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"Skeptical Start"

With all of the hype of the "console wars" I firmly believe that Sony is down on this one. Yeah its got great graphics... but are the visuals really worth it? Lets go over some stats, and why I feel Sony screws you over with the "Basic" and the "Premium" Playstation 3's.

The Basic Playstation 3 has some awesome features. 20 Gig of storage, which is a new thing with Sony. This is pretty cool. Blue Ray player. This actually excites me, because most Blue Ray is just amazing and has great sound and video quality, and most Blue Ray Players are about 1000$ right now. So props to Sony there. HDMI Port? Yes. Ethernet Cable? Yes. Free online is also something which I think is a great thing for the Playstation 3. What does the Premium Playstation 3 have?

Only two different things different. Built in Wi-Fi and a Flash Card reader. Now this upsets me in some ways. You mean to tell me Sony couldn't have added that to the "Basic" Playstation 3? With crap calls like this, it makes you wonder what the hell they are thinking. The Wii, for instance, has Wi-Fi, as well as a Flash Card reader. There are also 2 different versions of the Playstation 3. This isn't the best thing for Sony at the moment, because the two different systems are drastically different. With those two extra functions in the "Premium" Playstation 3. If they were to put it on the "Basic" Playstation 3, and not have 2 different versions of a 7th Generation launch system, it might be slightly better here.

The graphics for gameplay hasn't much changed here. IMO it looks the same as the Playstation 2. The only real difference is that there are extremely gorgeous cut scenes, and that's about it. The Playstation 3 is an extremely powerful system, and hopefully some games will be released for it that will execute that power. Of course launch titles are never really good, and this may be too early for a review on the Playstation 3, but I haven't seen anything quite impressive.

The controllers, they are new. For the better? No. No rumble and when I hold them, I'm afraid that they will break at the slightest blow of the wind. Lightweight isn't necessarily as good. Wireless is pretty amazing, but the sensors on them feel cheezy, and only to be a poor mans Wii Remote. Also, the ability to not use the DualShock 2 controller on the Playstation 3, as well as the DualShock 1 upsets me. This upsets me, because other consoles you can use older controllers, like Nintendo and Microsoft. It makes me feel that Sony is making new controllers, and you're stuck buying the new ones.

Backwards Compatibility, FTW...... If you live in America.
North American Playstation 3's have backwards compatibility with PSX and PS2 games. Not on initial lunch, but on a later firmware update that corrected some bugs. Lets hope that they can do the same in Europe.

All in all, the Playstation 3 looks to be a promising system, with some starting hiccups.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/27/07

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