so take that out (again if you want) with an anti-tank missile or just
    ignore it and turn back. Before you leave this bog area, look around. You can
    see there are a few pieces of land mired out across this swampy terrain. Find
    the large island in the center. It's got three tiers (levels) to it and has a
    lot of rocks. Find it and get onto it from the water. On the middle plateau,
    you can find the iPod song, "Rock Me Baby" sitting in front of two rocks. How
    clever. Now go back toward the facility. 
    When you can, enter the facility from the left wall. Find the first door and
    walk in to find the barracks. You'll find a Playboy here, as well as the iPod
    song, "Metal Gear 20 Years History (Part 3)". Go down the hall and enter the
    next door. In this small storage area you'll find some more healing items. That
    is not the most important find however. Inside this small room will be a 
    package of... could it be? Are the legends true? o_O Chaff Grenades! (cue 
    Legend of Zelda "Link got a..." music) Yes, these babies which are now a rarity
    can be found here. Grab them, then continue to the mess hall, where some Instant
    Noodles wait. There's nothing else here so move on. Go up and find the small 
    little house inside the facility walls. In here you'll find a bunch of ammo, 
    but more importantly, the M870 Custom, a very nice shotgun, and one weapon 
    heavily favored for stamina killing the bosses. With that in hand, move on to 
    the next area, through the small valley up ahead. You can also reach this next
    area by turning around and taking that "shortcut" path I mentioned, but it's a
    long walk so I'm not going that way. Just keep going for now.
    South America - Vista Mansion
    You're almost there. Meet up yet again with some rebels. Not too far ahead of
    your current position, is a PMC troop walking about unknowingly. If you don't
    take him out, the fighting will begin momentarily anyway. Help the rebels take
    out any PMCs, always looking to the right. The PMCs stay on the hill to the
    right and the one above you. Keep your rebel friends covered while moving up
    the hill to the large gate. Keep low and don't get spotted. Eventually when you
    reach the top, a scene will show a bulldozer charging in. Otacon advises you to
    give it cover, but it really doesn't matter. Eventually it will bust down the
    gate, and you'll be given access to the mansion grounds. 
    Proceed in. The PMCs will gun your friends down. Check the bodies and one of
    them should be carrying the M72A3, the anti-tank missile launcher, and another,
    the PKM. Scwhing! From the entrance, proceed to the right, toward where all the
    tents are. Just be careful about being spotted, as well as all the gunfire and
    explosions going off. Try to stay near the walls and behind the tents. When you
    reach the wall, go up and keep going up until you find a pair of dark red
    containers. The one on the right should be almost touching the wall, but far
    enough to allow Snake to pass through. Hug the wall and slide through this gap.
    Why? You'll find the iPod song, "Sailor" if you do. With that, head all the way
    back toward the entrance. This time, go left into the garden area. Stay on the
    outer perimeter and swing to the left side of the doorway where the PMCs are
    shooting from. Take them out then when the coast is clear, enter the door.
    Inside, you'll hear some PMCs talking. One will come running down the stairs in
    the next room and into this room. Hide on the red carpet if you want, or just
    go ahead and rush both of these enemies on the stairs. Either way, when it's
    safe, proceed into the next room. There are the stairs leading up, but if you
    want, go down the hall to the right and search the room for Pentazamin. Go down
    the next hallway into the dining room for some ammo. After that, go back and go
    up the stairs. There's nobody waiting up here, so just turn the corner, and go
    down the hall and into the next room. Find the door that leads to the roof. 
    There may be enemies here so be careful. Proceed to the left and find the small
    deck with the opening in the floor. Drop down and enter the cellar.
    Go through the corridors, and you'll find some Instant Noodles and some ammo.
    Keep going and you'll find a small store room with a bunch of goodies,
    including Stun Grenades, normal Grenades, a bunch of ammo, as well as a Ration
    and a Compress. Keep going down the corridor and you'll find the ladder.
    South America - Research Lab
    There are a few scenes to watch here. Sit back and enjoy for now. When it's
    over, you've got a fight on your hand, with a much bigger one looming.
    The FROGs will be your opponents for now, so figure out how you want to go
    about this. They will come in by units of two, only one at a time. You can
    hide out under the bed nearby and wait for them, then cap them both. It's a 
    slow approach but it gets the job done. If you prefer a more direct approach,
    hunt them down and take them out using the M4, and utilize cover to reduce the
    damage you take. Make use of the radar to know where they are and get the jump
    on them. Try to avoid getting close; CQC usually only works if you try to throw
    them down to the ground. If you try and grab them normally, the FROGs can
    counter this so avoid doing that. When you dispatch the first two, another two
    will show up, and so on. When you take out all four units, the boss will call
    out to you. It's time to fight.
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - LAUGHING OCTOPUS=========================================[]
    |	Right off the bat, you'll have Octopus in front of you. Unload on her |
    |with your M4. You might also want to use one of the new guns like the PKM or |
    |something else, but it's your choice. I prefer the M4 because it doesn't make|
    |things too easy. If you do decide to use the M4, I recommend you go ahead and|
    |customize it if you have not already. Select it in Weapons from the Pause    |
    |menu and hit L2 to customize. Add a grenade launcher attachment to it. It    |
    |will come in handy.                                                          |
    |	Fend off Octopus in the lab room and she'll ball up and release some  |
    |black mist. She use it to vanish, much like a real Octopus would. Now here is|
    |where the fight gets creepy. Octopus will use her camo unit to hide, and all |
    |the sounds and music and her abrupt outbursts will keep you on your feet. The|
    |goal is to locate her before she gets the jump on you and keep depleting her |
    |health. First, we'll outline her attacks.                                    |
    |	Octopus will mostly fire at you with a gun. It does little damage but |
    |if it goes unanswered, it can deplete your health fast. She may also try to  |
    |grab and electrocute you with her tentacle. Later on in the fight, when she  |
    |balls herself up, she may start a rolling attack. It's hard to avoid unless  |
    |you can climb onto a box or onto the bed in one of the rooms. Octopus will   |
    |also commonly send out floating bombs when she vanishes. These will actively |
    |seek you out. You can shoot them all down, but if you want to save ammo, it's|
    |better to let them touch you. The bombs will not explode on contact. Instead,|
    |you can hear the beeping which counts down to their detonation. The bombs    |
    |will stick to Snake until they go off. Just let them latch on, then start    |
    |running and do a roll to shake them all off at once. That outlines the       |
    |attacks of Laughing Octopus.                                                 |
    |	When she disappears the first time, you'll be tasked with tracking her|
    |down. She can mask herself as just about anything, which makes it difficult. |
    |Luckily, you have a tool on your side that can make this much easier. Use the|
    |Infrared function of your Solid Eye. It will illuminate Octopus wherever she |
    |hides. Also pay attention to the radar. When she speaks, the sound will show |
    |her location on the radar. Most often, after her first disappearance, she    |
    |will appear in one of the hallways and blend in with the wall. Fire on her   |
    |from afar and she'll vanish again, usually dropping some bombs. Shake them   |
    |off and then find her again.                                                 |
    |	The rest of this fight will consist of you finding her hiding spots   |
    |and unloading on her. She may hide in any of the following locations: the    |
    |painting at the end of one of the halls, on the ceiling, in the small store  |
    |room in a box, in the lab room as a small machine connected to the ceiling,  |
    |and as a marionette. Use your Solid Eye Infrared and you can find her easily |
    |for most of these spots. When she's in the store room, you can see the       |
    |tentacles coming out. When she's hiding as the marionette, she's lit up like |
    |a Christmas tree, and as you'll notice, the real marionette is in the        |
    |opposite room. In the lab, fire on the machine, not the tentacles.           |
    |	Halfway through, she'll disguise herself as the Mk. II and even mimic |
    |Otacon's voice. She'll call you and have you turn the corner. Call Otacon and|
    |he will not have any knowledge of this. When you turn the corner and see the |
    |Mk. II, do NOT get too close. She's set some mines, so stay where you are and|
    |shoot it from afar to shake her disguise. She'll disappear again after that. |
    |Keep finding her and shooting her. Eventually she'll stop disappearing and   |
    |crash through the windows to confront you. Just unload on her with your M4   |
    |and if she jumps onto the ceiling, use the grenade launcher attachment. Just |
    |be careful if she rolls into a ball and starts coming after you. Climb onto  |
    |something if you can to avoid it.                                            |
    |	Eventually as the fight winds down, she'll change her face to resemble|
    |Naomi's. Just shoot her and that will end that. After this, the fight will   |
    |start to wind down. Octopus will stop hiding and just continue to come after |
    |you at this point. Just keep shooting her and use healing items if needed,   |
    |and you should win in time.                                                  |
    Watch the scene. Surprisingly enough, the fight isn't over just yet!
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - LAUGHING BEAUTY==========================================[]
    |	She'll stagger toward you slowly. Laughing Beauty has no weaponry to  |
    |harm you, but if she gets close, she'll grab you and slowly drain your life. |
    |If this happens, wiggle the Left Analog Stick to shake her off, then press   |
    |Triangle when prompted to throw her down.                                    |
    |	Back up slowly and keep your gun pointed on her. She'll sidestep at   |
    |certain moments, making it difficult to land an accurate shot, especially if |
    |you use a pistol. Her sidestepping may make it difficult to deplete that     |
    |health, but good aiming and reactions will make it easier.                   |
    |	Now is also a great time to search for items as well. Just be careful |
    |if you stray too far from Laughing Beauty. She'll come after you much faster |
    |when there's distance between you. When you're ready, start unloading on her |
    |and when all her health is depleted, the fight finally ends.                 |
    For winning this fight, you get FaceCamo, and a call from Drebin. As he will
    explain, FaceCamo can be used to make Snake even harder to find when using
    OctoCamo. Personally, I didn't use it all that much, but sometimes in tight
    spots, it can be useful. The one detraction about it is that it shows up in
    Anyways, when you're done, you'll be in the next area.
    South America - Mountain Trail
    You've got to find Naomi, and you'll get a Codec call with some good tips. The
    paths are littered with footprints that you can see with Infrared. The trail
    splits in many different directions though, so it's going to take a bit of
    guesswork to track her down. There is only one true path, and some others are
    just traps. there are a few worth exploring however for extra items.
    For now, just follow the trail a ways. You'll be able to find a Ration in a
    small basin on your right. Keep going until the trail turns and opens up into
    a larger area. Here there are three paths: left, middle, and right. The right
    path is really just a shortcut back onto the path you came from, so it's
    useless. The middle path will take you to a dead end where a PMC soldier is
    relieving himself. Yes. Go ahead and hold him up while his back is turned, or
    whatever you want to do. There's also some ammo here. Turn back and take the
    left path now. This will take you to a bridge. Cross it to reach the next fork.
    Here, an enemy soldier is patrolling. Go ahead and hold him up, shake him down
    for items, etc, or just take him down. Three paths lay before you again. The
    right trail is the correct one, so let's check the others out first. The center
    path, with the sort of makeshift clothesline above it will be our first choice.
    Go down this way and you'll find a small house. Aw, look at the happy guinea
    pigs! Err, anyways... The house is inhabited by another PMC, and he'll spot you
    if you enter, so make it easy and toss a Stun Grenade so that it just lands
    inside the doorway to incapacitate him. Grab more Stun Grenades inside, as well
    as a Playboy outside under the small roof. On the right side of the house, you
    will find the PSS handgun. If you got one already, you'll just trade it in for
    Drebin Points. Head back and take the left path now. Here you'll find some 
    Instant Noodles, but Infrared will reveal that they are well guarded by a 
    Claymore. Don't rush up and grab the noodles. Crawl to them to grab it and the
    Claymore too. Head back now and take the right path.
    Here you should see a PMC soldier laying on the hill in front of you. Take him
    out from afar. When you move farther, you might spot an object laying on the
    ground. It's a handkerchief, maybe belonging to Naomi. It seems you're on the
    right track. Three paths here. The left one is a dead end that will just lead 
    you back to the small house you were at before, but there's a Ration there to 
    grab. The other two paths lead to the same place, but the right one will take
    you on a more scenic route. Choose that one. On the way, you'll find a bra 
    strewn across the rock face there. Hm... seems like we're getting... warmer. 
    You'll come across a small ruined house with two guards, one patrolling, the 
    other inside. Just take out the one in the open and either use a Stun Grenade 
    like before, or try to coax him out by tapping on the side of the building. 
    When they're down, pick up any goodies, then continue to the next spot.
    In the next section, there will be one guard sort of dozing off. Just take him
    down and now look at your next few paths. There's a left one and a right one.
    They will both take you to the same place, but favor the left one. You'll end
    up coming to a place where all the grass is strangely flattened. A crop circle?
    Then, you'll hear a voice, saying lines very familiar if you played MGS2. When
    it's over, you'll score a bonus of Drebin Points. This is the first of many
    audio flashbacks. You'll encounter a whole bunch of these later on. 
    Now cross the river and you'll see the footprints, again, split into multiple
    directions. Again, either path is fine, they'll both take you to same place,
    but know that the right path has two FROGs on it. One is hiding behind a log,
    and the other around the corner from there. You should hopefully get a Codec
    call if you approach them, giving you a valuable piece of advice. The FROGs can
    hear the faint sound emitted from the Solid Eye's Infrared mode. So avoid using
    it when you get near them, otherwise they'll get suspicious and come toward
    your position. If you choose left or right, you'll wind up in the same spot.
    Three paths again here. The left and middle paths lead to the same spot, but
    take different routes. The right-hand one is a trap, and if you go down it, you
    will hear Naomi's voice. It will lead you to a small hut. It sounds like Naomi
    is in there and is in danger, but it's just a trap. If you use the Infrared,
    when you come down the path, you might notice the FROG laying in wait on the
    hill in the distance. This FROG spotting you entering the hut is what triggers
    the trap and if you fall for it, you'll be surrounded. So cap this FROG from a
    distance, and you can safely proceed. 
    Inside the small house are some Smoke Grenades, as well as a portable stereo 
    playing a recording of Naomi's voice. Shoot it, since it's annoying. Outside the
    house you'll find a Regain and some Sleep Mines. Pick them all up and head back.
    You now have two paths, and as I said before, they lead to the same place. The 
    left path is better strategically as it will let you see both FROGs before they
    can spot you. Just be careful with that Solid Eye. If you took the right path 
    and had Infrared on, one of the FROGs would have detected it and come snooping.
    Also, on the left path, you can find a Ration tucked away in the small basin. 
    Continue to follow the footprints through the small valley.
    In this next area, a lone PMC will be standing dangerously close to a Claymore.
    You can probably sneak up on him, but I did that once and both he and myself
    got blown up by the Claymore. I survived, but... my friend wasn't so lucky. Oh
    well. Do what you wish, and collect the Claymore if you can. Again you have
    three paths. The center and right paths go to the same spot, so go to the left
    first. You'll find some guinea pigs and some items. Now take either path,
    preferably the center one. You'll find a small grassy area with a very hard to
    spot FROG. She can spot you easily, very easily, especially if you have
    Infrared on. Don't let her see you. Take her down and she might drop the DSR-1
    sniper rifle. Although I like the SVD for its old school feel, I have to say,
    I love the DSR's targeting reticle. Continue down the next path.
    In this area is one PMC. Take care of him and then turn right down the trail
    which will take you to the area you would have wound up at if you had taken the
    right path at the previous fork. Go down the right path here to wind up at the
    area that was overlooking the "trap" house with Naomi's voice recording. If you
    recall, it was watched by a FROG. If you killed her, just grab the RPG-7
    nearby, and if you have one already (which you should), it will sell for good
    DP. If you tranquilized the FROG, she might have awoken by now so be careful.
    Head back and take the next path straight ahead, to the right. It's the one
    sort of blocked off by a big rock.
    This trail is just a big horseshoe with a path dissecting it through the
    middle. A PMC patrols the outer trail if you want to get him. Otherwise, just
    go through the center path and find the entrance to what seems like a mine. Go
    inside for a scene.
    After it's over, you'll start a short segment riding on top of Drebin's APC.
    Get close to the gun turret and press Triangle to man it. Fire it with R1 like
    you would any other weapon. You'll start off at the mansion grounds, and some
    PMCs in armored suits will come through the gate. Fire on them at will, but
    be careful of all the PMCs surrounding you. Their nanomachines have them all
    befuddled and they will try to climb Drebin's APC to get to you. If you don't
    care about high kill counts, just shoot them with the turret if you can. If
    they get on, take them out with heavy firearms or they'll knock Snake off the
    turret. Take care of the suited enemies. Drebin will eventually drive off.
    In the next area, a whole mess of Gekkos will create a road block. Oh ****.
    Well, that's what you'd normally say when confronted by so many Gekkos, but
    fortunately, the turret is more than enough to handle them. Fire on their heads
    and they will go down without too much trouble. The annoying part here is that
    when they blow up, it causes large clouds of dust and smoke to kick up, which
    will effectively block your view for a few seconds. Don't let any Gekkos get
    too close. You get nice bonuses of Drebin Points for each one you destroy. They
    also don't count as kills since they're unmanned. Eventually Drebin will speed
    off again.
    When you start the next area, another APC will attack. Focus on the green doors
    here and fire at the drums nearby which might weaken the doors' strength. The
    APC will attack again so fire at it with the turret and it will stop. Now focus
    on the doors again until they are both blown off. This starts up the final
    More Gekkos block your way. Keep firing away and Drebin will pilot the APC up
    a long road, where even more of these things try to block you off. Keep that
    trigger finger steady and eventually you'll turn right into a small valley. The
    Gekkos will give chase so keep firing. Eventually Drebin will say "Don't fall
    off!" and that means you're in the clear. You enter the next area and a scene
    will start.
    South America - Marketplace
    Impressive stuff eh? After the scene ends, you're in the middle of a very
    dangerous area. Otacon is waiting up ahead but this area is filled with Gekko.
    No time to fight them or hide, just keep moving! From where you star this area,
    there is an item more or less in front of Snake's position. Avoid the Gekko and
    find the iPod song, "Bon Dance". From there, stick to the left and go under an
    awning. There's some ammo there if you need it. Move up and then left again
    into the small alley. When you turn the corner, a bunch of scared villagers run
    by and a Gekko comes running from out of nowhere. Crap. Throw on the Solid Eye
    and you can see the Gekko's weak points. We don't have time to destroy it, so
    just disable it. Fire a few Mk. 2 rounds into its legs and it will fall. 
    Now quickly run past it and turn the corner. Turn left again and carefully pass
    the other Gekko. This is the last stretch, through a street lined with merchant
    stalls. Hurry down and yet another Gekko will block your path. Quickly use the
    same method as before. It's your best option because just trying to get past
    it won't do. The Gekko can deliver a swift and very powerful kick that will
    knock a huge chunk off your health. Just tranquilize the legs again and the
    path will be unbarred. However, before proceeding, check the very last stall on
    the left. Behind that stall you can find more Chaff Grenades! That's two packs,
    for a total of 4 grenades (assuming you haven't used any yet). Remember the
    location and move forward. A scene starts. 
    When it's over, Act 2 ends with it. 
      /                                                                 \
    -]| Act 3 Mission Briefing                                          |[-
    After the introductory scene, you get that split screen thing again. As said
    earlier, use Square to change the camera view in the small screen to the view
    from the Mk. II, then Triangle to switch it to the bigger screen, and then L2
    to make it full screen. We have some things to get here, so let's start the
    First I'll mention something I hinted at before. Now that you have FaceCamo,
    you can use the Mk. II to collect some new FaceCamos to wear. To earn them, you
    have to ram into certain characters with the Mk. II. Right when you gain
    control, your first target is Otacon. Ram into him with the Mk. II and you'll
    hear that "item collected" sound. That means you got it. You could also get
    this one from the Act 2 briefing, but since you didn't have FaceCamo back then
    this is the earliest you can get it on your very first playthrough. 
    Ramming into characters only works when they're standing. Both Naomi and Sunny
    have some FaceCamo for us to get, but they're both sitting down now. We'll have
    to wait. For now, go to the area directly behind Sunny's computer and you will
    find the Camera. Schwing! Now go upstairs into the kitchen. Snake is there.
    Right next to him is the iPod song, "Shin Bokura no Taiyou Theme". Near that is
    another Battery, and in the bathroom is a Compress. Get these and head back 
    downstairs with Snake. You can also find some ammo near the back (front of the
    helicopter) but I was full on both of them.
    Just watch the scene unfold for now. Eventually after a lot of talking, Snake 
    will walk over to Raiden. Shortly after that, Naomi will get up. You can ram 
    her (lol, innuendo) with the Mk. II and get another FaceCamo. After some more 
    talking, Naomi will ask to take Sunny's seat and when Sunny gets up, you can 
    bump into her too for the last FaceCamo in this briefing. In fact, it's the 
    last one you can get from here on out, but there's still one more. Watch the 
    rest of the briefing and when it's over you'll gain all the items, including
    FaceCamo for Otacon, and two for Raiden. Now, Act 3 begins....
       _____             _      _________________________________________
      (, /  |           '  )   /
        /---|  _ _/_     -(   /   THIRD SUN
     ) /    |_(__(__  (__ )  /                      (act3)
    (_/                     / 
    Watch the scenes. When it's over you'll get a Codec call from Otacon outlining
    your objective. After it's over, you gain a few new items. There's the Signal
    Interceptor which may be important although not necessary in helping you 
    through this next part. You also get the Civilian Disguise, and two new
    FaceCamo for a younger look on Snake. 
    Your objective is to locate Big Mama, leader of the Paradise Lost resistance
    group. To do that though, you'll need to find a resistance member and tail him
    back to their hideout. The first half of this act will consist of you just
    finding a resistance member and following him. The key is to stay behind him
    and not make any noise and just follow him throughout the city, and also avoid
    the PMC troops at the same time. You have the Civilian Disguise, and for me, I
    like wearing it the whole way through if I can. I don't know why, it feels more
    appropriate, as if it's from some kind of movie where one guy is following the
    other down dark city streets and alleys. Weird I suppose but that's just me. If
    your location might become compromised at any time, switch to OctoCamo. 
    A few things I want to note. The routes I laid out are basically the path you
    follow him if nothing goes wrong. Even still, I've had to take alternate routes
    sometimes because the resistance member just decides to walk down different
    streets. I'm not sure if this has to do with different difficulties, or just a
    random variable added. So on that note, here's a few tips to help you out, even
    if you don't end up following him the same way. Use the Solid Eye, both regular
    mode and Infrared. It's dark and if you can't see him, both functions will help
    out. The radar particularly when Solid Eye is on, it will show you where he is
    based on the whistling and his movements. 
    Eastern Europe - Midtown S Sector
    You start out at the street corner. You have the Signal Interceptor in your
    item inventory already. It will give you a very broad area (indicated on your
    map by a bright orange square) in which you may find a resistance member. If
    you're lucky though, you won't need to use it even once. From where you are,
    go around the corner and up the street, and a scene will take over.
    You'll find a resistance member coming out of hiding. You can always identify
    them by their trademark whistling (vaguely sounds like an MGS theme). He will
    walk across the street to the right. Don't start following him just yet. Turn
    around and go back to the intersection. Turn left and go to the left side of the
    building. Behind a small barricade, you'll find the iPod song, "Test Subjects
    Duality". Go back and find the resistance member. Get behind him and hold him
    up. Pat him down and he'll drop a few things, one of them being the iPod song,
    "Biohazard". Let him run away scared after this and then stay out of sight
    until he starts moving again.
    Start following him, but don't run and don't let him see you. Again, if you 
    prefer, just ditch the disguise and use OctoCamo. The resistance guy will go 
    down the sidewalk, then cross the street to the left, then continue down and go
    around the corner. You can either follow directly or take the nearby stairs. 
    Around the corner there will be a PMC. The resistance guy can't get any closer 
    unless the PMCs are neutralized. If they aren't, the resistance member will just
    turn around and find another route. So either follow him and try to pop the PMC
    with your MK. 2, but at the same time, not letting the resistance member see 
    you. Around the corner to the right, there is yet another PMC. Do the same and 
    our guy can move on. You could just go up the stairs and get a better vantage 
    point and try to get both PMCs from up there, then drop down from the walkway 
    further up and wait for our guy. Or instead of using the tranquilizer, you can 
    use the Mk. II, Otacon's little bot.
    Either way, he'll turn left from where the second PMC is and turn the corner
    there. He'll pass some cars, go down the street, then turn and enter the park.
    Don't follow him. Instead, go the opposite direction he went, going down the
    right-hand street. Keep going until you find a lone PMC. From where you are, he
    can see you pretty easily. Don a different FaceCamo though, such as the Otacon
    one, and the PMC will not be startled. In fact, you can walk right up to him and
    then hold him up. Pat him down for items until you get the iPod song, "One Night
    in Neo Kobe City". Incapacitate him afterwards. This FaceCamo trick will work
    the whole act if you want to use it. It makes things easier because the PMCs
    will not bother with you if you're not wearing any of Snake's faces. Now, go
    back to where the resistance member entered the park. 
    To the left of the park staircase is a Compress. Go in and follow him. He'll
    follow the cobblestone path for a while, but after he passes some statues, he
    will stop. At this point, you should hide. He's going to turn around and come
    back to the statue on the left to relieve himself. You can just use OctoCamo
    nearby or hide behind the shrubs. You can also use the OctoCamo statue trick
    by climbing up on the ledge and hitting Triangle. 
    After the guy has done his business, he'll move on. Get low and get close to the
    drum at the corner, but not any closer. To the let are two PMC guards. They'll 
    prevent our guy from moving on so take them both down from afar with your MK. 2.
    Our guy will then move on and exit the park, walk across the street and get on 
    the other side of a big ramp. Follow him and then up the ramp itself He'll 
    follow the wall and go around the corner, approach some cars and go down a 
    staircase. If you go left from the top of the stairs there's a Ration tucked
    under the small awning.
    Follow him down the stairs and the next part will consist of you following the
    resistance member as he ducks into various doorways. Just stay behind him as
    he slips into all these nooks. He moves on and eventually crosses to the other
    side of the street and hides there. Wait for him to move again and he'll start
    running to the right and then turn into the opening there. Follow him and you
    will enter the next area.
    Eastern Europe - Midtown NE Sector
    We're gonna ditch our friend for a few minutes. Don't worry, the diversion will
    be worth it. As you will notice soon upon entering this area, there are four
    PMCs posted, as well as a helicopter making searches with its light. While our
    friend maneuvers around them, go ahead and either try to sneak by on the left,
    or better, just tranquilize all four PMCs. Now slip by and you can find some
    Instant Noodles behind where they were standing. More importantly, there is a
    road to the left of where they stood, it goes up a hill sort of. Go down here
    to enter the next area.
    Eastern Europe - Midtown NW Sector
    Just a ways up, you'll see a path going left and right. On your left you should
    see two PMCs. Carefully peek out from cover and tranquilize them both without
    them seeing you. When they're down, proceed past them and you should see the
    area behind them. It's like a small canal sewage drain of some sorts. You can
    hang over the ledge of the solid walls (not the railing like walls), or just go
    up the canal to the ladder and drop down that way. Just be careful of another
    helicopter and other PMCs. When you get down, you can find some ammo, and among
    other things, lots of rats. Anyways, your main goal here is an underground 
    tunnel. Find it on one side of the canal and walk through to one more area.
    Eastern Europe - Midtown Central Sector
    Again, you're in another sewage canal. There are a few more goodies to be found.
    In particular, there is an interesting pick up to find on one side of the canal,
    and that's a Stinger, or just ammo if you got it already in Act 2. Comb both 
    sides for items, but the item that we're solely looking for, the whole reason 
    you're taking this detour, is above you. Find a ladder and climb up. Not far 
    from there, tucked away in the corner, you should find them. Throw Infrared on 
    to help you. There they are. Chaff Grenades. You can go ahead and search for 
    other stuff, but when you're done, head all the way back and retrace your steps.
    Back into the ditch, into the tunnel, out of the other ditch, past the PMCs 
    again and back all the way to...
    Eastern Europe - Midtown NE Sector
    Ok, we have to find our friend again. He's usually found in the same spot and
    that is to the right of the PMC patrol/helicopter search area. The rightmost
    road is where he should be. Find him and tail him again. He'll try and sneak
    behind two PMCs. Stop where you are and try to tranquilize both of the PMCs 
    quickly. Otherwise, our friend will accidentally make noise and they will spot
    him. They will try to take him in, and then you'll be forced to tranquilize
    them anyways before they take him away. After he's freed he usually runs away
    scared and hides for a moment, and he might come toward you so try to avoid
    this by taking the PMCs out fast. 
    Afterwards, he'll eventually make his way down that street as it enters a big
    intersection. Stay somewhere out of sight and watch him. He'll turn down one
    alley and stop, then start running again. Follow him and you'll both wind up in
    the next area.
    Eastern Europe - Midtown N Sector
    Around the corner you'll hear some sort of rustling noise. There's an opening
    on the left but don't go in. Stay back and wait, and a PMC will stroll out.
    Wait... something's fishy here. Yes, it is, it's our resistance member! Somehow
    he has gotten PMC threads and now can travel incognito and pass by the other 
    PMCs no sweat. Unfortunately for you, this means if you want to follow him, you
    might have to take some of those PMCs down. You can also tell it's the same
    guy by the same old whistling, and also by looking at him with the Solid Eye
    equipped. You can see the blue color, which means he's not an enemy. Keep that
    in mind.
    Follow him out the alley into the street. Stay there where the alley and road
    meet and look down the hill. Two PMCs are waiting. Our guy can slip through,
    but they will be a problem for us. Try to hit them both with your Mk. 2 from
    afar. Then follow the PMC disguised resistance member around the corner, where
    he will meet up with three other PMCs! Oh boy. Follow them slowly. If you lost
    track of the resistance member, just use the Solid Eye. He's the only one that
    shows up as "blue". One PMC will turn right down an alley. At the next 
    intersection, another will turn left, while the last PMC and our guy will turn
    right. Follow them down the sidewalk for a few moments. The last real PMC will
    turn right. Don't follow our guy though, follow this PMC. He'll duck into a
    small alley. Go ahead and CQC him with the throw down, or just hold him up, or
    whatever. Make sure he's out. Nearby in this alley, you should find the iPod
    song, "On Alert". Nice. Return outside and find our resistance member. Follow
    his trail again.
    He'll have slipped into the alley directly across the street. Follow him in and
    at the corner, you can find a Ration. As you proceed down the adjacent corridor
    with him, Otacon will mention vehicle patrols. You're getting very close to end
    of this part, so don't get caught now by the vehicle patrols. You can hear the
    big jeep coming and see the headlights, so prepare with OctoCamo or just use
    the Drum Can item. 
    As you turn the corner leading to the exit of this alley, you should see the
    first of these vehicle patrols whiz by. Follow the resistance member across the
    street, and he'll stay on the sidewalk for a while. Watch for another patrol
    coming by, so use the Drum Can to hide. After that, keep following our guy. 
    His goal is at the end of this road so don't blow it now. Watch for one more
    patrol at the last intersection. Then down from there, the resistance member
    will slip into an alley. Make sure you're either out of sight or using the
    Drum Can and not moving as he takes one peek around and might spot you. When
    he slips into the alley, he'll ditch the disguise and walk back out. Now he
    goes to the left. Follow him this way, and you'll finish with the commencing of
    a cutscene.
    Some really mind blowing cutscenes will take place. Very mind blowing.
    When it's all over you'll receive the Vz. 83, a small submachine gun. The next
    part is going to be a long motorcycle chase with a lot of enemies and a lot of
    shooting. I highly recommend you ditch the Vz and instead choose something
    else. Your weaponry is limited during this part to submachine guns and pistols,
    but any that you use will have infinite ammo. I personally prefer the P90, you
    know that nifty gun you picked up from the FROGs. I find it's a bit more
    accurate, and it has a better ammo clip. Pick that or some other submachine gun
    from Drebin's shop and let's get started. 
    Right from the get go, you'll be forced to take a detour because of Gekko. You
    can't do much about them during this sequence so just concentrate on the enemy
    soldiers and FROGs. You'll see some down the next street, but if you decide to
    shoot, be careful you don't hit your allies on the motorcycles. Past the plaza
    and up the next street you run into a barricade road block. Time to turn back,
    as a Gekko gets dangerously close. Big Mama will stop and a bunch of PMCs and
    Gekkos will approach. Just aim for the PMCs and gun down as many as you can.
    Aim for the barrels near them to trigger helpful explosions. There are some
    barrels on the left corner of the right-hand street (where the Gekkos are
    coming from), and two sets of barrels on both sides of the archway on the left.
    Big Mama and the convoy will take you through the arch, past more enemies and
    into the next area.
