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"So much potential, and yet..."

The Playstation 3 was one of the most highly anticipated gaming systems yet, right next to the Wii. It's available with either a 20 or 60 GB hard drive. The 60 GB version even has a Memory Stick, SD card, and Compact Flash Slots, and a Wi-Fi capability. Besides being a gaming console, it can also be used to hold and play music, movies, and pictures. However, with the steep price of $600 dollars, this "revolutionary gaming system" isn't looking too good anymore.

Features: 8/10
The Playstation 3 can actually play Blu-Ray discs. This is a pretty nice feature since the technology of Blu-Ray discs are relatively new and they deliver state-of-the-art graphics and a picture that rivals, if not surpass, that of the old high-definition discs. Since the Playstation 3 can function as a Blu-Ray movie player, which is normally worth about 600 dollars, this feature alone can make a Playstation 3 well worth it's price. The games for the Playstation 3 are even going to use Blu-Ray as the standard format, which almost guarantee's that all the games are going to have good, if not great, graphics, but there's something even better about the games using those discs that not many people realize and that's disc space. How is that a good thing, you might ask, well, more space on the discs means that the games can use up that space with better graphics, more extensive levels, better sound quality, and more features. This basically means, ding ding, yep, you got it, better games in general. However, let's not stray too far from the facts. Yes, it's true that, utilizing Blu-Ray discs, the games can be, overall, better then the rest, but is there really any game for the Playstation 3 that has used all this to it's full potential? Extra features and space is useless if it isn't used, and so far, the games for this system have the potential to be a lot better, and that's what really kills this system.

The music and picture capability for the Playstation 3 is pretty basic. Nothing too interesting. You can save a couple of songs and pictures onto it's relatively big hard drive, but really who's going to. I, personally, would just use a CD player or MP3 player if I want to listen to songs, and I know that I won't save pictures onto my Playstation 3 because there's really no point in doing so. So the pictures can be saved there, big deal, can you do anything with them? Putting those features into the Playstation 3 is a waste of time, but they're an o.k. bonus, I guess...

It can go on the internet and you can surf the net or download some Playstation games and updates and stuff. It also allows you to play games online relatively easily with minimum hassle. This would be a great feature, if it didn't require you to update whenever there's a new one if you want to play online. The downloads take FOREVER! Whenever I want to play my games online and a thing pops up asking me to update, I click the button that says update and then turn off my t.v. and open it the next day. That's how long it takes. It's so annoying.

Graphics: 9/10
Top of the line graphics using the Blu-Ray discs. But I've yet to see a a game that uses them to it's absolute full potential. Not even Resistance: Fall of Man is really maxing out the graphics for the Playstation 3. But the graphics are still good. They're better then the X Box 360 and the Wii, to say the least. But in my eyes, graphics aren't that important. What's really important is how fun the games are. However, I'm really disappointed at the wasted potential...

Console Design: 5/10
Ok, this is really the part that made me say, "... w...t.....f...". The console design is better on paper then it is in real life, let me tell you that. You see a picture of it and you see a some-what sleek, and shiny game system. What you get is a shiny, big hunk of metal that weights 20 pounds. The Playstation 3 is heavy. How heavy? I bought it from Walmart and nearly died trying to get it to the car. Not enough proof you say? It's so heavy, I put it one a shelf and the wood on it snapped in half, and the wood was an inch thick. But I did have some other stuff on that shelf, so... meh... It's heavy. And big. It makes you wish it was a lot smaller, or at least some space you can put it.

Controller: 1/10
What the heck happened with the controller. Was their creativity department on strike when they came up with the design or something? It's the same old Playstation 2 controller, with, lo and behold, motion sensors. Right... Motion sensors... It makes you feel like they just put those on so crowds of angry fans don't attack them for the lack of creativity on the controller. I mean, sure it's blue-tooth, and a little lighter and smaller (I think?), but you couldn't think of anything else? Kinda makes me mad at the price of it too... They couldn't just let you use your old Playstation 2 ones and make you pay 50 bucks for the new ones?

Overall: 7/10
Sony really needs to fire some people. They need to learn how to use things to their full potential, and not just a small part of it. Creativity is a good thing, but apparently Sony can't get any. They're trying to make some easy money. This system is a huge disappointment, to say the least. The big price tag on it isn't a great representative of what you'll be getting for you buck. I think buying this is just going to get you annoyed and frustrated at the money you used in getting it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/29/07

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