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"It's been 11 years."

So it's been 11 years sense the original Playstation and sense then the Playstation brand name has replaced what most would call a video game system simply a "Playstation" regardless of what it is.

So on November 17th 2006 Sony released in America the new Playstation 3. A lot of fans have been waiting 6 years sense we had the PS2 which was one if not the most successful consoles ever. The PS3 has a lot to live up to. Can it do it? I say yes it can.

Hardware 9/10

The PS3 is a powerhouse, built and made for the future of gaming. With its new cell chip and blu-ray player and Nvidia's RSX you can obviously see that Sony plans for the future. Of course this comes at a cost, at US $499 and US $599 Sony offered two systems, one 20gig without built in wifi and memory card readers, and a 60gig that includes the wifi/memory card readers. Games at the moment are also US $59.99.

So the prices have risen for this next generation. But for PS fans we have enjoyed the PS2 for 6 years now so in the long run I think its completely worth it. And unlike alot of other companys who decide to include external stuff later at additional costs the PS3 price really is competitive.

Interface 9/10

Quick simple interface much like the PSP's design, easy to use for the casual person yet elegant enough for the hardcore gamer, Photos, MP3's, SlideShows, are just a tip of the ice berg of what we can do. PS3 can even run its own user installed operating system ala Linux that even extends of what this system can accomplish. It really is a media powerhouse.

One fault is the standard key entry while not too confusing it works much like a cell phone pad but what makes up for this is the PS3 has 4 USB 2.0's in the front that will accept any USB keyboard for easy typing and configuration.

Backwards Compatibility 9/10

Compared to other consoles that try to do this, the PS3 is top gun. With a included PS1/PS2 hardware actually in the system you can pretty much play any of your PS1 or PS2 games on the PS3. While a handful of games are incompatible now its really small and shouldn't hinder anyone using this feature.

Games 8/10

The PS3 launch lineup is actually good compared to previous consoles launches. There really is only one title that stands out among the others and thats Resistance: Fall of Man, If your picking up a PS3 around launch this is one of the games to get with it. Alot of the other games are just ok or mediocre and many are just ports from other systems.

What we do have to look forward too is the great series we have seen and played these last 11 years. Final Fantasy's/Metal Gear Solid's/Gran Turismos's And so forth, So if any of the main series you liked playing on previous playstation systems you can bet that they will be on the PS3 better then ever with top of the level design, physics and graphics.

Online 10/10

Online. Free. Yes its FREE! This is great because alot of people will not pay to play there already high priced $59.99 games. I agree because I don't believe you should pay to play. But regardless of what I beleive in, from what I have played the online mode is great, smooth games with no lag, I have used the Wifi and have used a network cable directly to my ps3 and both were very smooth, the wifi would drop out at times (rarely) when we were not playing online but would reconnect instantly. Im sure this can easly be fixed with firmware updates, and could have just been my router causeing the problems.

Free demos, Patch's, Maps, Updates are also free, and were all available
or will be soon at launch. So even if you dont plan on picking up a game right away you can connect to the playstation store and try out demos, a great way to try a game out before purchasing it.

So in the end I think Playstation will have great "legs" just like its two older brothers, while the competition is great this generation I have a feeling that this will only benefit the gamer and we will have a great time enjoying our Sony Playstation 3.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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