    In the next area, the FROGs will come into play. As you turn the corner to the
    left, a whole bunch will be firing on you. Take some out as a jeep suddenly
    bursts onto the scene. Take out the gunner and then keep your eyes peeled for
    more enemies. After you pass the overhead bridge, a FROG will land on top  of
    the van. Shoot her down and continue on. Big Mama will drive down a riverside
    street, where the pathway is blocked. Turning the other however, and the other
    side will also be blocked off. Shoot all the PMCs, using the barrels on the
    left to assist you. Take out the gunners on top of the jeeps too. Eventually,
    Big Mama will turn around and you'll launch off a ramp in slow-mo over the
    first blockade. Getting a shot off is tough but you might be able to get one or
    two PMCs while you're going through the air in slow-mo. Either way, when you
    stop, take aim at all of them. Use the barrels on the right. Eventually the
    van will burst through and you'll all move on.
    The next few streets will be lined with FROGs. A few will jump on the van so
    always shoot them off. The others will be on the sides, so shoot them when you
    can get a clear shot. Eventually, you'll get onto a bridge and enter the next
    area, but not before a short cutscene.
    B&B Corp member, Raging Raven has joined the party with her flying minions.
    This next section will have you being bombarded from above by them. They're
    easy to destroy though, so use the P90 and gun as many down as you can. They
    are unmanned if you're worried about kill counts, and like Gekko, they give you
    small rewards of Drebin Points. Raging Raven will also show herself so fire on
    her if you can. Big Mama will navigate you down many more streets and these
    things will continue to attack so keep your gun pointed up and your finger on
    the trigger. 
    You'll pass a jeep on the right, but it's not a concern. You'll encounter more
    flying enemies, and then another jeep will appear, but this one will chase you.
    Take out the gunner and let Big Mama take you further down the street. More
    flying enemies show up, including Raven again. From there, you'll turn down
    some more streets and a collision occurs between two jeeps and you barely slip
    through in slow-mo. While you're moving under the jeeps in slow-mo, gun down
    both FROGs ahead. 
    As this chase winds down, you'll find a lot of FROGs. Gun them down and use the
    barrels found conveniently on many street corners to make the task easier. More
    flying enemies will appear, and eventually Big Mama will take a detour down an
    alley. Use the barrels to take out upcoming FROGs, then when you get back onto
    the street, turn around to see more flying enemies, including Raven again. Many
    explosions go off, but eventually, you'll escape under a tunnel. Seems like
    it's safe... for now.
    Eastern Europe - Echo's Beacon
    Two scenes take over. When they're done, you know what you have to do. Time to
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - RAGING RAVEN=============================================[]
    |	This fight is a toughie. Raven has a clear advantage over you because |
    |she has the sky and you only have this tower. She also has a slew of flying  |
    |baddies at her disposal. They will scour the area and crash through the tower|
    |in search of you. If they spot you, Raven will know where you are and find   |
    |you. She's equipped with a powerful grenade launcher, so in a firefight it's |
    |imperative that you get your shots off first and dodge hers at all cost.     |
    |	Her attacks are pretty straightforward. She will just fly around and  |
    |have her drones look for you. When she knows where you are she will typically|
    |fire her grenade launcher. When inside, you only have to worry about damage, |
    |but if you decide to go on the balconies, you run the risk of being thrown   |
    |off the edge by the explosion. As far as I know, you can never be thrown off |
    |instantly; you always have a chance to climb back up. She will also drop some|
    |missiles overhead like a bombing run if you stay outside. Another attack that|
    |you may encounter, is one Otacon will tip you on. You'll hear that beeping   |
    |sound. That means Raven is launching a payload of missiles. The best way to  |
    |deal with this is to just run away from wherever it is you're at, whether it |
    |be inside or outside, just run.                                              |
    |	You have the freedom to go about this fight in several ways. You don't|
    |even have to stick to the same strategy. You can freely change tactics and   |
    |try them all out. It really depends on whether you want  to stay inside      |
    |or go outside. If you stay inside, just hide and wait for her to come inside.|
    |Shoot her with any weapon you want. M4, a machinegun, or better yet, use an  |
    |RPG. She'll fly out and then you can just wait and she'll come back and then |
    |you can just repeat. Getting the first shot will help you reduce the damage  |
    |that you might take from her attacks.                                        |
    |	If you want to go outside though, which is my personal preference, go |
    |up the stairs to the top floor. Out here the strategy will consist of finding|
    |Raven and avoiding her attacks. Typically out here, she will hover in the air|
    |for a few seconds, leaving her wide open. You have a short time to pull out  |
    |something like a sniper rifle and fire it at her. If you take too long, she  |
    |eventually will fire a grenade at you and move away. The key to this is      |
    |trying not to lose track of her, because she likes to move around a lot. For |
    |this reason, some may prefer the indoors tactic, but I don't like to stay    |
    |inside the whole fight since it's too easy. For outdoors, the sniper rifle is|
    |the best weapon in my opinion. Just be fast and react quickly so you can     |
    |avoid her grenades if you have to. Avoid using the Stinger here because it's |
    |pretty much useless and she has no trouble dodging the missiles. Keep the    |
    |Stinger handy though, it will serve its purpose soon.                        |
    |	If you let enough time pass, or if you try to weaken Raven gradually  |
    |with short bursts of fire, followed by some ducking and covering, you may    |
    |notice her start to smoke. Keep attacking and hiding and eventually she will |
    |overheat. She'll drop a stun grenade and then fly off to a rooftop where she |
    |will land and try to cool off. It's easy to find her because several of her  |
    |minions will flock around her. Get a shot on her and you can use a sniper    |
    |rifle, but here is a great time for that Stinger. Fire a missile and it will |
    |do a lot of damage, and not only that, it may very well take out several of  |
    |her minions. If nothing else, it means more DP.                              |
    |	Any of these tactics will work. Just be careful and try not to stand  |
    |still. Also be wary of Raven's drones. They have missiles too, and any time  |
    |she says "Kill him!" they will open fire. Use whatever means you feel are    |
    |best and bring Raven down. Eventually you'll win this fight.                 |
    *NOTE: According to a tip, it is actually possible to be totally thrown off
    the balcony during the fight. I've still never had this happen to me, but I
    guess it is possible. 
    A short scene unfolds. As it turns out, just like before, this fight isn't
    quite done with yet.
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - RAGING BEAUTY============================================[]
    |	This should seem somewhat familiar. Once again, you'll be chased by   |
    |the Beauty form. If she gets close, she'll drain your life. This is the best |
    |time to look for items. Like Laughing Beauty before her, Raging Beauty will  |
    |move faster if you go all the way up to the top floor. Just don't let her get|
    |too close when she moves faster, by stopping her with some bullets. On the   |
    |top floor, you can find a few things in the outer corners. At the top, if you|
    |didn't already get it, is the iPod song, "The Essence of Vince". Grab this as|
    |well as anything else you want. When you're ready, fire at will on Raging    |
    |Beauty. Anything with automatic fire can work much better than a single shot |
    |pistol or the like. Go with what you want and reduce her health to nothing to|
    |be done with it.                                                             |
    After this, a few wild cutscenes will take over for a good while. You'll also
    receive the MGL-140, which is a grenade launcher. Schwing! A few more scenes
    will play for a good while. Grab a snack if you want and watch everything
    unfold. When it's all done with, Act 3 ends. 
      /                                                                 \
    -]| Act 4 Mission Briefing                                          |[-
    The Mk. II is no more. Now you can control the Mk. III. When you can use it,
    put it on full screen and we'll take another look around the Nomad for some
    goodies. Near the chicken's cages, you'll find a Regain and some ammo. If you
    go upstairs, you should find next to Sunny, the iPod song, "Lunar Knights Main
    Theme". Next to the TV, there is a Battery. That does it for this briefing. 
    Watch the rest unfold and we'll get to start what many believe is the best Act
    in the whole game. 
    Before Act IV officially begins, you'll have control for a special segment. I
    won't spoil it so I won't be giving any strategical details, but none are
    really necessary. Just go around, pick up items if you want to, and reach one
    of the access areas and you can move on. Savoring this little moment is good
    too though. When it's done, you earn a new FaceCamo.
    After a scene, Act IV officially begins. 
       _____                       ______________________________________
      (, /  |           /   /     /
        /---|  _ _/_   /___/_    /   TWIN SUNS
     ) /    |_(__(__      /     /                      (act4)
    (_/                  /     /
    Shadow Moses - Snowfield
    Where you begin, the intense blizzard makes it hard to see. Just move to your
    left very slightly and you'll slip into a small valley. As you proceed in, you
    may hear an ominous sound. Yeah, it's a Gekko. As Otacon warned earlier, they
    are in the valley, scouting. The first one is on the pathway ahead of you. If
    you continue on this track and just try to hide, chances are it won't work and
    you'll be in a bit of trouble. Taking down Gekkos isn't exactly hard, but it
    would best to avoid it at all costs. Instead, find the slope on your right and
    go up. Stay low and crawl toward the tree. The Gekko will probably show up and
    start scanning around, but shouldn't find you above it if you stay low. There
    you'll find some ammo.
    Now, watch the Gekko carefully. It may be hard with the tree in your way, but
    wait til it moves farther away. Slip over the ledge now and land there. Now on
    the rock wall just behind you, find a small crawlspace near you. Get inside and
    enter this tunnel. You'll find some Instant Noodles and ammo. Crawl out the
    other end but be cautious here as well, as another Gekko will most likely be
    very close. Stay still and help yourself with that OctoCamo. Just stay near the
    right wall and wait for it to go to the left. Get up and run through the
    passage on your right. 
    Shadow Moses - Heliport
    Very familiar music will pick up, familiar, that is, if you've played MGS1. 
    Anyways, proceed toward the Heliport and you have a lot of things to do here.
    First go to the far left. Near the elevator is a ration, just stick close to
    the fence. An audio flashback will start then, sort of like the one from South
    America from MSG2, but all of these are from MGS1. Go ahead and listen to it
    pan out, and when it's over, you're awarded with 1000 DP. Each audio flashback
    from here on will also award you with the same amount. Not a bad deal at all.
    From there, turn right and approach the helicopter landing platform. There,
    another flashback starts, but more importantly, there's an item on the pad
    there. Yes, more Chaff Grenades! Hopefully you've gotten some of the others up
    to this point as well, because the next few areas are some of the toughest in
    terms of avoiding detection. Not only that, just being spotted makes life a
    living hell for you in these areas. A Chaff Grenade could really help. 
    Anyways, go left from the pad and enter the open room there. A normal flashback
    should start. When it's over, inspect the room to find a Compress. Across from
    that, there is a crawlspace. Get in and crawl to the next room. There's a
    ration on a crate there, and also a pack of Stun Grenades. Grab them, then move
    to the next room via the crawlspace again. You'll find some grenade launcher
    and RPG-7 ammo under the table on the right. Grab it and then exit this area
    through the door.
    Now approach the truck which is situated before the Tank Hangar entrance. Vet
    players will now the significance of the truck in MGS1, but unfortunately the
    backside is sealed. Not to worry. Crawl underneath it and there you will find
    the Mk. 23 pistol! Schwing! This is my favorite pistol hands down simply for
    the retro feel. I don't like the light attachment but luckily you can turn it
    off. You also get another DP bonus for finding this. Nice.
    Ok, now you've got to get in the Tank Hangar. There are three ways to get in.
    MGS1 players know the first two as the ventilation shafts found on the ground
    level to the left, as well as the one on the second floor. Either yield another
    audio flashback which gets you another DP bonus. The other entrance is more
    direct and skips that completely. It's right in front of the truck as Otacon
    tells you, and you can simply slip in through the open hangar door. Not advised
    however. We want to get more items so let's take the top floor one. Find the
    stairs on the right side of the heliport and ascend to the second floor. Then
    find the crawlspace up there and enter. Let me just note that, personally, I
    find this entrance the most annoying out of all of them, so we're doing this
    just to get an extra item. For future playthroughs, you may wish to use the
    bottom-left ventilation shaft. It's up to you. 
    Shadow Moses - Tank Hangar
    Crawl through and you'll get another flashback with more DP. Keep going through
    and you will eventually find the iPod song, "Warhead Storage". This is the only
    reason we took this path. Now, if you want, you can just crawl back out and
    take another path, but for the sake of getting in, we'll just do it this way.
    Drop down and you'll land on the walkway of the second floor of the Tank
    Now, the thing that makes this area and many of the subsequent areas somewhat
    annoying for players, are the Scarabs. You might remember seeing one during a
    cutscene in Act 3. They're miniature Gekkos which means they're nowhere near as
    powerful, but they have very annoying behavior. They'll roll around and stop
    every so often to scan the room, like normal Gekko. If they find you, you're
    super ****ed. These things are the epitome of cavalry. They'll come after you
    wave by wave and it makes it hard to shake the Alert phase, because a half
    assed hiding spot rarely does any good. They literally mob you, coming at you
    in waves of 15 or more at a time so avoiding this is imperative. 
    So your first thoughts may be just take them out and that's all. While this is
    true sometimes, and using a silenced gun will work to dispatch them, for some
    of them, it only compounds the problem. If you kill a Scarab in a certain
    location, it just triggers a ton more to appear out of thin air. It gets really
    annoying and it only increases your chances of being spotted. Sometimes just
    normal stealth tactics are the best but you really need to be careful. 
    Honestly though, getting out of here should be your only goal, and just doing
    that, is not too hard. If you choose to explore for items, it's your choice,
    but the goods aren't that worth it. They include a Ration, in the nearby room,
    a Stun Grenade pack in the other 2nd floor room, and some ammo and a silencer
    for the Mk. 23 in the room on the first floor. Only the silencer/suppressor is
    really worth it, but even then, you can just buy it from Drebin. I would really
    just suggest skipping item hunting here because of how hard it is to stay
    hidden. If you do though, I totally suggest the Chaff Grenades. 
    Anyways, from the walkway you're on now, just drop over the railing to the
    first floor. Just be really careful that there are no Scarabs about to roll by
    when you do so. Quickly duck under the half open doorway into the next room.
    This was previously a laser wired room that would release gas if the lasers
    were tripped. Now, several Scarabs are searching the area from the walls.
    Either hit them all with silenced guns or just drop a Chaff Grenade. If you opt
    to shoot them with a silenced gun, just be forewarned that a huge group of
    Scarabs will come up from behind you in a few moments to check out what
    happened. So move quickly and keep shooting the others to proceed through
    before the Calvary finds you. Proceed through the other door to enter...
    Shadow Moses - Canyon
    If you managed to get here without any alerts (maybe cautions too, I'm not 100%
    sure yet), you'll be treated to another audio flashback. It's worth hearing
    just for the memories, so if you really want to, you can sacrifice a death to
    hear it again. Just die in this area and you'll restart in the Canyon. Move up
    a bit and you can hear it. 
    On the left there is a Ration. If you have infrared on by any chance, you might
    notice two large objects, one closer to you than the other. They're Gekkos, and
    although they appear inactive, get too close and they'll suddenly spring to 
    life! o_O Holy crap! Yeah, be careful. Just run away quick and then hit the 
    ground before they throw their sensors on. You can avoid the first one easily 
    by staying to the right. For the second one, if you choose to get close, just 
    let it walk over to the left and it will do a very easy to memorize patrol 
    pattern. Use that to figure out how to proceed. In the top corner there behind
    the pipes and stuff, you can find another Ration along with some ammo. In fact,
    just about every other item in the Canyon is merely ammo. 
    There is one nice find however. On the far left side behind that pillar wall,
    near where the Gekko goes in its patrol, there is a small crawlspace that is 
    very hard to find without infrared. Go over to that side and crawl in when the 
    Gekko isn't looking. You'll find the iPod song, "Flowing Destiny" inside. Just 
    be warned that this will probably wake up the second Gekko, but it shouldn't be
    a problem because it only patrols the front half of the Canyon. Just watch the 
    second Gekko and move out of there to the large hangar door when it's safe. 
    Crawl under to enter.
    Shadow Moses - Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F
    Another familiar place. Just like old times, you can find a Ration at the end
    of the left walkway. Go down the ramp and up to the next door. Crawl under and
    enter the next room. As Otacon tells you, there's no enemies around so you can
    breathe a sigh of relief. Go ahead and look around for ammo, but nothing that's
    particularly interesting, except a Stinger if you didn't already get one. It's
    inside the truck (thanks to FusionSaint for this).
    Snake's goal is to reach the Snowfield, which MGS1 vets will remember usually 
    called for Snake having to reach it from the bottom of one of the towers 
    following the Hind D fight. This time Otacon suggests using the hangar door in 
    the back behind the truck to use a shortcut. When you go and inspect the door, 
    you'll find it's unfortunately locked. There's no power so you're gonna have to
    take a temporary detour. Go upstairs and approach the elevator. Call it up and 
    get on, then select B2, which is your only other choice. At the bottom, enter 
    the next room.
    Shadow Moses - Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    As Otacon will notify you of, the once electrified floor is not electrified
    anymore. Well... there's really no reason it would be because Snake had to
    knock the electricity out to proceed, and if he hadn't, we wouldn't be here
    right now. 
    Anyways, for starters, turn right immediately from the elevator to enter the
    area with the switchboard and the office before it. Otacon will call on the 
    Codec to reminisce. After that, you can look for items, but there isn't much. 
    The best find is at the far end, where there is a lot of debris. In the corner 
    to the right of all the mess, you can find the iPod song, "Metal Gear 20 Years 
    History (Part 2). Now just go to the debris and crawl under the desk to get back
    into the hallway. From here, cross to the other side. Hm, it's quiet, too quiet.
    Go into the next passage here. This will take you down a hallway with many 
    memories, and an audio flashback will remind you. There's a ration on the right
    in the middle of the hall if you need it. Enter the door at the end for a scene.
    When it's over, you've got to type in the password that Otacon gave you just
    earlier on the 1F via Codec. In case you forgot, it's 48273. You don't need to
    remember though, because you can still proceed without it. Also, there's some
    other numbers you can put in for other effects (see Extras). 
    After the scene is over, you get control and are pointed back to the door.
    Before you leave though, check this room for items. Start by going to the area
    with the big computers, near the locker. You'll find a Ration and a Compress,
    and you should also trigger another audio flashback. Keep looking and you can
    find, besides ammo, a Regain and some Instant Noodles. With all of that in
    hand, leave the room and go back through the hallway into the first corridor.
    Before you even leave the small room to get back into that hall, a Gekko will
    suddenly crash through the ceiling. Oh jeez. Hide immediately behind the wall,
    and the Gekko will walk forward and then turn down the corridor, effectively
    blocking your exit. There's two ways you can go about this. You can take the
    Gekko on directly, using the proper methods as in the Enemies section, going
    first for the legs until it falls, then the neck, then the head, each weak point
    being visible on the Solid Eye. You can expedite this process with heavier
    firepower (Grenade Launcher anyone?). It can be tedious however because you
    will often want to fire at it while it has its back turned, then run away and
    retreat to the safe room leading back to the office. 
    Note that if you do that, don't just stay in the first room, go all the way back
    into the hallway. Reason is the Gekko, after chasing you up to the room, will 
    toss a grenade in so if you just take refuge in the first room, you can still 
    take damage. Also make sure that if you knock it on its head, finish it off! 
    Don't just run by it and try to get to the elevator. I did that once and the 
    Gekko actually crashed through the doorway and killed me. Amazing.
    The other option which is much easier and also safer, is to use the Mk. III. 
    From a safe area, use the Mk. III and guide it across the hallway to the door
    that is blocked off. It's no use to get through there with Snake, but with the
    Mk. III, you'll find it's easy to slip in underneath all the debris. You can
    then pilot it through this area (there's only a Ration laying around if you're
    looking for items) and up to the top right room. There you should see the
    barely functioning control panel. It's the same panel that Snake busted in MGS1
    to deactivate the electric floor. Well, we're gonna reactivate it. Get close to
    it and press Triangle at the prompt. That will destroy the Gekko easily. Don't
    worry after that, the floor will be shut down so it's safe to cross. With that
    taken care of, get back on the elevator and return to the 1F. 
    Shadow Moses - Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F
    Drop to the ground and approach the door. With the power back on it can be
    opened. The bad news is it takes time. Even worse news is that a Gekko somehow
    manages to use an elevator and shows up at the worst possible time. The Gekko
    will eventually spot the Mk. III and if that happens you can't let it be
    destroyed or you're not getting through that door. Again you have a few options
    here. You can either take the Gekko on or just keep luring it around the room.
    You can then do that one of two ways, by just banging on stuff and staying
    hidden (avoiding alerts), or just blatantly letting it see you and running
    away, but that may incur some damage on Snake. 
    It's up to you. Personally, I prefer to take it out, because if you destroy it,
    the door will open immediately. Whereas if you want to run around and let it
    chase you, the door takes a couple minutes to open. Plus you get some DP for
    destroying it. It's also honestly, not all that tough, and just requires a few
    grenades and some assault rifle ammo, probably a healing item or two as well,
    which is nothing if you've been searching for items. Just fire at the legs with
    a few grenades until it goes down, then aim at its neck with the M4 or other
    similar weapon. When the Gekko goes completely helpless, fire at its head and
    that will be that. For an easy method, you can call upon the high powered sniper
    rifle, the M82A2 and it will make mincemeat of the Gekko. Or, if you're trying
    to avoid an alert, you can use the VSS, the silenced rifle. It won't take many
    shots if you hit the weakpoints dead on (thanks to Batman for these last two
    When you have the door open, go ahead and proceed to the next area.
    Shadow Moses - Snowfield & Communications Tower
    This area has some memories too, but unfortunately you won't have much time to
    reminisce. Go down the ramp and on the right of it, you can find two packs of
    Stun Grenades. In a small building to the left, you can find a Ration, some
    Claymores, and other ammo. Now continue on and drop down two ledges for a
    You know what's coming, so let's get to it.
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - CRYING WOLF==============================================[]
    |	This fight differs greatly from all the others. First of all your     |
    |opponent has a huge advantage over you. Call Otacon to know the specifics.   |
    |She can sniff you out, and with the blizzard raging on, you've got no senses |
    |to rely on really. Not only that, this area is the largest of all the boss   |
    |fight areas. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can find to win.        |
    |	Crying Wolf has one primary method of attack, and that is her Rail Gun|
    |which has a sniper function. She tends to try and track your scent, and if   |
    |she has a hard time pinpointing it, she'll wander out in the open and will on|
    |occasion stop to poke her head out and look through the scope. She relies on |
    |the FROGs who roam the snowfield to track you down and when they spot you,   |
    |Wolf will attack. Besides this however, she also drops grenades. Also, while |
    |tracking you, if you see the camera shifting to her point of view, this means|
    |she has a beat on Snake's location. Eventually she'll come running and pounce|
    |on Snake. She may also go crazy and run around wildly. Avoiding these attacks|
    |is not too hard for the most part.                                           |
    |	Now you have a few different ways you can go about this. Every single |
    |strategy calls for taking out the FROGs however. It's much easier this way.  |
    |Most of them don't respawn, but some do and Wolf also calls in more after a  |
    |certain time, but for a while you can take advantage of the battlefield more |
    |by taking the FROGs out of the picture. Use the snow and OctoCamo and keep in|
    |mind that the Solid Eye can be detected by them so be careful. Take them out |
    |and try to find Crying Wolf. If you listened to Otacon, the important thing  |
    |is to stay downwind. Look at the radar without the Solid Eye on, and you can |
    |see the wind direction arrow. Basically, stay in the direction opposite of   |
    |the arrow to avoid being found.                                              |
    |	The best way to find Wolf is to stay downwind and to use two main     |
    |tools, the Solid Eye (Infrared) and a sniper rifle. A sniper rifle will let  |
    |you take out the FROGs without getting too close, and the Solid Eye gives you|
    |some vision in the blizzard. The blizzard will shift in intensity all        |
    |throughout the fight, getting so bad that you won't be able to see anything  |
    |at all. Use the Solid Eye, and look for Wolf, who can be seen easily by the  |
    |cables on her body and if she's sniping, her head which will be lit up on IR.|
    |You can also see the blue marking next to her life bar. Stay low and get     |
    |closer and you have some options. The best one is to snipe her exposed head  |
    |when she's scoping the area with her Rail Gun. You can usually get two shots,|
    |depending on what rifle you're using. If you prefer however, you can get     |
    |closer and try the MGL-140. You can get two shots with the MGL, but the      |
    |damage is not as great as the sniping option.                                |
    |	If you choose to find her, be very careful of any incorrect actions   |
    |that might begin the "hunting" sequence which is from Wolf's point of view.  |
    |Typically she'll have an easier time finding you if you're not downwind or   |
    |if you are not staying camouflaged or give yourself away by shooting at a    |
    |FROG or something. If the hunting sequence starts, try to find cover if you  |
    |can. If she runs up and pounces, try to get away. If she knocks you down, get|
    |the MGL-140 out and shoot at her from your backside to avoid another attack. |
    |	After the first encounter, you can track her much easier with the IR  |
    |of the Solid Eye. Follow her very distinguishable footprints but stay low    |
    |when you can. This will let you find her faster. Besides this however, you   |
    |can also get onto the tower and snipe or launch grenades from up there, just |
    |watch out for the FROGs who respawn and might hear your Solid Eye.           |
    |	Finally, the safest, albeit slower strategy is to use the truck near  |
    |the start as your haven. Crawl under and snipe the FROGs, then wait for Wolf |
    |to appear. She usually either prowls around and then pokes her head out to   |
    |look out her Rail Gun scope, or she'll come up to the truck and go nuts when |
    |she finds you, dropping two grenades and running away. The grenades won't do |
    |much to you under there. More importantly, Wolf will usually flee to the side|
    |of the tower and expose her head. Get a shot, and if you have to, crawl out a|
    |bit to clear your view. This gives you a great vantage to headshot her. Then |
    |you can just crawl back under and repeat the process. The radar will tell you|
    |where she's coming from sometimes when she howls. Use the Solid Eye and just |
    |wait patiently.                                                              |
    |	There is a way to speed this process up however. The cables on Wolf's |
    |body can be seen on infrared. Shoot these cables to make something explode.  |
    |It will not only damage Crying Wolf, but it will also make her run about and |
    |then try to snipe you, revealing her head again, giving you a chance to shoot|
    |her. Take these chances and any others you have, and this will eventually    |
    |silence Crying Wolf.                                                         |
    Another scene starts up, and at this point, it shouldn't seem out of the
    ordinary what happens. After it's over, you've got one last fight.
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - CRYING BEAUTY============================================[]
    |	Nothing new, right? Again, this is the time to go item hunting if you |
    |want. The area is huge though, be cautious with Crying Beauty. Like the rest,|
    |she will move much faster if you distance yourself from her too much. On that|
    |note, if you go item hunting, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have Infrared on  |
    |so you can see her coming easier through the blizzard. When you're ready,    |
    |just pop her a few times and then eventually the fight will end.             |
    For winning, you're rewarded with the Rail Gun. Wow, that's a big Schwing! o_O.
    A scene will take over and when it's done, you can continue searching if you
    wish. There are a few neat things to check out in particular. From where you are
    immediately following the scene, turn around and move toward the tower. An audio
    flashback from MGS1 will play, and it's a memorable one. Now go left and around
    the tower to the second tower. Take the stairs up and turn around at the top to
    go down the walkway just a little to trigger another one, this one from the boss
    fight against Liquid's Hind D. Also, don't forget to search on the other tower
    for the XM28, a grenade launcher. From here, go down to the trench that is to
    the left (or right depending on your perspective) of the truck. It's that big
    trench that's surrounding by fences. Go through here and you'll get another
    famous audio flashback from prior to the first Sniper Wolf fight, the one
    where Meryl was ambushed. 
    That's not all however. Return to the doorway that Otacon opened. To the right 
    is a small passage. Check the map, it's a small cutout path separate from the 
    rest of the area. Go down here to find the remains of the Hind D that Liquid 
    piloted and Snake took down in MGS1. Getting near it triggers an audio flashback
    relevant to that time. And how funny, near the wreckage you can find Stinger 
    ammo. Ha. Grab it and other nearby items and then return to the doorway that 
    Otacon opened. As soon as you enter, turn to your right. There you'll find the 
    iPod song, "The Best Is Yet To Come". Sweet! After that, proceed in and you'll
    have a quick, albeit funny Codec conversation with Otacon. Go down the stairs
    after that, into the next area.
    Shadow Moses - Blast Furnace
    If you hated the Tank Hangar, you'll hate this place too. It's covered by a lot
    of Scarabs. Kill one and the place will be swarmed by them. A Chaff Grenade
    solves all problems, and even if you only picked up one set, you should still
    have one left hopefully if you used one before. Luckily, you can get through
    here without one, if you go straight to the exit. 
    Your objective is to get through here to find the chamber where REX is. MGS1
    fans will know where it is from the Blast Furnace, and may head to the top
    right corner. Otacon will tell you this door is locked though when you get
    there. Instead, the right door is to the top left, and it's much easier to go
    to that one from the get go, rather than going to the first one, considering
    you have to avoid the Scarabs. 
    So to get out of here easily, go across the walkway and hug the wall. On the
    left is a Ration if you need one. Go to the right and hug the wall to slip
    across the narrow ledge. If you slip and grab the ledge, just shimmy over to
    the other walkway and you can climb over the railing with Triangle. Go across
    this walkway and then halfway to the wall, hang over the railing and drop down
    to the floor below. Watch out for the Scarab on the wall above that's scanning
    the area. Slip by and around the corner to find the elevator. Go through and
    you're done. Easy right? Yeah....
    Shadow Moses - Casting Facility South
    In the elevator, you'll experience more audio flashbacks. When the elevator
    reaches its destination, the door opposite the one you entered will open. When
    it does, you will probably see a scary sight. Yes, this area is inhabited by
    Gekko. Scarabs too. You now have a very efficient weapon for killing Gekko
    however. The Rail Gun. By holding L1 with the Rail Gun equipped, you can charge
    the shot to 3 levels. The 3rd level is a one hit kill on a Gekko. You can see
    the charge if you use the scope. So, if you don't wanna be as stealthy, or just
    want to make things easier and earn some extra DP, try hitting the Gekko from
    afar with the Rail Gun. You only have one Gekko in this room so take it out and
    scour the place for ammo. You can proceed to the next room from the left or
    right. I prefer the right. 
    Shadow Moses - Casting Facility North
    There are three Gekko in here, and if you came in from the right, the first one
    is easily visible. Strangely enough, it's hanging from the ceiling in the
    distance. Gun it down with a fully charged shot from the Rail Gun to its head.
    The others usually come snooping around and wind up in your sights too, making
    them easy picking. As for the Scarabs, they roll around and a few are on the
    walls scanning. The great part is they don't respawn or call in a million
    friends like the others. Hallelujah! Take them out and then the others on the
    other side if you want, then look around for items, although there's not much.
    On the conveyer belt you can find Javelin ammo though. 
    When you're ready to proceed, head toward the door at the top right which should
    be right in front of you if you took the right door earlier. Before leaving, you
    can see a big container with a cloth draped over it, to the right of you. Go
    around it to the other side to find the iPod song, "Yell (Dead Cell)". For some
    reason, I always think of Papa Roach's song, "Dead Cell" when I see that name.
    Weird. Anyway, go ahead and proceed through the door, jump down the ledge and
    enter the next area.
    Shadow Moses - Underground Base
    Head down the corridor and you'll find a crawlspace. It will lead you,
    amazingly enough, to the area just after the Warehouse from MGS1. In fact, if
    you get close to the door on the right, it will trigger a relevant audio
    flashback. On your left are two trapdoors and a lone Scarab. Do not, and I
    repeat, do not kill this little guy. If you do, about a dozen of his friends
    will show up. Getting through here is no problem though.
    Wait for the Scarab to move to the right. Go ahead and move up but stay behind
    the corner. Wait for the Scarab to hop up the stairs. Again you can move up,
    but the Scarab will turn around and use its search beam so if you move up to
    the walkway, stay low. When it's done it will move to the end of the walkway,
    hop up some more stairs and turn to the left. Wait for the Scarab to use its
    search beam again and run across the walkway and then turn right and head up
    the stairs. Here you'll find some ammo for the Stinger and RPG-7, as well as
    some Instant Noodles. More importantly, you can wait for the rolling Scarab to
    move back down the walkway. Before he does, he goes toward the stairs you went
    up and sits there. When he moves, he'll return to the starting area, so that's
    your chance to go back down and enter the door. Just watch the search beam of
    the Scarab on the wall there. Just wait for a chance to move, or shoot it down.
    Shooting it will summon a horde of Scarabs from the trap door, but since you're
    at the exit, that won't matter at this point. Proceed through to the next area.
    Shadow Moses - Underground Supply Tunnel
    A few scenes. Finally. We've found REX. Otacon will attempt to get it up and 
    running again, but then company shows up. Time for a fight. 
