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"Playstation 3 Fails to be worth the money..."

"Playstation 3 fails to be worth the money...."

Right from the start the Playstation 3 proved to be no match to the beloved Playstation 2 days. With only a few hundred thousand consoles to deliver to North America, the lunch turned ugly. Many Sony FanBoys and others would go home empty handed. Sony's problems just get worst from here.

So far, the games out for the Playstation 3 are nothing more than a pitiful collection. Only a few games out, and even fewer that are any good. So far, the only real great game out there is Resistance: Fall of Men. Even that comes to a disappointment. The reason for this is mainly for it's online. LAG! There is so much lag on the game it is not even funny. Hopefully in the future they will fix this with all the other games that will come out.
As for how the playstation 3 runs, I must say I am pleased. So far, I have only caught minor flaws but nothing I cannot deal with. The Graphics are a little weak on some games, but this should improve over time. Comparing to the Xbox 360 it has just as a good performance.

Hardware and Accessories:

This is the biggest disappointment. After spending well over 600$, you'd think they could do better. I go home and can't wait to test out the Playstation on HDTV. However, I could not. Unlike the Xbox360 the Playstation dose not even include the cables to plug it into the TV and start playing! So I went back to the store and had to buy the cables and more and Accessories that I forgot to buy. By the end of the day I spend over 1000$.


I was not pleased with the new playstation at all. In my view, it was not worth the money. I ended up selling it on EBay. If your looking for a great gaming system, than this is not the time to buy the playstation 3. Wait a year or two when it may become a better and worth the money.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/25/06

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