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"PS3 delivers and has lots of potential for future"

Wow, where to start. I was originally going to get a 20 gb version, but 60 gb versions were easier to get. So here is my review of the PS3.

Hardware 9/10

The system is great. I love the great color scheme of silver and black. My two favorite colors. It makes the PS3 look like a system of the future. Many have said that it is big, clunky, and a fingerprint magnet, but you're not really touching the system all over and the large look makes it look even more futuristic. I wouldn't want it to be any smaller because the overall size of it wouldn't look attractive as a slim system like the PS2 did. Now with the system, you get a sixaxis controller, a usb cable that is used to charge the controller, an ethernet cable, and a standard television's output cables.

Now, to the actual use of the system. When you turn on your PS3, your hit with the PSP interface. Very simple, very straight forward. Everything that you need to know is represented by large, easily recognizable icons. As of now, you can copy photos, import music, import videos, and game saves directly to the your HDD (hard disk drive). When you insert media either into the memory card readers or the usb drives, a new icon will appear under the options for each category, and from there you can copy the media from the storage device. I myself added some ipod music to my PS3. The internet browser isn't real great right now. The on screen keyboard needs getting used to, but you can always buy a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Furthermore, you can update your system thru firmware updates. I would have liked to have some features such as set up my photos as the background, have selectable screensavers, and be able to play my music in the background during games. However, these all seem like strong possibilities with the update system. It can be done through the internet or media device.

The controller is lots of fun. Very familiar equipment with the necessary changes. Just what I was thinking, trigger R2 and L2 buttons. The sixaxis controls have lots of possibilities and potential, not quite on par with Wii, but still lots of fun. Great for fans of the PS2 dualshock 2 controllers.

Games 7/10

The games as of now aren't really great. It is what is expected at a system's launch. One can download demos for free from the Playstation Marketplace, and some are fun and fulfilling for the time being. But if you want to have real fun, buy Resistance: Fall of Man. Basically the only standout game worth buying at launch. It is lots of fun with great multiplayer. Also has a great array of weapons. Very unique.

The backwards compatibility is also great and can play most of your PS2 games for when you want a blast from the past.

Online 9/10

It's FREE!!!! The Playstation Network provides you with a great buddy list system and the ability to message and chat. Although it doesn't come with a microphone, the headsets are available for separate purchase. There is also text chat in the games. There is not much of a problem with the lag, and it is a lot of fun. However, I don't have a router quite yet, so I have to plug it straight into my modem, which is a hassle. It could use some tweaks, but as of now, it is of great quality.

Overall 10/10

I gave this system a 10/10 because it delivers. It is a great system and the only flaws are minor ones that can be fixed and the games will get better. The PS3 is a system of the future. It has lots of potential in the future, especially with the upcoming titles and firmware updates. The only problem is the price, which is somewhat okay because it is a bluray player, not to mention the cheapest one on the market. The price may be expensive at first, but with the free online play, it will catch up to the Xbox 360, not to mention with its extra features.

I love this system and it is worth buying, but only if you can afford it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/05/07

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