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    Metal Gear Database by elendraug

    Version: 0.12 | Updated: 07/15/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         __  __ ______ _______       _         _____ ______          _____  
        |  \/  |  ____|__   __|/\   | |       / ____|  ____|   /\   |  __ \ 
        | \  / | |__     | |  /  \  | |      | |  __| |__     /  \  | |__) |
        | |\/| |  __|    | | / /\ \ | |      | | |_ |  __|   / /\ \ |  _  / 
        | |  | | |____   | |/ ____ \| |____  | |__| | |____ / ____ \| | \ \ 
        |_|  |_|______|  |_/_/    \_\______|  \_____|______/_/    \_\_|  \_\
                          _       _        _                    
                         | |     | |      | |                   
                       __| | __ _| |_ __ _| |__   __ _ ___  ___ 
                      / _` |/ _` | __/ _` | '_ \ / _` / __|/ _ \
                     | (_| | (_| | || (_| | |_) | (_| \__ \  __/
                      \__,_|\__,_|\__\__,_|_.__/ \__,_|___/\___|
    Well, uh. Hi, everybody. My name's Elendraug -- at least online -- and this is
    my first GameFAQs guide ever. 8D
    Basically, I've decided to type up the Metal Gear Database that was included as
    a free download with Metal Gear Solid 4. This is going to take me several days 
    of frantic typing to finish, so I'm posting the first chunk just so nobody else
    has to end up giving their hands cramps thinking it's not being worked on.
    I'm not sure if I'm going to do the relationship chart or the timeline just 
    yet; we'll see.
    A note about the formatting: I've used ten hyphens (----------) to indicate a 
    break between different entries. One hyphen (-) indicates that in the entry 
    itself there was a horizontal rule (the <hr> tag) to separate information. In 
    some places it looks like this was done to divide real-life info from fictional
    in-world material, and in others, spoiler-free content from spoilers. A double 
    line break like this:
    I've used to indicate that a new "page" has started. This was mostly done, it 
    seems, to break up information by time period. For example, in Big Boss' entry, 
    we start with his involvement in Operation Snake Eater and then move on to more
    recent activity.
    I've also decided to leave out crosslinking between entries; it was getting too
    cluttered to write the bracketed search keys after every single item that has 
    its own entry. Eventually, I'll be posting this guide on my LiveJournal, where 
    the <a name> function will allow me to make it prettier, but until then, this 
    will have to do.
    Quite obviously, this guide contains MAJOR SPOILERS. I'll say it again:
               _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
              / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
             ( M | A | J | O | R ) ( S | P | O | I | L | E | R | S | ! )
              \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Don't read this thing unless you've finished the game! It's got spoilers for 
    pretty much everything... I don't think it touches METAL GEAR AC!D, but it 
    DOES contain spoilers for Metal Gear Portable Ops on PSP, which I was kind of 
    surprised to find out. So, yeah. Don't accidentally ruin the games' stories for
    To navigate this guide more easily, I've included those CTRL+F search key 
    thingers that I've seen other guide-makers use before. Press the CTRL key and 
    the F key at the same time, then enter those. For example, Revolver Ocelot's 
    entry is [PE097], so you'd type that, or even just the PE097 without the 
    brackets. Technically, you could just search for his name, but that'd end up 
    digging through all the other entries that mention him, as well. Hopefully 
    you'll figure it out. :3      
    Also obviously, all of the material in this is © KONAMI and Hideo Kojima. I'm 
    not making any money off this; I want to have it as an easily accessible 
    reference for myself, and may as well share it with everyone else, too, 
    especially the many MGS fans out there who can't afford a PS3 just yet but 
    want to look up all the details about the life and times of Emma Emmerich. :B
    Feel free to share this guide with anybody you'd like; just don't be a jerk and
    claim it as your own. It's giving me hand cramps, back pain, and eyestrain to 
    get this all into a .txt file, so at least give credit where it's due, yeah?
    Thanks to my roommate for letting me hook up the PS3 to her TV and sit on her 
    bed while compiling this; mine's too far across my room to see easily. Danke!
    Thanks to my awesome friends who got me into this series and have fangirled it 
    with me. You guys rock. <333
    Thanks to Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa, Harry Gregson-Williams, and everyone 
    else at KONAMI (or wherever) who helped out with any of the games. I love this 
    series with all of my heart, and I'm glad to be contributing back in any way 
    that I can. :D Also thanks to http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for their 
    incredibly convenient ASCII-art generator. I used "big" and "bubble" for this. 
    Also thanks to the developers of Dev-C++, which I used as the text editor for 
    the guide. Having the right 79-character margin visible was incredibly useful.
    If I made a stupid typo or you just have questions about wtf I'm doing, feel 
    free to contact me at elendraug@yahoo.com. It'd probably help if you made the 
    subject line having SOMETHING to do with this guide, so I know what it is 
    you're emailing me about. I check my inbox constantly, so there's a good chance
    I'll see it.
    I've had several people contact me asking to put this guide on websites other 
    than GameFAQs. Feel free to let me know about your site, but know I won't be 
    uploading this guide anywhere else until it's completely finished, just for the
     sake of keeping this project in one place while it's a work in progress.
    Thanks for the interest, though! I really appreciate it.
    [06.27.2008] - [Version 0.10] - All entry names typed up and labelled. PEOPLE 
    section complete through [PE042] [Gustava Heffner].
    [07.16.2008] - [Version 0.12] - PEOPLE section now complete through [PE075] 
    [Mr. X]. Thanks to Martin Houlden for catching some typos for me.
      _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( P | E | O | P | L | E )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    [PE001] [ADAM] 
    [PE002] [Adamska] 
    [PE003] [Akiba]
    [PE004] [Alan Shepherd]
    [PE005] [ArmsTech President]
    [PE006] [Big Boss]
    [PE007] [Big Mama]
    [PE008] [Black Ninja]
    [PE009] [Brezhnev]
    [PE010] [Crying Wolf]
    [PE011] [Cunningham]
    [PE012] [Cursed Children of the Snake]
    [PE013] [Cyborg Ninja]
    [PE014] [Cynthia]
    [PE015] [DARPA Chief]
    [PE016] [Decoy Octopus]
    [PE017] [Deepthroat]
    [PE018] [Diane]
    [PE019] [Dirty Duck]
    [PE020] [Donald Anderson]
    [PE021] [Dr. Clark]
    [PE022] [Drebin]
    [PE023] [Ed]
    [PE024] [Elisa]
    [PE025] [Ellen Madnar]
    [PE026] [Emma Emmerich]
    [PE027] [EVA]
    [PE028] [Fatman]
    [PE029] [Fire Trooper]
    [PE030] [Fortune]
    [PE031] [Four Horsemen]
    [PE032] [FOXHOUND's Survival Master]
    [PE033] [Frank Hunter]
    [PE034] [Frank Jaeger]
    [PE035] [Gene (FOX Unit)]
    [PE036] [George Kessler]
    [PE037] [George Sears]
    [PE038] [Ghost]
    [PE039] [Granin]
    [PE040] [Gray Fox]
    [PE041] [Gun Launderer]
    [PE042] [Gustava Heffner]
    [PE043] [Hal Emmerich]
    [PE044] [Holly White]
    [PE045] [Iroquois Pliskin]
    [PE046] [J. Edgar Hoover]
    [PE047] [Jack the Ripper]
    [PE048] [Jackson]
    [PE049] [James Johnson]
    [PE050] [Jennifer]
    [PE051] [Jennifer's Brother]
    [PE052] [Jim Houseman]
    [PE053] [Johan Jacobsen]
    [PE054] [Johnny]
    [PE055] [Jonathan]
    [PE056] [Jonathan (San Hieronymo Peninsula ex-Soviet Soldier]
    [PE057] [Jungle Evil]
    [PE058] [Kenneth Baker]
    [PE059] [Khrushchev]
    [PE060] [Kio Marv]
    [PE061] [Kyle Schneider]
    [PE062] [Laughing Octopus]
    [PE063] [Legendary Mercenary]
    [PE064] [Liquid Ocelot]
    [PE065] [Liquid Snake]
    [PE066] [Liquid Snake's Right Arm]
    [PE067] [Little Gray]
    [PE068] [Little John]
    [PE069] [Machinegun Kid]
    [PE070] [Major Tom]
    [PE071] [Master Miller]
    [PE072] [Mata Hari]
    [PE073] [Mei Ling]
    [PE074] [Meryl Silverburgh]
    [PE075] [Mr. X]
    [PE076] [Naked Snake]
    [PE077] [Naomi Hunter]
    [PE078] [Nastasha Romanenko]
    [PE079] [New Cyborg Ninja]
    [PE080] [Night Fright]
    [PE081] [Null]
    [PE082] [Ocelot]
    [PE083] [Old Snake]
    [PE084] [Olga Gurlukovich]
    [PE085] [Otacon]
    [PE086] [Para-Medic]
    [PE087] [Peter Stillman]
    [PE088] [Pettrovich Madnar]
    [PE089] [President Johnson]
    [PE090] [Prividyenie]
    [PE091] [Psycho Mantis]
    [PE092] [Python]
    [PE093] [Raging Raven]
    [PE094] [Raiden]
    [PE095] [Raikov]
