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"I have no words left..."

After playing Guns of the Patriots for 6 months now, and after so many things being said about the game, I feel I have to say something in praise of this true work of art under the form of a video game. I have completed three runs of the game, with different objectives. In the first one I was just seeing what was the look and feel of the game and whether I liked it or not. After completing the normal difficulty level and watching all the cut scenes, I had the pretty clear idea that the game was absolutely awsome. Being a frequent player but with little time available to play video games, I was also playing COD4 online (an excellent game as well) because of the 10-minute limit in team deathmatches: fast and enjoyable.

Then a couple of months ago I started my second run in the pursuit of the Big Boss Emblem, which is truly a challenging task for most of us players. The experience was completely different from the first one, because you cannot watch cut scenes (you have a limited amount of time) and your opponents have almost supernatural senses. But again I felt the exquisiteness of the game: the perfection in movements, the awareness of your character's senses and weapons, the varied gameplay, the never ending strategies for beating challenges and bosses. The bike chase in act 3 is absurdly difficult, especially if you are making, as I was, a naked boss extreme run (that is, without inherited items from previous runs); but in the end there's a way to do it and the feeling of completing it is great.

After that run I wanted to use the rewards and, again, the game has been a consistent source of emotions. There are hilarious, tense, dramatic, horrid, and difficult moments. Sometimes I was at work and started thinking about some moments (the bike chase, Raven, Crying Wolf, the scarabs) and couldn't help laughing or feeling a bit nervous, or sad, or whatever. And that truly is, in general, the best thing you can say about a work of art: something that perturbs, that challenges, that makes you remember it.

I'm still playing Guns of the Patriots and I intend to start the online experience soon. I have only registered online and have not yet entered any combat. I have no doubts that I must give a 10/10 to this game, even without trying the online part. Now if the online part reaches half the heights of the main part, then you really have a bargain of a game!

In brief, Guns of the Patriots really delivers: enjoyable, dramatic, and unforgettable.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/21/09

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (EU, 06/12/08)

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