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"Metal Gear Solid 4 offers the best single player experience ever made in videogames"

After discovering that Metal Gear was "reborn" 10 years ago with Metal Gear Solid(I played the NES Metal gear in 1988) I was pleasantly surprised to see that its director, Hideo Kojima, was dedicated to make that an epic story easily unforgettable for those who takes the time to get into it. Metal Gear Solid 4 is easily the best single player experience ever made.

Story 9/10: I will not spoil the story. While this can be very enjoyable by its own the only way to realize that the story makes sense you must play its predecessors. As Old Snake, his combat and experience is required in order to prevent an iron-fist ruled government in world now infested by nanotechnology manipulation. This story is heavily driven by plot twists which is a staple in the Metal Gear saga.

Graphics: 8/10 Graphics are very detailed while frame rate can be struggling especially during a few cutscenes(most of them rendered in real-time). Although not flawless they are very impressive to watch. Transition from cutscene to gameplay is very impressive for most of the times too. Important: HD TV + HDMI cable is highly recommended.

Music & Sound 10/10:Excellent dynamic soundtrack again composed mostly by Harry Gregson Williams which changes depending of your alert status situation. Sounds from the "classic exclamation mark noise" to wild animals to gunshots to soldier voices are simply crystal clear. A dolby digital sound system easily make this an immersive experience.

Gameplay 8/10: Now this is the part that might turnoff a lot of new players who never played a Metal Gear game, especially if they are playing mostly "shooters" type of games (Halo & Gears Of War). As a Metal Gear veteran I was easily drew into the game since I know we spend a lot of time watching cutscenes. Those cutscenes can not only be skipped but also be paused as well (a welcomed feature not available in its predecessors). It is up to you to skip them although you might miss a lot of cool action sequences reminiscent of holywood action blockbusters. The main game is played through 3rd person perspective and 1st person is available although really recommended as the turning 180 around you is "Very slow". The AI is pretty impressive as well (under alert status ennemis will search for you from lockers to garbage can & cardboard boxes if you try to use them)

playtime/replay value 8/10: Those who enjoyed the game and story might want to replay it under a higher difficulty or simply at same level just to unlock easter eggs/bonus items. On the other hand, the story is the same. Metal Gear Online is also included for those who are interested for online gaming.

Bonus for Limited edition 9/10: Bonus blueray disc featuring the making of the game is included and a soundtrack cd. An artbook is also included which shows the timeline of the Metal gear Saga (without spoilers of MGS4 obviously) and history about Kojima and the origin of Metal Gear.

Overall 10/10: Best single player experience ever made. Hideo Kojima is the "George Lucas" of videogame directors. Metal Gear is the "Star Wars" of any videogame story-driven saga. Remember this: if you think this story is dumb and does not make sense, then this is likely because you have not played any Metal Gear game or forgot important plot information. Thank you Hideo Kojima and keep up the good work with this franchise.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/07/08

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Limited Edition) (US, 06/12/08)

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