    [PE096] [Red Blaster]
    [PE097] [Revolver Ocelot]
    [PE098] [Richard Ames]
    [PE099] [Rosemary]
    [PE100] [Roy Campbell]
    [PE101] [Running Man]
    [PE102] [Scott Dolph]
    [PE103] [Screaming Mantis]
    [PE104] [Sergei Gurlukovich]
    [PE105] [Shalashaska]
    [PE106] [Shotmaker]
    [PE107] [Sigint]
    [PE108] [Skowronski]
    [PE109] [Sniper Wolf]
    [PE110] [Sokolov]
    [PE111] [Solid Snake]
    [PE112] [Solidus Snake]
    [PE113] [Steve]
    [PE114] [Sunny]
    [PE115] [Sunny's Mother]
    [PE116] [Tatyana]
    [PE117] [The Boss]
    [PE118] [The Colonel (AI)]
    [PE119] [The End]
    [PE120] [The Fear]
    [PE121] [The Fury]
    [PE122] [The Joy]
    [PE123] [The Man in the Cardboard Box]
    [PE124] [The Pain]
    [PE125] [The Sorrow]
    [PE126] [Thunderbolt]
    [PE127] [Ursula]
    [PE128] [Vamp]
    [PE129] [Volgin]
    [PE130] [Voyevoda]
    [PE131] [Vulcan Raven]
    [PE132] [Zero]
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( O | R | G | A | N | I | Z | A | T | I | O | N | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    [OR000] [ArmsTech]
    [OR001] [Army's Heaven]
    [OR002] [ARPA]
    [OR003] [ARSOC]
    [OR004] [AT]
    [OR005] [AT Security]
    [OR006] [ATGC]
    [OR007] [BB Corps]
    [OR008] [Canberra Commission]
    [OR009] [Charm School]
    [OR010] [CIA]
    [OR011] [CID]
    [OR012] [Cobra Unit]
    [OR013] [DARPA]
    [OR014] [Dead Cell]
    [OR015] [Delta Force]
    [OR016] [DIA]
    [OR017] [DREBINS]
    [OR018] [East German Research Lab]
    [OR019] [Extraterrestrial Special Forces Unit]
    [OR020] [FARC]
    [OR021] [FOX Unit]
    [OR022] [FOXHOUND]
    [OR023] [Green Berets]
    [OR024] [GRU]
    [OR025] [GSG9]
    [OR026] [Gurlukovich Mercenaries]
    [OR027] [KGB]
    [OR028] [Livermore National Laboratory]
    [OR029] [Logistical Support Team for Shadow Moses Island Incident]
    [OR030] [MIT]
    [OR031] [NASA]
    [OR032] [NATO]
    [OR033] [Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal]
    [OR034] [New Outer Heaven]
    [OR035] [Newly Reinstated FOXHOUND]
    [OR036] [NRO]
    [OR037] [NSA]
    [OR038] [Ocelot Unit]
    [OR039] [Outer Heaven (Mother Company)]
    [OR040] [Paradise Lost Army]
    [OR041] [Philanthropy]
    [OR042] [Pieuvre Armement]
    [OR043] [PMC]
    [OR044] [PMC Oversight and Inspection Committee]
    [OR045] [Praying Mantis]
    [OR046] [Presidential Protective Detail]
    [OR047] [Rat Patrol Team 01]
    [OR048] [Raven Sword]
    [OR049] [SAS]
    [OR050] [SEAL Team 10]
    [OR051] [SEALs]
    [OR052] [Second Department of the People's Liberation Army]
    [OR053] [Secret Service]
    [OR054] [SIS]
    [OR055] [Sons of Big Boss]
    [OR056] [Sons of Liberty]
    [OR057] [Spetsnaz]
    [OR058] [Tengu Unit]
    [OR059] [The Bolshoi Ballet]
    [OR060] [The Patriots]
    [OR061] [The Pentagon]
    [OR062] [Thin Wall]
    [OR063] [United States Army Soldiers Systems Center]
    [OR064] [Werewolf]
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( S | C | I | E | N | C | E )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    [SC000] [Antibody Agent]
    [SC001] [Antifreeze Glycopeptide]
    [SC002] [Apoptosis]
    [SC003] [Baseline Map]
    [SC004] [Biological Reactor]
    [SC005] [Biometrics]
    [SC006] [Biomort]
    [SC007] [Bit-Brain Barrier]
    [SC008] [Blue Rose]
    [SC009] [Brainwashing]
    [SC010] [Circle Ratio]
    [SC011] [Clone]
    [SC012] [Cytokine]
    [SC013] [DNA]
    [SC014] [Ear Ossicles]
    [SC015] [Electromagnetic Weapon]
    [SC016] [Element Symbols]
    [SC017] [ELINT]
    [SC018] [EMT]
    [SC019] [Exon]
    [SC020] [Exoskeleton]
    [SC021] [Fortune's Rail Gun]
    [SC022] [FOXALIVE]
    [SC023] [FOXDIE]
    [SC024] [FOXDIE Serum]
    [SC025] [Gaudi]
    [SC026] [Gene]
    [SC027] [Gene Therapy]
    [SC028] [Genetic identification program]
    [SC029] [Gun Camera]
    [SC030] [GW]
    [SC031] [Hacking]
    [SC032] [High Frequency Wave]
    [SC033] [Human Genome]
    [SC034] [ID Tag System]
    [SC035] [Intron]
    [SC036] [JD (John Doe)]
    [SC037] [KdV Equation]
    [SC038] [Macrophage]
    [SC039] [Medical Cybernetics]
    [SC040] [Meme]
    [SC041] [Mental Block]
    [SC042] [Metal Gear Mk. II]
    [SC043] [Metal Gear Mk. III]
    [SC044] [Microwaves]
    [SC045] [Mutated FOXDIE]
    [SC046] [Nanomachine]
    [SC047] [Nanopaste]
    [SC048] [Nerve Gas]
    [SC049] [Neuro-AI]
    [SC050] [New FOXDIE]
    [SC051] [Node]
    [SC052] [Nootropics]
    [SC053] [OILIX]
    [SC054] [Pacemaker]
    [SC055] [PAN]
    [SC056] [Phenobarbital]
    [SC057] [Photosynthesis]
    [SC058] [PMC Soldiers following South America Test]
    [SC059] [Powered Suit]
    [SC060] [Precog]
    [SC061] [Psychokinesis]
    [SC062] [Rail Gun]
    [SC063] [Reading Power]
    [SC064] [Retrovirus]
    [SC065] [RNA]
    [SC066] [Robotics]
    [SC067] [Scorpion Venom]
    [SC068] [Shape Memory Alloy]
    [SC069] [Singing Sand]
    [SC070] [Soldier Genes]
    [SC071] [Solid Eye]
    [SC072] [Soliton]
    [SC073] [Sons of the Patriots]
    [SC074] [SOP Syndrome]
    [SC075] [Stealth Nuke]
    [SC076] [Stockholm Syndrome]
    [SC077] [Super Baby Method]
    [SC078] [Terminator Gene]
    [SC079] [Threat Ring]
    [SC080] [Time Paradox]
    [SC081] [TNF]
    [SC082] [Vital ID Check]
    [SC083] [Wearable Computer]
    [SC084] [Wind Barrier]
    [SC085] [Worm Cluster]
    [SC086] [Zero Shift]
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( M | I | L | I | T | A | R | Y )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    [ML000] [Active Sonar]
    [ML001] [Ambush]
    [ML002] [Anti-personnel Sensor]
    [ML003] [Anti-Snake Soldier]
    [ML004] [Aromatic Polyamide]
    [ML005] [ARPAnet]
    [ML006] [Arsenal Gear]
    [ML007] [Ballistic Missile]
    [ML008] [Bandit Shooting]
    [ML009] [Battlefield Advertising]
    [ML010] [Bipedal Walking Tank]
    [ML011] [Black Project]
    [ML012] [Black Suitcase]
    [ML013] [Bloody Brad]
    [ML014] [Bomb Blast Suit]
    [ML015] [Bomb Sensor]
    [ML016] [Boot Camp]
    [ML017] [Button Camera]
    [ML018] [C-4 Explosive]
    [ML019] [Camouflage]
    [ML020] [Camouflage Mat]
    [ML021] [Cardboard Box]
    [ML022] [Chaff Grenade]
    [ML023] [Child Soldier]
    [ML024] [Cigarette]
    [ML025] [Cigarette Gun]
    [ML026] [Cipher]
    [ML027] [Clearing]
    [ML028] [Codec]
    [ML029] [Codename "FOX"]
    [ML030] [Codename "SNAKE"]
    [ML031] [Cold Medicine]
    [ML032] [Combat High]
    [ML033] [Combat Stress Platoon]
    [ML034] [Compass]
    [ML035] [Cooling Suit]
    [ML036] [CQB]
    [ML037] [CQC]
    [ML038] [CQC Enhancer]
    [ML039] [Culture Tank]
    [ML040] [CURE]
    [ML041] [Cyborg]
    [ML042] [Davy Crockett]
    [ML043] [Debriefing]
    [ML044] [Diversion]
    [ML045] [Dog Tag]
    [ML046] [Drone]
    [ML047] [Dwarf Gekko]
    [ML048] [EVA's Motorcycle]
    [ML049] [FaceCamo]
    [ML050] [Fake Death Pill]
    [ML051] [False Teeth]
    [ML052] [First Round Manual Chambering]
    [ML053] [Flying Platform]
    [ML054] [FOX's Prisoner Interrogation Specialist]
    [ML055] [FOXHOUND Logo]
    [ML056] [Fulton Recovery System]
    [ML057] [Gas Grenade]
    [ML058] [Gekko]
    [ML059] [Genome Soldier]
    [ML060] [Ghillie Suit]
    [ML061] [Green-collar]
    [ML062] [Gulf War Syndrome]
    [ML063] [Gunplay]
    [ML064] [Gustava's Broach]
    [ML065] [HALO Drop]
    [ML066] [Hang Glider]
    [ML067] [Haven Soldiers (Haven Troopers)]
    [ML068] [High Altitude Nuclear Explosion]
    [ML069] [High-frequency Blade]
    [ML070] [ICBM]
    [ML071] [ICBMG]
    [ML072] [ID Gun]
    [ML073] [IDS]
    [ML074] [Infinity Bandana]
    [ML075] [Infinity Bowie Knife]
    [ML076] [IRBM]
    [ML077] [Katana]
    [ML078] [Kiss of Death]
    [ML079] [Knock-out Handkerchief]
    [ML080] [Laundering]
    [ML081] [Liquid Nitrogen Grenade]
    [ML082] [Little Joe]
    [ML083] [Machete]
    [ML084] [Magazine]
    [ML085] [Manhattan Project]
    [ML086] [Mercenary]
    [ML087] [Metal Gear (TX-55)]
    [ML088] [Metal Gear G]
    [ML089] [Metal Gear RAXA]
    [ML090] [Metal Gear RAY (manned)]
    [ML091] [Metal Gear RAY (unmanned)]
    [ML092] [Metal Gear REX]
    [ML093] [Microfilm]
    [ML094] [Military Analyst]
    [ML095] [Military Industrial Complex]
    [ML096] [Military Regime]
    [ML097] [MIRV]
    [ML098] [MO Disk]
    [ML099] [Motion Detector]
    [ML100] [Motion-sensing Radar]
    [ML101] [Muzzle Blast]
    [ML102] [Naked Gun]
    [ML103] [Naked Nuke]
    [ML104] [Nanomachine Inhibitor]
    [ML105] [NARC]
    [ML106] [NBC weapons]
    [ML107] [Night Vision Goggles]
    [ML108] [Nuclear-Armed Bipedal Walking Tanks ]
    [ML109] [OctoCamo Suit]
    [ML110] [Order of Lenin]
    [ML111] [Outer Haven]
    [ML112] [PAL]
    [ML113] [Parachute]
    [ML114] [Perfect Soldier]
    [ML115] [Powered Suit Soldiers]
    [ML116] [Punch Card]
    [ML117] [Pure Hydrogen Bomb]
    [ML118] [Raikov Mask]
    [ML119] [Rations]
    [ML120] [Revised Metal Gear D]
    [ML121] [Revival Pill]
    [ML122] [Revolver Attachment]
    [ML123] [ROM Cartridge]
    [ML124] [Rubber Suit]
    [ML125] [Scout]
