How to add Gigabytes to my ps3?

  1. I have the 60 gig ps3, I was wondering how I could add additional gigs to the console.

    User Info: Megabuster123

    Megabuster123 - 9 years ago

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  1. Tell me namelessjones, if it voids the warranty then why does Sony tell you how to do it on there own site and in the instruction manual that comes with the system? Exactly.
    And to answer TCs question, it has detailed information on how to replace the HDD in the instructions that came with the system.

    User Info: SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord - 8 years ago 7 0


  1. you have to get a new hard drive or a extrenal hard drive that conexts by USB

    User Info: zpdhaliwal

    zpdhaliwal - 9 years ago 6 1
  2. or u could save up and buy a 120GB SSD card

    User Info: metalsolidnoob

    metalsolidnoob - 9 years ago 0 6
  3. Or you can violate your warranty, buy an external laptop hard drive, and replace your old hard drive with it. I did a google search about. It has little risk, but it still can be dangerous. Um follow online tips well, and you should be ok

    User Info: namelessjones

    namelessjones - 9 years ago 0 9
  4. Actually namelessjones buying a laptop hard drive does not void the warranty.

    User Info: breadman2

    breadman2 - 9 years ago 7 0
  5. To increase your amount of storage you need to buy a new, larger 2.5" SATA HDD (Hard Drive Disk) like the ones here SubCategory=380&name=Laptop-Hard-Drives (There is a space in the link above between "aspx?" and "SubCategory" because it's over 80 characters long, to get the link to work just copy/paste it into your address bar and remove the space)

    I would suggest the brands Seagate or Western Digital (Personal Preference)

    Then you have to install it by
    1)Removing the HDD cover on the left side of your PS3 (when its horizontal)
    2)Remove the blue screw
    3)Lift up the small handle and pull it to the right (or front of your PS3)
    4)Pull the old HDD out
    5)Take out the 4 small screws (watch out they're VERY easy to strip and remove the old HDD
    6)Put your new HDD in and put the screws back in
    7)Reinsert the HDD back into your PS3 and pull it to the left using the little handle
    8)Make sure its all the way over and then put the blue screw back in
    9)Put the cover back on

    You can also fallow this guide which should make it a lot easier to understand.

    User Info: Joelyyyy

    Joelyyyy - 8 years ago 1 0

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