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"Why Don't you take a Break? You've been playing for move than 5 hours......."

Metal Gear Solid 4

Wrapping up a Generation

Brief Summary: It's a Biped tank capable of launching nuclear missiles from anywhere on earth!

The Metal Gear series has been around since the original NES title Metal Gear in 1987 and has since spawned numerous games actually effecting the storyline and other nonsensical ones like card battling games. The Metal Gear story is longer than most movies so it will be difficult to explain all of it so I'll give you the basics. Solid Snake is the A-typical bad ass hero character, Otacon is his nerdy eyes and ears. Liquid, who used to be Ocelot, is the bad guy who did something to make you mad, and now you have to fix it. Yeah that's all I got, lets get to the game.

Gameplay: Maybe you should take a break? You have been playing for more than 5 hours….

If all games were this fun, I would be a very poor man. Metal Gear Solid 4 improves on gameplay in every department in comparison to any of the previous games. The main idea here is sneaking, shooting and tactics. All of these aspects are hit with such dead on precision that the disc might as well say headshot. The sneaking aspect is the most similar to Metal Gear Solid 3 in that it makes use of a camouflage system. Blending into your environment is incredibly important especially when hiding in grass and shadows. This time instead of different camo patters you make use of your octocamo. This is a new camouflage that takes on the appearance of what you are closest to, like a chameleon. You also have many different disguises that will help you blend with the individuals around you. This leads to a piece of the new shooting element. The war that the game places you in is between the militia and the PMC's, neither is you friend, and neither is your enemy. The game gives you the ability to run with either side, or run neutral. This can greatly help your chances of survival when caught in a firefight if you choose to use it. You can dress like a militia member, hand them some ammo or health, or kill one of their enemies in front of them, then they will start to cover you and fight along side you instead of against you. The actual shooting has changed as well, sporting a new control scheme it has become much more intuitive to switch from third to first person shooting and back to hand to hand melee. As far as tactics are concerned, there are a number of different ways to handle any type of situation. It is possible to go through the entire game with out ever being scene or killing anyone, or you could go through the whole game blasting everyone you see. There are a huge variety of weapons to play with as well as many unlockable weapons and costumes. With all the different ways to play through the game, five difficulty settings, and tons of unlockable content, there is plenty of replay value for this one. Triple A gameplay, not just for a Metal Gear game, but for any.

Overall: Flat out the most fun you will have playing a game currently out. Difficult enough to pose a challenge but not so much to make you frustrated. A solid experience overall for vet or newcomer alike.

Story: Someone would need a death wish to go in there….sounds like the perfect job for me

The difference between games and movies is the interactivity into the storyline. It is to be able to acquire the story and give life to the characters through the actions the gameplay provides them with. This is one of the very few flaws in MGS4. While the story provided is one of the most intricate and detailed stories in that of gaming, the way it pans out in the fourth edition takes away some of the value of the game. During gameplay whenever you receive a codec call its like opening a science fiction novel in the middle of a war zone. Gameplay at times comes to a complete halt to make way for a fifteen minute cut scene even in the middle of the action. This is a harsh negative being that the gameplay offered is so fun and engaging its almost a disappointment to have to watch another cut scene. Although these cut scenes are beautifully rendered and sport some of the coolest looking scenes in the game, they become entirely frequent in the second half of the game. This can be looked at as a good or bad thing depending on the player, those devout Metal Gear fans will find the new story incredibly interesting where as the casual gamer will just find this to be an annoyance. Through the storyline you will revisit nearly every character from the Metal Gear saga as well as some new faces. While the characters all have their own history and individual involvement to the story, it becomes difficult at times to see how all of their experiences are tied together, and some events are barely explained at all. In the situation of Raiden, at the end of MGS2:Sons of Liberty he was a normal individual changed by his experience through the game, and by games end he leaves to hunt for the truth. When revisited in MGS4 he comes back 75% machine and bleeds white. This is never explained in the storyline and we as gamers must sit back and say “okay now he's a robot” and have it make perfect sense.

Overall: From a fan standpoint the story will answer any question you've had about Metal Gear and present you will an immersing experience that will have you anxious till the very end. From a casual gamer perspective, the story will be to long, confusing, drawn out and in the way of a fun game.

Presentation: I didn't think you'd be so….cute

Hands down the spectacle of the year. MGS4 is the best looking game on the Playstation 3 and easily the best looking game on any console. Sporting the such amazing graphics makes the game incredible to look at, even making a passer by stop and say, “wow.” There are next to no flaws in how visually captivating the games is and it supports ridiculous textures, faces, backgrounds and everything in between. This is the type of game that will make it hard to distinguish what's the difference between game and reality. The audio also supports a great soundtrack that gives you the epic feel the game deserves. A feature that I really appreciated was that it accommodates to the situation that Snake is in, whether that is being chased, keeping a low profile, or having a shoot out. There is no denying that Metal Gear Solid 4 has set the standard in amazing presentation.

Overall: Wow

Wrap-up: We still have a job to finish

MGS4 is hands down the best PS3 game to date and should be a part of anyone's collection. It's really hard for me to say that a game had me on the edge of my seat but MGS4 accomplished this many times over and each was more exciting than the last. Although the story may drag a bit, the gameplay and graphics are enough to make anyone continue playing. This will be the easiest $60 to spend on a game.

Buy/Rent: Buy
Finish/ Play for a while/ Play once: Finish
Replayable?: Many Times

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/23/08

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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