    [ML126] [SDV (Midget Submarine)]
    [ML127] [Shagohod]
    [ML128] [Skull Suit]
    [ML129] [SLBM]
    [ML130] [Sleeper Agent]
    [ML131] [Slider]
    [ML132] [Snake Arms]
    [ML133] [Sneaking Mission]
    [ML134] [Sneaking Suit]
    [ML135] [Soliton Radar]
    [ML136] [SS-1C]
    [ML137] [Stalking]
    [ML138] [Stealth Camouflage]
    [ML139] [Stun Rod]
    [ML140] [Styptic]
    [ML141] [Surround Indicator]
    [ML142] [Synthetic Intermediate-Range Ballistic Extension System]
    [ML143] [Tap Code]
    [ML144] [The Metal Gear]
    [ML145] [Thermal Goggles]
    [ML146] [Throwing Knife]
    [ML147] [Tranquilizer Rounds]
    [ML148] [Transmitter Shoes]
    [ML149] [VR Training]
    [ML150] [War Dog]
    [ML151] [White Blood]
    [ML152] [WIG]
    [ML153] [William Tell]
    [ML154] [Zanzibar Tawny Owl]
    [ML155] [Zanzibarland Eggs]
    [ML156] [Zanzibarland Snake]
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( H | I | S | T | O | R | I | C ) ( E | V | E | N | T | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    [HE000] [April 30, 2007]
    [HE001] [Arsenal Ship Project]
    [HE002] [Bay of Pigs Invasion]
    [HE003] [Bikini Atoll Hydrogen Bomb Test]
    [HE004] [Bombing of Outer Heaven]
    [HE005] [Calgary Olympics]
    [HE006] [Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Disaster]
    [HE007] [Cold War]
    [HE008] [Cuban Missile Crisis]
    [HE009] [Cuban Revolution]
    [HE010] [Geneva Convention]
    [HE011] [Gulf War]
    [HE012] [Guns of the Patriots]
    [HE013] [Iron Mountain Report]
    [HE014] [January 24, 2000 System Crash]
    [HE015] [Korean War]
    [HE016] [Les Enfants Terribles Project]
    [HE017] [MAD]
    [HE018] [Mercury Project]
    [HE019] [Nevada Nuclear Tests]
    [HE020] [Normandy Landings]
    [HE021] [NPT]
    [HE022] [NSA Defection Incident]
    [HE023] [Operation Intrude F014]
    [HE024] [Operation Intrude N313]
    [HE025] [Operation Snake Eater]
    [HE026] [Outer Heaven Uprising]
    [HE027] [Philosophers' Legacy]
    [HE028] [S3 Project]
    [HE029] [San Hieronymo Incident]
    [HE030] [Scene]
    [HE031] [Selection for Societal Sanity]
    [HE032] [Shadow Moses Project]
    [HE033] [Snatcher Project]
    [HE034] [Solid Snake Simulation]
    [HE035] [START]
    [HE036] [Successor Project]
    [HE037] [Tanker Sinking]
    [HE038] [The Watergate Scandal]
    [HE039] [Treason charge]
    [HE040] [Ural Nuclear Disaster]
    [HE041] [Virtuous Mission]
    [HE042] [War Economy]
    [HE043] [Warsaw Uprising]
    [HE044] [Y2K Bug]
    [HE045] [Zanzibarland Disturbance]
    [HE046] [Zanzibarland Terrorism]
    [HE047] [30 Billion Dollars]
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( L | O | C | A | T | I | O | N | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    [LC000] [Alaska]
    [LC001] [Area 51]
    [LC002] [Big Shell]
    [LC003] [Chelyabinsk-70]
    [LC004] [Federal Hall]
    [LC005] [Galena Base]
    [LC006] [Galzburg]
    [LC007] [Groznyj Grad]
    [LC008] [Hudson River]
    [LC009] [Leavenworth Prison]
    [LC010] [Manhattan]
    [LC011] [Mount Rushmore]
    [LC012] [Mozambique]
    [LC013] [OKB-754 Design Bureau]
    [LC014] [OKB-812 Design Bureau]
    [LC015] [Outer Heaven]
    [LC016] [Permafrost]
    [LC017] [Rhodesia]
    [LC018] [San Hieronymo Peninsula]
    [LC019] [Shadow Moses Island]
    [LC020] [Siberian Concentration Camps]
    [LC021] [Sinking of the Fox Islands]
    [LC022] [Tselinoyarsk]
    [LC023] [Wall Street]
    [LC024] [Zanzibar Tower Buildings]
    [LC025] [Zanzibarland]
      _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( O | T | H | E | R )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    [OT000] [Andalusian]
    [OT001] [Back of the Package]
    [OT002] [Brazilian Wandering Spider]
    [OT003] [Bullet Bee]
    [OT004] [Caribou]
    [OT005] [Cigar]
    [OT006] [Death from Old Age]
    [OT007] [Disguised Tanker]
    [OT009] [Eggs Sunny Side Up]
    [OT010] [Emma's Parrot]
    [OT011] [EYE HAVE YOU!]
    [OT012] [Food Capture]
    [OT013] [GA-KO]
    [OT014] [Granin's Shoes]
    [OT015] [Hanging]
    [OT016] [Haven]
    [OT017] [Icon]
    [OT018] [Jane Doe]
    [OT019] [John Doe]
    [OT020] [Kagenui]
    [OT021] [KEROTAN]
    [OT022] [Kuwabara, kuwabara]
    [OT023] [La Li Lu Le Lo]
    [OT024] [Lacquered Chopsticks]
    [OT025] [MSX2]
    [OT026] [MUF (Material Unaccounted For)]
    [OT027] [Musher]
    [OT028] [Near-Death Experience]
    [OT029] [Oil Fence]
    [OT030] [Otaku]
    [OT031] [Paramedic System]
    [OT032] [Positive Punk]
    [OT033] [Pressure Syringe]
    [OT034] [Psychological Counselor]
    [OT035] [Raven]
    [OT036] [Remainder of the Philosopher's Legacy]
    [OT037] [Revolver Ocelot's Right Hand]
    [OT038] [Sense]
    [OT039] [Shaman]
    [OT040] [SOP's Alcohol Decomposition]
    [OT041] [Sunny's Chickens]
    [OT042] [Sunny-Side-Up Divination]
    [OT043] [Surrogate Mother]
    [OT044] [The Kurds]
    [OT045] [Triple Crosser]
    [OT046] [Truth Behind Shadow Moses Incident]
    [OT047] [Vulcan Raven Action Figure]
    [OT048] [Wharf Roach]
    [OT049] [Whiteout]
    [OT050] [Wolf's Scarf]
    [OT051] [Wolfdog]
    [OT052] [Women's Bathroom]
    [OT053] [World Eskimo-Indian Olympics]
    [OT054] [Zanzibar Hamster]
    [OT055] [Zanzibarland National Anthem]
      _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( P | E | O | P | L | E )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
       [[ E N T R I E S ]]
    [PE001] [ADAM] 
    A former NSA codebreaker, one of two who defected to the Soviet Union 
    in a notorious 1960 incident. The other defector was EVA (not the same 
    EVA that appears in the story).
    At the time of Operation Snake Eater in 1964, ADAM was dispatched as a 
    spy by the Soviet KGB to provide aid to the American agent infiltrating 
    the country. However, ADAM failed to make contact with the agent, 
    Naked Snake, and EVA was sent to make contact with him instead.
    The woman calling herself EVA at Groznyj Grad was actually a spy for Communist 
    China. The KGB man calling himself ADAM was in reality Adamska 
    (Ocelot), who was simultaneous spying for both the Soviet KGB and the 
    American CIA.
    [PE002] [Adamska] 
    Revolver Ocelot's first name. Russian in origin. 
    His American name is Adam.
    [PE003] [Akiba]
    Member of Rat Patrol 01.
    Real name Johnny.
    He earned the nickname "Akiba" due to his love of Tokyo's world famous 
    Akihabara electronics district, which is commonly referred to as "Akiba" by 
    regular visitors.
    His entire body is covered with wearable computers. Using a wrist-mounted 
    keyboard and a goggle monitor, he specializes in scouting, patrolling, record 
    keeping, data analysis, explosives, and traps. Always wears a ski mask.
    Akiba suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and, due to his lack of 
    nanomachines, also consumes local water without normal nanomachine filtration. 
    This causes his diarrhea and cramps to become particularly bad during missions. 
    The youngest member of the Johnny military family tree. His grandfather helped 
    guard Groznyj Grad as a member of the GRU.
    [PE004] [Alan Shepherd]
    America's first astronaut. Formerly a Navy test pilot, he was asked by 
    NASA to join the Light Staff, a group of astronauts. In 1961's Mercury 
    project "Mercury 3 (Freedom 7)," he successfully returned from 15 minutes and 
    28 seconds of orbital flight, making him the first American to reach space 
    according to official record. He later participated in the Gemini and Apollo 
    projects, and rode the Apollo 14 shuttle, making him the 5th human to set foot 
    on the moon. He is often remembered for having humorously played golf on the 
    lunar surface.
    During the 1964 Operation Snake Eater, Naked Snake infiltrated 
    the Soviet Union from the air via a cutting-edge supersonic fighter jet. 
    Zero teasingly suggested that using a top-secret fighter craft in a 
    real op was a feat on par with Alan Shepherd's accomplishment. Naked Snake was 
    dropped from the craft in mid-air at a speed exceeding Mach 3, falling to 
    earth inside a drone.
    [PE005] [ArmsTech President]
    Kenneth Baker.
    [PE006] [Big Boss]
    The former commander of FOXHOUND and military leader of Outer Heaven and 
    Zanzibarland. His former codename in the FOX Unit was Naked Snake. 
    Real name John.
    He fought in the Korean War in the 1950s. He looked up to The Boss as his 
    mentor, and together they developed CQC. In 1954, he was exposed to radiation 
    from the Bikini Atoll hydrogen bomb test.
    On August 24, 1964, as Naked Snake, he took part in FOX's first combat mission,
     the Virtuous Mission. He infiltrated Tselinoyarsk, then part of Soviet 
    territory, via HALO jump. He attempted to rescue Sokolov, but The Boss, who 
    had been providing mission support, defected to the Soviet Union and the 
    mission failed. He was gravely wounded and had to return to the US using the 
    Fulton Recovery System.
