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Reviewed: 06/23/08


Who hasn't heard of MGS, it pretty much invented the stealth game genre. Everyone knows about the adventures of Solid Snake and his giant walking tank busting habits. This is the final game in Solid Snake's epic saga and boy does it live up to the expectations.

Gameplay --- 10/10
This game is awesome. The gameplay is perfect, it flows smoothly and allows the player to play anyway they want to. Like FPS games? Play it as an FPS shooting everyone who gets in your way. Like stealth action games? Sneak around without being detected. It's as simple as that, you can play MGS4 anyway you like and that is what makes this game incredible. The many different types of combat options may baffle you at first but you will soon pick up the finer points of it. You can aim your weapons in FPS mode or a Resi 4 style over the shoulder camera. You can also use CQC (close quarters combat) this can be used to stun your enemies, kill them stealthily, or even use them as a human shield in the heat of battle. In short the gameplay is incredible and it offers a myriad of options and styles to play the game.

Story --- 10/10 (for series fans 20/10)
The Metal Gear series of games is well known for its incredibly deep storyline, if you haven't played any Metal Gear games before then you will struggle to know what is going on but if you have played all the other games in the series then this games story will be excellent for you, finally summing up Solid Snake's life and the fate of the world. The story is deep, complex and cinematic, it will leave you hanging on, feeling for the characters and wanting to know what will happen next. The story in MGS4 goes beyond that of most video games, it is absolutely epic.

Graphics/Sound --- 10/10
The graphics on MGS4 are absolutely incredible, Snake wears a special suit "Octocamo" it adapts to his environment and changes colour allowing him to remain hidden. The sheer number of camoflauge patterns that the suit adapts is stunning and shows off this games graphical prowess in a way nothing else could. Every little detail is covered and I have never seen another game which looks as real as this. As for the sound, screams of pain sound realistic, bullets seem like their whistling past your ear, in the game you have to trust your senses like you would in real life and the sound really does pull this off immensely. You can hear the footsteps of people coming closer, gasps of horror at finding a corpse. The sound is great.

Playtime/Replayability --- 10/10
This game has huge replayability, in a single playthrough of the game you will barely touch on the sheer amount of things this game has to offer. You will need to play through the game multiple times to unlock the best rewards, there are 40 different emblems that you can unlock each of which requires a goal to be reached. For example to get the games most difficult emblem the "Big Boss" emblem you have to play through the game on the hardest difficulty, record no kills, use no healing items or special items, never be found by guards and complete the game within 5 hours. Most peoples first playthrough of this game will take around 20 hours and you will want to be playing it through again.

Final Recommendation
BUY, BUY, BUY IT NOW!! I can honestly say that this is the best game I have ever played and you will not regret buying it. So go, now, go buy it.

Final Score
The best game EVER!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (EU, 06/12/08)

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