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - VAMP=====================================================[]
    |	The fight against Vamp is slightly similar to the first time you faced|
    |him (if you did) in MGS2. He still has keen acrobatic skill, jumping around  |
    |and showing off fancy footwork. He will still throw knives. Luckily that move|
    |where he could hold you in place by throwing a knife at your shadow hasn't   |
    |returned. Vamp will for the most part jump around the place like a kangaroo, |
    |then eventually come running at you and attack. This attack, and nearly most |
    |of his knives can be dodged easily. Since you'll be undoubtedly aiming at    |
    |him, you can use Snake's roll move to dodge most of his attacks in the nick  |
    |of time. Use the roll when he gets close to you.                             |
    |	Any weapon with automatic fire is good here. Vamp takes a lot of hits.|
    |Even headshots with sniper rifles won't do a whole lot of damage and he's not|
    |very susceptible to grenades. An assault rifle or machine gun is the best way|
    |to go. Note however, that you can knock him down with a sniper rifle shot.   |
    |Otherwise, just keep shooting him as he slowly loses life and avoid his      |
    |attacks. Also keep the radar on, in case you lose track of him behind debris.|
    |Also beware of a combo he might do with his knives, throwing many in a row.  |
    |	Bring his health down and you'll eventually win. Wait... oh, **** me  |
    |o_O. Vamp gets right back up and regenerates his health completely. Keep     |
    |fighting and you'll be able to bring his health down to nothing with just a  |
    |few rounds of any weapon. However, still, he will regenerate. You can easily |
    |figure it out if you just keep killing him and if you wanna learn the hint   |
    |without being told it directly, just do this. Use the area to your advantage |
    |and hide from Vamp. He'll say "Where are you?" and "Vanished." Try to find   |
    |him with your sniper rifle without giving away your position. When searching |
    |for you, he moves very slowly so getting a headshot is easy, and that's all  |
    |it takes to bring his health down. Again, this is just an easy way to kill   |
    |him quickly, to expedite the hint being revealed to you. If you want to know |
    |right now, just read the next paragraph.                                     |
    |	Vamp will hint it to you, "As long as these nanomachines run through  |
    |my veins...". If you're playing on a lower difficulty, Otacon will just spoon|
    |feed it to you. It's the syringe. You need the syringe to suppress Vamp's    |
    |nanomachines, which removes his rapid healing ability. Using it is not easy  |
    |though. Equip the Syringe and grab him with CQC, but be careful of his fast  |
    |melee moves. Grab him and then press Triangle to finish this fight.          |
    A scene plays. The Suicide Gekko show up and now you've got to deal with them.
    Use the Rail Gun and wipe them out. They come from the shafts on the walls and
    from the ceiling. Just used fully charged Rail Gun shots and take them out from
    the distance with the scope. Always sweep the room from left to right and take
    out any you see. If they get close to you, they'll activate their detonation
    sequences, and if that succeeds, you're done for. Stop them before that
    happens. If you run out of Rail Gun ammo, purchase more from Drebin. Keep
    firing until the battle on the right ends.
    After a scene, REX is up and running again. It's time to escape this place
    before it's too late. A new sequence begins, and boy is it a doozy. 
    You'll be piloting Metal Gear REX and you've got to escape through the tunnel.
    The timer at the top counts down so you've got to escape before that. It's not
    hard as long as you don't stand still for prolonged periods of time too much.
    The tunnel is guarded by hordes of Gekkos. REX's firepower is able to rip them
    apart, and you can read the controls in the Briefing. REX has three armaments,
    the vulcan guns, the laser, and the anti-tank missiles. The two you'll want to
    use for this sequence are the vulcan guns and the AT missiles. The laser is
    helpful but it's firing time is short and it takes a while to charge to full
    power. The vulcan gun however can easily dispatch these Gekko. Use the AT
    missiles to try and clear a large crowd.
    Continue down the tunnel and always watch out for Gekko. Try not to leave any
    alive but also try not to stand around too long. If you pass the Gekko without
    killing them, you'll lose health quicker. Always check the platforms on the
    sides of the rooms for other Gekko and shoot them down with the vulcans. If
    you keep the vulcans firing too long, they'll overheat, forcing you to wait a
    few seconds, so it's best to fire in bursts. If you spam the AT missiles, they
    need to reload too.
    When you get far enough or take enough damage, Raiden will jump out and cover
    you. Start moving more a little quicker and continue to blast away the Gekko.
    It shouldn't pose too much of a threat but watch the damage and don't just rush
    through them. Eventually you'll escape.
    Shadow Moses - Port Area
    A cutscene takes over. When it's done, you've got yet another boss fight to
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - METAL GEAR RAY===========================================[]
    |	This is a fun fight. RAY was originally designed to obliterate REX and|
    |other Metal Gear brethren but REX holds an advantage in this fight. RAY holds|
    |similar attacks to REX: a machine gun, missiles, and its own laser, called   |
    |the Water Cutter. Liquid only attacks with RAY when you let him, so if you   |
    |can keep attacking him, you effectively limit more than half of his attacks. |
    |	RAY will use the area to its advantage, hiding behind the various     |
    |structures. Always keep track of it and keep firing your vulcans or use the  |
    |AT missiles. This is also a great time to try and fully charge the Laser. It |
    |can deal a nice piece of damage to RAY. You also have at your disposal, some |
    |special attacks unleashed by using Triangle in certain situations. The first |
    |is when you get close to Ray, either when in close quarters as it tries to   |
    |ram you, or when you've stunned it. When RAY tries to ram you, it will also  |
    |attempt to use its own special attack. If you fail to press Triangle at the  |
    |correct moment, you'll sustain damage. Get it right, and REX will grab RAY   |
    |with its beak and fire the Laser. You can also do it by stunning RAY and     |
    |getting close. Stun RAY with some vulcan rounds, and get closer by using X to|
    |dash.                                                                        |
    |	RAY will jump on the warehouse sometimes, as well as dive into the    |
    |water. If it does the latter, it always resurfaces in the same place. RAY's  |
    |missiles are easily defeated by using your vulcans to shoot them down. Keep  |
    |attacking and you can easily reduce the amount of damage you'll take, while  |
    |depleting RAY's.                                                             |
    |	You can also perform a few more special attacks, one by bringing RAY  |
    |down completely, which is more than a stun. Do this by hitting it with a     |
    |barrage of AT missiles, or use a heavily charged Laser attack. RAY falls down|
    |and if you get close and press Triangle fast enough, REX jumps on its back   |
    |and sweeps the Laser on it.                                                  |
    |	When you bring RAY's health down, Liquid will become more aggressive. |
    |He'll come after you directly and try to ram you. Keep him at bay with your  |
    |weapons. You can also fight fire with fire by trying to ram him with X. This |
    |also lets you do another special attack. Follow up the ramming attack with   |
    |Triangle to unleash a nice missile attack. An alternate strategy is to just  |
    |spamming X and keep tackling. It might work.                                 |
    |	Keep Liquid at bay and unleash hell to win this fight.                |
    Three scenes will play. After they're all over, you can give a fond farewell to
    Act 4. 
    There's a briefing for Act 5, and you can control the Mk. III, but in a very
    limited scale. You can only move its head which moves the projection, so there
    is not much point. After that, Act 5 begins.
       _____             ___      _______________________________________
      (, /  |           /        /
        /---|  _ _/_   /__      /   OLD SUN
     ) /    |_(__(__  ____)    /                    (act5)
    (_/                       /
    After the scene, you'll begin the last chapter of this amazing game. You start
    off at...
    Outer Haven - Ship Bow
    Before actually beginning, I'd like to note that during this Act, and only
    this Act, Drebin's prices in his shop are totally slashed. Half off everything!
    Wow. This makes some pickups extremely affordable. If you've not been spending
    much and buying a lot of new weapons (I only bought about 3-4 throughout this
    entire run), now is the time to spend that hard earned DP. Unfortunately, you
    can't stack this bonus together with the 20% off on Wednesday/Sunday bonus.
    Oh well. If you do decide to buy, I recommend the Mosin Nagant as one of your
    purchases. It will be very useful on your No Kill/Alert playthrough.
    This area consists of FROGs and Gekkos. Getting by here without an alert is
    basically the only way to get through it at all. The Alert phase is extremely
    hard to lift once you've been spotted. My friend once complained that it was
    nearly impossible to accomplish this, when in fact, it's rather easy. 
    The first thing you need is the Mk. 2. Ironically enough, it's the most
    effective weapon here. Anything else threatens to give your position away. With
    the Mk. 2 you can put down all the FROGs with ease. 
    When you start, move to your left and lay down, letting OctoCamo take over. You
    will see two FROGs show up in front of you. Take aim at their heads with the
    Mk. 2 and tranquilize them both. Get up and move past their bodies, then lay
    low again. Crawl forward a bit and two more FROGs will appear at the end of the
    path. Either tranquilize them both or let them pass, but be careful if you let
    them go, not to get spotted by one of them up ahead. Move up and past the two
    crates, there will be two more FROGs, one nearby. Take her down and the other
    should hopefully notice and come over to check. Get her as well and now you can
    move up. Continue to favor the left wall.
    Up ahead, you may see another FROG. Tranquilize her if you can, otherwise let
    her go around the big pillar. Don't follow her because in that main area is
    where the Gekkos are and you'll probably see one. Stay to the left near all the
    crates and pillars. Eventually you should see a really big pillar and a stack
    of two crates near it. There's a space created between them that you can just
    slip through by hugging the pillar with Triangle. Go through this way, then on
    the other side, get low again and crawl forward, staying left and avoiding the
    sights of the Gekko. Move up and you will eventually see two more FROGs appear.
    Continue to stay low and shoot them both from afar with the Mk. 2. Now move to
    the area right behind where they were and turn right. Make sure you're as far
    back as you can get before you turn. 
    Here you'll see another Gekko drop in. Just stay still and wait. Eventually the
    blasts from the Missouri will destroy it. Now's your chance. Move up and stick
    to the left, using the crates to help you avoid detection from the other Gekko.
    Just let the other Gekko turn around and go the other way and then approach the
    door there. Tap Triangle repeatedly to open it, then head inside. You'll find a
    Ration with some ammo. Grab the stuff then enter the elevator. Another audio
    flashback takes place, but it's a recent one, not from other games. When it's
    over, enter the next room and grab the ammo on the left and right. Head through
    the next door for a scene.
    Outer Haven - Command Center
    This next part is kind of annoying. The FROGs can be real bitches here. Use the
    computer desk areas as cover and find the FROGs in the surrounding areas and
    kill them all. The M4 or other assault rifle is good, but you may want to use a
    machinegun for the extra ammo, to reduce reload time. The MGL-140 and a sniper
    rifle also help. Take them all out and if you're getting shot at too much, you
    might have a FROG sneaking up on you. 
    When you clear the first wave, use a healing item if necessary. The next wave
    will come out from above you on that walkway. I like the sniper rifle here so
    use the DSR-1, SVD, or whatever. Snipe them all easily. Some may drop down to
    the ground and so take them out with the rifle or switch back to your other
    weapons. Watch out for the FROGs grenades as well.
    Take out the last wave and the true fight begins after a cutscene.
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - SCREAMING MANTIS=========================================[]
    |	Mantis is also different than the other members of the B&B Corps. She |
    |doesn't really do much fighting on her own, and instead controls others to do|
    |the fighting, using her puppet dolls. At the start of the fight, she'll have |
    |control over Meryl (seem familiar?) and the dead FROGs. You need to shoot    |
    |Meryl with the Mk. 2, but you can't for some reason. You also can't aim at   |
    |Mantis either. The solution may not seem very clear, but it's an easy one.   |
    |Select the syringe and use it from the Item menu by holding L2. This will    |
    |free Snake from Mantis' control, allowing you to finally shoot things.       |
    |	Now your goal is to defeat Mantis, but you can't do it by shooting her|
    |directly. Instead you have to aim for one of her dolls. At the same time you |
    |have to protect Meryl and Akiba. If either of them die, you'll lose. It's not|
    |hard though. Just use the Mk. 2 to put Meryl down every time Mantis controls |
    |her. As for Akiba, he's out cold the whole fight, and the only way he dies is|
    |if you damage him. Aside from shooting him intentionally (why would you do   |
    |that?), avoid using grenades and the like near his body.                     |
    |	Mantis' only attack is kinda cool actually. She'll disappear and then |
    |reappear a few times and get close to you, then attack quickly. Just move to |
    |avoid it. She'll also have Meryl and the FROGs shoot you. The FROGs can be   |
    |tough to deal with if they all shoot at you, so take some down or use cover. |
    |	As for Mantis, take aim at the doll on the left, aka, the one dangling|
    |from her right arm. It's a Psycho Mantis doll and it glows orange. The other |
    |is doll of The Sorrow, but it's useless in helping you defeat her. Just shoot|
    |at the orange doll. Mantis will fly away and then attack or use her minions  |
    |to attack. Keep shooting the doll and its strings will snap one by one. Keep |
    |an eye on your health, especially if the puppet FROGs gang up on you. Also   |
    |keep Meryl sedated. Eventually Mantis will pull a very familiar trick and try|
    |to make Meryl shoot herself. Just tranquilize her quick and then go back to  |
    |Mantis. Just be careful when aiming at her doll, Mantis may try and use the  |
    |bodies, including Meryl's to block your shot. Shoot when safe until it drops.|
    | 	Find the doll and grab it. It will now be a permanent addition to your|
    |weapons. If you want, do the same thing and make her drop The Sorrow doll. It|
    |can't be used to win this fight, but you can still use it in the future so   |
    |shoot it down if you want. Either way, we're gonna use the Psycho Mantis doll|
    |now. Equip it immediately and aim it at Screaming Mantis. Fire and if you can|
    |connect, you'll be able to control her. Now use the six-axis by holding L1   |
    |and tilting the controller toward you a few times. Do this until Mantis loses|
    |all of her health, and that ends the fight handily.                          |
    Screaming Mantis sheds her armor. You should know what's coming by now. Get
    ready for the last fight with the Beauties.                      
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - SCREAMING BEAUTY=========================================[]
    |	Nothing new here either. Just avoid her as usual and keep firing with |
    |whatever you got. Automatics are, again, a sound choice since they can hit   |
    |repeatedly. Meryl and Akiba are conspicuously absent so you don't have to    |
    |worry about them. Just focus on the Beauty and take her down.                |
    Man, her scream is lame. Anyways, watch the scene and after it's done, you'll
    be in for a treat.
    A few more scenes will play. When it's over you'll be in...
    Outer Haven - Missile Hangar
    You'll pass through 5 rooms, each with a long walkway. As you move through each
    one, a recent audio flashback will play. At the 5th room, Snake will move
    automatically to the door, then a cutscene will start.
    When it ends, Snake will be in the 6th room, but now he won't be alone. Scarabs
    are here and they want to play. In fact, the next are filled with these guys.
    Not only that, they respawn endlessly. Sounds annoying, I know, but it can turn
    into a profit for you. 
    You can comb the first corridors and just keep killing the Scarabs (more on 
    this in Extras) and sweeping the walkways continually. The kills against the
    Scarabs get you unmanned kill bonuses, and their drops will also give DP. 
    Honestly, I would expect a lot of people to avoid this the first time through.
    Most players would probably be more fixated on finishing the game. Keep this in
    mind though. If you're just looking to break through, clear the path ahead of
    Snake of Scarabs, using a machinegun or something like the MGL-140. The Rail Gun
    can also help, and apparently the electric field generated by the Rail Gun, can
    give Snake a temporary shield (thanks to EW for this). Alternative, a Chaff
    Grenade or two solves all problems and lets you effortlessly run by. 
    You don't have to use weapons though. Just run forward and execute a roll when 
    you get near the Scarabs, and Snake will easily get over them and also avoid 
    damage. You can just keep rolling and never take any damage at all. I will 
    admit though that this trick seems easier to do on lower difficulties. Instead,
    you can use the trusty old Drum Can (thanks to gsp), and you will be able to 
    get past them easily by using it to roll. 
    After a scene (and a good one at that), you'll enter the Microwave corridor. Be
    sure you're fully prepared because you can't pause in the middle of this part.
    When it begins, you can move Snake forward with the left stick. There's three
    corridors until the door and it seems like it won't be too hard at first, but
    before the end of the first one, Snake will get zapped, then again when he
    passes into the second corridor. This will put him on his knees and force you,
    the player, to mash Triangle the rest of the way. While crawling, avoid the 
    prods on the sides of the corridors at all costs, because if you get too close
    they can indeed kill you. Just keep straight as you can and continue to pound
    that Triangle button.
    Meanwhile, you can see all the action going on in the screen above, as all the
    members of your team struggle just to stay alive. It's getting scary for all of
    them. Keep moving forward, and you'll have to keep that Triangle button going.
    If your hand or finger gets tired, switch to the other one, if only for a few
    seconds to give your main tapping hand rest. Just keep going and you should be
    able to make it through. 
    Another dramatic scene takes over, followed by some others. Snake will be
    laying on his back on Outer Haven as Otacon goes to seek a medic. That's when a
    familiar face shows up. Another intense scene begins.
    After a while, you'll gain control. Now it's time for the final showdown!
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - LIQUID===================================================[]
    |	This is a pure, no holds barred fist fight. All you've got to aid you |
    |here are your two fists. Liquid will unleash a quick combo, and a kick move. |
    |He will also use a running head butt, much like Liquid would in MGS1. You can|
    |often prevent this attack by keeping him peppered with your own attacks.     |
    |	Use R1 to unleash a quick combo. L1 will be your block button. Use X  |
    |plus the Left Analog Stick to dodge/dash in a direction. You can use this to |
    |get closer to Liquid, or to just dodge his attacks. You can also follow up   |
    |the dash by pressing R1 right after, to unleash Snake's gut punch. Last, but |
    |certainly not least, you have Snake's trusty CQC moves. Hold R1 when you're  |
    |near Liquid to use a grapple move with CQC.                                  |
    |	The important thing is to vary your attacks with the blocking button. |
    |If you can dish out more damage and then block Liquid's attacks, you'll be   |
    |off to a good start. If Liquid knocks you down, press Triangle to get up the |
    |first time. If you get knocked down after that, you can get up faster, and   |
    |Liquid will often use a taunt. If you can, you might be able to get up, dash,|
    |and gut punch him before he can react. Use these and other tactics to deplete|
    |Liquid's health. When it gets to about half, something will change.          |
    |=====PHASE TWO - LIQUID OCELOT===============================================|
    |	For the most part, his moves will not have changed a terrible amount. |
    |His head butt however is changed to a windup punch that actually hurts a lot.|
    |Avoid it when you can by using dodge and just not being too close to begin   |
    |with. He advertises it well but it's still not that easy to dodge sometimes. |
    |If you can't dodge, just block it. Blocking it will at the least, reduce the |
    |damage inflicted by the attack.                                              |
    |	Keep attacking and blocking. Dodging his windup punch is critical. Too|
    |many hits from that can easily turn this fight sour. Any time you manage to  |
    |dodge it, counter with a gut punch, then follow that up with a combo of R1.  |
    |Continue attacking, and after his health is a little more than halfway gone, |
    |yet another change will occur.                                               |
    |=====PHASE THREE - OCELOT====================================================|
    |	This is Ocelot as he was in MGS3. He knows CQC well after picking it  |
    |up from Big Boss. Close encounters with him now will usually wind up in a    |
    |grapple from Ocelot. You can still perform your combo attacks, but CQC grabs |
    |will start to dominate this part of the fight now.                           |
    |	If Ocelot grabs you and starts to choke you, toggle the Left Analog   |
    |Stick as prompted to break free. Follow it with Triangle to knock him down.  |
    |When Ocelot is on the ground after this, quickly press R1 when prompted to   |
    |deliver a punch to him. Don't miss that chance. He may also grab you and a   |
    |Triangle prompt will appear first. Press it to knock him away.               |
    |	You're not defenseless in this CQC brawl though. Strike back with some|
    |CQC of your own (remember to hold R1). There's a few kinds and the prompts   |
    |will differ depending on which one occurs. My personal favorite is when Snake|
    |grapples him and the Triangle prompt appears, which will let you get Ocelot  |
    |on the ground. You can begin hitting R1 repeatedly to punch him many times   |
    |until a Triangle prompt appears again. Hitting Triangle there does a very    |
    |nice attack, to which Ocelot replies, "Splendid, brother!" Another is to try |
    |a grapple when you're standing near one of the three pillars on the top of   |
    |the ship. Hold R1 when you're near these and you get a different grapple.    |
    |Keep using these moves and hit the appropriate prompts when attacking or     |
    |being attacked. The fight eventually shifts into its final phase.            |
    |=====PHASE FOUR - OCELOT=====================================================|
    |	The CQC is gone. In fact, just about every mechanic of this fight has |
    |been abandoned, sans movement and punching. Stagger forward and get near     |
    |Ocelot. Press R1 and it will start a rather cinematic punch attack. When the |
    |action pauses again, stay close and deliver another punch. Ocelot will also  |
    |attack you in the same manner if you let him, so don't let him get too many  |
    |hits in.                                                                     |
    |	It will only take a few of these dramatic punches to bring Ocelot     |
    |down. Continue the attacks and eventually, the fight will end.               |
    Watch the following scenes. A lot of things will happen and the last few scenes
    will easily drain close to an hour out of your life, but damn if it isn't some
    gripping stuff! After that, the credits roll. Congrats, you've beaten the game!
       /  Big Boss Emblem Walkthrough    (bbew)  \
    --/                                           \-----------------------------
    There's not much to say. I know why you're here. You want to take on the
    toughest challenge that Metal Gear Solid 4 has to offer. The Big Boss Emblem is
    no easy feat to achieve. With this guide, I will hope to provide some tips and
    knowledge that will help folks get through this quicker, easier, and most
    importantly, with less frustration. I'll just say now, that this guide might not
    be perfect in its first iteration, because there are definitely quicker ways to
    do many parts, and in a quest like this, where every second counts, even a
    simple change that saves 10 seconds is big. I'll be looking to improve it when
    I can but for now, the guide will suffice in getting you through and meeting all
    the requirements. 
    The Requirements
    All of the following criteria must be met in order to nab that Big Boss Emblem
    at the end of the game. There are as follows:
    -Game must be completed on The Boss Extreme difficulty
    -Game must be completed in under 5 hours
    -There can be no kills earned
    -There can be no alerts earned
    -No healing items must be used
    -You cannot use a continue
    -You cannot use Special items (Bandanna, Stealth)
    Yeah, it's a tall order, but we can do it. The biggest concerns are the alerts
    and the time limit. 5 hours may sound like a lot of time, and it is, but you
    always want to practice getting through areas faster than you can. If something
    happens and you need to spend an extra 10-15 seconds in an area than you might
    normally have had to, ok, no big deal. You'll have the leeway to expend these
    small intervals, but do not make it a habit because all of it will add up in the
    end and it could hurt you. 
    Before You Begin
    There are a few things you can do to prepare first, and it would be in your best
    interest to do so. First and foremost, you need to have The Boss Extreme
    difficulty unlocked. Kinda hard to do this without it. Simply put, just beat the
    game on any other difficulty to unlock it. Outside of that however, you should
    come in with the Middle Eastern Rebel Disguise, a FaceCamo that isn't one of
    Snake's faces, and Chaff Grenades. I put these as prerequisites. Another is 
    optional, but still highly recommended. That is the Solar Gun. I'll go over how 
    to get them all next. 
    Middle Eastern Rebel Disguise
    -Where Found: Act 1 - Militia Safehouse
    -Location: After the room where the two rebels are inspecting the damaged wing
    of the flying enemy. Go down the hall and enter the right corridor to find a
    room with a bunch of lockers and an RPG-7 lying on the ground. The disguise is
    in one of the lockers. 
    -Where Found: Act 1, 2, 3, 4 Mission Briefings, other, etc
    -Location: It's up to you how you want to do this. Head to the FaceCamo (fccm)
    section under Unlockables for more details. Having a FaceCamo that isn't one of
    Snake's faces will help you in Act 3. 
    Chaff Grenades
    -Where Found: Acts 2, 3, and 4
    -Location: Confinement Facility (Act 2), Marketplace (Act 2), Midtown Central
    Sector (Act 3), Heliport (Act 4). In the Confinement Facility, it's in a small 
    closet in the main facility. At the Marketplace, you can find them in the very 
    last stall on the left, before the exit (guarded by a Gekko). In the sewers of
    Midtown Central Sector, find a ladder leading up, and they will be in the corner
    near there. At the Heliport, they're found on the helipad. Collect as many of
    these beforehand as you can. The only ones you can really get without going out
    of your way (and thus using up more time) during the BBE are the ones in the
    Marketplace and the ones on the Heliport. Try to have 6 Chaff Grenades at the
    very least before you start. 
    Solar Gun
    -How to Obtain: To get the Solar Gun, you need to beat the game having all five
    of the boss Statues. What are those you ask? Well, in short, you can find them
    after you have defeated the FROGs in Act 1 and each of the B&B Corps' Beast
    forms by non-lethal means. This means blue weapons. After that, you can find the
    statue laying around in the immediate area. For the B&B Corps, it's important to
    note that with the exception of Crying Wolf, you have to grab the statue during
    the Beauty form, or else you'll miss it. Get all five and you'll earn the Solar
    Gun when you beat the game. For much more information and strategies, head to
    the non-lethal boss strategies. 
    Besides these though, there are a multitude of other weapons you'll be using in
    the game to help you get by. The main weapon you'll be using is the Mk. 2, and
    85% of the time, you can get by with it, so I'm not making these other weapons
    requirements although a few (and I'll list which after) I strongly recommend. 
    The weapons you'll see being used in this guide include:
    List of Non-lethal weapons used for general purposes:
    -Mosin Nagant
    -M870 (V-Ring ammo)
    -Twin Barrel (V-Ring ammo)
    -Stun Grenades
    -MGL-140 (Stun Grenade ammo)
    List of Lethal weapons used for Beast forms of B&B Corps and Unmanned enemies:
    -Rail Gun (Used against all B&B members and Gekkos)
    -M82A2 (backup for the Rail Gun)
    -P90 (Raven's minions during the Bike Chase)
    So obviously, if you've played through the game a couple times, you should try
    and get a few of these weapons to help you with this. All of them are easy to
    get. Most are either bought from Drebin or can be found along the way, or are
    dropped by bosses. You'll definitely have the Rail Gun, so we won't worry about
    that, but some others I really suggest you have are the M82A2, Twin Barrel, and
    some Stun Grenades. Stun Grenades are easy to find and you can buy them before
    you start your BBE. The Twin Barrel can be found in the beginning of Act 2, at
    the Cove Valley Village area. From where you start on the hill, there are two
    buildings next to Snake. The Twin Barrel is in the right building, which is also
    the location of the South American Rebel Disguise, which you can get, but you
    won't need. The M82A2 you can buy from Drebin. 
    General Tips
    This thing is hard. Let's just get that out of the way. Getting BBE is not an
    easy task for your average and even above average gamer. Here are a few tips to
    help you get by in some general situations.
    1. First and foremost, do NOT get overly stressed out. I get really frustrated
    sometimes when I'm trying to do something in a game that seems utterly
    impossible. Going for the BBE is just one of those things and you owe it to
    yourself not to get bent out of shape over it.
    2. Save. Save. Save. Every time you reach a new area, save your game. I can't
    emphasize this enough. You'll save yourself a lot of frustration. There are many
    parts of this run that will literally take you hours of trial and error to beat.
    When you finally do get it right, you don't want to just mess it up 5 minutes
    later and have to do it all over again do you? Save. Always save. 
    3. Don't fumble around in the pause menu. You don't need to. The only time you
    should go there is to save your game. The other exception is when fighting the
    bosses when you need to switch for a better weapon.
    4. Be very cautious. In Extreme, the enemy's senses are heightened to superhero
    level. They can hear you coming easily, they can see you from a mile away. You
    have to adjust to this and always be careful. Make sure nobody is watching you
    and get used to moving very slowly when sneaking up on an enemy. If you're one
    of those with unsteady hands, you might be in trouble. You always need to be
    tilting the Left Analog Stick slightly enough to move slowly. If you twitch and
    make Snake move any faster, boom, you're caught. 
    5. Get used to using weapons/items you may not have used much before. In 
    particular, the Stun Knife and the Mk. II. The Stun Knife is sometimes a better
    alternative than the Mk. 2, and the Mk. II is sometimes better to use without
    getting directly involved. When you can avoid it though, don't use the Mk. II,
    since it always takes a few seconds to deploy, and then further time for Snake
    to get to the area that you're using it to clear out. 
    6. Learn to be a good marksman. A lot of guides and videos I've watched seem to
    advocate taking more enemies than I or my friend deem necessary. Since Mk. 2
    ammo is scarce and you can't buy any from Drebin (yes, I'll repeat that; you
    CAN'T buy any), I like to avoid firing when possible, unless it will save a lot
    of time to do so. In the situations that you need to fire, you want to be dead
    on with your shots. Always make sure at the very least, you get the enemy's
    upper body. Since on Extreme, it takes longer for the enemy to succumb to the
    anesthetic, you should fire two shots to bring them down quick. This is unless
    of course, you get a headshot, which should be what you attempt most of the time
    when possible. 
    7. Sleep vs. Stun: Ammo conservation. A somewhat continued point of #6. You want
    to avoid Caution phases when it's possible. Putting enemies to sleep (assuming
    the first shot doesn't make them go "huh?!" or "We're under attack!" will mean
    that when they do wake up, they will think nothing of it and just assume they
    nodded off. If they did get spooked before falling asleep or if you use stun
    methods (such as CQC or the Mk. II, etc), the enemy will wake up and call for
    backup immediately. So my point is that although you want to conserve ammo, you
    might want to use tranquilizers to avoid later trouble. 
    8. Timing is everything. Sometimes, I will do "running" sequences, where we just
    want to get through an area by moving as fast as possible. Certain factors like
    where guards will be and so forth are contingent on you running full speed, not
    crouching or anything like that when I say so, otherwise things can fall out of
    flux and you may run into an enemy at the wrong time. I'll try to be as specific
    as I can in my directions. 
    9. Avoid Caution phases as much as possible. This somewhat goes along with 
    number 6. Caution phases will make your life a living hell because the PMCs
    come out in swarms and sometimes they just so happen to be coming too close to
    you and bam, you're found. Cautions can be tough to avoid sometimes because
    enemies stay incapacitated for very short intervals on Extreme. So, if you
    avoid having to tranquilize guards all together, you save yourself some stress.
    If you do tranquilize enemies, try to move out of the area fast enough that a
    Caution phase will not ruin it for you. 
    10. Do not waste time hiding bodies. There is absolutely no need for it. I know
    this contradicts number 9's "avoid Caution" idea, but you'd be better off
    spending that time trying to get through the area in a faster way. Don't hide
    bodies unless you really need to. 
    11. Make extra saves. Definitely do this. For starters, after you load your
    completed game file to start on Extreme, the first save you should make should
    be in a separate slot, NOT overwriting your old one. Do this because so that in
    the worst case scenario, say you just really, honest to God, cannot beat the
    BBE. If you wind up with a save file in the middle of the damn thing, you can't
    go back to play the game with all your old stuff, so you'd have to start a new
    file and get everything over again! Then, on top of that, while you're going
    through, it's a good idea to make separate files for tricky parts and always
    have a safety net in case you mess up and get a kill and accidentally save it
    or something. Saving takes a few seconds so a good idea is to make a separate
    save file when you're roughly halfway through each act. 
    Beating the Clock
    One of the tougher parts of this challenge is meeting the 5 hour requirement.
    I'll address here what counts as time and therefore what you should do to save
    it. As I mentioned before, you can afford in this expedition to take a little 
    extra time here and there, but don't let all the extra seconds add up too much.
    If you save time in small bunches of seconds every so often, suddenly you're 
    shaving a minute or two or three off your time.
    When the clock runs:
    1. During general gameplay
    2. While on the pause menu and any submenus
    3. During cutscenes
    4. Any time an area is done loading
    5. During and after installs
    6. During codec calls
    7. During the two Credits sequences
    1A. Get through areas faster (this is what the walkthrough is for!)
    2A. Cut down the time you spend on the pause menu, in Weapon and Item menus
    3A. Skip all cutscenes
    4A. When the "Press Start Button" message appears, hit it right away
    5A. Always press start when "PRESS START BUTTON" appears (also read next part)
    6A. Skip codec calls
    7A. Have a cushion of more than 15 minutes before you beat the final boss
    *-More on 5A-*
    It has been confirmed that the clock does actually run during Act installs.
    You can shave about 5 minutes off you total time if you know how to get around
    this. The trick is to always save your game when asked to at the end of each
    Act. Do so and then when the act is installed, exit the game and then reload
    your save. It will reload the save to the beginning of the next act again, but
    it will have already been installed so you can just pick up and go (thanks to
    crimsonriver for the tip). 
    When the clock isn't running:
    1. When an area is loading.
    It was previously thought by myself and other people that holding the PS button
    down to get to the options menu would stop the clock. This is apparently not
    true. Whether this was the case before and a firmware update changed this, or
    if it has always been the case, I am not certain. Just know that this does not
    stop the clock at all! (thanks to a few people for this). 