    On August 30, 1964, with FOX's survival at stake, Operation Snake Eater was 
    launched, Naked Snake's mission being to eliminate The Boss. He once again 
    infiltrated Soviet territory from high-altitude, this time with the help of a 
    supersonic drone aircraft. Despite losing his right eye, he completed his 
    mission and the US President awarded Naked Snake the title of "Big Boss," 
    surpassing The Boss herself.
    In 1970, Big Boss left FOX. Immediately afterward, he was abducted by FOX and 
    taken to San Hieronymo Peninsula. There he was imprisoned, but escaped with 
    the help of fellow prisoner Roy Campbell. Big Boss then became ensnared in FOX 
    commander Gene's attempt to steal Metal Gear from San Hieronymo. He defeated 
    Gene and the "Perfect Soldier" Null, and then destroyed Metal Gear RAXA and 
    ICBMG, returning home to a hero's welcome.
    In 1972, he provided his genes to the Patriots for their Les Enfantes Terribles
     Project. Three clones of Big Boss were created. However, Big Boss himself was 
    outraged by the way his DNA* was used and broke off from the Patriots. He 
    became a lone soldier, drifting from country to country.
    He joined an LRRP (long-range reconnaissance patrol) in Vietnam and fought 
    alongside SOG (Special Operations Group), the Green Berets, and the Wild Geese.
     Later, he became a mercenary who appeared in numerous territorial and ethnic 
    conflicts around the world. He achieved near-mythical status, even becoming a 
    minor media celebrity at one point. After that, he served as a combat 
    instructor and worked to reintegrate former child soldiers into society. Big 
    Boss was also reunited on the battlefield with Frank Jaeger, the soldier 
    formerly known as Null. He took Frank and his foster sister Naomi back with him
     to the United States, where he helped them establish normal lives.
    In the 1990s, Big Boss returned to the US military as the commander of the 
    newly formed Special Forces unit FOXHOUND.
    In 1995, the Outer Heaven Uprising prompted FOXHOUND to launch Operation 
    Intrude N313. Contact was lost with Gray Fox, the first agent sent to Outer 
    Heaven, and Big Boss subsequently dispatched Solid Snake, a new recruit. Solid 
    Snake was charged with rescuing Gray Fox and destroying Metal Gear. However, 
    his actions unmasked Big Boss as the mastermind behind Outer Heaven. Big Boss 
    attempted to get rid of Solid Snake personally, but failed and was himself 
    Big Boss established his mercenary company Outer Heaven as a means of achieving
     his vision of creating a world where warriors could find true fulfillment. He 
    gathered mercenaries from around the world who shared this vision. Even after 
    his defeat, there were many who wished for his return, and Big Boss was able to
     survive thanks to the Snatcher Project.
    In 1999, the Zanzibarland Disturbance triggered the launch of Operation Intrude
     F014. Roy Campbell, who had taken over from Big Boss as FOXHOUND commander, 
    dispatched Solid Snake into Zanzibarland.
    Yet Big Boss was still not fully dead. The Patriots used nanomachines to 
    cryogenically preserve his body in secret as a biomort. Big Boss' genetic code 
    was used in the Sons of the Patriots ID recognition system as the key to the 
    Patriots' worldwide control. However, Liquid Ocelot, EVA (Big Mama), and Naomi 
    Hunter formed a plan to revive Big Boss. Restored to life, Big Boss was 
    reunited with his clone, Solid Snake, and was infected with the FOXDIE virus 
    planted by the Patriots, ending Big Boss' life for good.
    [PE007] [Big Mama]
    EVA's nickname in the anti-Patriots resistance group, Paradise Lost Army. 
    A counterpart to Big Boss.
    [PE008] [Black Ninja]
    A mercenary in Zanzibarland. Formerly a member of NASA's top-secret 
    Extraterrestrial Environment Special Force. He is a high-tech ninja whose 
    physical abilities have been enhanced beyond their natural limits with drugs. 
    His body is protected by a flex armor suit.
    His unit was deemed too much of a threat and disbanded, but several of its 
    members defected to Zanzibarland.
    He uses a shuriken as his main weapon.
    [PE009] [Brezhnev]
    Full name Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. He became the Secretary of the Communist 
    Party of the Soviet Union after Khrushchev's downfall.
    Khrushchev's ouster in 1964 paved the way for Brezhnev to become First 
    Secretary of the Communist Party. He served as the surpreme leader of the 
    Soviet Union, forming a duumvirate with Premier Alexey Kosygin and later 
    becoming Chairmman of the Supreme Soviet from 1977 until his death in 1982. 
    Brezhnev reportedly formed a wide-ranging network of personal contacts during 
    his tenure as a major general in the Red Army. He had close ties to the 
    Dnipropetrovs'k and Moldavian mafias, which proved instrumental in his later 
    rise to power. Although loyal to Khrushchev, worsening economic conditions 
    prompted him to join the plot to overthrow his predecessor, and he became the 
    new leader. As First Secretary of the Communist Party, Brezhnev worked to 
    defend the socialist system. He sought to restore the reputation of Joseph 
    Stalin, tarnished by Khrushchev's criticisms, and used Warsaw Pact military 
    force to crush the "Prague Spring" liberalization movement in Czechoslovakia. 
    In foreign relations he signed the 1972 Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty 
    (SALT I) with the United States, ushering in the era of detente. At the same 
    time, he strengthened the Soviet presence in Europe by dispatching troops to 
    During Operation Snake Eater in 1964, Brezhnev supported GRU Colonel Volgin 
    and spurred allegations of an American nuclear attack, threatening the United 
    [PE010] [Crying Wolf]
    Four-legged beast from the BB Corps. Armed with a highly refined sense of 
    smell, capable of pinpointing a foe's location even in blizzard conditions. 
    She engages in team-based attacks, along with an escort unit of powered suit 
    Firing the on-board rail gun requires the operator to manually sight foes, 
    partially exposing themselves above the beast's armor. Her speed as a quadruped
     and extremely tough shell enable her to charge enemies, with an impact strong 
    enough to overturn an armored bulldozer.
    [PE011] [Cunningham]
    FOX's former prisoner interrogation specialist. His codename while a member of 
    FOX was "Boa." He is a master of torture whose favorite implement is the stun 
    rod. His philosophy regarding torture is to apply just the right kind in just 
    the right amount in just the right location. During his days in FOX, Cunningham
     was wounded in the leg while on a mission for the CIA, and subsequently 
    retired from the unit. In 1970, he joined Gene's rebellion on the San Hieronymo
     Peninsula wearing a prosthetic leg. He reveres The Boss as the mother of 
    Special Forces, and feels bitter anger toward the CIA for forcing her to die in
     a foreign land and for taking control of FOX.
    In reality, Cunningham was not loyal to the CIA, but a spy planted within FOX's
     ranks by the CIA's rival, the Pentagon. His objective was to undermine the 
    CIA's authority as well as to obliterate the base at San Hieronymo with a Davy 
    Crockett missile.
    [PE012] [Cursed Children of the Snake]
    When Elisa had her vision of Naked Snake's future, she saw three snakes. These 
    were most likely Solid, Liquid, and Solidus.
    [PE013] [Cyborg Ninja]
    A mechanized ninja encased in a reinforced exoskeleton who appeared on Shadow 
    Moses Island during the 2005 incident.
    He materialized and vanished at will thanks to full-body stealth camouflage, 
    and also wielded a high-frequency blade. The ninja's consciousness was 
    unstable, causing rapid deterioration of his identity. He bore a special grudge
     against Solid Snake.
    The Cyborg Ninja's true identity was Gray Fox, made stronger through 
    exoskeletal enhancements.
    He died in Zanzibarland, but was revived as an early gene therapy test subject 
    for the genome soldier research program. His mind was altered using drugs, 
    allowing only the desires to face Solid Snake once more in combat to persist 
    within his tattered consciousness.
    He appears after Liquid Snake activates Metal Gear REX in order to assist 
    Solid Snake, but dies in the heat of battle.
    [PE014] [Cynthia]
    Real name Amy Elizabeth Thorpe. A female British spy active during the Second 
    World War. She used her wit and charm to elict countless secrets, even the 
    naval codes of the French Vichy government.
    [PE015] [DARPA Chief]
    Donald Anderson.
    [PE016] [Decoy Octopus]
    FOXHOUND's master of disguise.
    His disguises are so thorough, it is said he even takes in the blood of his 
    subject. Although he makes contact with Solid Snake during the Shadow Moses 
    Incident in the guise of the DARPA Chief, he dies by what appears to be a heart
     attack before Snake discovers his true identity.
    [PE017] [Deepthroat]
    Originally the alias used by the informant in the 1970 Watergate scandal.
    The Cyborg Ninja who assisted Solid Snake as he infiltrated Shadow Moses 
    adopted the same name in their communications.
    [PE018] [Diane]
    Steve's younger sister and member of the resistance movement that fought to 
    suppress the Outer Heaven Uprising. She formerly sang for the positive punk 
    band Thin Wall. In the field, she provided Solid Snake with intelligence 
    regarding the mercenaries and weaponry under Outer Heaven's control.
    [PE019] [Dirty Duck]
    Mercenary with Outer Heaven.
    Former leader of the extremist terrorist group, Egg Plant.
    His weapon of choice is the boomerang.
    [PE020] [Donald Anderson]
    Head of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
    He fell hostage to the terrorists on Shadow Moses Island while there for an 
    exercise to test Metal Gear REX. Shortly after being found by Solid Snake, 
    he dies from what appears to be a heart attack.
    The Donald Anderson who died before Snake was actually Decoy Octopus, Special 
    Forces Unit FOXHOUND's master of disguise. The real Donald Anderson had already
     been killed during one of Revolver Ocelot's torture sessions.
    Revolver Ocelot purposefully murdered Anderson, but staged it as a torture 
    chamber accident. Anderson was formerly with the FOX Unit under the name 
    Sigint, and was a founding member of The Patriots.
    [PE021] [Dr. Clark]
    A research scientist responsible for secretly developing the Genome Soldiers 
    for the American military.
    She used former FOXHOUND member Gray Fox as a test subject, grafting an 
    enhanced exoskeleton onto his body and attempting to splice soldier genes into 
    him. Although records state that she died in an accident two years before the 
    Shadow Moses Incident, she was actually killed by Gray Fox after he went 
    Dr. Clark formerly worked under the codename Para-Medic, part of the team who 
    offered Naked Snake support via radio during Operation Snake Eater.
    One of the founding members of the Patriots.
