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"Konami does it again with a masterpiece for the ages"

War. War is changing. Looking through the eyes of battle hardened warrior Solid Snake, war seems fleeting. Walking the dusty streets of a Middle Eastern war-zone, for Snake, war never changes. Smoking a cigarette while staring down the enemies of this apocalyptic war zone, Snake is just feeling tired of it all. Though he may look old enough to be your grandpa, Snake is no old man.

Injected with Fox-Die, a virus that speeds up the aging process, Snake is forced to look old, and play hard. Despite his seemingly old age, Snake runs and guns with style of a battle hardened veteran that has seen to much blood. For Snake the story has just begun.....

Game play- 10/10

Though Snake may be old enough to look like your grandpa, he is no push-over. This man is one tough, hardcore warrior that has been through a lot. The controls are basic enough, with an intuitive feel, fans of the series will quickly catch on. L1 ready's the weapon while R1 fires. Use the analog to control snake, make him kneel to walk more stealth like, make him crawl to get close to your enemies. And of course who could forget the new addition to MGS, the fabled OCTO Camo suit. This handy camo, blends in to all of your surroundings making you enemies pursuit all the more difficult. A variety of weapons lend depth to the action, and players will never tire of the full fledged fire-fights through out the game.

Story- 10/10

Metal Gear Solid has always had a reputation for having some of the most complicated and confusing stories in video game history. This one is no exception. Expect the convoluted, crazy story that has always been a staple for MGS. Though it pleases by finally tying a lot of loose ends, this story by all means is perfect. Fans of the series, or just newbie's, will watch with wide eyes as the events of Snake and crew unfold onscreen with movie like cinema.

Sound- 10/10

I really enjoyed the sound, and music effects in this game. The orchestrated musical score lends a sense of grand scale as you are tackling a massive boss. The voice acting is top quality, and the events and movies will unfold before your eyes with unparalleled greatness. The guns all sound very real, and the enemies AI and noises fit in perfectly.

Overall- 10/10

Snake is back and more awesome than ever in this concluding grand finale of a staple series that we have all loved for so long. The story is great and will leave you on the edge of your seat. The boss battle's are all memorable and will leave you with a sense of awe, especially the final stage. The game play is wonderfully intact and more action packed than ever. Though Snake has aged, he still retains that warrior within. Good vs. Evil. You will meet many familiar faces along the way, and the journey is a fun if not short one. If you are a fan of the series this is a must play. Metal Gear Solid finally goes out with the bang that it deserved.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/25/09

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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