How do I transfer music from my computer to my PS3?

  1. I was trying to transfer MP3 songs from my computer to the PS3 using a USB Flash Drive. But when I tried to upload songs, it would say there were no tracks on the device. How else can I transfer songs?

    User Info: meliluvsu

    meliluvsu - 8 years ago

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  1. There are many ways to transfer music from the pc to the ps3 but the easyiest way to do this is if you are using Windows Vista (Might also work for XP but I have vista) make sure you have media sharing is on. load up Windows Media player and turn the PS3 on then go to options on WMP select sharing and from them you should see that there is un unkown divice (the PS3) highlight and press allow to allow sharing to the divice then click apply now from the PS3 select Seach for media severs (might automaticly find your computer) then when it finds you computer select the icon(Windows Media icon) all you music on your computer should appear. just find any song you want form you pc and press triangle to bring up the menu and select copy. it should copy the selected song to you ps3 after that your done. also this can be done with Pictures and Videos. Hoped this helped

    Note1*- The Music has to be in your Music folder on your pc
    Note2*- your pc and your ps3 might have to be on the same internet connection for this to work i'm not 100% sure about that.

    User Info: SMRPGFAN55

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  1. If you use a usb you need too make a folder on the first menu of the flash drive, then open that folder and paste your music folder. If its anything like updating your software via USB then it should work.

    An alternative is to use the media severer setting on the PS3. It allows you to copy music stored on your PC to your ps3 directly. All you have to do is open windows media player, right click and go to tools, then click options , then go to library on the menu, and click configure Sharing. There should be a window that has a list off devices, chances are the ps3 is labeled unknown device click it and then click allow and it should work. then get on your ps3 and then go to music and chose the search for media servers. Now you should be able to copy music from your pc to ps3

    User Info: alabama_redneck

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  2. All you have to do is get a flash drive, plug it into your computer, put your songs on the flash drive by going into where your songs are stored on the computer (files, etc), when the songs are on plug the flash drive in your PS3, go to music, look for the flash drive (XMB), scroll up or down till you get to it and press triangle and press import.

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  3. If u have a MP3 Player plug it in2 ur computer, import it on it & unplug it from ur computer,plug it in2 ur PS3's USB Flash Drive, scroll over to ur music XMB, press the Triangle button & select Import & ur music will be importing on2 ur PS3's harddrive & that's all u need to do...

    User Info: blackheart6270

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  4. Okay first you get a memory stick, put the things you want on it, slot it in the port save it then

    User Info: darraghoco

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  5. With your music on your mem stick, select the "display all" in the music tab on the XMB. All the contents of the stick should be there.

    User Info: joe603

    joe603 - 8 years ago 1 1
  6. The problem I keep having is no memory stick I get is compatible with my ps3. Every type doesn't come up in the menu selections lists of any kind.

    User Info: Syrisrodello187

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  7. There's two ways to go about this.

    The easy way is to simply make a file called MUSIC (yes, it has to be all caps) on your thumb drive in the root directoy and put your music in that. Beware that you can only go one subfolder deep, as the PS3 won't recognize anything further.

    Example----> MUSIC/Blackout/Tear It Off.mp3 = good.
    MUSIC/Method Man/Blackout/Tear it Off.mp3 = bad-PS3 won't recognize.


    Alternative to that is just put the music anywhere, plug the thumbdrive into the PS3, go to the icon under the music section of the XMB, press triangle, select "Display All," and find your music that way.

    User Info: EvoAnubis

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  8. The best way is to transfer it using a flash drive.

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  9. I always just make sure my music is shared though media player and then browse my pc and select copy for the songs i want on my PS3

    User Info: strifejester

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  10. The best way to transfer juat get the usb and copy which music you want than connect the usb in your ps3 , than open files in your usb than copy it to your ps3.

    User Info: bijnis007

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  11. WOW , ive spent hours transfering music from my USB to PS3 and I just now found out about transfering over wifi. So easy. My movies are all on my PS3 and can copy them quick. All my music from my computer I can listen to know problem along with all my movies on ym computer, I can watch them no problem. Thanks for the info, I prefer anyone who likes to watch movies from there computer to do this.

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