    [PE022] [Drebin]
    Drebin 893, unofficial arms dealer and gun launderer. Following the 
    introduction of the Sons of the Patriots System, he and the other Drebins began
     selling weapons around the world to unregistered groups such as smaller PMCs 
    and local militias, becoming the only individuals who deal in laundered 
    weapons. They also sell various parts obtained through AT Security, as well as 
    the fixing of records through personal connections.
    They sell naked guns from before the SOP System; switch the ID chips in ID guns
     for fake chips; sell non-ID guns not requiring an ID process; and also offer 
    gun parts and ammo. Drebin (893) approaches Solid Snake and proposes a mutually
     beneficial relationship -- Snake provides weapons he finds on the battlefield 
    to Drebin, and in exchange, Drebin will provide Snake with weapons he needs and
     unlock ID guns. They use units of barter called Drebin Points (DP) in lieu of 
    currency. The Drebins' business comes from these relationships with green 
    collars having no affiliation.
    Drebin (893) is a fan of extinct and rare animals, UMAs, and famous soldiers 
    throughout history. His hobby is collecting information on units like the 
    Cobra Unit, Dead Cell, and the BB Corps, and has decorated the walls of his 
    armored car with their photos. He keeps a pet monkey named Little Gray. His 
    armored car is also equipped with OctoCamo, allowing it to disguise itself in 
    emergencies. Likes to drink the carbondated bevereage NARC, keeping a vending 
    machine stocked with it inside his car.
    Drebin is part of the Patriots' System.
    After losing his parents and siblings in the Ugandan civil war, he was 
    kidnapped by an anti-government rebel group called the Lords' Resistance Army 
    (LRA) and raised on the battlefield as a child soldier. Following this, he was 
    taken by the Patriots to America, where he became one of the Drebin gun 
    launderers selling their services around the world.
    Drebin was instructed by the Patriots to contact Snake. The Patriots' objective
     was to use Drebin to inject Snake with a new FOXDIE. Drebin was successful at 
    using Snake as a vector, mixing in suppressants for old nanomachines. The 
    target of the new FOXDIE was the founding members of the Patriots now 
    opposing Zero -- Big Boss, EVA, and Liquid Ocelot, with their co-conspirator, 
    Naomi Hunter, also targeted. Drebin was also instructed to provide back up to 
    Snake since he stood in opposition to Liquid Ocelot and his comrades.
    [PE023] [Ed]
    Rat Patrol 01's sub-leader, he also serves as radio man and sniper, always 
    keeping his gun in pristine condition. He has a macho appearance and a shaved 
    head. Tattoos can be found all over his body.
    [PE024] [Elisa]
    FOX's chief medical officer. She is in charge of keeping Null under control 
    and monitoring his culture tank. Ursula, FOX's precog, is Elisa's alternate 
    Elisa gained ESP abilities when she was exposed to radiation in a nuclear 
    disaster in the Ural Mountains in 1957. She tried to stop Gene's madness, 
    but was defeated by his Zero Shift. In her last moments, she delivers a 
    prophecy of Naked Snake's future.
    [PE025] [Ellen Madnar]
    Daughter to Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar and former star of the Bolshoi ballet 
    troupe. She was imprisoned alongside her father at the outset of the 1995 
    Outer Heaven Uprising until her rescue at the hands of Solid Snake, who had 
    infiltrated Outer Heaven on a solo mission.
    [PE026] [Emma Emmerich]
    Full name Emma Emmerich Danziger, younger stepsister to Hal Emmerich. A genius 
    at artificial intelligence (neural AI), complexity theory, and computer 
    engineering, even as a young girl. Nicknamed "EE," she owned a parrot named 
    Otacon, and was known to use a pair of chopsticks to tie back her hair.
    While at Oxford University, she successfully decoded the cryptographic 
    challenge presented by the British Secret Intelligence Service as part of a 
    special coding event. She became the leader of a cracker group and orchestrated
     the NSA signal data hacking assault of January 24, 2000, a feat which earned 
    her invitations to join a host of intelligence agencies worldwide.
    She joined the NSA in 2005 in exchange for information regarding her brother 
    Hal Emmerich, who had been involved in the Shadow Moses Incident. After two 
    years, she left the NSA to begin work on GW, a massive data processing system 
    designed to regulate information on a global scale according to the Patriots' 
    desires. Later, she continued development work within Arsenal Gear, disguised 
    as Big Shell. When the Arsenal Gear project went berserk, the Patriots ordered 
    Emma to create a worm cluster to destroy GW.
    In 2007, Emma leaked information about Metal Gear RAY to Hal Emmerich's NGO, 
    Philanthropy, under the name EE. After being rescued by Raiden within the 
    Solidus Snake-controlled Big Shell she entrusted him with the worm cluster, 
    but was subsequently fatally stabbed by Vamp.
    At the age of 6, Emma lost her stepfather in a family pool drowning incident 
    in which she herself almost died. As a result, she felt a strong love-hate 
    relationship for her stepbrother Hal, who had failed to help them. Emma died 
    before she was able to communicate her true feelings to Hal.
    [PE027] [EVA]
    Appeared before Naked Snake during the 1964 Operation Snake Eater as a 
    cooperative KGB spy sent by Soviet leader Khrushchev. Her mission was the 
    supply him with information and acquire intelligence on Shagohod. She donned 
    glasses and the alias Tatyana and approached Shagohod developer Sokolov. After 
    Sokolov was captured by Colonel Volgin, she pretended to serve Volgin. 
    After rendezvousing with Naked Snake, she uses both her identities as EVA and 
    Tatyana to assist Snake on his infiltration mission and lead him to the massive
     fortress Groznyj Grad. There, after hearing The Boss's true intentions, she 
    tells everything to Naked Snake in the form of a debriefing on The Boss.
    EVA's true identity was a child of the Philosophers who remained in the 
    People's Republic of China. Since childhood, she had received spy training in 
    The Boss' Charm School, and eventually joined the Chinese People's Liberation 
    Army General Staff Headquarters, Second Division. There, she learned techniques
     such as "bandit shooting," a horizontal sweep using the Chinese pistol. She 
    took the place of the real EVA sent in by the KGB during Operation Snake Eater 
    and attempted to steal the Philosopher's Legacy, a stockpile of the three 
    superpowers' capital, for China. She stole microfilm containing the location 
    of the Philosopher's Legacy that The Boss had recovered, and returned with it 
    to China. That microfilm, however, proved spurious, and the real article fell 
    into the CIA's hands. Chased off by the Chinese government, EVA fled to Hanoi 
    in the 1970's and disappeared.
    Later, EVA met Big Boss again in Hanoi after he had left the FOX Unit. EVA 
    joined the "Patriots" shortly thereafter. In 1972, as a part of the 
    experimental Les Enfants Terribles Project that sought to create body cell 
    clones of Big Boss, EVA participated as a surrogate mother for twins imbued 
    with Big Boss' chromosomes. Those twins would grow up to become Solid and 
    Liquid Snake. After learning of the Les Enfants Terribles Project, Big Boss 
    left the Patriots. EVA, once more resonating with Big Boss, began to act on 
    his behalf in secret while remaining with the organization.
    She later fled to Eastern Europe, where she became Big Mama, leader of the 
    anti-Patriots resistance, the Paradise Lost Army. In addition to taking in 
    war orphans, she worked to stop Zero's ambitions and end the economy of war 
    [PE028] [Fatman]
    Dead Cell member.
    The "Emperor of Explosives." Born the child of a watchmaker, he successfully 
    recreated the Fat Man atom bomb at age 10. After studying at Indian Head (the 
    Naval explosives training school), he worked with NEST (Nuclear Emergency 
    Search Team) before joining Dead Cell. He considered himself an artist, and 
    was noted for spraying his explosive creations with his preferred cologne. 
    Although his large body was encased in a giant bomb blast suit, he had hands 
    as delicate as a woman's, and moved with considerable agility on inline skates. 
    His favorite phrase was, "Laugh and grow fat."
    He was the only terrorist to join the Sons of Liberty, hired on without any 
    knowledge of the Patriots' existence to test the results of Raiden's training.
    [PE029] [Fire Trooper]
    Mercenary with Outer Heaven.
    Former GSG9 (German Counter-terrorism Police Unit) member.
    He wields a flamethrower as effortlessly as a handgun, reducing his targets 
    to ash.
    [PE030] [Fortune]
    Real name: Helena Dolph Jackson.
    Dead Cell member.
    She wields a portable rail gun.
    Also known as "Lady Luck," because bullets aimed at her always missed their 
    mark, while grenades and other explosives thrown her way were always duds. 
    She herself claimed that her luck on the battlefield was at the cost of 
    tragedy in her personal life.
    Daughter of Marine Commandant Scott Dolph, who died in the sinking tanker 
    She was also the wife of former Dead Cell leader Captain Jackson, who was 
    incarcerated for embezzlement. Fortune's mother, perhaps due to a combination 
    of her husband's death and son-in-law's jailing, committed suicide. Fortune 
    herself miscarried her child in its second trimester as a result of the shock. 
    A few months later, Jackson died while in prison.
    In the span of six months, Helena had lost her family and the life she had 
    previously taken for granted.
    In her desperation and desire to prove her late husband's innocence, she joined
     the military and took over Dead Cell. Even by the end of her basic training, 
    her supernatural luck had begun to manifest. Her belief that Solid Snake was 
    behind the tanker sinking and a burning desire for revenge pushed her onwards.
    Her ability to deflect bullets and render grenades inert stemmed from an 
    electromagnetic device created by the Patriots.
    Though shot through the chest by Revolver Ocelot after he disabled her 
    electromagnetic protection, Fortune's dextrocardia (a congenital condition in 
    which the heart is located on the right, not the left side of the chest cavity)
     allowed her to survive the wound long enough to deal a retaliatory blow.
    She ultimately died after miraculously deflecting every attack the manned 
    Metal Gear RAY directed at her.
    [PE031] [Four Horsemen]
    A covert squad of mercenaries in Zanzibarland under the direct authority of 
    the President of Zanzibarland. They specialize in assassinations within 
    confined spaces and are made up of former elite agents from SAS (British Army 
    special forces), GSG9 (German federal police counter-terrorism unit), and UDT 
    (Underwater Demolitions Team).
    [PE032] [FOXHOUND's Survival Master]
    Refers to Master Miller, the instructor of the FOXHOUND unit's survival 
    training course.
    [PE033] [Frank Hunter]
    Gray Fox.
    [PE034] [Frank Jaeger]
    The true name of Gray Fox.