    So just to summarize, skip cutscenes and so forth and just don't let the "Press
    Start Button" message stay there for like a half hour. I did that once 
    accidentally and wondered why my time was like an extra half hour than it should
    have been. Bleh. The install for each act takes 2 minutes, and you might be
    compelled to go grab a drink or a snack. That's fine, just don't leave the game
    unattended! The clock isn't running during the install, but once it's done, it
    starts up again. Once you can hit Start, hit it!
       /  Walkthrough    \
    --/                   \---------------------------------
    Without further ado, let's get started shall we? Skip all of the cutscenes in
    the beginning and get right to the action. Let's go. 
        _        _     _ 
       / \   ___| |_  / |
      / _ \ / __| __| | |              _________________________________
     / ___ \ (__| |_  | |   __________/ LIQUID SUN      Big Boss Emblem \_____
    /_/   \_\___|\__| |_|  /  (bbe1)  \_________________________________/
    Skip the opening scenes and whatnot. Time to get this train rolling.
    Middle East - Ground Zero
    Alright, once you have control, move immediately to the left. Ignore the Ration
    tucked away under the truck; you do not need it because you can't use healing
    items anyway. Unless you want to appease the rebels (which I won't be doing in
    this guide anyway), don't waste time getting it. Crawl under the left truck for
    a scene. Skip it.
    After that, grab the AK-102 and move down the street for the next scene. After
    that, move left and go up the stairs. On the second floor, roll out of the hole
    in the wall. Now turn right and go onto the main street. The Gekko will see you
    most likely, but it won't alert you so just keep moving. Charge down the main
    street all the way toward the end. Watch out for the other incoming Gekko by
    staying to the right. Quickly slip under the archway to start the next scene.
    Skip it and we'll move on to the next area. Save your game.
    Middle East - Red Zone NW Sector
    Ok, here's your first challenge. Immediately turn the corner and then duck into
    the opening on the right. Run full speed through this area to the next room. You
    will get the scene of the APC rolling up and the PMCs piling out (get used to
    seeing this scene a lot unless you get through here on your first few tries). 
    Enter the crawlspace quickly and get to the other side. The PMCs and Rebels will
    start shooting it out. Now you can go about this next part one of two ways. The
    quick way which is only to save time, is more risky. The safer way is of course,
    less risky, but will cost you an extra few seconds.
    The problem here is two PMCs on your left in the street who will run up to the
    damaged car. Your destination is the opening directly near that car. If you
    crawl up to it immediately after leaving the crawlspace, the enemies will see
    you, but if you OctoCamo activated, they will only be confused. Keep moving and
    enter the doorway, continuing to crawl until you get around the next corner. At
    that point, keep moving. The PMC that saw you will come inside to investigate
    but shouldn't follow you around the corner. 
    The other way is, from the crawlspace, lay flat for a while and wait for the two
    PMCs to move up. When they are visible, start moving and you can get to the side
    of the car and then in the doorway. Problem is, a third PMC will see you, so
    crawl inside quickly and then get around that corner with the crates.
    Do NOT stand up here, to your left is a small room and a window, and PMCs will
    be looking inside. Keep OctoCamo on and crawl through. Watch out for the body
    here, because getting too close will cause Snake to get up. Crawl forward to get
    to the big pile of rubble in front of you. Crawl underneath and then you'll see
    the rebel get killed by the PMC. Stay still and watch. He'll signal for his
    other PMC friend to move up. They'll both start moving. Wait a second or two,
    then get out and crouch. Easy on that Analog Stick friend, move slowly so they
    won't hear you. I mean that, move slowly and sneak up on them.
    Again, you can make a choice here. I find the best way to take care of this is
    to wait until the right PMC starts to veer toward the doorway. Take out your
    Stun Knife and shock the left PMC to knock him out. After that, SLOWLY catch up
    with the other PMC and use some CQC to knock him out fast. After that, proceed
    down the alley. Move slowly and get up to the crates. Remember that the PMCs can
    hear you easily, so do not jump the gun. Wait for them to start moving to the
    left and let them get a good head start. You don't want to blow it here. Wait 
    for them to move and then very slowly, while crouching, move out. If for some 
    reason there is a PMC moving to the right, wait for him too and then just knock
    him out with CQC. When the coast is clear, get to the container and then run for
    the door. You're done. Save your game immediately.
    Middle East - Red Zone
    I found this area to be less annoying. From the start, move to the right and
    enter the building here. Quickly run up to the open doorway here but do not go
    through it; go behind the door. One, perhaps even two PMCs will see something
    and come to investigate. Just chill behind that door and do not move. Angle the
    camera so you can see clearly. Wait until the PMCs disperse and then get ready
    to move. A third PMC will have probably walked through the door. Wait until he
    turns around and just CQC him quickly. Proceed into the small room with a few
    crates. Turn to the right a little and you should see the stairway. If a PMC is
    coming down, hide. If not, proceed upstairs and carefully locate him. Take him
    out or if his back is turned, just slowly slip away. Approach the opening in the
    wall and roll out onto the ledge.
    Follow this ledge forward, but stay low by crawling. There's only one PMC you
    have to worry about on the ground here. We want him to spot us however. If you
    crawl near the edge where he can see you, he'll get spooked and attempt to come
    up there to find you. We want this because it gets him off the ground and clears
    the path for us. Get up and run all the way to the end of this platform and then
    drop down near the green container. Lay flat immediately and turn the corner a
    little, but don't move out too far yet. A group of PMCs should venture off to
    the left. Crawl forward to the building where the Mk. II is waiting. Two more
    PMCs will appear down the alley on the street and will be coming toward you
    however. Veer into the right alley and just lay flat on the ground here, using
    OctoCamo. Wait for the two PMCs to come investigate; they won't see you unless
    you make a movement. After that, they too, will go down that street following
    the others. 
    By this point, there's a good chance one PMC has awakened and started a Caution
    Phase. Not a big deal. If this is the case, then stay in the alley. Don't move!
    Reason is, four or five more PMCs will charge down and then make that turn like
    the others did. Once they do, you're free to move. Crawl out of that alley, 
    turn the corner and immediately turn right to go into the opening of the 
    building. Another PMC may see you with his super powered magnifying eyesight, 
    but it will be too late. You should be in and once you are, get up and run 
    forward to trigger a cutscene. Skip it. We're almost through here. 
    After the scene, you'll be armed with new goodies. From here, wait for the three
    PMCs to move. Follow them out onto the battlefield. You can either wait for them
    again to move, or try to knock them out with some Mk. 2 rounds. Either way,
    after that barricade, move to the left, down the alley. Turn right down the next
    alley and get toward the street. An APC will roll up past you. Get on the ground
    and crawl behind the APC to the other side of the street. Go around to the left
    of the APC and before you get near the PMCs, go to the left and in the wall
    there you should see a crawlspace. Get inside and crawl all the way down, then
    to the left. On the other end you'll be near the rebels. Here's where you should
    put on your M. E. Rebel disguise. Do it fast and then get out of the crawlspace.
    The reason we want this is because on Extreme, rebels can alert you as well. On
    top of that, we just don't want to waste time getting them to like Snake so do
    it easier with the disguise. With the disguise on, just go forward and then to
    the left and duck into the hideout.
    Middle East - Militia Safehouse
    Ok, keep that disguise on. As long as you have it on, you can just run straight
    through this area which is a very good things. You can grab some items along the
    way, but it isn't necessary. Just breeze through and get to the stairway at the
    end. Move up for the Drebin scene. Skip it, then save your game.
    Middle East - Urban Ruins
    Again we're gonna breeze through this area. Hopefully you should know the way
    and if not, throw on infrared to see the footprints to guide you. Get all the
    way through, running when possible if only but to save you a few seconds. Get
    on the other side and drop into the hole for the next scene. Skip and save.
    Middle East - Downtown
    Another somewhat difficult area. Hopefully you still have that disguise on. Move
    forward and hug the wall. Turn immediately when you get the chance to. Head down
    the alley where a group of rebels will be waiting at the end. Turn left where
    they are and follow the others down this bazaar area. Through the archway you'll
    find the area with the snipers. Turn left here and go down the alley. There are
    two openings on your right. Turn right at the second one to find a bunch of
    boxes. Climb over and enter the adjacent alleyway. 
    To your left you can see a whole bunch of PMCs. Worry not, for they won't see 
    you. Just get near the very next alley but do not enter. Stay to the side as an
    APC rolls forward. Wait for it to move down the street or else it will see you.
    When it's passed, go down that alley and then turn right. Keep moving past one
    more alley. On your right will be the PMCs at the other end of the "sniper 
    area". Ignore them and enter the building right in front of you. Go down the 
    hall and turn left. Run up to the window and roll out.
    Turn right here and you'll enter a large alley with a big blue van. Get behind
    it immediately and wait for the PMCs to come near you. Carefully and slowly get
    on the right side of the van so you remain undiscovered. Now ditch your disguise
    and put OctoCamo Auto back on. Proceed forward a little until you get to the
    spot where the light is shining on the wall. Hug this wall immediately and let
    OctoCamo take effect. Two more PMCs will burst out and then after a brief pause,
    they will venture down the alley. Wait for them to move, then slowly move away.
    When you're far enough, start running and go down the alley and turn the corner.
    Crouch again here and hug the right wall. Keep moving and don't stop. Approach
    the street with the damaged car and go in between it and the wall. Now venture
    out into the street and go to the other side, the left side of the street. Spot
    the crawlspace in the wall here, in between two stacks of crates and go inside. 
    Put your rebel disguise back on crawl out to the other side. Go under the low 
    overhang and you'll be on the rebel side of the current battle. They won't alert
    you with the disguise on so go across this small street to the pillars. Turn 
    left under this small roof and you'll see the door leading into the next area. 
    Save now.
    Middle East - Advent Palace
    If you haven't fired a shot yet like me, there's really no need to look for any
    ammo or items. Just venture up the stairs and onto the rooftop area. Any traps
    you encounter along the way, just shoot them quickly with your Operator. Get to
    the roof, enter the bar, then the hallway after that for the scenes. Skip them
    and save. Now for the challenging fight with the FROGs. 
    Ok, this is going to be pretty tough, but quick thinking and just overall
    knowledge of what to do will help you through. When you begin, quickly change
    your inventory to accommodate either Stun Grenades or the MGL-140. If you know
    how to handle the MGL-140 and the blast it produces, use it. If you don't want
    to get blinded, just use Stun Grenades. If you use the MGL, remember to set it
    for Stun Grenades before firing. 
    Anyways, when you start, get out of the bar area and strafe to the left so you
    can shoot down the alley. Fire a Stun Grenade and knock those FROGs out. The
    third in front of you should go down with gunfire from your allies. Hurry down
    that alley where the stunned ones are. Turn around here and a whole group will
    land on the scaffolding above you and on the rooftop. You could shoot them with
    your Mk. 2, but save your bullets. Use the Solar Gun, or instead, just wait. 
    Three FROGs will land in front of you. One by one, CQC them all to stun them.
    Remember always to use CQC on FROGs when they have their back to you, otherwise
    it will probably backfire. After the three are down, head into the open area,
    and aim with your Solar Gun or Mk. 2 on the wall to the left. Eventually a FROG
    should stick to the wall here, unless Rat Pt 01 got it. When the FROG appears,
    shoot her in the head. After that, move on with the group downstairs. 
    In the next area, you need to expect the two waves of FROGs so that you can
    dispatch them fast and move on. The first will come from across the gap on the
    opposite walkway. Wait until you see movement, then fire a Stun Grenade across
    to take them out. The second will come from right behind you, on the stairway
    that you just took. Wait here and when they show up, lob one (don't use the MGL)
    so that they'll all be taken out. You want to aim this grenade so that it lands
    halfway up the stairs. For best results, aim it sort of into the wall. After 
    that, you and your allies can move on. 
    Enter the restaurant area, which is where most of Rat Pt 01 should be moving 
    into. Quickly proceed into the room adjacent to the kitchen where there is a 
    lot of things blocking your way and two doors at the end. Take the right door 
    and you'll get behind two FROGs. You have the choice of trying to peek out the 
    door and tranquilizing them (Mk. 2 or Solar Gun), or if you want to be safe 
    (because they can spot you easily), use the Mk. II, the robot, to sneak up on 
    them with stealth on and shock them. You can also of course, just lob another 
    Stun Grenade in to save some time. 
    At this point, a large group will appear in those two doorways at the end of
    that room I described. You're in position to ambush them both. From the kitchen
    area, get out of sight of the doorway you came from, because two FROGs will
    appear inside there. Expect them and throw a Stun Grenade inside. When they're
    down, enter the small room and look out the doorway. You'll be behind a few more
    FROGs who are dukeing it out with Rat Pt 01. Shoot them with the Mk. 2 or Solar
    Gun. Then, a few more will appear again in the kitchen/lounge area. Make sure
    you find them fast and use the Mk. II if possible to save ammo and also reduce
    the risk you'll take. When all the FROGs go down, hurry out of that area onto
    the walkway and down the stairs to the next area. 
    Down here, you're stuck in this area until the dialogue passes. The FROGs will
    appear on the adjacent and upper walkways and a lot of them will be gunning for
    you and in very little time you'll be a seeing nothing but black. To avoid this,
    move to the right part of the walkway, where there is a broken pillar. Lay down
    here and move back a little so you can see the upper walkway. From here you'll
    be protected from the FROGs on the adjacent walkway, and you'll have a great
    shot at the ones above. Also, before the action starts, lay down and play dead
    (hold Triangle) and recover any health you may have lost. Remember not to use
    any healing items. When the FROGs appear, start aiming at them up on the walkway
    above. Be deliberate in your shots, make them count as you have only so much
    ammo. When the members of Rat Pt 01 start saying "Switch out!" and "It's all
    you!", it's time to get moving. Head into the bathroom area. 
    Here, stay near the stalls, but in a position so that you can't be seen from the
    door you just passed. Use the Mk. II, and when the wall goes down, send it 
    through the hole. Keep stealth on and wait for the FROGs to filter into this
    area and they all have their backs turned. Now take them out one by one with
    the Mk. II's stun whip. Make sure no others are coming, then deactivate the
    Mk. II and return to Snake. Outside the door you just used to get here, there
    will be two other FROGs. Just quickly lob a Stun Grenade out there to take them
    out. That should do it. Move with Rat Pt 01 into the hallway for a quick scene
    you can't skip. After that, drop down and enter the bar area.
    Get the Solar Gun out. If you don't have it, you'll just have to use the Mk. 2.
    When the bulldozer takes out the adjacent wall, turn away from the incoming
    flashbangs. After that, take aim at the FROGs before they start moving. Make
    sure to charge the Solar Gun fully before firing, as a fully charged shot will
    take them down. Use the bar to duck in between shots so you don't take too much
    damage. Also try to line up so that the pillars in this area will block a few of
    the other enemies. Do whatever you can to minimalize damage. Use Stun Grenades
    as well. When the threat is over, move with Meryl's team into the next area for
    a scene. Skip it, then drop the elevator and approach them for one more scene.
    Skip it and save your game. With that over, proceed up the hill, over the boxes,
    and around the corner. 
    Hopefully at this point, you're averaging roughly 30 minutes or less. The fewer
    the better. If you're at 40, not a big deal. Much more than that could spell
    trouble later on, but it's serviceable. 
    Middle East - Crescent Meridian
    Before you venture too far out, make sure you put on the rebel disguise or else
    you'll be paying for it very shortly. Once it's on, head out and watch the quick
    scene with the tank. After that, veer into the alcove on the right. Move up
    until you can see the PMCs through the opening. Take aim at first at the one in
    the window above. Don't use your Solar Gun here since enemies can see the blast,
    causing an alert. 
    Stick with the Mk. 2 here. Wait for the tank to roll up, and more PMCs will 
    probably come to replace the others. Aim at a few others, but don't waste too 
    many bullets. Eventually, use the tank as cover and leave the alcove, hugging 
    the right wall. The PMCs at the next corner will be actually pretty close to 
    you, but surprisingly, they will not alert you. Stick close to the right wall 
    and crawl forward. Keep moving and if PMCs get too close, use some quick Mk. 2
    shots to dispatch them. Keep crawling, entering under the area with the 
    pillars. Get up to the large ditch. Worry not about the PMCs; again, they 
    shouldn't be able to alert you. Get up and cross the ditch, then on the other 
    side, crawl again.
    You should see a lone PMC leave the safety of cover behind the blue van and run
    forward, taking refuge behind a wall. Take aim at him and with a headshot, he'll
    go down. Now keep crawling forward until you get to the debris. Go around this
    corner and keep favoring the right side. Move up until you get to the destroyed
    car. Go around it, then a little bit further. Now turn left and go across the
    street into the small area where the sandbag PMCs are. Ignore them and just go
    for the ladder. Climb up, go around this building using the walkway, and then
    drop down on the other side for a scene. Skip it and save.
    Middle East - Millennium Park
    From here, go around the topped over bulldozer and around the next corner, you
    can see the next two PMCs. They're fair game for the Solar Gun if you wish to
    save some ammo, but it's slightly risky. The next four PMCs (these two included
    can be dispatched with the Solar Gun, but it could lead to a quick Caution
    phase. This is sort of irrelevant however, since you're gonna wind up getting a
    Caution here anyway most likely. So if you want, go ahead and use a fully
    charged Solar Gun shot on the first PMC. The other will most likely be startled
    and run forward a bit. Before he gets on the horn with his buddies, fire another
    fully charged shot. 
    Now creep forward a bit but keep your eyes set on the distance and don't move 
    too far out. Another PMC in the background will be patrolling. Lay low and wait
    for him to walk to the left. Fire a fully charged Solar Gun shot at him, or 
    just use the Mk. 2 if you must. Keep moving forward, and pan the camera so you 
    can see down the adjacent street. One more PMC, standing watch outside the 
    gate. Take him out as well, but use the Mk. 2 this time if you want, or of 
    course, if you have no other choice.
    Now, move slowly into the alley with the dumpster. Stay in a crouch position and
    move slowly up the stairs. A PMC is up here. Just wait on the stairwell and
    watch him walk by. When he turns his back on you, pounce! No, not literally.
    Just sneak up on him and CQC him. Now venture into the adjacent hallway and
    enter the door. By now, a Caution has probably sprung up, which can lead to
    problems, but it can be overcome. In this room, you can see the plaza area below
    and the group of PMCs patrolling the place. Put OctoCamo back on quick, and when
    the PMCs aren't looking, drop down. Let OctoCamo take effect and slowly crawl
    The backup group that was sent in due to the Caution phase will probably whisk
    through here. They are a variable that you can neutralize and play off of. Since
    PMCs are all over this area, you should tranquilize any coming toward you or any
    in your path with the Mk. 2. If the patrol group sees the downed PMC, they'll
    go deal with him, and won't even be a factor for you. Take advantage of this,
    and using OctoCamo, crawl from the opening that you dropped down into, to the
    left. Keep moving in this direction toward the wall. Now turn right and find the
    opening in the wall. Crawl under here to reach the final area. You're very close
    so don't screw up here. 
    One thing that will help you immensely here, especially since Caution phase will
    not go away most likely, is the radar. Keep the Solid Eye on and pay attention
    to those bright circles on your radar to know the enemy movement. From the hole
    in the wall, crawl forward and go around the big truck, going to the right. Now,
    crawl toward the boxes, again keeping OctoCamo on and watching that radar. If
    any PMCs are in your way or you think they might see you, take them out. Crawl
    around the big boxes and proceed toward the tents. Take a look around and when
    it's safe, keep moving, going in between the tents. Now, at this point, if any
    PMCs see you, they'll do their usual "Is something there?" and walk over to
    investigate routine. If you just keep moving, you should be fine. Crawl between
    the tents and if a PMC is following you, turn around quick and plug him in the
    head with a Mk. 2 round. Keep moving. When you get to the wall, look both ways.
    A few PMCs could be around due to the Caution phase, so just lay still if things
    are busy. Wait for them to disperse, then tranquilize any others in this spot.
    When the coast is finally clear, crawl toward the red door. If the radar is
    clear, get up and walk through.
    Skip all the scenes and codec conversations. You're done with Act 1. You'll see
    your stats. Hopefully there are no kills or alerts, or anything else. Your clear
    time for this Act is hopefully decent. 45 minutes is decent/average. Around 40
    minutes is good, and anything less is really good. If you got 50 minute clear
    time, that's ok too. Anything more than 50 minutes can be a problem later on
    and if it's even worse, you might want to start over.  
        _        _     ____  
       / \   ___| |_  |___ \ 
      / _ \ / __| __|   __) |               _________________________________
     / ___ \ (__| |_   / __/     __________/ SOLID SUN      Big Boss Emblem  \____
    /_/   \_\___|\__| |_____|   /  (bbe2)  \_________________________________/
    Skip the Mission Briefing scenes, and save your game. Then skip the subsequent
    cutscenes and the codec call. Let's begin.
    Start by laying low immediately. The PMCs below will see you otherwise and come
    up to investigate. Lay down and crawl up to the cliff's edge. From here you can
    see the scene below. Whether you want to save the rebels or not, it coincides
    with taking out the PMCs which is a must. Chances are all the rebels will get
    blown away though, so don't worry about them much.
    By now, you're probably running low on Mk. 2 ammo. We're gonna procure some soon
    so don't worry. Take aim at each PMC below with the Mk. 2. Headshots if you can
    get them are preferred. When the rebels start fighting back, shoot at the other
    PMCs that start to appear, including the one at the far end near the barn. Save'
    on your MK. 2 ammo by using the Mosin Nagant. Now, I know you're thinking, "It's
    too risky!" Yes, the Mosin Nagant, is a risky weapon to use. But I prefer it in
    some situations, especially to save on ammo. The rule of thumb with it, is to
    never fire it on enemies in groups, or else you'll be alerted. Use the Mosin
    Nagant on single enemies that are a distance away from you. This usually ensures
    you won't be discovered. Take out each PMC and then we'll prepare for the valley
    area. Don't worry about the rebels if they survived; they will love Snake so
    you don't need the disguise. 
    There's items all around here in the various buildings, but we're only
    interested in one. In the barn, go to the small alcove behind the ladder. Here
    you will find some ammo for the Mk. 2. Good. Save it as much as you can. Now
    proceed into the valley, with or without the rebels. 
    Head up the slope. Near the first small tree, you should be able to get a good
    vantage point on a PMC in the distance. Use infrared to help you. Line him up in
    the Mosin Nagant crosshairs and take him down. Move up carefully. On this
    terrace area, some enemies are close and simply above you on higher plateaus.
    Use the camera and the radar appropriately to make sure you don't venture out
    too far. 
    Proceed further down the first path, but before climbing up the first ledge, try
    to get a few more enemies in your sights. Don't use the Mosin Nagant here; go
    with the Mk. 2 again. Stay low and if one sees you, don't panic, just let him
    get closer and make your shot before you're alerted. Once again, before climbing
    the first ledge, make sure you've got a good breathing room. Climb up and then
    go to the left. Use the Mk. 2 and take out a few more PMCs. Chances are, some of
    their buddies will see them and come over to wake them up. Try to take them out
    as well. Use the Mosin Nagant if the enemies are isolated, but only if. It's
    always a risk so be wary of that. Climb up the next few plateaus and if the
    coast is clear, proceed past the small hut and into the small valley for a codec
    call. Skip it and save. 
    Hurry forward and you'll meet up with some more rebels. As you move closer, look
    to the right for a broken tree trunk with a small wooden table laying next to
    it. To the right of it is a small crawlspace with Mk. 2 ammo. Grab it and move
    on. Around the bend you'll encounter more PMCs. Again, infrared will help make
    things clear for you. Wait til one PMC strolls out from behind a rock, and then
    headshot him. A few more will try to sneak in from the right, so without getting
    too close, shoot them as well. There will probably be at least one more in front
    of you so take him down as well. 
    The rebels will move up, but we want to go right, so if it's safe, scurry over 
    to the passage to the right. As you pass the big rock that divides this small 
    circular path that you'll be passing on your left, make sure the PMC there 
    isn't looking your way. Move into that passage now and on a ledge to your right
    is a PMC. You can ignore him and just crawl past, or tranquilize him when he 
    isn't looking and run to the next area.
    South America - Power Station
    Skip the codec call and save. Move up and stay to the left. Take out your Mosin
    Nagant and when the path to the right opens, find the two sniper PMCs on the
    far ledge and snipe them both. Now you can move to the right. Move forward while
    hugging the right wall this entire time. The rebels will get on their front and
    engage the PMCs at the Power Station, but as long as you lay back, you won't be
    discovered. Keep moving along the right wall until you find the opening path
    leading up. Get up here now.
    At the top there is a path to the right that leads down. If you want to be safe,
    use the Mosin Nagant to snipe some of the PMCs near the right wall of the
    station. Proceed down the slope and use the various objects for cover. Keep 
    moving until you get near the opening in the fence, right after the big vehicle.
    Two pesky PMCs are in here so don't get even remotely close. Just use some Mk. 2
    rounds from afar and when they both go down, continue over to where they are.
    It's in your best interest at this point to let the rebels take the Power
    Station and destroy it. Just wait until one of them lumbers in and chucks a
    grenade inside. When everything is destroyed, proceed along the road for a bunch
    of scenes. Skip them all. You don't have to save now if you want to save a few
    seconds. Just keep moving and take the left path, following the rebels.
    Along this path are a lot of goodies. You can pick them up for DP and the like
    if you wish, but don't waste time scavenger hunting too long. You can find some
    V-Ring ammo and Mk. 2 ammo along this path. When you near the end, take the left
    exit, because it will put you in very good position to skip the Confinement
    South America - Confinement Facility
    You'll emerge on the red plateaus. Lay flat immediately as a patrol APC whizzes
    by. When it's gone, move up and to the left. Stay amongst the rocks, avoiding
    the main road and just take the left path. You'll encounter one PMC near the
    road. Tranquilize him with one shot from the Mk. 2 and then move on. Another PMC
    is on the road up ahead, but you can ignore him. Proceed toward the smaller
    prison facility. 
    From the hill leading into this area, whip out your Mosin Nagant and take aim
    at the soldiers you can see. There should be one on the right, one on the left,
    and one in the guard tower you can see. Take them all out and move toward the
    closest building. Slowly pass the wall of the building and you'll see a PMC
    guarding the doorway. Chances are another PMC from further away will spot you
    from the windows. Try to take out the guy in the doorway first, and then fire a
    round through the windows at the other, but you can probably ignore him in the
    end when the rebels break free and start fighting back. Now move up, going
    past the vehicle to the right. Make sure nobody is on the left, then move down
    this path to the right of the guard tower. Enter the corridor here to move to
    the next area.
    South America - Vista Mansion
    You'll be on a high ledge, and it will take you right to the gates. Don't move
    too fast though, as there are PMCs below you. Use the Mk. 2 on them and take
    them out. For the ones further away on the hill, use the Mosin Nagant, if only
    to help out your rebel buddies. If not, just move up along the path and it will
    take you to the gates for a quick scene you can't skip. As the bulldozer takes
    out the gate, scurry inside and to the left. Keep moving and in the far corner
    in the direction you're going, you can find some Mk. 2 ammo tucked away near a
    drum can. Now move to the right and go around the hedges toward the mansion.
    One thing to watch for is replacement PMCs coming down the left perimeter of the
    building. Make sure that path is clear before proceeding. At least two PMCs will
    be guarding the door, dukeing it out with the rebels. Chuck a Stun Grenade in
    there to knock them both out, then hurry through the door. Inside here, lay low
    immediately on the red carpet next to the coffee table. A PMC will rush through
    the door and then through the one you just came through. Take the Mk. II out and
    send it through the door. Find the other PMC and stun him. Now as Snake, get up
    and hurry up the stairs. Go down the hallway, and file into the room. Find the
    door that will give you access to the roof; it should be clear. Hurry left along
    the roof, find the small deck and drop through the hole. 
    In the cellar area, just move through until you find the small room on the right
    after turning a corner. Exactly across from this doorway (to your left before
    entering) is a pack of Mk. 2 ammo. Inside you can find some Stun Grenades and
    V-Ring ammo. Continue through until you get to the ladder.
    South America - Research Lab
    Skip all the scenes and save when prompted to do so. Skip the next scene and
    prepare for a fight. First you'll have to get through the FROGs. 
    The best thing to do is to get in a good position to ambush them and take them
    down quickly. Each group goes down certain paths and if you know which routes
    they take you can get through them faster. Besides the Mk. 2, you can also use
    Sleep Mine satchels and plant them in the halls the FROGs will be going through.
    It will rarely work on all of them at once, but it will be a nice alternative.
    Get through each group fast and then you'll fight the big one. 
    This fight isn't too tough if you have the necessary weapons. The two big ones
    are the Rail Gun and M82A2. If you're looking to do this as fast as possible,
    this is the way to do it. From the start, try to fire off a round from the
    M82A2 right away. Octopus will be knocked down and then she'll disappear. Always
    let her bombs cling to you. After they're on, just roll to shake them off. 
    Octopus' first hiding spot is always down the hall around the corner, standing
    near the pillar. Get close and fully charge the Rail Gun and fire at her head.
    The damage won't be much, especially for a fully charged shot, but it's the best
    you've got. She'll probably disappear and launch her bombs again; just let them
    cling and shake them off. Now just find her next hiding spot. If you need a
    reminder, this includes the painting at the end of the adjacent hallway, on the
    ceiling of the hallway, in the ceiling of the lab room, as a machine in the lab
    room, as a marionette opposite the real one, and in a box in the storage closet.
    Snuff her out and fire a fully charged Rail Gun shot always. If she attacks, use
    the M82A2 and try to take her out. When she uses her gun, I find sometimes I can
    avoid some damage if I crouch. I don't know maybe it's just luck.
    Eventually she'll change into the Mk. II. Follow her and charge up the Rail Gun
    as you're turning the corner. When it's locked and loaded, shoot at her to take
    off a little more health. She'll likely disappear again. After this, she'll
    disguise herself as a downed FROG and later Naomi. Again use the Rail Gun. When
    she starts coming out of the windows and attacking, use the M82A2 or an
    automatic weapon like an assault rifle. Always stay close to the beds or a crate
    at this point, since she might use the rolling attack. If she balls up, start
    running immediately and get to higher ground. Then when she unwraps herself,
    fire with the M82A2. Wait for her to appear again and keep firing until you've
    Beast is gone, now for the Beauty, which you have to (obviously) revert back to
    non-lethal weapons for. 
    The Solar Gun is a good choice here. Two fully charged shots is all you need.
    The downside is that getting a shot in isn't easy. It shouldn't take too long
    however. If you're more comfortable, or if you don't have the Solar Gun, use the
    M820 with V-Ring ammo. It will work handily as well. Use either method to win.
    One down, three to go. Skip the following scenes and codec calls, then save your
    South America - Mountain Trail
    Hopefully, if you've been through this area a few times, you have a general idea
    of which way to go. Try not to sightsee or spend time grabbing unnecessary item
    For starters, head down the path to reach the first open area with multiple
    paths. You shouldn't have used any Mk. 2 ammo in the Octopus fight, but if you
    used a lot on the FROGs before her, or just are low on ammo in general, you can
    take the middle path. You'll find a guy at the waterfall relieving himself.
    Sneak up on him and hold him up and if you can successfully pat him down, you'll
    get some Mk. 2 ammo. If you have a good amount, ignore this path to save time,
    or save a couple seconds by using a fully charged Solar Gun shot instead. Either
    way, proceed down the left path to reach a bridge.
    One thing to note is that within a few of the last several areas (this includes
    Act 1), you've gotten away with getting really close to enemies, mostly because
    they've been dealing with rebels and so forth. In this area you're by yourself,
    so that super sight of the PMCs is back more or less. This goes the same for the
    guy you're about to run into on the other side of the bridge. If he's in view,
    stay low and then try to shoot him with the Mk. 2. Now you'll have a few more
    paths to choose from. 
    Take the right path, with the stack of crates near a tree. Go down here to reach
    a new area. Lay low and take out the PMC on the hill directly in front of you
    with your Mk. 2. Again, if you need ammo for it, there's a spot nearby. Take
    the right path from here and you'll come across a small dilapidated building.
    One PMC will be outside, so take him out quick. The other is inside, too
    occupied with "reading material". Take him out too and the Mk. 2 ammo is tucked
    away on the right side. Grab it and go.
    Now go down this next path but be very careful, because it's tough to expect
    when you become visible and the next PMC will be right there so move slow and
    get down. Get him in your sights and take him out. From here, take the right
    path and it will lead to the river. Cross for a checkpoint, where you should
    definitely save. Take the left path, the longer one. The other takes you right
    past a FROG. Remember that they can sniff out the sound the Solid Eye makes so
    try to trust it less. Don't be afraid to hit pause and check your map every once
    in a while. Again, knowing the overall layout of most of these paths helps a
    As you enter this next area, pay attention to the boulder on your left. On the
    other side is a FROG. Crawl past until she is in your sight and then pop her
    with the Mk. 2. Now take the central path from here. It's the one that makes a
    small left turn then goes down a long way. Keep the Solid Eye off and go down
    here slowly. When you reach this intersection, a FROG will be on your immediate
    left; she's hard to see. Take her out with one shot and only one shot, then
    crawl to the right. 
