Some games won't load but some do?

  1. my street fighter 4, MGS4 and assassins creed won't seem to load after the PS3 logo when I run them. The screen just turns to black. I'm using a Philips HDTV and using the 1080i resolution. My other games such as GTA 4, Army of 2, NBA 2k9 work with no problems at all. Is it possible that my HDTV can't handle the graphics of the 3 games I first mentioned that causes them to stop or fail loading? I don't get message prompts by the way for any errors that occured during loading. Any ideas on what maybe wrong?

    User Info: un461v3n

    un461v3n - 8 years ago

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  1. ok.. here is the deal.. i had the same problem and what u have to do us.

    1. turn on your PS3 switch.
    2. Press the On button.
    3. After you press the On button, hold it down until you get a list of setting. This is your PS3 settings.

    4. Choose Restore PS3.. NOTE: If you this than all your memory is gone forever. All of you patches, demos, and photos will be deleted as well. * Your tropies are safe

    5. After that, you wil have to set up your PS3 settings again. (the first settings that you had to apply when you first got your PS3)

    6. Than put in your game. (make sure the disk is clean just to be sure)
    If it plays successfully then good job.

    However, if you do all the steps and still the same thing, then send you PS3 to Sony.

    User Info: Oblivioncrow

    Oblivioncrow - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. Oblivioncrow answer help me get m PS3 rockin and rollin once more

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