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"This console doesn't deserve your harsh reviews people."

I'm not making over 100,000 a year (not even close). So lets not kid ourselves, $600 bucks is a heavy price-tag. Not to mention the +- $150 for the HD cables, extra controller, and increased game prices. That's just to start of it. Don't have an HD TV? Your insulting the graphic capability. No DSL or cable modem? Stick to PC games. If you can't afford it, buy an X-box or a wii. Don't kid yourself with a half-purchase.

That being said, It's worth every penny. If you don't appreciate the Hardware PS3 has to offer it's because you lack the desire to maximize it's potential. This is a hardcore system designed to support well designed, directed, quality games. To put gamers against gamers, overload your senses (I have to pause to remind myself to blink once in a while).

The PS3 is a multimedia station for anyone and everyone. I agree I'm not going to call buddies over to watch a slide show of my latest vacation pictures. It's got enough hardware to support games being made for the next 5 years at least. Remember a console is only as good as the game its running. If software companies slack on quality, rush releases, or cut out content of games for any reason...yeah it's going to suck. but blame the programmers, not the manufacturers.

This thing is not only a Blu-Ray player (thats $600-$900 just to watch the DVDs.), But it set the bar as far as quality gaming goes. Want to play for under an hour at a time? No downtime due to family or social responsibilities? You personally suck at online gaming and prefer are more laid back "everyone gets a trophy" style? Don't waste your cash. Buy a Wii for the family. Get an X-Box360 for yourself.

Want the best of the best? A console so ridiculously thought out that it's going to be years before you can add any hardware to improve it beyond HDTV, Surround Sound, and internet game play? Consume as much of your life as you'll let it with it's steady stream of game releases approaching?

There are 4 types of games in my eyes. One run games (anything you wont play from start to finish past the Hard difficulty for whatever reason), Replay games (Mortal Combat, Sports games, certain FPS and RPGs, etc), Multi player games (online), and crap. Do your homework on your games before you purchase them. Remember, this console is wicked overpowered but its only as good as what it can read from the disk.

Gaming is an ever growing industry, and this machine has the potential to milk every penny from you. The drain of your income will continue over time and add up to one hefty sum. This is the future of gaming.

Unless you want commercials in your game, your going to be purchasing more than the console and the game itself. 3rd party companies leaching on with monthly fees, content being directly down loaded to your home via broadband, etc, etc, etc......

However, at the end of the day, this is the best console on the market. Will continue to be the best console for years to come. And while software companies won't exclude gamers from purchasing their game with exclusive releases through only one system, they are for sure going to release different quality games. One for sub standard consoles and one for the best.

If you don't have the TV, Sound, and respect for this system, don't buy it. The price tag isn't going to drop in a month, 2 months, probably even a year or two. Sony made a quality product with your gaming future in mind. They make thier money off the software, not the hardware.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/02/07

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