    When it's safe, get up and scurry onward. In the next area, take the central 
    path again and you'll navigate around a rock column. Chances are a FROG will 
    spot you and want to come over to investigate. Before she gets too close, take
    her out with a few tranquilizer rounds. Now go down the only path here and hug
    the left wall. Move forward and take out the PMC you find. Keep moving in this 
    direction. You'll find the path cutting across here so go right down this path.
    Find the entrance here and go inside.
    Skip the scenes and save. You'll start the APC sequence. It's not a bad idea to
    make a separate save file here. 
    South America - Vista Mansion
    Remember, you can't kill anyone, so don't bother with the turret for now. When
    you reach the gate, the powered suits will appear. If you have the Solar Gun,
    use it. As for the PMCs that climb up after you, just use CQC and don't kill
    them. Don't let them hit Snake too much, you'll need the health. When Drebin
    starts moving, you're clear. 
    South America - Confinement Facility
    Your first encounter with Gekko. You are of course permitted to shoot them, but
    you would probably die if you didn't so.... yeah. Take aim at them but again,
    watch for the crazy PMCs. Don't let them gang up on you, so you'll have to start
    a juggling act between them and the Gekkos. The constant smokescreens don't make
    it easy, so do your best to take them out. Also, be very, very careful of a PMC
    that likes to climb up the front of the APC. You may never even notice him, but
    he'll be there, and will be directly in front of your turret. Be careful because
    it's easy to miss and you'll wind up with a kill. Drebin will move on eventually
    and you'll be done with this area.
    South America - Power Station
    Take aim at the green doors immediately. Shoot the barrels near them (I guess it
    helps) and just unload until Drebin turns away. Now take aim at the enemy APC
    until it explodes once. Wait til Drebin gets in position again and fire at the
    doors again. On Extreme, they take a LONG time to crumble so just keep at it.
    Eventually they will fall and you'll move on.
    South America - High Woodland Highway
    The last stretch of this sequence. Not too hard. Take out the Gekko when you
    can, but Drebin will be driving all over the place. Just keep shooting and if
    you can take them out, good. None of them can really do any significant damage
    so don't worry. As you go through the valley, a few will give chase. Try to
    topple them with some more fire from the turret. Eventually you'll escape.
    South America - Marketplace
    This is it. One last area. Prep your Rail Gun. From the starting point, head to
    the left, and go down the alley. Turn the corner and start charging the Rail
    Gun. When the Gekko appears, fire at its head with a fully charged shot. No
    doubt the APC sequence, being out in the sun so long, has taken a huge toll on
    Snake's psyche so your aiming will be a little difficult. Turn here after the
    first one is down and charge again. Wait for one Gekko to appear from the left
    and take it down as well. Now turn left and go down the street toward the finish
    line. A Gekko will appear at your rear flank and start firing, so do a zigzag
    to hopefully avoid a little damage. Charge the Rail Gun again and fire at the
    one blocking your exit. If you want, grab the Chaff Grenades in the very last
    stall on the left. Definitely grab the if you have none. Cross the threshold and
    you're done with Act 2. Nice
    Hopefully you finished Act 2 with a combined time of roughly 1 hour, 25 minutes.
    That's pretty good if so. If it took you an hour and a half, that's decent.
    Close to an hour is great. If you got more it's kinda ehh, but doable. Actually,
    if you wound up with like 2 hours or more, you might actually still be able to
    do this, believe it or not. If you're not confident though, reload an old save.
    Now, on to Act 3!
        _        _     _____ 
       / \   ___| |_  |___ / 
      / _ \ / __| __|   |_ \              _________________________________
     / ___ \ (__| |_   ___) |  __________/ THIRD SUN      Big Boss Emblem  \____
    /_/   \_\___|\__| |____/  /  (bbe3)  \_________________________________/
    Act 3 is really annoying to me. And no, it's not just because of the infamous
    "Bike Chase" part; I actually did that part within a few tries. The Bike Chase
    is definitely vexing but what bothers me about Act 3 is the beginning with the
    resistance member. I feel like if you've been going through the BBE thus far,
    your "tempo" so to speak is on a certain wavelength and you're ready to dodge
    bullets and act sneaky and tranquilize enemies and so forth in fast paced action
    sequences. Act 3 changes that tempo dramatically with this slower paced stalking
    affair. Any slight mess up can screw you over here and it gets aggravating fast.
    You can spend 5 minutes following the guy, only to mess up right before you
    reach the exit to the area and have to do it all over again. Perhaps you don't
    understand what the hell I'm talking about and that's fine. Let's get started.
    Skip a whole bunch of scenes and you'll be prompted to save. You can if you
    want, but you'll be saving in the first area anyway so it's up to you. Skip a
    few more scenes and then you'll finally be out on the street. 
    Eastern Europe - Midtown S Sector
    From the start, ignore Otacon and jump into the item menu quickly to swap the
    Scanning Plug for the Solid Eye. Also take the Mk. 2 and keep it handy. Remember
    that when you're running as Snake, the gun is visible; if he's walking it's in
    his pocket. Remember that when you're near enemies. Also you should wear a
    FaceCamo other than Snake's faces. Otacon, or the Beauty ones will do. This will
    shield you from Alerts during this first part and allow you to get closer to the
    Turn the corner and go down the street. You'll see the resistance member appear
    from his hiding spot. Save now. Now you can either wait and follow him or you
    can run ahead and clear the area out. One thing I noticed while doing the latter
    a few times during this area was that if you run too far ahead, leaving the
    resistance member in your dust, he will not move at all. He will just stand
    still until you get close to him again. I don't know why this is but it's 
    annoying and it can be a time waster. Mostly you can do this by just staying
    behind him, but there's one part in this first area you need to beat him to. In
    any case, just follow him and be slow and quiet. 
    He'll go across the street and approach the staircase. In the alley here you can
    find some Mk. 2 ammo. Grab it and then follow the resistance member (watch the
    can!) around the corner and then around the next one until you encounter the
    first group of PMCs. Get out into the street a bit so that you're still behind
    the resistance member, but you can see both PMCs. Again, if you beat the
    resistance member here you can get really close to the PMCs (so long as they
    don't see you aiming the gun at them) and that will better your chances. Either
    way, take out both of them with the Mk. 2 and be as precise as you can. If the
    PMCs get spooked and call in backup, it will just make things really annoying,
    so you want to be accurate and take them out with no fuss. 
    With the first two down, the resistance member moves up. Go behind the truck and
    then face the next two PMCs up the hill. If you left the resistance member
    behind and he's still catching up, you can use the Mosin Nagant on these two
    PMCs. If not you've got to use the Mk. 2 again. When they go down, our guy will
    move up again. Follow him. He'll turn down the street left and will eventually
    enter the park from the adjacent street. Follow him into the park this way.
    He'll stop at the fountain area, then walk down the path past the two statues.
    As usual, he'll stop at that point, then turn around and dash back to the left
    statue to go "bleed the lizard". Stay out of sight at this point. While he's
    doing his business, go to the left and get on the hill and spot the two PMCs
    guarding the park exit. Use the Mk. 2 to tranquilize them both. You can also use
    the Mk. II but a stun method will make them wake up and call for backup. This
    will not be a problem but I just figured I'd mention it. When they're down, and
    our guy is done with his business, keep following him. The resistance member
    will go to the far wall then proceed forward and see the two downed PMCs. Wait
    for him to go down the stairs. Before you follow, grab the Mk. 2 ammo tucked
    away here. Now catch up to him.
    From here our guy will cross the street toward the big ramp, taking the side
    alley. Here is where you need to get in front of him. It's very important that
    you beat him to the next area. So while he's taking the alley, run up the ramp
    directly and get around the next corner. He might see you but he shouldn't be
    spooked and run away, he'll just stop for a second. Keep moving and around the
    corner you'll find the area with all the cars and the stairs leading down to the
    next street. Our guy will come down these stairs and peek around the corner
    before proceeding. Unfortunately, there's two PMCs down this street and if they
    aren't cleared fast enough, our guy will change plans and take a much longer,
    much more annoying route through the sewers. We do not want that, so that's why
    you got here first before him. 
    From the upper platform with all the cars, go to the left. Use the radar to see 
    where the PMCs are placed. Stand near the railing so you can see the first one,
    standing near the far wall. The other is directly below you. Be careful here,
    very careful. Your target is very close to you so you shouldn't have any problem
    getting a headshot with the Mk. 2. If you miss, you're pretty much caught so be
    careful. Get the headshot on the first PMC, and then the one below you will walk
    over to check on him. Headshot him too. Now the path is cleared. 
    Go back and look for the resistance member. There's a chance that he hasn't
    moved since you're a bit far away from him. Just get a little close and he
    should start his trademark whistling and begin moving again. Get out of sight
    and hide near the pillars while he approached the stairs. He'll eventually go
    down, see the coast is clear, and then make his move. Follow him but stay on the
    stairs. After he gets off the stairs, he typically turns around so if you're
    there he might get spooked for a second. Usually he never runs off, unless you
    are wearing other FaceCamo, but it'll save time if you never let him see you.
    So wait for him to turn around again, then start following him down the street.
    Eventually he'll get to that intersection and he will duck into the doorways of
    the various stores. Wait for him to make his move to the right. He'll suddenly
    dash off in great haste into the archway. Follow him through, stop for a moment,
    then follow him into the next area. 
    Eastern Europe - Midtown NE Sector
    Find the resistance member just ahead of you and he'll move to the right. Follow
    him into this open area. It's the one with the squadron of PMCs and the
    helicopter. Now the resistance member stays close to the wall and ventures off
    to the street to the right. Sometimes one or two PMCs in the open area see him
    and walk over. I figured I'd mention this but I've never seen them become an
    issue. They walk over to find him, but by the time they show up, the resistance
    member is already gone. Just be aware of this. 
    Follow him down the right street and then he'll meander down and try to sneak
    past two PMCs. Shoot them both before he gets there or else he'll end up being
    discovered and that will waste a minute or two. Take a steady aim and try to
    headshot both of the PMCs and the resistance member can travel safely through.
    Eventually you'll follow him with no more problems into a large intersection.
    He'll venture down one street. Follow him as he runs off and around the corner.
    Eastern Europe - Midtown N Sector
    Stay back and wait for the resistance member to walk out in his new PMC duds. 
    Follow him out onto the street and you'll notice that the vehicle patrols are
    already out on Extreme. Having the FaceCamo (again not one of Snake's faces) is
    a big help here. You won't need to fire any more Mk. 2 bullets in this last
    area, so the only challenge here is staying undetected by the resistance member
    and following him the rest of the way.
    He'll go down the hill with a whole bunch of PMCs and then turn left. Just
    casually follow him down here and the PMCs will all be surprised to see you, but
    they will not do anything about it with the FaceCamo on. Watch out for the
    vehicle patrols. They will not do anything either except honk at you if you're
    in the way. 
    Stalk the resistance member down and around the next corner. There are three
    other PMCs and all four of them will walk in tandem down the street. Keep tabs
    on your resistance member and as the other PMCs turn away, keep following the
    correct one. The resistance member and one other PMC will turn right at the next
    street, and then the last real PMC will turn down an alley while our guy goes
    left. Follow him into the next alley and then on the other side, he'll cross the
    street again. This is the last stretch so there's really no strategy involved.
    Keep following him and don't make any noise or anything. Eventually at the very
    end he'll come to a small alley. Duck in the nearby doorway to avoid being seen
    because the resistance member usually looks around before he goes inside. When
    he comes out without the disguise on, just follow him down the street and a
    scene will eventually take over. Phew. 
    Skip the scenes, and there are a lot of them. Don't save yet. Skip more scenes
    and then the Bike Chase will begin. Save now and get ready. 
    First prepare your weapon inventory as follows. Equip the Mk. 2, the Twin Barrel
    with V-Ring ammo, Stun Grenades, and the P90 for later. Also go into Options and
    put Auto-Aim on. If you want to avoid throwing your TV out the window from
    frustration, do it. 
    Secondly, a huge part of this, especially in the second and third areas, is
    luck. Luck, luck, luck, luck, luck, luck. There's only so much skill you can put
    into this. You can do just about everything right but still end up getting
    killed. It's just the way it is. The key is when you get lucky, you don't mess
    up. So without a doubt, always save in each new area so that you don't have to
    keep redoing each. 
    In the first area, you'll have not much to worry about as you whiz past a few
    Gekkos and such. When Big Mama does indeed stop though, you'll be confronted by
    a group of PMCs. Just take aim at them all and shoot them with the Mk. 2. You've
    got unlimited ammo during this sequence too, so don't worry. Hopefully you'll
    come away with very little or no damage. That will do it for the first area.
    You're probably thinking, "Ha! This is hard? Yeah right." That's what I thought
    too. Sigh. Save when you start this next part. 
    In the second area is where luck will first come into play. You'll whiz past a
    whole mess of PMCs and a jeep will come up as well. Try to shoot one of the PMCs
    as you pass by if you can. It doesn't make much of a difference though. The key
    to knowing if you got lucky or not is if you took any damage. Again, all I can
    say about this is it is 100% luck. Sometimes you'll pass those PMCs and take no
    damage, and other times your entire life bar will be almost depleted. And no,
    that is not a joke, it does happen. If you almost get massacred, you might as
    well start over and save yourself the trouble. If you took less than half of
    your life bar, keep going.
    A FROG will land on top of the van. Shoot her down with the Mk. 2. The convoy
    will stop at the road block and turn around. Take out the Stun Grenades. Take
    aim and before the next group of enemies appears, toss one so that it will land
    precisely where they'll be appearing from. Hopefully if you aimed well enough,
    the Stun Grenade will take them out. Now use the Mk. 2 and aim for the gunners
    on the jeeps. Once again, if you're lucky you will take very little or no
    damage here. Big Mama and the convoy turn around and go back to the first road
    block. Hurry and whip out the Twin Barrel and make sure it's loaded.
    As Big Mama hits the ramp, aim with the Twin Barrel down and a little to the
    right. Your target as you're flying overhead in slow-motion, is the left (soon
    to be right) jeep gunner. Wait until the motorcycle passes the lamp pole, then
    fire a round from the Twin Barrel at the gunner. Quickly swap it for the Mk. 2
    and try to shoot one of the PMCs before landing. Not required but if you get
    one, then nice bonus. 
    The motorcycle touches down and then turns around. Again, luck, luck, luck is
    here. I've died like 5 times at the exact moment the motorcycle landed. Yes, it
    is that annoying. If you're lucky, you will not take any damage, and if you're
    a good shot, you'll avoid any damage. Quickly take aim at the PMCs, putting
    emphasis on the other jeep gunner. Again, this is really hard due to luck, so
    prepare to do this part over, and over, and over. Eventually you'll get it to go
    your way and you'll be off as the convoy breaks through.
    Hopefully you have at least half of your health bar, maybe a little less. As you
    go through the streets, a bunch of FROGs will appear all around. The ones you
    need to focus on are the ones in the actual street firing at you and the ones
    that are clinging to walls when the convoy is moving slower. Use Auto-Aim by
    pressing Square when aiming with L1 (assuming you did indeed set it on). Fire
    at the FROGs that are blocking your path and just about any others that you see
    clinging to walls shooting and so on and so forth. Hide behind Big Mama with
    Triangle and it might protect you if you take some damage. Otherwise, just cross
    your fingers and you'll make it through. Save your game.
    In the final area, you'll again be frustrated, but it really comes down to two
    parts. Again, luck. What else can I say? From the beginning, whip out the P90.
    Fire at the flying enemies and gun as many down as you can for extra DP. Also
    shoot Raging Raven if you want. You can keep shooting her during this sequence,
    and it will shave off some health later, but it honestly will not make even the
    slightest difference. Just aim for the minions and so on. 
    Big Mama will warn Snake of enemies on the left. Take out some more minions.
    After this, watch out for a jeep on the right at the next intersection. This is
    a big cause for concern because it's really hard to get by without damage. Take
    out the Twin Barrel before you get here and have it loaded. Use Auto-Aim and
    try to fire a shot at the driver from a distance before you get too close. By
    some divine miracle, if you get by without damage, you should thank a higher
    power, that is, if you believe in one. In any case, there is one more worry to
    see. Down the next street, you'll take out some more flying minions, then
    another jeep will appear from behind. Be prepared for this jeep as well. Have
    the Twin Barrel pointed in its direction and Auto-Aim the driver right away and
    shoot. You should get him without any problems.
    After this, you'll go down a few more streets and then come to an intersection
    where two jeeps converge and Big Mama has to swerve around them. This is another
    big problem. Have the Twin Barrel loaded again and Auto-Aim the right gunner and
    take him out before you pass. This is critical, especially if you took a little
    damage before. Chances are if you miss them both, you'll end up dying right
    after. I died three times in a row because I missed the shot and one of the
    gunners blew up a nearby car, causing Snake to die. Annoying.
    If you get the gunner on the right jeep, you should get by without damage. After
    this comes a few encounters with FROGs. It starts with a collision in which you
    go under some jeeps in Slow-mo. Take aim at one of the FROGs with the Twin 
    Barrel and then you'll whiz by. From this point on, use the Twin Barrel (my 
    preference) and as you go down the streets, Auto-Aim the FROGs in your way and
    try to take some of them down. Keep reloading and shooting, etc. If you had 
    taken a lot of damage before, you might be out of luck. Hold on to Big Mama 
    with Triangle if it helps but keep shooting.
    Eventually you'll be taken down the alley, which is the last stretch. Use the
    Twin Barrel and shoot the FROGs you encounter at each stop. Eventually you'll
    make it onto the street again where Raven and her minions will start bombing
    you. Fire at some of them for some DP until you duck under the tunnel. Take a
    deep breath, pat yourself on the back. You're done.
    Eastern Europe - Echo's Beacon
    The bad news however, is that you're carrying whatever health you had at the end
    into the fight. Skip the scenes and get ready to rumble.
    Basically you've got to be as perfect as you can, seeing as how you most likely
    have little health. You can recharge by laying down and playing dead with
    Triangle. You can afford to spend a minute recovering if you need to, but you
    can always save time by just being perfect in this fight anyway.
    To begin, head up the stairs all the way to the very top. Out here, find the
    Mosin Nagant ammo. After this find Raven. She's the brightest dot on your radar.
    She usually flies low. Get her attention with an assault rifle. She'll spot you
    and then most likely begin by flying overhead and dropping some bombs. Use the
    doorway you came out of as your primary shelter. If she does these bombing runs,
    just run in here and while you're waiting, lay down and recover some health.
    After the bombing run, she'll float out in mid-air and wait for you. Use the
    Rail Gun and try to charge up before she starts doing this. Have a fully charged
    shot ready and fire at Raven's head when she presents herself. Be quick because
    she fires grenades back at you. A fully charged, well placed shot will take out
    half of her health bar. Now Raven will float around again for a few moments, but
    getting a shot after her initial floating time is difficult because she starts
    dodging at the last second. Try if you want, but watch out for the grenades and
    so on. Wait for her to stop this attack.
    She'll probably call for her minions to attack. Duck into the doorway again for
    shelter. Now pop back out and find Raven again. She might do another bombing
    run. Hide again and then wait for her to begin the floating sequence. Again, the
    best time to hit her is the first time she is floating in the air still. After
    that, she moves around too much, so prepare for the first one by charging the
    Rail Gun. Fire a shot at her and if you're lucky, you'll end the fight right
    here. If you want, you can also use the M82A2. Make sure you get her on that
    first attempt, but there are other opportunities. This is a fairly quick, safe
    method however. 
    Skip the scene. Prepare for phase two. 
    Whip out the Solar Gun or the M870. Take aim at the Beauty and charge the Solar
    Gun to full. She usually dodges one or two shots, but eventually you'll land a
    hit. Two fully charged Solar Gun shots is all it takes. 
    After that, skip a whole lot of scenes. Save your game and skip more scenes. You
    have finished Act 3. Hopefully your finish time is roughly 2 hours and 35
    minutes. If you finished in 3 hours that's ok too. There's only 2 Acts left. 
        _        _     _  _   
       / \   ___| |_  | || |  
      / _ \ / __| __| | || |_              _________________________________
     / ___ \ (__| |_  |__   _|  __________/ TWIN SUNS      Big Boss Emblem  \____
    /_/   \_\___|\__|    |_|   /  (bbe4)  \_________________________________/
    Skip all the scenes at the start. You'll then start the "special" sequence. 
    Just get to one of the exits right away and don't bother with anything else.
    After that, don't save and skip the cutscenes and whatnot. Save after that when
    you get control at...
    Shadow Moses - Snowfield
    Move forward to the left. If you want to prepare now for what's to come, go into
    your inventory now. Have Chaff Grenades and the Rail Gun equipped, as well as
    the M82A2. Anything else is arbitrary. Proceed through this canyon. Pay
    attention to the Solid Eye radar and look out for the Gekkos. If you move quick
    enough through here, you can just hug the left wall of this small canyon and
    avoid any confrontation. You'll wind up at...
    Shadow Moses - Heliport
    First thing's first. There are a lot of audio flashbacks to trigger here.
    However, we don't have time. Go ahead and trigger the Hind D one by grabbing the
    Chaff Grenades (especially if you don't have much or any; you'll need them
    shortly) on the helipad. Now if you're good on other ammo, go ahead and approach
    the open hangar door. If you need some ammo, you can find Mk. 2 ammo in the open
    storage room on the left, near a crawlspace, and then Stun Grenades in the room
    on the other side of that crawlspace. You can also find more Mk. 2 ammo if you
    are really short, up on the 2nd floor.
    Now, approach the open door. Don't venture too far in because the Scarabs are
    scanning all over the place. Toss a Chaff Grenade in and then when it goes, make
    a run for it. Make a beeline for the open cargo door. You can get through with
    the duration of one Chaff Grenade, but if you want insurance, toss another one
    before you get there, so the effect lasts. Get under and go into the Canyon. As
    you can see, the Gekko are already awake. 
    Shadow Moses - Canyon
    If you play your cards right you can run through this whole area which saves you
    a lot of time compared to other conventional tactics. The key is that the Gekko
    are not like humans. If you're behind them and running, they're not gonna spin 
    around. So watch which way they're facing and just run. I can't really recommend
    an alternate strategy, since your focus should be getting through this area, and
    not engaging the Gekkos. If you have to though, just use the Rail Gun since it 
    works well. It's really not that hard.
    Shadow Moses - Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F
    Proceed down the ramp and crawl under the door for a codec call. Skip it and
    move directly ahead toward the door beyond the truck for another call. Skip that
    too. Now go upstairs to the elevator and hit the switch. Go down to the only
    other floor you can pick.
    Shadow Moses - Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    Now just to save time, go down the hall and turn left, go down that hall and go
    into Otacon's office. Skip the scene and input the password which is 48273, or
    put in one of the other secret sequences if you want. After that, skip the scene
    and then head back out into the hallway. 
    When you turn the corner, you'll see a Gekko come crashing in. Wait for it to
    get moving and when it does, either stay there or go across the hall to the
    blocked doorway and crawl through, then head all the way to the back with the
    power conduit. From either spot, take out the Mk. II and have it electrify the
    floor by interacting with the conduit. You'll save a little time if you go to
    the conduit as Snake, instead of sending the Mk. II all the way by itself. After
    the Gekko is history, get back on the elevator.
    Shadow Moses - Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F
    When the elevator arrives, get out and just drop over the railing. Approach the
    door for a scene in which yet another Gekko, apparently smart enough to manage
    an elevator, follows you. Now, since you should undoubtedly have the Rail Gun,
    that is your best primary weapon here. Just fire a fully charged shot at its
    head and be done with it. However, I like to be meticulous and cover as many
    bases as I can so I'll provide another strategy. Just wait for the Gekko to come
    down, then immediately throw down a Chaff Grenade to knock it out for a moment.
    While its stunned, take aim at its weak points with some weapons, preferably
    something with rapid fire like the M4 or a machine gun, or a shotgun like the
    M870. Bring it down and then aim at its head until it blows up. Done. The door
    opens faster this way. Proceed through. 
    Shadow Moses - Snowfield & Communications Tower
    Head out and besides the ramp you can find some Stun Grenades. There is a small
    shack on the left. Inside you can find a bunch of stuff, including Mosin Nagant
    ammo. Now head down the cliffs for a scene. Skip it and save. Get ready.
    I personally hated this fight a lot on Extreme. There's a few ways you can go
    about this. If you're pressed for time, you might want to try a strategy 
    developed by a guy named underfox, so credit goes to him for this. Basically,
    from the start, find Wolf, avoiding or tranquilizing any FROGs in your way. Find
    her and get to the side of her so she won't see you and chuck a Smoke Grenade at
    her. The smoke will keep her still for a while. Unload on her at this point with
    the MGL-140's Stun Grenades. It takes about 5-6 rounds to take her out and it 
    ends the fight super quick. 
    However, this is kind of hard to pull off, and if you're like me, you might not
    have enough Stun Grenades for the MGL. That leaves you with two other options.
    If you've been breezing through BBE like lightning and have a lot of time on
    your hands, you can always try the Truck method. Just hide under the truck and
    tranquilize any FROGs in your view. When Crying Wolf comes running up, she'll
    drop some grenades which will hurt Snake, then run off and get into position to
    snipe with her Rail Gun. At that point, you can snipe her with the M82A2. Since
    it means you take damage, just lay flat while you're waiting to recover health.
    This obviously takes a while, around 15 minutes sometimes. It's a relatively
    safe method however, so if you have the luxury of time, it's an option.
    However, since I couldn't try the Smoke Grenade method, and I wanted to do it a
    little faster, I went with option C. Actively seek her out and snipe her in the
    head with the M82A2, then track her down again and repeat. I found this method
    to be the easiest since tracking Wolf is not hard. From the beginning, just
    tranquilize the first two FROGs by using a combination of your infrared and the
    Mk. 2. Head forward in between the stone wall and the tower. On the walkway of
    the second tower, find the FROG and tranquilize her from below. Now as you turn
    the corner of the second tower, get down and slowly proceed into the open field
    here. This is one of Wolf's potential hiding spots. She can be in the right-hand
    corner near the passage that leads to the Hind D, or she can be on the left. If
    you see her, get into position and snipe her in the head with the M82A2. It will
    do a small amount of damage, but it will suffice. She'll then get up and run
    off. Usually, if you're near something like a wall or something, she will just
    run away. There are times, and this is where you need to be careful, she will
    come right after you and her charge attack really, really hurts. 
    Use the Solid Eye Radar and just what you can see on your own to judge where
    Wolf is running off to. It's really easy to get at least a general idea of where
    she went. To save some time, get up and just stay in a crouched position and
    move in that direction, as opposed to crawling there. Just always watch out for
    FROGs. Chances are you'll need to put a lot of them back to sleep again. If you
    pass any that you tranquilized before, put another round in their bodies to keep
    them shootin Z's. Find Wolf's next position and fire again. 
    Continue this method while again avoiding the FROGs. Try to move in a very
    straightforward, back and forth path. That is, if you're facing the north tower
    from the exit to the Snowfield (near the passage that leads to the Hind D), make
    it so that you only move to the left of the tower, and then to the right of the
    tower. Don't go back into the area where the truck is, and don't go too far into
    the forest on the right. Chances are, by just using the northern tower as your
    jumping off point, you can find Wolf easily by just going to the left or right
    of it and using your rifle to scout the area. Keep infrared on and you can find
    her. It will take a few more rounds to put her down, and the M82A2 method will
    probably take 5-10 minutes, but it worked for me. When the Wolf gives out its
    last howl, you've got one last thing to take care of.
    As always, just use the Solar Gun or M870. Ignore how annoying the constant
    dodging is and just get your shots in until the stamina/psyche falls to nothing.
    Save your game, then head through the doorway to the north and into the Blast
    Furnace, but not before a Codec call which you should skip.
    Shadow Moses - Blast Furnace
    Hopefully you still have some Chaff Grenades. Go across the walkway to the left,
    then hug the wall and slide across the narrow ledge to the other one. Now toss
    a Chaff Grenade down and immediately drop over the railing to land below. Go
    around the immediate corner and approach the elevator here to activate it. The
    stunning effect of the Chaff Grenade will last long enough so don't worry. When
    it comes up, get in quickly and set it for B5. Listen to the audio flashback
    along the way.
    Shadow Moses - Casting Facility South
    There will be a Gekko immediately in front of you as the elevator doors open.
    Another is on the other side. Don't worry about them. Just hurry over to the
    right side. You'll see the other Gekko. Let it walk forward, then continue to
    the right, getting behind the red pillars here. Watch out for the Scarab's
    scanning beam. Don't let it touch you, and when it's safe, and also when the
    Gekko turns to the left, dash forward and go to the right door. You can find
    some Mk. 2 ammo near a container here. If you take the left door, you can also
    find ammo to the left of the stairs. Head through to the next area and save.
    Shadow Moses - Casting Facility North
    Now here I like to take out the Gekko just to make things easier. It's a little
    risky however since I've sometimes gotten alerted by the Scarabs so it's up to
    you. If you started on the right, aim at the Gekko hanging on the ceiling with
    the Rail Gun and fire a fully charged shot. The others will come looking. Take
    the second one out, then drop a Chaff Grenade and take out the third one. Now
    make your way onto the conveyor belt, crawl under the machine and on the other
    side, drop one more Chaff Grenade to keep the effect going, and then head for
    the door. If you started on the left, take out the Gekkos and then drop the
    Chaff, move up, cross the conveyor belt, and move through. Drop down the ladder
    and enter the door.
    Shadow Moses - Underground Base
    Crawl through the crawlspace. Just drop another Chaff and you can run through
    this area in no time. Easy.
    Shadow Moses - Underground Supply Tunnel
    Go ahead and save after the scene. Another boss fight is waiting.
    -->BOSS FIGHT - VAMP<--
    I sincerely hope you got the Solar Gun. If you do, this fight will be over in
    a matter of 15 seconds. If not, you'll have a significantly harder time with
    this. With the Solar Gun, just charge it fully once and fire it at Vamp. A
    direct hit brings him down just like that. Run over to his body and take out the
    Syringe. When he gets back up, CQC grab him and hit Triangle (with the Syringe
    equipped) to end it. 
    However, if you're not so lucky as to have the Solar Gun, my second
    recommendation is the M82A2. It will do a decent amount of damage, even more so
    if you can get a headshot. Headshots are easy if you can "hide" from Vamp. This
    is hard to do at the beginning of the fight, but it's possible. Since the area
    is large, just run around and hide behind the debris. If Vamp doesn't see you,
    he'll start saying "Where are you?" and the like, and he'll be moving very
    slowly. This makes headshots easier. Again, it's easier once you've already
    taken him down once, because once he hits the floor, you can run away and hide
    before he sees you. Either way, just use it, then rush him and try to CQC him
    with the Syringe.
    After that, skip the scene and prep your Rail Gun. The Suicide Gekko will begin
    to pile in. The challenge here is just staying alive, but compared to other
    things you've dealt with so far, it's nothing. Take aim at the Gekko surrounding
    you with the Rail Gun and fully charge it. One will land right in front of you,
    so make that your first target. The other Gekko will shoot at you so try to take
    them out quick. Try charging it to level 2, and not a full charge. Sometimes, if
    you're lucky or just really accurate, you'll get a kill on the Gekko with a
    lower charge level on the Rail Gun. If not, just follow it up with another quick
    shot to finish the job. This is useful if you're really surrounded, so you don't
    have to charge each shot all the way.
    When the first wave is gone, lay flat and recover any lost health. Once the next
    wave appears, start aiming again. Charge the Rail Gun to the appropriate level
    and fire. Beware of some Gekko that will appear behind you. Turn around and aim
    between REX's legs to get it. After a while, the Gekko will start filing in one
    by one in your area, getting really close. Take them out fast and the others as
    well. Eventually, they will stop coming, and the other fight will end.
    Skip the cutscene and save.
    Shadow Moses - Surface Tunnel
    Onboard REX, making it out of this tunnel, isn't a whole lot harder than on
    other difficulties. Make use of both the Vulcans and the Missile Launcher. The
    Gekko in this tunnel seem to mob you more, so try and take out as many as you
    can before moving too far. Fire the Vulcans in bursts so as not to overheat
    them. When there's a large group, opt for the Missile Launcher, then switch 
    Make sure to aim at Gekkos on the ledges to the sides and any others that may
    suddenly appear. You'll no doubt take some damage, but it shouldn't be too much
    and you'll gain all that health back soon anyway. Focus on moving but also don't
    leave too many Gekko standing. Make your way out for a scene.
    Shadow Moses - Port Area
    Skip it and save. One more fly to swat. 
