Review by Megathorn22

Reviewed: 06/16/08

Gaming Perfection(SPOILER FREE)

This is as good as we're going to get in gaming right now. Really, MGS4 is THAT good. This game, by no means, was an easy feat to achieve. Yet, here we are, Kojima's uncompromised vision rendered in all its glory in a world no other human being could dare to imagine. And it's all right here on one dual layered blu-ray disk, exclusively for the Sony Playstation 3. Any flaws this game has are completely overshadowed by the gargantuan amount of detail poured into this game. It's beyond epic.

Graphics 10/10:
Try and name a game that looks better and is as rich in detail and pallette. Go ahead, name one. Can't think of any? That's because there aren't. Not Gears of War, not Uncharted, not Gran Turismo, not Mass Effect... nothing(except for Crysis.). This is the absolute best looking game there is right now. It's stunningly detailed, awe inspiring, and majesticly artistic. From the Snake's brilliant chameleon-like camouflaging Octocamo to the practically flawless environments themselves. The graphics are more than mere eye candy. They very much compliment the story and atmosphere very well. The game also holds a nice 60 frames per second, while occasionally dipping during heavy firefights containing massive explosions. On top of that, the game's resolution can be displayed in 720p, 1080i, and 1080p without a hitch.

Audio 10/10: This is single handedly the best use of audio I've ever heard in the game. If you have surround sound equipment, even bad ones, use them. The sounds of bullets ripping into concrete, the cries of battle, the heart pounding roars and eerie melodic tunes of the score, the fantastic voice acting... it's all there. Glorious and unparalleled, this game whole heartedly displays the wonders of uncompressed audio. Speaking of the voice acting, did I say they were fantastic? Because that is an understatement. The voice acting in this game is some of the best, if not the very best, I've ever heard in a video game, period.

Gameplay 10/10:
The gameplay is something to be experienced. I can't even begin to describe another game that makes me feel like this game does. Every second is enjoyable. The fact that I can simultaneously switch between stealth and action is incredible. It's all perfectly balanced. There are so many ways to approach the battlefield, you actually feel as though you really have a say in how scenarios will turn out. Don't be fooled though. The game's difficulty can definitely be unforgiving. Controls are smooth, fluid, easy to get the hang of, and not one button goes unused. Despite the departure from the original controls(which you can still use in MGS4, as the controls can be customized), everything about the control scheme feels natural and right.

Story 10/10:
MGS4 is the epitome of a Metal Gear Solid game. It's large, it's epic, it's emotional, it's action packed, it's heart pounding, it's thrilling, it's fearsome, it's just downright spectacular. It does a fantastic job of answering every question every Metal Gear fan has ever had and more. Very few game storylines can do to me what MGS4 has. This is truly where the game shines.

Replay Value 10/10:
Do not deny it. You WILL be returning to play the campaign, probably multiple times, whether to unlock weapons you could not previously, get more Drebin Points, watch every Codec conversation, play on harder difficulties, unlock other modes and items, play the entire game sneaking, play the entire game going Rambo on everyone, or just because you want to experience the thrill once again. And that's just the campaign. The game comes with Metal Gear Online, a highly addictive sneaking/ 3rd person shooter game. Assuming you do not approach MGO as just another 3rd person shooter game, this game will feel compelling and refreshing all the same. I implore anyone interested to test every mode and see which one fits the bill.

Over all 10/10:
This is Solid Snake's final mission, and I could not have asked for a better ending to his part in the series. Thank you, Kojima, for getting it right and giving us an experience we'll all remember long after the PS3's lifespan. And to you, Snake, I salute you. You truly are the world's greatest soldier.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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