Why i cant play 4 multiplayer in CTR?

  1. Last weekend juz bought PSone classic games called Crash Team Racing (CTR). I bought this game because previously this game can be played multiplayer offline mode up to 4 player. Whenever i try to put 4 joystick (DS3) to my ps3 console..CTR game unable to detect my 3rd and 4th joystick. It keep saying that " please put 2nd controller" something like that. Is there any trick to detect all 4 joystick.

    P/S : I able to play ESPN Track n Field (Classic Game) with 4 player. It working just fine.

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    azym - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Yeap...like in Psone sometimes you need to plug in multitap to 2nd port instead of 1st port...but in PS3 im trying to assign DS3 as 5th, 6th, 7th controller also doesn't work. Im still trying how to solve it.

    User Info: azym

    azym - 8 years ago

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  1. It's very much like the actual PSone console. You have two main controller ports, but to add more players you'll have to set it up like you would use a Multi-tap, a boomerang looking hub that lets 4 controllers and memory cards be plugged into one slot. If you had 2 of these, you could essentially have 8 players on one PSone.

    To do this with the PS3, you go to controller settings in your PS menu. For CTR (since I have this game as well, and I still play with 4 players on my PS3 all the time), make sure that each controller that is going to play is set under the following.

    Player 1 - 1-A
    Player 2 - 1-B (normally this would be set as 2-A)
    Player 3 - 1-C
    Player 4 - 1-D

    It is very important that they all are "1-(letter)", because that represents the first Multitap. If any of them are "2-(letter)", they will not read.

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  1. This one is tricky, it has to do do with the controller option set up. Try messing around with it, as in change it to option c or b port 2, that sort. I remember that some games required the multi-tap to be in port one, and others in port 2. So that's most likely what's happening.

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    initialitis - 8 years ago 0 0

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