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"Guns of the Patriots is absolutely flawless!"

Concept: The continuence to the end of Metal Gear Solids series. Solid Snake increasingly aged by the virus in his system, Snake decided to continue to fight his old rivals to complete his last mission. At first in the series, it started out as solid snake, naked snake, snake eater and now old snake. Snake was cloned from the big boss alongside Liquid Snake (rival - defeated by Solid Snake but live and well with Oscelot and Solidous Snake (rival defeated by Raiden).

Graphics: The environment is albolutely stunning. Very crisp and detailed appealing to your eyes. I don't kow if they did this to the max out the PS3 specs. The camo suit really got my attention - touch the wall the camo suit blend to match. I see no flaw throughout the game. Plugging from regular rca port into HDMI port does make a huge difference. I recommended using HDMI. HDMI made it more detailed and colorful view to explore.

Sound: Real sound - lifelike in original war with Iraqis. The sound quality and voice acting are extremely accurate. All of thier voices do fit well with thier characters. Background noise were accurately sounded as you are in the middle of war fight between the enemies.

Playability: It has changed from previous series, but in the better way for our habit. For example, we always use "x" as an enter or action button. MGS series use circle as an action button and been quiet a bad habit pressing x resulting failed missions. They changed it to "X" button for the better. The playability is so smooth. The item downline and layouts were detailed and informed. We only use the select button to be able to use both codec and weapon exchange, also have items and options.

Entertainment: This game is so much fun wanting to shoot them down. Fight big bosses and awesome short movie actions. If you like having a game that have partial movies plays between them, you will not find this game disappointing. Hideo did one heck of a job on this one. As for the story line, I always like MGS2 as the first, and I rate this as the 2nd best in the series.

Replay value: extremely High! The online plays up to 16 players. This is going the be the most active game for a long time. I recommended you to buy this game. It's a keeper!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/16/08

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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