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"An Excellent Choice"

The Ps3 is the Most advanced 7th Generation console and the Third Playstation console (excluding the Slim and Psone Remakes).

This review is based off of my experience with my Ps3 Console which I have owned for a year to date. I also own a 360 and every other handheld and Last generation console.


The Sony Playstation 3 was designed to be a Multimedia Champion, and is the next step forward in console to computer evolution. Before the Playstation came out the leaders at sony liked to build up hype and boast their system as better than god. Although the Playstation is a great console it wasn't everything they said it was going to be at the time of launch, but to date it has matured more and more into the machine it was meant to be. When the playstation first came out it started with a price tag what threw off all but core gamers. But with the passage of time the Pricey blu-ray diode has become cheaper to manufacture and has dropped to the Very reasonable price of $400(40G) $500(80G).


The PlayStation was released November 11th in Japan, 17th of November in North America, and March 23rd in Europe and other Oceanic regions. The sales for the Ps3 started out very nicely but then slowed vastly. With a hefty price tag not many people could afford it or wanted to pay that much. But soon came the Playstation price cut and the Ps3 sales started to level out again. The playstation has 12.81 Units sold as of April 1st 2008, its competition the Wbox 360 which was release 16 months before the playstation has 19 million sales as of may 1st. The cheaply priced, more family based console, Wii has 24.25 million sales of april 1st.

The System: 8

Personally, I love how the system looks it goes with most things because of its sleek black color and rounded top. It is by far the most beautiful next gen system and a nice contrast to the dull white Xbox. There are many Depending on what model you get the costly of the two has many extra features such as Build in Flash Card readers for your uploading pictures and such. The 80g also has backwards compatibility with most ps2 games which the cheaper 40g does not. They each have a built in laptop hard drive which can be switched out without breaking your warranty with a bigger standard laptop hard drive.

The Controller: 8

The original Playstation 3 controller what was showcased was come ugly silver boomerang what was scraped to do complaints from public in favor of the old Design of the Ps2 Controller. The original Playstion 3 controller the Sixaxis was a playstation two controller lacking rumble function for Tilt and Motion Sensor function with the R2 and L2 buttons turned into something between a button and a trigger. I liked the sixaxis but the only problem with it is that it felt to light. But by popular demand it has been replaced with the DualShock 3 controller (standard Ps3 Packed controller now). The DualShock 3 has the long lost rumble feature with the Sixaxis motion sensor functions and feels much more durable with its weight gain it received. The controller has wonderful placement of buttons and is not to bulky and not to slim. The DualShock 3 is just right.

Features: 8

The setup for the PS3 has the XMB from the psp. It is a great menu and is simple to work and seems more smooth then the Xbox 360's blades menu. The Playstation 3 also has the Playstation Network a free online gaming service for you and your friends. The Playstation Network was very lacking and very unreliable at launch but over time has been shaped and shaped to the Wonderful service it is today. It is top notch is getting better and better falling behind the Xbox Live service slightly in gaming but surpasses it in the store menu and the navigation (Im sure it will be just as good or better by the end of the year with all the updates Sony does). The Playstation 3 can also connect to the PsP and you can watch movies or listen to music stored on your ps3 threw your psp from any wireless access point(you can also play ps1 games threw your remote play (some vary few ps3 games on your psp threw the function, the only one I know to date is Lair). The 80g ($500) Playstation also can play most ps2/ps1 games, while the 40g($400) can only play ps1 games. You can browse the internet threw the Ps3's browser or go to the PS Store and download demo's or Movies and just Extra game content (Most add-on content and movies are for a price while demo's remain free). The Ps3 also can play Blu-Ray Movies the successor to dvds, Blu-ray is a High Definition format and the winner of the format war between Blu-Ray and HD, the difference in quality is much clearer but is only noticeable if you have a high-def tv and the correct cables to hook it up. The Ps3 is like a more like a computer than a console and you can even install Linux on it (without voiding the warranty and you can still switch between it and the normal Ps3 mode. It also has build in Wifi.

Graphical Power: 9

The PS3 has some incredible graphics on it. The Ps3 is the most powerful console out there. You can get gorgeous graphics from many games such as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, MGS4, Motostorm, and resistance and Devil May Cry 4, and well pretty much any game on the Ps3. To get the most out of the Next Gen consoles your gonna need a high Def Tv so you can play your games in high def. The games a beautiful in standard def, but are breathtaking in High-Def. HD tv's might be pricey …but their worth it and are more of a investment for the future.

Sound Capabilities: 9

The sound on the Ps3 are amazing. Since Blu-Ray disc's are so big they can fit uncompressed audio on it making the experience even better. To get the most out of the sound you will need a 7.1 Surround sound system and a HDMI cable. I myself can't afford that so I use the normal component sound and let me tell you it sounds great. The Developers of the current games really have the sounds down and its just breathtaking how much It improves the games. The sound is just as good as the graphics when it comes to next-gen. The sounds in game are so lifelike it makes you feel like you're in the game.

Game Media: 9

Sony took a huge risk using Blu-Ray when it first came out with the Ps3. It was well worth it in the end as Blu-Ray has become the winner of the HD-Format war. A Blu-Ray Disc can hold from 25-50Gigs of data for games. Compare that to xbox 360 which can hold about 8gigs on each disc and notice the huge improvement. All that space can go to better sound and graphics and overall a better and more fulfilling game. Imagine the Next Rpg games to come out will have so much space to work with providing you with many hours of a enjoyment. Lets just say this is by far the best format for Games.

The Games: 8

Currently, the game selection on the PS3 is great. The console started out slow with game but in the past year has gotten a great library of games to enjoy. I didn't include game set to come out this summer or in the next year in my score I only based it off of games currently out, but by the end of this year the Ps3 will have some very nice additions to its library. The Ps3 has many fun and fulfilling games in its library to keep you entertained for hours. Games such as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and MGS4 are simply gorgeous and just all around Great games to play.

Suggested Games: [As of this Review, 06-12-08]

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Grand Theft Auto 4, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Resistance: Fall of Man, Grand Turismo 5(for racing fans), Virtua Fighter 5, Warhawk, Devil May Cry 4, Dark Sector, Rock Band, and Metal Gear Solid 4, Call of Duty 4, Lair( with controller patch)


Great graphics, amazing possibility for game size on the discs, large library of old games to play, Best Hardware of Consoles, Best Multimedia functionality, Very reasonable price tag.

Should you get it: If your looking for a console here's your best choice and the most features for the price. Great Game Library to keep you entertained. I would say it's the best system out right now. If you already own a Xbox 360 I would hold off on getting a ps3 unless you are a high Definition movie fan or are a big fan of the MGS series, since most games what come out on the ps3 and vice versa come out on the Xbox 360. I'd hold out till more exclusive games come out such as God of War 3.

Overall: The Ps3 is the best bang for the Buck, it's a great machine for watching movies or listening to music. Has a great game library. Is the most future Proofed console with the best hardware and Biggest disc's since xbox 360 disc's are running out of space for games. It also has great features such as a browser and the ability to stream content such as movies or music wirelessly from your Pc.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/12/08

Game Release: PlayStation 3 (US, 11/17/06)

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