    [PE035] [Gene (FOX Unit)]
    The leader of FOX following Naked Snake's departure from the unit, who 
    subverted FOX commander Zero's authority and established his own. His codename 
    was "Viper." He was a product of the Successor Project, designed to create the 
    perfect battlefield commander to command the Perfect Soldiers.
    Gene's intense charisma gives him the power to win people's hearts and minds. 
    He also possesses ESP abilities that enable him to defeat Null with a single 
    direct mental blast.
    Gene took over the Soviet base on the San Hieronymo Peninsula and stole the 
    Intercontinental Ballistic Metal Gear (ICBMG). He issued a threat to the CIA 
    that he would launch the ICBMG into the Soviet Union. His goal was to throw 
    off the Philosopher's yoke and build Army's Heaven, a paradise for soldiers.
    [PE036] [George Kessler]
    A military intelligence expert who supports FOXHOUND during the Zanzibarland 
    Kessler has been a member of numerous mercenary outfits worldwide, from South 
    African soldier-for-hire companies to the French Foreign Legion. He was wounded
     in the right thigh in the Zanzibar War of Independence (the so-called 
    "Mercenary War"), ending his career as a mercenary. He worked for a time as a 
    negotiator, but later used his battlefield knowledge and experience to become 
    an expert on military intelligence. He also worked very briefly as a weapons 
    advisor to FOXHOUND. It is said that he has info on every mercenary in the 
    world, and that no one can call himself a true mercenary unless he knows 
    George Kessler.
    [PE037] [George Sears]
    43rd President of the United States. After learning of Secretary of Defense 
    Jim Houseman's plot to destroy all evidence of the Shadow Moses Incident, he 
    countermanded the aerial bombing run and removed Houseman from his post, saving
     Solid Snake's life in the process.
    He later acted as the ringleader in the Big Shell takeover under the name 
    Solidus Snake.
    [PE038] [Ghost]
    A mysterious figure who appeared on the San Hieronymo Peninsula.
    Ghost informed Naked Snake of Gene's plot via radio during the San Hieronymo 
    Peninsula Incident. His true identity was Shagohod developer Sokolov.
    With the help of The Boss, he escaped Groznyj Grad after using a fake death 
    pill given to him by the CIA, but was later captured by the KGB following 
    Groznyj Grad's collapse.
    He was ultimately forced to work on developing Metal Gear RAXA and the 
    Intercontinental Ballistic Metal Gear on San Hieronymo Peninsula. 
    -> Prividyenie
    [PE039] [Granin]
    Full name Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin.
    Director of the secret Soviet Design Bureau OKB-812 and rival weapons developer
     to Sokolov during World War II. He laid the groundwork for the SS-1C mobile 
    ballistic missile system and made countless other contributions to the Soviet 
    weapons program. His government recognized his patriotism, hard work, and 
    dedication by awarding him the Order of Lenin and title, Hero of Socialist 
    Labor. Though he was working under Volgin and funded by the Philosophers' 
    Legacy on the development of what he called a true revolution in weaponry, 
    a bipedal walking tank, the government's interest shifted to Sokolov's Shagohod
     and Granin's project was cancelled. The task of developing his bipedal tank 
    then fell upon his American associate.
    In the 1964 Operation Snake Eater, Granin cooperates with Naked Snake to spite 
    Sokolov. The scret of his betrayal was short-lived, though, thanks to the 
    bugged shoes he wore: a gift from Tatyana.
    [PE040] [Gray Fox]
    Solid Snake's senior in the US Army's Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND, known by a 
    host of names, including Frank Hunter, Null, Frank Jaeger, and the Cyborg 
    Ninja. He reappeared time and again upon the field of battle, driven by the 
    obsessive pleasure he felt at fighting Solid Snake.
    [PE041] [Gun Launderer]
    An arms dealer who enables the use of weapons controlled by the Sons of the 
    Patriots System without an ID check. Only a Drebin can perform this type of 
    modification. Guns under the system and requiring an ID check are known as ID 
    guns; guns that have been laundered and no longer require an ID check are known
     as non-ID guns; and guns that were created beforet he SOP System and do not 
    contain an ID chip are known as naked guns.
    [PE042] [Gustava Heffner]
    An undercover agent for the Czech secret police. She was abducted by 
    Zanzibarland along with Dr. Marv while visiting the US. She was once a 
    professional figure skater whose multiple consecutive world and Olympic 
    championships have earned her the moniker "Ice Princess." At the 1988 Winter 
    Olympics in Calgary, Gustava met a man calling himself Frank Jaeger. She fell 
    in love with him and planned to defect, but failed. Since then, with her 
    skating career ruined, she has become an undercover agent, waiting for another 
    chance to defect. She is fluent in Czech, Slovak, Russian, and English. Gustava
     entrusts her brooch to Solid Snake in Zanzibarland, but is killed by a cannon 
    blast from the revised Metal Gear D, piloted by Gray Fox.
    [PE043] [Hal Emmerich]
    Former ArmsTech researcher and chief of development for the Metal Gear project.
     Together with Solid Snake, he formed the anti-Metal Gear NGO "Philanthropy," 
    and later worked to combat the Patriots.
    Nicknamed "Otacon."
    A fan of Japanese anime and regular attendee of America's annual "Otaku 
    Convention," he adopted the event's nickname as his own.
    After running away from home due to family conflicts, he dropped out of school.
     Through Internet-based self study, he secured acceptance to the Massachusetts 
    Institute of Technology, where he earned his PhD at a young age. He holds 
    additional Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Princeton University as well.
    Scouted by the FBI as a student, he joined their ERF (Engineering Research 
    Facility). After being caught monitoring and hacking their central database, 
    he was forced out of the FBI and joined defense contractor ArmsTech.
    At ArmsTech, Emmerich developed a series of new technologies, including 
    stealth camouflage, that were officially adopted by the US Army. Following 
    this, he poured his energy into the Metal Gear project. His love of Japanese 
    robot anime made him dream of developing bipedal robots in real life, and he 
    projected that dream onto Metal Gear.
    Financed by DARPA, Metal Gear was developed as a top-secret black project, 
    though Emmerich believed Metal Gear to be a mobile TMD (theater missile 
    defense) project.
    For generations, the Emmerich family was tied to the tragic history of nuclear 
    war. His grandfather was part of the Manhattan Project that initially developed
     the atom bomb. In the 1960's, he received the plans for Metal Gear, a 
    nuclear-armed bipedal walking tank, from Granin, a Russian scientist.
    His father was born on August 6th, 1945, the day the atom bomb was dropped on 
    Hiroshima. After raising Hal, he remarried, taking in his spouse's daughter, 
    Emma Emmerich. Later, unable to bear the fact that his son, Hal, had an affair 
    with his new wife, he planned to drown himself in his home swimming pool, and 
    to take Emma with him in death. Though Emma survived, Hal's father was 
    successful in his bid for suicide.
    During the 2005 incident on Shadow Moses Island, Hal Emmerich met Solid Snake.
    Emmerich, stranded within the facility now under Liquid Snake's control, had 
    gone into hiding within the research lab for fear of the Cyborg Ninja's 
    After Snake defeated the Ninja, Emmerich asked him, "Are you an otaku too?"
    Snake then explained to Emmerich that Metal Gear REX was equipped with nuclear 
    To Emmerich, who had dreamt of building robots to maintain peace, the news 
    came as a shock, motivating him to assist Snake in destroying Metal Gear. From 
    that point on, Emmerich donned his stealth camouflage and offered Snake 
    support from the shadows.
    There on Shadow Moses Island, Emmerich fell in love with FOXHOUND member 
    Sniper Wolf.
    Wolf, a woman who found solace in her loneliness in tending to the facility's 
    wolfdogs, chose to fight against Solid Snake despite Emmerich's pleas, and was 
    killed. Having lost both his dreams and his love, Emmerich put Shadow Moses 
    behind him.
    Later, Emmerich and Solid Snake established the anti-Metal Gear NGO, 
    "Philanthropy." After receiving an e-mail tip from "EE" in 2007, Emmerich 
    hacked into the Pentagon's files and discovered that the Navy was transporting 
    a new form of anti-Metal Gear weapon, Metal Gear RAY (manned) aboard a 
    disguised tanker.
    Snake went in to investigate the truth. His mission was to photograph Metal 
    Gear RAY so that Emmerich could post the evidence online.
    The tanker was sunk, however, and Metal Gear RAY was stolen by Revolver Ocelot.
     Though Emmerich managed to rescue Snake from the ship, Philanthropy and Solid 
    Snake were accused of sinking it.
    Blamed for sinking the tanker, Philanthropy was driven underground
    In 2009, Snake infiltrated the Big Shell under the pseudonym "Iroquois 
    Pliskin," with Emmerich providing backup. There, Emmerich was reunited with his
     younger stepsister, Emma.
    Emma deepy resented her brother. When Emma, age 6, and Hal's father were 
    drowning in their swimming pool, Hal failed to save them, a fact for which she 
    never forgave him.
    But the depth of her hatred revealed the intensity of her love for Hal.
    As Emma, stabbed by Vamp, lay dying, she confessed her true feelings to her 
    brother. Hal, however, was unable to respond in kind. At the time of their 
    drowning, Hal had been in the midst of a liaison with Emma's mother.
    Hal felt a heavy sense of guilt, both for succumbing to temptation and for the 
    death of his sister.
    Philanthropy ceased activity in 2009, following the Big Shell takeover, and 
    Emmerich changed gears to join Snake in commencing anti-Patriot activity.
    Subsequently, Emmerich took custody of Olga's daughter, Sunny, freed from the 
    Patriots during Raiden's solo infiltration, and taught the girl how to program 
    and hack. She later supports Snake through development work on the 
    remote-controlled terminal Metal Gear Mk. II, the mimetic OctoCamo camouflage, 
    the multi-purpose Solid Eye goggle, and other field tools.
    [PE044] [Holly White]
    A freelance international journalist who snuck into Zanzibarland to cover the 
    events there.
    The daughter of a French mother and a British father, Holly won a Pulitzer 
    Prize for her reporting on the wars in Afghanistan. She is also a well-known 
    director for KTV and received an Emmy for her acclaimed documentary "The 
    Unknown Bloodshed." The multitalented Ms. White also works as a fashion model 
    for the magazine Depeche Vogue. Behind all of this, however, she is 
    serves [sic] as an undercover agent for the CIA, which makes use of her 
    status and fame to further its intelligence operations.
    [PE045] [Iroquois Pliskin]
    The alias Solid Snake used when he encountered Raiden during his 2009 
    infiltration of Big Shell. His alleged rank is lieutenant junior grade. Raiden 
    assumed he was a survivor of SEAL Team 10, though Snake maintained his silence 
    when asked abuot his affiliation.
