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Reviewed: 06/17/08


Metal Gear Solid is a series in which may just have the most loyal and attached fan base of all time going so deep into the story until they find every little crevice of information, the same with the gameplay, they discover everything. This title will be a piece of heaven as it has more collectibles and things to get or unlock than I have ever noticed in a game before. If you are a newcomer to the story there is no doubt in this insane world you will not get it, but if you have played previous games then this will be the ultimate story with the ultimate ending, closing the ultimate games.

Graphics (10/10)
with the size of the sheer amount of content and maps in this game it is outstanding to see graphics like this. Never has a game raised the bar of graphics on a console since Uncharted. First it was Gears Of War, then Uncharted now Metal Gear Solid 4 has raised the bar. But not only does this game have the best in game and cutscene graphics to date on a console but also the cinematic experience with the sound is jaw dropping. BTW interactive cutscenes FTW!!

Gameplay (9/10)
The gamplay here is as perfect as it can get with the entire amazing and incredible amount of things your character can do during gameplay (and surprise even most cutscenes). The maps are HUGE as well. Seriously the amount of actions and movements that Snake can make or do in this game is unbelievable the crossover from cutscene to gameplay is seamless and I doubt that we have seen something as innovative and brilliant as it before. Hideo Kojima once again makes his boss fights memorable and innovative, with unbelievable charisma he pulls them off. The only things about the controls are the learning curve. It might take a newcomer a while to get it down, and even vets of the series have to get used to the new controls but once you have them down you will realize how seamless they are and that this is really the best and only good way they could have made the controls for how and what you can do in the game.

Sound (10/10)
Sound is impeccable here. I can’t believe how many aces this game can pull up. With uncompressed audio and the most believable sounds and music through the game, it is near impossible not to get immersed. If you have a good sound system then prepare to cream in your pants because I doubt you will ever want to go back to the mediocre games of yesteryear after you play this, this just DIAMOND of games. Everything has a sound and is accounted for here, and once again a Metal Gear game steals the best soundtrack to end all games AND movies, its just nothing under brilliant.

Story (10/10)
Okay, wow this is just amazing. They managed to pull of the best series in the world and ended it with the perfect ending. The story during the whole Metal Gear universe is what sticks out. With the cinematic quality and the sound the story will make you feel as if you are watching an interactive movie at some points. All I can say if you are reading these reviews to see if you want to try a metal gear game is, pick up ' Metal Gear Solid the essentials ' as it is all of the mgs games for thirty bucks and trust me when I say this, you will need to play all of them. For returning Vets of the series you will not be disappointed. The Voice Acting is the best I have ever heard in a video game it’s so believable, I wont be surprised when this game wins the VA award for the year. The motion capture is done flawlessly and with perfect style. Its the first game in a LONG time to make me genuinely sad and get goose bumps along with shivers and that makes me so happy to know there is still hope for games.

Replayability (10/10)

Hahah, I cant believe the amount of replayability they made this one have! They give you an iPod and just many many things that you can collect that will make the game even more fun to play the next time through and trust me again when I say this, you should listen to the Harry-Gregson-Williams soundtrack on your first playthrough and use the in game iPod during following playthroughs it is set so you can still here the world snake is in but the iPods music / podcast plays instead of the games natural soundtrack. There will be more mgs podcasts and content of other sorts to DL later on which is exciting because the first and only so far podcast has Ryan Payton and a guest talking about the game to you while you play its very relaxing, not to mention the many tracks you can pick up for your iPod in the gameplay. MGO is the factor many people will also come back to play, Very fun and innovative definitely the first online game of its kind, I don’t mean shooter I mean in the execution of the online. With a highly customizable character and skill setting you can upgrade and customize each character will have his or her advantage / disadvantage. The online will definitely have a permanent community so go ahead and jump in. Replayability is so high here because this is a case where you want to play the online and the story over again at the same time!!

Closing thoughts: (10/10)

Like I said above this is straight up a Diamond among coal in the video game industry. It is beautiful, fun, breathtaking, addictive and damned well executed. This is a must have for ANY and all ps3 owners and definitely a reason to get one. Gaming for others and me will never be the same. Thank you Hideo Kojima and his excellent team for letting the world experience this.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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