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"Hardly Worth it, Most Certainly Not Worth Taking a Bullet For"

Oh boy, what a joke this console is. There, I said it. I'll have Sony fanboys all over me tomorrow, but the sad truth is that this console is the same as the PSP: a very expensive paperweight.

Granted, the system just launched, and there's a ton of potential in the console, but Sony took lessons from Drew Bledsoe on how to stand up to pressure: tuck the ball away, and take the sack.

Everything about this console screams "rushed." The system is enormous, even bigger than the 360, and with that size equals a lot of heat going into and out of the console. Keep this sucker well-ventilated, because it just might become a MythBusters experiment one day. Not to mention the crashing and other problems with the console. The PS3 at the EBGames where I work averages 2 crashes a day, and there have been a ton of returns for systems that are buggy.

I'm sorry, people, but since E3, Sony has done absolutely nothing to even justify the lofty price of this thing. Sure, there's the potential for some of the most amazing graphics this side of awesomeness, but the problem lies within not the cash you'll spend on the PS3, but the price you'll probably have to spend on a million-inch HDTV that supports the so-called "true HD," 1080p. I've seen the graphics on 720p, what my TV can handle, and they look no different than the Xbox 360.

Then there's the issue of the Blu-Ray drive. This bad boy is what is driving up the cost of the PS3, and is what's killing the launch numbers, and has given numerous kids at Christmas this year eternal sorrow. I've been told that many companies are developing Blu-Ray DVDs, and yes, Blu-Ray may yet beat out HD-DVD for the next-gen stuff, but for people like me, who always operate on a budget of some kind, this is the last thing on your priority list, same with graphics. I personally don't care if the graphics are as bad as Kabuki Warriors for the Xbox. As long as the game can be played with smooth control, with no slowdown, then I'm a happy man.

And finally, we come to the games. Ah yes, games, the thing the Dreamcast lacked and what eventually killed it. The launch of the PS3 is lacking original games. The Xbox 360 had a few, and for the most part, they were alright. Nothing was killer, but nothing was horrible, either. We come to the PS3, and the only original games I see are the vastly inferior NBA 07, which lacks the superb "The Life" mode, a handful of ports or multi-console releases, Untold Legends, Gundam Crossfire, Genji: Days of the Blade, and Resistance: Fall of Man.

What is really killing the PS3 is the loss of a bunch of key exclusive titles such as Assassin's Creed. If the PS3 can even hope to be successful, they need to keep their exclusive titles exclusive. Otherwise, people will just ignore the system and say, "Why bother? This game will be on the 360 soon enough."

As of now, the PlayStation 3 is a joke. It's pretentious and shows how cocky Sony has gotten with their successes with the first 2 PlayStations. Even worse, the PS3's best games aren't coming out until late 2007 or 2008. The Xbox 360 didn't really warm up until about a year after their launch, but considering how the PSP has been, I'm not excited over the future of this console.

And you have to account for the 7 million console head-start that the 360 had. They had a year to get going, and now that Gears of War is shaping up to be the game of 2006, Microsoft may have put the king in check. All Microsoft had to do was release a couple good games to keep interest up, then go full throttle once the PS3 and Wii were released.

At the end of the day, my views may change about this system, but as of right now, there's nothing to really get excited about. There is no justifying the $600 price tag right now. Wait a year for some of Sony's original games to come out (if they stay exclusive) and for a price cut, and you might justify the purchase, but not right now.

Sony's PlayStation 3, as of right now, gets 2 giant microprocessors out of 5.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/30/06

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