    In Algonquin, the language of the native inhabitants of Manhattan, the word 
    "Iroquois" refers to a venemous snake. It is also the name of an eastern tribe 
    of Native Americans with over a thousand years of history, who operated under 
    a federated system known as the Iroquois Federation which heavily influenced 
    the United States at the time of its inception. In their language, the word 
    "Manhattan" means "island of many hills."
    [PE046] [J. Edgar Hoover]
    John Edgar Hoover was the director of the FBI from 1924 until 1972. In the 
    1950's, the FBI's overseas activities were curtailed by the newly formed CIA. 
    J. Edgar Hoover consequently focused on the domestic anti-communist "Red Hunt" 
    movement, placing severe restrictions on civil rights in the process.
    During the Shadow Moses Incident, Naomi Hunter, a member of FOXHOUND's rear 
    support team, lied about her background. She claimed her grandfather was a 
    Japanese man who served as an advisor to Hoover in the 1950's, helping the FBI 
    infiltrate Mafia operations. However, there was no record of any Asian-American
     agents serving in the FBI in the 1950's, and the undercover Mafia 
     investigation had not yet begun at that time.
    [PE047] [Jack the Ripper]
    Raiden's nickname as a 10-year-old boy fighting in the Liberian civil war. 
    Taken from the name of a deranged serial killer who appeared in London's East 
    End in the 19th century.
    [PE048] [Jackson]
    Former leader of Dead Cell and husband to Fortune. 
    Dead Cell, a unit formed to test security systems by staging attacks on 
    friendly forces, changed considerably after its leader, Captain Jackson, was 
    thrown into Leavenworth Prison on charges of corruption and embezzlement of 
    public funds. It remains unknown whether these charges were just or fabricated.
     Johnson died of exhaustion while serving his sentence.
    [PE049] [James Johnson]
    44th President of the United States.
    Johnson rose to the presidency following the fall from grace of then-President 
    George Sears as a result of the Shadow Moses incident.
    While on a supervisory trip to the offshore purification facility known as the 
    Big Shell, he was taken hostage by the terrorist group, Sons of Liberty, who 
    demanded 30 billion dollars in random from the US government.
    He was accompanied on his visit by Secret Service agent Richard Ames.
    Johnson's purpose for going to Arsenal Gear was to become one of the Patriots. 
    The Patriots manipulated even that desire, however, making him an unwitting 
    accomplice in the S3 Plan. Lamenting his pathetic fate as a pawn to the 
    Patriots to the very end, he was killed by Revolver Ocelot in front of Raiden.
    [PE050] [Jennifer]
    Member of the resistance movement that fought to suppress the Outer Heaven 
    She infiltrated Outer Heaven as a member of the organization's medical staff in
     hopes of freeing her captured brother. Proud and cautious by nature, she 
    refused to answer any transmissions from Solid Snake until she was certain he 
    could be trusted. Ultimately, she provided him with information on weapons.
    [PE051] [Jennifer's Brother]
    Full name unknown.
    He was among the soldiers captured at the onset of the Outer Heaven Uprising, 
    held in a prison constantly monitored by Outer Heaven security.
    [PE052] [Jim Houseman]
    US Secretary of Defense.
    A friend of the DARPA Chief, he worked together with ArmsTech in the top-secret
     development of Metal Gear REX.
    During Liquid Snake's uprising on Shadow Moses Island, Houseman commanded the 
    suppression operation from AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System).
    Worried that the existence of Metal Gear REX and the Genome Soldiers might go 
    public, he plotted to kill off those involved using the FOXDIE assassination 
    virus, then safely reclaim REX. Upon hearing that Solid Snake had destroyed 
    Metal Gear REX, Houseman relieved Roy Campbell from his post and ordered an 
    aerial bombing run to cover up all evidence.
    President George Sears stepped in, however, exercising his authority to remove 
    the Secretary from his post.
    [PE053] [Johan Jacobsen]
    A zoologist who serves as a life science adviser to the science magazine 
    "Maxwell." He is an old college friend of Dr. Pettrovich Madnar.
    In 1999, as the vice chairman of the International Society for the Prevention 
    of Cruelty to Animals, Jacobsen came to the Zanzibarland region to study desert
     wildlife in the Middle East.
    [PE054] [Johnny]
    A family of soldiers originating from Russia. The eldest son in each generation
     is always named "Johnny."
    The first Johnny to appear takes the role of a prison guard at Groznyj Grad 
    fortress in the 1960s. He wore a full face mask embroidered with a "J" and 
    encountered Naked Snake as a member of Spetsnaz, the GRU's special forces unit.
     This Johnny's grandson appeared as a prison guard on Shadow Moses island in 
    2005. He also showed up as one of the Russian Gurlukovich soldiers occupying 
    the Big Shell in 2009. After the Big Shell Incident, he returned to the US 
    military and became a member of Rat Patrol 01, earning the nickname "Akiba."
    [PE055] [Jonathan]
    Member of Rat Patrol 01.
    A six-foot tall American of Korean descent. He has a mohawk haircut with an 
    exclamation point shaved on the back of his head.
    While normally quiet and calm, he becomes extremely angry at people who stand 
    behind him.
    [PE056] [Jonathan (San Hieronymo Peninsula ex-Soviet Soldier]
    Part of the San Hieronymo Peninsula Uprising, spurred on by fear of Gene. 
    Naked Snake, the legendary soldier who defeated The Boss, later recruited him 
    to his side.
    He later protected Naked Snake from the attacks of other Soviet soldiers afraid
     from Gene's terrifying speech, dying before their guns.
    [PE057] [Jungle Evil]
    A mercenary in Zanzibarland. A former member of a reconnaissance command unit, 
    and the self-styled "King of the Jungle."
    He specializes in ambushes and guerilla warfare, and is known as the "Phantom 
    As a mercenary in Vietnam and South Yemen, he single-handedly wiped out two 
    entire companies.
    He wears a high-tech camouflage suit that renders him undetectable to motion 
    sensing radar.
    [PE058] [Kenneth Baker]
    President of defense contractor ArmsTech, which worked closely with the 
    Pentagon in developing Metal Gear REX. While on Shadow Moses Island for REX's 
    test run, he was taken hostage by terrorists along with the DARPA Chief. Under 
    torture at the hands of Revolver Ocelot, he had revealed the detonation code 
    for the nuclear warhead. He made contact with Solid Snake, there on a one-man 
    infiltration mission, contracted FOXDIE, and died in the ensuing heart attack.
    [PE059] [Khrushchev]
    Full name Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. Upon the death of Joseph Stalin in 
    1953, he became the supreme leader of the Soviet Union, holding the posts of 
    First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Chairman of the 
    Council of Ministers. He strove for peaceful co-existence with the capitalist 
    bloc led by the United States. He received the Order of Lenin for his 
    achievements in building the Moscow subway system.
    A fierce critic of Stalin, Khrushchev pursued a policy of peaceful co-existence
     with capitalist countries like the U.S. and France, thereby effecting a 
    temporary "thaw" in the Cold War. He was a champion of space development, 
    launching the Sputnik Project in 1957 and the Vostok Project in 1960, and 
    expanding the USSR's lead over America in the Space Race. 
    Khrushchev left behind an impressive cultural legacy, including his defense of 
    dissident author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's criticisms of socialism, and his 
    reduction of nuclear stockpiles on the advice of Andrei Sakharov, the father 
    of the Russian hydrogen bomb. However, he also faced increasing domestic 
    criticism over his concessions to U.S. President Kennedy during the Cuban 
    Missile Crisis, his failed agricultural policies, and backlash against his 
    criticism of Stalin. He became embroiled in an ideological struggle with Mao 
    Zedong's People's Republic of China, leading to the Sino-Soviet Split. In 1964,
     senior members at an emergency meeting of the Central Committee demanded 
    Khrushchev's ouster and he retired from his posts as First Secretary of the 
    Communist Party and Chairman of the Council of Ministers (premier). He was 
    succeeded by Leonid Brezhnev and Alexey Kosygin.
    During Operation Snake Eater in 1964, Khrushchev sent a spy through the KGB to 
    betray an American agent. His plan was to destroy the Brezhnev faction by 
    seizing the Philosophers' Legacy from GRU Colonel Volgin. However, the Legacy 
    passed into the hands of the United States, causing Khrushchev's downfall.
    [PE060] [Kio Marv]
    Czech scientist specializing in Biotechnology. Fluent in Czech and Slovakian.
    While conducting research in the East on biomass pesticide modification, he 
    accidentally discovered the basis for OILIX in one of his experiments, 
    subsequently refining the concept to completion.
    Also a well-known computer game enthusiast, Marv frequently submitted 
    home-brewed games to a variety of magazines to rave reviews.
    While en route to America for the International Energy Crisis Summit, he was 
    kidnapped by agents of Zanzibarland. Long troubled by a heart condition, Marv 
    was unable to withstand the torture he received in Zanzibarland.
    [PE061] [Kyle Schneider]
    Leader of the resistance movement that fought to suppress the 1995 Outer Heaven
     Uprising. Formerly an architectural engineer, he was a member of the Outer 
    Heaven facility design staff until his wife and child lost their lives as 
    innocent victims of the conflict. Their deaths spurred him to commence 
    underground operations which grew to a full-blown resistance movement under his
     keen eye and strong leadership.
    After the fall of Outer Heaven, Schneider felt that he had lost his reason for 
    living and began to resonate with Big Boss's dreams of creating a world in 
    which soldiers could fulfill their "sole purpose" in life. Shortly after Big 
    Boss gained leadership over Zanzibarland Schneider became his ally. In 1999, 
    during the Zanzibarland Disturbance, Schneider came to Zanzibarland's defense 
    as the mercenary known as "Black Ninja."
    [PE062] [Laughing Octopus]
    Four manipulator-tentacled beast from the BB Corps.
    Capable of blending into the surrounding environment using technology related 
    to OctoCamo.
    She can also spew ink to obscure herself from foes, and is armed with 
    back-mounted homing explosives.
    The four manipulators she possesses are an evolved form of Solidus Snake's 
    snake arm combat suit, and can be used to precisely attack foes, even at 
    mid-range distances.
    [PE063] [Legendary Mercenary]
    Big Boss' nickname.
    He was once acclaimed for preventing all-out war between the United States and 
    the Soviet Union, but later quit the US military. As a mercenary, his exploits 
    on countless battlefields further burnished his image, and he became known as 
    the Legendary Mercenary.
