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"Amzing game w/ awesome graphics!"

The game is outstanding! Story was great. Graphics were amazing. The additions such as "Drebin's Shop" and the "OctoCamo" were great. The game had some awesome bonus features which you can obtain through beating the game. It also has achievements to be claimed which is great. Kinda made it fun to beat over and over again. There was definetly a wider variety of guns, once again loved Drebin's shop came in handy for when I needed things such as a rocket launcher or simply more ammo. CQC was absoutely amazing for this game. It was very fun going through it a second time just seeing if you could CQC them by sneaking instead of just whipping out the M4 and blowing the crap out of the people. Drebin's custom parts that were buyable were kidna cool to just pimp out your gun.

I would have gave this game a 10/10 easily. Except for one thing. This may be my opinion but , I thought that MGS3 had a much better strory and was more action packed than MGS4. MGS3 had better boss fights I think than MGS4. Also, what is up with all the cutscenes? Honestly it is a game. If you trulely watch all the cutscenes then I bet that it would last longer than the entire amount of gameplay. I will sat though the graphics were amazing in some places such as when Raiden comes back to kick some major [butt]. I think MGS4 does kinda prolong Raiden life..(lol seriously I thought he was dead the first time...)

Gameplay- 8/10
Graphics- 10/10
Controls- 8/10 (All those combos in CQC got to my head lol)
Cost- 10/10 (As in I would buy this game.)

Overall I won't tear the game down. It was worth all the hype for this game. Even if it isn't as good as MGS3. (MGS3 is pretty hard to beat haha) It was still an awesome game.

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ummm so ya.. Did I mention the graphics? lol. When the major cutscenes come in with the great graphics (such as the beginning) it actually looked like objects and people were real. I was especially surprised of how much the trucks looked real...

Oh ya something to add haha.. I like as the game added a few jokes in here and there. I like those kinda games they give you a laugh here and there. such as the "Hideo" jokes that you see through out the game. It also adds a few jokes from the differences of technology coming up from the PS1 to the PS3.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/04/08

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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