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"Good thing I didn't buy into all the hype..."

Good thing that I didn't buy into all of the hype leading up to the release of Metal Gear Solid 4. It is all so undeserved. Not because the game isn't good enough for all of the praise it is getting but because it is even BETTER than everyone is making it out to be. I've played thorough all of the main games in the MGS series and have been a huge fan (although Snakeeater took a while to grow on me before I realized how good it really was). Before this game came out I only had a 360 but I bought a PS3 for this game and it is definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. Enough about me and on to the game!


The graphics in this game are nothing short of amazing. Everything is so polished. Usually in every game there are a few glitches that pop up that are just expected. Example: you punch somebody and part of their body becomes stuck or juxtaposed in a wall, pillar, or other type object. Minor glitches like this are expected by the average gamer in even the best games. Well I didn't have a single glitch experience in my entire playthrough of MGS4. Not one. That is the level of polish that has been aplied to this game. Every person, vehicle, weapon, and background looks incredible in this game.


The gameplay is definitely next generation metal gear. While it retains many of the core controls and elements of the series, the game's camrea options are what really sets it apart from the previous games. You have the option to go 1st or 3rd person and the camera is very easy to control. There are no awkward camera angles or enemies running or shooting you from off the screen. If you die in this game, you should know exactly why. the game's AI doesn't penalize you by beign cheap, only for making mistakes.

The gameplay itself is infinitely deep. It can accommodate the run & gun style player who just wants to blast everyone or it can be toned down to suit the stealthy splinter cell type, who wants to go in undetected. Add in octo camo, countless numbers of weapons all with numerous customizations options combined with deeply intrciate Close Quarter Combat System (CQC) and the options are endless. In fact, I got through the game not knowing there were specific CQC controls until the very last part of the game...that's how deep it is!

SOUND 10/10

The explosions feel like they're going off in your living room. Bullets whiz by and you can practically determine what direction they came from, the sound is that good. Voice acting is solid (no pun intended) and manages to avoid alot of the cheese that was so heavy in other games of the series.

STORY 10/10

So this is what it all comes down to. The grand finale. Anyone who has played previous MGS games has a ton of unanswered questions. I can honestly say that this game wraps up EVERYTHING nicely. I won't get into any spoilers as this game is great it would be a sin to spoil it for someone, but believe me from start to finish, the story takes you on an unbelievable ride. I was never able to get through some of the cutscenes in the other MGS games, but I don't think I even blinked on any of the MGS4 cutscenes. Even when they start getting super technical and long winded(as MGS games tend to) they kept my complete attention. The way the MGS story is wrapped up here almost makes you want to demand better conclusions from your favorite movie trilogies. It's just very rare that a finale can conclude and capture so much of what made the series popular in the first place, all while taking it to another level.

REPLAY 10/10

The game has tremendous replay value. There are weapons so expensive that they require multiple playthroughs just to generate enough money to purchase. There are also many hidden secrets and items available. The game is so good that it makes you want to relive all of the moments again from your first playthrough. I can remember at the end of the game while watching the prologue all I could think about was starting the game all over again. The game features roughly 20 hours of gameplay. Be warned that the game is so addictive that hours will just fly by and before you know it you are playing the last act of the game! AAn amazing ride that you don't want to ever end, this game willl have you wanting to replay it for a while. I have not tried multiplayer yet, but that is just one more replay element to this game.


This is my first review. I usually dont hype up games, cough cough GTA IV, but this game was so good that I was moved to write a review to tell the world how insanely good it is! I've been playing games since the Super NES days and I can't remember the last time a game has moved me as much as this one. I believe every gamer owes it to themselves to play through this series. In order to do this game justice, you need the background from at least MGS1-3. Trust me that this game alone is worth the price of a PS3.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/16/08

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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