    [PE064] [Liquid Ocelot]
    The mind of Liquid Snake, housed in the body of Revolver Ocelot. Balance was 
    restored to his psyche after the right hand that housed Liquid's Will was 
    surgically replaced as a prosthetic limb. He ran Outer Heaven, a mother company
     that secretly controlled the world's five largest PMCs (Private Military 
    Companies), and plotted to lead a rebellion against the Patriots using its 
    military power.
    He placed genetic engineering scientist Naomi Hunter under house arrest, 
    forcing her to access the Sons of the Patriots System.
    Using Big Boss' genetic code to enter the Patriots' AI network, Liquid Ocelot 
    succeeded in taking over the Sons of the Patriots. Renaming it the Guns of the 
    Patriots, he used it to disable every gun and weapon in the world. He then 
    stole the Arsenal Gear-class battleship from the Patriots, and outfitted it 
    with Metal Gear REX's rail gun. He then attempted to use a nuclear warhead 
    launched into orbit from the rail gun to destroy the Patriots' core AI, "JD," 
    in space.
    Liquid Ocelot's personality was actually nothing more than the manmade product 
    of Revolver Ocelot's own drug use and autosuggestion.
    Revolver Ocelot played the part of Liquid Ocelot in order to awaken Big Boss, 
    who had been kept in a comatose state by the Patriots' AI collective, to find 
    the whereabouts of Zero. He posed as a Liquid Snake doppelganger in order to 
    hide those intentions from the core AI, JD.
    Once he had destroyed JD from the inside, his mission as Liquid Ocelot was 
    over. When his life was subsequently claimed by FOXDIE, he died as Revolver 
    Ocelot himself.
    [PE065] [Liquid Snake]
    Former leader of the combat division of Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND and chief 
    conspirator behind the Shadow Moses Incident.
    A clone of Big Boss born through the 1972 Les Enfants Terribles Project, he was
     a manmade twin to Solid Snake, with whom he shared a virtually identical DNA 
    signature. The fate he felt was coded into that very DNA fueled his actions.
    He fought in the Gulf War as a teen, and infiltrated the Middle East as a 
    sleeper for the British SIS (Secret Intelligence Service). He became a POW in 
    Iraq, and went missing. Later, he joined Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND after 
    Solid Snake had left it.
    In 2005, he led FOXHOUND and Next-Generation Special Forces in taking control 
    of a small Alaskan isle, Shadow Moses Island. There, he stole the 
    nuclear-equipped bipedal tank, Metal Gear REX, and demanded Big Boss' remains 
    from the American government. In acquiring Big Boss' remains, he hoped to 
    develop a cure for the disease caused by the Genome Soldier gene therapy, and 
    to recreate Big Boss's Outer Heaven on Shadow Moses. The American military 
    deployed Liquid Snake's twin, Solid Snake, in hopes of stopping Liquid.
    Liquid used Solid Snake to his own advantage, however, luring him into 
    disabling the PAL nuclear launch safety device. Although he successfully 
    activated Metal Gear REX, the weapon was destroyed by Snake and the Cyborg 
    Ninja, and Liquid's plan was foiled.
    Ultimately, Liquid Snake falls victim to FOXDIE, the assassination virus the 
    Pentagon planted in Solid Snake's body in order to quietly wipe out everyone 
    involved in the Shadow Moses Incident, dying of a fatal heart attack.
    But Liquid Snake's role continued even after his death. In the 2007 New York 
    Harbor tanker sinking, Hal Emmerich used Liquid Snake's remains as a body 
    double for Solid Snake.
    After losing his right hand in the Shadow Moses incident, Ocelot had Liquid 
    Snake's arm surgically grafted onto his body and took on Liquid's ambitions 
    under the guise of Liquid Ocelot.
    Later, Liquid's remains were also transplanted onto Big Boss's body as 
    replacement parts.
    [PE066] [Liquid Snake's Right Arm]
    After Revolver Ocelot had his right hand cut off during the Shadow Moses 
    Incident, he paid a transplant team in Lyon, France to attach Liquid Snake's 
    right arm to his body.
    However, whenever Solid Snake is nearby, Revolver Ocelot acts as if Liquid 
    Snake's mind has reawakened and taken over his consciousness.
    Eventually, Liquid Snake manages to take over Revolver Ocelot's mind 
    completely, creating Liquid Ocelot. After this, Ocelot removes the arm and uses
     a prosthetic instead.
    Liquid Ocelot's personality was actually nothing more than the manmade product 
    of Revolver Ocelot's own autosuggestion.
    [PE067] [Little Gray]
    A naked monkey that accompanies Drebin at all times. It shares Drebin's 
    affinity for carbonated drinks like NARC. Its hairless form bears a disturbing 
    resemblance to an alien captured by the FBI.
    Little Gray's bed sits beside the vending machine in Drebin's armored Stryker.
    Captivated by Snake's smoking habit, it takes up cigarettes.
    [PE068] [Little John]
    Son of Raiden and Rosemary.
    Though outwardly raised as the child of Rosemary and Campbell in order to 
    shield Rosemary and John from possible danger as a result of Raiden's 
    resistance activities against the Patriots, Rosemary was actually pregnant with
     John at the time of the Big Shell Incident.
    One month after the collapse of the Patriot's system, the five-year-old John 
    met his true father for the first time. As an avid sci-fi movie and anime fan, 
    he grew up with the romantic notion of a hero.
    [PE069] [Machinegun Kid]
    Mercenary with Outer Heaven.
    Former SAS (British Army Special Forces) member.
    Known for his skilled use of the machine gun.
    [PE070] [Major Tom]
    The codename used by Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission. He named himself 
    after one of the tunnels dug by the prisoners in the movie "The Great Escape." 
    The three tunnels in that movie were named Tom, Dick, and Harry. Major Zero 
    mistakenly believed that Tom was the one the prisoners used to make their 
    Later, after learning that Tom was in fact the tunnel discovered by the guards,
     Major Zero dropped the name "Major Tom" and adopted his original codename 
     "Zero" for Operation Snake Eater.
    "Major Tom" is also the name of the main character in the songs "Space Oddity" 
    and "Ashes to Ashes" by rock musician David Bowie.
    [PE071] [Master Miller]
    Full name McDonnell Benedict Miller.
    FOXHOUND's survival instructor. Hard-nosed and unforgiving, he is referred to 
    as "Master Miller" by the members of FOXHOUND as a sign of respect. A 
    third-generation Japanese-American, he served as an instructor for SAS, the 
    Green Berets, and a Marine boot camp as well as a coach at a merc school. He is
     well-read and possesses a vast array of scientific knowledge. After retiring 
    from boot camp, he moved to Alaska where he occasionally acted as an instructor
     for the Alaska Scouts. He is an expert on local flora and fauna, and his 
    knowledge of survival techniques is also extensive. He lives with his daughter
    He met Solid Snake at FOXHOUND's training camp. In 1999, he joined a rear 
    support unit to assist Solid Snake during the Zanzibarland Disturbance. He 
    also participated in the rear support for the 2005 Shadow Moses Incident, 
    providing advice from his home over radio.
    But the Master Miller who provided support to Snake during the Shadow Moses 
    Incident was an imposter. The real Master Miller had been murdered in his home 
    in Alaska. The man posing as Master Miller was none other than Liquid Snake.
    [PE072] [Mata Hari]
    Real name Margaretha Geertruida Zelle. The famous "femme fatale spy" of the 
    First World War. She became a popular exotic dancer with her tantalizing dance 
    routine, which she learned while station with her husband in Java. Mata Hari 
    had affairs with military officers from numerous European countries. She was 
    executed by firing squad for being a spy.
    [PE073] [Mei Ling]
    A Chinese-American woman who provides Solid Snake with operational support. 
    Has poor vision and wears corrective contact lenses. She followed her dreams of
     being a pilot at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where she joined
     the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps). Through the program, however, she 
     discovered that she was not suited to be an officer, and withdrew.
    A specialist in image and data processing, she developed the Soliton radar 
    system Snake uses. While still an undergraduate, she worked alongside 
    scientists from the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) and ENPIC 
    (International Photoanalysis Center) on image processing and satellite-based 
    ELINT (electronic intelligence) and SIGINT (signals intelligence) research.
    She was actively entrolled at MIT at the time of the Shadow Moses Incident. 
    Following Shadow Moses, she worked at the Soldier Systems Center, the US Army's
     weapons development center, contributing weapons to Philanthropy.
    After the events at Big Shell, she lost her position as a military researcher. 
    But she caught the eye of a US Navy admiral and was promoted to captain of the 
    training vessel USS Missouri.
    [PE074] [Meryl Silverburgh]
    Roy Campbell's biological daughter. In 2005, she joined FOXHOUND after a 
    lifelong admiration for the unit. That same day, the Shadow Moses Incident 
    erupted around her. When she refused to participate in the uprising, she was 
    After effecting her own escape, she accepted the PAL key from fellow hostage 
    and ArmsTech president Kenneth Baker, donned the guise of a genome soldier, and
     assisted Snake in his infiltration of Shadow Moses Island.
    Although possessing natural-born military talent that allowed her to handle a 
    large caliber gun with one hand, she was still too psychologically green to 
    fire a weapon at another human being. She was seriously wounded by Sniper Wolf,
     and later taken captive by Liquid Snake.
    At the end of the Shadow Moses Incident, she successfully escaped the island 
    together with Solid Snake.
    Despite commonly thought to be Roy Campbell's niece, she was in fact his 
    daughter, conceived of Campbell's affair with his younger brother's wife. 
    Meryl resented the burden of her parentage, and held Roy Campbell in disdain.
    Following the incident on Shadow Moses Island, she re-entered the military 
    through former Army colonel Campbell's connections.
    There, she was posted to the Army's PMC watchdog, the CID (Criminal 
    Investigation Command), as the head of her own team.
    Her team is Rat Patrol Team 01, comprised of sub-leader Ed, Jonathan, and 
    Johnny (called Akiba by his teammates). They too operate under the SOP System 
    implemented by the US military.
    Meryl's Rat Patrol Team 01 was, in truth, a reconnaissance unit for the 
    Patriots. Team 01's missions came directly from the Patriots, and the data 
    they gathered was integrated into the Patriots' AI (JD).
    [PE075] [Mr. X]
    A mysterious figure who guided Raiden through Big Shell's interior.
    The source originally introduced himself as Deepthroat, then retracted that, 
    offering the name Mr. X in its place.
    Clothed in the redesigned Cyborg Ninja suit, he offered Raiden intelligence via
     Codec and other means.
    Mr. X's true identity was Olga Gurlukovich, coerced by the Patriots into 
    assisting Raiden for fear of the safety of her daughter, who the Patriots 
    held captive.
    More to come in the very near future!

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