Noisy PS3 Slim disk drive ?

  1. I just bought a 250gb PS3 Slim last week. But during both offline and online play, and also during loading it makes a sound (like an inkjet printer printing) when reading the disks. I have Madden 11 and Modern Warfare 2 and it makes the sound continuously with both games. There is no sound when theres no game. And also the sound only happens when for example the play starts in Madden, but not when I'm filtering through the playbook.

    The sound it makes is just like this guy's:

    The noise on mine is much quieter and doesn't occur as fast as his. Also my PS3 is lain flat.

    Just wanted some info, b/c i don't want this to turn into something big in a few months. If anything I can still exchange it.

    User Info: shaikh_a

    shaikh_a - 7 years ago

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  1. I only notice the drive noise when I'm putting the game in.. and never hear its noise over the game. Sounds like you've got a defective unit.. Maybe it got dropped in transit and its drive is out of alignment slightly.. Sounds like you should talk to Sony and see if they will either fix it or trade it for a better unit.

    User Info: Oxymandias

    Oxymandias (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0

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