    Again, I don't find this fight incredibly difficult. I'd say the biggest thing
    to take advantage of here is REX's ramming attack, which you can use by holding
    the Left Analog Stick in the direction you want and hitting X. Liquid is a
    little more aggressive on Extreme so he will use RAY to come right after you
    early in the fight. See your openings and strike early by ramming into RAY, 
    then following it up by hitting Triangle at the prompt. When at a distance,
    make use of the Vulcans and the Missile Launcher, especially to keep RAY from 
    ramming you back. 
    Fire down RAY's missiles if Liquid uses them. Also watch out for the Water 
    Cutter attack. Any time RAY is relatively close, try to ram it for the Triangle
    attack. Just be careful. Sometimes Liquid expects it and shields RAY with its 
    arm, and that leaves you wide open. 
    When RAY is shuffling behind buildings, charge up REX's laser. Try to get it to
    a full charge and then fire it at Liquid, especially if he gets close to you.
    Follow it up with a Triangle attack as well. Use all of these various attacks to
    bring RAY down.
    After that, skip the scenes and save if you like. Act 4 is done. Hopefully all
    is ship shape and you're doing well. No kills, no alerts. Your time after
    completing Act 4 is hopefully around 3 hours, 5 minutes. 3 hours and 30 minutes
    is acceptable as well. If you're nearing 4 hours, you're cutting it close, but
    it's still doable. Now, we've got one more to go. Take a deep breath and get
        _        _     ____  
       / \   ___| |_  | ___| 
      / _ \ / __| __| |___ \              _________________________________
     / ___ \ (__| |_   ___) |  __________/ OLD SUN      Big Boss Emblem    \____
    /_/   \_\___|\__| |____/  /  (bbe5)  \_________________________________/
    You know the drill. Skip the briefing, scenes, etc. When you have control, save.
    Outer Haven - Ship Bow
    My strategy for this doesn't differ than in my regular guide. Move up and then
    lay low as the two FROGs appear from above. Wait for them to get closer and then
    pop them both with the Mk. 2. Proceed down this corridor. To the right is a
    crawlspace. Find some Mk. 2 ammo here if you need it. Continue and then drop
    again with two more FROGs incoming. Again, shoot them both then move up. Stay
    low as you move around the two crates. Shoot the FROG here, then move out so you
    can get a view down the next passageway. Two more FROGs should be visible, so
    pop them both. Now your way is opened, so get up and hurry down, still favoring
    the left wall.
    Find the big round pillar with the stack of crates. Hug the pillar and slip
    through the space. Now move forward and when you get far enough, lay down and
    crawl again. Two more FROGs at the end of this path will appear. Shoot them both
    then move up to where they were. Stay prone and just keep crawling, turning the
    corner here. Head out to where all the crates and such are. A Gekko appears. On
    Extreme, it won't be destroyed, so you will have to worry about two Gekko in
    this area while attempting to open the door. 
    Just crawl out and get somewhat close to the door, but stay in a position so
    that you are blocked somewhat by some of the objects here. Facing away from the
    door, there are two Gekko down these two aisles on the ship. The left one just
    disappeared. The right one will come toward you and look around, then eventually
    turn around again. When it does, spring up immediately and go to the door. Mash
    Triangle to open it and slip inside.
    Grab whatever you want here, then get on the elevator. After that, you can find
    some Mk. 2 ammo here. Now head through the door and save. 
    Outer Haven - Command Center
    Some FROGs would like to have a word with you. Argh, can't they see I'm in a
    hurry?! Oh well. 
    It took me a while to figure out the best strategy for this part. Then my friend
    reminded me and it seemed simple enough. Basically, at the start, find the
    closest FROG and grab her with CQC. Use her as a shield and this basically
    immobilizes the other FROGs. Take aim at them with the Mk. 2 and pop them one by
    one. When the first wave is down, throw down your FROG and take her out as well.
    The second wave shows up. Use the Mk. 2 or Mosin Nagant and take them out on the
    upper walkway. When one drops down, grab her and use the Human Shield move again
    to take out the others with little trouble.
    The third wave of FROGs will appear. Again, just grab the closest one and fire
    away. That will do it. Time for the last of the B&B Corps.
    At the start, shake off Mantis' control by using the Syringe from the item menu.
    Next, you should take out as many of the FROGs as possible by hitting them with
    tranquilizer rounds. Also knock Meryl out by grabbing her with CQC and using the
    Syringe. Now focus on Mantis. Use something like the M870 that has a nice blast
    radius, because firing quickly is a priority here. Take aim at the Mantis Doll
    and shoot it whenever Mantis stops. Don't let her make a move, just shoot the
    doll every opportunity you get. If you wait too long she may throw knives at
    you or bring the FROGs up again to attack you.
    After a few hits, Mantis will bring Meryl back up. Just grab her and use the
    Syringe again.  Aim at the doll again and keep shooting. Remember not to let her
    get too comfortable. When she tries to make Meryl shoot herself, again grab her
    and use the Syringe. Now aim at the doll again and keep shooting. With the 
    M870 or any other shotgun, you don't have to be too accurate, so focus on
    getting the shot off quick. Mantis will bring up one FROG to attack you but if
    you can shoot the doll, the FROG will fall down. 
    Eventually the Mantis Doll is dropped. Go and grab it. Now equip it and get
    ready. Mantis will come after you now and try to attack you. Back away or roll
    out of danger. She'll follow this up with a second attack immediately after so
    dodge that as well. As Mantis is floating there following the second strike, use
    the doll and try to hit her with it fast. It's a brief window, but it's your
    best shot to get her. If you miss, she'll fly around for a moment, then come
    after you again. When you have control, just tilt the controller a few times to
    lower her health and stamina/psyche. The fight ends.
    The last of the Beasts, followed by the last of the Beauties. Bring it on.
    Nothing to say here really. Solar Gun/M870. Fire away. Yay. 
    Skip the scenes and then save. 
    Outer Haven - Missile Hangar
    Just run through the first few areas until you get to the Scarab infested
    walkways. On other difficulties, you could just charge forward and roll over the
    Scarabs. Not gonna work now. The other option is the Drum Can, which works, but
    is very ineffective in the long run due to its short usage time. The best idea
    is the Chaff Grenades! Throw one and just run along on your merry way. Toss one
    more after the second corridor to keep the effect going. Reach the exit and skip
    the next scene.
    Save when prompted, then skip a whole bunch of scenes and talking. This is it,
    the final showdown.
    There's not much I can say about this fight besides an old adage. "Practice
    makes perfect." That's what it comes down to. If you've done this fight enough,
    you may know how Ocelot attacks and how to dodge, etc. If not, you'll be getting
    a crash course now. It's annoying I know, but this is the last fight so just
    bear down.
    Phase One starts and he's got a few punches, kicks, and the ramming attack. Get
    used to blocking and dodging a lot. For Phase One, you can try to stay defensive
    by blocking and then striking back with a punch combo. You'll take small bits of
    damage by the ramming attack, but not much if you block that. Try to corner him
    and you might get extra hits when he gets up, but this doesn't always work. You
    can also hold R1 for CQC grabs, but these are risky because when the Triangle
    prompt appears, if you don't hit Triangle or if you don't hit it fast enough,
    Ocelot will reverse it on you. The other thing you can do is just try to dodge
    his kicks and ramming attacks, then strike back with a combo. The key is to try
    and not take too much damage in this first part. Thanks to ZombieHuggles for the
    Blocking strategy. 
    One thing to keep in mind, and I separate this from the rest of the strategy for
    good reason, is that you can heal yourself in this fight. The first time Ocelot
    knocks you down, he'll do a taunt, and you need to wait for the Triangle prompt
    to appear to get back up. Next time you get knocked on your ass however, get
    back up quickly with X. As Ocelot does his taunt, hold Triangle to do a special
    action that will heal some of Snake's life! This is extremely helpful in the 
    long run of things. If you came out of Phase One a little bruised, it will help.
    The thing is, if you get up too fast, Ocelot may not do the taunt. Also, doing
    this means he has to knock you down first of all. 
    In Phase Two, Ocelot brings that power punch that is extremely annoying. It's
    like the kiss of death. Avoid it all costs. He advertises it well by winding up
    and saying "Take this!". Try not to be too close. Force Ocelot to get closer to
    use that attack. Then when it's coming, dodge and quickly counterattack. I know
    it sounds easy, but it might not be at first. Trust me though. If you keep doing
    this, you'll eventually learn when to predict the attacks and you'll get better.
    Dodge that punch every time and counter with combos or CQC if you can pull it
    off without him reversing it on you. Eventually he'll go down again and that's
    when you can fight back. At this point, it's out of my hands. I can only advise
    you. It will come down to how well you can learn a pattern and how fast you can
    react and counter.
    Finally comes the last important phase, the CQC one. This can get annoying fast
    if you've struggled to get here and you have low health. His headbutt move, is
    hard to see coming and it's the one move that can kill you. Snake's health can
    be depleted, but if his psyche is still up he will live. A headbutt from Ocelot
    will end the fight though so it's frustrating. Try to keep your strategy similar
    to the last phase. Stay back and see if he will try some punches. When he does,
    dodge and then counterattack. This might be hard, so some other tips are to try
    and keep a safe distance and while he's coming closer, start a combo. The first
    punches are supposed to miss, but sometimes you can nail him with the kicks. 
    It's not foolproof, but it might help. Otherwise, one thing that worked for me
    was to rush him with the dash punch. He often will back away and then try to
    get closer, so if you miss, quickly reverse direction and dash back. Keep trying
    and you might get a hit or two. If you manage to stun him, follow it with a 
    combo. This phase is pretty frustrating, but it can be done. I had to do this
    fight my first time with a splitting headache, so imagine how I felt! He'll go
    down eventually. It's almost over.
    Now you're probably thinking, "Phew. Now comes the easy part." You wish. I
    actually got to the final phase, just to lose. Yeah... Not gonna go into detail
    how pissed off I was. In any case, you do not want to blow the fight here. This
    little "movie fight" phase is just as dangerous. As soon as you see the screen
    change, lumber toward Ocelot. Wait about 3 seconds and then let loose a punch.
    If you miss, he'll fire back. That's ok, but don't let him hit you again. Or
    else this will fall out of reach quick. If you make or miss the first punch,
    wait for that subtle change in the screen that tells you it's time to fight
    again. Immediately hit R1 again. Wait for it again, then quickly hit R1 again.
    Keep doing this and do not let more than a second go by or else Ocelot will
    strike. Keep it up a few times until finally, it ends. 
    Skip all the scenes. The first part of the credits roll. Skip a whole lot more
    cutscenes. More credits roll. After that....
    Congrats! You have earned the Big Boss Emblem! You have unlocked the Patriot,
    and the Big Boss FaceCamo. On top of that, besides the Big Boss Emblem, you'll
    also earn the FoxHound, Fox, Hound, Mantis, Wolf, Raven, Octopus, and Pigeon
    emblems, perhaps more depending on how you played. If you haven't gotten some of
    these emblems until now, you might also unlock the Type 17 Pistol, the Desert
    Eagle (Long Barrel), and the Thor .45-70. Schwing! Also for getting the Big Boss
    Emblem, you'll get the Big Boss song for your iPod! If you were like me, you
    will probably want to reload your completed game file (not on Extreme again
    though, haha) and try out your new toys. The Patriot is fun enough, playing the
    Snake Eater fanfare when you aim with it. Really cool.
    After that however... Congratulations! You've earned the Bandanna, Stealth, and
    the Solar Gun! On top of that, you'll earn the Pigeon and Octopus
    Emblems, among others. Schwing!
      /                                                                 \
    -]| Extras (exra)                                                   |[-
      Non-lethal Boss Strategies  (nlbb)
    Since I had to scrap my No Kills/Alerts walkthrough, all of the information was
    deleted. However, the BBE guide does not go over a few things that was covered
    in the former. Namely, the Solar Gun and the FaceCamo. So I'll just be keeping
    the strategies for beating the B&B Corps non-lethally, with the exception of
    Screaming Mantis. I may add more to this in the future.
    1. Laughing Octopus
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - LAUGHING OCTOPUS=========================================[]
    |	Aha! So we meet again you.... crazy, tentacle woman thing... Yeah.... |
    |Anyways, now that we're going to be attempting a stamina kill, your weapon   |
    |choice will be different and much more limited this time around. Your best   |
    |friend here is the M870 which I sincerely hope you have found our bought from|
    |Drebin. Make sure you have purchased V-Ring ammo for it. It's the only type  |
    |of ammo that makes this work. I also like to use the Mosin Nagant sometimes  |
    |and on occasion, Stun Grenades. If you are indeed playing this for the second|
    |time, you have the MGL-140. You can use it if you'd like, but it's preferable|
    |not to because of the flash. If she's far away though, go for it.            |
    |	Anyway, you should know Octopus' attacks (and if you don't check the  |
    |first strategy for her in the standard walkthrough). The key here is to keep |
    |firing at her head with the M870 and V-Ring ammo. It doesn't do a whole lot, |
    |but it's really the best you've got. You'll be tasked with tracking her down |
    |the whole time. Remember all her hiding spots well. She hides in the hallway,|
    |on the ceiling, in the painting at the end of one hall, in the ceiling in the|
    |lab room, as a machine in the lab room, as a box in the small storage room,  |
    |as a marionette (across from the real one), and as a limp soldier. Snuff her |
    |out by using the infrared setting on the Solid Eye to see her lit up like a  |
    |Christmas tree, and also the radar to tell where she might be located when   |
    |she talks. Find her and use the M870 or the Mosin Nagant to headshot her,    |
    |then when she vanishes, you can repeat the whole process over again.         |
    |	Shake off her bombs when she sends them out and they latch onto you by|
    |rolling. When Octopus starts coming through the windows, fend her off with   |
    |the M870 and if she's far away down the hall, you can use the MGL-140 Stun   |
    |Grenades, but again, it's not the best option due the blinding and the fact  |
    |that, unfortunately, they don't do much damage. This will be a long fight    |
    |trying to deplete her stamina so healing items may become important. Keep up |
    |your attacks and make sure to dodge her roll attack if you can. Remember that|
    |halfway through she'll disguise herself as the Mk. II. After you turn the    |
    |Corner go no farther and hit her from afar. When she disguises herself as    |
    |Naomi, just give her a Mosin Nagant round to the head. Keep up your attacks  |
    |with the M870 after that and watch for her as she continues to bound in and  |
    |out of the windows. Eventually you'll deplete that stamina to zero, and the  |
    |fight will be won.                                                           |
    To find the Laughing Octopus doll....
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - LAUGHING BEAUTY==========================================[]
    |	Ok, first thing's first. Turn left and enter the lab room. Go into the|
    |next room to the right which is the other room with a bed. On top of this bed|
    |(use infrared) you will find the Laughing Octopus Doll. This is the prime    |
    |reason you stamina killed the Beast form, and is the reason you'll be doing  |
    |the same for the rest of the B&B Corps. If you have these already, you can   |
    |ignore that and also ignore the stamina killing aspect for the Beast form.   |
    |	With the doll in hand, turn your sights on Laughing Beauty. You can go|
    |ahead and search for items first if you wish, but you know what you must do  |
    |eventually. We have to stamina kill her too, because we obviously want to    |
    |keep kills at 0 and bosses do indeed count. The M870 works wonders on these  |
    |sidestepping witches. It's very easy to get shots on them and it does a lot  |
    |of damage. Just three should be more than enough to take her down and end    |
    |this. Non-lethally of course.                                                |
    2. Raging Raven
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - RAGING RAVEN=============================================[]
    |	Ironically, you might find the stamina kill strategy to be quicker and|
    |more efficient than the normal strategy for Raven. Then again, you might be  |
    |playing it on a lower difficulty like how this guide was written for, so it  |
    |could just be that. Anyways...                                               |
    |	You should know Raven's attacks, and if not, seek out the first       |
    |strategy on her. Your best friend in this fight is the Mosin Nagant so you   |
    |better have it. Another fine choice is the M870, but the Mosin Nagant is just|
    |money here so we're gonna use that. My personal preference is to go up to the|
    |top floor, but depending on your strategy you might want the 2nd floor.      |
    |	Now on the top floor balcony, just take aim and look for Raven. You   |
    |can go ahead and use the M4 or whatever you want to shoot down her minions   |
    |because again, they do NOT count as kills. Also, even though Raven's minions |
    |can spot you with their searchlights and it makes the "!" sound like you got |
    |an alert, this is not an alert so don't be alarmed. Again, you can't get an  |
    |alert here so don't be concerned.                                            |
    |	The basic strategy is to find Raging Raven in your scope and fire at  |
    |her with the Mosin Nagant. The damage she takes from it is considerable so it|
    |won't take very long to end this fight. The key is to keep moving and avoid  |
    |her grenades. She hovers in the air for a few moments, then fires a grenade  |
    |and flies off. Learn the timing of this in case you can't get your shot off  |
    |so you can move to avoid the blast. Also be wary of her "bombing run" attack |
    |if she does it. One thing to keep in mind when using the Mosin Nagant on her |
    |is that she doesn't always flinch when you shoot her with it. That means that|
    |even if you land a hit on her, she might still shoot a grenade at you so be  |
    |careful. If you prefer not to stay out in the open, it's your choice, but on |
    |Naked Normal and with the power of the Mosin Nagant, this fight is pretty    |
    |easy. Just keep up the attack and she'll go down in no time.                 |
    Hold on to your pants though (wait, what?), because this isn't over just yet!
    You've got to get the Raging Raven doll. 
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - RAGING BEAUTY============================================[]
    |	By now, these things should be very elementary if you have indeed been|
    |through the game once before already. You have the freedom to search for some|
    |items but there's one in particular we're after here. Go upstairs all the way|
    |to the top floor. As soon as you come out the door onto the balcony, turn    |
    |right. In that corner there, you'll find the Raging Raven Doll. That's three |
    |now so we're on our way.                                                     |
    |	As for Raging Beauty, she will probably have followed you up here and |
    |will most likely be moving at a fast pace. Ready your M870 and fire it at her|
    |to slow her down and hopefully get a hit. Just avoid her and keep using the  |
    |M870's V-Ring ammo (remember, no kills!) to reduce her stamina to nothing and|
    |the fight will end.                                                          |
    3. Crying Wolf
    []=====BOSS FIGHT - CRYING WOLF===============================================[]
    |	Well, this fight can be really annoying but the FROGs can't alert you  |
    |here so you don't have to worry about that. Basically the strategy here comes |
    |down to two simple things, and they both involve the trusty Mosin Nagant. Also|
    |keep in mind that you can't kill the FROGs but they can be a nuisance so      |
    |you're better off tranquilizing them when you can.                            |
    |	Basically, the best thing to do here is either wait for or track down  |
    |Crying Wolf and snipe her with the Mosin Nagant when she exposes her head. It |
    |will do a good amount of damage and using this method will not take long, but |
    |it depends on how you go about it. You can opt to track her by staying        |
    |downwind and finding her initial hiding spot. Wait until she comes out of her |
    |shell and then fire away. You just need to be wary of the FROGs so tranquilize|
    |them. Then, when Crying Wolf flees, just track her footprints and use other   |
    |tools like the Solid Eye and the radar to help you find her again and you can |
    |just continue this process.                                                   |
    |	The problem here is the FROGs and the fact that they can alert you and |
    |that you're putting yourself at risk whenever you're out in the open because  |
    |the Solid Eye, a very important tool for this battle, can tip them off to your|
    |whereabouts. Also, the replacement FROGs will come by and wake up the ones you|
    |have taken down so that makes things even more difficult. This strategy works |
    |and it's a good idea if you want to finish this fight quickly, but... the most|
    |cautious strategy is the truck one.                                           |
    |	Just stay hidden underneath the truck and camp out there for the entire|
    |fight. Just wait for Wolf to come by and snipe her exposed head when you get  |
    |the chance. Also make sure the FROGs are taken down, just in case you need to |
    |crawl out from under the truck a bit to get a better shot on Wolf. The worst  |
    |that can happen here is that it just takes long and you might take a little   |
    |damage if Wolf runs up and drops grenades. It's the most careful strategy     |
    |however and you won't have to worry about the alerts.                         |
    |	There is also a way with the "Truck Strategy" to make things a little  |
    |faster. Under infrared, you can see those glowing cables on the Wolf's sides. |
    |You can shoot these while she's walking around and sniffing about. A good shot|
    |will trigger an explosion that will hopefully hurt her. It takes out both her |
    |health and her stamina. The health will not be a problem though if you've been|
    |reducing her stamina already so don't worry. This is not key reason for this  |
    |strategy however. The important thing is after you shoot her cables, she'll   |
    |run about for a while, and usually stop, expose her head to try and snipe you,|
    |which in effect, expedites the process, allowing you to hit her with the Mosin|
    |Nagant sooner.                                                                |
    |	Wolf is not tough, it's just the FROGs. I totally recommend just using |
    |the truck because it takes them out of the equation completely. However, as a |
    |last strategy, if you're in a real hurry, you can also use the Rail Gun (which|
    |again, is not an option if you're playing through the first time) to take her |
    |out really, really fast. Just watch for the FROGs and take aim, eventually    |
    |this beast will fall.                                                         |
    Well, as usual, we're not quite done. After the scene, whip out that M870 and
    prepare for another beautiful battle. Time to get the Crying Wolf doll.
    []=====BOSS BATTLE - CRYING BEAUTY============================================[]
    |	The first order of business, as always, is to find that Doll. From the |
    |starting point, you can find it by turning around and going a ways to the left|
    |after turning around. It should be stowed away in the corner there. If you    |
    |find Stun Grenades, you went the wrong way, so just hug the wall and go in the|
    |other direction to find the Crying Wolf Doll. Great, one more to go.          |
    |	As for Crying Beauty, well, just give it to her (no, not that!). Fire a|
    |few V-Ring shots into her and without much effort, she should go down. There  |
    |are of course, other methods, but this is my preferred one. When she's down,  |
    |it's time to move on.                                                         |
      Weapon Index  (wpin)
    Here's a list of all the weapons in the game. They're catalogued first by
    guns which have attributes and then the "Other" category follows that. They're
    divided into each class of weapon, which you can view on the Weapon Menu while
    in-game. The following tables will show you each gun's attributes so that you
    can easily compare them to one another. Any special abilities or other notes
    will also be made available.
    First, there are the gun attributes. You can see these on the top right of
    your screen when looking at a gun in the menu. You'll see several boxes aligned
    vertically with symbols and letters. The symbols represent the attributes, and
    the letters are the grade of the gun's effectiveness in that category. The
    attributes are as follows:
    DMG - Lethality of the gun in terms of damage dealt
    SLP - How effective the gun is in putting enemies asleep
    STN - How effective the gun is in stunning enemies
    SHK - The range in which the gun is effective
    PNT - The gun's ability to pierce through surfaces
    STB - How much recoil the gun has
    RLD - How long the gun takes to reload
    LKD - How effective the gun is when Auto-Aim is enabled
    CAP - This stat isn't included in the table. It's the gun's capacity for ammo.
    All of this info can be found in the tables below. 
    Weapon Index Info
    This is even more relevant info provided by me. It includes information on where
    to find all of the weapons in the game and any other things worth noting. 
    Type: Whether or not the weapon is Non-Lethal, Lethal, or can be both
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes/No on whether this weapon can be purchased from Drebin
    Obtained: How the gun is obtained (typically, where it can be found)
    Special/Notes: If the gun has a special feature or something, or is just
    interesting, there will be mention of it
    And last but not least, many of your weapons can be customized with certain
    attachments. Finding attachments that fit your style of play can be fun and
    make different weapons more appealing. There are several mounting areas
    depending on the gun, and each one can have more than one possible attachment.
    In the index below, if a weapon can be customized, all the possible attachments
    will be listed to the right of the table. 
    [Muzzle Mount]
    -Suppressor: Silences the gun to reduce noise when fired
    [Bottom Mount]
    -Flash Light: Lights dark areas and can blind enemies very briefly
    -GP30: Grenade launcher mount. Needs to be reloaded after each shot
    -XM320: Greande launcher mount. Needs to be reloaded after each shot
    -Master Key: Shotgun mount
    -Foregrip A/B: Increases stability and accuracy when firing rapidly
    [Left Mount]
    -Laser Sight: Allows user to see where bullets will hit
    [Right Mount] 
    -Flash Light: Lights dark areas and can blind enemies very briefly
    [Top Mount]
    -Dot Sight: An optional sight system to assist in aiming in first person
    -Scope: An optional sight system for hitting distant targets
    Pistols are a primary gun for any agent.
    |-[Mk. 2 Pistol]-|
    |10 | D | - | - | - | E | S | A | B |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Given by Otacon (Mk. II) in Act 1 - Red Zone
    Notes: Single shot
    |-[Operator]-|                        Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Muzzle Mount: Suppressor 
    |-----------------------------------| Bottom Mount: Flash Light
    | 7 | - | D | - | C | E | B | S | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Given by Otacon (Mk. II) in Act 1 - Red Zone
    Notes: Snake's default hand gun in MGS4, suppressor available
    |-[GSR]-|                             Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Bottom Mount: Flash Light
    | 8 | - | D | - | C | E | B | S | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - Cost: 3000 DP
    Obtained: In Act 1 - Militia Safehouse, make the left at the first fork to find
    a room with dead PMCs. This is in there on the ground. 
    |-[Five-SeveN]-|                      Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Bottom Mount: Flash Light
    |20 | - | D | - | D | B | B | S | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - Cost: 6000 DP
    Obtained: Dropped by some FROG soldiers in Act 1 - Advent Palace and Act 2
    Notes: Primary pistol used by FROGs. Also used by Snake in Ghost Babel
    |12 | - | D | - | D | E | A | S | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 3500 DP
    Obtained: Carried by the Resistance member in Act 3
    | 6 | - | D | - | D | C | A | S | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 5000 DP
    Obtained: Dropped by Scarabs. 
    -Found in Act 1 - Millennium Park in the fountain area right before Liquid's
    camp. In the bottom corner there is a metal shed. Beside it is a dumpster and
    behind the dumpster is the gun. 
    -Found in Act 2 - Mountain Trail in one of the early dead-end paths. There is a
    house where a PMC waits to ambush Snake. To the right side of the house is the
    Notes: Built in silencer
    |-[G18C]-|                            Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Bottom Mount: Flash Light
    |33 | - | D | - | D | C | C | S | A |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 8000 DP
    Obtained: Carried by some Rebels in Act 2
    Notes: Has full auto-fire, so it fires like an uzi almost. 
    |-[Mk. 23]-|                          Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Muzzle Mount: Suppressor
    |12 | - | D | - | C | E | B | S | A |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Act 4 - Heliport. Crawl under the truck in front of the Tank Hangar.
    Notes: Snake's main gun from Metal Gear Solid 1. Has a built in light attachment
    |-[Race Gun]-|
    |19 | - | E | - | D | E | A | S | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Beat the game once on any difficulty
    Notes: Has some slight ricochet
    |-[Type 17]-|
    |10 | - | D | - | C | E | B | A | A |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Awarded for earning the Hound Emblem
    Notes: The signature gun used by Eva in Metal Gear Solid 3 and Big Mama in MGS4
    |-[Desert Eagle]-|
    | 7 | - | C | - | A | E | D | S | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 20,000 DP
    Obtained: Dropped by Scarabs
    Notes: Signature gun used by Meryl in MGS1 and MGS4
    |-[Desert Eagle (Long Barel]-|
    | 7 | - | C | - | A | E | D | S | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Awarded for earning the Fox Emblem. Enter "deskyhstyl" as a password.
    Special: Has a scope attached with two zoom settings
    |-[1911 Custom]-|                     Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Muzzle Mount: Suppressor
    | 7 | - | D | - | C | E | A | S | S |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Enter "1aytmmymhk" as a Password on the Extras menu
    Notes: The primary pistol used by Big Boss in Operation Snake Eater
    |-[Thor .45-70]-|
    | 1 | - | A | - | S | A | D | A | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Awarded for earning the Fox Hound Emblem
    Notes: Extremely powerful. Has a small sight system
    |-[Solar Gun]-|
    | - |   | - | S | - | E | S | E | B |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Clear the game having obtained all five statues/dolls (FROG and B&B)
    Special: Uses and can only be recharged with sunlight. Strong against Vampires.
    |-[P90]-|                             Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Muzzle Mount: Suppressor
    |-----------------------------------| Left Mount:  Laser Sight
    |50 | - | D | - | D | B | B | B | B | Right Mount: Flash Light
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 5000 DP
    Obtained: Carried by FROGs
    Notes: The primary weapon wielded by FROGs
    |-[M10]-|                             Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Muzzle Mount: Suppressor
    |30 | - | D | - | C | E | B | B | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 3000 DP
    Obtained: Carried by some Rebels in Act 2
    |-[MP7]-|                             Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Top Mount: Dot Sight, Scope
    |20 | - | E | - | E | B | A | B | A |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 3000 DP
    Obtained: Carried by PMCs 
    |-[Vz. 83]-|
    |20 | - | D | - | D | E | B | B | S |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Given to Snake by Big Mama in Act 3
    |64 | - | D | - | D | E | B | B | A |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 7000 DP
    Obtained: No locations; Drebin's Shop only
    |30 | - | E | - | D | E | B | C | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 15,000 DP
    Obtained: No locations; Drebin's Shop only
    | - | - | D | - | B | E | C | - | B |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Awarded for earning the Big Boss Emblem
    Special: Has infinite ammo and never needs to be reloaded. Was used by The Boss
    in Operation Snake Eater. Plays the Snake Eater fanfare when aimed. 
    |-[AK102]-|                           Customization
    |30 | - | D | - | E | C | C | B | D |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Snake picks it up automatically in Act 1 - Red Zone NW Sector
    |-[M4 Custom]-|                       Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Top Mount: Dot Sight, Scope
    |-----------------------------------| Muzzle Mount: Suppressor
    |30 | - | D | - | E | C | C | B | D | Bottom Mount: XM320, Masterkey, Fore Grip
    '-----------------------------------' Left Mount: Laser Sight
                                          Right Mount: Flash Light
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No                               
    Obtained: Given to Snake by Drebin in Act 1    
    Notes: Snake's default rifle in MGS4. Highly customizable. 
    |-[Mk. 17]-|                          Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Top Mount: Dot Sight, Scope
    |-----------------------------------| Bottom Mount: Fore Grip
    |20 | - | C | - | C | C | C | B | D | Left Mount: Laser Sight
    '-----------------------------------' Right Mount: Flash Light
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 3500 DP
    Obtained: Carried by many PMCs. Found in Act 1 - Militia Safehouse in the room
    with the dead PMCs after taking a left at the first fork. 
    |20 | - | C | - | C | C | C | C | E |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 4000 DP
    Obtained: Carried by a few Rebels in Act 2
    |-[FAL Carbine]-|
    |20 | - | C | - | C | C | C | B | D |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 4500 DP
    Obtained: No locations; Drebin's Shop only
    |-[AN94]-|                            Customization
    |30 | - | D | - | E | C | B | B | D |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 5000 DP
    Obtained: Found in one of the houses in Act 2 - Cove Valley Village
    |-[XM8]-|                             Customization
    |30 | - | D | - | E | C | C | B | D |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: In Act 2 - Power Station, go down the trail with the Rebels after the
    station is destroyed. In the area with the large piles of wood, there is a small
    wooden roof hanging over this gun. 
    Notes: Primary weapon used by Rat Pt 01
    |1  | - | C | - | B | E | B | E | D |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 1,000,000 DP
    Obtained: No locations; Drebin's Shop only
    Special: Has a 33% chance of summoning a tornado when fired outdoors.
    |-[M14EBR]-|                          Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Muzzle Mount: Suppressor
    |-----------------------------------| Left Mount: Laser Sight
    |20 | - | C | - | C | B | D | B | - | Right Mount: Flash Light
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 9000 DP
    Obtained: Carried by some PMCs
    Notes: Sniper Rifle
    | 5 | - | B | - | A | A | D | C | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 20,000 DP
    Obtained: There is one FROG on Act 2 - Mountain Trail (the second part) that
    carries this. It's in a small area where Naomi's heels are used as a trap. 
    Notes: Sniper Rifle
    |10 | - | C | - | B | A | E | B | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 18,000 DP
    Obtained: In Act 2 - Cove Valley Village, enter the barn. Climb the ladder and
    perform a roll to get over the gap to a ledge where you can find this. 
    Notes: Sniper Rifle
    |10 | - | D | - | D | A | D | B | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop: No
    Obtained: In Act 2 - Confinement Facility. Reach a very small base at the end
    of a long road by taking the secret Rebel's path from Power Station and go all
    the way north. Inside this base there is a room with a large hole in the floor.
    This gun can be found on the floor beside the hole. 
