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"Back story tribute in Kojima's final mgs (final in the timeline)"

The game has probably been played by almost everyone who is reading this.

So here is my personal opinions and you can agree or disagree.

Please note there might be minor spoilers.


Graphics: Eye candy is a staple of every Kojima game and MGS4 will make your jaw drop. This is one of those games where you realize have taken a huge step forward this generation, at least graphically. Yes, that good.

Audio Design: MGS4 can easily be considered "Demo Material" when you want to show off.....err I mean, "demonstrate" you surround sound system to friends/family. Konami spared no expense to put you right in the middle of the action. You actually do feel like Old Snake in battle. The soundtrack is solid and flows great with the game.

Gameplay: By "westernizing" the control scheme, Kojima finally made the franchise accessible to the masses. Snake is easy to control and the camera doesn't fight you either.

Cutscenes: MGS games have a reputation of amazing, cinematic cutscenes. MGS4 lives up to that reputation with movie-quality cutscenes & dialogue. If you like cutscenes in your game(s), then you'll love this game.

Fan Service / Story: The tale told in MGS4 is very good and the game does an OK job of refreshing gamers on the backstory. Hardcore MGS vets will, understandably, be blown away with all the Fan Service in MGS4; Meeting Big Mama, the trip back to Shadow Moses (complete with MGS1 flashback), piloting a Metal Gear, meeting Big Boss, etc.

Drebin's Shop / Weapons: I loved being able to buy new weapons, upgrades and ammo right from the menu screen from Drebin. It was quick & easy. While no weapon stands out (I mainly used the M4), every weapon had the right "feel" to it and every type (Rifile, shotgun, sniper, rocket launcher, grenade launcher) is covered. You'll be happy with your weapon selection.

Boss Fights: Another staple of the MGS franchise are the Boss Battles and MGS4 does not disappoint. You will remember each of the 6 bosses you fight. And I actually got freaked out how the ladies would follow you around once you destroyed their armor.


Non-Customizable Buttons: Note to PS3 developers; The DualShock3 now has triggers for the L2 & R2 buttons and you SHOULD defalt those 2 buttons for firing of weapons. While not a huge problem, I hated not being able to aim & fire my guns with the L2 & R2 buttons. Yes, you do get used to the controls, but I would've preferred the option to tweak the button layout to my liking.

Fan Service / Story: I understand this game is the fourth iteration of the MGS franchise, but unless you've either played the 3 previous MGS games or done some research on the backstory; Almost all of the Fan Service (ie. events / dialogue / story / jokes/ etc) will be lost on you. And realistically, are even the MGS vets really supposed to remember everything they did from a console generation (or two) ago?

The story, while good, is very convoluted and difficult to follow at times. Konami should've packed-in a story re-cap with every copy of MGS4.

Loading: Normally I have no problem with loading screens, but MGS4 has a 4GB ( ! ) install (takes about 15min) when you first insert the game into your PS3 plus an additional 3min install in between each Act. And yet you still get loading screens throughout each Act/chapter. It's ridiculous.

MGS4 is absolutely NOT the game that proves blu-ray is needed for games. Switching DVDs would been far quicker.


To franchise vets, MGS4 will be a truly epic experience that will leave them speechless. Kojima lays the Fan Service on thick and ties up all loose ends of the story. To franchise virgins, MGS4 will be a great game (with awesome graphics, amazing audio design, and great gameplay) with a confusing story.

Every PS3 owner should at least give MGS4 a rent to see what all the fuss is about. Do some backstory research, play the game with an open mind and you might find yourself enjoying it far more than you expected.

Even with my minor gripes MGS4 stands as one of the greatest games of all time.

As no game is ever perfect.

Score: 10 / 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/09/09

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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