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"Great Console, but not without its flaws."

The Playstation 3 was certainly a good start in next gen for Sony. Packing several new features, including web browsing, Blue-Ray support, and a whole bunch of other things, Sony seems to be aiming for the general entertainment market, instead of just the video game market. But all this doesn't come without its flaws. Below I will describe Graphics, Games, and Features. Enjoy my review!

First off, is Graphics..


I play the Playstation 3 on a SDTV using the av cables packaged, and let me tell you, it still looks good. NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE TELLS YOU, I could notice a big graphical difference, and I know HDTV must be much better. Anyways, I bought the game Resistance: Fall of Man along with my Ps3, and popped it in. The characters and objects looked realistic (reflections, HDR, highly detailed textures) and the physics were also realistic enough as well. But this still doesn't surpass Xbox 360 graphics, but I guess thats ok because developers are still tapping into the RSX and the Cell. I'm sure we will see a good graphical improvement in the near future!

Games (3/10)

Not a very steller launch line up. I think the only games worth getting were R:FOM and Ridge Racer 7. If you don't have a Playstation 3 yet, or you don't like the above games , I think you should wait untill 2007, then we will start to see some better games. R:FOM, on its own, is worth picking up a Ps3 in my opinion. But just wait until the real good games like MGS4 and FFXIII come out.

Features (7/10)

The Playstation 3 packs a dazzaling amount of new features, including Web Browsing, Linux Support, Blue Ray Movies, and more. I found that the new XMB was really easy to use as well, right when I turned on my Ps3 I found myself accustomed to it in seconds. But this doesn't come without flaws. The internet browser is rather slow, especially (oddly enough) when opening other webpages that aren't Sony's. But of course, this is what a real computer is for anyway. The Linux is alright as well, but is not really meant for anyone thats not a computer geek or hasn't ever used Linux (or Unix) before. Right when you start up Linux, you are straight away dumped into a command prompt (which was very user-unfriendly) It took me awhile to actually figure out how to get into the actual OS (or the GUI) which was much better.


In Conclusion, I think the Playstation 3 is a good start for Sony, but it still has its cons, and as well its Pros. Pick it up if your a die hard fan of Sony's, or if not just wait another year or so until more games are released.

Anyways, thank you for reading my review.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/02/07, Updated 03/06/07

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