    Special: Silenced Sniper Rifle
    |5  | B | - | - | A | E | D | B | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 60,000 DP
    Obtained: No locations; Drebin's Shop only
    Notes: Bolt-action rifle used by The End in Metal Gear Solid 3.
    |10 | - | S | - | S | S |E  | B | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 200,000 DP
    Obtained: No locations; Drebin's Shop only
    Notes: Extremely powerful Sniper Rifle with a sleek sight system. Used by Akiba
    |-[Rail Gun]-|
    |40 | - | S | - | S | S |C  | D | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Recovered after the fight with Crying Wolf in Act 4
    Notes: Has three levels of charge and has a scope that can zoom. Used by Fortune
    in Metal Gear Solid 2, and Crying Wolf in MGS4
    |100| - | C | - | C | C | C | D | E |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 6000 DP
    Obtained: No locations; Drebin's Shop only
    Notes: Machine Gun
    |-[M60E4]-|                           Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Top Mount: Dot Sight, Scope
    |-----------------------------------| Bottom Mount: Fore Grip 
    |200| - | C | - | C | C | C | E | E | Left Mount: Laser Sight
    '-----------------------------------' Right Mount: Flash Light
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 10,000 DP
    Obtained: Carried by PMCs in Act 2
    Notes: Machine Gun
    |100| - | C | - | B | C | D | E | E |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 9000 DP
    Obtained: Carried by Rebels in Act 2
    Notes: Machine Gun
    |-[Mk. 46 MOD1]-|                     Customization
    |CAP|SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Top Mount: Dot Sight, Scope
    |-----------------------------------| Bottom Mount: Fore Grip
    |100| - | D | - | B | C | C | E | D | Left Mount: Laser Sight
    '-----------------------------------' Right Mount: Flash Light
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 9000 DP
    Obtained: No locations; Drebin's Shop only
    Notes: Machine Gun
    |-[Twin Barrel]-|
    | 2 |Buckshot| - | B |   | S | B | E | A | C |
    | 2 |Slug    | - | B | - | S | S | E | A | C |
    | 2 |V-Ring  | - | - | B | S | E | E | A | C |
    Type: Lethal (Buckshot/Slug) and Non-Lethal (V-Ring)
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 25,000 DP
    Obtained: In Act 2 - Cove Valley Village, it's in the house the Rebels unlock
    Notes: Shotgun that uses three types of ammo
    |-[M870 Custom]-|                              Customization
    |CAP|Ammo    |SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Top Mount: Dot Sight, Scope
    |4/5|Buckshot| - | B | - | S | B | D | E | C |
    |4/5|Slug    | - | B | - | S | S | D | E | C |
    |4/5|V-Ring  | - | - | B | S | E | D | E | C |
    Type: Lethal (Buckshot/Slug) and Non-Lethal (V-Ring)
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 30,000 DP
    Obtained: In Act 2 - Confinement Facility, there is a small house on the grounds
    where you'll find this. 
    Notes: Shotgun that uses three types of ammo
    |-[Saiga 12 ]-|
    | 8 |Buckshot| - | B | - | S | B | D | B | C |
    | 8 |Slug    | - | B | - | S | S | D | B | C |
    | 8 |V-Ring  | - | - | B | S | E | D | B | C |
    Type: Lethal (Buckshot/Slug) and Non-Lethal (V-Ring)
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 40,000 DP
    Obtained: No locations; Drebin's Shop only
    Notes: Shotgun that uses three types of ammo
    | 6 | - | A | - | S | - | E | B | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 80,000 DP
    Obtained: On the highest level of the northern tower in Act 4 - Snowfield and
    Communications Tower.
    Notes: Grenade Launcher
    |-[MGL-140]-|                                  Customization
    |CAP|Ammo    |SLP|DMG|STN|SHK|PTN|STB|RLD|LKD| Bottom Mount: Fore Grip
    |--------------------------------------------| Right Mount: Flash Light
    | 6 |Grenade | - | A | - | S | - | E | E | - | 
    | 6 |WP G    | - | A | - | S | - | E | E | - |
    | 6 |Stun G  | - | - | A | B | - | E | E | - |
    | 6 |Smoke G | - | - | - | B | - | E | E | - |
    Type: Lethal (Grenade/WP Grenade) and Non-Lethal (Stun Grenade/Smoke Grenade)
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Recovered after the fight with Raging Raven in Act 3
    Notes: Grenade Launcher that uses four types of ammo
    | 1 | - | S | - | S | - | E | B | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 60,000 DP
    Obtained: Various locations as follows:
    -Act 1: Militia Safehouse in the room with the lockers. 
    -Act 2: Mountain Trial on the hill where a FROG tries to ambush Snake.
    -Act 4: Heliport inside one of the side rooms under a table
    | 1 | - | A | - | S | - | D | A | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 40,000 DP
    Obtained: Dropped by one of the Rebels that gets killed immediately after
    entering Vista Mansion in Act 2
    | 1 | - | S | - | S | - | E | B | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 150,000 DP
    Obtained: In Act 1 - Crescent Meridian, climb the ladder in the alley to reach
    the roof and find this. 
    | 1 | - | S | - | S | - | E | B | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 100,000 DP
    Obtained: Various locations as follows:
    -Act 2: Confinement Facility, go along the dirt road where the PMC
    chopper is and near the PMC trenches you can find it on the ground. 
    -Act 3: Midtown Central Sector, find it down near the canal. 
    -Act 4: Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F, inside the truck. 
    -Act 4: Snowfield and Communications Tower, find it near the wreckage of the 
    Hind D helicopter 
    Notes: Also known as the Stinger missile launcher
    | - | A | - | S | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 120 DP
    Obtained: Found nearly everywhere; carried by PMCs
    |-[Petro Bomb]-|
    | - | B | - | B | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 100 DP
    Obtained: Found in many locations; carried by Rebels
    Notes: Also known as the Molotov Cocktail 
    |-[White Phosphorus Grenade]-|
    | - | A | - | S | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 110 DP
    Obtained: Found in many locations; carried by PMCs
    |-[Stun Grenade]-|
    | - | - | A | S | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 120 DP
    Obtained: Found in many locations
    |-[Chaff Grenade]-|
    | - | - | - | B | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Various locations as follows:
    -Act II: Confinement Facility, inside the actual facility, the storage room
    -Act II: Market, last stall on the left before passing the final Gekko
    -Act III: Midtown Central Sector, tucked in a corner, near a big sewage canal
    -Act IV: Heliport, the center of the helicopter landing
    Notes: Temporarily disables Gekko and Scarabs and their sensors
    |-[Smoke Grenade]-|
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 100 DP
    Obtained: Found in many locations
    |-[Smoke Grenade (Yellow)]-|
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 150 DP
    Obtained: Bought in Drebin's Shop only after completing the game once
    Special: The gas emitted from this grenade makes targets burst out in laughter
    |-[Smoke Grenade (Red)]-|
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 150 DP
    Obtained: Bought in Drebin's Shop only after completing the game once
    Special: The gas emitted from this grenade fills targets with rage
    |-[Smoke Grenade (Blue)]-|
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 150 DP
    Obtained: Bought in Drebin's Shop only after completing the game once
    Special: The gas emitted from this grenade makes targets cry uncontrollably
    |-[Smoke Grenade (Green)]-|
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 150 DP
    Obtained: Bought in Drebin's Shop only after completing the game once
    Special: The gas emitted from this grenade makes targets scream in fright
    | - | A | - | S | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 300 DP
    Obtained: Found as traps in various places; can be picked up by crawling over
    |-[Sleep Gas Mine]-|
    | S | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 300 DP
    Obtained: Act 2 - Mountain Trail, take the path that leads to the house where
    a recording of Naomi's voice is being played (a nearby FROG tries to ambush
    Snake). Outside of this house you can find these on the side
    | - | S | - | S | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 400 DP
    Obtained: Found in many locations
    |-[Sleep Gas Satchel]-|
    | S | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 400 DP
    Obtained: Drebin's Shop only
    |-[Stun Knife]-|
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Lethal and Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Snake starts the game with this
    Notes: Can be used to slit throats in CQC and can also be used to stun foes
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: One is added to your inventory every time you reload a gun
    Notes: Good for distracting enemies
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: Yes - 200 DP
    Obtained: Found in many locations
    Notes: Permanently distracts enemies
    |-[Emotion Mag]-|
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop: Yes - 2000 DP
    Obtained: Drebin's Shop only after completing the game once
    Notes: Enemies who read the magazine become filled with emotion
    |-[Mantis Doll]-|
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Lethal*
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Recovered automatically in the process of defeating Screaming Mantis
    Notes: Controls the bodies of living beings
    |-[Sorrow Doll]-|
    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
    Type: Non-Lethal
    Drebin's Shop?: No
    Obtained: Optional pick-up during the Screaming Mantis fight; knock it loose to
    grab it
    Notes: Controls the bodies of the dead
      Easter Eggs  (ovresy)
    There's a lot of stuff I'm adding here, so it will take a little while to
    compile. Easter Eggs are just fun little findings in the game that are hidden
    or just make some sort of abstract reference to something else, especially one
    of the previous MGS games. They can come in many forms though, even just little
    weird things you never saw before in the game. Some of these Eggs openly reveal
    a few minor spoilers in the game's cutscenes. 
    1. The Nomad's "equipment"
    -Any time you can control the Mk. II/Mk. III on the Nomad during mission
    briefings, go upstairs and into the kitchen/living room area. On the table
    across from the TV, you'll see a PlayStation3 console. 
    2. Sunny the Gamer
    -During Mission Briefing 1 (access from the main menu), if you follow Sunny
    with the Mk. II (go ahead you pedophiles), you will see she has a PSP and
    commences to play it. 
    3. Hey, You Got Apple In My PS3!
    -There are a few Apple products that exist in the world of MGS4, as strange as
    it may seem. Otacon uses a macbook, and if you look closely at the computers
    that Sunny uses at her desk, they also have the Apple symbol on the back of the
    monitors. Oh and let's not forget Snake's trusty iPod! Meryl also has a macbook
    apparently. What an endorsement!
    4. Sorry About That Old Chap
    -In Act 1 - Red Zone, just when you enter this area, there's the pedestal with
    the two statues that Snake can use to hide. You do this by hitting triangle to
    blend in with the other two statues, and Snake covers the middle statue's
    "junk". Release Triangle to leave this, but press it two more times and Snake
    will eventually break off the statue's "piece". Whoops... 
    5. Damnit! I Knew I Should Have Brought My Bottle of Clear Eyes!
    -In Act 1, just after you pass from Crescent Meridian into Millennium Park, you
    have a cutscene with the B&B Corps. A prompt shows up near the end, asking you
    to press L1. Do so and Snake will see Screaming Mantis, but also a very strange
    yet familiar figure if you look a bit to the left. Was that... no, it couldn't
    have been...
    6. Not Good... Gonna Vom...
    -In Act 1 (maybe Act 2 as well), in any area with a lot of PMCs, preferably 
    where they respawn, just go on a killing spree and rack up a huge kill count 
    without leaving the area. Eventually Snake will hear the voice of Liquid in his
    head and it will force him to expel his lunch. Damnit, I didn't want to see that
    bagel again.
    7. M Night Shyamalan, Is That You?
    -While in Act 2 - Mountain Trail, you will encounter many different paths, some
    of which lead to the same place. Just before you reach the river, if you take
    the left path, you'll encounter what seems like a crop circle, and an ominous
    message from MGS2 will be heard. o_O They're coming.......
    8. Hollyweird...
    -In Act 2 - Mountain Trail, when you reach the area where the PMC is planting
    a Claymore, take the leftmost path. You'll find a dead end with a few items,
    Guinea Pigs, but also a strange thing in the ground. Take a closer look and
    it's a cement block with handprints and signatures in it. You can lay on top
    of this and register it as a Camo design. 
    9. Whoops, Dropped My Cigarette, Heh
    -Snake's perverseness knows no bounds. During one of the cutscenes with Naomi
    in the Research Lab area, Snake will drop his cigarette. You can get a first
    person view here with an unprompted L1 press. Snake bends over to grab his cig
    and... oh... what do we have here?
    10. *Stares* .....I'm Sorry, What?
    -During one of the scenes with Naomi, she tells Snake how long he has left,
    which drops his psyche gauge a bit. Press L1 at this time (unprompted) to see
    what Snake is seeing (ooh la la) and it will restore his psyche. 
    11. Oh Otacon, You Jokester.... Wait, What?!
    -During the Laughing Octopus fight, we all know that she will disguise herself
    as the Mk. II halfway through. There's two fun things you can do at this point.
    The first is to call Otacon on the Codec, and he will not know what Snake is
    talking about when he asks. Also, you can use the real Mk. II and make it face
    the disguised Octopus. This causes her to get freaked and change back. You can
    also choose to sneak behind it with the Mk. II and force her into her own
    claymores (thanks to Luigisyoshibuddy for this third tip). 
    12. I've Got A Bad Feeling About This...
    -In Act 3, when you tail the Resistance member, you will inevitably follow him
    into the park. When he decides to relieve himself, if you hide in a particular
    area and then look back to the statue where he stood, you might be able to see
    someone or "something" follow you, relevant to an upcoming cutscene. This isn't
    the only spot however. You can turn around and different intervals during the
    stalking sequence and you might see him. Creepy sh*t... is really creepy ._. 
    13. Run! It's a Trap!
    -Wear one of the Beauty FaceCamos during Act 3's stalking sequence and let the
    resistance member see you. Instead of being startled and running away, he will
    actually hit on Snake! Boy, he must not be very perceptive huh?
    14. I Love What You've Done With The Place!
    -After you finish following the resistance member in Act 3, you get a cutscene
    where you can use L1 to get Snake's perspective in the resistance hideout. Look
    around carefully and you can see some paintings depicting montages of the MGS
    15. "Just Like Old Times"
    -In Act 4, when you reach the Heliport, among many flashbacks you can get in
    this area, there is one particular relic from the past worth finding. Crawl
    under the truck and you'll find the Mk. 23 SOCOM pistol. Schwing! Fire it a few
    times and then reload and Snake will remember the feeling.
    16. Oooh, Retro!
    -While in Shadow Moses during Act 4, angle the camera so it's just above Snake,
    and keep it there for a little while. Eventually Snake will say how it's just
    like the old days, and you'll get a little DP flashback reward. 
    17. Eek! Mice!
    -In Act 4, to enter the Tank Hangar, you can choose to take one of the vents
    like in MGS1. If you do, you'll inevitably run into the field mice just like in
    MGS1. They must be the great great grandchildren of those mice though. They
    still get the "!" above their heads when Snake gets near. 
    18. "See You In Hell, Liquid..."
    -In Act 4 - Snowfield, following the fight with Crying Wolf, you have the
    liberty to explore the vast area. The door you have to go through to proceed
    is at one end. To the immediate right of this door is a path (you can see it on
    your map pretty easily). Go down here to find the crashed Hind D from MGS1 that
    Liquid used against Snake. 
    19. GET A GRIP!
    -This one is obvious, but before entering the Blast Furnace area, you are 
    greeted with a Codec call from Otacon, asking you to change discs. Funny.
    20. Snake 1, Tank 0
    -When you reach the Blast Furnace, call Otacon on the Codec. He'll ask Snake
    about how he defeated Vulcan Raven in his M1 Tank back in the Canyon during
    MGS1. Otacon conjectures as to the impossible odds of a man taking on a tank
    by himself. The conversation ends with a funny and unexpected line from Otacon.
    21. Aha! Wait.... I CAN'T MOVE!
    -During the Screaming Mantis fight, you are at first, unable to aim your gun
    at her properly and all your shots on Meryl and the reanimated FROGs miss. Vet
    MGS players may opt to hit the PS button and change their controller port. If
    you do this, Otacon will call and scold Snake for that, saying it won't work
    22. Shouldn't Have Smoked That Stuff, I'm Hallucinating...
    -After Screaming Mantis is defeated, and the visage of Psycho Mantis appears,
    he goes through his routine where you get a few flashbacks. More importantly
    however, exactly when Mantis "explodes" press X for a hidden flashback of 
    Kojima. There is also a short flashback (X appears for this one) where you can 
    hear MGS3's The Sorrow talking. Hold L1 (hidden) here and you can see him. Where
    are the Ghostbusters when you need them? ._.
    -We all know you can hold up enemies and pat them down for goodies, it ends
    with Snake delivering a stunning blow to their "jewels". Do this to FROGs
    however, and they will just scoff at Snake's perverted nature. This also means
    they are not stunned so act quickly to avoid an alert!
    24. Otacon, You Geek!
    -Near Otacon's computer, he has a model of Metal Gear REX. Also, his computer's
    wallpaper is from Zone of the Enders.
    25. Snake Used, Kojima Approved
    -Read the description for the M82A2 Sniper Rifle. It will say "recommended by
    Hideo Kojima."
    26. Nothing Here But Smoke! Oh ok...
    -Sometimes, you can light up a cigarette and distract a nearby guard with the
    smoke. If you're already hiding he might be distracted long enough for you to
    get a jump on him, or he might turn around and walk the other way if he's
    getting close to your position.
    27. Snake... I Am Your Father. Shut Up, Otacon.
    -In Act 4 - Underground Base, when you see the cutscene of Snake about to get
    on the platform to get up to where REX is, there is an area in the background
    (to Snake's left) where there is a large black object on the ground. It is only
    seen for a brief moment, and even though I just got a new TV, I still couldn't
    be absolutely sure, but it seems to be the helmet of the Dark Lord of the Sith,
    Darth Vader! My, my. 
    28. I LOVE This Channel! 
    -On the table in front of the big TV screen on the Nomad, there is a remote
    control. During Mission Briefings, you can use the Mk. II to tap the remote and
    change the channel, depicting one with some nice Japanese ladies. (thanks to 
    AndrewM for this)
    29. Camel Joe Wishes He Could Be This Cool
    -Snake has an unhealthy habit of smoking, and hey although it's not my choice,
    I'd be hard pressed to say if he doesn't look cool lighting one up. Take a much
    closer look at his smokes, and you'll see the brand is called "The Boss". Aha.
    30. O_O Bouncy...........
    -God knows Rosemary is basically a waste of a Codec contact, unless you enjoy
    staring wide eyed at the TV for prolonged periods of time. There is one nifty 
    thing you can do while listening to her clamor on. Tilt and shake the Six-axis
    controller and you'll see Rosemary's "assets" starting to bounce a little. 
    31. Watch Me Move
    -Whenever a character in the game is introduced via cutscene, it always says
    their name, and underneath that, their voice actor. Press R2 when this appears
    however, and you'll see the name of the motion capture actor, who literally 
    gave these characters life. Hit R2 again to switch back. 
    32. Mob Connections
    -Drebin, as he explains in the game, is just one of many gun laundering Drebins.
    His number 893, isn't just some randomly picked number however it seems. The
    number 893 is as Laetus explains, "a losing combination in an old japanese card
    game: ya (8), ku (9), za (3)" and is further connected to the infamous Japanese
    criminal organization by the same name. Very interesting (again thanks to Laetus
    for this!)
    33. It's Not A Game, Snake...
    -This one is rather obvious, but I didn't have it down so what the hell. When
    using the Mk. II/III, take a close look at the control unit that Snake uses to
    pilot the little guy. Would you look at that... it's a Playstation 3 controller!
    34. Classic Tip
    -Call Rosemary while in the Snowfield area of Act 4. The Colonel will chime in
    and talk about Rations, a trademark of the MGS series (thanks to 
    35. God, You're Worse Than My Mother!
    -Pop a cig and then get on the horn with Rosemary and she'll give you a nice
    health lecture (thanks to Luigisyoshibuddy). 
    36. Snake's "Friends"
    -While crawling through one of the two ventilation tunnels at the Heliport in
    Act 4, you will inevitably stumble across the mice. Call up Otacon and Snake
    will mention the mice, his "friends" are there to help him through. Otacon, with
    his superior intellect can't figure out what the hell Snake is referring to. 
    37. It's Not Dracula, It's Just A Damn School Bus!
    -The Solar Gun, besides being a hilariously effective weapon for stunning your
    enemies and knocking their equipment clear off, it also has one special hidden
    use. Fire a fully charged shot against Vamp and it will deplete all of his
    stamina/psyche. Vampires, go figure. SUNLIGHT!
    38. Rape! This Is LA, We Don't Rape Suspects In Custody, We Just Beat Them
    -Pardon my continued abstract references used in the titles (if you actually
    get some of them, brownie pts for you). Anyways, in Act 3, when following the
    resistance member, put on one of the Beauty FaceCamo masks and let him see you.
    He will of course, start flirting with you (see Easter Egg 13). Call Otacon at
    this point and he'll scold Snake, telling him to stop harrassing the poor guy.
    Uhhh, Snake's the one doing the harrassment? Yeah, ok... (thanks to
    Luigisyoshibuddy for this). 
    39. It's Not Over Yet!
    -During the fight with Ocelot, if you get yourself killed (definitely possible
    on Hard or Extreme), you'll get the normal Mission Failed screen. Instead of
    saying "Exit" however, it will say Exist. Hit X on Exist and you'll hear Ocelot
    say "Snake! It's not over yet!". The game will then automatically set the marker
    on Continue, but you can still put it back to Exit to quit.
    40. The Mark of the Brotherhood...
    -Don the Altair outfit and look at Snake on the viewer (menu) and he'll make
    the sign of the Assassins, by folding his ring finger back. Nifty! (thanks to
    Baconator96 for this).  
      Fun Things To Do  (hvfn)
    This is basically a section for other little things you can do in the game.
    They range from a variety of things that almost border on Easter Eggs. I
    figured it would be best to make a separate section for it all however. 
    B&B Photo Shoot
    You may have accidentally experienced this when fighting the B&B Corps. When
    you're fighting their Beauty forms, if you let enough time pass by, the screen
    goes white and you and the Beauty are brought into a white realm. In here, the
    Beauty will continue to come after Snake. Whip out (no, not that!) the camera
    however and the Beauties will pose for Snake. Schwing! Take pictures of them
    and you can add them to your gallery and then later export them from your PS3
    as jpeg files. 
    Now, after a thorough investigation, spurred on by a few e-mails, I can confirm
    the following information. In the white "Photo Shoot" zone, there is a timer. 
    Many people on the forum claimed that when it fell to 0, it meant the Beauty
    would die and it would count as a kill, therefore ruining a bid for No Kills.
    This however, is NOT true. I repeat, THIS IS NOT TRUE. You will not get a kill
    for allowing the timer to run out, so therefore, the folks that said this on
    the forum, are wrong. I have confirmed this personally, my friend has also
    confirmed it twice, and I have received three e-mails saying as much as well.
    Letting the timer run out will not count as a kill. 
    If you want to test this out yourself, save your game before the Beauty fight, 
    let 3 or more minutes go by until the "White Zone" appears and then let the 
    timer run down to 0. After that, save your game again (separate file if you 
    want). Go to the menu and select Mission Briefing and load the briefing for your
    current Act. It will display your stats on the orange bar. The number of kills 
    will not have increased. If you had 0 before, it will still say 0. If you had 6
    kills before, it will still say 6. This has been confirmed. 
    Emotive Ammo
    You unlock this after completing the game at least once. At that point, you can
    use new tranquilizer rounds for your Mk. 2 or Mosin Nagant. You can also buy
    new smoke grenades. The emotive ammo carries a special serum or gas or what
    have you that will change the behavior of your enemies. These changes are quite
    obvious going by the names. Shoot an enemy with Laughing Ammo and he'll burst
    out into uncontrollable laughter. Shoot him with Rage Ammo and he'll go
    ballistic. I personally don't use them much because sometimes the effects are
    a little hard to predict. They are still tranquilizer rounds so eventually your
    enemies will go into a nice sleep. It's a fun alternative, and as DexMorgan
    reminds me, the Emotive ammo can help you out a few times, perhaps by making
    enemy soldiers turn on each other and creating a good diversion for Snake. 
    Ghost Hunting
    Who you gonna call? Why, Solid Snake of course! The ghosts are back and they
    can all be found in Act 4 only. They hide in various spots around Shadow Moses
    and this makes a minor but fun sidequest for you to complete if you are so
    Finding the ghosts isn't easy, unless of course you know exactly where to look,
    which is where this comes in handy! They can only be seen once you snap a
    picture which means if you're not in the exact location, this can take a while.
    Luckily, you don't have to be very exact as far as positioning and all that. 
    There is also an easier way to save time. You can use the Sorrow Doll to see 
    the ghosts before you snap their photos. Have it equipped in your weapon slot 
    and they will appear when you look through the camera lens. It is recommended
    you get it before starting, but is not required.
    Other than the Sorrow Doll, you will definitely need the Camera obviously. A
    few more optional but recommended things to have are the Bandanna and some
    Chaff Grenades. If you have a whole lot, the Bandanna won't be necessary, but
    if you only have a few or just want to save ammo, the Bandanna will help too.
    There are a few ghosts in areas where the Scarabs lurk in large packs so the
    Chaff will help while you take your photos. 
    Finally, when you have all the photos, you can view them in your Photo Album
    from the main menu. If you got them correctly, an option appears for these
    particular shots. It's called "Exorcise" and it will extract the ghost from 
    each picture. Strangely enough, there doesn't seem to be any reward for this,
    even if you get all of them, as the exorcism can be done on any copies you
    have of the same ghost.
    Ghost 1 - Muraoka 
    Area: Heliport
    -Location: Find the cargo elevator. MGS1 vets will know where it is; it's
    behind the helipad. You can trigger an audio flashback here and there's also
    a Ration sitting right in front of it. Face the elevator and then look to the
    left of it. Point your lens in this direction and snap a photo.
    Ghost 2 - Nishimura
    -Area: Heliport
    -Location: This one is on the Helipad. You can just photograph the Helipad
    from a distance, or just look beyond where the Chaff Grenades are, toward the
    main base.
    Ghost 3 - Genome Soldier
    -Area: Heliport
    -Location: Enter the only room that you can actually walk into on the left side
    of the Heliport. It's the one with the camera that falls off. Inside are two 
    big containers. Right behind the one on the left in the corner here, you'll 
    find another ghost. Snap a picture. 
    Chost 4 - Tanaka
    -Area: Heliport
    -Location: From here, go to the top-left corner. This is exactly where the 
    ventilation shaft is that you can enter. Right in the corner here is another
    Ghost 5 - Shigeno
    -Area: Heliport
    -Location: Now head to the right, past the truck and to the stairs. Stand back
    from them and point your camera up at the surveilance camera. It might be hard
    to see (or impossible if you don't have the Sorrow Doll), but there is a ghost
    floating a little to the right and down from the camera. If you don't see it
    when you use the Sorrow Doll or when you take the picture, get closer to the
    Ghost 6 - Master Miller
    -Area: Tank Hangar
    -Location: The location is a tiny bit tricky because technically you're not in
    the Tank Hangar just yet. Start out by taking the lower vent on the left side.
    Crawl through and turn left. Then turn around again and face the part that you
    just crawled out of. Point your camera down this part of the vent and the ghost
    is there.
    Ghost 7 - Light Infantry Soldier
    -Area: Tank Hangar
    -Location: Crawl all the way through and enter the Tank Hangar. For these next
    few ghosts, the Scarabs may be a problem so toss a Chaff Grenade to put them
    out for a few moments. Find this ghost on the left side of the tank. Point your
    camera on this side and snap your picture.
    Ghost 8 - Decoy Octopus
    -Area: Tank Hangar
    -Location: Find the elevator, which is on the north side of the room, next to
    the stairs. This ghost is exactly outside of the northwest corner of the
    elevator's doors. Get close and find it, then say cheese!
    Ghost 9 - DARPA Chief
    -Area: Tank Hangar
    -Location: Hopefully you've got plenty of Chaff or the Bandanna. Enter the
    cargo door that leads to the Canyon. When you slip under, turn around and back
    away a little bit. In the top left corner, you'll see the ghostly face of the
    DARPA Chief. Take the picture.
    Ghost 10 - Kobayashi
    -Area: Canyon
    -Location: The second rock on your left as you enter. Easier to see if you go
    around. If you have the Sorrow Doll, you can see a very ghostly face floating
    above the rock. Take the picture to confirm it.
    Ghost 11 - Korekado
    -Area: Canyon
    -Location: The Gekkos may be a problem so get rid of them if you have to. This
    next ghost is in the top right corner. Get close to the pipes and stuff here
    and look above the pipes to see the ghost up there.
    Ghost 12 - Vulcan Raven
    -Area: Canyon
    -Location: This one can be tough. He's hiding on the rock wall to the left in
    the upper part, more or less across from the last ghost. The snowy rock wall
    provides good cover so even if you have the Sorrow Doll, he can be tough to
    spot. His exact location is easy to find if you have a good eye though. On this
    wall, near the ammo, there is a slab of dark rock just randomly sitting there
    amongst the rest of the wall. Find this dark patch and point your lens at it.
    Vulcan Raven said he'd be watching!
    Ghost 13 - Makimura
    -Area: Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F
    -Location: Immediately upon entering this area, take the walkway to the left,
    that leads to the Ration. There's a window here overlooking the next room and
    it's where the ghost is. Get close, but not too close and take the photo.
    Ghost 14 - NBC Warfare Troop
    -Area: Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F
    -Location: Crawl under the door that leads to the next room. From here, go to
    the left and you'll see two missles. This ghost is hanging out in front of the
    warhead closest to the stairs. 
    Ghost 15 - Matsuhana
    -Area: Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    -Location: Go down the "Gray Fox" hallway, the one that leads to Otcaon's
    office. This ghost is sitting on the inner part of the corner where the
    hallway turns to the left. When you turn to the left, just look and you should
    see him right there.
    Ghost 16 - President Baker
    -Area: Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    -Location: After you're done with the password, while still inside Otacon's
    office, go to the left side where all the big computers are. There is a row of
    them along the wall, then a gap with some papers on the wall, and then another
    computer. The ghost of President Baker resides in this small gap. 
    Ghost 17 - Hideo Kojima
    -Area: Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    -Location: After you're done with the password, find the Policenauts poster on
    the north wall, above all the terminals. The ghostly face of Hideo Kojima
    hovers to the left of the poster. 
    Ghost 18 - Takabe
    -Area: Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    -Location: Find the area somewhat in the middle of the office, where there is
    a wall set up on two sides. Enter this little fenced off area and in one corner
    is a box on the desk, and an overturned chair. Face this area from a little
    further away to see a big face floating there. Snap the picture.
    Ghost 19 - Shimizu
    -Area: Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    -Location: Leave Otacon's office and make your way back. A Gekko will crash the
    party. Wait for it to turn down the hallway and then go to where it came in.
    Look up at the hole it crashed through with your camera and take a picture.
    Ghost 20 - Sniper Wolf
    -Area: Snowfield
    -Location: Approach the exit door. Stand far enough way that you can see this
    ghost who is floating right in front of the doors. 
    Ghost 21 - Sato
    -Area: Snowfield
    -Location: From #19, go right and find the passage that leads to the crash site
    of the Hind D. Sitting just above it's wreckage is a ghost that might be a
    little tough to spot. Get closer if you have to, then say cheese!
    Ghost 22 - Shinkawa
    -Area: Snowfield
    -Location: This one is kind of tough. The southern most (nearest where you
    begin this area) is where it's hiding. Go on the west side (the one facing the
    forest) and look up at the ceiling below the upper walkway. The ghost is there.
    Ghost 23 - Nakamura
    -Area: Snowfield
    -Location: Find the trench area to the left of your starting position (left of
    the truck). Enter the trench and face the rock wall to the south. You may have
    to get closer, but here above the trench is a ghost waiting for its picture to
    be taken.
    Ghost 24 - Hirano
    -Area: Casting Facility South
    -Location: Just north of the red pillars, where one Gekko makes its patrol,
    there are these two wedge shaped structures jutting up from the ground. Stand
    behind and between them and look up. The ghost should be up there.
    Ghost 25 - Sasaki
    -Area: Casting Facility North
    -Location: In the northern part, clear the area of Gekkos and Scarabs if you
    want, to make things easier. Get on the conveyer belt and find the big machine
    on it, the one you can crawl under. Stand in front of this big contraption and
    point your camera lens to the top right part of it to find this specter. 
    Ghost 26 - Kaneda
    -Area: Underground Base
    -Location: As you enter this area, you'll go down a small set of stairs. Turn
    around and face them. Look above and in the middle of this hallway will be the
    next ghost.
    Ghost 27 - Negishi
    -Area: Underground Base
    -Location: The room after the crawlspace. Again, Chaff Grenades will help with
    the Gekko here. Stand on the walkway and look to the pit to your left. There
    is a waterfall over here. Point your lens that way and snap another ghostly
    Ghost 28 - Kimura
    -Area: Underground Supply Tunnel
    -Location: Now you can only do these last three during the Vamp fight so make
    sure you deal with him. It's easiest to knock him out before taking the photos.
    This one can be found by going behind Metal Gear REX's body, then looking up to
    the left side of its head. Snap the photo and then beware Vamp.
    Ghost 29 - Gray Fox
    -Area: Underground Supply Tunnel
    -Location: This one is found underneath REX's right foot which is on your left
    facing it. Look in the gap underneath its foot to find this one.
