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"Pretty Good Coming From a MGS Fan"

First off let me tell you how I feel about this series so you can get an idea of how accurately I grade this game. I've played all of the metal gear games and completed MGS-MGS4. I loved MGS, I felt MGS2 was lacking and goofy in the story department but still had great gameplay, and MGS3 I thought was incredibly well done and is still my favorite of the entire series. That being said here goes:

Right off the bat, MGS4's graphics will amaze you. The world around you is beautifully rendered. The sounds and action going on around you feel incredibly genuine and MGS4 does a wonderful job of immersion during gameplay. The controls are a tad different that usual but don't take long to pick up. Combat is a lot more fast and furious. Sneaking seems harder to accomplish in this game due to the amount of activity going on in these levels but it can still be done if done right. The gameplay still feels a lot like Metal Gear but little things have been changed that add more realism to what's going on in the game. It's harder to sneak yet usually easier to get away from people pursuing you and sometimes it's easier just to kill everything in your way instead of trying to sneak around it. The boss fights are awesome and they DO take quite a bit of time (most of them),they're all very unique and require the player to figure out good strategies to win.

However, MGS4 is definitely not without flaws. I know how MG works, cut scenes are long and the feel of it is almost like an action movie. However, even I had to sit back sometimes and wonder why some of the scenes had to be as long as they were. It'd be one thing if I had a lot of gameplay time before and after each scene but this wasn't always the case I'd take control of Snake after a long sequence and play him for 5-10 minutes before it'd takeover into another really long sequence. This didn't feel like a game using movie elements. It felt like a movie using some game elements. The game is also more linear than the others since each act takes you somewhere entirely different so it felt more like the game was moving you along at it's desired pace instead of you being able to move it along at your own pace. My biggest issue probably of all though was probably the dialog. Parts with Snake and Raiden were great. However, other moments would sometimes get inappropriately goofy. I know MG humor has been like this and usually I think it's great but some of the stuff that was done in this game was way too over the top and just plain lame. It's hard to explain without using spoilers so I'll leave it at that.

All in all, I thought MGS2's story was really lame and goofy and I thought Kojima did a decent job mopping up that mess in this game. From greatest to least I feel the series goes in this order: MGS3, MGS, MGS4, MGS2. I will make this note, the first half of this game I was really getting upset and thinking this was going to be another MGS2. Thankfully, the second half kicks the crap out of the first half and takes some awesome trips down memory lane. I enjoyed this game and if you're a Metal Gear fan and haven't played this yet, you need to. If you don't play MG games, I don't think you'll enjoy this but give it a shot if you'd like.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/13/10

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (US, 06/12/08)

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