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"One helluva system!!"

This is the best system out today and you should get one! People say that the wii is great with the motion sensors but they don't have a good game selection. X360 is great and has games that would blow you away, but it breaks down too much. Ps3 has the great games, motion sensor(sixaxis), and doesn't break down. Now to talk about everything the Ps3 has.

The ps3 design is now really different and looks great. The color of the ps3 is great and creative. It doesn't have3 the butto to open the CD holder anymore which is great because now they have upgraded to just put the CD in an opening. There are holes to let the heat out so it doesn't overheat. I kept it on for 14hrs straight and its just warm. The design is great and it looks better than the ps3.

It is light and easy to carry. Sixaxis is a new great feature that was added as a motion sensor. I miss the dualshock, but they are releasing dualshock 3 at spring 08. It looks the same as ps2 controller, but with a PS symbol at the middle so it can connect to the ps3 wireless. The battery last a long while and charges quickly. The R2 and L2 button is more loose so it is pressure sensative. It can connect up to 7 controllers.

Game selection
Early when it came out it only had Resistance and Motorstorm, but now there are a wider game selection such as warhawk, RSV, GRAW2, Folklore, and more. The games are very good, games that are coming out are looking very good. Ps3 has lost some good exclusives such as DMC4 and AC because some reason that idk about. IMO the best thing the ps3 has is MGS4(PS3 exclusive) a stealth based action game.

PS network
It is a great feature on the ps3 where you are connected to people that are around the world. Some game servers are laggy so that will hurt your gameplay. The chat invites can hold up to 6 people so that is pretty cool. The PS store has DLC for games, DLable games, free demos, and vids. There are system updates now and then but they are good.

Extra Features
Blu-ray is a great feature and is a one great deal. The blu-ray DVD player costs about $400(checked at Best Buy) The wi-fi is nice but the 40gb doesn't have it.

It is a great system that everybody should have. It is lowered to $400 so you should get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/30/07

Game Release: PlayStation 3 (US, 11/17/06)

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