    Ghost 30 - Liquid Snake
    -Area: Find the last ghostly apparition in the cockpit of Metal Gear REX. Look
    up there with your camera and take a photo of the cockpit and you'll have 
    nabbed them all!
    The Scarab DP Trick
    On the internet, it's pretty much impossible to name an individual who discovers
    something new, but Albedo Piazzola is one of many to make a well laid out guide
    for this so he gets the credit. 
    This trick is basically a way to earn a mass of Drebin Points in Act 5, right
    before the end of the game in the area known as Missile Hangar. It is comprised
    of several hallways swarming with the Scarab enemies. Killing them awards you
    with Unmanned Kill bonuses of DP. They happen to respawn infinitely, and on top
    of that, they drop guns for trade ins of even more DP. If you spend enough time
    (and ammo), you can earn a wealth of Drebin Points here.
    The key is to pick the first and second hallways with these things. You don't
    want to stretch too far into the next hall at any time because the previous door
    locks on you, which thereby limits you to one less hall for which to do this
    trick. Standing near a doorway is a good way to sweep one hall, then turn around
    and attend to another, if any Scarabs are gathering in one group. The weapon of
    choice is usually some type of machinegun, preferably something with very large
    magazine capacity. It allows you to take these things out at a good rate and
    reduces the amount of time you need to spend reloading. When you've taken out
    a large group, you can pick up their drops for more DP.
    There's a few tips to keep in mind. Pay attention to specifically where the
    Scarabs spawn from. Typically they come from the front, middle, and ends of each
    hallway. When you stand in the doorway, you can usually make yourself safe from
    being back attacked, but this isn't always going to work. You should also try
    and manage your reloads when possible. When you clear out a large group and the
    hall is for a moment, clear, reload back to a full clip. This way, hopefully you
    won't be reloading in the middle of a fight with a large gang of Scarabs. 
    The trick can be expanded once you hit 2.5 million DP. In Act 5, 2.5 million
    will allow you to purchase the Bandanna if you don't have it. With this, you
    now won't have to expend the DP to buy more ammo. It will in turn, make your job
    Besides machineguns, there are a few guns I like, and that other players like to
    use here. I like the MGL-140 because it is great at destroying crowds of Scarabs
    and these things love to mob together. The drawback is that the MGL-140 has only
    six rounds and it's not a fast reload. There is also the Rail Gun which can also
    take out groups in one blast. 
    Finally, you may not want to stay in one spot. Especially since the gun drops
    are about 1050 DP a pop and collecting them will greatly aid you in getting more
    DP. So, you may end up running back and forth down each hallway. The problem
    here is that the Scarabs that may spawn before you get to one end, and since
    you don't want to get trapped in the middle, you have to clear the way, while at
    the same time, the other Scarabs from behind will be closing in. Find a way to
    clear the way fast and you can put up your front on the other end. Kill more
    Scarabs, they'll drop more guns, so when it's clear, make another run and pick
    it all up. Repeat this process and you'll expedite your DP collection. I often
    do this running back and forth with the MGL-140 equipped, because when I
    encounter large groups I can clear the way very fast and sometimes even find
    time to reload while running back and forth. 
    Eventually, if you keep this up, you can earn a wealth of Drebin Points. Just be
    careful of losing more ground if you accidentally get a door locked on you. 
    Otacon's Computer - Shadow Moses
    Instead of inputting the correct password of 48273 in Otacon's office to begin
    the power restoration, you can put in some other digits for different effects.
    13462: Typing this will reward you with the iPod song, "POLICENAUTS End Title".
    When played, it puts enemies to sleep when Snake holds them in CQC.
    78925: This password nets you the iPod song, "Opening - Old L.A. 2040". It can
    increase Snake's accuracy when played.
    14893: Putting this password in will reward you with 100,000 Drebin Points!
    Other Things To Try For Fun
    -Try out all the different types of Emotive ammunition. The various effects on
    enemy soldiers are worth a few laughs.
    -A personal favorite. Get a large group of soldiers to converge, usually by
    triggering a caution in which one will call in for back up. Use the Tanegashima
    and if you're lucky, a tornado will appear. Just sit back and watch the carnage
    ensue. When the dust clears, a shower of item drops will fall to the ground.
    -This one is just fun to me because it's a way to mix things up while playing
    and get more enjoyment out of it. It might seem ambiguous to others but I just
    thought I'd mention it. Have Snake don the Suit costume and his Young Snake W/
    Bandanna FaceCamo. Equip the Patriot. Meet Snake, The Hitman with his own theme
    music! Yeah, I know, I'm weird. 
      Cheats  (chts)
    To input cheats, you need to have beaten the game at least once. You can find
    it under Extras at the main menu. These cheats will reward you with various
    items and weapons that you can get once you meet up with the Mk. II. Some of
    them are weapons you can easily earn without cheating, especially since you
    can't use this feature without beating it at least once. However, the iPod songs
    available are only obtained through this method. 
    Password: george
    Unlocks: iPod song, "Gekko"
    Password: thomas
    Unlocks: iPod song, "Desperate Chase"
    Password: theodore
    Unlocks: iPod song, "Midnight Shadow"
    Password: abraham
    Unlocks: iPod song, "Mobs Alive"
    Password: mgo2play
    Unlocks: iPod song, "Subsistence Action"
    Password: skynytktjp
    Unlocks: Scanning Plug S
    Password: mnsoymsyhn
    Unlocks: Mosin Nagant
    Password: deskyhstyl
    Unlocks: Desert Eagle - Long Barrel
    Password: mekakorkkk
    Unlocks: Mk. 23 SOCOM pistol
    Password: jmsotsynrn
    Unlocks: Type 17 Pistol
    Password: 1aytmmymhk
    Unlocks: 1911 Pistol
    Password: pkhhnwhsjt
    Unlocks: Patriot
    Password: tshsniammr
    Unlocks: Thor .45-70
    Password: aottrykmyn
    Unlocks: Altair costume
    Password: dntkkhktmm
    Unlocks: Drebin Face Camo
      /                                                                 \
    -]| Unlockables (unlk)                                              |[-
      Weapons/Items  (wpns)
    Weapon/Item: Name of the weapon or item
    How to Unlock: How it's unlocked
    Notes: Any special notes about how it's used or its capabilities
    Weapon: Race Gun
    How to Unlock: Beat the game once on any difficulty
    Notes: Bullets will ricochet off walls and other surfaces
    Weapon: Solar Gun
    How to Unlock: Collect all five boss statues
    Notes: Extremely powerful tranquilizer gun, uses sunlight. Recharge by holding
    Weapon: Desert Eagle - Long Barrel
    How to Unlock: Earn the Fox Emblem
    Weapon: Thor 45-70
    How to Unlock: Earn the FoxHound Emblem
    Notes: High powered pistol, needs to be reloaded after each shot
    Weapon: Type 17
    How to Unlock: Earn the Hound Emblem
    Notes: Automatic pistol, same type as Big Mama's Mauser
    Weapon: Mk. 23 SOCOM Pistol
    How to Unlock: Find it under the truck at the Heliport, Act IV
    Notes: Snake's old gun, awards Drebin Points when found and used. Light can be
    turned on or off from the menu
    Weapon: Tanegashima
    How to Unlock: Purchase for 1 million DP
    Notes: 33% chance will fire tornadoes in outdoor areas
    Weapon: Patriot
    How to Unlock: Earn the Big Boss Emblem
    Notes: Has unlimited ammunition, no need to reload. Also plays the Snake Eater
    fanfare when aimed
    Item: Bandanna
    How to Unlock: Beat the game having no kills
    Notes: Bestows infinite ammo
    Item: Stealth
    How to Unlock: Beat the game having no alerts
    Notes: Renders Snake invisible to the naked eye. Insufficient against Gekkos or
    anything else with infrared scanners
    Item: Scanning Plug S
    How to Unlock: Play Metal Gear Online for more than 10 hours
    Item: Camera
    How to Unlock: Find on the Nomad during briefings, search with the Mk. II/III
    Notes: If found during Act IV, awards secret photos
    Item: Combat Vests
    How to Unlock: Beat the game once on any difficulty
    Notes: Allows you to customize Snake's appearance more
      FaceCamo  (fccm)
    The FaceCamos allow you to change Snake's facial appearance. A couple are pretty
    nice, but a lot of them are just merely for fun and serve no real purpose at
    all. I'd say the main motivation in obtaining them is just for the sake of
    getting them. Note that you can only start unlocking FaceCamo on the Nomad by
    completing the Laughing Octopus fight in Act 2. 
    Camo: FaceCamo standard (needed to collect other FaceCamo)
    How to Unlock: Defeat Laughing Octopus
    Camo: Young Snake
    How to Unlock: Start Act 3
    Camo: Young Snake w/ Bandanna
    How to Unlock: Start Act 3
    Camo: MGS1 Snake
    How to Unlock: Start Act 4
    Camo: L. Beauty
    How to Unlock: Defeat Laughing Beauty non-lethally
    Camo: R. Beauty
    How to Unlock: Defeat Raging Beauty non-lethally
    Camo: C. Beauty
    How to Unlock: Defeat Crying Beauty non-lethally
    Camo: S. Beauty
    How to Unlock: Defeat Screaming Beauty non-lethally
    Camo: Otacon 
    How to Unlock: Bump into Otacon with the Mk. II during the Act 3 Mission 
    Briefing or other briefing.
    Camo: Raiden w/ Vizor 
    How to Unlock: Bump into Naomi with the Mk. II during the Act 4 Mission 
    Camo: Raiden Vizor Down 
    How to Unlock: Bump into Sunny with the Mk. II during the Act 4 or any other
    Mission Briefing
    Camo: Roy Campbell
    How to Unlock: Bump into Campbell with the Mk. II during the Act 1 Mission
    Briefing. To play this briefing, access Mission Briefings from the start menu
    Camo: Drebin
    How to Unlock: Obtain at least 60 weapons
    Camo: Corpse
    How to Unlock: Have 51 or more continues in a playthrough
    -Notes: Able to convince soldiers you're dead by playing dead
    Camo: Big Boss
    How to Unlock: Earn the Big Boss Emblem
    -Notes: Same as Corpse FaceCamo, also scares enemy soldiers
      Costumes  (cstu)
    The costumes in the game are fun additions as well. You can make Snake look
    more like a hitman with the suit, or dress to impress his friends. The rebel
    disguises and Civilian disguise are only useable in the appropriate acts so
    take note of that. 
    Costume: Middle East Militia Disguise
    How to Unlock: Middle East - Militia Safe House. Go right at the third fork to
    find it in a locker. 
    Notes: Only useable in Act 1
    Costume: South American Rebel Disguise
    How to Unlock: South America - Cove Valley Village. In one of the small houses,
    go inside to find it, use infrared to make it easier.
    Notes: Only useable in Act 2
    Costume: Civilian Disguise
    How to Unlock: Start Act 3
    Notes: Only useable in Act 3
    Costume: Suit
    How to Unlock: Beat the game on any difficulty
    Costume: Altair
    How to Unlock: Earn the Assassin's Emblem
    Notes: Makes Snake look like Altair from Assassin's Creed
      Emblems  (embd)
    The Emblems are a way of ranking your accomplishments upon beating the game.
    They are very much similar to the rankings used in MGS3. By meeting certain
    criteria during a playthrough of the game, you can earn several different
    Emblems when you finish. Typically, one Emblem appears first and is considered
    by players to be their "main" for that run through. Others will also appear for
    your various play styles and accomplishments. There are 40 in total, and
    collecting all of them not only gives you plenty to do with MGS4, but also
    rewards you with another iPod Song. Oh yay... Anyways, much of this information
    comes from the Cheats section of gamefaqs.com, so credit goes to those who
    submitted it. I will also be trying to confirm as many of these as I can in the
    coming days. 
    Emblem: Ant
    How to Unlock: Hold up and frisk enemies for items 50 times
    Emblem: Assassin
    How to Unlock: Have 50 or more knife kills, 50 or more CQC holds, and less than
    25 alerts when completing the game.
    Emblem: Bear
    How to Unlock: Grab at least 100 enemies in CQC
    Emblem: Bee
    How to Unlock: Use the Syringe on at least 50 enemies
    Notes: Scanning Plug S can be used too apparently
    Emblem: Big Boss
    How to Unlock: Beat the game on The Boss Extreme with no kills, no deaths, no
    alerts, no healing items used, and without using Bandanna or Stealth in under
    5 hours
    Notes: Completing the requirements for this may award you with several other
    Emblems if you didn't collect them, including Fox, Fox Hound, Hound, Mantis and
    Emblem: Blue Bird
    How to Unlock: Hand over 50 items to rebels
    Emblem: Centipede
    How to Unlock: Have less than 75 alerts, less than 250 kills, and more than 25
    Emblem: Chicken
    How to Unlock: Have over 150 alerts, over 500 kills, over 50 continues, use
    more than 50 healing items, and beat the game in over 35 hours
    Emblem: Cow
    How to Unlock: Have over 100 alerts
    Emblem: Crocodile
    How to Unlock: Have over 400 kills
    Emblem: Eagle
    How to Unlock: Have 150 or more headshots
    Emblem: Fox
    How to Unlock: Beat the game on Solid Normal, with no kills, no deaths, 5 or
    less alerts, no healing items used, no Bandanna or Stealth used in under 6
    Emblem: Fox Hound
    How to Unlock: Beat the game on Big Boss Hard or higher with no kills, no
    deaths, 3 or less alerts, no healing items used, no Bandanna or Stealth used in
    under 5 and 1/2 hours.
    Emblem: Frog Emblem
    How to Unlock: Roll forward at least 100 times
    Emblem: Gecko
    How to Unlock: Lay against walls for a total time of at least 1 hour
    Emblem: Giant Panda
    How to Unlock: Beat the game in over 30 hours
    Emblem: Gibbon
    How to Unlock: Hold up 50 enemies
    Emblem: Hawk
    How to Unlock: Be praised 25 times by rebels
    Notes: Eliminate enemies so the rebels can clearly see, and say "Nice shot!"
    among other things
    Emblem: Hog
    How to Unlock: Experience 10 Combat Highs
    Notes: To get a Combat High, go into alert and fire any automatic gun with a
    lot of ammo. 
    Emblem: Hound
    How to Unlock: Beat the game on Big Boss Hard or higher with no kills, 3 or
    less alerts, no deaths, no healing items used, not using Bandanna or Stealth in
    under 6 and 1/2 hours
    Emblem: Hyena
    How to Unlock: Pick up 400 or more dropped weapons
    Emblem: Inchworm
    How to Unlock: Crawl on the ground for a total time of at least 1 hour
    Emblem: Jaguar
    How to Unlock: Have less than 250 kills, over 75 alerts, and less than 25 
    Emblem: Leopard
    How to Unlock: Have less than 250 kills, over 75 alerts and more than 25 
    Emblem: Little Gray
    How to Unlock: Obtain all weapons
    Emblem: Lobster
    How to Unlock: Crouch for a total time of at least 2 and 1/2 hours
    Emblem: Mantis
    How to Unlock: Have no alerts, no deaths, and no healing items used and beat
    the game in under 5 hours
    Emblem: Octopus
    How to Unlock: Beat the game with no alerts
    Emblem: Panther
    How to Unlock: Have over 75 alerts, over 250 kills, and less than 25 continues
    Emblem: Pig
    How to Unlock: Consume more than 50 healing items
    Emblem: Pigeon
    How to Unlock: Beat the game with no kills
    Notes: Unmanned enemies do not count
    Emblem: Puma
    How to Unlock: Have over 75 alerts, over 250 kills, and more than 25 continues
    Emblem: Rabbit
    How to Unlock: Flip through 100 Playboy pages
    Emblem: Raven
    How to Unlock: Beat the game in under 5 hours
    Emblem: Scarab
    How to Unlock: Roll on the ground over 100 times
    Notes: This is not the combat roll you do while crouched. Lay on the ground
    and hold L1 and then X and move left or right to roll along the ground. You
    MUST stop and let go of X and then repeat for it to register new rolls. 
    Emblem: Scorpion
    How to Unlock: Have less than 250 kills, less than 75 alerts, and under 25
    Emblem: Spider
    How to Unlock: Have over 250 kills, less than 75 alerts, and over 25 continues
    Emblem: Tarantula
    How to Unlock: Have over 250 kills, less than 75 alerts, and under 25 continues
    Emblem: Tortoise
    How to Unlock: Spend a total time of at least 1 hour in a Drum Can or Cardboard
    Emblem: Wolf
    How to Unlock: Beat the game with no continues and no healing items used
    Here are some little tips for getting some of these Emblems easier. A lot of
    them are easy or downright self-explanatory. A little help for some of the
    others can go a long way though, so here you are. 
    x-Assassin's Emblem-x
    The requirements are to have 50 CQC grabs and 50 knife kills. In addition to
    this, you must have 25 or less alerts. Now, the alerts part you'll be on your
    own for that. Just try not to get too greedy for knife kills that you end up
    getting spotted a lot. Having more than 15 alerts before finishing Act 2 is
    not too good, but it can be done. 
    More importantly however, take note of the fact that you will automatically
    accumulate a CQC grab for every knife kill. You have to slit the throats of
    50 enemies and that can't be done without grabbing them in CQC first. 
    x-Ant and Gibbon Emblems-x
    To get Ant, you need to frisk 50 enemies for items. This can be a standing or
    prone frisk. For the Gibbon Emblem, you need to hold up 50 enemies which is the
    antecedent to frisking them. So by fulfilling Ant you will have automatically
    fulfilled Gibbon. Keep in mind however that you want to get a majority of these
    on Acts 1 and 2. There are a lot fewer PMCs in Act 3 (you can also hold up and
    Frisk the Resistance member) and after that, there are very few easy
    x-Blue Bird and Pig Emblems-x
    For Blue Bird, you have to give 50 recovery items to Rebels. For Pig, you have 
    to consume 50 of them for yourself. Yum. In any case, although the two are
    very different, the same basic strategy will apply. You want to first of all,
    play on a lower difficulty. Naked Normal should do fine, but lower than that
    is more helpful. This way, you get to carry more items. 
    Always know where to find Rations, Noodles, Regain in the Acts. I have a lot of
    them pointed out in the main walkthrough. If you're going for Blue Bird, keep
    handing over items to the same Rebel if you want; it won't matter. You can
    often get "freebies" on some because when the Rebels like you enough, they'll
    hand over items in return, and the items will sometimes include Instant Noodles
    which is really good. 
    You can also make use of the Tanegashima. It makes both of these emblems super
    easy. If you can afford it, use it in Acts 1 and 2. It only has a 33% chance of
    activating, but when the tornado comes to life, a shower of items will rain
    down on the battlefield. You'll often find plenty of Rations to use. 
    x-Killing Many Birds With One Stone-x
    The Chicken Emblem has a really big list of requirements. You need to have over
    150 alerts, over 500 kills, over 50 continues, use more than 50 healing items, 
    and complete the game with more than 35 hours on the clock. What you may not
    immediately realize however is that by fulfilling Chicken's requirements, you
    will automatically get a few other Emblems. Furthermore, the required numbers
    are very close to other Emblem requirements, so much that you may as well get
    them too while you're at it and save yourself the time. 
    By getting the Chicken Emblem, you will automatically get the Cow, Crocodile,
    Big Panda, Pig, and Puma Emblems. So it's a good idea if you're eyeing any of
    these Emblems, that you just make it easier and go for Chicken. However, in
    addition, you can easily get a few more Emblems too with just a little extra
    Since 500 kills is a requirement, making many of those headshot kills should
    not be difficult at all. You need 150 to get the Eagle Emblem. Also, since you
    will be doing a lot of killing and getting a lot of alerts (most of which you
    should try to gather on Acts 1 and 2), you have a great chance of getting
    Combat Highs. Fire a gun that has automatic fire and just keep shooting while
    under the Alert Phase and let the stress climb to get a Combat High. 10 of
    these gets you the Hog Emblem. 
    Finally, since 35 hours of played time is a requirement, why not spend a few
    of those hours getting the Centipede and Tortoise Emblems? Centipede is one a
    lot of players get easily for 1 hour of crawling time. IF you need it though,
    just leave the game on for an hour where Snake is safe and laying in a prone
    position. Do the same for Tortoise by making Snake wear a Cardboard Box or
    Drum Can and leave the game on. You'll not only get the time needed for these
    Emblems, but it will add to your total for Big Panda and Chicken. 
    x-Gecko and Lobster Emblems-x
    You can also knock out two really easily with this simple strategy. For Gecko,
    you have to press against walls for a total time of one hour. Lobster requires
    you to have two and a half hours of crouch time which surprisingly, is hard to
    accumulate in even your very first run of the game. 
    To make things easier, you can just leave the game on for a while. Just don't
    forget that the console is on and do not leave it unattended! In any case, if
    you press against a wall with Triangle while crouched, you'll earn time toward
    both Emblems' requirements. Yes, that's correct. So if you do a crouching wall
    press for two and a half hours, you automatically get both Gecko and Lobster.
      iPod Songs  (hlycrp)
    What a very nice feature for the game. I surely envy Snake. He gets to fill
    people full of holes and choke the life out of them while listening to soothing
    tunes on his iPod. Collecting these songs is not just for listening, but a lot
    of them have very special effects when used. If there is an effect, it will be
    listed. Also, all the songs are listed (that we know of), but I haven't found
    all of them just yet so I'll be adding more details soon.
    Song: Inori no Uta
    Location: Act 1 Mission Briefing
    Details: Play this briefing from the main menu and use the Mk. II to find it
    upstairs in the kitchen/living room area, near the table
    Song: Theme of Tara
    Location: Act 1 - Militia Safehouse
    Details: In an alcove to the left immediately after the room with the injured
    Song: Zanzibarland Breeze
    Location: Act 1 - Urban Ruins
    Details: Right when you reach the very end of the ruins, facing the drop point,
    turn left. Crouch to enter this area with the dead soldier, then stand up again.
    There will be a ledge you can see here. Climb up and you can find the song.
    Song: Level 3 Warning
    Location: Act 1 - Advent Palace
    Details: In the kitchen area on the 3F, guarded by a Claymore
    Song: Theme of Solid Snake
    Location: Act 1 - Millennium Park
    Details: Down the road from where the two PMCs are and near a third is an
    alley with a dumpster. Slip into the building here and the song is immediately
    to the right
    Song: Destiny's Call
    Location: Act 1 or 2
    Details: Random gift from rebel soldiers when they are given items. Keep giving
    them items until they relinquish this
    Song: Show Time
    Location: Act 1 or 2
    Details: Random gift from rebel soldiers when they are given items 
    Effect: Grabbing enemies with CQC makes them scream
    Song: MGS 4 Love Theme/Action
    Location: Act 1 or 2
    Details: Random gift from rebel soldiers when they are given items
    Effect: Grabbing enemies in CQC causes them to cry
    Song: Boktai 2 Theme
    Location: Act 2 Mission Briefing, Nomad
    Details: Go upstairs with the Mk. II. It's in the bathroom. 
    Song: The Fury
    Location: Act 2 - Cove Valley Village
    Details: Inside the house with the porch
    Effect: Grabbing enemies with CQC makes them feel rage
    Song: Metal Gear 20 Years History (Part 3)
    Location: Act 2 - Confinement Facility
    Details: In the large facility itself, in the barracks (room with all the beds)
    you will find this song
    Song: Rock Me Baby
    Location: Act 2 - Confinement Facility
    Details: In the "countryside" part of the Confinement Facility, it's on the
    centermost island of the bog area. The island is large and has a lot of rocks on
    it, the song is on the middle plateau, right in front of two rocks. Rocks, Rock
    Me, get it? Eh? Ahhh...
    Effect: Increases Snake's recovery rate
    Song: Sailor
    Location: Act 2 - Vista Mansion
    Details: In the top right when just entering the gateway to the mansion. Find it
    in the area with the tents in the top right between the wall and a large red
    Effect: Increases Snake's recovery rate
    Song: Bon Dance
    Location: Act 2 - Marketplace
    Details: It's more or less in front of you when you begin this area. Might be
    obstructed by some market stalls and also beware of the Gekko
    Song: Shin Bokura no Taiyou Theme
    Location: Act 3 Mission Briefing, Nomad
    Details: Go upstairs with the Mk. II. It's near the stove, where Snake is
    standing at the start of this briefing
    Song: Test Subject's Duality
    Location: Act 3 - Midtown S Sector
    Details: Immediately when you get control following the cutscenes, go down the
    street to see the resistance member appear. Turn around and go back to the
    previous street, turning left. You can find it near the building here
    Song: Biohazard
    Location: Act 3 - Any Midtown area
    Details: Hold up and search the resistance member
    Song: One Night in Neo Kobe City 
    Location: Act 3 - Midtown S Sector
    Details: When facing the park in the first area, go down the street to the right
    and you should find a lone PMC. Hold him up for this song
    Effect: Holding enemies in CQC makes them laugh
    Song: On Alert
    Location: Act 3 - Midtown N Sector
    Details: Follow the last PMC to be walking with the disguised resistance member
    and he will enter an alley with this song inside
    Song: The Essence of Vince
    Location: Act 3 - Echo's Beacon
    Details: Before the boss fight with Raging Raven ends, find it on the top floor
    in one of the corners
    Song: Lunar Knights Main Theme
    Location: Act 4 Mission Briefing, Nomad
    Details: Go upstairs with the Mk. II. It's right next to where Sunny is
    Song: Warhead Storage
    Location: Act 4 - Tank Hangar
    Details: At the end of the 2nd floor vents; take the upstairs vents from the
    Heliport and crawl all the way through
    Song: Flowing Destiny
    Location: Act 4 - Canyon
    Details: Near the exit, to the far left is a small crawlspace in the rocks. The
    song is inside here
    Effect: Grabbing enemies with CQC causes them to cry
    Song: Metal Gear 20 Years History (Part 2)
    Location: Act 4 - Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    Details: After getting off the elevator, turn right immediately. Go through the
    office area to the far end. The song is tucked away in the corner
    Song: Opening - Old L.A. 2040 
    Location: Act 4 - Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    Details: When asked for the password in Otcaon's office, input 78925
    Effect: Snake's accuracy is increased
    Song: POLICENAUTS End Title
    Location: Act 4 - Warhead Storage BLDG B2
    Details: When asked for the password in Otacon's office, input 13462
    Effect: Enemies held by Snake in CQC are automatically put to sleep
    Song: The Best Is Yet To Come
    Location: Act 4 - Snowfield
    Details: After the Crying Wolf battle, in the small area that Otacon unlocks,
    the song is immediately to the right after entering. It's the same area that
    the "Disc Change" Codec call occurs in
    Song: Beyond the Bounds 
    Location: Act 4 - Tank Hangar
    Details: After power is restored, return to this area and the bottom-right door
    on the 2nd floor will be unlocked. It's in there
    Effect: Increases the effectiveness of non-lethal weapons
    Song: Yell (Dead Cell)
    Location: Act 4 = Casting Facility North
    Song: Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (The Document Remix)
    Location: Act 5 - Ship Bow
    Details: Under a hatch right near Snake when you start this area. Get close to
    it and open it with Triangle. Slip into this area and crawl through the duct to
    find the song
    Song: Subsistence
    Location: N/A
    Details: Play at least one match of Metal Gear Online
    Effect: Snake's accuracy is increased
    Song: Big Boss
    Location: N/A
    Details: Obtain the Big Boss Emblem
    Effect: Increases Snake's damage and accuracy
    Song: Snake Eater
    Location: N/A
    Details: Collect all 40 Emblems
    Effect: Increases the rate of recovery by items and other methods
      /                                                                 \
    -]| Miscellaneous (mscl)                                            |[-
      Frequently Asked Questions (afak)
    1) How do I beat (insert boss)?
    A) Refer to the appropriate boss strategy in each act of the walkthrough. You
    can also find strategies for stamina killing each boss (in which it applies)
    in the second walkthrough. 
    2) Do Gekkos, the FROGs, Raven's minions, and Scarabs count as kills?
    A) Of those four, FROGs are the ONLY human combatants. Shooting them with
    lethal weapons will result in a kill. Gekkos, Scarabs, and Raven's flying
    minions are UNMANNED. Fire at will.
    3) I've heard that even tranquilizing a FROG when it's on a high ledge will
    result in a kill when it falls. Is this true?
    A) The answer is no. No. No. Don't e-mail me about this. You will be ignored
    because if you say the answer is yes, then you are wrong. 
    4) Do the alerts caused by Raven's minions count?
    A) No. An Alert is only an Alert if the Alert phase box appears with the timer.
    The Alert "!" sound effect means nothing if there's no Alert phase.
    5) I found a new weapon but it says "ID Locked?" What gives?
    A) Just keep playing, eventually you can pay to remove the locks.
    6) Stun Grenades keep blinding me? What's the point?
    A) I concur that Stun Grenades can sometimes do more harm than good, but it
    really comes down to knowing how to use them properly. The farther you are from
    the impact, the less blinding you'll succumb to. Obviously this makes them not
    so good for certain situations.
    7) Where are all the Chaff Grenades? Why are these things like lost treasure?
    A) Chaff Grenades seem to be rare since they can make things very easy for you
    in the latter parts of the game. The known locations are:
    -Act II: Confinement Facility, inside the actual facility, the storage room
    -Act II: Market, last stall on the left before passing the final Gekko
    -Act III: Midtown Central Sector, tucked in a corner, near a big sewage canal
    -Act IV: Heliport, the center of the helicopter landing
    8) Do the Alerts in the "Dream Sequence" count toward my total?
    A) This is another question I hate seeing because it's asked way too much. The
    answer is an emphatic no. 
    9) How do I beat Screaming Mantis without killing her? The Sorrow Doll isn't
    A) The Sorrow Doll will never ever work, it's made to work on the dead, and
    wouldn't that just defeat the purpose? As it turns out, the Mantis doll counts
    as a non-lethal kill, so it won't go against your kill count. 
    10) I just started my second playthrough and I don't have any of my weapons or
    items from before! What gives?!
    A) You won't receive any of your old stuff until you meet the Mk. II in the
    Red Zone area. 
    11) Well, I met up with the Mk. II and I STILL don't have my things from
    before. YOU LIAR!
    A) *Sigh* That means you made the very silly mistake of selecting NEW GAME
    instead of LOADING your completed save file. Selecting New Game starts
    everything over from scratch so don't do it!
      Regarding Submissions
    This guide is now closed. Do not e-mail me tips ever. I will not reply to
    them. If you dare to incur my wrath, your tip had better be the most amazing
    thing ever in the galaxy. If not, you will be thoroughly ignored. I repeat,
    this guide is closed and I am no longer accepting tips. 
    If you do somehow manage on that 1% chance to get a tip approved by me at this
    point, make sure you leave an alias, not your real name or e-mail address. It
    can be a random screen name or anything. Failure to do this will result in you
    being ignored. Even still, there's a slim to none chance of anything new being
      Credits/Special Thanks
    Well I guess first and foremost I would like to thank Hideo Kojima. I got
    hooked in the series by MGS2, and have since then played every other game in
    the Solid Snake story. Thanks for your hard work. 
    The gameFAQs community as usual for accepting this guide, and also for the good
    folks on the message board who are willing to help out when needed.
    Albedo Piazzola for being one of the first people to find and outline a good
    strategy for the Act 5 Scarab DP trick. 
    DexMorgan for reminding me I didn't really write anything about Emotive Ammo.
    bkatzfamily for info on Ghost #21
    ChrisR for info on Ghost #20
    crimsonriver for info about the install times for BBE and how to beat them
    rootsecure.net as always, for the ASCII art help. 
     Contact Info
    E-mail is always the primary method of reaching me. I just ask, and this is
    more applicable to when this guide is "open" so to speak, to note that I have
    a somewhat flooded e-mail inbox from my other guides and so it might take a
    little while to get back to you. I don't expect it to take longer than 2 days
    to respond to an e-mail but sometimes it happens. When things settle down, I
    hope that my inbox will get some relief. 
    E-mail: veritas7ax@gmail.com
    Well, I had my PSN listed previously. Now however, I have more friends than I
    could have ever wanted so I'm trying to cut down on the number of requests I
    get. If you really want to add me, please e-mail me. That said, I have a few
    games that I play (at least when I have the time) online. I have Grand Theft 
    Auto IV, Call of Duty 4, MLB 08: The Show, Rock Band, and of course MGS4. I
    made a new account in COD4, and then I got bored so I kinda don't play nearly
    as much as I used to (and I played it quite a bit). I'm definitely into playing
    Metal Gear Online some more in the coming days, so.....
      Legal Gibberish
    This guide is solely my creation and has been copyrighted as such. Please do
    not use this guide without asking to host it first. Not all requests may be
    approved. If you do host the guide, please leave all the information intact,
    and unchanged. Do not steal my work and attempt to pass it off as your own
    etc, etc, etc. As it stands now, the following sites have permission to use my
    You're always welcome to print the guide out because lord knows I can't show up
    at your house and say "No!" I wouldn't anyway, I don't really care. 
    That's all. Good night folks! Schwing!

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