My controller(s) won't charge, i need help!plz?

  1. Ok, so, let me just say one thing. my 2nd Ps3 controller accidentally fell in some cereal when i fell asleep with the controller in my hand-- my mistake. i fixed it- sorta.

    OK, i used to have a charger cable until my dog chewed off the plug for it and my other cable was chewed on by my cat. so since my family wasnt doing well finacialy i got a few Dollar Store chargers. they worked, then stopped. so eventually i got another PS3 charger and it worked perfectley. Somehow, i honestly dont know how, the plug on the cable was bent, and i think it stpped it from working, so now that cable doesnt work. so i got another dollar store one... (quickest at the moment) and now my controllers wont charge at all. i used to have a charging stand but that sorta broke, it rattles (isnt supposed to do that) and i cant find it. now i have my ps3 stuck on a ps2 game that i havent saved from the very begginning and i really dont want to do all of the game over... i dont know what the problem is with my controllers, i have a 3rd one, a Gamestop green glowing one, but i cant seem to use it on ps2 games.... so i need help.

    User Info: RaptrosMaster

    RaptrosMaster - 7 years ago
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    to RoxasANobody:
    the charger cables are from the dollar store.. even the actual cable like ones at best buy stop working. and i dont have $50 for a new controller. and i think i found out why the cables stop working. on my ps3 is a battery icon with a light next to it. it stops flashing and i dont know what the icon represants.. i know it means something doesnt have power.. but what?

    User Info: RaptrosMaster

    RaptrosMaster - 7 years ago

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  1. Dollar store chargers? Not only have I not heard of them, but the fact that they just stop working is probably what destroyed your controllers. I suggest buying a new controller and a new USB cord. Not a rented one and not one that looks like it's been used before, go to the store and pick up a whole new one. With your luck, buying something that isn't new might just break.

    As for the USB cord, I have an external hard drive that utilizes the same cord my PS3 controller needs to use to charge. If you can find cords that could potentially fit into your PS3 controller, it could save you ten or twenty dollars.

    User Info: RoxasANobody

    RoxasANobody - 7 years ago 1 0

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