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"Dedicated to Hideo Kojima, you reminded me why I love video games so much"

Upon buying a PlayStation 3 console, I decided to try out the Metal Gear series with Metal Gear Solid 4. I heard great things about it like, "This game is living" and "This is the best game ever made!". Immediately when I started up the game I was hyped up to play. Graphics were amazing, the best I've seen in a game yet probably. Since I haven't played any of the past games I didn't quite understand what was going on in some parts of the story. I suggest you play some of the older games before you play Metal Gear Solid 4. Metal Gear Solid 4 was really a good game and I know I'm going to have a lot of fun playing the previous installments as well.

If your not into story-driven games then chances are you will not like the Metal Gear series as there's more than 90 minutes of cut scenes in this game. Metal Gear Solid 4 is like a interactive movie however there's a lot of gameplay to enjoy. The stealth system is top notch but isn't required to play with throughout the entire game. You could shoot your way through the entire game if you'd like but it's much harder to do and requires more skill. Because of this, it almost seems like there's no use to use the stealth system in the game. You can customize your weapons rather than character which will be available early on in the game with add ons. Customization is rather weak but the array of weapons is pretty nice. Gameplay is obviously not MGS4's strongest point.

I'm not going to ruin the storyline for Metal Gear Solid 4 for you but I will say this if you are a fan of RPGs and/or story driven video games then you will most likely without a doubt love Metal Gear Solid 4. The music in this game was really awe-inspiring and is even better than some of the staggering music used for RPGs today. Graphics (like I said earlier) are probably the best for a console yet, especially in high definition. It looks so real and remarkable that you should buy this game just to witness the graphics! Gameplay is always the second or first (depends on the genre of the game) I look for. This game's gameplay isn't the best I've seen but it's still very enjoyable and I had a lot of fun playing it.

If you loved the previous installments of the Metal Gear series you'll absolutely love this game. You'll probably want to buy it twice! If your new to the series you might want to look at the previous titles first before getting this game as the story can be confusing somewhat. I absolutely love this game. I'm very happy that I bought a PlayStation 3 and not a Xbox 360. This is, without a doubt, the best game of the seventh generation of video gaming.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/23/09

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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