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"This game is basically crazy good!!!"

I have absolutely no complaints about this beautiful masterpiece that is MGS4. Everything in the game is completely perfect. I'm making this up. This is basically a flawless game. You start with the confusing story of MGS2 in the back of your mind, and expect it to be explained completely, and it is, and it makes perfect sense. Perfect sense and an MGS story in the same sentence? Yes, it's true. It does not take a genius to understand this story. But, it does take knowledge of past MGS games.

The story begins in a war torn middle eastern city, guns going off all around. The eastern world truly is exploding. Our legendary hero, Solid Snake, now Old Snake, begins on a transport truck, with a group of middle eastern rebels, fighting against a Private Military Company, or PMC. It would seem the whole world is at war. War has become routine now, it would appear, and people are constantly fighting each other for no reasons other than to fight. The world is on the eve of destruction.

Snake goes into this war torn world with one goal in the back of his head. To find and kill his brother, and rival, Liquid Snake, now in control of fellow MGS character Revolver Ocelot's body. He is quickly dubbed Liquid Ocelot, and your search begins. You make your way through this explosive city, sneaking, or killing your way through. This is only the very beginning of this wonderful story that is MGS4. I will stop with the story talk now, to avoid any unneeded spoilers, which I feel I've already said to much.

The games graphics are truly the best I've seen. The environments look like a picture, and half the time, it is truly hard to tell what is real, and what is game graphics. Facial features are only matched by masterpieces such as Mass Effect, while environments are of their own beauty, not matched by anything out yet. Water effects are truly amazing, while explosions and fire look extremely well done. I've never seen graphics like this before.

Sound effects are great too. It's obvious that when firing a gun, the actual gun's sound effect is present. Explosions are loud and booming, while even the grass rustling beneath your feet is well done. Voice acting is the best, as always in MGS games. Just about every character in the series has the same good old voice actor as usual. From the screams of a tortured and scared lady to Old Snake's raspy smoker's cough, everything is well done, and believable.

The gameplay is simply amazing on this game. The game can have the story of a great American novel, but without great gameplay, that's all that it is, a great American novel, or I guess Japanese. The game's controls can take a little getting used to, as they are slightly different that previous games, and navigating the menus with X can be a little weird for MGS veterans, but you'll get used to it in no time. The game, while linear for the most part, gives you many choices on how to achieve your goals, while the outcomes are usually the same, whether you crawl through the building, or take every living thing out. The game can be played many ways.

While past MGSs had maybe two pistols, two assault rifles, a sniper rifle, the rocket launcher type weapon, and the C4 type explosive, this game takes t to a new level. This game can almost be called a fire arm simulator with the kind of weapons you can get. There's a system for buying and selling weapons, and a system for upgrading weapons, it is possible to completely tweak your weapon the way you like it. You don't want to use the default M4 they give you? Why not buy the M14 sniper rifle, turn it to automatic, and mow down enemies? How about slapping a laser sight and a silencer on it? While quite a few of the weapons have no customizable options, most weapons do have the option of throwing a silencer or a laser sight or light on. You'll always find a gun you like. This game has more guns than most action packed FPSs. You don't even have to use the guns either! If you really want to, you can quietly crawl by the entire squad of PMCs on your right, and make it to the objective. Alternatively, you can help the rebels out and join there ranks. The possibilities are endless, leading to me replaying this game at least ten times over the PS3 lifespan, and probably ten more times after.

This game is a masterpiece in every meaning of the word. You cannot play this game only once, because you'll be too sad that it just ended. You need more of it. That's the only flaw. The game ends. Now, why did Hideo Kojima have to go and make such a huge mistake in a perfect game? Why not create an endless game? That'd be even crazier than this masterpiece. Ten out of ten. The Japanese have done it again.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/19/08

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (80GB PS3 Bundle) (US, 06/12/08)

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