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Reviewed: 07/18/07

This is the Next Generation

The PS3, is the next generation in gaming. The PS3 may get harsh, and Cruel reviews from fan boys, but its countering.

Score 10 Lets compare two of the same games that are on different consoles. Oblivion: PS3, with Oblivion: Xbox 360, now I’m not trying to start a flam war, but the PS3's Oblivion has a bit higher quality graphics, then the 360, it also has a better load time reducing load times by 6-8 seconds. On the PS3 Oblivion is brighter, and a little clearer. This is the next generation people...

Score 10 The year is 2007, right now Sony has been releasing some alright games, like Rainbow Six, Oblivion, F.E.A.R, and Ninja Garden, Metal Gear, and GFA. These games are alright but Sony will be releasing a lot more into the US, Japan, and other European Countries. Games like Time Crisis 4, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, ad other Tom Clancy games.
In a few months, the PS3 will have the hottest games around.

Score 10 Find some friends online, or add some of your friends who have PS3s, chat, invite them to online games, talk to them via headset, or send them messages, maybe even attach a picture of your new puppy? The Multimedia is a biggie, it lets you meet other people, start clans, and create your own online profile.

About the Play Station 3 The PS3 is a complex piece of hardware, it has a shiny outer coating that is some what slightly scratch proof (but don’t try hitting your PS3 with a rock), it can be place on its “back”, or standing up, the PS3 also protects its memory slots with a cover. The memory slots can load picture, load game memory, play music, and much more. The PS3 has a built in fan that reduces heat build up, and has a power switch on its back. The PS3 can also be put in a low powered stat, which with the touch of a finger could be turned on immediately. There are three known versions of the PS3, the 20g, the 60g, and now the 80g. The 80g has not yet been released. The 60g has the wireless Internet, and more memory. While the 20g does not have wireless Internet, which means you need to hook it up with a Ethernet cable, it also has less memory then the 60g. The PS3 has an option that lets people make their own profile, this way you can share your PS3 with the whole family, and memory will not be mixed up because the profiles use only their memory, unless you copy your memory to another profile. The PS3 has online options; create your own online profile complete with a password and email address login. You can add friends, talk, or invite them to some games. Or update your PS3, with free updates, to get better online options. The online feature for the PS3 is really advanced you can log on your PS3 and do Folding@home, a software that logs you on to Stanford university and be spending time you are contributing towards a cure of some of the many diseases that fill our world. You can even up to the PS3 online store which has some nice trailers, extra game content, and some free downloads. The PS3 will also have a release on Home, an online game.

OVERALL SYSTEM SCORE 10 The PS3 is only starting out on its journey, by a year or two it will become the biggest craze in all the world. With its high memory hard drive, great games, and multimedia options. The PS3 is the Next Generation

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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