Backwards Compatible??

  1. So im planning on buying a 80gb ps3 tomorrow or 60gb but i know its not backwards compatible but i have a question

    My friend says theres a software update that gives it the backwards compatability and its free is it true? if not is there any way to make it play ps2 games?


    User Info: blackfiredrgn

    blackfiredrgn - 8 years ago

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  1. 1. Some models of the 80GB PS3 are backwards compatible with PS2 games. Specifically, the older ones.

    2. ALL 60GB models of the PS3 ever released are backwards compatible with PS2 games.

    3. There is no software update that will add PS2 backwards compatibility to a PS3 that does not have PS2 backwards compatibility.

    4. There is also no other way of making a non-BC PS3 backwards compatible with PS2 games. If it doesn't play PS2 games, there is no way to make it do so, at least at the moment - and possibly forever.

    User Info: Eoin

    Eoin (Expert) - 8 years ago 3 1


  1. There is 2 way, without modifing internal component of ps3. This way "change" your PS3 40/80/160GB PS2 (GAMES UNCOMPATIBLE) into a EMULATION OF PS3 60GB (PS2 GAMES COMPATIBLE WITH MORE OR LESS MEMORY) ANREADING A LOT OF PC MEMORY CARDS

    1) search PS3 Data Max for read ps2 memory cards
    2) search an usb connected multi cards reader (i've the Kevler's 16 in 1)
    3) you've all of 60gb ps3 but you have more or less memory

    or another with an internal modify:

    1) Search a backup of ps3 60gb OS and install on your ps3 after made a backup copy of your OS
    2) search and mout a sotitutive cards reader block for ps3 60gb and now reboot the ps3: it works and it read and play ps2 games and memory cards.

    User Info: Dogen7

    Dogen7 - 8 years ago 1 3

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