how can i transfer my master account to another PS3?

  1. see i'm about to sell my spare PS3 in about a day or two. i have a few accounts there but i only want to retain my master account (the same psn id i always use to go online) here are my questions:

    how can i transfer my main account to another PS3? since i still plan to use my main psn id if ever i decide to purchase a new console

    can i deactivate my account or the whole console itself? i just dont want the buyer to be using my main account. though i dont mind him toying with my other accounts

    can my psn id be transferred to a flash drive? i dont really care about my gamesaves, i only wanna retain my psn id & by doing so i can retain all my trophies & purchases w/o others loggin on my account.

    sorry about such noobish Qs, though i had a PS3 since launch, i never bothered researching about transferring psn ids. while i do know that i can share my account for up to 5 consoles i think.. i just dont feel like sharing my master

    hope someone here can help.. thanks a lot in advance

    User Info: zaiwen

    zaiwen - 7 years ago

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  1. All your PSN info is stored on Sony servers so you can access it from any PS3 by creating a new user then selecting login an existing account from the sign up. Just delete your user profile from the old PS3 then login on the new one.

    This info, including trophies, can't be transfered to a flash drive but it will reappear when you sign into your account on the new PS3. You will need to transfer save files, however, and certain games may not allow the save to transfer. Any games you downloaded can be redownloaded for free from your account download history as many times as you want.

    User Info: fyorn

    fyorn - 7 years ago 1 0

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