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"Amazingly detailed both through graphics and storyline!"

This game is truly a must-have for all ps3 owners alike. For those newcomers to the Metal Gear Solid Series, I still highly recommend this game for I myself was one. This has been the most jaw-breaking strategical shooting game I have ever played. You will be amazed with the detail this game has to offer off every single level, character, and animation.

Lets begin to talk about the story, it's as if the script itself was made to be in a movie. You start off as Snake, once a strong young hero to the eyes of many who is now old without long to live but still as bad as ever.For all those fans of the metal gear solid series and played the previous versions, this last installment of the game will fulfill most of your needs and questions about the story.

You have two options in this game, either go through the good old snake way and sneak through everyone and everything as if you were never in history before, or run out there and kill every man you see for fun :D.The game offers a rewarding cinematic through every level both humorous and touching alike. The animation of close combat is flawless and the sounds of every gun in the game are purely a wonder to your ears. The graphics are the best on shelves so far and you will never see such a beautiful scenery with so much bloodshed again.

Of course, all the bosses from MGS1 were revamped in this version and amazingly rendered to your liking. Each with its own skill and element, it will take time to strategize on your outcome of the battle in all situations of the game. All I can say is welcome to the next generation of gaming!!

Metal Gear online is also another great installment in the game where the beauty of the free playstation network comes to a glorious uprise. Create your own character and make him/her appearance to your liking, improve your skills as you use it more and either work with your team or die alone! All I can say is that this game is hands down a must have and is not a game you need to rethink about buying, go get it now!!

Pros:One of the best graphics up to date, Amazingly detailed environments, Very smart AI, both humorous and heart-touching, beautiful long cinematics, STRONG replay value

Cons:None I can see at the point :D

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/28/08

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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